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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1591

Chapter 1591 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vanangamudi, K., 1987: Evaluation of seed vigour tests in bajra

Momtaz, A.; El Kholany, A.; El Farouk, M., 1985: Evaluation of seed, straw and oil quantity and quality in oil flax cultivars

Auyeung, M. T., 1988: Evaluation of seed-filling period as an indirect selection trait for higher yield and its relationship with nitrogen parameters in soybean

Hauptmann, R. M.; Vasil, V.; Ozias Akins, P.; Tabaeizadeh, Z.; Rogers, S. G.; Fraley, R. T.; Horsch, R. B.; Vasil, I. K., 1986: Evaluation of selectable markers for obtaining stable transformants in the Gramineae

Pastor Corrales, M. A.; Abawi, G. S., 1986: Evaluation of selected bean accessions for resistance to Macrophomina phaseolina

Defibaugh, P. W., 1987: Evaluation of selected enzymes for thiamine determination

Aitken, R. L.; Jeffrey, A. J.; Compton, B. L., 1987: Evaluation of selected extractants for boron in some Queensland soils

Lambdin, P.; Horton, J.; Muegge, M., 1987: Evaluation of selected insecticides for control of Mexican bean beetles and potato leafhoppers on snap beans and lima beans

Deutscher, D. P., 1987: Evaluation of selection for lysine concentration in maize

Reith, P. E.; Baltensperger, D. D.; Prine, G. M., 1988: Evaluation of selection for maturity in crimson clover

Harris, D. C.; Bielenin, A., 1986: Evaluation of selective media and bait methods for estimating Phytophthora cactorum in apple orchard soils

Giri, J.; Jeyanthi, G. P.; Kalyani, S., 1987: Evaluation of selenium and chromium content in selected foods. 1

Kucera, V., 1982: Evaluation of selfincompatible lines for hybrid seed production in kohlrabi (Brassica oleracea L. var. gongylodes L.)

Visintin, J. A.; Barnabe, V. H.; Barnabe, R. C.; Casagrande, J. F.; Almeida, C. A. de, 1986: Evaluation of semen from zebu bulls with a view to its use for artificial insemination

Linhart, O., 1984: Evaluation of semen of some salmonid fishes

Matos, M.; Martinez, N.; Perozo, D.; Mendoza, R., 1987: Evaluation of semen quality of West African rams subjected to different ejaculation frequencies and numbers

Moya, A.; Aguado, E.; Capote, M., 1986: Evaluation of semen quality of turkeys under intensive management

Oczos, A.; Masiak, D., 1985: Evaluation of sensitivity of some species, cultivars and male sterile lines of tobacco to tentoxin as a cytoplasmic marker

Karpinski, T. M.; Zorawski, C.; Skwarek, P., 1986: Evaluation of serum agglutination, complement fixation and antiglobulin tests for brucellosis in swine. III. Main studies

El Ridi, A. M. S.; Mansour, M. A. H.; Aboul Magd, L. A., 1987: Evaluation of serum choline esterase and albumin in bilharziasis

Kropp, K. A.; Kaon, J., 1987: Evaluation of seven highbush blueberry cultivars in the Krakow area

Halikiopoulou Ampatzoglou, K., 1982: Evaluation of seven sesame varieties

Garibaldi, A.; Brunatti, F.; Gullino, M. L., 1987: Evaluation of several antagonists and different methods of application against Fusarium wilt of carnation

Galitzer S.J., 1987: Evaluation of several methods for estimating microbial nitrogen concentration in the rumen

Galitzer S.J., 1987: Evaluation of several methods for estimating the proportion of microbial nitrogen reaching the duodenum of cattle

Romaniuk, K., 1987: Evaluation of several years of planned control of common internal parasites of sheep on a small industrial farm

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590031

Anonymous, 1988: Evaluation of sheep development scheme at Hurda, Bhilwara District, Rajasthan

Vesely, V.; Titera, D., 1987: Evaluation of short-term storage of drone honeybee semen

