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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1606

Chapter 1606 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kramer, W., 1984:
Growing Abies grandis in the Syke Forest District

Kheintalu, A.M., 1986:
Growing Rhodiola rosea

Hansen, J., 1986:
Growing Schefflera arboricola from top cuttings

Fitzsimons, B.; Luddy, W.B., 1986:
Growing ash for hurleys

Robinson, J.C., 1986:
Growing bananas in hot areas

Alenov, Z.N., 1985:
Growing breeding material in an artificial climate

Nordestgaard, A., 1986:
Growing caraway (Carum carvi L.) for seed. Sowing and nitrogen rates

Chigantsev, N.P., 1986:
Growing conditions and yield in spring barley

Anonymous, 1988:
Growing deficit forecast in Pakistan

Steding, R., 1987 :
Growing demands on state management activities to develop the village as a centre of agricultural production and farming life. Some aspects of village development from the point of view of political and legal studies

Hetzner, E., 1986:
Growing disequilibrium between supply and demand

Golya, E., 1984:
Growing early potatoes under a plastic cover without frame structure

Baker, A.; Brooks, R.; Reeves, R., 1988:
Growing for goldand copperand zinc

Zayats, I.Ya, 1988:
Growing grapes for long-term storage

Kikuchi, M., 1986:
Growing impact of off-farm employment on a rural economy: changes in labour utilization and income earning structure in a Philippine rice village

Cannell, M. ( G.R.; Coutts, M. (P); Milne, R., 1988:
Growing in the wind

Proctor, J.T.A., 1986:
Growing interest in ginseng

Sinyavskii, V.A., 1986:
Growing maize for silage in fodder rotations with intensive usage of organic and mineral fertilizers

Schultz, G., 1985:
Growing maize in the Northern Territory

Moinereau, J.; Herrmann, P.; Favrot, J.C.; Riviere, L.M., 1987:
Growing media-Inventory, characteristics, and availability

Malik, I.A.; Ghulam Sarwar; Yousaf Ali, 1986:
Growing mungbean as a catch crop using early maturing and high yielding mutant varieties

Scherphof, W., 1987:
Growing number of stalls

Foltik, A.; Svetlik, V.; Jakesova, H.; Oralek, J.; Houdek, I.; Horak, J.; Kopriva, J., 1987:
Growing of tetraploid red clovers

Freeman, C.L., 1987:
Growing peas under irrigation

Tiunchik, V.K.; Soiko, V.I., 1987:
Growing planting stock in the forest-steppe zone of the Ukraine

Varchenko, I.I.; Ksenzova, T.G., 1986:
Growing potatoes at wide inter-row spacings in western Siberia

Martinetti, L., 1986:
Growing potatoes from true seed

Orson, J.H., 1987:
Growing practices - an aid or hindrance to weed control in cereals

Bjor, K.; Braekke, F.H.; Huse, M., 1986:
Growing season temperatures in stem cambium, needles and flowers/cones of Picea abies

Zaman, A., 1987:
Growing second crop during winter in drought prone laterite tract of West Bengal

Anonymous, 1987 :
Growing sheep numbers - an economic necessity

Veretennikov, S.S.; Kupriyanov, N.V., 1987:
Growing spruce in intensive plantations

Samuels, G., 1986:
Growing sugarcane as a renewable energy crop

Boevre, O.A., 1986:
Growing techniques for carnation

Aliev, N.A.; Gadzhiev, Z.S.; Gasanov, A.A., 1986:
Growing the cultivar Cabernet Sauvignon in wide rows

Anonymous, 1985:
Growing timber for the market. Proceedings of a discussion meeting, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 29-31 March 1985

Leoni, S.; Carletti, M.G.; Grudina, R.; Madeddu, B., 1987:
Growing tomatoes on inert substrates in a Mediterranean environment

Anonymous, 1986:
Growing up in a divided society. The contexts of childhood in South Africa

Kim, H.; Buresova, M., 1986:
Growing winged bean on natural supports under the conditions of South Vietnam

Howe, C., 1987:
Growing your own

Romanovskaya, R.N.; Sokolova, I.V., 1986:
Growth acceleration of cereal crops under artificial lighting

Datzer, R., 1987:
Growth among elderly travellers

Raschi, A.; Maracchi, G.; Vazzana, C.; Bacci, L., 1985:
Growth analyses in a maize crop: problems and possible simplifications of the methodology

