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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1584

Chapter 1584 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Dahlborn K., 1987: Effects of temporary food or water deprivation in the lactating goat

Ogure, M., 1987: Effects of temporary intergeneric grafting on the chromosome number of mulberry tree

Eschenbrenner, V., 1986: Effects of termites on micro-aggregation in tropical soils

Bridges J.R., 1987: Effects of terpenoid compounds on growth of symbiotic fungi associated with the southern pine beetle

Tamyurek, F.; Ileri, I.; Sayn, T.; Plevneli, T., 1984: Effects of thawing temperature and duration on the motility and incidence of acrosome abnormalities in bull semen frozen in straws

Langhammer, H., 1986: Effects of the 1/29 translocation in beef cattle

Baldini, E.; Bettoli, M. G.; Tubertini, O., 1987: Effects of the Chernobyl pollution on some fruit trees

Postillion, F. G.; Block, M. W.; Merz, A., 1986: Effects of the Green Valley Wastewater Treatment Facility upon groundwater quality

Hammade, H.; Petitjean, M.; Douaire, M.; Mallard, J.; Merat, P., 1987: Effects of the Na gene (naked neck) in cocks kept at two temperatures. I. Growth rate, food consumption and physiological traits

Zhelezova, A. I.; Chugaeva, L. A., 1987: Effects of the Shadow mutation in arctic foxes

Henson, J. M.; Bordeaux, F. M.; Smith, P. H., 1987: Effects of the addition of propionate and butyrate to thermophilic methane-producing digesters

Caicedo J., 1987: Effects of the addition of vegetable oil or animal tallow to broiler diets containing cassava root meal

Seve B., 1987: Effects of the amount and quality of dietary protein on nitrogen metabolism and heat production in growing pigs

Preston T., 1987: Effects of the amount and quality of dietary protein on nitrogen metabolism and protein turnover of pigs

Watanabe, Y.; Yanagisawa, Y.; Teramoto, Y., 1986: Effects of the amount of butter on the quality of butter cakes during storage

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583019

Ludke, H.; Schone, F.; Hennig, A.; Gruhn, K., 1986: Effects of the antibiotic nourseothricin on feed intake, weight gain and feed efficiency of piglets and fattening pigs, and on energy and protein deposition in fattening pigs

Nakano, M.; Usugi, T.; Shinkai, A., 1987: Effects of the application of chemicals on the spread of soybean mosaic virus

Gallardo Lara F., 1987: Effects of the application of wastewater from olive processing on soil nitrogen transformation

Dalrymple, R. H.; Ingle, D. L., 1987: Effects of the beta -agonist cimaterol on growth, food efficiency and carcass composition in poultry in the U.S.A

Cole, D. J. A.; Wood, J. D.; Kilpatrick, M. J., 1987: Effects of the beta agonist GAH/034 on growth, carcass quality and meat quality in pigs

Boucque, C. V.; Fiems, L. O.; Sommer, M.; Cottyn, B. G.; Buysse, F. X., 1987: Effects of the beta-agonist cimaterol on growth, feed efficiency and carcass quality of finishing Belgian White-Blue beef bulls

Hanrahan, J. P.; Fitzsimons, J. M.; McEwan, J. C.; Allen, P.; Quirke, J. F., 1987: Effects of the beta-agonist cimaterol on growth, food efficiency and carcass quality in sheep

Djisbar, A.; Brewbaker, J. L., 1987: Effects of the brachytic-2 gene on maize yield and its components

Frank, J. G., 1987: Effects of the business transfer tax on the Canadian tourism industry

Tanaka, T., 1986: Effects of the calyx and venom fluids of Apanteles kariyai Watanabe (Hymenoptera: Braconidae) on the fat body and hemolymph protein contents of its host Pseudaletia separata (Walker) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Trett, MM.; Perry, RN., 1985: Effects of the carbamoyloxime, aldicarb, on the ultrastructure of the root-lesion nematode, Pratylenchus penetrans (Nematoda: Pratylenchidae)

Hartmann, M.; Schmitz, P. M., 1987: Effects of the common agricultural price policy on the Third World

Jonas, A.; Oren, M.; Diver Haber, A.; Kaplan, B.; Passwell, J., 1987: Effects of the components of breast milk on mucosal enzyme acitivity of the newborn small intestine

