Glyphosate and sulfometuron methyl combinations for control of herbaceous weeds in newly established pine plantations

Downs, J.P.; Voth, R.D.

Proceedings, Southern Weed Science Society, 38th annual meeting: 181-188


Accession: 001604142

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In trials established throughout SE USA in 1984, 0.43 or 0.84 kg Roundup (glyphosate)/ha or 0.11 or 0.21 kg Oust (sulfometuron-methyl)/ha or combinations of 0.21, 0.43, 0.63 or 0.84 kg Roundup + 0.11 or 0.21 kg Oust/ha were applied to herbaceous weeds in Pinus taeda plantations from mid-Apr. to mid-July. Glyphosate + sulfometuron-methyl gave broad-spectrum control of annual herbaceous weeds and partial control of perennial herbaceous weeds at all 7 sites. Applications delayed until full emergence of the weeds achieved the best results. Glyphosate + sulfometuron-methyl did not reduce P. taeda survival. During the 1st growing season, P. taeda stem diam. increased 11-105% following glyphosate and sulfometuron treatment.