Robinson, P. H.; Kennelly, J. J.; Mathison, G. W., 1987: Evaluation of silo bags

Lemos H.G., 1986: Evaluation of simple and complex coffee rust forecasts to time fungicide application

Koch, R. W.; Allen, L.; Mtundu, N. D., 1987: Evaluation of simple, dynamic soil moisture model

Hoshino, T.; Oda, S.; Fukunaga, K., 1987: Evaluation of simple, rapid analyses in breeding for quality in wheat

DeGloria, S. D., 1985: Evaluation of simulated SPOT imagery for the interpretation of agricultural resources in California

Gowda, P. H. R. (Ramanjini Gowda, P. H); Krishnan, R.; Ramachander, P. R., 1987: Evaluation of single plant progenies of diploid and induced autotetraploid Solanum viarum Dunal

Zareh, N., 1985: Evaluation of six cotton cultivars for their resistance to thrips and leafhoppers

Bisen D.C., 1986: Evaluation of six genotypes of rice growing under rainfed conditions

Graf, B., 1987: Evaluation of slatted floors as a lying area for fattening cattle using the concept of meeting need and avoiding damage

Kapoor, A. S.; Pande, S.; Joshi, L. M., 1986: Evaluation of slow stem-rusting resistance in wheat under field conditions

Donker, J. D.; Ahrar, M., 1988: Evaluation of sodium diacetate as an additive to rations of milking cows

Tiessen, H., 1988: Evaluation of soil N under intercropping and crop rotations on a highly heterogeneous soil

Tatsumi, J.; Yamauchi, A.; Nonoyama, T.; Kono, Y., 1988: Evaluation of soil contamination on the washed root samples of cereal crops in pot experiments

Mello, F. A. F. de, 1987: Evaluation of soil fertility: a modification to Bray's method

Johnson, A. W.; Wright, W. C., 1987: Evaluation of soil nematicides for nematode control, growth and yield increase of field corn, 1986

Clerinx, P., 1987: Evaluation of soil suitability for the culture of the variety Jonagold

Muraoka, T.; Neptune, A. M. L.; Nascimento Filho, V. F., 1983: Evaluation of soil zinc and manganese availability to beans. I. Zinc

Muraoka, T.; Neptune, A. M. L.; Nascimento Filho, V. F., 1983: Evaluation of soil zinc and manganese availability to beans. II. Manganese

Alishah, A.; Zareh, N., 1986: Evaluation of soil-applied systemic insecticides against cabbage aphid, Brevicoryne brassicae (L.), and resultant survival of the primary parasitoid, Diaeretiella rapae (McIntosh), on cabbage

Bunescu, V.; Blaga, G.; Rauta, C.; Nastea, S.; Dumitru, M.; Saad, M. al, 1986: Evaluation of soils degraded by surface mining in Aghires (Cluj district) and soils of leveled spoil banks (anthropic protosols)

Wattanutchariya, S., 1987: Evaluation of solar and husk-fired grain dryers

Sindelar, J., 1983: Evaluation of some Czechoslovak experimental provenance areas of larch IUFRO 1958-59 series - at age of 20 years

Labana, K. S.; Ahuja, K. L.; Banga, S. S., 1987: Evaluation of some Ethiopian mustard (Brassica carinata) genotypes under Indian conditions

Sulaiman, S.; Yunus, H.; Sohadi, R., 1987: Evaluation of some adhesives for collecting Musca domestica and Chrysomya megacephala adults or mosquito larvae in sticky traps

Bansal, R. K.; Walia, R. K.; Bhatti, D. S., 1988: Evaluation of some agro-industrial wastes for mass propagation of the nematode parasitic fungus Paecilomyces lilacinus

Bhale, M. S.; Nayak, M. L., 1986: Evaluation of some antibiotics against Xanthomonas campestris pv. betlicola Dye

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590066

Vachun, Z.; Gajdosechova, E., 1986: Evaluation of some biological features of the seeds of selected rootstock varieties of apricot

Miller, W. J.; Assis, A. I.; Giannoni, M. L.; Pires, F. L., 1984: Evaluation of some blood types in Caracu (Brazilian criollo) cattle