Morand Fehr, P.; Chilliard, Y.; Bas, P., 1986: Effects of the content of fat in the diet on production and composition of milk in ruminants

Kohli, E., 1987: Effects of the cow trainer on behaviour of the dairy cow

Kohli, E., 1987: Effects of the cow trainer on the behaviour of dairy cows

Epshteyn, S. M.; Utkayeva, V. F.; Mosolova, A. I., 1987: Effects of the drying of artificial soil aggregates on their stability

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583039

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583040

Pantoja, A.; Smith, C. M.; Robinson, J. F., 1986: Effects of the fall armyworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on rice yields

Kolev, K., 1986: Effects of the fungicides Cumulan, Bayleton and Rubigan on the multiplication of mites on apple

Lord, J. C.; Magalhaes, B. P.; Roberts, D. W., 1987: Effects of the fungus Beauveria bassiana (Bal.) Vuill on behaviour, oviposition and susceptibility to secondary infection of adult Cerotoma arcuata (Olivier, 1791) (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Pinol, T.; Palazon, J.; Altabella, T.; Serrano, M., 1987: Effects of the growth regulator 4PU-30 on growth, K+ content, and alkaloid production in tobacco callus cultures

Galukyan, M. G.; Movsesyan, S. N., 1984: Effects of the growth regulator Pix on wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Bogdanova, N. E.; Vlasenko, A. N.; Pekker, E. G.; Tokarev, V. I.; Sorokin, O. D., 1987: Effects of the herbicide 2,4-D and nitrogenous additives on the absorptive capacity of plants

Rovira, A. D.; McDonald, H. J., 1986: Effects of the herbicide chlorsulfuron on Rhizoctonia bare patch and take-all of barley and wheat

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583049

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583050

Mello, F. A. F. de; Freire, F. M.; Casagrande, J. C.; Chitolina, J. C.; Pedras, J. F.; Stolf, R., 1982: Effects of the incorporation of Cenchrus echinatus (L.), on the pH, H+, Al3+ and water holding capacity of soils from the municipality of Piracicaba, Brazil

Togashi, K., 1986: Effects of the initial density and natural enemies on the survival rate of the Japanese pine sawyer, Monochamus alternatus Hope (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), in pine logs

Endo, M.; Minami, K.; Fukushi, S., 1986: Effects of the interception of near ultraviolet radiation on nitrifier activity and nitrification process in a fertilized andosol under field conditions

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583054

Pederson, D. G., 1986: Effects of the logarithmic and site mean transformations on the relative yields from a variety trial

Scardella, P.; Moioli, B. M.; Aleandri, R.; Pilla, A. M.; Pagnacco, G., 1987: Effects of the main environmental factors on the production of milk, fat and protein in the Modica breed, and calculation of the mature equivalent

Wierzejska Bujakowska, A., 1985: Effects of the method of application of N fertilizer on the emergence and yields of potato varieties

Alonso, O.; Albuquerque, F. C.; Geraldi Filho, L.; Paggiaro, C. M., 1987: Effects of the nematicide carbofuran in plant cane and two subsequent ratoons

Moawed, S. M.; Shehata, N. F., 1987: Effects of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the Egyptian cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.) on the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitis capitata

Hurle, K.; Maier, J.; Amann, A.; Weishaar, T.; Mozer, M.; Pulcher Haussling, M., 1988: Effects of the omission of crop protection and fertilizer application practices on the weed flora - preliminary results from a longer-term experiment

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583064

Merat, P., 1988: Effects of the pea comb gene and other genes with visible effects on body weight of adult cocks

Venter, JM.; Reinecke, AJ., 1987: Effects of the pesticide dieldrin on incubation of the earthworm Eisenia fetida (Oligochaeta)

Koyumdzhieva, M. I., 1986: Effects of the pesticides Devrinol and Falibetan on the fauna of gamasoid mites (Gamasoidea, Parasitiformes) in the soil of strawberry plantations

Reeleder R.D., 1987: Effects of the pesticides maneb and carbaryl on the phylloplane microflora of lettuce

