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Effects of length of cut of whole crop corn silage on milk production in dairy cows. 1. Effect on digestibilities of the ration

Odai, M.; Takahashi, T.; Iwasaki, K.; Terada, F.; Tano, R.; Haryu, T.

Bulletin of National Institute of Animal Industry 45: 1-5


Accession: 001581496

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Twelve cows were given rations containing silage of maize chopped at 6 or 24 mm. The ratio of silage to concentrate was 1:1 on a DM basis. The type of silage did not affect the digestibilities of DM, organic matter, ether extract, nitrogen-free extract and energy in the rations. The starch digestibility of the ration containing 6 mm-cut silage was higher but crude fibre digestibility was lower than that of 24 mm-cut silage.

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