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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1586

Chapter 1586 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Search, H., 1986:
Emergency food aid from the European Community

Widell, M., 1988:
Emergency household food stocks

Flammer, R., 1985:
Emergency measures in mushroom poisoning

Roark, P., 1986:
Emergency rehabilitation of Ouagadougou Dam No. 2, Burkina Faso

Salmela, P.; Grohn, Y., 1986:
Emergency slaughter of cows within two weeks of calving

Bohm, M., 1988:
Emergency stop for p.t.o. driven machinery

Oyenuga, V.A., 1986:
Emergent agricultural industry and the nature of its manpower needs

Newby, H., 1987:
Emergent issues in theories of agrarian development

Anonymous, 1986:
Emerging developments in veterinary biotechnology

Nielsen D.R., 1987:
Emerging frontiers in soil science

Martin, B.; Mason, S., 1988:
Emerging leisure in the Third World. The example of Indonesia

Ferrario, F., 1988:
Emerging leisure market among the South African Black population

Bhargava, B.N., 1986:
Emerging meat/poultry-borne pathogens

Muhlemann, M.F.; Wright, D.J.M., 1987:
Emerging pattern of Lyme disease in the United Kingdom and Irish Republic

Dahlan, H.M., 1982:
Emerging political structures and their impact on communication patterns in peasant communities

Baxter, M., 1987:
Emerging priorities for developing countries in agricultural extension

Goidanich, G.; Fabritiis, C. de; Foschi, S., 1986:
Emerging problems in present-day plant protection

Ashmead, R.W., 1987:
Emerging roles in financing agriculture. Canadian Agricultural Economics and Farm Management Society, Proceedings of the 1986 Annual Meeting held at the University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, July 6-10, 1986

Baker, F.H.; Miller, M.E., 1985:
Emerging technology and management for ruminants. 1985 livestock seminars, International Stockmen's School

Piesman, J., 1987:
Emerging tick-borne diseases in temperate climates

Boberg, K.; Choy, D.J.L., 1988:
Emerging trends in trans-Pacific air routes

Tapia, S. de, 1986:
Emigration and development. The first steps in the industrialization of Yozgat Province

Heinritz, G.; E.M.nguri, H., 1986:
Emigration and re-migration in southern Darfur

Weseloh, RM., 1987:
Emigration and spatial dispersion of the gypsy moth predator Calosoma sycophanta

Lazzari, L.B.; Robotti, A.; Ranieri, R.; Ceroni, E.; Poli, M., 1987:

Lazzari, L.B.; Ceroni, E.; Poli, M.; Ranieri, R.; Robotti, A., 1987:
Emilia-Romagna: results from the varieties tested by the Consortium of Experimental Estates for Emilia-Romagna

Colbourn, P.; Ryden, J.C.; Dollard, G.J., 1987:
Emission of NOx from urine-treated pasture

Conrad R.; Schuetz H.; Seiler W., 1988:
Emission of carbon monoxide from submerged rice fields into the atmosphere

Wytwer, T.; Walo, B., 1986:
Emission of hydrogen fluoride from impregnated wood

Minami, K., 1987 :
Emission of nitrous oxide (N2O) from agro-ecosystem

Hinz, T., 1987:
Emissions from agricultural production

Vellguth, G., 1987:
Emissions from tractor diesel engines running on alternative fuels

Vesterinen, R.; Paakkinen, K.; Pyykkonen, M.; Virkki, J., 1985:
Emissions from wood and peat fired district heating plants

Cooper, W.J.; Cooper, D.J.; Saltzman, E.S.; Mello, W.Z. de; Savoie, D.L.; Zika, R.G.; Prospero, J.M., 1987:
Emissions of biogenic sulphur compounds from several wetland soils in Florida

Abbott, J.S., 1985:
Emitter clogging - causes and prevention. Report by ICID working group on micro irrigation

Chamba, J.F., 1988:
Emmental cheese salting. I. Effects of brining conditions on salt absorption and its kinetics

Ansari, M.A.A.; Khan, M.A., 1986:
Emphasis on increasing acre yield

Nerlove, M.L. (Chairman), 1987:
Empirical analysis of size distribution of farms (3 papers)

Wayne R.K.; O'brien S.J., 1986:
Empirical demonstration that structural gene and morphometric variation of mandible traits are uncoupled between mouse strains

Kupschus, H.; Storck, H., 1987:
Empirical investigations on innovations in horticultural firms

Overman, A.R.; Angley, E.A.; Wilkinson, S.R., 1988:
Empirical model of coastal bermudagrass production

Ray J.D.; Carr B.T., 1985:
Empirical modeling of soybean oil hydrogenation

Rogalla, J.A.; Brezonik, P.L.; Glass, G.E., 1986:
Empirical models for lake acidification in the Upper Great Lakes Region

Bruchwald, A.; Wroblewski, L., 1986:
Empirical models of stand volume for selected developmental series in Scots pine stands

Carr, L.E.; Wheaton, F.W.; Douglass, L.W., 1987:
Empirical models to determine ammonia concentrations from broiler chicken litter

Wit, J.N. de, 1987:
Empirical observations and theoretical considerations on whey protein functionality in food products

Laxmi, V.; Sharma, A.N., 1987:
Empirical relationship between fuel wood consumption and factors affecting its consumption - a case study

Rompalo, A.M.; Roberts, P.; Johnson, K.; Stamm, W.E., 1988:
Empirical therapy for the management of acute proctitis in homosexual men

Kaca, E., 1984:
Empirical verification of the equation of ground water level dynamics in the middle of a cultivated field in a plot irrigated by the subsurface system

Rissanen, A.; Sarlio-Lähteenkorva, S.; Alfthan, G.; Gref, C.G.; Keso, L.; Salaspuro, M., 1987:
Employed problem drinkers: a nutritional risk group?