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583069

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583070

Horiguchi, I.; Hirano, T., 1988: Effects of the properties of plastic film on fog formation in greenhouses

Quinn, SC.; Brooks, RJ.; Cawthorn, RJ., 1987: Effects of the protozoan parasite Sarcocystis rauschorum on open-field behaviour of its intermediate vertebrate host, Dicrostonyx richardsoni

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583074

Tupy, O., 1986: Effects of the sire of the foetus on subsequent lactation milk yield of Caracu cows

Frenguelli, G.; Romano, B.; Ciriciofolo, E.; Ferranti, F., 1987: Effects of the sowing date on the apical meristem of Brassica napus L. during transition to flowering

Tardieu, F., 1988: Effects of the spatial distribution of roots in the field on soil-plant water transport

Mariani, P.; Brizzi, S.; Pecorari, M.; Fossa, E., 1985: Effects of the spring change in feeding regime on the acidity and coagulation properties of milk

Tardieu, F.; Manichon, H., 1987: Effects of the state of the arable profile on rooting: the case of maize

Robertshaw, D., 1986: Effects of the thermal environment on animal production in the tropics

Kai, O.; Imada, M.; Imada, Y.; Sato, K., 1987: Effects of the thyroid status on the immune system of the chickens

Bravo, A.; Ripoll, R., 1986: Effects of the use of plastic tunnels and mulch on yields of two melon (Cucumis melo L.) cultivars

Koca, D., 1987: Effects of the use of several concentrated phosphatic fertilizers on wheat and maize

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583088

Sakaida, T.; Enya, K.; Tanaka, T., 1987: Effects of the wood vinegar compound on hatchability of breeders

Celada, J. D.; Carral, J. M.; Gaudioso, V. R.; Temino, C.; Fernandez, R., 1988: Effects of thermic manipulation throughout egg development on the reproductive efficiency of freshwater crayfish (Pacifastacus leniusculus Dana)

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583093

Nemeth, J., 1985: Effects of thickness compaction on certain strength properties of plywoods

Fellman, C. D.; Read, P. E.; Hosier, M. A., 1987: Effects of thidiazuron and CPPU on meristem formation and shoot proliferation

Ito, M., 1986: Effects of thinning and fertilization on pruned stands of Chamaecyparis obtusa

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583099

Zebitz C.P.W., 1986: Effects of three different neem seed kernel extracts and azadirachtin on larvae of different mosquito species

Cameron, M. G.; Spahr, S. L.; Gipson, T. A., 1987: Effects of three feeding systems for lactating cows when coupled with individual-cow ration balancing for cows housed in groups

Barbetti M.J., 1987: Effects of three foliar diseases on biomass and seed yield for 11 cultivars of subterranean clover

Paolinelli, G. de P., 1986: Effects of three harvesting dates on physiological quality of cotton seed in Minas Gerais

Penafiel, S. R., 1986: Effects of three pasture plant extracts on germination of Benguet pine (Pinus kesiya Royle ex Gordon)

Madden L.V., 1988: Effects of three soil types on potato early dying disease and associated yield reduction

Borresen, T., 1987: Effects of three tillage systems combined with different compaction and mulching treatments, on cereal yields, soil temperature and physical properties on clay soil in south-eastern Norway

Keever, D. W.; Wiseman, B. R.; Widstrom, N. W., 1988: Effects of threshing and drying on maize weevil populations in field infested corn

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583113

Badran, O. A.; El Sayed, A. B.; El Lakany, M. H., 1986: Effects of tillage and Gramoxone weed spray on the growth of Casuarina species

Cereti, C. F.; Ciotti, A., 1986: Effects of tillage and no-tillage of soil on the yield of forage systems based on cereal rotations

Pagliai, M., 1986: Effects of tillage and no-tillage on the porosity of a clay loam vineyard soil

Ogunremi, L. T.; Lal, R.; Babalola, O., 1985: Effects of tillage and seeding methods on soil physical properties and yield of upland rice for an Ultisol in southeast Nigeria

Kollmorgen, J. F.; Ridge, P. E.; Boer, R. F. de, 1987: Effects of tillage and straw mulches on take-all of wheat in the Northern Wimmera of Victoria

