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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1589

Chapter 1589 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chemale, C. A., 1986: Estimation of endotoxin in blood and milk from cows, with particular reference to coliform mastitis

Masillamony P.R., 1988: Estimation of endotoxin in meat samples by limulus amoebocyte lysate test

Leclercq, B., 1988: Estimation of energy in feeds: comparison of methods

Pahle, T.; Kohler, R.; Halle, I.; Berger, H.; Jeroch, H.; Gebhardt, G., 1986: Estimation of energy in poultry feed mixtures from chemical analysis data

Aguilera, J. F.; Molina, E.; Prieto, C.; Boza, J., 1986: Estimation of energy requirements for maintenance in Segura sheep

Ozcan, H., 1987: Estimation of energy requirements of beef cattle

Turski, R.; Wojcikowska Kapusta, A., 1980: Estimation of environmental pollution in Lublin as exemplified by the content of Pb, Cu, Zn, B, Ni, Cr and V in plants

Malagon M, R.; Duran C, C. V., 1985: Estimation of environmental, physiological and genetic parameters for body weight at weaning and at 18 month of age and progeny testing in a herd of Brahman cattle

Sousa, E. C., 1983: Estimation of evaporation and potential evapotranspiration by Penman's method in Angola

Swan, I. R.; Volum, A. G., 1986: Estimation of evaporation from temperature and relative humidity

Leopoldo, P. R.; Franken, W.; Matsui, E.; Salati, E., 1982: Estimation of evapotranspiration in Amazon terra firme forest

Kovacs Schneider, M.; Kovacs, G.; Szalai, D.; Abranyi, A., 1987: Estimation of expected heterosis effects of inbred maize lines

Sumimoto, T.; Yoshida, A.; Tanaka, R., 1985: Estimation of fatty acids by capillary column GLC

Duisembaev, K. I., 1986: Estimation of feed efficiency of milk production in horse husbandry

Ludwicki, J. K.; Goralczyk, K., 1986: Estimation of fenarimol residues in apples by gas chromatography

Hou, F. F., 1986: Estimation of field losses

Moughamian, M. S.; McLaughlin, D. B.; Bras, R. L., 1987: Estimation of flood frequency: An evaluation of two derived distribution procedures

Sainsbury K.J., 1986: Estimation of food consumption from field observations of fish feeding cycles

Chaudhary, B. D., 1987: Estimation of gene effects for grain yield in barley

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588021

Moya, C.; Auchet Jenckens, F. A.; Amores, H.; Lopez, T., 1986: Estimation of general and specific combining ability in 9 tomato varieties

Dong, M. C.; Vleck, L. D. van, 1987: Estimation of genetic (co)variances for production, survival, and reproduction

Liu, M. F., 1987: Estimation of genetic correlations between traits using information on mixed full- half-sib families

Hile, G. C., 1987: Estimation of genetic effects and the relationship of root morphological traits to vertical-pulling resistance in maize

Diers, H.; Swalve, H., 1987: Estimation of genetic parameters and breeding values for linear scored type traits

Schuler, L.; Herrendorfer, G.; Schaaf, A., 1986: Estimation of genetic parameters and their application in animal breeding

Preisinger, R.; Kalm, E., 1988: Estimation of genetic parameters for beef cattle in the Federal Republic of Germany based on field data

Schrimer, G., 1985: Estimation of genetic parameters for meat production traits of German Landrace pigs in Baden-Wurttemberg

Duda, J.; Pirchner, F., 1987: Estimation of genetic parameters for udder diseases resistance by linear and nonlinear methods in Bavarian cattle

Johansson, K., 1985: Estimation of genetic parameters for use in the Swedish pig breeding programme

Williamson, B. G., 1987: Estimation of genetic parameters in a commercial pig breeding population

Rodriguez, N.; Menendez, A.; Quintana, F., 1986: Estimation of genetic parameters in crossbreeding. Results for growth and carcass traits in cattle

Vasconcellos, M. E. de C.; Valois, A. C. C., 1986: Estimation of genetic parameters in rubber without progeny testing

Moore, R. K.; Kennedy, B. W.; Schaeffer, L. R., 1988: Estimation of genetic parameters of feed intake and production using milk recording data

Gaffney, B.; Cunningham, E. P., 1988: Estimation of genetic trend in racing performance of Thoroughbred horses

Singh, J. R. P.; Sandhu, B. S., 1985: Estimation of genetic variability for lint and seed characters in cotton (Gossypium arboreum L.)