Friedberg, B.R.; Callahan, J.H. et al., 1987:
Employee benefits attract the best; Customize benefits; Giving employees a share of the business; A legal view of employee benefit plans; Servers speak out on loyalty

Anonymous, 1986:
Employee fitness and recreation

Rudnicki, J., 1986:
Employee fitness program effects upon long-term fitness involvement

Tiwari, R.N., 1987:
Employees in the unorganised rural sector: framework for regulating working conditions

Mutumbuka, D., 1987:
Employment and educational innovation in Zimbabwe

Zyl, J. van; Vink, N., 1988:
Employment and growth in South Africa: an agricultural perspective

Bandiyono, S.; Conroy, J.D., 1986:
Employment and income from non-agricultural sources in rural East Java: some preliminary findings

Meer, C.L.J. van der, 1987:
Employment and labour productivity in Dutch agriculture

Ghayur, S.; Junaid, S.M.; Ahmad, K., 1987:
Employment and living conditions of rural Barani households of North West Frontier Province

Mather, A.S.; Murray, N.C., 1987:
Employment and private-sector afforestation in Scotland

Thomas, J.K.; Goodwin, H.L.J., 1987:
Employment compensation among farm workers in the lower Rio Grande valley

Rao, D.S.G.; Bisaliah, S.; Swamy, H.S.K., 1985:
Employment differential in dryland agriculture: an econometric analysis of components

Naidu, K.M.; Selvam, S., 1988:
Employment effects of new agricultural technology in an Indian village

Islam, R.; Shrestha, R.P., 1986:
Employment expansion through cottage industries in Nepal: potentials and constraints

Schaefer Davis, S., 1985:
Employment generated by projects of the Central Tunisia Development Authority

Hossain, M., 1987:
Employment generation through cottage industries - potentials and constraints: the case of Bangladesh

Romijn, H.A., 1987:
Employment generation through cottage industries in rural Thailand: potentials and constraints

Hossain, M., 1986:
Employment generation through cottage industries: potentials and constraints

Kayastha, N., 1985:
Employment in hotel industry of Nepal

Gagey, D.; Gallezot, J., 1987:
Employment in the agricultural and food industries: general points and recent developments

Anonymous, 1987:
Employment in the hotel sector

Blandy, R.J., 1987:
Employment in tomorrow's rural Australia

Majewski, S., 1986:
Employment indicators in forest districts and provinces

Allen, G.P., 1988:
Employment levels in commercial (production) horticulture

Patil, R.B., 1986:
Employment of the Scheduled Castes in Maharashtra

Fasterding, F., 1987:
Employment on farms in the GFR and the employment capacity of proprietors' families

MacGregor, B.D., 1987:
Employment on north-west Highland estates

Taylor, J.R., 1986:
Employment outlook for China to the year 2000

Metcalfe, H., 1987:
Employment structures in tourism and leisure

Anonymous, 1986:
Employment-oriented education programmes for disadvantaged youth: a memo to municipal decision-makers

Alfonso, F.B., 1986:
Empowering rural communities

Anonymous, 1985:
Empowering the powerless through collective action: a group-building, poverty-focused approach to development

Stromquist, N.P., 1987:
Empowering women through education: lessons from international cooperation

Rody, N., 1988:
Empowerment as organizational policy in nutrition intervention programs: a case study from the Pacific Islands

Kronenburg, J.B.M., 1986:
Empowerment of the poor. A comparative analysis of two development endeavours in Kenya. Thesis submitted for a doctorate in social sciences at the Catholic University of Nijmegen

Ram Prasad; Parvez Jalil, 1986:
Emptiness in teak fruits from different areas of Madhya Pradesh

Nuorteva, P., 1987:
Empty puparia of Phormia terraenovae R.-D. (Diptera, Calliphoridae) as forensic indicators

Ewalts, M., 1986:
Empty school benches in Santa Rosa de Cabal: a study of primary education in the coffee zone of Colombia

Dogra, B., 1987:
Empty stomachs and packed godowns: aspects of the food system in India

Horan, W.J.; Schweid, J.M., 1987:
Emulsification system for creamy cheese food products

Desai, A.J.; Patel, K.M.; Desai, J.D., 1988:
Emulsifier production by Pseudomonas fluorescens during the growth on hydrocarbons

Goff, H.D., 1988:
Emulsifiers in ice cream: how do they work?

Mohanty B.; Mulvihill D.M.; Fox P.F., 1988:
Emulsifying and foaming properties of acidic caseins and sodium caseinate

Dagorn Scaviner C.; Gueguen J.; Lefebvre J., 1987:
Emulsifying properties of pea globulins as related to their adsorption behaviors

Uhlmann, G., 1987:
Emulsifying salts in the production of pasteurized fresh cheese products

Uni, S., 1986:
En face view of Mansonella (Mansonella) akitensis (Uni, 1983) by scanning electron microscopy

Peterson, P.A., 1987:
En-controlled I element inserts with the C-I allele: C-Im857059 and C-Im857062

Wong, B.; Brauer, K.L., 1988:
Enantioselective measurement of fungal D-arabinitol in the sera of normal adults and patients with candidiasis

Iacob, M.; Susea, S., 1986:
Enarmonia formosana Scop. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae), a new pest of stone fruit plantations in the Socialist Republic of Romania

Opdebeeck, J.P.; O'Boyle, D.A.; Frost, A.J., 1988:
Encapsulated Staphylococcus aureus from bovine mastitis

Kanev, I., 1987:
Encapsulation and inactivation of sporocysts of Echinostoma revolutum (Frolich, 1802) (Trematoda: Echinostomatidae) by the tissues and haemolymph of Lymnaea stagnalis

Gotz, P., 1986:
Encapsulation in arthropods

van Driesche, RG.; Bellotti, A.; Herrera, CJ.; Castillo, JA., 1986:
Encapsulation rates of two encyrtid parasitoids by two Phenacoccus spp. of cassava mealybugs in Colombia

Lenteren, J.C. van; Hulspas Jordaan, P.M., 1987:
Encarsia formosa can control greenhouse whitefly at low temperature regimes

Nguyen, R., 1986:
Encarsia lahorensis (Howard) a parasite of Dialeurodes citri (Ashmead) (Hymenoptera: Aphelinidea)

