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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1601

Chapter 1601 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600001

Roversi, A.; Ughini, V.; Tavella, M., 1984: Fruit-set in sweet cherry. I. Role of some agronomic variables

Roversi, A.; Ughini, V., 1985: Fruit-set in sweet cherry. II. Influences of climatic conditions during anthesis

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Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600009

Ullah, H. M., 1987: Fruits and vegetables

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Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600039

Sukumaran, C. R.; Rao, C. G., 1986: Fuel economy in lift irrigation pumps

Salazar, L. A.; Bevins, C. D., 1984: Fuel models to predict fire behavior in untreated conifer slash

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Anonymous, 1985: Fuelwood and charcoal preparation. An illustrated training manual on simple tools and techniques for small-scale enterprises

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600052

Harwood, J. H., 1981: Fuelwood and wood residues as an energy source in Amazonia

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Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600058

Vimal, O. P.; Tyagi, P. D., 1986: Fuelwood from wastelands

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Phillips, R.; Fisher, J. T.; Mexal, J. G., 1986: Fuelwood production utilizing Pinus eldarica and sewage sludge fertilizer

Bassett, T. J., 1986: Fulani herd movements

Schultz G., 1987: Full autonomy in isoprenoid synthesis in spinach chloroplasts

Schmidt, G., 1987: Full scale intensification in agricultural production

Mann J.R., 1988: Full term development of mouse eggs fertilized by a spermatozoon microinjected under the zona pellucida

Bickert, W. G., 1988: Full wall ventilation to improve warm weather environments in naturally-ventilated livestock buildings

Robertson, A. P.; Hoxey, R. P.; Moran, P., 1988: Full-scale measurements of wind pressures on general-purpose farm building FB19 at Pondersbridge

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Richardson, G. M., 1987: Full-scale wind load measurement on a single-scan film plastics clad livestock building

Klassen, P., 1988: Full-service transplanting

Seuster, H., 1987: Full-time and part-time farming viewed within the framework of agriculture as a whole

Kaneko, K., 1986: Full-time farmers' safety-consciousness and preventative plans

Macnab, I. C. S., 1985: Fully automated cheesemaking system launches new cheesemaking era at Fraser Valley plant

Bojgaard, S. E., 1988: Fully automatic cheese salting system

Ordolff, D., 1986: Fully automatic milking - techniques and trends of development

Parsons, D. J., 1987: Fully automatic milking of dairy cows: an initial economic assessment

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Andral, B.; Lagadic, M.; Louzis, C.; Guillou, J. P.; Gourreau, J. M., 1987: Fulminating disease of guinea fowl: aetiological studies

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600094

Buzlama, V. S.; Kuznetsov, L. S.; Retskii, M. I.; Dushenin, N. V.; Dolgopolov, V. N.; Rogacheva, T. E.; Ageeva, T. I., 1987: Fumaric acid for enhancing the disease resistance of pigs

Smirnov, I. A., 1987: Fume-resistant trees and shrubs

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Corden, M. E.; Morrell, J. J.; Newbill, M. A.; Graham, R. D., 1988: Fumigant protection of untreated Douglas-fir posts

Unger, A.; Unger, W., 1986: Fumigants for insect control in wooden cultural assets

Ram Singh; Agarwal, R. A., 1986: Fumigation in controlling the carry-over of pink bollworm in cotton under rural conditions

Angerilli N.P.D., 1986: Fumigation of fungus cultures with ethylene dibromide to control mites

Williams, P., 1985: Fumigation of grain silos

Wit, A. K. H.; Vrie, M. van de, 1985: Fumigation of insects and mites in cutflowers for post harvest control

Scholtens, A., 1986: Fumigation of old orchard soil?

Szabo, T. I.; Heikel, D. T., 1987: Fumigation with SO2 to control dried fruit moth in honeybee combs

Peterson, C. L.; Korus, R. A.; Mora, P. G.; Madsen, J. P., 1987: Fumigation with propane and transesterification effects on injector coking with vegetable oil fuels

Kostecki, R.; Jedruszuk, A.; Jelinski, M., 1987: Fumilat (bromopropylate impregnated strips) a new Polish preparation for controlling varroasis in bees

Romaniuk, K., 1987: Fumilat, an equivalent of Folbex VA, for control of Varroa

Anonymous, 1988: Fun and profit

Derstappen, J. J., 1986: Function and profile of the qualifications of graduate agricultural engineers

Nonnecke, B. J.; Kehrli, M. E, Jr; Harp, J. A., 1988: Function and regulation of the cellular immune response with reference to the bovine mammary gland

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600113

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600114

Sukhodolets, V. V., 1986: Function of crossing over

Bond, L. S. L., 1985: Function of health promoters in the Valle del Cauca Department, Colombia

Mandyla, H.; Xanthou, M., 1986: Function of leukocytes in human milk

Bgatov, V. I.; Motovilov, K. Ya; Speshilova, M. A., 1987: Function of natural minerals in metabolic processes in poultry

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600121

Fox, L. K.; Weidner, J. P.; Corbeil, L. B.; Liggitt, H. D., 1988: Function of phagocytes from sires of cows of high or low genetic merit