Puste, A.M., 1988:
Growth analyses of pigeonpea varieties grown during winter season as influenced by spacing

Rao, N.K.S., 1986:
Growth analysis and differentiation of flowering and fruit setting behaviour in relation to planting season in tomato

Yadav, A.S.; Khare, P.K.; Mishra, G.P., 1986:
Growth analysis and dry matter production of seedlings of tropical dry deciduous forest tree species of central India. 1. Teak - Tectona grandis Linn. f

Vanangamudi K.; Vanangamudi M.; Balakrishnan K.; Palanisamy V.; Karivaratharaju T.V., 1987:
Growth analysis in certain varieties of pigeonpea

Govil, J.N.; Singh, S.P.; Ram, H., 1987:
Growth analysis in relation to pigeonpea improvement

Watanabe, K.; Sato, Y.; Shirakawa, H.; Abe, S., 1985:
Growth analysis in the regrowth of Italian ryegrass as affected by fertilization level

Castrignano, A.; Rubino, P.; Tarantino, E., 1987:
Growth analysis of a processing tomato crop under several irrigation regimes

Singh, A.L.; Hashmi, S.N.I.; Tyagi, S., 1986:
Growth analysis of cereals in western Uttar Pradesh

Musande, V.G.; Bhalerao, S.S.; Varade, S.B., 1986:
Growth analysis of cotton in intercropping system

Banyikwa, F.F.; Rulangaranga, Z.K., 1985:
Growth analysis of groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea) in competition with Ageratum conyzoides

Chatterjee, B.N.; Bhattacharyya, K.K.; Miah, A.A., 1987:
Growth analysis of rice bean

Kang, J.H.; Lee, H.J.; Park, B.H., 1985:
Growth analysis of silage maize in response to sowing date

Harris, M.; Smith, D.L.; Mackender, R.O., 1986:
Growth analysis of soybean seedlings during the lifespan of the cotyledons

Perenzin, M.; Corbellini, M.; Borghi, B., 1987:
Growth analysis of ten bread wheat hybrids (T. aestivum) produced with a chemical hybridizing agent

Czimber, G.; Domotor, J.; Nyilas, I., 1984:
Growth analysis of turnip (Brassica rapa convar. rapa)

Nakamoto T.; Nagato Y., 1988:
Growth analysis on the grain length and width in rice

Singh, R.P.; Singh, P.K., 1987:
Growth and N2-fixation of various Indian isolates of Azolla pinnata R. Br. under laboratory and field conditions

Greenberg, J.M.; Setter, T.L., 1986:
Growth and sucrose uptake of apical and basal maize kernels

Brand D.G.; Janas P.S., 1988:
Growth and acclimation of planted white pine and white spruce seedlings in response to environmental conditions

Babuchowski, A.; Glatz, B.A.; Hammond, E.G., 1987:
Growth and acid production by propionibacteria on various carbon sources present in whey

Sirlaorkul, S.; Ozimek, L.; Stiles, M.E., 1988:
Growth and activity of Lactococcus in ultrafiltered skim milk

Rajarathinam, R.; Shankar, P.A.; Laxminarayana, H., 1987:
Growth and activity of aerobic spore-forming bacteria in boiled milk

Mersmann, H.J.; Hu, C.Y.; Pond, W.G.; Rule, D.C.; Novakofski, J.E.; Smith, S.B., 1987:
Growth and adipose tissue metabolism in young pigs fed cimaterol with adequate or low dietary protein

Harrison, G.G.; Graver, E.J.; Vargas, M.; Churella, H.R.; Paule, C.L., 1987:
Growth and adiposity of term infants fed whey-predominant or casein-predominant formulas or human milk

King G.A.; Henderson K.G.; Lill R.E., 1987:
Growth and anatomical and ultrastructural studies of nectarine fruit wall development

Perez, R.; Santana, I.; Dieguez, F.J., 1987:
Growth and backfat thickness in gilts from Duroc sows

Barroteran, J.L.; Garcia, L., 1986:
Growth and biomass production of Andropogon gayanus Kunth during establishment on Venezuelan savannas

Kaneko, H.; Saito, Y.; Honjo, A., 1987:
Growth and blood properties of primary SPF piglets

Munk, H., 1986:
Growth and botanical composition of a meadow in the upper Black Forest as influenced by 30 years of fertilizer application