Artigues, M.; Avilla, J.; Sarasua, M.J.; Albajes, R., 1987:
Encarsia tricolor vs. Encarsia formosa: their use in biological control of Trialeurodes vaporariorum in Spanish conditions

Burgess, E.C.; Mattison, M., 1987:
Encephalitis associated with Borrelia burgdorferi infection in a horse

Boulesteix, G.; Carme, B., 1986:
Encephalitis during treatment of Loa loa filariasis with diethylcarbamazine. 6 case reports

Cornwell, H.J.; Thompson, H.; McCandlish, I.A.; Macartney, L.; Nash, A.S., 1988:
Encephalitis in dogs associated with a batch of canine distemper (Rockborn) vaccine

Kimman, T.G.; Akkermans, J.P.W.M., 1987:
Encephalitozoon cuniculi infection in a rabbitry

Vavra, J.; Chalupsky, J.; Bedrnik, P.; Horvath, G.; Varga, I., 1987:
Encephalitozoon infection of rabbits; prevalence in Hungary

Vavra, J.; Chalupsky, J.; Bedrnik, P.; Horvath, G.; Varga, I., 1986:
Encephalitozoonosis in rabbit colonies

Quintana, H.G.; Zapata, L.; Bagnis, E., 1987:
Encephalitozoonosis. First report from Argentina (among rabbits)

Thomas, J.S., 1988:
Encephalomyelitis in a dog caused by Baylisascaris infection

McOrist, S.; Perry, R.A., 1986:
Encephalomyelitis in free-living rainbow lorikeets (Trichoglossus haematodus)

Paschaleri Papadopoulou, E.; Axiotis, I.; Tsangaris, T.; Lekkas, S.; Laspidis, H., 1988:
Encephalomyocarditis in swine in Greece: virological studies

Graham, O., 1988:
Enclosure of the East African rangelands: recent trends and their impact

Juzwik, J.; French, D.W.; Hinds, T.E., 1986:
Encoelia pruinosa on Populus tremuloides in Minnesota: occurrence, pathogenicity, and comparison with Colorado isolates

Hampel, R.; Kaulitzki, R.; Rotscher, H., 1986:
Encourage women cooperative farm members in every way and include them effectively

Stanek, V.J., 1984:
Encyclopaedia of insects. Coleoptera

Anonymous, 1988:
Encyclopedia of associations. Volume 4. International organizations

Gillin, FD.; Reiner, DS.; Gault, MJ.; Douglas, H.; Das, S.; Wunderlich, A.; Sauch, JF., 1987:
Encystation and expression of cyst antigens by Giardia lamblia in vitro

Avron, B.; Stolarsky, T.; Chayen, A.; Mirelman., 1986:
Encystation of Entamoeba invadens IP-1 is induced by lowering the osmotic pressure and depletion of nutrients from the medium

Petty, J.A., 1987:
End correction for gaseous diffusion through short capillaries in wood

Corominas, E.; Perestelo, F.; Perez, M.L.; Falcon, E.M.A., 1987:
End product of composting process for use as horticultural substrate

Boyer, J.N., 1986:
End products of anaerobic chitin degradation by salt marsh bacteria as substrates for dissimilatory sulfate reduction and methanogenesis

Sinchi, S.; Abe, M., 1987:
End products of casein hydrolysis by rumen ciliate protozoa

Anonymous, 1987:
End to experimentation as 1984 price reform is extended

Backer, L.F.; Maher, G.G.J., 1987:
End-gate grain sampling tool evaluation

Kostrikov, P.V.; Kokoshko, A.F., 1985:
End-jointing of bent plywood components with mini-finger joints

Smith, O.D.; Simpson, C.E.; Howard, E.R., 1986:
End-of-row effects on peanut yield tests

Torelli, N., 1987:
End-use orientated utilization of tropical forests - testing relevant biological, physical, chemical and mechanical properties

McGuire, C.F.; Blackwood, L.G., 1987:
End-use quality of bread wheat classes

Brumm, T.J.; Hurburgh, C.R.J., 1987:
End-use value of soybeans

Pekkarinen, A.; Teras, I.; Wuorenrinne, H., 1987:
Endangered bees, wasps and ants in Finland

Sambraus, H.H., 1988:
Endangered livestock breeds in German-speaking countries. 5. Horses

Sambraus, H.H., 1987:
Endangered species of livestock in German-speaking countries. 4. Pigs and goats

Heywood, P.F.; Buttfield, I.H.; Buttfield, B.L.; Anian, G., 1986:
Endemic cretinism and endemic goitre in two areas of Madang Province, Papua New Guinea

Mu,, L.C.engyi, Q.P.iying, Z.Q.dong, Q.C.unde, Z.Q.ngzhen, J.H.aixing, W.E.stman, C.; Boyages, S., 1987:
Endemic goitre in central China caused by excessive iodine intake

Chaventre, A.; A.R.aly, A.; Roux, F.; Borot, N.; Bisset, J.P.; Monier, C.; Fongoro, S.; Bellis, G.; Sarma, C., 1986:
Endemic goitre in the country of the Bwa people (Mali)

Proctor, E.M.; Muth, H.A.; Proudfoot, D.L.; Allen, A.B.; Fisk, R.; Isaac-Renton, J.; Black, W.A., 1987:
Endemic institutional strongyloidiasis in British Columbia

Strickland, G.T.; Zafar Latif, A.; Fox, E.; Khaliq, A.A.; Chowdhry, M.A., 1987:
Endemic malaria in four villages of the Pakistani province of Punjab

Marcandier, S.; Riba, G., 1986:
Endemic occurrence of the fungus disease caused by Beauveria bassiana (Bals.) Vuillemin in geographic populations of the maize borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner)

Minina, L.A.; Tsyrenzhapov, O.T.; Prudeeva, E.B.; Poprygaeva, D.N., 1988:
Endemic osteodystrophy of sheep and its prevention

Jan, C. le; Sow, A.D.; Thiemoko, C.; Francois, J.L.; Diouara, A., 1987:
Endemic respiratory diseases of sheep and goats in Mauritania: general situation and results of investigations