Basso, F.; Postiglione, L.; Carone, F., 1986: Effects of tillage methods in a hilly environment of southern Italy. Three year trials on soil erosion and durum wheat yield

Opara Nadi, O. A.; Lal, R., 1983: Effects of tillage methods on hydrological properties of a tropical Alfisol

Cavazza, L.; Patnino, A.; Ardizzoni, E., 1986: Effects of tillage methods on some physical soil properties

Mester, T. C.; Buhler, D. D., 1986: Effects of tillage of the depth of grant foxtail germination and population densities

Carter, M. R.; Rennie, D. A., 1987: Effects of tillage on deposition and utilization of 15N residual fertilizer

Sheptukhov, V. N.; Dudintsev, Ye V.; Khlopyuk, M. S.; Ushakova, L. A., 1987: Effects of tillage on the structure of a leached chernozem

Hartzler, R. G.; Fawcett, R. S.; Owen, M. D. K., 1985: Effects of tillage on trifluralin carryover injury to corn

Baker S.H., 1987: Effects of tillage practices on cotton double cropped with wheat

Rees, R. G., 1987: Effects of tillage practices on foliar diseases

Bonciarelli, F.; Archetti, R.; Farina, G.; Battistelli, A., 1986: Effects of tillage practices on some chemical and physical soil properties

Ward, L. D.; Brennan, J. P.; Crook, I. C., 1987: Effects of tillage systems on farm management and profitability

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583132

Crookston R.K., 1988: Effects of tiller removal on spring barley

Giordani, G., 1987: Effects of time of application of a plant growth regulator (Cycocel) on wheat

Humphreys, E.; Muirhead, W. A.; Melhuish, F. M.; White, R. J. G., 1987: Effects of time of urea application on combine-sown Calrose rice in south-east Australia. I. Crop response and N uptake

Humphreys, E.; Chalk, P. M.; Muirhead, W. A.; Melhuish, F. M.; White, R. J. G., 1987: Effects of time of urea application on combine-sown Calrose rice in south-east Australia. III. Fertiliser nitrogen recovery, efficiency of fertilisation and soil nitrogen supply

Cleary, J. L.; Loch, R. J.; Thomas, E. C., 1987: Effects of time under rain, sampling technique and transport of samples on size distributions of water-stable aggregates

Bledsoe, A. M.; Kliewer, W. M.; Marois, J. J., 1988: Effects of timing and severity of leaf removal on yield and fruit composition of Sauvignon blanc grapevines

Marshall H.G., 1987: Effects of timing of nitrogen fertilization and a fungicide on soft red winter wheat

Bazzaz F.A., 1987: Effects of timing of nutrient addition on competition within and between two annual plant species

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583145

Baez, M.; Blanco, N. S.; Clavel, Y., 1986: Effects of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) and its complex with tobacco etch virus (TEV) on tomato under field conditions

Guillet, J. C.; Roche, M.; Pichon, Y., 1986: Effects of topical and bath applications of the insecticide deltamethrin on electrical activity in a leg mechanoreceptor of the cockroach, Periplaneta americana

Climaco, P.; Cunha, J. P., 1986: Effects of topping and defoliation on the yield of cultivar Carignan

Dedecek, R. A., 1987: Effects of topsoil removal and topsoil addition on the productivity of a dark red latosol in the cerrado region

Djazayery, A., 1987: Effects of total energy and individual nutrient intakes on energy balance

Morozov, V. A.; Shimanskii, P. S.; Shtukin, S. S.; Khodasevich, M. V., 1986: Effects of tractor movement on soil, root system and increment of spruce

Erbach, D. C.; Melvin, S. W.; Cruse, R. M.; Janzen, D. C., 1986: Effects of tractor tracks during secondary tillage on corn production

Hofstra, S.; Marti, M.; Borresen, T.; Njos, A., 1986: Effects of tractor traffic and liming on yields and soil physical properties in three field experiments in S.E. Norway

Beacham, TD.; Murray, CB., 1987: Effects of transferring pink (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) and chum (Oncorhynchus keta) salmon embryos at different developmental stages to a low incubation temperature

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583158

d'Arcy-Burt, S.; Blackshaw, RP., 1987: Effects of trap design on catches of grassland Bibionidae (Diptera: Nematocera)

