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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1602

Chapter 1602 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tuteja, N.; Farber, D. B., 1988: Gamma -Subunit of mouse retinal cyclic-GMP phosphodiesterase: cDNA and corresponding amino acid sequence

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Evans M.R., 1987: Gamma irradiation of piggery slurry

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Cerri C.C., 1987: Gamma radiation application for microbial biomass determination in a soil incorporated with distillery wastewater

Wit, A. K. H.; Vrie, M. van de, 1985: Gamma radiation for post harvest control of insects and mites in cutflowers

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601014

Jayabalan, N.; Rao, G. R., 1987: Gamma radiation induced cytological abnormalities in Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. var. Pusa Ruby

Mani, N. S., 1985: Gamma ray induced height mutants

Datta, A. K.; Biswas, A. K., 1987: Gamma ray induced meiotic anomalies and pollen sterility in sesame

Datta S.K., 1985: Gamma ray induced mutant of a mutant of chrysanthemum

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Banerji, B. K.; Datta, S. K., 1987: Gamma ray induced mutation in double bracted bougainvillea cv. 'Los Banos Beauty'

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Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601029

Hutabarat, D., 1986: Gamma-ray-induced effects on plant regeneration from callus in Echinocereus species (Cactaceae)

Chakraborti, S. P.; Sarkar, A., 1986: Gamma-ray-induced meiotic abnormalities in mulberry (Morus L.)

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Shide, L.; Olbrich, A.; Mayer, R.; Rucker, G., 1987: Gansongone, a new aristolane ketone from Nardostachys chinensis, and revision of the structure of an aristolenol

Holt, J. B., 1988: Gantries for the mechanisation of field vegetable production

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Mohr, G., 1987: Gantry systems may replace tractors

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Warner A.E., 1987: Gap junctional communication and compaction during preimplantation stages of mouse development

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Beaumont, A. J. M., 1983: Gaperon - cheese from the Auvergne with pepper and garlic

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601048

Anonymous, 1987: Garden care for the non-committed gardener

Anonymous, 1987: Garden festivals: grounds for improvement

Anonymous, 1987: Garden leisure centres

Mehrl, N., 1986: Garden plants as bee forage

Mehrl, N., 1986: Garden plants as bee pasture

Martin, B.; Klas, C., 1986: Gardener - a newly created skilled occupation; The structure and underlying basis of the new curriculum for the training of gardeners

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Hultberg, H.; Grennfelt, P., 1986: Gardsjon Project: lake acidification, chemistry in catchment runoff, lake liming and microcatchment manipulations

Kreamer, R. G., 1986: Gari processing in Ghana: a study of entrepreneurship and technical change in tropical Africa

Anonymous, 1986: Garlic Egorlykskii

Khaisin, M. F., 1988: Garlic Prikindel

Fujimura, T.; Washio, S.; Nishizawa, T., 1986: Garlic as a new host of the potato-root nematode, Ditylenchus destructor Thorne

Ahmed, K. M.; Benigno, D. A., 1985: Garlic mosaic disease in the Philippines: possible viral etiology as detected by immunodiffusion technique

Anonymous, 1986: Garlic production in Brazil

Jourdain, J. M.; Lavigne, D., 1987: Garlic storage

Talipov, M. S.; Nasyrova, A. M., 1987: Gas and energy exchange in hens at increased air temperature

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Kuzdzal Savoie, S., 1984: Gas chromatographic analysis of fatty acids in milk and butter

Clegg, B. S., 1987: Gas chromatographic analysis of fluazifop-butyl (Fusilade) in potatoes, soyabeans, and soil

Anler E L., 1988: Gas chromatographic analysis of flunixin in equine urine after extractive methylation

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601069

Molnar Perl, I.; Fabian Vonsik, V., 1988: Gas chromatographic analysis of histidine: effect on other amino acids present

Cessna, A., 1985: Gas chromatographic analysis of the herbicide bentazon in leeks

Chen, C. C.; Ho, C. T., 1988: Gas chromatographic analysis of volatile components of ginger oil (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) extracted with liquid carbon dioxide

Cailleux, A.; Turcant, A.; Allain, P.; Toussaint, D.; Gaste, J.; Roux, A., 1987: Gas chromatographic analysis of volatile compounds in water and biological samples with an automatic injector

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601074

Sakaguchi H., 1986: Gas chromatographic determination of diethylene glycol monoethyl ether in ice cream

Cordon C., 1986: Gas chromatographic determination of flucythrinate synthetic pyrethroid residues in a range of crops

Mattice, J. D.; Lavy, T. L., 1986: Gas chromatographic determination of picloram in human urine

Hemmerling, C., 1987: Gas chromatographic determination of residues of amitraz in honey

Deifel, A., 1985: Gas chromatographic determination of sugars in honey

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601084

Collet, P.; Didie, W., 1986: Gas chromatographic estimation of diethylene glycol monoethyl ether in ice cream premixes

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601086

Martin Hernandez, M. C.; Alonso, L.; Juarez, M.; Fontecha, J., 1988: Gas chromatographic method for determining free fatty acids in cheese

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601088

Sirotkina, N. N.; Marunyak, M. N., 1985: Gas chromatographic monitoring of soil pollution by aromatic hydrocarbons

