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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1600

Chapter 1600 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Esaka M.; Imagi J.; Suzuki K.; Kubota K., 1988:
Formation of ascorbate oxidase in cultured pumpkin cells

Mortier, A.; Lemaitre, J.; Rouxhet, P., 1987:
Formation of beta -tricalcium di(orthophosphate) from mixtures of hydroxyapatite and calcium hydrogen orthophosphate

Scheibner, G.; Bergann, T., 1987:
Formation of biogenic amines by anaerobic spore-forming organisms

Demchenko, E.A.; Liverovskii, A.A.; Shmulevskaya, E.I.; Kiprianov, A.I.; Kostenko, L.D.; Dikun, P.P., 1988:
Formation of carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during wood pyrolysis. 1. Content of benzpyrene and other components in wood pyrolysis products

Kurbanova, I.M.; Todd, G.; Gazanchyan, R.M.; Makhmudov, S.M.; Gasanov, R.A., 1987:
Formation of chlorophyll-protein complexes during greening of wheat seedlings under water stress

Hallaire, V., 1984:
Formation of crack networks during drying in clay soils

Dzhumaev, M.D.; Kan, L., 1986:
Formation of dwarfness in cotton at the early stages of development

Kim, J.H.; LaMotte, C.E., 1987:
Formation of embryogenic callus from cotyledons of mature soybean (Glycine max) seeds

Keigley, P.J.; LaMotte, C.E., 1987:
Formation of embryogenic callus from mature maize (Zea mays) kernels

Takahashi, H.; Ono, S., 1987:
Formation of ester-forms of riboflavin in the nervous tissues of rats

Tyurebaev, S.S., 1985:
Formation of fauna of the natural enemies of immigrant weeds

Shorthouse, JD.; Lalonde, RG., 1986:
Formation of flowerhead galls by the Canada thistle gall-fly, Urophora cardui (Diptera: Tephritidae), under cage conditions

Hisserich, D.; Reuter, H., 1986:
Formation of free fatty acids by mechanical treatment of raw milk

Park, G.C.; Nam, C.J.; Choi, H.K.; Park, I.J.; Choi, Y.G.; Lee, D.G., 1986:
Formation of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) yield and its components as affected by various sowing dates and methods

Gvozdev, E.V.; Maksimova, A.P.; Akhmetova, B.A.; Belyakova, Y.V.; Dobrokhotova, O.V.; Kukashev, D.S.; Kul' kina, L.V., 1985:
Formation of helminth biocoenosis in the collecting lake, Malyi Sorbulak

Khar' kov, G.D.; Starikov, V.A., 1985:
Formation of high-yielding swards

Inigo, B.; Martin, D.; Barneto, R.; Quintana, M.A.; Garrido, M.P.; Burdaspal, P.; Bravo, F., 1986:
Formation of histamine in cheeses. I. Changes in microflora and in histamine content during ripening

Loskutov, S.R.; Mironov, P.V., 1987:
Formation of ice in larch wood: influence of water-soluble substances

Muruganandam, V.; Suryanarayanan, T.S.; Venkatachalam, S., 1987:
Formation of infection structure in Colletotrichum capsici as influenced by nitrogen sources and cellophane

Renner, E.; Vetter, M., 1988:
Formation of lactulose and lysinoalanine in milk-based infant formulae

Kurbanbaev, A., 1986:
Formation of leaf surface area in plants of varieties differing in earliness

Kondo, R.; Imamura, H., 1988:
Formation of lignin model glucosides by wood-rotting fungi

Oremland, R.S.; Zehr, J.P., 1986:
Formation of methane and carbon dioxide from dimethylselenide in anoxic sediments and by a methanogenic bacterium

Chel' tsova, L.P., 1988:
Formation of mitochondria in tissues of grass sprouts under conditions of reduced temperature

Sahetchian, K.A.; Heiss, A.; Rigny, A., 1987:
Formation of molecular hydrogen by thermal decomposition of n-dialkyl peroxides in oxygen

Fell, H.R., 1987:
Formation of new breeds

Groenen, P.J., 1986:
Formation of nitrite and nitrosamines in the human body. Effect of foodstuffs and drinking water rich in nitrate

Klostermeyer H.; Meyer M., 1986:
Formation of ornithine in heated casein

Kanatchinova, M.K.; Zemlyakova, S.V., 1987:
Formation of oxalic acid by microscopic fungi which break down rocks

Chepurnoi, I.P.; Kunizhev, S.M.; Chebotareva, N.G., 1987:
Formation of oxymethylfurfural during storage and processing of some foods

Bailly, J.R.; Raboanary, M., 1986:
Formation of parahumic compounds from simple phenolic acids by soil microorganisms

Ruhl, K.; Stosser, R., 1988:
Formation of periderm and wound reaction on canes of various raspberry cultivars (Rubus idaeus L.)

Kuz' min, M.S., 1986:
Formation of photosynthetic surface area and photosynthetic production in soyabean plants

Gettings, R.L.; White, W.C., 1987:
Formation of polymeric antimicrobial surfaces from organofunctional silanes

Marek, J.; Repka, J.; Hraska, S., 1987:
Formation of protein bodies in relation to endoplasmic reticulum

Buren' , V.M., 1985:
Formation of rudiments of wheat organs

Kramer, S.; Stoyan, I., 1986:
Formation of runners and young plants as a varietal characteristic in strawberry (Fragaria ananassa Duch.)

Oliveira, P.R.P. de; Humphreys, L.R., 1986:
Formation of seed yield in Panicum maximum cv. Gatton

Barbier, R.; Raimbault, J.P., 1985:
Formation of spherulae around the egg-shell in Leptomastix dactylopii (Hymenoptera, Encyrtidae)

Pruzhin, M.K., 1984:
Formation of surface runoff depending on geological and agrotechnical conditions

Biermayer, G.; Rehfuess, K.E., 1985:
Formation of terrae fuscae from carbonate parent rocks in the northern calcareous Alps during the Holocene period

Shishkov, A., 1986:
Formation of the National Agro-Industrial Complex

Dyaltuvas, R.P., 1987:
Formation of the age structure of working circles

Böhme, G., 1988:
Formation of the central canal and dorsal glial septum in the spinal cord of the domestic cat

Shvadchak, I.N., 1987:
Formation of the crowns and stimulation of seed production in permanent seed stands of Norway spruce in the Carpathians

Sateev, A.F., 1986:
Formation of the fauna of insects and mites of introduced plants of the Karaganda industrial region

Byalyy, A.M.; Panov, V.I.; Nigmatulin, I.S., 1986:
Formation of the groundwater regime under wide shelterbelts

Léveillé, M.C.; Roberts, K.D.; Chevalier, S.; Chapdelaine, A.; Bleau, G., 1987:
Formation of the hamster zona pellucida in relation to ovarian differentiation and follicular growth

Rhee, H.I.; Murata, K.; Kimura, A., 1987:
Formation of the herbicide, delta -aminolevulinate, from L-alanine and 4,5-dioxovalerate by Pseudomonas riboflavina

Derevyankin, P.; Keldysh, M., 1987:
Formation of the species composition of viruses in arid-zone ecosystems in the RSFSR and western Kazakhstan

Yakunin, A.F.; Gogotov, I.N., 1988:
Formation of two forms of nitrogenase and effects of its switch-off by ammonia in purple bacteria

Arai, N.; Ninomiya, Y.; Nakai, Y.; Hasatani, M., 1988:
Formation of volatile NO and N2 via NH3 with a low concentration of oxygen

Rysstad, G.; Abrahamsen, R.K., 1987:
Formation of volatile aroma compounds and carbon dioxide in yogurt starter grown in cows' and goats' milk

Aleshin, E.P.; Vorob' ev, N.V.; Skazhennik, M.A., 1986:
Formation of yield components of rice in relation to plant density and mineral nutrition level

Spaldon, E.; Molnarova, J., 1986:
Formation of yield elements in various agrotechnical conditions in two very different climatic years

Leveque, F., 1986:
Formation process and economic dynamics of pioneer areas. The examples of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua and the Amazonian region of Brazil

Huang, C.S., 1985:
Formation, anatomy and physiology of giant cells induced by root-knot nematodes

Struff, R., 1986:
Formations and shape of structural imbalances - the case study Vogels bergkreis and Erftkreis, FRG; Discussion

Anonymous, 1987:
Formed, dry bulk and liquid sulphur trade in a changing world market

Klindt Jensen, K., 1986:
Former forests in central and western Jutland, Denmark, illustrated from historical sources

Klingeberg, J., 1987:
Formic acid as a treatment for varroa disease - my own results and some unanswered questions

Tsvik, B.D.; Stepanov, V.E.; Mitrofanov, A.J.; Bukin, V.S., 1987:
Forming harvest-transport links using simulation models on the EVM