Teotia, M.; Teotia, S.P., 1987:
Endemic vesical stone: nutritional factors

Hill, R.S.; Read, J., 1987:
Endemism in Tasmanian cool temperate rainforest: alternative hypotheses

London, B., 1987:
Ending ecology's ethnocentrism: Thai replications and extension of ecological research

Kumar, K., 1987:
Ending the poverty of the primary school

Cools, M.H.; Stijger, N.L.M., 1987:
Endive cultivars for spring culture. Ambio gives the most satisfaction in respect of the requirements demanded

Lang, G.A.; Early, J.D.; Martin, G.C.; Darnell, R.L., 1987:
Endo-, para-, and ecodormancy: physiological terminology and classification for dormancy research

Gagliardi, A.J.; Stover, D.E.; Zaman, M.K., 1987:
Endobronchial Pneumocystis carinii infection in a patient with the acquired immune deficiency syndrome

Laage, P. de; Marot, O., 1986:
Endocapsular ultrasonic phaco-emulsification in dogs

Fernandez, S.O.; Oliveira, M.S. de A. de; Teixeira, V. de P.A.; Almeida, H. de O., 1987:
Endocardial thrombosis and type of left ventricular lesion in chronic Chagas' disease

Henik, R.A.; Allen, T.A.; Jones, R.L.; Wingfield, W.E.; Boon, J., 1986:
Endocarditis caused by Corynebacterium sp in a dog

Severo, L.C.; Alves, A.M.M.; Bassanesi, M.C.; Prates, P.R.; Falleiro, R.P.T., 1987:
Endocarditis due to Candida parapsilosis in a biological prosthesis

Wouda, W.; Snijders, J.M.A.; Broek, M.J.M. van den; Gruys, E.; Logtestijn, J.G. van, 1987:
Endocarditis encountered during meat inspection of pigs. I. Clinical, pathological and microbiological findings

Wouda, W.; Broek, M.J.M. van den; Snijders, J.M.A.; Logtestijn, J.G. van; Gruys, E., 1987:
Endocarditis encountered during meat inspection of pigs. II. Meat inspection aspects

Parrott, R.F.; Thornton, S.N.; Forsling, M.L.; Delaney, C.E., 1987:
Endocrine and behavioural factors affecting water balance in sheep subjected to isolation stress

Lukes, A.J.; Barnes, M.A.; Pearson, R.E., 1988:
Endocrine and energy balance relationship in Holstein cows of differing genetic merit

McCann, J.P.; Bergman, E.N., 1988:
Endocrine and metabolic factors in obesity

Tucker, H.A., 1985:
Endocrine and neural control of the mammary gland

Ellendorff, F.; McConnell, S.J., 1987:
Endocrine and neuroendocrine aspects of seasonal changes in pig fertility

Tamanini, C.; Bono, G.; Chiesa, F.; Nava, G.A., 1986:
Endocrine and reproductive parameters in goats treated with different hormones during seasonal anoestrus

Zarate, A.; Canales, E.S., 1987:
Endocrine aspects of lactation and postpartum infertility

Yadav, M.C., 1986:
Endocrine changes and the timing of ovulation in superovulated cows

Dusza, L.; Okrasa, S.; Ciereszko, R.; Kotwica, G.; Tilton, J.E., 1988:
Endocrine changes associated with spontaneous luteolysis in sows. I. Temporal relationships among prolactin, prostaglandin F2 alpha , progesterone and LH

Newton, E.A.; Stevenson, J.S.; Minton, J.E.; Davis, D.L., 1987:
Endocrine changes before and after weaning in response to boar exposure and altered suckling in sows

Dodson, S.E.; McLeod, B.J.; Haresign, W.; Peters, A.R.; Lamming, G.E., 1988:
Endocrine changes from birth to puberty in the heifer

Braun, U.; Stock, A.; Schams, D.; Leidl, W., 1988:
Endocrine changes in cows treated with GnRH. 1. GnRH-stimulated LH- and FSH secretion in relation to stage of oestrous cycle and in cows with ovarian cysts

Braun, U.; Stock, A.; Schams, D.; Leidl, W., 1988:
Endocrine changes in cows treated with GnRH. 2. GnRH-stimulated LH and FSH secretion in cows with ovarian cysts in relation to the course of milk progesterone concentrations

Currie, W.B.; Gorewit, R.C.; Michel, F.J., 1988:
Endocrine changes, with special emphasis on oestradiol-17 beta, prolactin and oxytocin, before and during labour and delivery in goats

Hartfelder, K.H., 1987:
Endocrine control of caste differentiation in stingless bees

Webb, R.; Gauld, I.K., 1985:
Endocrine control of follicular growth in the ewe

Gulevich, R.G.; Klochkov, D.V., 1988:
Endocrine function of the gonads and adrenals in female mink of two genotypes

Shalom, U.; Pener, MP., 1986:
Endocrine manipulations and ontogenesis of male sexual behaviour in Locusta: studies on precocene-induced early adultiforms

Pener, M.P.; Shalom, U., 1987:
Endocrine manipulations, juvenile hormone and ontogenesis of male sexual behaviour in locusts

Amarbaev, A.S.M.; Babaev, I.Y.; Abbasov, B.K.; Gerasimova, G.G.; Kuanyshbekov, B.M., 1988:
Endocrine mechanisms of oestrus synchronization in heifers and cows

Day, M.L., 1986:
Endocrine mechanisms of puberty in heifers

Lebengarts, Y.Z.; Zborovskii, L.V.; Nesterov, V.I., 1984 :
Endocrine mechanisms of reproductive activity of different types of cattle

Metzler, G.H.; Thrasher, T.N.; Keil, L.C.; Ramsay, D.J., 1986:
Endocrine mechanisms regulating sodium excretion during water deprivation in dogs

Göke, B.; Elsebach, K.; Hausmann, W.; Schaar, M.; Arnold, R.; Adler, G., 1987:
Endocrine pancreatic morphology and function in exocrine insufficiency in rats

