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Effects of irrigation, row spacing and sowing date on soyabeans (Glycine max. (L) Merrill)

Klar, A.E.; Cataneo, A.; Denadai, I.M. de A.; Gishifu, M.T.

Cientifica 14(1-2): 115-128


ISSN/ISBN: 0100-0039
Accession: 001581441

Effects of irrigation (at soil water potentials of -0.5 or -15 bar), sowing date (23 Nov., 13 Dec. or 2 Jan.) and row spacing (60, 40 and 30 cm) on soyabeans IAC-8 were studied. Relative water contents, xylem water potentials and water vapour diffusive resistances of leaves did not reach critical values. More frequent irrigation increased yield, number of empty pods and total number of pods/plant, and plant height. Yields were highest with the earliest sowing date.

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