Lamkey K.R., 1987: Estimation of genetic variability in two maize populations

Singh, P.; Srivastava, A. N.; Singh, I. B., 1987: Estimation of genetic variances for yield components and oil content in linseed

Singh, S. P., 1986: Estimation of genetic variances of yield and other characters in okra

Sarrafi, A.; Ecochard, R.; Planchon, C. , 1986: Estimation of genotype values in breeding programs by diallel analysis in durum wheats (T. turgidum v. durum)

Momonoki, T.; Momonoki, Y. S., 1987: Estimation of germinability of gramineous and leguminous seeds in long-term storage by means of peroxidase activity and TTC reduction

Tuncer, S. D.; Yalcn, S., 1986: Estimation of gossypol concentrations in cottonseed meals produced in Turkey

Maini J.S., 1987: Estimation of grazing areas and herbage yield through random sampling technique

Jimenez Diaz, L.; Prieto Guijarro, A.; Arevalo Vicente, G.; Escudero Gil, F., 1987: Estimation of gross agricultural margin per unit of labour and per hectare in the regions of Castile and Leon: disequilibrium and population decline

Annamalai, K.; Sweeten, J. M.; Ramalingam, S. C., 1987: Estimation of gross heating values of biomass fuels

Johansson P O., 1987: Estimation of groundwater recharge in sandy till with two different methods using groundwater level fluctuations

Franek, M.; Rola, J., 1987: Estimation of growth regulators applied on winter rape (Brassica napus L.) in field experiments

Petkov, G.; Boichev, G.; Kabakchiev, M., 1987: Estimation of heat loss in broiler chickens in relation to environmental conditions using a microcomputer

Vanderhaeghe, S.; Biston, R., 1987: Estimation of herbage digestibility in vitro. Adaptation of the pepsin-cellulose method to the Fibertec E (Tecator) system

Cangiano, C. A.; Gomez, P. O., 1985: Estimation of herbage intake based on components of ingestive behaviour in grazing steers

L' Huillier, P. J.; Thomson, N. A., 1988: Estimation of herbage mass in ryegrass/white clover dairy pastures

Yang, S. L.; Ren, H. Y.; Ou, M. X., 1987: Estimation of heritability and correlation of quantitative characters of the Chuanzihua strain of Tan-yang sheep

Singhal, R. A.; Jain, J. P., 1986: Estimation of heritability for samples from non-normal situations

Simon D., 1987: Estimation of heritability from variance components in the presence of genetic relationships among parents and common environment

Doormaal, B. J. van; Burnside, E. B., 1986: Estimation of heritability in British Holstein type traits

Bienefeld, K., 1986: Estimation of heritability of honey production in the honeybee

Tani, A., 1980: Estimation of heritability of some characteristics in Alnus cordata from a progeny test

Chao, C. P.; Hoy, J. W., 1987: Estimation of heritability of sugarcane smut resistance in Louisiana

Bartsch, C., 1986: Estimation of heritability of yield-determining characters in Papaver bracteatum in a parent-progeny regression as compared with results from a clonal trial

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588065

Nijhawan, D. C.; Chandra, S., 1986: Estimation of heterosis and components of genetic variation for leaf area ratio in a diallel cross of mungbean (Vigna radiata (Roxb) Wilczek)

Paramasivan, K. S., 1986: Estimation of heterosis in crosses involving saline resistant rice cultures

Paramasivan, K. S., 1986: Estimation of heterosis in hybrids and segregating pattern in F2 generation for apiculus pigmentation in spikelets of rice (Oryza sativa L.)

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588069

Ghulam Mahmood; Saeedul Hassan; Shah, N. H.; Gul Hassan, 1987: Estimation of hybrid vigour for some quality traits in intra-hirsutum diallel cross of cotton

Kesting, U.; Klukas, H.; Engelmann, H.; Bolduan, G., 1986: Estimation of ilial flow in pigs using large cannulae in the intestine

Sinha, B. K.; Vegad, J. L.; Awadhiya, R. P., 1987: Estimation of increased vascular permeability in avian inflammation

Collinge, S.; Brown, R. J., 1987: Estimation of individual milk protein concentrations in mixtures from amino acid analysis data

Piech, M.; Stankowski, S.; Lebiedz, S., 1984: Estimation of influence of rate of nitrogen application and sowing rate on quality characteristics of spring wheat cultivars

Katapa R.S., 1988: Estimation of interclass and intraclass correlations in multivariate familial data

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588076

Viglietti, G. C.; Skinner, J. D., 1987: Estimation of iron bioavailability in adolescents' meals and snacks

Gonzalez Fuentes, E. A.; Goyal, M. R., 1988: Estimation of irrigation requirements for sweetcorn (Zea mays cv. Suresweet) on the south coast of Puerto Rico

Agarwal, S. B.; Patel, R. K.; Sharma, K. N. S., 1987: Estimation of lactation yield of bovines around Karnal

Muntajabuddin, K., 1985: Estimation of leaf area constant for rice variety K 35-3

Shelke, V. B.; Shinde, V. S.; Arthamwar, D. N.; Dahiphale, V. V., 1988: Estimation of leaf area constants for groundnut cultivars

Chandrasekhar, M.; Phookan, S. N.; Thangavelu, K., 1987: Estimation of leaf area in Litsaea polyantha Juss

Shrestha, T. N.; Balakrishnan, K., 1985: Estimation of leaf area in acid lime by non-destructive analysis

Balakrishnan, K.; Veerannah, L.; Kulasekaran, M., 1986: Estimation of leaf area in banana from linear measurements