Choudhary, N.; Joshi, L. M., 1986: Evaluation of some bread wheat cultivars for slow rusting against Puccinia graminis tritici

Ka oud, H. A.; Badawy, E. M., 1986: Evaluation of some chemicals and insecticides for the control of Strongylus and Haemonchus eggs and larvae

Mambiri, A. M., 1987: Evaluation of some crop sprayers in the application of insecticides on cotton in Kenya

Pawar, A. D.; Prasad, J., 1985: Evaluation of some exotic parasites in biocontrol of cotton bollworms in Haryana

Prakash, B. G.; Mahadevappa, M., 1987: Evaluation of some experimental rice hybrids for field performance and standard heterosis

Wolters H. A., 1986: Evaluation of some formulas for drainage in artesian areas

Sharma, R. C.; Dharam Vir, 1986: Evaluation of some fungicides against postharvest fungal spoilage of grapes

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590078

Singh, D. V.; Srivastava, K. D.; Joshi, L. M.; Verma, B. R., 1985: Evaluation of some fungicides for the control of Karnal bunt of wheat

Shrestha, K. K., 1985: Evaluation of some fungicides for the control of powdery mildew of pea in Nepal

Kher, S.; Lakra, R. K., 1987: Evaluation of some insecticides against the lac insect, Kerria lacca (Lacciferidae: Hemiptera)

Peter, C.; David, B. V., 1988: Evaluation of some insecticides for the control of major insect pests of okra and their side effects

Goral, T., 1983: Evaluation of some introduced clementine clones

Abdalla, M. M. F.; Metwally, A. A.; El Hinnawy, H. H., 1987: Evaluation of some local collections of corn Zea mays L

Ampofo, J. K. O.; Saxena, K. N.; Kibuka, J. G.; Nyangiri, E. O., 1986: Evaluation of some maize cultivars for resistance to the stem borer Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) in western Kenya

Satava, M.; Kapounova, S., 1988: Evaluation of some methods of restricted feeding of laying hens

Orlandi, M.; Colombani, B.; Goio, L.; Petrocelli, C.; Pastorelli, S., 1986: Evaluation of some morphological indices in Hafling mares

Feher, T., 1986: Evaluation of some new Kecskemet F1 watermelons, with special reference to Fusarium resistance

Bhaktavatsalam, G.; Anjaneyulu, A., 1986: Evaluation of some new synthetic pyrethroids for tungro RTV disease and vector control

Kukreja, K.; Mishra, M. M., 1987: Evaluation of some pesticides as nitrification inhibitors

Bremner J.M., 1987: Evaluation of some phosphoroamides as soil urease inhibitors

Mohammad Ismail (Ismail, M); Mohammad Shafique (Shafique, M); Shah, M. A., 1986: Evaluation of some potato varieties and clones for field resistance to early blight

Ermakov, V. V.; Andrichuk, B. V., 1984: Evaluation of some properties of the acaricidal preparation TAP-85

Matassino, D.; Zullo, A.; Ramunno, L.; Cosentino, E., 1987: Evaluation of some qualitative characteristics of seasoned ham in eight pig genetic types

Ng, P. H.; Abbas, M. S., 1986: Evaluation of some residual herbicides for control of Mimosa pigra L

Ali, M. H.; Uddin, M. R., 1986: Evaluation of some select BRDB women's cooperative societies in Haluaghat Upazila of Mymensingh District

Nicholls, P. J., 1987: Evaluation of some selection designs before mating for offspring from families of fixed size

Pil' ko, V. V., 1987: Evaluation of some selection traits in a herd of cattle in relation to heterozygosity at 4 loci controlling blood protein types

Senigagliesi, C.; Garcia, R.; Meira, S.; Teves, R., 1983: Evaluation of some sequences of agricultural crops in Pergamino

Pathak, K. M. L.; Gaur, S. N. S., 1986: Evaluation of some serodiagnostic tests in porcine cysticercosis

Velazquez, M. R.; Martinez, R. L., 1988: Evaluation of some sheep breeds used for crossing with crossbred ewes on the high plateau in Mexico