Momen, M.N.; Khashaab, O.Y.; el-Safory, L., 1987:
Endocrine profile and semen characteristics in men with bilharzial hepatic fibrosis

Refsal, K.R.; Jarrin Maldonado, J.H.; Nachreiner, R.F., 1987:
Endocrine profiles in cows with ovarian cysts experimentally induced by treatment with exogenous estradiol or adrenocorticotropic hormone

Rhind, S.M.; Leslie, I.D.; Gunn, R.G.; Doney, J.M., 1986:
Endocrine profiles of Greyface ewes in moderately high and very high levels of body condition and food intake at mating

Hanzen, C., 1986:
Endocrine regulation of postpartum ovarian activity in cattle: a review

Kinder, J.E.; Day, M.L.; Kittok, R.J., 1987:
Endocrine regulation of puberty in cows and ewes

Bosquet, G.; Fourche, J., 1987:
Endocrine regulation of the synthesis of major haemolymph proteins in Bombyx mori. Respective roles and interdependence of juvenile-hormone and ecdysteroid levels

Akers, R.M.; Smith, J.J.; Kalnitsky, J., 1987:
Endocrine response to milking among cows milked under three different conditions

Kosco, M.S.; Bolt, D.J.; Wheaton, J.E.; Loseth, K.J.; Crabo, B.G., 1987:
Endocrine responses in relation to compensatory testicular growth after neonatal hemicastration in boars

Katz, L.S., 1987:
Endocrine systems and behaviour

Rosychuk, R.A., 1988:
Endocrine, metabolic, internal, and neoplastic causes of pruritus in the dog and cat

Allen, W.R., 1987:
Endocrinological and immunological aspects of pregnancy and pregnancy loss

Guadagno, C.; Guardo, G. di, 1986:
Endocrinological aspects and sow behaviour during the oestrous cycle

Suurd, G.J.; Dijk, A.J. van; Burgt, G.M. van der; Brand, A., 1988:
Endocrinological aspects of somatotropin

Stojiljkovic, S.; Bokorov, M.; Krsmanovic, L.; Bokorov, T., 1985:
Endocrinological characteristic of organoleptic traits of meat from castrated and uncastrated pigs

Britt, J.H.; Holt, L.C., 1988:
Endocrinological screening of embryo donors and embryo transfer recipients: a review of research with cattle

Kojima, K.; Yagi, S.; Yamamoto, H., 1988:
Endocrinological studies on phase variation in some armyworm species. I. Changes in larval colouration and behaviour

McCool, C.J.; Townsend, M.P.; Wolfe, S.G.; Entwistle, K.W., 1983:
Endocrinological studies on pregnancy, postpartum anoestrus and seasonal variation of ovarian activity in the Australian swamp buffalo cow

Stewart, D.M., 1988:
Endocrinology of arachnids

Rose, W.F., 1986:
Endocrinology of fur growth and reproduction in mink

Dubreuil, P., 1988:
Endocrinology of growth and lactation. 1. Hypothalamic factors

Joly, R.; Descamps, M., 1988:
Endocrinology of myriapods

Davey, K.G., 1988:
Endocrinology of nematodes

Frevert, U.; Reinwald, E., 1988:
Endocytosis and intracellular occurrence of the variant surface glycoprotein in Trypanosoma congolense

Madewell, B.R.; Munn, R.J.; Phillips, L.P., 1987:
Endocytosis of erythrocytes in vivo and particulate substances in vitro by feline neoplastic mast cells

Roney, P.; Barr, C.C.; Chun, C.H.; Raff, M.J., 1986:
Endogenous aspergillus endophthalmitis

Rufty, T.W.; Volk, R.J.; Mackown, C.T., 1987:
Endogenous NO(3) in the Root as a Source of Substrate for Reduction in the Light

Rajasekaran, K.; Hein, M.B.; Vasil, I.K., 1987:
Endogenous Abscisic Acid and Indole-3-Acetic Acid and Somatic Embryogenesis in Cultured Leaf Explants of Pennisetum purpureum Schum. : Effects in Vivo and in Vitro of Glyphosate, Fluridone, and Paclobutrazol

Siriwan, P.; Bryden, W.L., 1986:
Endogenous amino acid levels in poultry digesta

Shillabeer, G.; Davison, J.S., 1987:
Endogenous and exogenous cholecystokinin may reduce food intake by different mechanisms

Torrey, J.G., 1986:
Endogenous and exogenous influences on the regulation of lateral root formation

Ericsson U B.; Ivarsson S.A., 1987:
Endogenous antibodies to bovine lactoperoxidase in children and adolescents

Atanasova, D.; Rusev, G., 1987:
Endogenous bioregulators isolated from seeds of barnyard grass, and their activity as herbicides and growth regulators

Millington D.S.; Roe C.R.; Maltby D.A.; Inoue F., 1987:
Endogenous catabolism is the major source of toxic metabolites in isovaleric acidemia

Shiratori, K.; Watanabe, S.; Chey, W.Y.; Lee, K.Y.; Chang, T.M., 1986:
Endogenous cholecystokinin drives gallbladder emptying in dogs

Jarvis, B.C., 1986:
Endogenous control of adventitious rooting in non-woody cuttings

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Enhancement of 'Scio' barley seed protein by late foliar applications of urea-ammonium nitrate

Csato, M.; Kenderessy, A.S.; Dobozy, A., 1987:
Enhancement of Candida albicans killing activity of separated human epidermal cells by ultraviolet radiation

King, C.H.; Shotts, E.B., 1988:
Enhancement of Edwardsiella tarda and Aeromonas salmonicida through ingestion by the ciliated protozoan Tetrahymena pyriformis

Deshpande, G.D., 1987:
Enhancement of Pythium population of soil with different amendments

Aloni, B.; Daie, J.; Wyse, R.E., 1986:
Enhancement of [C]Sucrose Export from Source Leaves of Vicia faba by Gibberellic Acid

Holowid, J.R.; Smith, R.L., 1986:
Enhancement of acifluorfen control of giant and common ragweed with fertilizers in soybeans