Skripchinskii, V.V., 1986:
Forming model communities of woody and herbaceous plants in the light of the theory of plant introduction

Izyumskii, P.P., 1987:
Forming resistant and high-yielding plantations of Scots pine using new technology

Anonymous, 1987:
Forming sulphur: the techniques

Ratan Singh; Singh, R.P., 1986:
Forms and distribution of potassium in soils of Garhwal hills

Freney, J.R., 1986:
Forms and reactions of organic sulfur compounds in soils

Krynski, K., 1985:
Forms and the practical usefulness of internal account settlement in state combines within the voivodship of Szczecin

Jiang, B.F.; Lu, R.K.; Li, C.K., 1986:
Forms and transformation of soil phosphorus and the effective application of phosphate fertilizers in the red soils region of China

Prasad, S.N.; Sahi, B.P.; Singh, S.P., 1986:
Forms of P and response of wheat in Vertisols of Bihar

Ceron, J.P., 1987:
Forms of agricultural development, the environment and marginal areas

Becker, K.W., 1983:
Forms of application, especially of nitrogen fertilizer, nitrogen transformation and plant mineral removal on the long-term proton balance of soils

Minamide T.; Goto M.; Iwata T., 1986:
Forms of calcium compounds and their changes after harvest in fruits and vegetables

Pankova, Y.I.; Yamnova, I.A., 1987:
Forms of gypsic neoformations as a controlling factor affecting the meliorative properties of gypsiferous soils

Link, H., 1987:
Forms of intra- and inter-enterprise contracts of agricultural management cooperation in Bavaria

Morozov, V.V.; Babanin, V.F.; Ivanov, A.V.; Svetlova, E.I.; Shoba, S.A., 1987:
Forms of iron compounds in soils on Permian red beds according to Mossbauer spectroscopy data

Nikolayeva, S.A.; Deryuzhinskaya, V.D.; Durishova, A.V., 1987:
Forms of iron in paddy soils

Mamdani, M., 1984:
Forms of labour and accumulation of capital: analysis of a village in Lango, Northern Uganda

Mamdani, M., 1986:
Forms of labour and accumulation of capital: analysis of a village in Lango, northern Uganda

Marinkov, R.; Marchev, B., 1987:
Forms of organization and the management of farming and the food industry

Kandawire, J.A.K., 1985:
Forms of organization for rural development in Malawi

Krzywanski, Z.; Kozowska, M., 1986:
Forms of peroxidase in healthy and Didymella applanata infected raspberry canes

Dubey, D.D.; Sharma, O.P., 1985:
Forms of phosphorus in Sodic Vertisols

Singh R.N.; Sahi B.P.; Diwakar D.P.S., 1986:
Forms of phosphorus in the finer mechanical separates of soils developed on different parent materials and their genetic relationship

Tarafdar, P.K.; Mukhopadhyay, A.K., 1986:
Forms of potassium in broad soil zones of West Bengal

Krishnamurthy, V.; Ramakrishnayya, B.V., 1986:
Forms of potassium in flue-cured tobacco soils of Andhra Pradesh

Prezotti, L.C.; Defelipo, B.V., 1987:
Forms of potassium in soils of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Tewatia, R.K.; Narendra Singh; Mahendra Singh, 1987:
Forms of potassium in some salt affected soils of Haryana

Pineiro, D., 1985:
Forms of resistance of family farming

Perumal, R.; Velayutham, M.; Dhanapalon Mosi, A., 1986:
Forms of soil nitrogen and available nitrogen status in relation to rice nutrition in aluvial soils of Thanjavur District

Kovalenko, T.D., 1987:
Forms of spring wheat and triticale resistant to fungal diseases

Pieniazek, K., 1986:
Forms of vertical integration between producers and buyers of agricultural produce

Razafimahefa, G.A.A., 1986:
Forms, importance and change in character of traditional solidarity help in the development process, illustrated from the example of help from relations and neighbours in Madagascar

Hey, H.; Petersen, H.D.; Andersen, T.; Quaade, F., 1986:
Formula diet with a free additional food choice up to 1000 kcal (4.2 MJ) compared with isoenergetic conventional diet for treatment of obesity. A randomized clinical study

Kumpulainen, J.; Salmenperä, L.; Siimes, M.A.; Koivistoinen, P.; Lehto, J.; Perheentupa, J., 1987:
Formula feeding results in lower selenium status than breast-feeding or selenium supplemented formula feeding: a longitudinal study

Vasilev, V.I. (Vassilev, V.I.; Dechevska, M., 1986:
Formulae and equations for evaluating the resistance of wheat to Pseudomonas syringae pv. atrofaciens (McCull.) Young, Dye, Wilkie under identical ecological conditions

Towner, G.D., 1987:
Formulae for calculating water flow in macro-pores in soil

Krzyzewski, J., 1986:
Formulating an arsenical creosote system - possible new wood preservative

May, J., 1986:
Formulating fluid fertilizers

Miller, E.L., 1987:
Formulating ruminant diets for EEC conditions

Tsiagbe V.K.; Straub R.J.; Cook M.E.; Harper A.E.; Sunde M.L., 1987:
Formulating wet alfalfa juice protein concentrate diets for chicks

Muir, D.D.; Banks, W., 1986:
Formulating wine aperitifs containing cream

Bahadir, M.; Korte, F., 1987:
Formulation and application of controlled release pesticides

Roman, A.; Bender, A.; Morton, I., 1987:
Formulation and processing of a weaning food based on rice, cowpeas and skim milk powder

Golovkov, B.Y.; Deich, V.G.; Stal' skii, V.V.; Storozhenko, S.V., 1987:
Formulation and solution of the problem of optimization of slime removal in the automatic process control system of a potassium concentration plant

Palmegiano, G.B.; Forneris, G.; Sarra, C., 1986:
Formulation and verification of nutritional efficiency of some dry feeds for penaeid shrimps

Wrucke, M.A.; Arnold, W.E., 1985:
Formulation effects on herbicide retention by crop residue

Muir D.D., 1988:
Formulation of a cream liqueur model system for use in coffee

Cowan, D.K.; Vail, P.V.; Kok Yokomi, M.L.; Schreiber, F.E., 1986:
Formulation of a granulosis virus of Plodia interpunctella (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae): efficacy, persistence, and influence on oviposition and larval survival

Korzukhin, M.D.; Sedykh, V.N.; Ter Mikaelyan, M.T., 1987:
Formulation of a model for forecasting the regeneration and age dynamics of forests

Huber, H., 1987:
Formulation of fattening diets for pigs in Austria

Wittig de Penna, E.; Araya, V.; Craddock, M.; Arteaga, A.; Carrasco, E., 1987:
Formulation, preparation and evaluation of laminated and cut shortbread biscuits for diabetics

Saurer, W.; Weilenmann, F.; Fried, P.M.; Winzeler, H.; Fossati, A.; Paccaud, F.X.; Jaquiery, R., 1987:
Forno and Iena, two new winter wheat cultivars

Brayshay, M.; Kelly, A., 1988:
Forrabury Common, near Boscastle, Cornwall: the ecology of an open field

Thomas, A.G.; Wise, R.F.; Clayton, G., 1986:
Fort Vermilion area of Alberta weed survey in cereal and oilseed fields, 1985

Park, H.S.; Hsueh, A.M., 1986:
Fortification of defatted glandless cottonseed flour with lysine and threonine

Fligner, K.; Lindamood, J.B.; Hansen, P.M.T., 1988:
Fortification of low-fat plain yoghurt with calcium gluconate

Anonymous, 1987:
Fortified dairy product line introduced

Smith, P.C., 1986:
Fortified molasses for beef cattle in north Queensland

Cobon, D.H.; McKenna, D.G.; Murphy, G.M.; Shepherd, R.K., 1988:
Fortified molasses formulations for sheep

Anonymous, 1986:
Fortified wines

Martinson, V.A.; Adomako, D.; Manu, M., 1987:
Forty eight years of cocoa research at the Cocoa Research Institute of Ghana

Mottura, G., 1987:
Forty years of a 'Corporatist' strategy in Italian agriculture (1944-87). (Part 1)

Kluge, U., 1986:
Forty years of agricultural policy in the German Federal Republic

Weichold, R.; Stein, M.; Jahr, W., 1988:
Forty years of breeding research and vegetable breeding in the German Democratic Republic

Szabo, F., 1985:
Forty years of our agriculture and the future

Guminska, Z., 1987:
Forty years study on Wrocaw hydroponic culture

Anonymous, 1987:
Forty-eighth conference, Alexandra, November 3-6, 1986

Greenberg, L., 1988:
Forty-five to 54 year-olds closeup

Anonymous, 1986:
Forty-seventh conference, Whangarei, October 28 to 31, 1985

Anonymous, 1985:
Forty-sixth conference, Timaru, October 29 to November 1, 1984

Anonymous, 1981:
Forum on forest nutrition and fertilization, Bogota, Colombia, 26 and 27 June 1980