Daulta, B. S.; Ravi Kumar; Lakshvir Singh, 1985: Evaluation of some strawberry cultivars for macro and micro nutrient contents under Haryana conditions

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590108

Lukin, E. S.; Morozova, T. V., 1985: Evaluation of sour cherry hybrids for the characters associated with suitability for mechanical harvesting

Volodina, E. V., 1986: Evaluation of source material of black currant on the basis of the hybrid progeny

Silva, J. O.; Aragao, S. D.; Cupertino, F. P., 1986: Evaluation of sources of resistance to tobacco mosaic virus and Meloidogyne javanica in Lycopersicon

Tsybul' ko, V. S.; Ogurtsov, E. N., 1986: Evaluation of soyabean varieties for use as a seed crop in the eastern forest steppe of the Ukraine

Rose I.A., 1987: Evaluation of soybean breeding lines by examining their responses to sowing date and row spacing

Kinloch, R. A.; Hiebsch, C. K.; Peacock, H. A., 1987: Evaluation of soybean cultivars for production in Meloidogyne incognita-infested soil

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590115

Kundu, G. G.; Goswami, K., 1985: Evaluation of soybean germplasms for resistance to the stem fly, Ophiomyia phaseoli (Tryon)

Shrivastava, K. K.; Shrivastava, B. K., 1987: Evaluation of soybean varieties against stemfly, Melanagromyza phaseoli (Tryon) attack

Graves, C. R.; Bradley, J. F., 1988: Evaluation of soybean varieties grown no-till in wheat stubble at Milan

Wu, Y. V.; Youngs, V. L.; Warner, K.; Bookwalter, G. N., 1987: Evaluation of spaghetti supplemented with corn distillers' dried grains

Hsu, S. L.; Hsieh, F. K.; Peng, W. K., 1988: Evaluation of spatial distribution and optimum sample size for survey of the Asian corn borer, Ostrinia furnacalis (Guenee) in corn fields

Johnson, S.; Hudson, D.; Clanton, D.; Johnson, J., 1987: Evaluation of spaying techniques for heifers

Ghosh T.K., 1987: Evaluation of specific humoral immune responses in human filariasis

Pickard M.D., 1986: Evaluation of spent bleaching clay as a feed supplement in broiler diets

Blair, R.; Gagnon, J.; Salmon, R. E.; Pickard, M. D., 1986: Evaluation of spent bleaching clay as a feed supplement in layer diets

Temblador, S. R.; Gonzalez, A. J., 1988: Evaluation of sperm concentration and its possible relationship with testis circumference and length in bulls

Reddy, V. S.; Benjamin, B. R., 1986: Evaluation of sperm concentration in Murrah buffaloes by light transmittance

Casiraghi E., 1988: Evaluation of spreadability of food products by penetration tests and panel scores

Marek, T. H.; Howell, T. A., 1987: Evaluation of sprinkler application collection devices

Wagner, M.; Avila, I.; Pacheco, H.; Medina, G.; Haddad, O., 1985: Evaluation of sprinkler irrigation method in the Taiguaiguay and Tuctutunemo valleys and comparison with an irrigation model

Mayuravalli, V. V. L.; Punnaiah, K. C.; Reddy, G. P. V., 1987: Evaluation of stage specificity of chitin-inhibitors for control of tobacco caterpillar, Spodoptera litura

Benson, D. L., 1987: Evaluation of stalk borer resistance mechanisms and the development of a population for multiple stalk borer resistance in maize Zea mays L

Aygun, S.; Seckin, M. A.; Ataman, O. Y., 1985: Evaluation of standardization techniques for mercury speciation by gas-liquid chromatography

Edsall, DA., 1987: Evaluation of starter diets for Snake River cutthroat trout

Robinson J.A., 1988: Evaluation of statistical estimation methods for lognormally distributed variables

Kuno E., 1986: Evaluation of statistical precision and design of efficient sampling for the population estimation based on frequency of occurrence