Rajeevan, P. K.; Unnithan, V. K. G.; Geetha, C. K., 1984: Estimation of leaf area in banana var. Nendran (Musa AAB group) using linear parameters

Nigam, K. B.; Kahar, L. S.; Saxena, G. K., 1987: Estimation of leaf area in opium poppy

Sharma, A. N.; Chaudhari, D. N.; Pavaya, R. P.; Shah, R. M., 1987: Estimation of leaf area in pigeonpea

Lakshmanan, R.; Tajuddin, E., 1985: Estimation of leaf area in pumpkin from leaf diameter

Thimmegowda, S., 1986: Estimation of leaf area in wheat genotypes

Mishra, R. C.; Mohanty, S. C.; Mishra, M., 1987: Estimation of live and dressed weights of sheep from body measurements: a note

Gregoire T.G., 1986: Estimation of log volume by importance sampling

Patil, M. S.; Hegde, R. K.; Siddaramaiah, A. L., 1987: Estimation of loss due to Ramularia leaf spot of safflower (Carthamus tinctorius)

Nazim, M.; Abdou, Y. A.; El Shehidi, A. A.; El Daoudi, Y. H.; El Rays, F., 1984: Estimation of loss in grain yield of two wheat varieties caused by leaf rust using single tillers

Saikia, D. K.; Phukan, P. N., 1986: Estimation of loss in jute due to root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita

Rai, R. C.; Singh, A., 1985: Estimation of loss in wheat grain weight due to Karnal bunt infection

Narendrappa, T.; Siddaramaiah, A. L., 1986: Estimation of loss in yield due to bud necrosis of groundnut

Acosta, P. P., 1986: Estimation of losses caused by Melampsora lini (Pers.) Lev. using sister lines of linseed

Hussain M., 1987: Estimation of losses caused by insect and weed pests to maize crop

Delgado, M. A.; Agurto, V. R., 1984: Estimation of losses caused by root and fibrovascular pathogens by means of sampling, analysis and periodic evaluation of the plant population in different cotton growing areas of Piura

Titgemeyer, E. C.; Merchen, N. R.; Berger, L. L.; Deetz, L. E., 1988: Estimation of lysine and methionine requirements of growing steers fed corn silage-based or corn-based diets

Rulquin, H.; Bernabe, J.; Caudal, J. P.; Duvere, J., 1988: Estimation of mammary blood-flow rate in the dairy cow by thermodilution. 1. Adaptation of material and methods

Bernabe, J.; Rulquin, H.; Caudal, J. P.; Duvere, J., 1988: Estimation of mammary blood-flow rate in the dairy cow by thermodilution. 2. Preliminary results

Strobbe, R.; Clercq, K. de; Debecq, J., 1988: Estimation of maternally acquired immunity in suckling mice to evaluate foot-and-mouth disease vaccine

Jakacka, M., 1985: Estimation of maturation dynamics of maize hybrids differing in earliness using the temperature sum method

Fisher, D. S.; Burns, J. C.; Pond, K. R., 1988: Estimation of mean and median particle size of ruminant digesta

Moore, CG.; Mathieson, S.; Mills, DJL.; Bett, BJ., 1987: Estimation of meiobenthic nematode diversity by non-specialists

Roth Maier, D. A.; Kirchgessner, M., 1986: Estimation of metabolizable energy (ME) in maize ear meal silage

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588112

Yalcn, S., 1985: Estimation of metabolizable energy values of poultry feeds and feedstuffs

Grandi, A.; Battaglini, M., 1987: Estimation of metabolozable energy in the rabbit

Werf, H. van de; Verstraete, W., 1987: Estimation of microbial biomass by stimulation of respiration

Martens, R., 1987: Estimation of microbial biomass in soil by the respiration method: importance of soil pH and flushing methods for the measurement of respired CO2

Kazakova, E. A.; Taran, A. L.; Taran, A. V., 1986: Estimation of minimum necessary height for granulation towers

Tan, K. H., 1985: Estimation of native populations of male Dacus spp. by Jolly's stochastic method using a new designed attractant trap in a village ecosystem

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588119

Flaig, E. G.; Bottcher, A. B.; Campbell, K. L., 1986: Estimation of nitrate leaching using geostatistics

Ruiz Lopez, M. D.; Lopez Martinez, M. del C.; Garcia Villanova, R., 1987: Estimation of nitrosamines in preserved meat by gas chromatography with a nitrogen-phosphorus detector

Petrescu, C.; Dihoru, A.; Burlacu, G., 1983: Estimation of nutritive value of the green fodder, Dactylis glomerata. Nutritive relationships

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588125

Chaudhry, M. R.; Mohammad Hanif; Mohammad Arshad, 1986: Estimation of out crossing in cytoplasmic male sterile lines under Multan conditions

Favreau, B., 1988: Estimation of particular antigens in a liquid, e.g. Clostridium tyrobutyricum spores in milk

Birnie, R. V.; Millard, P.; Adams, M. J.; Wright, G. G., 1987: Estimation of percentage ground cover in potatoes by optical radiance measurements