Kirk, WDJ., 1987: Effects of trap size and scent on catches of Thrips imaginis Bagnall (Thysanoptera: Thripidae)

Upadhyaya, S. K., 1986: Effects of tread design on bias ply tire tractive characteristics

Tasei, J. N.; Carre, S., 1985: Effects of treating flowering lucerne with deltamethrin and phosalone on the solitary bee Megachile rotundata

Girard, J.; Monin, J., 1987: Effects of treatment at 40 degrees C in a humid atmosphere on the lifting of primary dormancy and on the induction of secondary dormancy in the seeds of Petunia hybrida

Ferreira Brasileiro, V. L., 1987: Effects of treatment of females 5th-instar nymphs of Panstrongylus megistus (Heteroptera, Reduviidae) with precocene II: I. Consequences for fecundity and fertility in adult stages

Norman, J. T.; Howlett, A. R.; Spacey, G. D.; Hodges, G. M., 1987: Effects of treatment with N-methyl-N-nitrosourea, artificial sweeteners, and cyclosphosphamide on adult rat urinary bladder in vitro

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583170

Rodriguez Garza, F.; Zorrilla Rios, J. M.; Munoz Navarro, C.; Arellano Martinez, L., 1985: Effects of treatment with ammonium hydroxide and urea, moisture and treatment time on composition of bean straw

Tuomari D.L., 1987: Effects of treatment with cobra venom factor on experimentally induced feline leukemia

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583173

Walton, K. C., 1987: Effects of treatment with sodium fluoride and subsequent starvation on fluoride content of earthworms

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583175

Stoa K., 1987: Effects of treatments with human chorionic gonadotropin after successive administrations of porcine follicular fluid on the ovulation rate and plasma concentration of progesterone in rabbits

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583178

Jadhav, B. B.; Patil, B. A.; Patil, V. H., 1987: Effects of triacontanol on lablab-bean and Indian mustard

Marx, D. H.; Cordell, C. E.; France, R. C., 1986: Effects of triadimefon on growth and ectomycorrhizal development of loblolly and slash pines in nurseries

Armour J., 1988: Effects of trichostrongyle larval challenge on the reproductive performance of immune ewes

Flannigan, B.; Naylor, J.; Prescott, M.; Schapira, S. F. D., 1986: Effects of trichothecene mycotoxins on yeast growth and fermentation

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583187

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583189

Lee, J. C.; Kwon, O. W., 1987: Effects of trunk injection of BA on shoot growth from latent buds in apple trees

Grace, J. B., 1984: Effects of tubificid worms on the germination and establishment of Typha

Berge, C.; Smith, D. E.; Warthesen, J. J., 1987: Effects of two antioxidants on the light stability of vitamin A in 2% fat milk

Shukla, L.; Pandey, A. K., 1985: Effects of two commonly used insecticides on the ovarian histophysiology in the teleost Sarotherodon mossambicus

Carson M.L., 1987: Effects of two foliar pathogens on seed yield of sunflower

Sharma, B. D., 1987: Effects of two forms of inbreeding (selfing and sib-mating) on the vigour and performance in toria

Wierda, A.; Verhoeff, J.; Dorresteijn, J.; Wensing, T.; Dijk, S. van, 1987: Effects of two glucocorticoids on milk yield and biochemical measurements in healthy and ketotic cows

Hodge, P. B.; Plasto, A. W.; Round P. J.; Smith, P. C.; Aubrey, J. N.; Mulder, J. C., 1986: Effects of two growth promotants on liveweight gains in grain- and grass-finished zebu crossbred steers

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583201

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583202

Crosse, S.; Gleeson, P. A., 1987: Effects of two levels of concentrate feeding post-calving on the performance of spring-calving dairy cows

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583204

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583205

Biggs, AR.; Hagley, EAC., 1988: Effects of two sterol-inhibiting fungicides on populations of pest and beneficial arthropods on apple

Rinallo, C.; Bennici, A.; Cenni, E., 1988: Effects of two surfactants on Triticum durum Desf. plantlets

Van Nielen W.G.L., 1988: Effects of type and amount of dietary fat on rabbit and rat lymphocyte proliferation in vitro