Dohy, J.; Boda, I.; Karle, G., 1986: Evaluation of stayability in dairy cattle populations of Holstein-Friesian type

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590144

Johnson, GD.; Campbell, JB., 1987: Evaluation of sticky traps for collecting face flies (Diptera: Muscidae) from different locations in an irrigated pasture

Callesen O., 1987: Evaluation of storage ability for fresh market red raspberries

Newman, R. L.; Parton, K. A.; Hardaker, J. B., 1986: Evaluation of strategies of helminth control in sheep on the northern tablelands of N.S.W

Swaim, S. F.; Lee, A. H.; Newton, J. C.; McGuire, J. A., 1987: Evaluation of strip skin grafts in dogs

Svyatovets, G. D., 1987: Evaluation of stud bulls on their own productivity

Gupta, V. K.; Patil, B. D., 1985: Evaluation of su-babul (Leucaena leucocephala (Lam) de wit) germplasm

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590151

Radek, J., 1987: Evaluation of successive samplings in sugarbeet

Huzera, J., 1984: Evaluation of sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris subsp. altissima Doll. var. saccharifera) yield formation using the thermodynamic climate parameter Delta U

Davalos, E. D.; Ceretta, C. A.; Milanez, J. M., 1985: Evaluation of sugarbeet and fodder beet cultivars

Santos, H. P. dos; Lhamby, J. C. B., 1985: Evaluation of sugarbeet and fodder beet cultivars (Beta vulgaris L.) in 1983

Biancardi, E.; Biaggi, M. de; Usai, M.; Ranalli, P.; Casarini, B., 1987: Evaluation of sugarbeet hybrids bred from parents of different origins

Carrillo Villamizar, P.; Martinez Wilches, O., 1985: Evaluation of sugarcane cultivars for the crude sugar producing zones of Norte de Santander

Mohammad Ashraf; Bilquis Fatima; Sajjad Hussain, 1986: Evaluation of sugarcane varieties and mutant strains for resistance to sugarcane borers

Bonczar, Z., 1986: Evaluation of suitability of crossbred farmed mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) for game farming

Anderson, D. H.; Coats, G. E., 1985: Evaluation of sulfonated urea herbicides for turfgrasses

Davies, D. H. K., 1987: Evaluation of sulfonyl-urea herbicides for use in flax and linseed in south-east Scotland

Mathison, G. W.; Engstrom, D. F.; Kennelly, J. J.; Roth, L.; Beck, B., 1988: Evaluation of sulfur dioxide and ammonia as grain preservatives

Salim, M.; Rahmatullah, 1987: Evaluation of sulphur status and potential for its application in Pakistan soils

Pohronezny, K.; Tyson, R.; Francis, J.; Volin, R. B., 1985: Evaluation of summer squash cultivars for susceptibility to powdery mildew

Hadjichristodoulou A., 1987: Evaluation of sunflower cultivars

Rheaume, J. A.; Chavez, E. R., 1987: Evaluation of supplemental beta-carotene for the gilt during reproduction

Valle Favela, A. S., 1986: Evaluation of supplemented Hartmann's solution as an alternative medium for the collection and transfer of rat embryos

Vannini, R.; Smeak, D. D.; Olmstead, M. L., 1988: Evaluation of surgical repair of 135 distal humeral fractures in dogs and cats

Cline, L. D.; Highland, H. A., 1986: Evaluation of survival of twenty species of stored-product insects on jojoba seeds and meal

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590172

Hill, D. T.; Bolte, J. P., 1986: Evaluation of suspended particle - attached growth fermenters treating liquid swine waste

Harper, T. W.; Walker, I. R., 1984: Evaluation of sweet potatoes at several times of planting

Anjaneyulu, A.; Bhaktavatsalam, G., 1987: Evaluation of synthetic pyrethroid insecticides for tungro management

Dhawan, A. K.; Simwat, G. S.; Sidhu, A. S., 1985: Evaluation of synthetic pyrethroids for control of green semilooper Anomis flava F. infesting cotton

