Feeding high-yielding dairy cows. III. A new feeding system: flat rate feeding, or the distribution of a fixed amount of concentrates during a part of the lactation

Vanbelle, M.; Aelten, G.A. van

Publication, Laboratoire de Biochimie de la Nutrition, Faculte des Sciences Agronomiques, Louvain 49: 40


Accession: 001594933

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A review of results from Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK indicates that, with good-quality forage, flat-rate feeding, in which concentrates are given at a fixed rate daily through part or all of lactation, can give milk yields comparable with individual feeding for yield in the case of cows averaging less than 8000 kg milk and calving in good condition. With poorer-quality forage, results are generally poorer with flat-rate feeding than with feeding for yield. The flat-rate system gives a lower peak milk production but greater persistency than feeding for yield.