Agarwal, S. B.; Patel, R. K.; Sharma, K. N. S., 1987: Estimation of performance characteristics of Murrah buffaloes under village conditions

Vogelgesang, J.; Thier, H. P., 1986: Estimation of pesticide residues in foods which are ready for consumption

Abdulkaliq, A. M., 1986: Estimation of phenotypic and genetic parameters for some reproductive traits in Columbia, Suffolk and Targhee sheep breeds

Robohm, K. F., 1987: Estimation of physical characteristics to guarantee quality of pelleted compound feed

Wright S.F., 1987: Estimation of phytotoxic aluminum in soil solution using three spectrophotometric methods

Wright S.F., 1988: Estimation of plant available manganese in acidic subsoil horizons

Singh, M.; Subbaro, A.; Sekhon, G. S., 1988: Estimation of plant-available sulphur in twenty soil series of India

Pucsok, J.; Gyore, I.; Mako, J.; Rigo, J.; Zalka, A., 1985: Estimation of plasma lipids in chornic renal disease of human subjects

Jerez, E., 1986: Estimation of plasma oxalate by high-performance liquid chromatography

Brar, W. S.; Uppal, D. K.; Mann, S. S., 1987: Estimation of plot size from experimental data in fruit crops

Essl, A.; Wirth, G., 1987: Estimation of population parameters for some mastitis indicators

Caramori, P. H.; Farria, R. T. de, 1987: Estimation of potential evapotranspiration in Londrina and Ponta Grossa, PR, Brazil

Ruget, F., 1987: Estimation of potential grain number in maize by observations of inflorescence development before flowering

Alanis Chavez, J. M., 1986: Estimation of prediction factors for sperm production using size of the testes in boars

Newman, S.; Rutledge, J. J., 1987: Estimation of prenatal and maternal genetic variances and covariances

Echevarria Zudaire, L.; Perez Lopez, B.; Ribes Koninckx, C.; Pereda Perez, A.; Ferrer Calvete, J., 1987: Estimation of present nutritional state of patients with cystic fibrosis in relation to age at diagnosis

Chetty, V. K.; Haliburn, C., 1986: Estimation of price and income elasticities of demand for food grains in an economy with public distribution schemes

Dode, M. A. N.; Jardim, P. O. da C.; Osorio, J. C. da; Luder, W. E.; Machado, A. A., 1986: Estimation of principal cuts and amount of edible product in the carcass of Holstein-Friesian steers

Tesarova, M., 1987: Estimation of production and analysis of aboveground leaf litter by the method of paired quadrats

Stenova, M.; Ledec, M.; Csuka, J.; Skrobanek, P., 1985: Estimation of production and quality of ejaculates in two lines of meat type cocks

Lee, D. S.; Chung, Y. G., 1986: Estimation of productivity for Quercus variabilis stand by forest environmental factors

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588153

Abdel Rahim, S. E. A.; El Nazier, A. E., 1987: Estimation of progesterone level in camels' (Camelus dromedarius) milk and its application in pregnancy diagnosis

Noaman, M. M.; Taylor, G. A.; McGuire, C. F., 1988: Estimation of protein concentration in three plant parts at four growth stages in wheat by near infrared reflectance

Wolter, R.; Dufour Etienne, F.; Henry, N., 1987: Estimation of protein digestibility by a multienzyme method. Comparison with the coefficient of digestive utilization in rats

Lorentz, K.; Weiss, T., 1986: Estimation of protein in urine: a critical review

Dickie, J. B.; McGrath, S.; Linington, S. H., 1985: Estimation of provisional seed viability constants for Lupinus polyphyllus Lindley

Foldager J., 1987: Estimation of pubertal mammary development in heifers by computed tomography

Kacerovsky, O.; Kacerovska, L.; Jedlicka, Z., 1985: Estimation of quality in concentrate feed and feed mixtures

Lamattina, L.; Pinedo, M.; Yudi, V. P.; Pont Lezica, R. F.; Conde, R. D., 1988: Estimation of rRNA synthesis and degradation rates in senescing wheat leaves

Todd A.D., 1988: Estimation of radiation interception by winter wheat from measurements of leaf area

Thompson R., 1986: Estimation of realized heritability in a selected population using mixed model methods

Sharma, R. B.; Zimmer, D., 1987: Estimation of reference crop evapotranspiration (ET0) by the Penman method and open-water evapotranspiration (E0) on a 10-day basis for Morogoro, Tanzania

Hayes, J. F.; Cue, R. I.; Klassen, D. J., 1988: Estimation of repeatability of calving ease records in Canadian Holsteins

Senaratne, R.; Hardarson, G., 1987: Estimation of residual effect of faba bean and pea on two succeeding cereals using 15N methodology

Yamashita, R., 1984: Estimation of rice quality by electron spin resistance

Watanabe, T., 1988: Estimation of rice yield using LANDSAT MSS data in Kyushu district

Ma, S. K., 1987: Estimation of rock drilling work size for mountain forest road construction

Kuehnert, G. F., 1986: Estimation of rodent damage in tomato crop in Upper and Middle Egypt