Georgala, M. B.; Stephen, P. R., 1986: Evaluation of synthetic pyrethroids for the control of the citrus thrips Scirtothrips aurantii Faure. Part I: pyrethroids as single spray treatments

Georgala, M. B.; Stephen, P. R., 1986: Evaluation of synthetic pyrethroids for the control of the citrus thrips Scirtothrips aurantii Faure. Part II. Mixtures of pyrethroids plus other insecticides as double spray treatments

Chahal B.S., 1987: Evaluation of synthetic pyrethroids for the protection of stored wheat grains against storage pests

Ramsey, M. D.; Vawdrey, L. L.; Schipke, L. G., 1987: Evaluation of systemic and protectant fungicides for the control of Sigatoka leaf spot (Mycosphaerella musicola Leach) of bananas in North Queensland

Santos, A. F. dos; Pereira, J. C. R., 1986: Evaluation of systemic and protective fungicides and their mixtures in the control of Microcyclus ulei

Santos, A. F. dos; Pereira, J. C. R., 1986: Evaluation of systemic fungicides to control Microcyclus ulei

Kanagaratnam, P.; Silva, L. C. P. de, 1987: Evaluation of systemic insecticides for the control of foliar pests of coconut

Oliveira, L. A. A. de; Costa, R. A. da, 1987: Evaluation of systems for associated cropping of maize and beans

Elias, E. M., 1987: Evaluation of tan spot Pyrenophora tritici-repentis in durum wheat Triticum turgidum L. var. durum

Padma Ramachandran; Chenulu, V. V., 1985: Evaluation of techniques for post-entry quarantine of seed-borne viruses

Sink K.C., 1987: Evaluation of techniques to measure chilling injury in tomato

Fein, J.; Charley, R.; Droniuk, R.; Good, D.; Hopkins, K.; Lawford, G. R.; Zawadzki, B., 1987: Evaluation of technologies for conversion of biomass sugars to ethanol at pilot scale using Zymomonas mobilis

Hansen, A. P.; Pate, J. S., 1987: Evaluation of the 15N natural abundance method and xylem sap analysis for assessing N2 fixation of understorey legumes in jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata Donn ex Sm.) forest in S.W. Australia

McAllister, J. S.; Ramos, M. S.; Fox, T. L., 1987: Evaluation of the 3M dry medium culture plate (PetrifilmTM SM) method for enumerating bacteria in processed fluid milk samples

Arkins, S.; Lynch, P. B.; Hanrahan, T. J.; McGloughlin, P.; Allen, P.; Tarrant, P. V.; Joseph, R. L., 1986: Evaluation of the Duroc breed

Cossack, Zt; Hamer, Cja-Van-Den, 1987: Evaluation of the EDTA-washed diet for use in the experimental production of zinc deficiency in human subjects

Thomson, K. J., 1987: Evaluation of the EEC 1987/88 price proposals

Kwadzo, G. T. M., 1987: Evaluation of the Ghana sugar rehabilitation project: an ex-post exercise

Lewis, J. A.; Reed, R. W., 1987: Evaluation of the Great Plains Conservation Program

Ruedi, R.; Forrer, R.; Eggenberger, E.; Arnold, P.; Lutz, H., 1988: Evaluation of the Kodak Ektachem DT 60 dry chemistry analysis system for its suitability in veterinary medicine

Ramirez Godinez, J. A.; Araya Vargas, L. F.; Vega, J. R.; Rios, J. G., 1983: Evaluation of the Konefal method in dairy cows

Myoung, K. S.; Lee, J. W., 1988: Evaluation of the Korean market intervention system

Gelatt, K. N.; Gum, G. G.; Samuelson, D. A.; Mandelkorn, R. M.; Olander, K. W.; Zimmerman, T. J., 1987: Evaluation of the Krupin-Denver value implant in normotensive and glaucomatous Beagles

Herrera, S. O.; Manners, J., 1986: Evaluation of the Mini-PetrifossReg. and the AutoloopReg. plate loop instruments for suitability in determining the total bacterial count of farm milk

Sullivan, N. M.; Mills, D. C.; Reimann, H. P.; Arnon, S. S., 1987: Evaluation of the Mintek System for characterization of Bacillus species