Kerin, J.; Freebairn, J.W.; Belchamber, G.D.; Carmody, G.F., 1987:
Forum: The impact of wages and industrial policies on the performance of the agricultural export industries

Boss, A. et al., 1986:
Forum: rural land planning

Miller, S.E., 1986:
Forward contracting versus hedging under price and yield uncertainty

Alonso, R.; Iruretagoyena, T.; Maino, M., 1987:
Forward planning for cattle farms using multiple objective programming models

Rosaasen, K.; Maley, D., 1986:
Forward planning: an alternative marketing mechanism

Hineman, K.A., 1988:
Forward pricing instruments and commodity market regulation

Olmstead, A.L.; Johnston, B.F.; Sims, B.G., 1986:
Forward to the past: the diffusion of animal-powered tillage equipment on small farms in Mexico

Anonymous, 1987:
Forward-looking plant production with plastics. Proceedings of the annual conference of the GKL held in Hanover, German Federal Republic, 7-8 October 1987

Blackwell, W.H., 1982:
Fossil 'dogwood' from the Pleistocene of central Mississippi

Poinar, G.O.J.; Brodzinsky, J., 1985:
Fossil evidence of nematode (Tylenchida) parasitism in Staphylinidae (Coleoptera)

Poinar, G.O.Jr, 1986:
Fossil evidence of spider parasitism by Ichneumonidae

Srivastava, S.K.; Kapoor, S.L., 1986:
Fossil history of an endemism on Oleaceae

Blackwell, W.H., 1984:
Fossil ponderosa-like pine wood from the Upper Cretaceous of north-east Mississippi

Noshiro, S.; Suzuki, M., 1987:
Fossil root- and stemwood of Chionanthus retusus Lindl. et Paxt. from the Late Pleistocene of Akashi, Japan

Blackwell, W.H., 1983:
Fossil wood from 'Sand Hill', western central Mississippi

Manchester, S.R., 1983:
Fossil wood of the Engelhardieae (Juglandaceae) from the Eocene of North America: Engelhardioxylon gen. nov

Biondi, E.; Koeniguer, J.C.; Prive Gill, C., 1985:
Fossil woods and arborescent vegetation of the Mediterrranean region during the Tertiary era

Smith, T., 1987:
Foster families and adventure challenge therapy

Hawkins, M.A. (Chairman), 1987:
Fostering trade in a hostile international environment (2 papers)

E.S.alee, L.; Khalifa, T.; Saleh, A., 1986:
Fouadin and metronidazole combination in cutaneous leishmaniasis

Anonymous, 1985:
Fouling and cleaning in food processing. Papers invited and contributed to the Second International Conference on Fouling and Cleaning in Food Processing, Madison, Wisconsin, July 14-17, 1985

Luss, G., 1984:
Fouling and cleaning in membrane processes involved in dairy applications

Rene, F.; Leuliet, J.C.; Goldberg, M.; Lalande, M., 1988:
Fouling and cleaning of a plate heat exchanger used in the UHT treatment of chocolate desserts. Comparison with milk

Daufin, G.; Labbe, J.P.; Quemerais, A.; Brule, G.; Michel, F.; Roignant, M.; Priol, M., 1987:
Fouling of a heat exchange surface by whey, milk and model fluids. An analytical study

Maas, R.; Lalande, M.; Hiddink, J., 1985:
Fouling of a plate heat exchanger by whipping cream

Sandu, C.; Lund, D., 1985:
Fouling of heating surfaces - chemical reaction fouling due to milk

Gracy, R.C., 1985:
Foundation for the production of induced (graftless) honey bee queen cells

Bridges W.C.Jr; Gardner C.O., 1987:
Foundation populations for adapted by exotic crosses

Terzian, C.; Biemont, C., 1988:
Founder effect theories, Mayr and population genetics

Mattsson, L., 1987:
Four Swedish long-term experiments with N, P and K. 1. Yield results

Mattsson, L., 1987:
Four Swedish long-term experiments with N, P and K. 2. Soil data and plant nutrient balances

Jones, J.G.; Hyde, J.F.C.I.I.I.; Meacham, M.L., 1986:
Four analytical approaches for integrating land management and transportation planning on forest lands

Maddox, J.F.; Mackay, C.R.; Brandon, M.R., 1986:
Four antigens expressed on most ovine cell types

Czylok, A., 1985:
Four aphid species (Homoptera, Aphidoidea) from Niecka Nidzianska, new for Poland

Bell, J.C.; Daniels, W.L., 1985:
Four case studies of slope stability on surface mined lands returned to approximate original contour in SW Virginia

Jerabek, J.; Rodak, L.; Lubina, A.; Dolezel, R.; Lopatarova, M., 1987:
Four layer enzyme-immunoassay (EIA) demonstration of a specific IgG against the Aujeszky's disease virus in blood sera, follicular fluids and ova of vaccinated sows

Matern, B., 1984:
Four lectures on forest biometry

Pena Betancourt, S.; Proliac, A.; Raynaud, J., 1988:
Four mono-O-glycosyl flavonoids from leafy shoots of Senecio sanguisorbae DC. (Compositae)

Anonymous, 1987:
Four new flue-cured varieties for 1987 crop

Huang, CS.; Raski, DJ., 1986:
Four new species of Gracilacus Raski, 1962 (Criconematoidea: Nemata)

Chen, B.L., 1987:
Four new species of Michelia from Yunnan, China

Schramm, BA.; Lewis, RE., 1987:
Four new species of Plocopsylla (Siphonaptera: Stephanocircidae) from South America

Brzeski, MW., 1985:
Four new species of Tylenchidae (Nematoda)

Raw, A., 1984:
Four new species of bees from Jamaica, West Indies (Hymenoptera)

Jiang, N.C.; Wu, B.H.; Wang, S.X., 1985:
Four new species of parasitic Diplozoon from freshwater fishes of the subfamily Gobioinae

Pugh, D.G., 1987:
Four practical uses for oxytocin in mares

Jacobs, F.; Zhang, M.; Fortin, M.; Verma, D.P.S., 1987 :
Four soybean nodulin genes evolved from a common ancestor

Feiler, S.I., 1987:
Four top reservation systems build room sales

Kifune, T.; Sawada, I., 1986:
Four trematode parasites of a Philippine bat, Miniopterus eschscholtzi, collected on Luzon Island, the Philippines

Kelkar, S.S.; Rao, V.G.; Pande, A.; Bhide, V.P., 1986:
Four unreported fungi on Acacia sphaerocephala Cham and Schlecht

Rezende, J.A.M.; Costa, A.S., 1987:
Four viruses capable of infecting pawpaw experimentally

Heiningen, T.G. van; Pak, G.A.; Hassan, S.A.; Lenteren, J.C. van, 1985:
Four year's results of experimental releases of Trichogramma egg parasites against lepidopteran pests in cabbage

Thomson, N.A., 1988:
Four years of dairying on Roa tall fescue/Maru phalaris pastures

Rockseisen, A., 1987:
Four years of quarg production using ultrafiltration

Tesi, R.; Tesi, D., 1986:
Four years of results on the cultivation of tomatoes in tunnels covered with PVC and polyester sheets

Bauman, B., 1987:
Four-wire farmstead distribution systems

Balosu, V.; Bozac, R., 1986:
Fourier analysis of aerial temperature at Cluj-Napoca

Forgerit, J.P., 1987:
Fourier transformed infrared microspectrometry. First results using a new equipment

Anonymous, 1986:
Fourteenth World Congress on Diseases of Cattle, Dublin, 26-29 August 1986, Vol. I and II

Anonymous, 1987:
Fourth Conference on Agrophysics. Proceedings of a conference held in Rostock, German Democratic Republic, 30 March-3 April 1987

Anonymous, 1986:
Fourth Scientific Conference, Scientific Research Council. Proceedings of Agricultural Research, October 23-28 1986. Volume 1, Part 3

Scurrah, M.; Franco, M., 1987:
Fourth cycle of selection for resistance to two pathotypes of Globodera pallida

Anonymous, 1986:
Fourth international symposium on flower bulbs, Volumes I and II

Anonymous, 1986:
Fourth national forum on tourism

Anonymous, 1985:
Fourth rabbit research days in France, Paris, 10-11 December 1986. Summaries of papers

Hernandez, M.V.S.Z., 1987:
Fourth upper premolar fistula in a dog: a photographic study

Cannon, P.G., 1981:
Fourth year results of forest fertilization with NPK, calfos and borax on an Andept soil

Geist, J.M.; Edgerton, P.J., 1984:
Fourwing saltbush establishment in the Keating Uniform Shrub Garden - first year results

Demirozi, K., 1985:
Fowl ascaridiasis

Horrox, N., 1987:
Fowl cholera - the old enemy returns

Babila, A.; Akcadag, B., 1986:
Fowl typhoid vaccine studies

Adalsteinsson, S.; Hersteinsson, P.; Gunnarsson, E., 1987:
Fox colors in relation to colors in mice and sheep

Kitagawa, H.; Satoh, H.; Komatsuzaki, C.; Mori, F.; Kudo, N., 1987:
Fox minute virus-like particle

Knake, E.L., 1987:
Foxtail. Of questionable parentage

Lin, J.S.; Tang, M.Y.; Fellers, J.F., 1987:
Fractal analysis of cotton cellulose as characterized by small-angle X-ray scattering

Cumakov, A., 1987:
Fraction of microelements in the soils of Slovakia II. Manganese and molybdenum

Yurukova, L.; Velchev, V.I., 1986:
Fractional and chemical composition and seasonal dynamics of the litter fall in the Pinus peuce/Vaccinium myrtillus/Calamagrostis arundinacea biogeocoenosis

Fuchsova, D.; Heger, J.; Sasek, A., 1987 :
Fractional composition and nutritive value of the proteins in bread wheat

Ermakov, I.P.; Karpova, L.V.; Tukeeva, M.I., 1986:
Fractional composition of generative nuclei histones of orchard grass (Dactylis glomerata L.)