Jakrlova, J., 1987: Estimation of seed output and seed banks

Halloran S.L., 1987: Estimation of segregation and ascertainment probabilities by discarding the single probands

Sorenson, D. A.; Kennedy, B. W., 1986: Estimation of selection response and its variance using mixed model methodology

Janssen, E., 1986: Estimation of selenium in feedingstuffs

Chaturvedi, G. C.; Kaura, Y. K., 1987: Estimation of serum immunoglobulin levels in colostrum-fed neonatal calves by sodium sulphite and zinc sulphate turbidity tests

Lastochkina, K. O.; Plitman, S. I.; Metel' skaya, G. N., 1986: Estimation of silicon in blood serum

Cameron, N. D.; Curran, M. K., 1987: Estimation of sire with feeding regime interaction in pigs

Thompson R., 1988: Estimation of sire with feeding regime interaction in pigs

Oikawa, T.; Kyan, K., 1986: Estimation of sire x environment interaction and estimate of genetic parameters for the carcass traits of Japanese Black steers

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588183

Krupa, J.; Zin, M., 1987: Estimation of slaughter value of pigs from traditional and industrial fattening farms

Lianos, T. P.; Rizopoulos, G., 1988: Estimation of social welfare weights in agricultural policy: the case of Greek cotton

Saito, M.; Ishii, K., 1987: Estimation of soil nitrogen mineralization in corn-grown fields based on mineralization parameters

Campbell R.B., 1987: Estimation of soil strength properties for critical rooting conditions

Haverland, R. L.; Post, D. F.; Cooper, L. R.; Shirley, E. D., 1985: Estimation of soil texture and plant available water by correlation with the laser light-scattering method

Lawrence J.Y., 1987: Estimation of soil texture from the sample density

Richie, E. B.; Schnabel, R. R.; Hoover, J. R., 1987: Estimation of soil-water parameters for unsaturated steady-state flow

Shi, Z. J.; Yuan, Y. Z.; Sun, J. Z.; Zeng, X. X.; Shi, H. H.; Huang, Q.; Jia, K. M.; Zheng, X. Z.; Zhang, M. Q.; Yu, Z. B., 1987: Estimation of some entomological parameters in relation to the transmission of bancroftian filariasis

Turedi, L., 1986: Estimation of some parameters of Japanese quail from the results of selection for live weight at different protein levels

Grundas, S.; Styk, B., 1985: Estimation of some structural properties of wheat grain

Galeno, N., 1985: Estimation of some trace elements in commercial milks in Turin

Shannon, J. D.; Lesht, B. M., 1986: Estimation of source-receptor matrices for deposition of NOx-N

Varma, A.; Bajpai, P. K., 1985: Estimation of stalk borer, Chilo auricilius Ddgn., infestation for large scale survey purpose

Hargreaves, G. H.; Samani, Z. A., 1988: Estimation of standard deviation of potential evapotranspiration

Lage, M. A.; Simal, J.; Salgado, G., 1983: Estimation of starch in foods

Jayaraman, K.; Nandakumar, U.; Rugmini, P., 1987: Estimation of stocking in teak plantations

Okazaki, N. et al, 1982: Estimation of sugars in Japanese foods using HPLC

Tomar J.S., 1987: Estimation of surface water evaporation rates by continuous radiogauging

Nyman, D. J.; Hill, J. M., 1984: Estimation of surface- and ground-water use by application of remote sensing

Saul, A., 1987: Estimation of survival rates and population size from mark-recapture experiments of bait-caught haematophagous insects

Barszczak, Z., 1987: Estimation of susceptibility of winter-rape cultivars and strains to soil acidity

Bru, J. C.; Berbigier, P.; Sophie, S. A., 1987: Estimation of sweat rate and thermal tolerance of pure Creole and of Limousin x Creole crossbred growing bulls in Guadeloupe (French West Indies)

Lappi J., 1987: Estimation of taper curve using stand variables and sample tree measurements

Rojas, A. E. C. de; Conde, A. A., 1985: Estimation of the R factor of the Universal Soil Loss Equation for the central-east region of the Argentine Republic

Pedersen, N. T.; Halgreen, H.; Worning, H., 1987: Estimation of the 3-day faecal fat excretion and fat concentration as a differential test of malabsorption and maldigestion

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588211

Martens R., 1985: Estimation of the adenylate energy charge in unamended and amended agricultural soils

Handschack, M.; Naumann, U.; Wunsche, U., 1987: Estimation of the amount of flowering of apples

Haseba, T.; Ito, D.; Nishikawa, A., 1986: Estimation of the amount of transpiration and stomatal aperture of sunflowers based on the heat balance of leaves

Renolfi, R.; Fabiani, A. E.; Kunst, C.; Perez, H.; Dalla Tea, F., 1987: Estimation of the appropriate use height of native grasses of the occidental Chaco region (Santiago del Estero, Argentina)

Rudiger, A.; Kohler, U., 1987: Estimation of the average soil pressure below tracked vehicles

Laubier, A.; Pasteur, N.; Moriyasu, M., 1984: Estimation of the biochemical polymorphism of a Penaeus japonicus population raised artificially through four generations