Morgan J.A., 1988:
Growth and canopy carbon dioxide exchange rate of spring wheat as affected by nitrogen status

Nilsson, T., 1988:
Growth and carbohydrate composition of winter white cabbage intended for long-term storage. I. Effects of late N-fertilization and time of harvest

Mpiri, D.B.; Getz, W.R.; Kajuni, A.R.; Mkony, J.I.; Bitende, S.T., 1987:
Growth and carcass characteristics of Mpwapwa and Boran test steers in Tanzania

Hanset, R.; Detal, G.; Michaux, C., 1988:
Growth and carcass characteristics of crossbred bulls from Friesian and MRY dams by Belgian Blue sires

Bello A.; Babiker S.A., 1988:
Growth and carcass characteristics of desert goat kids and their temperate cross

Arthur, P.F.; Makarechian, M.; Price, M.A., 1988:
Growth and carcass characteristics of male calves from crossing double muscled and normal cattle

Dobao, M.T.; Rodriganez, J.; Silio, L.; Toro, M.A.; Pedro, E. de; Garcia de Siles, J.L., 1987:
Growth and carcass characters in Iberian, Duroc-Jersey X Iberian and Jiaxing X Iberian pigs

Duquette, P.F.; Rickes, E.L.; Olson, G.; Capizzi, T.P.; Convey, E.M., 1987:
Growth and carcass composition of broilers fed beta-adrenergic-agonist L-640,033

Kennedy A.D.; Belluk B.M., 1987:
Growth and carcass composition of ram lambs treated with clonidine

Caine, W.R.; Mathison, G.W., 1987:
Growth and carcass performance in wether lambs fed the repartitioning agent cimaterol

Kresan, J.; Marencak, L., 1986:
Growth and carcass quality of Czechoslovakian Improved White pigs from birth to 240 days of age. 2. Growth of muscles

Kresan, J.; Marencak, L., 1986:
Growth and carcass quality of Czechoslovakian Improved White pigs from birth to 240 days. 3. Growth of adipose tissue

Kresan, J.; Marencak, L., 1986:
Growth and carcass quality of Czechoslovakian Improved White pigs from birth to 240 days. I. Growth of the body and its parts

Walkiewicz, A.; Musczynski, Z., 1987:
Growth and carcass quality of crossbred pigs (Polish Large White X Polish White Lop-eared) from smallholdings in the Lublin region

Steklenev, E.P.; Elistratov, T.M., 1986:
Growth and carcass quality of hybrids of the banteng (Bos (Bibos) javanicus D'Alton) with Red Steppe cattle

Rudolph, W.; Sotto, V.; Dunker, M., 1986:
Growth and carcass traits in New Zealand White rabbits

Crouse, J.D.; Schanbacher, B.D.; Cross, H.R.; Seideman, S.C.; Smith, S.B., 1987:
Growth and carcass traits of heifers as affected by hormonal treatment

Bond, J.; Berry, B.W.; Cross, H.R.; Dinius, D.A.; Oltjen, R.R., 1986:
Growth and carcass traits of open beef heifers versus beef heifers that have calved

Berbigier, P.; Sophie, S.A., 1986:
Growth and carcass traits of young Limousin X criollo and criollo bulls raised with and without shade in Guadeloupe (French Antilles)

Lewczuk, A.; Janiszewska, M., 1985:
Growth and carcass value of Polish Longwool sheep of the Pomeranian type in relation to sex and type of birth

Nilsson T., 1987:
Growth and chemical composition of carrots as influenced by the time of sowing and harvest

Lafitte H.R.; Loomis R.S., 1988:
Growth and composition of grain sorghum with limited nitrogen

Paull R.E.; Goo T.; Chen N.J., 1987:
Growth and compositional changes during development of lanzone fruit

Yuzhakov, A.A., 1968:
Growth and conformation of young Nenetsk reindeer in purebreeding and crossing with the Chukotsk type

Marini, R.P., 1986:
Growth and cropping of 'Redhaven' peach trees following foliar applications of flurprimidol and paclobutrazol

Haggerty P.; Potter N.N., 1986:
Growth and death of selected microorganisms in ultrafiltered milk

Borner, R., 1986:
Growth and development depending on controllable quantities in growth chambers

Cheng, Y.K., 1984:
Growth and development in lucerne

Kurlyanchik, I.A.; Skokova, A.A., 1984:
Growth and development in parsley of diverse geographical origin

