Genetics of some grain characters in hexaploid triticale

Behl, R.K.; Singh, V.P.; Spalony, L.

Genetica Polonica 26(4): 479-485


Accession: 001603060

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Twenty-two genotypes were crossed in a line X tester design to form 72 hybrids; parents and hybrids were studied for 1000-grain weight, grain hardness, grain density and protein content. Additive and nonadditive effects were important for all 4; nonadditive effects predominated. The genotypes T134, TL37, Tcl3, Arm147 and 6TA204 were considered to be useful breeding material on the basis of their values for the 4 characters and their general combining ability (GCA) effects. In most cases, crosses with high specific combining ability effects involved genotypes with low GCA effects.