Huizinga, H. A., 1987: Estimation of the breeding value of the partbred stallions in the Netherlands

Aoki, M.; Totsuka, T.; Suzuki, Y.; Morioka, S., 1987: Estimation of the capacity of vegetation for cleaning the atmosphere

Saura Calixto, F., 1987: Estimation of the chemical composition of the carob (Ceratonia siliqua). Sugars, tannins, pectins and amino acids

Knupp, G.; Bugl Kreickmann, G.; Commichau, C.; Schmidt, T.; Buning Pfaue, H., 1987: Estimation of the coccidiostat nicarbazin in animal tissues and eggs. 1. Detection by pulse polarography and high-pressure liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection

Yakobson, M. K. (Jakobsons, M. K); Freimane, G. V.; Erin' sh, P. P., 1988: Estimation of the compatibility of wood components from the enthalpy of mixing of model substances

Rogalski, D., 1987: Estimation of the degree of degradation of soils in a moraine landscape under complex protection as exemplified by the Trzemeszno commune

Czarnecki Maulden G.L., 1987: Estimation of the dietary iron requirement for the weanling puppy and kitten

Hegedus, M., 1984: Estimation of the digestibility of feed proteins. Possibilities and problems

Nishi K., 1986: Estimation of the dry matter weight of the barnyardgrass at maturity early in its growing stage

Simon, O.; Bergner, H.; Partridge, I. G., 1987: Estimation of the endogenous N proportions in ileal digesta and faeces in 15N-labelled pigs

Steingass, H.; Menke, K. H., 1986: Estimation of the energy feeding value from gas formation estimated in vitro with rumen fluid and from chemical analysis. 1. Studies of the method

Menke, K. H.; Steingass, H., 1987: Estimation of the energy feeding value from gas formation estimated in vitro with rumen fluid and from chemical analysis. 2. Regression equations

Schoner, F. J.; Lemm, A.; Pfeffer, E., 1985: Estimation of the energy value of basal feed. 2. Enzyme method

Schoner, F. J.; Pfeffer, E., 1985: Estimation of the energy value of basal feed. 3. Comparison of different methods of estimation and recommendations for practical use

Robelin, J.; Agabriel, J., 1986: Estimation of the fatness of live cattle from the size of their fat cells

Mashurov, A. M.; Chernashchenko, V. I., 1987: Estimation of the genetic distance between breeds

Chesnais, J. P.; Song, H., 1988: Estimation of the genetic value of beef cattle from on-farm records using the animal model

Tavernier, A., 1987: Estimation of the genetic value of horses used for sporting purposes: use of BLUP

Bui Van Ik; Chung, H. M.; Zubkov, A. F., 1987: Estimation of the harmfulness of rice diseases, taking into account selectivity of plants for pathogens

Kesteloot, J. A.; Heursel, J.; Pauwels, F. M., 1985: Estimation of the heritability and genetic variation in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.)

Epplin, F. M.; Ervin, R. T.; Barnard, D. R.; Byford, R. L.; Hair, J. A., 1986: Estimation of the influence of lone star ticks on weight gain of calves and stockers in eastern Oklahoma

Golub, V. B.; Savchenko, I. V.; Losev, G. A., 1986: Estimation of the interaction of ions and their differing toxicity during the phytoindication of soil salinity

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588242

Kohsiek, H., 1987: Estimation of the measuring error for the lateral distribution of field sprayers and their nozzles

Bishop, C. W.; Pitchey, S. J., 1987: Estimation of the mid-upper arm circumference measurement error

Nawrocki, S. J.; Hawley, W. A., 1987: Estimation of the northern limits of distribution of Aedes albopictus in North America

Accorti, M., 1985: Estimation of the number of adults of Apis mellifera: variations and modifications of the method of a sixth

Bednarek, A., 1986: Estimation of the occurrence in soil of infective juveniles of entomogenous nematodes (Rhabditida: Steinernematidae, Heterorhabditidae)

Al Jassany, R. F.; Ali, H. C.; Younis, M. A., 1987: Estimation of the percentage of infestation by stem corn borer, Sesamia cretica Led. (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) for several varieties of maize

Kanagawa, Y., 1985: Estimation of the permeability of wood in the transverse direction

Cantot, P., 1986: Estimation of the populations of Sitona lineatus L. and of their attacks on high-protein peas (Pisum sativum L.)