Jump, R. K.; Sabey, B. R., 1985: Evaluation of the NH4HCO3-DTPA (AB-DTPA) soil test for identifying seleniferous soils

Klecka, G. M.; Landi, L. P.; Bodner, K. M., 1985: Evaluation of the OECD Activated Sludge, Respiration Inhibition Test

Peterson, J. T., 1988: Evaluation of the Ranger-Kockums feller-skidder

Sagatov, A. G., 1986: Evaluation of the Russian wildrye collection under a regime of pasture use

Manjrekar, C.; Leelavathi, K.; Saraswathi, A.; Sujayalakshmi, A. N.; Katyayani, V., 1986: Evaluation of the Special Nutrition Programme in Mysore city

MacDonald, A. J., 1988: Evaluation of the Steyr KP40 crane processor

Daugalieva, E. Kh; Gadzhieva, I. A., 1986: Evaluation of the T and B immune systems in helminthiases

Knott, C. M., 1988: Evaluation of the TD 250 tenderometer

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590220

Nelson, R. L.; Amdor, P. J.; Orf, J. H.; Cavins, J. F., 1988: Evaluation of the USDA Soybean Germplasm collection: maturity groups 000 to IV (PI 427.136 to PI 445.845)

Nelson, R. L.; Amdor, P. J.; Orf, J. H.; Lambert, J. W.; Cavins, J. F.; Kleiman, R.; Laviolette, F. A.; Athow, K. L., 1987: Evaluation of the USDA soybean germplasm collection: maturity groups 000 to IV (PI 273.483 to PI 427.107)

Richardson, R., 1987: Evaluation of the Vimek G30 processor

De Cock, K. M.; Colebunders, R.; Francis, H. et al., 1988: Evaluation of the WHO clinical case definition for AIDS in rural Zaire

Duggan, M., 1988: Evaluation of the Waratah processor in radiata thinnings

Brodova, J., 1988: Evaluation of the activities of the model central laboratory, Ostrava, Czechoslovakia

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590227

Szcypel, B.; Perez, A.; Zaldivar, L.; Ovies, D., 1987: Evaluation of the activity of phenothiazine and tetramisole against the different stages of Heterakis gallinae in the chicken

Wan, M. T.; Watts, R. G.; Moul, D. J., 1988: Evaluation of the acute toxicity of juvenile Pacific salmonids of hexazinone and its formulated products: Pronone 10G, Velpar L and their carriers

Podematas, K.; Elias, I.; Soteriades, S., 1982: Evaluation of the adaptation of 10 fodder pea cv. in particular Greek environments

Pichard, E.; Bagayoko, D.; Diallo, A. N.; Fisch, A., 1987: Evaluation of the adequacy of the WHO list for drug prescribing in an African hospital

Pinzon Picaseno, L. M.; Veliz Avila, F. A.; Lopez Guerrero, M. T., 1983: Evaluation of the aggressiveness of wood decaying fungi: laboratory tests with Pycnoporus sanguineus (fungi, Basidiomycetes)

Michalik, I.; Lejko, A.; Galova, Z., 1986: Evaluation of the amino acid composition of the grain of some spring barley genotypes during ontogeny

Jailloux, F.; Froidefond, G., 1987: Evaluation of the antagonistic properties of 11 strains of Trichoderma on Botrytis cinerea with the help of several laboratory methods

Filippova, N. A.; Panova, I. V., 1986: Evaluation of the apron as a taxonomic character in ixodid ticks of the genus Dermacentor Koch (Ixodoidea, Ixodidae)

Kumarasinghe, K. S.; Zapata, F.; Kovacs, G.; Eskew, D. L.; Danso, S. K. A., 1986: Evaluation of the availability of Azolla-N and urea-N to rice using 15N

Montoro, J. C.; Esposito, S. M.; Gonzalez de Las Heras, B., 1986: Evaluation of the behaviour of fungicides in the prevention of peach leaf curl