Harper, S.R.; Pohland, F.G., 1987:
Enhancement of anaerobic treatment efficiency through process modification

Crawford, R.M.M.; Monk, L.S.; Zochowski, Z.M., 1987:
Enhancement of anoxia tolerance by removal of volatile products of anaerobiosis

Collin, H.A.; Putwain, P.D.; Giffard, S.C., 1986:
Enhancement of asulam resistance in barley

Otaguchi, K.; Ishihara, M.; Inoue, I., 1986:
Enhancement of batch production of lactic acid by a fermentation process

Friisoe, G.Y.; Martin, A.R., 1985:
Enhancement of bentazon activity with liquid fertilizer

Ooshima, H.; Sakata, M.; Harano, Y., 1986:
Enhancement of enzymatic hydrolysis of cellulose by surfactant

Kling, S.H.; Neto, C.C.; Ferrara, M.A.; Torres, J.C.; Magalhaes, D.B.; Ryu, D.D., 1987:
Enhancement of enzymatic hydrolysis of sugar cane bagasse by steam explosion pretreatment

Mullahey J.J.; Mueller J.P.; Green J.T., 1988:
Enhancement of field hay curing with potassium carbonate

Rabie, A.M.; E.N.shawy, A.A.; Abdel Baky, A.A.; Abou, W.M.; Emara, E.A., 1986:
Enhancement of flavour development in Ras cheese made by direct acidification

Cerklewski, F.L., 1986:
Enhancement of fluoride retention by low dietary chloride without manifestation of chloride deficiency in the rat

Parniak, M.A.; Kalant, N., 1988:
Enhancement of glycogen concentrations in primary cultures of rat hepatocytes exposed to glucose and fructose

Pawlak, J.A.; Reynolds, D.B.; Murray, D.S., 1986:
Enhancement of glyphosate activity with various ammonium carriers

Yunker, S.B.; Radovich, J.M., 1986:
Enhancement of growth and ferrous iron oxidation rates of T. Ferrooxidans by electrochemical reduction of ferric iron

Lee, K.J.; Koo, C.D., 1985:
Enhancement of growth and survival of Populus alba X P. glandulosa cuttings inoculated with ectomycorrhizal fungus, Pisolithus tinctorius under fumigated nursery condition

Moqbel, R.; MacDonald, A.J.; Kay, A.B., 1985:
Enhancement of human eosinophil- and neutrophil-mediated killing of schistosomula of Schistosoma mansoni by reversed type (IgE-mediated) anaphylaxis, in vitro

Fukuhara H.; Sakamoto M., 1987:
Enhancement of inorganic nitrogen and phosphate release from lake sediment by tubificid worms and chironomid larvae

Berseth, C.L., 1987:
Enhancement of intestinal growth in neonatal rats by epidermal growth factor in milk

Carter, C.I.; Anderson, M.A., 1987:
Enhancement of lowland forest ridesides and roadsides to benefit wild plants and butterflies

Kolobow, T.; Solca, M.; Chen, V.; Buckhold, D.W.; Pierce, J.E., 1987:
Enhancement of lung conditioning by acetylcholine in the prevention of respiratory distress syndrome in the protein fetal lamb

Welsch, C.W., 1987:
Enhancement of mammary tumorigenesis by dietary fat: review of potential mechanisms

Hubbard, N.E.; Erickson, K.L., 1987:
Enhancement of metastasis from a transplantable mouse mammary tumor by dietary linoleic acid

Badr E.D.n, S.M.S.; Moawad, H., 1988:
Enhancement of nitrogen fixation in lentil, faba bean, and soybean by dual inoculation with Rhizobia and mycorrhizae

Reubel, G.; Buttner, M.; Mayr, A., 1986:
Enhancement of non-specific antiviral defence mechanisms in NMRI-mice by cell culture mediators

Brown, M.; Turnbough, J.; Payton, S.; Baldwin, R., 1986:
Enhancement of nutritive and sensory properties of food for the elderly as evaluated by two age groups

Kumar, H., 1986:
Enhancement of oviposition by Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) on maize plants by larval infestation

Cox, N.M.; Stuart, M.J.; Althen, T.G.; Bennett, W.A.; Miller, H.W., 1987:
Enhancement of ovulation rate in gilts by increasing dietary energy and administering insulin during follicular growth

Leopold, R.A., 1986:
Enhancement of postirradiation longevity and mating of the boll weevil (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) by regulation of preirradiation feeding

Nefzaoui, A., 1987 :
Enhancement of profitability of olive-growing by optimum exploitation of by-products

Ben Zvi, A., 1988:
Enhancement of runoff from a small watershed by cloud seeding

Parija, S.C.; Rao, R.S., 1986:
Enhancement of sensitivity of the haemagglutination test for echinococcosis by use of Staphylococcus aureus protein A

Eliseev, D.A., 1987:
Enhancement of soil fertility - and important component of the end product of agricultural production

Busscher, W.J.; Sojka, R.E., 1987:
Enhancement of subsoiling effect on soil strength by conservation tillage

Gadzhieva, I.A., 1987:
Enhancement of the immune status in gastrointestinal strongyle infections in sheep

Burns J.K.; Pressey R., 1988:
Enhancement of the release of protoplasts and pectin from tomato locular gel by pectin methylesterase

Swift, M.J., .:
Enhancement of tropical soil fertility: the role of biological research

Muller, M.M.; Gerster, T.; Schaffner, W., 1988:
Enhancer sequences and the regulation of gene transcription

Munson, W.W.; Stadulis, R.E.; Munson, D.G., 1986:
Enhancing competence and self-efficacy of potential therapeutic recreators in decision-making counseling

Mathur, H.M., 1988:
Enhancing effectiveness of development programmes for small farmers: elements of an FAO training approach

Holm, J.D.; Cohen, M.S., 1986:
Enhancing equity in the midst of drought: the Botswana approach

Kim, M.S.; Jensen, L.A.; Olson, N.F., 1987:
Enhancing flavor characteristics of Gouda cheese from ultrafiltered milk by addition of commercial enzyme preparations and freeze-shocked Lactobacillus helveticus