Favretto L.G., 1988: Gas chromatographic separation and chemometric analysis of mandarin essential oils

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601091

Schoonen, W.G.E.J.; Lambert, J.G.D., 1987: Gas chromatographic-mass spectrometric analysis of steroids and steroid glucuronides in the seminal vesicle fluid of the African catfish, Clarias gariepinus

Mononen I., 1987: Gas chromatography analysis of cellular fatty acids and neutral monosaccharides in the identification of lactobacilli

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601096

Ebing, W., 1987: Gas chromatography of pesticides. Tabulated compilation of abstracts from the literature XV

Kuraishi, S.; Ohara, T.; Sakurai, N., 1987: Gas chromatography-flame thermionic detector analysis of cytokinins in etiolated squash seedlings using 14C-BA as an internal standard

Mirocha, C. J.; Pawlosky, R. J.; Hewetson, D. W., 1986: Gas chromatography/mass spectral analysis of trichothecenes

Nishikawa, H.; Hayakawa, T.; Sakai, T., 1987: Gas chromatogrphic determination of acrolein in rain water using bromination of O-methyloxime

Christiaens, J. P. A., 1987: Gas concentrations and thermal features of the animal environment with respect to respiratory diseases in pigs and poultry

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Hare, J. D.; Youngman, R. R., 1987: Gas exchange of orange (Citrus sinensis) leaves in response to feeding injury by the citrus red mite (Acari: Tetranychidae)

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Chauhan A.K., 1986: Gas liquid chromatographic separation of pyrethrins from some synthetic pyrethroids in formulations

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Anonymous, 1986: Gas spray gun beats weeds

Clifft, R. C.; Barnett, M. W., 1988: Gas transfer kinetics in oxygen activated sludge

Allen, P.; Hemmings, J. W., 1986: Gas treatment process

Bondarev, V. S.; Talalakina, T. N.; Spiridonov, Yu Ya; Shestakov, V. G.; Raskin, M. S., 1986: Gas-chromatographic determination of Sangor in water, soil and plants

Grandet, M.; Weil, L.; Quentin, K. E., 1988: Gas-chromatographic determination of the triazine herbicides and their metabolites in water

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601138

Rubin, M. B.; Noyes, R. M.; Smith, K. W., 1987: Gas-evolution oscillators. 9. A study of the ammonium nitrite oscillator

Bogaard, A. E. van den; Vecht, U.; Sol, J., 1987: Gaschromatographic analysis of summer mastitis secretions for the presumptive diagnosis of infections by obligate anaerobic bacteria

Miller, P. R.; Kickert, R. N., 1986: Gaseous air pollutants

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Meyer, P. J., 1987: Gasification of coal

Saffer, M.; Ocampo, A.; Laguierie, C., 1988: Gasification of coal in a fluidized bed in the presence of water vapor and oxygen; an experimental study and a first attempt at modeling the reactor

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601162

Pathak, B. S.; Jain, A. K., 1985: Gasification of rice husk in an updraught reactor

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Kaboret, Y.; Pangui, L. J.; Vercruysse, J., 1986: Gasterophilus infestation among donkeys in Burkina Faso

Principato, M.; Fioretti, D. P.; Galeote, L., 1985: Gasterophilus pecorum (Fabricius, 1794) and Gasterophilus inermis Brauer, 1858 (Diptera Gasterophilidae) in horses in Umbria

Ibu, J. O.; Rutishauser, S., 1988: Gastric acid secretion in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats

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Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601173

Hsiu, J. G.; Gamsey, A. J.; Ives, C. E.; D' Amato, N. A.; Hiller, A. N., 1986: Gastric anisakiasis: report of a case with clinical, endoscopic, and histological findings

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Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601181

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601182

Salim, A. S., 1988: Gastric diversion: a method for H+ output estimation in the rat

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Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601191

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Robinson J.R., 1987: Gastric emptying of nondigestible solids in the fasted dog

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Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601206

Beckman K.W., 1987: Gastric emptying rate after gastric bypass and gastroplasty

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Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601211

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Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601225

Patra, P. C.; Tripathy, S. B., 1986: Gastritis in dogs and its therapy

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601227

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601228

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601229

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601230

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601231

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601232

Matsumoto T., 1988: Gastroduodenal regulation of common duct bile flow in the dog

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Kopf, N.; Rumpf, W.; Schusser, G., 1988: Gastroduodenojejunitis and duodenocaecostomy in the horse

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601236

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601237

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601238

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601239

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601240

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601241

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601242

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601243

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601244

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601245

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601246

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601247

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601248

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601249

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601250

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601251

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601252

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601253

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601254

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601255

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601256

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601257

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601258

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601259

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601260

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601261

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601264

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601265

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601266

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601267

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601268

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601269

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601273

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601274

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601276

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601277

Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601278

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Section 2, Chapter 1602, Accession 001601363

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Kazakova, A. A.; Yakovlev, G. V., 1986: Genetic conditioning of the character male sterility in onion (Allium cepa L.)

Merezhko, A. F., 1987: Genetic confirmation of the ideas of N. I. Vavilov in breeding wheat for earliness

Withler, RE., 1988: Genetic consequences of fertilizing chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) eggs with pooled milt

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