Shinkarev A.A., 1986:
Fractional composition of nitrogen compounds in forest steppe chernozems

Zikiryaev, A.; Riad, F.R., 1986:
Fractional composition of the oil of seeds of cotton grown with high N fertilizer rates

Fuchsova, D.; Sasek, A., 1987:
Fractional composition of the proteins of varieties and gliadin lines of wheat

Saada, M.Y.; Addeo, F.; Kuzdzal Savoie, S., 1983:
Fractional crystallization of water-buffalo milk fat

Zhao W.; Shishikura A.; Fujimoto K.; Arai K.; Saito S., 1987:
Fractional extraction of rice bran oil with supercritical carbon dioxide

Maeda, Y.; Hayashi, K.; Mizutani, M.; Hashiguchi, T., 1987:
Fractional rates of muscle protein synthesis and degradation in chickens with genetic muscular dystrophy

Kumar, D.; Gaur, S.N.; Pathak, K.M.; Pant, G.B., 1987:
Fractionation and characterisation of the cysticercus of Taenia solium

Morr, C.V., 1987:
Fractionation and modification of whey protein in the U.S

Jeon, W.M.; Kim, Y.K., 1986 :
Fractionation of Korean human milk casein by gel filtration on Sephadex G150 and its amino acid composition

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Fractionation of alcohol dehydrogenase and alpha -amylase alleles from wheat in actinomycin-D/CsCl gradients

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Fractionation of anhydrous milk fat by supercritical carbon dioxide

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Fractionation of antigen for ELISA of bovine fascioliasis

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Fractionation of applied zinc in rice soils at two moisture regimes and levels of organic matter

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Fractionation of embryogenic microspores in Brassica napus using discontinuous Percoll gradient

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Fractionation of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum L.). 1. Effect of previous treatments on chemical composition of the pressed cake

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Fractionation of milk caseins by low temperature ultrafiltration

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Fractionation of milk fat by melt crystallization and its use in the manufacture of soft butters

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Fractionation of neutralising antibodies in serum of ducklings vaccinated with live duck hepatitis virus vaccine

oginow, W.; Wisniewski, W.; Gonet, S.S.; Ciescinska, B., 1987:
Fractionation of organic carbon based on susceptibility to oxidation

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Fractionation of phosphorus compounds in Prunus armeniaca flowers during the stages of flowering

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Fractionation of selenium in barley and rye-grass

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Fractionation of soil organic matter in laterite soils of Kerala

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Fractionation of soluble N compounds from a 7-month old Pasta Filata cheese. II

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Fractionation of whey by ion exchange chromatography. I. Literature survey

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Fractionation of whey by ion exchange chromatography. II. Experimental

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Fractionation of whey proteins

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Fractionation of zinc, copper and cobalt in riverbank and estuary soils of the experimental station of Mantecal, Apure State

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Fractions of microelements in soils of Slovakia. III. Zinc

Cumakov, A., 1987:
Fractions of microelements in soils of Slovakia. Part 1: boron and copper

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Fracture mechanics: a tool for predicting wood component strength

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Fractures and fracture-luxations of the lumbar spine: retrospective study in the dog

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Fragile ecology of Himalaya

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Fragmentation indexes: their theoretical analysis and application in the study of the state of subdivision of forest stands within city blocks in Tallinn

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Fragmentation of landholding size in Chitwan: an analysis of land records from 1964 to 1983

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Fragmented coronoid process in the Rottweiler - a review of thirty-five cases

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Fragments of paradise. A guide for conservation action in the UK Dependent Territories

Nicot, C., 1984:
Frame for a bee-hive

Agapov, A.I., 1987 :
Frame saw with efficient trajectory of saw movement

Senchak, I.S.; Yanat' ev, V.P., 1988:
Frameless coverings for melon

Anonymous, 1987:
Framework scheme for including the cooperative associations in the government decision making process

Anonymous, 1987:
Framework scheme of work for the Council for Agriculture and the Food Industry

Romm, J., 1986:
Frameworks for governmental choice

Santoro, G.; Colzani, G.; Cammilli, A., 1986:
Frameworks, equipment and instrumentation. Trials on the drawbar performance of a wheeled tractor

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France outbound. Showing strong growth in the mid-term

Broussolle, C.; Douce, P.; Mouchet, C., 1985:
France's major milk producing region faced with quotas: rationalization is unavoidable

Anonymous, 1985:
France. - Act No. 85-30 to provide for the development and protection of mountain areas. - 9 January 1985

Anonymous, 1987:
France. - Act. No. 85-1273 concerning forest management, development and protection. - 4 December 1985

Anonymous, 1987:
France. Animal health status and methods of control of animal diseases 1985

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France. National report no. 131

Anonymous, 1987:
France: the struggle towards profitability continues

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Franchise sector continues to diversify

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Francophone (French-speaking) West Africa- an economic profile

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Frankia diversity in an alder stand as estimated by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of whole-cell proteins

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Frankia vesicles provide inducible and absolute oxygen protection for nitrogenase

Bohmer, B.; Eilenbach, B., 1987:
Frankliniella has already developed resistant strains

Strassen, R. zur, 1986:
Frankliniella occidentalis (Pergande 1895), a North American thrips (Thysanoptera) as a new inhabitant of European greenhouses

Nedstam, B., 1987:
Frankliniella occidentalis in Swedish greenhouses

Eckert, G.F.Jr, 1987:
Frasch sulphur production trends favor mines outside North America

Mennens, E., 1986:
Fraud control in the European Community

Correra, C., 1987:
Fraudulent practices with regard to dairy products: problems in the interpretation of the legal requirements laid down by Decree No. 322/82

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Free amino Acid content and metabolic activities of setting and aborting soybean ovaries

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Free amino acids for the quality control of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and particularly for the grated products

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Free amino acids in growing hypocotyl of Phaseolus vulgaris

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Free amino acids in the haemolymph of larvae of the cabbage moth

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Free amino acids in the pineal of the chick. Circadian variations

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Free amino acids in the serum of pigs at different ages

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Free amino acids in the tissues of Ascaris suum Nematoda

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Free amino acids in various plant parts of Gloriosa superba Linn

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Free amino acids of a stem in relation to its functional load

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Free amino acids profile of skim milk whey after proteolytic enzyme coagulation

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Free and HF-HCl-extractable amino acids determined by high performance liquid chromatography in a loamy sand soil

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Free and bound abscisic acid ( beta -D-glucopyranose abscisate) in grapes affected by stalk necrosis

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Free and bound amino acids in varieties of red clover and grasses

Homberg, E.; Bielefeld, B., 1985:
Free and bound sterols in raw and refined palm oils. III. Behaviour of sterol containing lipoproteins during refining

Troccon, J.L., 1986:
Free availability of maize silage during limited periods for heifers

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Free cortisol and creatinine in urine of healthy children

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Free cytokinins in wheat leaves infected by Puccinia graminis Pers. f.sp. tritici Eriks. & E. Henn

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Free education in Nigeria: socioeconomic implications and emerging issues

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Free endogenous cytokinins in development of flax embryos

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Free fat and free fatty acids in milk of German Black Pied cows with healthy udders

Shahin, Y., 1988:
Free fatty acid content of buffalo milk fat during the lactation period

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Free fatty acids and quality of Domiati cheese made from dried milks as affected by an added lipase

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Free fatty acids in milk and milk products

Shahin, Y., 1987:
Free fatty acids in milk fat in relation to feeding

Anonymous, 1988:
Free food for the needy

Rogers, L.J., 1987:
Free glutamate and aspartate in the diet: effects on the development of brain and behaviour