Motka, M.N.; Bhalani, P.A.; Bharodia, R.K., 1985:
Growth and development of Aproaerema modicella (Deventer) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) on certain groundnut varieties

Kozikov, E.V., 1985:
Growth and development of Black Pied heifers 6 to 18 months old fed on diets supplemented with minerals and vitamins

Mandzulashvili, S.V., 1986:
Growth and development of Caucasian lambs and Australian Merino x Caucasian lambs with different amounts of Australian inheritance

Baizhurmanov, A.B.; Bekbosynov, K.R.; Sokolov, G.F., 1987:
Growth and development of Degeres lambs in relation to live weight of parents

Starodubtsev, V.M.; Goryunov, E.A., 1987:
Growth and development of F1 Holstein-Friesian X Russian Black Pied crossbreds

Lee, S.H.; Shin, S.M.; Hong, S.T.; Sohn, W.M.; Chai, J.Y.; Seo, B.S., 1987:
Growth and development of Fibricola seoulensis metacercariae in tadpoles

Tyak, G.V.; Makeev, V.A.; Cherkasov, A.F., 1987:
Growth and development of Oxycoccus palustris Pers. seedlings on plantations under the influence of mineral fertilizers

Zinsou, C.; Venthou Dumaine, A.; Vansuyt, G., 1987:
Growth and development of Pachyrhizus erosus Urban. I. Effects of gibberellic acid and chlorocholone chloride (CCC) under short-day conditions

Chai, J.Yil.; Seo, B.Seol.; Lee, S.Hyung.; Hong, S.Tae., 1986:
Growth and development of Pygidiopsis summa in rats and mice with a supplementary note on its morphological characters

Gonzalez Perez, A.; Perez Beato, O., 1987:
Growth and development of Red Pied Holstein heifers from 10 days to 30 months of age

Al-Frayh, A.R.; Jabar, F.A.; Wong, S.S.; Wong, H.Y.; Bener, A., 1987:
Growth and development of Saudi infant and pre-school children

Zaitseva, T.A., 1988:
Growth and development of Solidago virgaurea L. under photoperiods of different duration

Tyak, G.V., 1987:
Growth and development of Vaccinium myrtillus L. rhizomes

Malashko, V.V., 1986:
Growth and development of animals on diets supplemented with microbially synthesized preparations

Molchanova, N.V.; Parshikova, O.S.; Chaplinskaya, K.N.; Romas' ko, V.N., 1985:
Growth and development of broilers fed on house fly larvae meal

Antipin, V.T., 1986:
Growth and development of cattle fed on feed mixtures low in concentrates

Vardanyan, V.A.; Kyuchikyants, M.A., 1987:
Growth and development of chicks exposed to radiation at an early age

Pyasyatskene, A.A.; Vaichyunene, Y.A., 1986:
Growth and development of comfrey in cultivation

Yavorskii, V., 1987:
Growth and development of foals nursed by mares

Yarovskii, V., 1987:
Growth and development of foals of dairy mares

Kintsurashvili, S.E., 1987:
Growth and development of hazelnut on weakly podzolic soils of the Kolkhida lowlands

Buwalda, J.G.; Freeman, R.E., 1986:
Growth and development of hybrid squash (Cucurbita maxima L.) in the field

Agamirova, M.I., 1986:
Growth and development of jasmine on the Apsheron peninsula

Angelov, L., 1987:
Growth and development of lucerne under a cover crop of maize

Belal, A.F., 1987:
Growth and development of oat (Avena sativa L.) cultivars in response to water stress

Slabkina, A.I.; Denisova, T.A., 1986:
Growth and development of purebred Jersey and crossbred heifers at the Malino farm

Andreev, A.I., 1986:
Growth and development of replacement heifers on silage-based feeding regimen

Rymar' , V.T.; Ignatenko, S.I.; Podlesnyi, I.V.; Kremzin, N.M., 1984:
Growth and development of rice seedlings under soil salinity

Panday, K.; Nosberger, J., 1985 :
Growth and development of saplings of the fodder tree Artocarpus lakoocha Roxb. at three altitudes in Nepal

Vezina, L.; Bouchard, C.J.; Therrien, H.P., 1986:
Growth and development of sheep's sorrel (Rumex acetosella L.)

