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Effects of trenbolone acetate with or without estradiol, synovex H, and Ralgro on the rate and efficiency of gain by feedlot heifers

Gill, D.R.; Owens, F.N.; Smith, R.A.; Hicks, R.B.

Animal Science Research Report, Agricultural Experiment Station, Oklahoma State University (MP-119): 340-343


Accession: 001583178

A total of 140 yearling crossbred heifers were divided by weight into 4 groups and assigned to 20 pens. At the start of a 105-day feeding trial heifers were given no implant or implants of trenbolone acetate (TA), TA plus oestradiol, synovex H or Ralgro. There were no significant differences in any live performance traits. Respective gains (lb/day) and feed efficiencies on a liveweight (shrunk) basis were: 2.40, 7.15; 2.45, 6.99; 2.74, 6.56; 2.49, 7.01; and 2.44, 7.22.

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