Sultanalieva, G.B., 1986:
Free living and plant parasitic nematodes in the principal soil types of the Issyk-Kul' basin

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Free market and postsecondary technical education: experience of the technical training centres (CFT)

Martin Rosset, W.; Rousset, H.; Figeac, B.; Dubroeucq, H.; Palmer, E., 1985:
Free mating in open herds of mares of heavy breeds. Reproductive performance in herds at INRA (Theix) and the Rodez stud

Kuncewicz, A.; Jaworski, J., 1987:
Free monosaccharides in cow milk

Proszyk, S., 1986:
Free phenol in PF resin adhesives

Tang, Z.C.; Wu, Y.H., 1987:
Free proline and drought resistance in sorghum seedlings

Dryden, W.F.; Kwan Yeung, L.; Tawfik, N.H., 1987:
Free radical scavengers reduce the different incidences of isoprenaline induced dysrhythmia in isolated atria from rats fed lipid-supplemented diets

Machlin, L.J.; Bendich, A., 1987:
Free radical tissue damage: protective role of antioxidant nutrients

Chazan, J.B.; Szulc, M., 1987:
Free radicals and vitamin E

Herrmann, R., 1986:
Free riders and the redistributive effects of international commodity agreements: the case of coffee

Borg, P.; Myhrman, D., 1983:
Free space required by tree-section forwarders

Zhorovin, N.A.; Pavlovich, V.V., 1987:
Free sugars in freshly harvested potato tubers of some promising varieties for the Byelorussian SSR

Ferlazzo, A.; Panzera, M.; Zannelli, C., 1986:
Free taurine levels in the serum of mares during pregnancy

Bouillin Dartevelle, R., 1987:
Free time and social regulation

Kelman, C.J., 1986:
Free time, tourism and society - an approximation to the Colombian situation

Kelman, C.J., 1986:
Free time, tourism and society - the case of Colombia

Kelman, C.J.; Fernandez, V., 1986:
Free time, tourism and society. An approximation to the Colombian case

Anonymous, 1988:
Free trade and the tourism and leisure sectors

Phillips, P.A.; Fraser, D.; Morris, J.R.; Underwood, J.W., 1988:
Free-access two-level housing and growing-finishing pigs

Saly, A., 1986:
Free-living Nematoda in the Little Carpatians

Anonymous, 1986:
Free-living and parasitic Scolecidae of Kirgizia

Chesunov, A.V., 1987:
Free-living nematodes from the genus Sphaerolaimus Bastian, 1865 (Chromadoria, Monhysterida, Sphaerolaimidae) from the shallows of the White Sea

Saly, A., 1986:
Free-living nematodes of the State Nature Reserve Devinska Kobyla

Saly, A.; Zuffa, M., 1985:
Free-living nematodes of the State Nature Reserve Suchy in the conservation area of Mala Fatra

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Free-range pigs - a curiosity or reality. Production and consumption are increasing

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Freedom, control and the community during leisure

White, J.C.M., 1987:
Freedom, individuality, friendship: leisure in and out of the psychiatric ward

Rojek, C., 1987:
Freedom, power and leisure

Anonymous, 1988:
Freeing Russia's farms

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Freemartinism in domestic animals

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Freemartinism in goat

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Freemartinism in twins of mixed sex, obtained using embryo transfer

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Freezability of ram semen diluted in Cornell University Extender and Tris diluents

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Freeze drying of legume seeds and their germination

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Freeze protection of strawberries with floating row covers

Warner, J., 1987:
Freeze susceptibility to fruit buds of selected apple cultivars in east-central Ontario, 1986

Fincher, GT.; Hunter, J S.; III., 1986:
Freeze-dried Onthophagus gazella brood cells as donor brood cells for shipping eggs of exotic species of dung beetles

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Freeze-dried live vaccine CA-80 against coli enteritis in piglets

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Freeze-dried mares' milk and its potential use in infant and dietetic food products

Auklend, K., 1987:
Freeze-dried propionic acid-producing cultures

Kim, J.M.; Baek, Y.J.; Kim, H.U., 1987:
Freeze-drying and survival of Lactobacillus casei YIT 9018

Butchaiah, G.; Rao, B.U., 1988:
Freeze-drying of foot and mouth disease virus and its application in inactivated virus vaccine production

Tetley, L., 1986:
Freeze-fracture studies on the surface membranes of pleomorphic bloodstream and in vitro transformed procyclic Trypanosoma brucei

Lee, H.W.J.; Arfert, H.F.W., 1987:
Freezer system

Cazenove, J., 1988:
Freezing agricultural land: when space becomes money

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Freezing and evaluation of stallion semen

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Freezing and thawing of drained peaty soils in the forests of the central Urals

Klcoglu, S.C., 1986:
Freezing and thawing of eight-cell mouse embryos

Florian, M.L., 1986:
Freezing as a means of insect control

Zhil' tsova, L.S.; Erokhin, A.S.; Seliverstova, I.A.; Larkin, S.N., 1985:
Freezing bull semen in diluents containing metal complexes

Le, H.T.; Reicosky, D.A.; Olien, C.R.; Cress, C.E., 1986:
Freezing hardiness of some accessions of Triticum tauschii and T. turgidum L. var. durum

Larson, A.; Gusta, L., 1986:
Freezing injury in crown tissue of winter cereals

Hellergren, J.; Widell, S.; Lundborg, T., 1987:
Freezing injury in purified plasma membranes from cold acclimated and non-acclimated needles of Pinus sylvestris: is the plasma membrane bound ion-stimulated ATPase the primary site of freezing injury?

Anonymous, 1986:
Freezing injury to oilseed rape and methods of avoiding it

Korban, N.V.; Kovalenko, G.P., 1987:
Freezing mixed semen of boars

Fazano, F.A.T., 1986:
Freezing of boar semen: different methods of semen processing and packaging, with special consideration of freezing rate

Ozkoca, A.; Tamyurek, F., 1983:
Freezing of bull semen in pellets. Effect of equilibration time and duration of freezing on sperm motility

Smorag, Z., 1986:
Freezing of cattle embryos

Pavel, G., 1985:
Freezing of cattle embryos in a one-stage procedure using a cryostat

Campo, M.R. del; Akesson, C., 1983:
Freezing of cattle embryos, using a freezer with manual freezing control

Switka, J.; Zyngiel, W., 1984:
Freezing of cream

Falge, R.; Rommel, P.; Johanns, R., 1986:
Freezing of embryos using the Cryocell 2040 programmed freezing appliance

Koncz, K.; Polyak Feher, K., 1986:
Freezing of milk and milk protein

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Freezing of rabbit semen. Effect of a surfactant on fertilising ability

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Freezing of semen and AI in goats

Hellemann, C.; Lorgeat, N., 1983:
Freezing of stallion semen in straws

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Freezing point of milk in today's dairy industry

Gusta, L.V., 1985:
Freezing resistance in plants

Fennell A.; L.P.H., 1987:
Freezing tolerance and rapid cold acclimation of spinach

Singh, J.; Laroche, A., 1988:
Freezing tolerance in plants: a biochemical overview

Weiser R.L.; Wallner S.J., 1988:
Freezing woody plant stems produces acoustic emissions

Hall, R., 1988:
Freezing, frying and baking drywoods

Vaillancourt, J.; Martineau, G.P., 1988:
Freezing: a technique in the investigation of pre-weaning mortality in pigs

Greth, A., 1988:
French Guiana a lost paradise for birds

Anonymous, 1986 :
French Guiana. Mango seed weevil

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French Guyana lepidopterism. Clinical and epidemiological study

Kraker, J. de, 1986:
French beans in development

Anonymous, 1986:
French beans. Varieties

Anonymous, 1986:
French farm income maintained only by subsidies

Anonymous, 1987:
French farm incomes to rise 2.5% in 1987

Gaisford, M., 1988:
French fear new killer disease

Kelly, P.W., 1988:
French meat wholesalers opinions of Irish lamb carcases

Tiard, M., 1986:
French nature parks and tourism

Carlier, J.P., 1987:
French stock farming: a great loser in the CAP

Tiard, M., 1987:
French tour operators and domestic tourism

Leguevaques, M., 1987:
French tour operators and intraFrance tourism

Bashkirov, I.A.; Rubinshtein, R.P., 1986:
French-Russian dictionary of wood technology

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Frequencies of milk protein genes in German Yellow, Pinzgau and Murnau-Werdenfels cattle in Bavaria

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Frequencies of opportunistic parasitic and mycotic diseases in AIDS patients in Brazzaville (Congo)

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Frequency and characteristics of nucellar and zygotic seedlings in three cultivars of trifoliate orange

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Frequency and comparative anatomy of the extended endothelium among soybean plant introductions and weathering resistant genotypes

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Frequency and conditions of occurrence of mycotoxins in cereal grains and prevention of their production