Corbeil L.B., 1988: Function of phagocytes obtained from lacteal secretions of lactating and nonlactating cows

Amann, R. P., 1987: Function of the epididymis in bulls and rams

Nett, T. M., 1987: Function of the hypothalamic-hypophysial axis during the post-partum period in ewes and cows

Kenrick, J.; Knox, R. B., 1982: Function of the polyad in reproduction of Acacia

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600130

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600131

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600132

Skyrik, J.; Stencl, J., 1986: Function tests on a contactless magnetic sensor

Fedina, A. B.; Burkhanova, E. A.; Kharchenko, V. I., 1987: Functional activity of cytokinin-binding nuclear proteins from barley leaf protoplasts

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600136

Ptashkin, A. A.; Mosin, V. A., 1985: Functional activity of thyroid gland of lambs given diets containing various amounts of phosphorus and calcium

Kaartinen, M.; Makela, O., 1987: Functional analogues of the V kappa Ox1 gene in different strains of mice: evolutionary conservation but diversity based on V-J joining

Scheoffl F., 1987: Functional analysis of sequences required for transcriptional activation of a soybean heat shock gene in transgenic tobacco plants

Solinas, M.; Nuzzaci, G., 1984: Functional anatomy of Dacus oleae Gmel. female genitalia in relation to insemination and fertilization processes

Livingstone, D.; Jeyanthi Bai, S.; Yacoob, M., 1985: Functional anatomy of the egg and nymphal morphology of the grass tingid Agramma hupehanum (Drake & Maa) (Heteroptera: Tingidae) with a note on its egg parasites

Armour J.A., 1986: Functional anatomy of the major cardiac nerves in cats

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Kliment, J.; Psenica, J.; Rybansky, J., 1986: Functional and morphological characters of udders in Slovakian Pied cattle and their crossbreds with Red-and-White Holstein cattle

Nogami, H., 1986: Functional and morphological heterogeneity of rat pituitary prolactin cells

Spangler, HG., 1986: Functional and temporal analysis of sound production in Galleria mellonella L. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600157

Salleo S., 1984: Functional aspects of water conduction pathways in vascular plants

Kuba, L.; Onisko, I., 1986: Functional assessment of cattle housing

Wellner, R. B.; He, X.; Marmary, Y.; Baum, B. J., 1988: Functional beta -adrenergic receptors in a human mammary cell line (HBL-100)

Kirk, G. J.; Loneragan, J. F., 1988: Functional boron requirement for leaf expansion and its use as a critical value for diagnosis of boron deficiency in soybean

Kishino Y., 1987: Functional changes in human lymphocytes and monocytes after in vitro incubation with arginine

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600164

Volkov, V. F.; Zaidullin, R. A.; Preobrazhenskii, O. N., 1985: Functional changes in the reproductive system of sows given vitamin preparations

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600166

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600167

Weber, RE.; Lalthantluanga, R.; Braunitzer, G., 1988: Functional characterization of fetal and adult yak hemoglobins: an oxygen binding cascade and its molecular basis

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Mitrovic, R.; Petrovic, B.; uric, G., 1987: Functional interrelationships of gamma radiation background, altitude above sea level and amounts of radioactivity in soil and grass

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Verma R.B., 1985: Functional male sterility in toria

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Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600189

Simoens, P.; Lauwers, H.; Geest, J. P. de; Schaepdrijver, L. de, 1987: Functional morphology of the cranial retia mirabilia in the domestic mammals

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Stark, SB.; Whitford, F., 1987: Functional response of Chrysopa carnea (Neur.: Chrysopidae) larvae feeding on Heliothis virescens (Lep.: Noctuidae) eggs on cotton in field cages

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600210

Siddique, AB.; Chapman, RB., 1987: Functional response of Pacific damsel bug, Nabis kinbergii (Hemiptera: Nabidae)

Wu, L. L.; Wang, H. Q., 1987: Functional response of a predator, Pirata subpiraticus (Araneae: Lycosidae) to its prey

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600215

Tashenov, K. T.; Ayupova, R. S.; Kurbanova, G. V., 1988: Functional role and structure of the hippocampus in the goat

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600217

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600218

Whipp, S. C.; Kokue, E.; Morgan, R. W.; Rose, R.; Moon, H. W., 1987: Functional significance of histologic alterations induced by Escherichia coli pig-specific, mouse-negative, heat-stable enterotoxin (STb)

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Anonymous, 1987: Functionally integrated forest management and integrated utilization of wood. International scientific conference, Zvolen, Czechoslovakia, 1-3 September 1987. Collected papers. Part 2. Forests in the landscape

Anonymous, 1987: Functionally integrated forest management and integrated utilization of wood. International scientific conference, Zvolen, Czechoslovakia, 1-3 September 1987. Collected papers. Part 3. Intensification of mechanized systems in silviculture and harvesting

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Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600242

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600243

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600244

Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600245

Prohaska, J. R., 1987: Functions of trace elements in brain metabolism

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Section 2, Chapter 1601, Accession 001600312

Pugh, D. G.; Bowen, J. M.; Kloppe, L. H.; Simpson, R. B., 1986: Fungal endometritis in mares

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