Blinn, C.R.; Rose, D.W., 1987:
Enhancing forest management project analysis with the CASH program

Fulbright, T.E.; Flenniken, K.S.; Waggerman, G.L., 1986:
Enhancing germination of spiny hackberry seeds

Venkateswarlu B.; Vergara B.S.; Parao F.T.; Visperas R.M., 1986:
Enhancing grain yield potentials in rice by increasing the number of high density grains

Canto, B.F.I.I., 1986:
Enhancing local government participation in national planning and budgeting

Powell, W., 1986:
Enhancing parasitoid activity in crops

John, H., 1986:
Enhancing participatory efforts towards self-reliant health care in rural India: the role of women

Buckholz, L.J.; Wilson, R.A.; Kleinberg, R., 1984:
Enhancing taste of a Cheddar cheese flavored foodstuff

Laptev, S.V.; Sayatov, M.K., 1988:
Enhancing the biological activity of influenzavirus strains of low proliferation, isolated from cattle

Mitov, B.; Aleksandrov, M.; Georgiev, G.K.; Bostandzhieva, R., 1986:
Enhancing the intensity of fluorescence in immunofluorescence testing of virus-infected cell cultures after treatment with trypsin

Green, C.F.; Chalmers, I.F.; Pache Drury Lowe, S.J., 1988:
Enhancing the performance of ethephon with mepiquat chloride on barley (Hordeum distichon cv. Panda) using an adjuvant comprising acidified soyal phospholipid

McDonald, P.M.; Litton, R.B.J., 1987:
Enhancing the roadside view - initial costs

Dromard, C., 1987:
Enhancing the value of stately homes and residences

Wallen, B., 1987:
Enigheten - a dynamic organization with lineage

Hilali, M.; Lindberg, R.; Waller, T.; Wallin, B., 1986:
Enigmatic cyst-forming sporozoon in the spinal cord of a dog

Anonymous, 1987:
Enjoying the countryside: priorities for action

Nicholson, R., 1987:
Enkianthus. A worthy genus waits to emerge from companion-plant status

Arai, S.; Maeda, A.; Matsumura, M.; Hirao, N.; Watanabe, M., 1986:
Enlarged-scale production of a low-phenylalanine peptide substance as a foodstuff for patients with phenylketonuria

Anonymous, 1987:
Enlargement increase in oilseeds support justifies tax

Pappelis A.J.; Kunoh H.; Bemiller J.M., 1986:
Enlargement of maize cob parenchyma cells after silking

Collares, E.F.; Rossi, M.A.; Ferriolli Filho, F.; Fernandes, M.I.M., 1986:
Enlargement of the caecum and colon in rats. 3. Effect of prolonged intake of lactose by rats chronically infected with the Y strain of Trypanosoma cruzi

Collares, E.F.; Rossi, M.A.; Santos, R.R. dos; Macedo, A. da S., 1986:
Enlargement of the caecum and colon in rats. 4. Evaluation of a model using lactose in the diet of animals during chronic infection with the Colombia strain of Trypanosoma cruzi

Wang, Y.S.; Bennema, P.; Linden, W.H. van der; Boshaar, J.; Kessel, J.W.M. van; Klapper, H., 1987:
Enlargement of the cross section of KDP crystals by splicing techniques

Foltyn, J.; Stehno, Z.; Vlasak, M., 1988:
Enlarging the directly illuminated area of the wheat crop through irregular application of a growth inhibitor

Cooper, C., 1987:
Enlightened management technique

Rohricht, C., 1985:
Enquiries into the influence of increasing levels of inorganic nitrogen fertilizer and farmyard manure on potato yield - results of field trials

Akkermans, J.P.W.M., 1987:
Enriched colostrum for preventing diarrhoea in newborn calves caused by Escherichia coli K99

Winugroho, M.; Sutardi, T., 1987:
Enriched rice straw as an alternative feed to fresh elephant grass for sheep and lactating cows

Burenkov, P.T., 1987:
Enriching feed mixtures for hens with soya phospholipid concentrate

Sadyev, N.S.; Kuznetsova, T.K.; Kamleva, R.I., 1986:
Enriching maize diets for growing and finishing pigs with a protein, mineral and vitamin supplement

Russell, J.B.; Strobel, H.J.; Chen, G.J., 1988:
Enrichment and isolation of a ruminal bacterium with a very high specific activity of ammonia production

Tharavanij, S.; Mahakunkijcharoen, Y.; Khusmith, S.; Bunnag, D., 1987:
Enrichment of Plasmodium vivax-infected red blood cells from patients with vivax malaria

Heizmann, V.; Hauser, C.; Mann, M., 1988:
Enrichment of a straw-bedded pen for growing pigs with different play objects

Kloss, M.; Iwannek, K.H.; Fendrik, I.; Niemann, E.G., 1986:
Enrichment of diazotrophic bacteria from rice soil in continuous culture

Kamata Y.; Nagata T., 1987:
Enrichment of heterokaryocytes between mesophyll and epidermis protoplasts by density gradient centrifugation after electric fusion

Jandera, P.; Svoboda, L.; Churacek, J.; Kubat, J., 1985:
Enrichment of water samples containing herbicides in small sorbent-packed columns

Machethe, C.L., 1988:
Enrolment for degrees in agriculture and implications for agricultural development

Hurst, F., 1987:
Enroute surveys

Anelli, G.; Andrich, G.; Contini, M.; Lencioni, L., 1985:
Ensilage of alfalfa press-cake

Andrich, G.; Lencioni, L.; Fiorentini, R.; Anelli, G., 1985:
Ensilage of alfalfa press-cake. A kinetic model for pH, acidity and nitrogen evolution

Telyatnikov, N.Y.; Mikhal' chevskii, B.M.; Khorishko, V.N., 1988:
Ensilage of maize at the wax-ripe stage

Podletskaya, N.N.; Baturina, L.A.; Sorokina, A.V., 1986:
Ensiled grains for use by finishing pigs