Castro, L. L. F. de; Scardua, J. A., 1985: Estimation of the potential necessity of irrigation for the state of Espirito Santo

Paulino, V. T.; Santos, L. E. dos; Mattos, H. B. de; Bufarah, G., 1984: Estimation of the potential supply of nitrogen by legumes. II. Itapetininga region (SP)

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Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588838

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Zaltsberg, E., 1987: Evaluation and forecasting of groundwater runoff in a small watershed in Manitoba

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Anonymous, 1985: Evaluation and improvement of agronomic practices. On-farm research

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Nasser, M. H., 1986: Evaluation and management of renewable land resources in NE Iraq

Nasser, M. H., 1987: Evaluation and management of renewable land resources in NE Iraq

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588851

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Krzymuski, J.; Oleksiak, T., 1988: Evaluation and prediction of the effect of breeding progress with winter swede rape on its production in Poland

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Anonymous, 1987: Evaluation in national agricultural research. Proceedings of a workshop held in Singapore, 7-9 July 1986

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Hougard, J. M.; Duval, J.; Escaffre, H., 1985: Evaluation in the natural environment of the larvicidal activity of a formulation of Bacillus thuringiensis H-14 on Aedes aegypti (Linne) in a yellow fever epidemic focus in the Ivory Coast

Morrison, M.; Hogan, J. P.; Murray, R. M., 1988: Evaluation in vitro of ammonia nitrogen requirements for rumen fermentation and protein synthesis with mature tropical forage

Antoniewicz, A., 1987: Evaluation in vitro of digestibility and energy value of ruminant feeds

Wawrzkiewicz, K.; Wawrzkiewicz, J., 1987: Evaluation in vivo of the virulence of Trichophyton strains

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Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588886

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Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588892

Rathwell, P. J.; Wells, G. J.; Carter, M. B., 1987: Evaluation of 1985 shipment estimates made in The Peach Report

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588894

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Heneidi, G. S.; Miller, S. D.; Ferrell, M. A., 1987: Evaluation of 2,4-D amine timing on leafy spurge seed production and viability

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588897

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Cantwell, J.; Slife, F. W., 1986: Evaluation of AC-263,499 application method in soyabeans

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Bustamante, J. L.; Carrillo, J.; Sciotti, A. E., 1986: Evaluation of Aberdeen-Angus X Hereford crossbreds at Balcarce Experiment Station. 2. Genotype x environment interaction at weaning

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Southgate, J. R.; Cook, G. L.; Kempster, A. J., 1988: Evaluation of British Friesian, Canadian Holstein and beef breed X British Friesian steers slaughtered over a commercial range of fatness from 16-month and 24-month beef production systems

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He, H. F.; Ponte, J. G, Jr, 1988: Evaluation of Chinese and US wheats and their blends for breadmaking

Chizhkov, L. V.; Polyanichko, O. F., 1985: Evaluation of Cucurbita forms from the world collection of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) for economically useful characters and biochemical indices

Pavlik, J.; Pulkrabek, J.; Polivkova, V., 1988: Evaluation of Czechoslovakian Improved White pigs from 80 to 180 days of age

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Vouzoulidou Alexandrou, E.; Keramides, V., 1982: Evaluation of Dalal's test for available phosphorus using 14 red Mediterranean soils

El Ganayni, G. A.; El Shazely, A. M.; Abdel Magied, S. A., 1988: Evaluation of ELISA and IHAT in immunodiagnosis of bancroftian filariasis using delipidized L. carinii antigen

Recurt Carrere, M. P.; Bessieres, M. H.; Seguela, J. P., 1987: Evaluation of ELISA for the determination of serum IgM and IgG in human toxoplasmosis

Berry, P. R.; Rodhouse, J. C.; Hughes, S.; Bartholomew, B. A.; Gilbert, R. J., 1988: Evaluation of ELISA, RPLA, and Vero cell assays for detecting Clostridium perfringens enterotoxin in faecal specimens

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Candal Neto, J. F., 1987: Evaluation of French bean genotypes grown in association with maize in Espirito Santo

Pereira Filho, I. A.; Ramalho, M. A. P.; Ferreira, S., 1987: Evaluation of French bean progenies and estimates of genetic parameters in the Alto Sao Francisco region of Minas Gerais state

Keane, M. G.; More O' Ferrall, G. J., 1987: Evaluation of Friesian and beef X Friesian steers for beef production

Miedaner, T.; Walther, H., 1987: Evaluation of Fusarium resistance in wheat at the ear stage

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588938

Dalvi, M. K.; Shukla, R., 1988: Evaluation of Gujarat social forestry programme

Trujillo R, A.; Jairo Lopez, J.; Arboleda R, F.; Vargas S, J. E., 1986: Evaluation of H selection, using full-sibs and their synthetics, for resistance to Diatraea spp. in two maize varieties

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588942

Johnson, D. T.; Meyer, J. R.; Mayes, R. L., 1986: Evaluation of Hercon laminated dispensers baited with Z,Z-3,13-octadecadien-1 ol acetate for suppression of the grape root borer, Vitacea polistiformis (Harris), (Lepidoptera: Sesiidae), populations in grapes

Clarke, F. R.; Murchison, H. G., 1987: Evaluation of Holman-Digimicrometer

Anonymous, 1988: Evaluation of Hunza seed as a potential improved potato seed source for starting the autumn to autumn cycle in the plains of Pakistan

Shankaraiah, C.; Swamy, G. V. N.; Hunsigi, G., 1986: Evaluation of IISR sugarcane sett cutting machine

Keane, M. G., 1988: Evaluation of Implix BM and Revalor as anabolic agents for finishing beef steers