Garcia Escamilla, R.M.; Rosiles Martinez, R., 1986:
Frequency and diagnostic aspects of copper intoxication of sheep in Mexico

Gupta, A.K.; Saini, R.G., 1987:
Frequency and effectiveness of Lr13 in conferring wheat leaf rust resistance in India

Prukner, E., 1986:
Frequency and epidemiological significance of virulent Escherichia coli strains in dead poultry in Yugoslavia and their sensitivity to antimicrobial agents

Alcantara, V. de B.G.; Paulino, V.T., 1984 :
Frequency and height of cutting for five cultivars of the genus Stylosanthes Sw

Reichholf, J., 1983:
Frequency and mobility of domestic cats (Felis silvestris ficatus) of different colour types in South East Bavaria

Ionescu, C., 1985:
Frequency and population dynamics of species of Noctuidae (Lepidoptera) collected in light traps from the Bucharest area in the period 1979-1984. I. Agrotinae

Ionescu, C., 1985:
Frequency and population dynamics of species of Noctuidae (Lepidoptera) collected in light traps from the Bucharest area in the period 1979-1984. II. Hadeninae

Nasirov, A.S., 1986:
Frequency and range of mutations in marker traits in interline cotton hybrids following gamma-irradiation of the pollen

Reinacher, M.; Theilen, G., 1987:
Frequency and significance of feline leukemia virus infection in necropsied cats

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Frequency coding by central olfactory neurons in the sphinx moth Manduca sexta

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Frequency dependence of the dielectric properties of wood

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Frequency distribution and percent cover for corn, sugarbeet and dry edible bean residue

Gonzalez Andujar, J.L.; Gonzalez Garcia, C., 1986:
Frequency distribution models of Toxocara canis (Nematoda) in the red fox (Vulpes vulpes L.)

Lal, D.; Narayanan, K.M., 1986:
Frequency distribution of fat and solids-not-fat contents of the milk of different breeds of cows and Murrah buffaloes

Najib, M.A., 1986:
Frequency distribution patterns of the acanthocephalans, Acanthosentis oligospinus and Moniliformis moniliformis in natural infections

Lysenko, A.Y.; Sud' bin, A.V.; Asatova, M.M., 1988:
Frequency model of congenital toxoplasmosis. Communication 2. Construction of a model used in the USSR

Frusciante, L.; Barone, A.; Saccardo, F., 1987:
Frequency of 2n egg in haploid-wild species hybrids in potato (Solanum tuberosum)

Mayr, B.; Schleger, W.; Auer, H., 1987:
Frequency of Ag-stained nucleolus organizer regions in the chromosomes of cattle

Garcia Gonzalez, M.E., 1986:
Frequency of Balantidium coli in swine slaughtered at Ecatepec, Mexico State. Summary of thesis

Tenora, F.; Stanek, M., 1985:
Frequency of Coccidia (Sporozoa) in the breeds of Myocastor coypus (Molina, 1782) (Rodentia)

Mustafa, TM.; Al-Zaghal, K., 1987:
Frequency of Dacus oleae (Gmelin) immature stages and their parasites in seven olive varieties in Jordan

Vargas Martinez, M.B., 1986:
Frequency of Demodex canis in dogs of different ages. Summary of thesis

Venturini, L.; Radman, N.; Guardis, M., 1987:
Frequency of Hammondia heydorni Dubey, 1977 (Tadros and Laarman, 1976), (Sporozoa, Eucoccida) in dogs in and around La Plata, Argentina

Quintero M.M.T.; Acevedo H.A.; Enriquex O.J.J., 1987:
Frequency of Oestrus ovis and its lesions in goats

Argueta Garcia, J., 1987:
Frequency of Pasteurella haemolytica in the nasal cavity of lambs and adult sheep

Quinero, M.T.; Acevedo, A., 1987:
Frequency of Psoroptes caprae, Dermacentor variabilis and Otobius megnini in the auditory canal of goats slaughtered at the municipal abattoir of Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico

Cortes, C.; Angel, M., 1987:
Frequency of Sarcocystis spp. in the heart, diaphragm and oesophagus of pigs slaughtered at the abattoir of Cuautitlan de Romero Rubio

Machado, T.M.M.; Lima, J.D., 1987:
Frequency of Toxoplasma gondii antibodies in goats reared under different management systems in the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Ueda, M.; Nakamura, P.M.; Waldman, E.A.; Chieffi, P.P.; Souza, A.M.C. de; Spir, M.; Gerbi, L.J., 1984:
Frequency of anti-Cysticercus cellulosae antibodies in a population at risk of cysticercosis and in a segment of the population considered to be normal, in regions of Sao Paulo State, Brazil

Bolin, S.R.; Sacks, J.M.; Crowder, S.V., 1987:
Frequency of association of noncytopathic bovine viral diarrhea virus with mononuclear leukocytes from persistently infected cattle

Stanarius, A.; Kuhne, T.; Kopitz, S.; Meyer, R., 1986:
Frequency of beet cryptic virus in single plants of three sugar beet cultivars

Foster, WA.; Eischen, FA., 1987:
Frequency of blood-feeding in relation to sugar availability in Aedes aegypti and Anopheles quadrimaculatus (Diptera: Culicidae)

Davalos Mora, R.L., 1986:
Frequency of cestodes in dogs killed at the Animal Defence League. Summary of thesis

Dubovsky, J.; Sykora, M., 1987:
Frequency of chlorophyll mutations of main and side ears in barley after treatment by sodium azide (NaN3) and ammonium salts

Kaseki, H.; Sonta, S.; Tomoda, Y., 1987:
Frequency of chromosomally unbalanced gametes in male and female hamsters heterozygous for reciprocal translocation

Zaldivar, L.; Perez, A.; Szcypel, B., 1987:
Frequency of coccidiosis in cage-reared broilers as compared with floor-reared broilers and its relationship with management

Lamarque, C., 1983:
Frequency of epidemics of the main sunflower diseases observed in France in the last ten years (1972-1982) and the evolution of their symptoms in relation to the climate

Zaldivar, L.; Szcypel, B.; Perez, A.; Ovies, D., 1987:
Frequency of external parasites on mature birds in the Province of La Habana

Morcombe, P.W.; Ralph, I.G.; Ferguson, J., 1988:
Frequency of feeding lupin grain supplements to lambing ewes grazing wheat stubble

Baider, A.B.; Bil' kov, V.A., 1987:
Frequency of feeding young bulls with whole milk replacers

Fukase, T.; Itagaki, H.; Aihara, T., 1987:
Frequency of fleas and ticks on dogs in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, and the insecticidal effect of propoxur

Vellosa, S.A.G.; Mangini, A.C.S.; Nunes, L. dos R.; Schlodtmann, A.G., 1984:
Frequency of free-living amoebae in the faeces of persons from a nursery in Sao Paulo

Skula, K., 1988:
Frequency of genes conditioning chlorophyll deficiency in commercial types of tobacco

Sarda, R.K., 1986:
Frequency of haematuria and proteinuria in relation to prevalence and intensity of Schistosoma haematobium infection in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Soto, A.; Figueroa, G.; Urcelay, S., 1986:
Frequency of infection with Campylobacter jejuni/coli and the occurrence of IgG, IgM and complement fixing antibodies against the agent in workers in poultry abattoirs in Santiago, Chile

Furmanski, K., 1987:
Frequency of infections with Sarcocystis miescheriana and Sarcocystis suihominis in slaughter swine in relation to different management systems

Rojas Izaguirre, J.A.; Rojas Castro, R.; Ayaub, M.C., 1987:
Frequency of insecticide applications in soyabean cultivation (Glycine max L)

Pitsigaudake, E.; Apostolou, D.; Metsou, T.; Douvarapapre, G., 1986:
Frequency of isolation of aerobic microorganisms in infections of the ears

Ito, T.; Yanagawa, R., 1988:
Frequency of isolation of antigenic variants selected by monoclonal antibodies from serovars belonging to serogroup hebdomadis of L. interrogans and antigenic properties of two different Hebdomadis variants

Satorov, S.S.; Orzuev, M.I., 1987:
Frequency of isolation of staphylococci from domestic animals and identification of the strains obtained

Quintero, M.T.; Acevedo, A.; Enriquez, J.J.; Bassols, I., 1987:
Frequency of mites Raillietia caprae and macroscopic lesions in goats slaughtered in the Municipal Slaughterhouse of Nezahualcoyotl, State of Mexico

Mazur, B.; Gruszczyn' ski, J.; Staszewska Kwak, A., 1986:
Frequency of occurrence of ascariasis and giardiasis in children with allergic pulmonary diseases

Ramirez, E.A., 1986:
Frequency of occurrence of daily evaporation values

Nazirov, N.N.; Kozubaev, S.S., 1986:
Frequency of occurrence of early large-bolled forms in cotton of diverse origin under the influence of radioactive phosphorus

