Effects of gamma irradiation on tissue firmness, some cell wall degrading enzymes and pectic substances of tomato fruit

Yasia, M.S.; Chachin, K.; Iwata, T.

Bulletin of the University of Osaka Prefecture, B Agriculture and Biology Osaka Furitsu Daigaku 39: 9-20


Accession: 001580994

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Harvested mature-green fruits (cv. Saturn) irradiated at 2.5 kGy (1.0 kGy/h) or more became as soft as normally-ripened fruits. Pectinmethylesterase activity was not affected by irradiation although polygalacturonase activity decreased and cellulase activity increased after fruit received doses of at least 1.0 kGy. Polyuronides, which are the main components of tomato pectin, were shown by gel filtration chromatography to be degraded by irradiation into lower molecular weight fragments.