Sukarsih, 1986:
Growth and development of some filth flies in relation to moisture content of poultry manure

Uhrin, V., 1986:
Growth and development of subcutaneous adipose tissue in different types of domestic fowl

Haraldsson, D., 1987:
Growth and development of the Swedish Society for the Protection of Nature

Kurtovic, M.; Micic, N., 1987:
Growth and development of the fruit and seed in hazel

Ladrach, W.E., 1983:
Growth and development of the good general combiners of Pinus taeda after five years

Jordan, M.O., 1987:
Growth and development of the maize root system. II. The importance of some environmental parameters

Uhrin, V.; Blaho, R.; Kuliskova, L' ; Molnarova, I., 1986:
Growth and development of the mammary gland in heifers on different planes of nutrition

Akey, D.H.; Kimball, B.A.; Mauney, J.R., 1988:
Growth and development of the pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae), on bolls of cotton grown in enriched carbon dioxide atmospheres

Kvien, C.S.; Branch, W.D.; Henning, R.J.; Pallas, J.E., 1988:
Growth and development of the runner and virginia market type peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) as influenced by planting density

Sidorovich, E.A.; Rupasova, Z.A.; Rusalenko, V.G.; Ignatenko, V.A., 1987:
Growth and development of two Oxycoccus macrocarpus (Ait.) Pers. cultivars in experiments in the Belorussian SSR in relation to mineral nutrition

Petr, J.; Hradecka, D.; Andresova, A., 1986:
Growth and development of winter barley until the onset of winter

Danilova, L.G., 1986:
Growth and development of young male cattle fed on a diet supplemented with fat

Rakisheva, K.A., 1986:
Growth and development of young stock obtained by introductory crossbreeding

Oliveira, V.F.; Eberlein, C.V.; Sheaffer, C.C., 1985:
Growth and development on corn established in living and non-living alfalfa sods

Sterz, L.; Meinsen, C., 1986:
Growth and development rhythms of the components of red clover/grass mixtures

Noguera, V.; Abad, M.; Pastor, J.J.; Mora, J.; Armengol, F.; Serrano, A.; Garcia Codoner, A.C., 1988:
Growth and development, water absorption and mineral composition of tomato plants grown with the nutrient film technique in the east Mediterranean coast region of Spain

Rostovtseva, Z.P., 1984:
Growth and differentiation of plant organs

D'Harlingue, A.E.; Kwong, L.K.; Morrill, J.S.; Sunshine, P.; Tsuboi, K.K., 1986:
Growth and differentiative maturation of the rat enterocyte

Ronohardjo, P., 1986:
Growth and economic losses due to influenza A virus infection in local Indonesian ducks

Steklenev, E.P.; Elistratova, T.M., 1985:
Growth and economic traits of banteng X Red Steppe cattle hybrids

Oh, K.I., 1984:
Growth and ectomycorrhizal development of container-grown Quercus acutissima seedlings inoculated with Pisolithus tinctorius

Csete, L.; Ivanics, A.; Marton, J.; Rednagel, J., 1987:
Growth and efficiency in agriculture

Wallace, D.H.; Hedrick, H.B.; Seward, R.L.; Daurio, C.P.; Convey, E.M., 1987:
Growth and efficiency of feed utilization of swine fed a beta-adrenergic agonist (L-644,969)

Matthews, A., 1988:
Growth and employment considerations in the food vs. export crops debate

D.S.lva J.H.S.; Johnson W.L.; Burns J.C.; Anderson C.E., 1987:
Growth and environment effects on anatomy and quality of temperate and subtropical forage grasses

Dantwala, M.L., 1987:
Growth and equity in agriculture

Greene, L.W.; Harms, P.G.; Schelling, G.T.; Byers, F.M.; Ellis, W.C.; Kirk, D.J., 1985:
Growth and estrous activity of rats fed adequate and deficient levels of phosphorus

Weigand E.; Kirkhgessner M., 1987:
Growth and feed efficiency of weanling pigs on diets with different mineral supplements

Lowe, S.E.; Theodorou, M.K.; Trinci, A.P., 1987:
Growth and fermentation of an anaerobic rumen fungus on various carbon sources and effect of temperature on development

Olivain, C.; Bessis, R., 1986:
Growth and fertility potentials in the latent bud of grapevine (Vitis vinifera L.), a study carried out from initiation until the beginning of dormancy