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Frequency of occurrence of lignicolous marine fungi in the Tropics

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Frequency of oestrus and of pregnancy blocks in mice bred in small stocks

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Frequency of ovulation in Corriedale ewes

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Frequency of parturition in goat under intensive management system

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Frequency of recombination nodules from zygotene through late pachytene in higher plants

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Frequency of recombination of characters with breeding value in tomato hybrids of different maturity group

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Frequency of rotavirus and pararotavirus in diarrhoeic faeces of sucking piglets in a large herd. Summary of thesis

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Frequency of tuberculin injections in cattle

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Frequency of two malformations (brachygnathia superior, congenital femoral luxation) in farmed rabbits

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Frequency, moisture and density dependence of the dielectric properties of small grains and soybeans

Nelson, S.O., 1985:
Frequency, moisture, and density dependence of the dielectric properties of cereal grains

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Frequent flyer programmes in the USA

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Frequent fungal diseases of tomatoes

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Frequent lambing systems

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Frequent traveler programs - a marketing technological revolution

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Frequent travelers: making them happy and bringing them back

Anonymous, 1986 :
Fresh buttermilk quality in convenient form

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Fresh cheese

Anonymous, 1986:
Fresh cheese need not be uniform

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Fresh cheese: loss of yield

Anonymous, 1987:
Fresh chilled dairy products market, 1986/87

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Fresh dipterocarp resins gathered by megachilid bees inhibit growth of pollen-associated fungi

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Fresh fermented cheese production with continuous pre-fermented milk by a mixed culture of mesophilic lactic streptococci entrapped in Ca-alginate

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Fresh fodder yield of tropical and temperate grasses in southern Tajikstan

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Fresh fruit and vegetables: prices and spreads in selected markets, 1975-84

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Fresh in the basket by the direct route

Anonymous, 1988:
Fresh milk

Anonymous, 1985:
Fresh milk (food use)

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Fresh milk products

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Fresh milk products: development trends and consumer behaviour 1987

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Fresh products

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Fresh vegetables and fruit

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Fresh-market tomato response to N and K fertilization and water management practices

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Fresh-water pond ecosystems managed under a moderate European climate

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Freshness sells

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Freshwater aquaculture in Florida: highlights of a 1983 survey

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Freshwater fish production

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Freshwater wetlands: transformers, filters, or sinks?

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Fresnel lens solarization for weed control

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Fresubin and Survimed in early enteral nutrition after operations. (Preliminary communication)

Reznicek, R.; Vachal, V.; Patocka, K., 1985:
Friction coefficient of lucerne against steel under increased pressure

Sugiyama, S., 1988:
Frictional coefficients on the rake face in wood cutting by feeding the knife into a workpiece during the sliding of the knife

Eisenmann, R., 1986:
Friends and parents are best at encouraging young people to join sports clubs

Anonymous, 1988:
Friesian men bring back the 'Holsteins'

Beringer, A., 1988:
Friluftsframjandet and open-air life in Sweden - promoting outdoor life among the Swedish people. A report from the 10th international conference on the Child's Right to Play, Stockholm, Sweden, June 1987

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Fringe benefits of farming with lupin in the Andes

Collins, D.J., 1988:
Fringe benefits taxation and the rural sector

Ming, C.W., 1985:
Fringed sagebrush

Agnaeva, N.G., 1986:
Frit fly damage

Snidaro, M.; Signor, M.; Bregant, F., 1987:
Friuli-Venezia Giulia: good results from replacing varieties with the aim of improving quality

Picard, M., 1987:
From cultural tourism to tourist culture

Anonymous, 1987:
From 'fair sex' to feminism. Sport and the socialization of women in the industrial and post-industrial eras

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From LSK to LKMD: participation at the village level

Albo, X., 1987:
From MNRistas to Kataristas to Katari

Hartmann, W., 1988:
From Mendel to multi-national in poultry breeding

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From Nega' to 'Izba: continuity and change among the Awlad 'Ali of Egypt's Western Desert

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From New to old England: the progress of Lyme disease

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From Osler to Olafson. The evolution of veterinary pathology in North America

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From a fishing village to a centre of international tourism. The example of Pattaya, Thailand. A study of the background to overall tourism development

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From a working horse in agriculture and forestry to the sport and leisure horse

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From across the Channel

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From affluence to poverty. The 'development' of tribal or isolated peoples

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From anthropometry to computer diets

Bradford, N.J., 1985:
From bridewealth to groom-fee: transformed marriage customs and socio-economic polaristion amongst Lingayats

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From coca to cocaine: the political and economic implications for tribal Amazonian Indians

Smirnov, V., 1987:
From collective contracts to a full intrafarm accounting system

L.Belle, T.J., 1987:
From consciousness raising to popular education in Latin America and the Caribbean

Vereijken, P., 1986:
From conventional to integrated agriculture

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From cow recognition to milking robot

Carr, G., 1986:
From cult figure to non person: the elimination of Walter Ulbricht from the annals of East German sport

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From dependency to self-reliance: the Jawaja experience

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From diagnostic analysis to designing and conducting on-farm research

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From entertainment to social force: the discovery of the motion picture 1918-1945

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From experimental embryology to genetic modification of mammals

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From farming to biotechnology. A theory of agro-industrial development

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From feathered death to feathers in sport

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From field to factory. Vertical integration in Bolivia

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From field to port: the logistical operation

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From flint axe to frame saw - an excursion through the history of woodworking

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From free trade to turbulence - Swedish agricultural policies over 100 years - facts and reflections

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From granular mixed fertilizer to bulk blends . . . worldwide

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From hospitals to health centres. A joint evaluation of Swedish assistance to health sector development in Kenya 1969-1985, parts II and III

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From hunger amidst abundance to abundance without hunger. An overview of the policy findings of the Food and Agriculture Program of the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

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From ivory tower to a people's university. The twenty-seventh T.B. Davie Memorial Lecture delivered in the Jameson Hall, University of Cape Town, on 25 September, 1986

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From large-scale to medium-scale irrigation: taking social factors into consideration in land development schemes. A case study of Boghe and Mdombo-Thiago in the Senegal valley

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From lysosomes to cells, from cells to Leishmania: amino acid esters as potential chemotherapeutic agents

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From lysozyme to alpha -lactalbumin: protein engineering and evolution

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From microspores to rape plants: a tentative way to low glucosinolate strains

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From moral economy to remembered village: the sociology of James C. Scott

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From museum to park: exhibiting the living

Chernoivanov, V., 1987:
From new, progressive technologies to modern technique

Salzman, P.C., 1988:
From nomads to dairymen; two Gujarati cases

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From parasites to allergy - a 2nd receptor for IgE

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From peasant work to professional farming: statistical presentation in agriculture

Frey Nakonz, R., 1984:
From prestige to profit: two case studies from southern Benin on the integration of women into the market economy

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From proletarian to peasant: rural transformation in the state of Acre, 1870-1986

Alberti, A.M., 1988:
From recommendation domains to intra-household dynamics and back: attempts at bridging the gender gap

Vivescas, F., 1987:
From recreational areas within the city, to urban space as locus luden (play space)

Welles, G.W.H.; Nienhuis, J.K., 1987:
From rockwool via recirculation to nutrient film?

Hoppers, W., 1985:
From school to work: youth, non-formal training and employment in Lusaka

D.Alcantara, G., 1987:
From service productivity to service regulation and regulating services

Anonymous, 1987:
From shortage to glut: phosphate market developments since 1962

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From socialist reorganization to technically operated production systems: the case of Hungarian agriculture. In: Papers on Hungarian agriculture. Special issue for the Fifth Congress of the European Association of Agricultural Economists, Balatonszeplak, 31 August-4 September 1987

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From species to species through genetic manipulation

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From survival to serendipity; small schools in the 80's

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From tainted feed to mothers' milk. A pesticide's devastating journey through the food chain

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From the 'latifundio' system to agrarian reform. The case of a parish in Baixo Alentejo

Chosson, J.F., 1987:
From the JAC orphans to individual courses for lost children

Berlan, J.P., 1986:
From the United States to a world system: technological change, international trade, agricultural policy in the twentieth century

Lindfors, K.M., 1986 :
From the batch churn to the continuous buttermaker

Finsterbusch, E.; Thiele, W., 1987:
From the beginnings of saw sharpening by machine

Redaelli, G.; Maffeo, G., 1986:
From the cowshed to the laboratory: a sophisticated method for the physiological and pathological study of the udder

Pratley, J.E.; Rowell, D.L., 1987:
From the first fleet-evolution of Australian farming systems

Zakharov, I.A., 1988:
From the history of Soviet genetics

Zoleta, D.B., 1988:
From the mountains to the lakebed: resource problems and prospects in Bulhi watershed, Camarines Sur, Philippines

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From the work by Todaro to the modern outlook on plant breeding

