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Feed efficiency of pen fed Hereford, Angus X Hereford and Friesian X Hereford cows

Graham, J.F.; Clark, A.J.

Proceedings of the Australian Society of Animal Production 17: 405


Accession: 001594767

The effect of genotype and feeding level on feed efficiency for maintenance was examined during pregnancy and lactation in Hereford (H X H), Aberdeen-Angus X Hereford (A X H) and Friesian X Hereford (F X H) cows (n = 41) calving in autumn of 1985 and 1986. Cows were fed at 3 levels (maintenance (M), M x 1.25 and M x 0.75) during the final 8 weeks of pregnancy and 2 levels (M plus feed for 4 kg or 8 kg milk/cow daily) during the first 8 weeks of lactation.

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