Verbic, J.; Horvat, M.; Babnik, D.; Slatau, B.; Cepin, S.; Strumpf, J., 1987:
Ensiled sugarbeet pulp in intensive fattening of cattle

Andries, J.I.; Brabander, D.L.D.; Cottyn, B.G.; Buysse, F.X., 1986:
Ensiled, pressed sugarbeet pulp given to appetite to dairy cows. Use of buffers and hay to prevent a lowering of milk fat content

Skultety, M.; Skultetyova, N., 1986:
Ensiling and nutritive value of Brassicae

Ciotti, A.; Canale, A., 1987:
Ensiling big round bales under plastic covers

E.A.hry, M.A.; Khattab, H.M.; Gad, S.M.; Ahmed, S.M.; Shoukry, M.M., 1985:
Ensiling buffalo manure with bagasse as a diet supplement for sheep

Hart S.P.; Horn F.P., 1987:
Ensiling characteristics and digestibility of combinations of turnips and wheat straw

Snyman L.D.; Calitz I.; Ross A.G., 1987:
Ensiling characteristics and feeding value of silage made from cattle waste and maize residues

Panditharatne, S., 1985:
Ensiling characteristics, digestibility and palatability of tropical grasses as affected by growth stage, chopping length and additives

Vecchiettini, M.; Gaspari, F., 1987:
Ensiling forage crops

Colzani, G.; Usai, R., 1986:
Ensiling forage harvested with rotobalers

Andrighetto, I.; Bittante, G.; Cavalli, R.; Daolio, S., 1988:
Ensiling of Lolium multiflorum in trench silos and in round bales with inoculation of lactic acid bacteria: quantitative and qualitative changes during harvesting and storage

Sporndly, R., 1986:
Ensiling of blended grass and grain and its utilization by dairy cows

Rao N.M.; Fontenot J.P., 1987:
Ensiling of rumen contents and blood with wheat straw

Corporaal, J., 1988:
Ensiling of tetraploid and diploid perennial ryegrass

Klc, A.; Sevgican, F.; Sayan, Y., 1983:
Ensiling orange residues and their feeding value

Podkowka, W.; Grajewski, J.; Mikoajczak, J.; Janas, J., 1984:
Ensiling rye with addition of Acidol and Viher-Liuos

Corporaal, J., 1987:
Ensiling trials with beet leaves and straw

Nissecke, L.; Roschke, C.; Cierpka, H.; Lappe, J.; Scholl, G., 1988:
Ensuring a high domestic production of high-quality wool - a common concern of breeders and the processing industry

Peterson, J., 1987:
Ensuring a seed supply. The production, harvesting and distribution of reliable seed

Ebendorff, W.; Kram, K.; Ziesach, J.; Hartmann, K.; Morchen, U., 1986:
Ensuring high and stable milk yield and good udder health in cows by means of stripping

Rafalski, H.J., 1986:
Ensuring protective quality in Ull salt-impregnated timber by waterproofing

Asselin, R., 1988:
Ensuring soil and water conservation by appropriate surface drainage

Olenev, Y.A.; Tvorogova, A.A., 1987:
Ensuring the correct thickness of coating on ice cream

Semenov, V.; Val' ter, S., 1986:
Ensuring the financial needs of production under new conditions

Bichna, T.I.; Vaganova, L.D., 1985:
Ensuring the healthiness of planting material

Anonymous, 1987:
Ensuring udder health and raw milk quality. 5th Symposium. 26-27 February, 1987 in Frankfurt/Oder, German Democratic Republic

Ikegami, F.; Ohmiya, S.; Ruangrungsi, N.; Sakai, S.I.; Murakoshi, I., 1987:
Entadamide B, a second new sulphur-containing amide from Entada phaseoloides

Ceratti, E.; Gembillo, C.; Faraone, U.; Morabito, M., 1985:
Entamoeba gingivalis in children attending a nursery school in Calabria

Cechova, L.; Termanueliancova, M.; Leifertova, I., 1987:
Entamoeba gingivalis in patients with inflammatory changes in the oral cavity

Ahmad, S.; Khan, H.M.; Mahdi, A.A.; Kumar, H.; Khan, N., 1988:
Entamoeba histolytica antigens as possible vaccinogens ? A short review

Jackson, T.F.H.G., 1987:
Entamoeba histolytica cyst passers - to treat or not to treat?

Schwartz, W.B.; Patil, R.S.; Szolovits, P., 1987:
Entamoeba histolytica in homosexual men

Owen, D.G., 1987:
Entamoeba histolytica in inbred mice: evidence of liver involvement

Huber, M.; Garfinkel, L.; Gitler, C.; Mirelman, D.; Revel, M.; Rozenblatt, S., 1987:
Entamoeba histolytica: cloning and characterization of actin cDNA

Orozco, E.; Rodriquez, MA.; Murphy, CF.; Salata, RA.; Petri, WA.; Smith, RD.; Ravdin, JI., 1987:
Entamoeba histolytica: cytopathogenicity and lectin activity of avirulent mutants

Mirelman, D.; Bracha, R.; Chayen, A., 1986:
Entamoeba histolytica: effect of growth conditions and bacterial associates on isoenzyme patterns and virulence

R.N.P.asad; K.J.V.rk, 1987:
Entamoeba histolytica: is it necessary to characterize pathogenic strains?

Anonymous, 1987:
Entamoeba histolytica: zymodeme and pathogenicity

Jestin, A., 1986:
Entamoeba polecki in pigs and its culture in vitro

Giboda, M.; Vokurková, N.; Kopácek, P.; Ditrich, O.; Gutvirth, J., 1988:
Entamoeba polecki: morphology, immunology, antigen study and clinic of the first infections in Czechoslovakia

Diamond, L.S., 1987:
Entamoeba, Giardia and Trichomonas

Castagne, P., 1987:
Ente plums, new varieties

E.B.ustani S.; Colette C.; Monnier L.; Descomps B.; Crastesde Paulet A.; Mendy F., 1987:
Enteral absorption in man of eicosapentaenoic acid in different chemical forms

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