Avolio, S.; Ciancio, O.; Grinovero, C.; Iovino, F.; Mirabella, A.; Raglione, M.; Sfalanga, M.; Torri, D., 1980: Effects of type of forest on erosion in catchment areas in Calabria, Italy. Erosion models

Fukui, Y.; Tetsuka, M.; Akaike, M.; Machiyama, K.; Ono, H., 1987: Effects of types of vaginal sponge impregnated with progestogen on oestrus induction and lambing rate in seasonally anoestrous ewes

Sullivan, J. H.; Teramura, A. H., 1988: Effects of ultraviolet-B irradiation on seedling growth in the Pinaceae

Finkner, S. C.; Gilley, J. E.; Spomer, R. G.; Mielke, L. N., 1985: Effects of unanchored corn residue on runoff and soil erosion

McKee, C. G., 1988: Effects of under row subsoiling and ridging at final cultivation on lodging of cv. MD 609

Vendite, D.; Rocha, J. B. T.; Mello, C. F.; Souza, D. O., 1987: Effects of undernutrition during suckling and of post-training beta -endorphin administration on avoidance performances of adult rats

Kelty, M. J.; Gould, E. M, Jr; Twery, M. J., 1987: Effects of understory removal in hardwood stands

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583221

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583222

Paluska, A.; Pietsch, J.; Berlekamp, L. R.; Pranzas, N., 1988: Effects of urban soil sealing and soil modification on the ground- and soil-water budget and their management by planning

Kishan, J.; Khan, M. Y.; Joshi, D. C.; Katiyar, R. C., 1985: Effects of urea and molasses supplementation on nutrients utilisation from deoiled mahua (Bassia latifolia) seed cake

Yoon, I. K.; Hong, S. P.; Son, Y. S., 1986: Effects of urea feeding on the intensity of nitrate intoxication in the ruminant

Chaurasia, O. P.; Sinha, S. P., 1987: Effects of urea on mitotic chromosomes of mice and onion

Xue, Y. B.; Li, S. L., 1987: Effects of urease inhibitors on the rate of urea hydrolysis in soils

Yeomans, J. C., 1986: Effects of urease inhibitors, nitrification inhibitors and pesticides on denitrification in soil

Deuel, N. R.; Lawrence, L. M., 1988: Effects of urging by the rider on gallop stride characteristics of Quarter Horses

Bretagne, S.; Sellin, E.; Roussin, S.; Sellin, B.; Mouchet, F.; Rey, J. L., 1986: Effects of urinary schistosomiasis on the nutritional state of human populations (in Niger)

Groom, Sc; Little, Pb, 1988: Effects of vaccination of calves against induced Haemophilus somnus pneumonia

Wills, J. M.; Gruffydd Jones, T. J.; Richmond, S. J.; Gaskell, R. M.; Bourne, F. J., 1987: Effects of vaccination on feline Chlamydia psittaci infection

Duchatel, J. P.; Vindevogel, H., 1987: Effects of vaccination with a live or an inactivated aqueous-suspension NDV vaccine in pigeons previously infected with paramyxovirus type 1

Kawamitsu, Y.; Agata, W.; Miura, S., 1987: Effects of vapour pressure difference on CO2 assimilation rate, leaf conductance and water use efficiency in grass species

Bray A.C., 1987: Effects of variation of dietary sulfur on movement of sulfur in sheep rumen

Jahne, M.; Schwark, H. J., 1988: Effects of variations due to herd on the accuracy and repeatability of breeding values for growth performance

Olugbemi, L. B., 1984: Effects of varieties and nitrogen fertilizer on yield of irrigated wheat in northern Nigeria

Martz F.A., 1988: Effects of variety and particle size upon utilization of fescue hay by lactating dairy cows and dairy heifers

Ogawa, M.; Abe, H.; Takahashi, E., 1985: Effects of variety and soil difference on the feeding value of whole crop barley

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583245

Ertan, O. O., 1987: Effects of various amendments to the culture medium on the development of Pleurotus ostreatus (Jacq. ex Fr.) Kummer

Smith, T. W.; Thomas, C. V.; Thurmond, M. C.; Bremel, D. H., 1987: Effects of various claw designs on intra-unit bacterial transfer