Seshu, D. V.; Garrity, D. P., 1986: Evaluation of International Upland Rice Nurseries

Shahin, R. R.; Abdel Aal, Sh I.; Abdel Hamid, M. A., 1987: Evaluation of K supplying power in relation to the mineralogy of some newly reclaimed soils of Egypt

Lichtensteiger, M. J.; Holmes, R. G.; Hamdy, M. Y.; Blaisdell, J. L., 1988: Evaluation of Kelvin model coefficients for viscoelastic spheres

Mueller, P. W.; Hoffer, R. M.; Jacobson, J. E., 1984: Evaluation of Landsat thematic mapper data for classifying forest lands

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Prebble, R. P., 1986: Evaluation of Logquip Smart Arch

Montes, L.; Cauhepe, M. A., 1985: Evaluation of Lotus tenuis by two sowing methods

Keane, M. G., 1987: Evaluation of M-PO and F-TO finishing steers

Ruane, J.; Smith, C., 1987: Evaluation of MOET schemes in genetic improvement of dairy cattle

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Ofori, F.; Pate, J. S.; Stern, W. R., 1987: Evaluation of N2 fixation in a maize/cowpea intercrop system using 15N methods

Ofori, F.; Pate, J. S.; Stern, W. R., 1987: Evaluation of N2-fixation and nitrogen economy of a maize/cowpea intercrop system using 15N dilution methods

Cadahia, C.; Sarro, M. J.; Vallejo, A.; Penalosa, J., 1984: Evaluation of Na/Ca antagonism in the lime soil-plant system. Extraction by electrodialysis

Akhtar, M. A.; Akram, M., 1987: Evaluation of National Uniform Rice Yield Trial 1985 against bacterial blight BB in Pakistan

Brock, J. L., 1988: Evaluation of New Zealand bred white clover cultivars under rotational grazing and set stocking with sheep

Smith, J. P.; McBride, D. K., 1988: Evaluation of North Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service crop management short course

Wada, N., 1985: Evaluation of Oryzatim granules for lactose hydrolysis in the human intestine

Reddy, P. P.; Khan, R. M., 1988: Evaluation of Paecilomyces lilacinus for the biological control of Rotylenchulus reniformis infecting tomato, compared with carbofuran

Redden, R. J.; Usher, T.; Fernandes, A.; Butler, D.; Ryley, M., 1985: Evaluation of Phaseolus vulgaris germplasm; screening for resistance to common blight

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588977

Liappis, N.; Berdel, D., 1987: Evaluation of RAST allergen superdiscs and RAST allergen multidiscs in the in vitro allergy diagnosis of children's serum

Shaw, S., 1986: Evaluation of Reg.Baytan for control of ergot contaminants in cereal seed

Keane, M. G., 1987: Evaluation of RevalorL, RevalorC and TorelorC as anabolic agents for finishing beef steers

Duskulov, S., 1985: Evaluation of Russian Black Pied bulls on the udder quality of their daughters

Melancon, S. M.; Pollard, J. E.; Hern, S. C., 1986: Evaluation of SESOIL, PRZM and PESTAN in a laboratory column leaching experiment

Villalon, B., 1986: Evaluation of Saccharum genotypes for resistance to Ustilago scitaminea

Ibrahim, M. K. E.; Ragab, F. H.; Abeid, A. M., 1988: Evaluation of Soft cheese making by a processing unit. I. Speed and efficiency of the unit

Ibrahim, M. K. E.; Abeid, A. M.; Ragab, F. H., 1988: Evaluation of Soft cheese making by a processing unit. II. Efficiency of curd discharge and whey separation

Veloso, V. da R. S.; Nakano, O., 1984: Evaluation of Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith, 1797) (Lepidoptera, Noctuidae) damage in the cotton cultivar IAC - 17

Gill, A. S.; Patil, B. D., 1985: Evaluation of Stylosanthes hamata genotypes for forage yield under dryland conditions

Mamykova, O. I., 1986: Evaluation of T and B cell immunity in sheep with experimental Hasstilesia infection

Pyke, N. B.; Read, A. J.; Alspach, P. A.; Ansell, K. A., 1988: Evaluation of Thuricide HP for leafroller control in kiwifruit

Naqvi, H. M.; Hamid, A.; Aminullah, 1988: Evaluation of Training and Visit System of Agricultural Extension in Mardan SCARP area

Toit, F. du; Niekerk, H. A. van, 1985: Evaluation of Triticum aestivum lines and Triticum species for resistance to Russian wheat aphid, Diuraphis noxia (Mordvilko)

Pasquini, M.; Corazza, L.; Perrino, P., 1987: Evaluation of Triticum monococcum and Triticum dicoccum accessions for resistance to rusts and mildew

Section 2, Chapter 1589, Accession 001588996

Barrett, J. E.; Nell, T. A., 1986: Evaluation of XE-1019 and paclobutrazol for height control of flowering annuals

Contreras de Velasquez, N.; Trujillo, G. E., 1984: Evaluation of Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli (Smith) Dye. in bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) seed lots by the combined technique of a semi-selective medium and immunodiffusion in agar

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