Staack, J., 1985:
From trap tree to trap - the historical development of bark beetle control

Clarke, I.F., 1987:
From travel to tourism - visions and utopia

Dyrendahl, S., 1988:
From working horses in agriculture and forestry to racing and riding horses

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Front leg soundness scores of swine selected for rapid vs slow growth rate

Shell, L.R.; Batey, A., 1987:
Front wheel-assist tractor ballasting analysis

Anonymous, 1987:
Front-mounted linkage and power take-off for agricultural wheeled tractors. Part 1: Specification for power take-off

Beratto M.E., 1986:
Frontera-INIA/CCU, a semiwinter barley

Gill, L., 1987:
Frontier expansion and settlement in lowland Bolivia

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Frontiers in agricultural policy research; Discussion; Discussion. (3 papers)

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Frost and drought resistance of winter-spring bread wheat hybrids

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Frost and fungal damage to wood on young fruit trees in the winter of 1984/85

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Frost as a factor influencing the growth and distribution of subalpine eucalypts

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Frost cracks in stems of trees

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Frost damage during the growing season

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Frost damage in conifers through movements of the boundary layer of temperature inversion

uric, B., 1987:
Frost damage of flower buds in introduced varieties of apricot during the winter dormancy period

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Frost damage of plum varieties

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Frost damage to the buds of quince and spring frost damage to the flowers

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Frost fissures and their importance for soil genesis

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Frost hardiness in Eucalyptus grandis: a possible molecular mechanism

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Frost hardiness of fast-growing Salix species

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Frost hardiness of red alder (Alnus rubra) provenances in Britain

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Frost hardiness of subalpine eucalypts in Britain

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Frost heave of alfalfa as affected by harvest schedule

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Frost influence on sugar cane quality. A further study of its effects on cane destined for alcohol production

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Frost injury of Eucalyptus associated with an unusually cold winter in Yunnan Province

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Frost protection by winter covering

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Frost protection in fruit growing

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Frost resistance and regenerative capacity of the tissues of a number of promising grape varieties

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Frost resistance and yield in hybrids obtained from crosses of wheat-Agropyron amphidiploids (WAA) (2n = 56) with Krasnodarskii Karlik 1

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Frost resistance criteria for Linum usitatissimum

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Frost resistance in Eucalyptus nitens (Deane & Maiden) Maiden: genetic and seasonal aspects of variation

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Frost resistance in Eucalyptus: are plant growth regulators involved?

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Frost resistance in apple shoot tissues after treatment with retardants

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Frost resistance in various winter wheat varieties during winter

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Frost resistance in winter bread wheat varieties bred in the USSR

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Frost resistance in winter rape

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Frost resistance of apple in the Crimean foothills

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Frost resistance of apple in the Kochkor valley

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Frost resistance of apple in the Poles'e and forest steppe of the Ukrainian SSR

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Frost resistance of apricot in the Crimea

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Frost resistance of cultivated wheat

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Frost resistance of donors of monogenic scab resistance in apple

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Frost resistance of grape crosses after a cold and a warm winter period

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Frost resistance of mint rhizomes growing in the Lithuanian SSR

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Frost resistance of new Slovak clones of selected wine-making grape varieties

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Frost resistance of plum varieties in the lower Volga area

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Frost resistance of some forest tree species

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Frost resistance of subalpine Eucalyptus species. I. Experiments using a radiation frost room

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Frost resistance of subalpine Eucalyptus species. II. Experiments using the resistance index method of damage assessment

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Frost resistance of sweet cherry in the steppe region of the Crimea

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Frost resistance of the rhizomes of mint in relation to variety and overwintering conditions

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Frost resistance of the roots of rootstock forms of Prunus ussuriensis

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Frost resistance of walnut and methods of studying it

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Frost resistance of winter wheat hybrids

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Frost resistance of winter wheat in Kazakhstan

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Frost tolerance in fruit species. IV. Assessment of frost damage to flowers of sweet cherry

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Frost tolerance studies in apricot varieties

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Frost tolerance studies on jojoba Simmondsia chinensis (Link) Schneider: clonal variation, compositional relationship and effect of cultural practices

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Frost tolerant plants obtained from proline accumulating cell lines

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Frost wedge casts in western Jutland and their possible implications for European periglacial research

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Frost-heave activity in the Mount Rae area, Canadian Rocky Mountains

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Frosted scale

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Frosts and the productivity of varieties

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Froth flotation

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Frozen beverage machine

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Frozen chicken

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Frozen dessert mixer

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Frozen edible composition and method for making and cooking the same using microwave energy

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Frozen food composition

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Frozen mousse and method of making same

Anonymous, 1987:
Frozen novelties demand attention

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Frozen novelty suitable for deep frying

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Frozen or new types of fresh food: food service

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Frozen soil: the problem of snowmelt infiltration

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Frozen storage of butter

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Frozen storage of mouse and rat embryos

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Frozen storage of mouse embryos by vitrification

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Frozen storage of sheep embryos

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Fructan Content and Fructosyltransferase Activity during Wheat Seed Growth

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Fructifications of Lentinus edodes and decomposed culture substrate - a source of protein and organic compounds

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Fructosamine or glycated haemoglobin as a measure of diabetic control?

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Fructosamine: structure, analysis, and clinical usefulness

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Fructose 2,6-bisphosphate roles in regulating plant sugar metabolism

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Fructose and sorbitol as energy sources in parenteral nutrition

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Fructose disposal and oxidation rates in the ovine fetus

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Fructose in ice cream and water ice

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Fructose prevents hypoxic cell death in liver

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Fructose-1,6-diphosphate improves the motility and other functions of bovine spermatozoa

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Fructose-enhanced development and growth of the N2-fixing cyanobiont Anabaena azollae

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Fructosyltransferase activity and fructan content in wheat seeds

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Fruit and seed set following crosses of different apple varieties

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Fruit and vegetable processing in the Republic of China

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Fruit and vegetable stores

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Fruit and vegetables; position of Italy in the EC and the Mediterranean enlargement

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Fruit and/or ornamental trees from the open ground and from containers, grown in container rings during their final year

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Fruit aromatic components: mechanism of formation and development after harvest

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Fruit breeding. Report 1984-1985

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Fruit colouration and economy of Jonagold in single- and double-row systems

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Fruit cracking in litchi - a review

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Fruit crop breeding in Slovenia

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Fruit crops 1986: a summary of research

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Fruit crops and grapes in the southern spurs of the Fergana mountain range

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Fruit crops. Archips rosana, a tortricid pest of blackcurrants

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Fruit crops. Phytosanitary balance sheet 1986 for pip-fruit trees and small-fruit bushes

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Fruit crops. Phytosanitary balance-sheet in 1986 for Rosaceae wih stone fruits

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Fruit crops. Red mites in tree crops

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Fruit crops. The peel tortricids Capua and Pandemis

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Fruit cultivation, an opportunity for the taking for the Malawi economy. Perspectives and constraints

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Fruit cultivation. Technical discussions at Angers

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Fruit development in sweet pepper (Capsicum annuum L.) in relation to soil moisture and nitrogen fertilization

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Fruit discolouration of Norwegian grown sweet cherries

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Fruit drop in citrus

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Fruit drop in some varieties of Cerasus avium (L.) Moench and Prunus domestica L

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Fruit farming in Nigeria: challenges and prospects

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Fruit farms in France. Structure and development

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Fruit flavoured concentrates provide food flavour systems

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Fruit flies: another outbreak and quarantine in LA

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Fruit formation in steroid producing species of Solanum L. and their hybrids

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Fruit growing in Belgium

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Fruit growing in Gabon

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Fruit growing prospects for the year 2000

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Fruit growing. Volume I. The fruit tree

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Fruit litter from urban trees

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Fruit location in a partially occluded image

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Fruit novelties: black service-berry

Porpaczy, A.; Porpaczy, A., 1987:
Fruit novelties: rose hips

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Fruit preparations for flavoured milk products

Klostermeyer, H., 1986:
Fruit preparations for milk products - bases of quality

Steber, H., 1986:
Fruit preparations for milk products - quality control and quality assurance

Anonymous, 1987:
Fruit processing

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Fruit processing wastes as dietary fibre supplements

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Fruit production, processing and utilization in Hungary

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Fruit quality in Roumi Red grapes as influenced by the leaf surface area under Sharkia Governorate conditions

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Fruit quality in dwarfing pear varieties

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Fruit quality in sweet cherries (Prunus avium L.) in relation to rootstocks, varieties, tree conditions and nutrient application

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Fruit quality in sweet cherry varieties

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Fruit quality, growth and phosphorus increased with mono-ammonium phosphate fertilization on 'Golden Delicious' apple trees in a low-phosphorus soil

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Fruit rot and branch cankers of avocado caused by Dothiorella sp. in Region V of Chile

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