Ide T., 1988: Effects of various combinations of omega 3 and omega 6 polyunsaturated fats with saturated fat on serum lipid levels and eicosanoid production in rats

Hassan, A. A.; Rahman, A., 1987: Effects of various combinations of water supplies and nitrogen rates on growth and yield of mustard

Ilenchuk, T. T.; Davey, K. G., 1987: Effects of various compounds on Na/K-ATPase activity, JH I binding capacity and patency response in follicles of Rhodnius prolixus

Berrio L.F., 1987: Effects of various dietary oils and cholesterol on yolk weight and egg cholesterol in the laying hen

Millamena, OM.; Bombeo, RF.; Jumalon, NA.; Simpson, KL., 1988: Effects of various diets on the nutritional value of Artemia sp. as food for the prawn Penaeus monodon

Bickerstaffe R., 1987: Effects of various diets on the yield of insulin from the ovine pancreas

Khaleeq, B.; Klatt, A., 1986: Effects of various fungicides and insecticides on emergence of three wheat cultivars

Jamroz, D.; Szyszkowska, A.; Pres, J., 1987: Effects of various growth promotants in calf feeding

Wanapat, M.; Duangchan, S.; Pongpairote, S.; Anakewit, T.; Tongpanung, P., 1986: Effects of various levels of concentrate fed with urea-treated rice straw for purebred American Brahman yearling cattle

Ramshaw G.A., 1987: Effects of various manurial treatments on earthworm activity in grassland

Kalaghatagi, S. B.; Kulkarni, G. N.; Mutanal, S. M., 1988: Effects of various mulches and scheduling of irrigation on growth and yield of summer maize

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583262

Christensen D.A., 1988: Effects of various plant growth regulators on the nutritive value and yield of alfalfa

Johnson, Ca; Beemsterboer, Jm; Gray, Pr; Slusser, Pg; Goullaud, Ej, 1988: Effects of various sedatives on air cystometry in dogs

Arichi S., 1986: Effects of various soyasaponins on liver tyrosine aminotransferase activity induced by cortisone in adrenalectomized rats

Segura C, V. M.; Rodriguez R, O. L., 1987: Effects of various types of management during lactation on fertility of inseminated and naturally mated zebu cows in the semi-humid tropics

Schmidt, K. A.; Smith, D. E., 1987: Effects of varying homogenization pressure on the physical properties of vanilla ice cream

Mustapha, M.; Samuel, C.; Vijchulata, P., 1987: Effects of varying nitrogen levels in Setaria sphacelata var. splendida on the efficiency of nitrogen utilization in dairy bulls

Alva A.K., 1986: Effects of varying phosphorus additions on aluminum in solutions

Saxena, H. O.; Dutta, P. K., 1985: Effects of varying spacing on the tuber yield and diosgenin content in Dioscorea floribunda Mart and Gal

Blackmon D.M., 1987: Effects of varying the amounts of dietary calcium on selenium metabolism in dairy calves

Ranney T.S., 1987: Effects of varying zinc concentrations on quality of alfalfa for lambs

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583273

Finley, D. A., 1986: Effects of vegetarian diets upon the composition of human milk

Fyles, J. W.; McGill, W. B., 1988: Effects of vegetation on properties of sandy soils in central Alberta

Kress M.R., 1987: Effects of vegetation on spectral irradiance at the soil surface

Hoyos de Castro, A.; Hernando Costa, J.; Egido Rodriguez, J. A.; De la Cruz Caravaca, M. T., 1983: Effects of vegetation on surface soil horizons

Holzapfel Pschorn, A.; Conrad, R.; Seiler, W., 1986 : Effects of vegetation on the emission of methane from submerged paddy soil

Uematsu, H.; Sakanoshita, A., 1987: Effects of venom from an external parasitoid, Euplectrus kuwanae (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) on larval ecdysis of Argyrogramma albostriata (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583482

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583483

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583494

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583498

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583515

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583516

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583542

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583543

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583544

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583545

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583549

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583550

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583869

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583873

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583881

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583932

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583978

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583986

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Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583992

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Rusov C., 1986: Efficiency of piglet bone marrow to form erythroid colonies in vitro after weaning at different ages

Section 2, Chapter 1584, Accession 001583999

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