Heuking, L., 1988: Evaluation of the behaviour of slaughter pigs in transport lorries depending on the loading density (0.33 msuperscript 2 and 0.43 msuperscript 2 per 100 kg body weight) with regard to blood picture, heart rate and body temperature for the detection of transport conditions contravening animal welfare legislation

Wybieralska, A.; Wybieralski, J., 1985: Evaluation of the biological value of grain of wheat treated with urea herbicides on the basis of the amino acid composition

Levai, P., 1984: Evaluation of the calyx and fruit structure in Physalis taxons in respect of floral arrangement

Suginobu, K. I.; Suzuki, S.; Komatsu, T., 1988: Evaluation of the characteristics in miyakogusa (Lotus corniculatus L. var. japonicus Regel). 1. Comparison of miyakogusa with 7 Lotus spp

Suginobu, K. I.; Suzuki, S.; Komatsu, T., 1988: Evaluation of the characteristics in miyakogusa (Lotus corniculatus L. var. japonicus Regel). 2. Relationships among the characteristics in miyakogusa and 7 Lotus spp

Suginobu, K.; Suzuki, S.; Komatsu, T., 1988: Evaluation of the characteristics in miyakogusa (Lotus corniculatus L. var. japonicus Regel). 3. Characteristics of local strains collected from different regions in Japan

Klimentowski, S., 1985: Evaluation of the chemiluminescence method for diagnosing murine leukaemia and bovine leukosis

Namikawa, K.; Kobayashi, Y.; Shimizu, T.; Kanno, Y., 1985: Evaluation of the chemotherapeutic effect of antipiroplasmal drugs in mice. 3. Reproducibility of an evaluation method

Moustafa, O. K.; El Attal, Z. M., 1984: Evaluation of the chitin inhibitor triflumuron against the cotton leafworm, Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd.)

Mourya, D. T.; Soman, R. S., 1987: Evaluation of the combined effect of certain insecticides and insect growth regulator with the gregarine parasites on Aedes mosquitoes

Sinska, J., 1987: Evaluation of the combining abilities of pollen-sterile and pollen-fertile lucerne genotypes

Yun, D. Ch, 1987: Evaluation of the combining ability of barley varieties in topcrosses

Bome, N. A.; Petunina, T. L., 1987: Evaluation of the combining ability of lucerne breeding material by the polycross method

Masumy, S. A.; Schlapfer, E., 1987: Evaluation of the condition of fruit trees by infrared aerial photographs

Wojdon Machaa, H., 1986: Evaluation of the conditions and methods of feeding children in creches

Sadov, A. V.; Viktorov, A. S.; Chernov, A. S., 1987: Evaluation of the conditions of underground storage of surface runoff in arid regions on the basis of remote-sensing data

El Id, Z., 1986: Evaluation of the contamination of barley seeds by Drechslera teres (Sacc.) Shoemaker. Development of a new method of detection: the bell method

Hakamata, T., 1986: Evaluation of the contribution of cattle excreta to pasture fertility. III. Effect of aggregated distribution of excreta on herbage yield

Klima, J., 1988: Evaluation of the cost effectiveness of animal breeding services

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590262

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590271

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590279

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590293

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590365

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590371

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590398

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590457

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Bontinck W.J., 1987: Evaluation of the toxicity of substances to be assessed for biodegradability

Batikov, S. G., 1986: Evaluation of the transportability of sweet cherry fruits

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Hagner, J.; Klose, M.; Sommer, J.; Kolbitz, K., 1986: Evaluation of the utilization of the fodder harvest; Show the fodder economy as also of value; Fodder economy is to be understood and defined as a shortened synonym for economics of the feed sector

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590714

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590772

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590773

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590805

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590807

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590808

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590828

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590841

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590849

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590851

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590852

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590861

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590877

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590878

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590879

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590887

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590893

Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590894

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590897

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590902

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590905

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Section 2, Chapter 1591, Accession 001590997

Radovsky, F. J., 1985: Evolution of mammalian mesostigmate mites

Zd' arska, Z., 1986: Evolution of morphological features in larval stages of digenetic trematodes

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