Fattening performance and carcass characteristics of Merino, Morkaraman and Awassi purebred and crossbred lambs

Ozsoy, M.K.; Vanli, Y.; Aksoy, A.

Proceedings, VI World Conference on Animal Production: 493


Accession: 001594356

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Merino, Morkaraman [Red Karaman] and Awassi sheep and their 2- and 3-way crossbreds in Turkey were studied. Merino lambs had better fattening performance than Morkaraman and Awassi lambs. Heterosis was 0.2-29% for fattening traits. It was positive for carcass weight except, in Morkaraman X Awassi crossbreds; overall it ranged from -0.5 to 8.0%. Heterosis for dressing percentage ranged from -3.0 to 1.4%.