Gloria, N.M., 1985:
Growth and fibre morphology of abaca (Musa textilis Nee) ratoons as influenced by plant density and nitrogen level

Moe, R., 1988:
Growth and flowering in roses

Jesang, C.M.; Waithaka, K., 1988:
Growth and flowering of Alstroemeria

Ohkawa, K., 1987:
Growth and flowering of Anemone coronaria L. 'de Caen'

Ohkawa, K., 1986:
Growth and flowering of Ranunculus asiaticus

Loreti, F.; Scalabrelli, G.; Musso, O., 1987:
Growth and fruiting behaviour of peaches under protected cultivation

Byers R.E.; Carbaugh D.H., 1987:
Growth and fruiting of apple and cherry trees as affected by trunk looping

Shcherbatko, V.D., 1986:
Growth and fruiting of apple cultivars on vigorous and dwarfing rootstocks

Nesterov, Y.S.; Filippov, Y.I., 1986:
Growth and fruiting of apple varieties in the Crimea

Storchous, V.N., 1986:
Growth and fruiting of peach trees with local irrigation

Mayatskii, I.N., 1987:
Growth and fruiting of sea buckthorn varieties introduced into Moldavia

Nitransky, S., 1987:
Growth and fruiting of the peach cultivar Redhaven on different rootstocks in the orchard

Tylus, K.; Grzyb, Z.S.; Gzynczyk, A., 1986:
Growth and fruiting of the sour cherry cultivar utowka on various rootstocks

Rupp, L.A.; Anderson, J.L., 1985:
Growth and fruiting responses of young apple and tart cherry trees to weed control

Yamashita, M., 1986:
Growth and function of tea roots in different soils

Gregory, P.J., 1988:
Growth and functioning of plant roots

Mai, V.V.; Andreeva, T.F.; Nichiporovich, A.A., 1987:
Growth and gas exchange in mustard in the absence of exogenous nitrogen

Mai, V.V.; Andreeva, T.F.; Nichiporovich, A.A., 1987:
Growth and gas exchange of Indian mustard in the absence of exogenous nitrogen

Lorenzo Minguez, P.; Ceulemans, R.; Gabriels, R.; Impens, I.; Verdonck, O.; Aguila, J.F., 1986:
Growth and gas exchange of Schefflera arboricola as affected by salinity

Netland, J., 1986:
Growth and germination in different populations of annual meadow grass (Poa annua)

Singh, S.S.; Paliwal, G.S., 1986:
Growth and germination sensitivity of Leucaena leucocephala to different continuous and fractionated doses of gamma rays

Karim, F., 1985:
Growth and grain yield response of corn (Zea mays L.) to starter fertilizers under conventional and no-tillage systems

Singh S.; Ram T., 1988:
Growth and growth efficiency of seedlings in different crops

Berry C.R., 1985:
Growth and heavy metal accumulation in pine seedlings grown with sewage sludge

Maudsley, J.R.; Kadis, S., 1986:
Growth and hemolysin production by Haemophilus pleuropneumoniae cultivated in a chemically defined medium

Bandyopadhyay, S., 1986:
Growth and in-vitro sensitivity to captan of different cowpea Rhizobium strains

Sundrum, R.M., 1987:
Growth and income distribution in India - policy and performance since independence

Dimitrov, E.T.; Alam, M., 1987:
Growth and increment of red oak in the Park of Liberty

Mahendradev, S., 1987 :
Growth and instability in foodgrains production. An inter-state analysis

Davis, T.D.; Myers, C.S., 1986:
Growth and interior performance of several herbaceous ornamentals treated with XE 1019

Lee, K.M.; Kwack, B.H., 1988:
Growth and leaf colour change of variegated Lonicera japonica var. aureo-reticulata under varied light intensity and nitrogen fertilization

Boyle J.F.; Smith C.B., 1985:
Growth and leaf elemental composition of snapbeans as affected by applied zinc and interacting fertilizers

Cowles, J.R.; Scheld, H.W.; Lemay, R.; Peterson, C.; Scheld, H.W., 1984:
Growth and lignification in seedlings exposed to eight days of microgravity

Edwards J.H.; Pedersen J.F., 1986:
Growth and magnesium uptake of tall fescue lines at high and low potassium levels

Ohnishi, E., 1987:
Growth and maturation of ovaries in isolated abdomens of Bombyx mori: response to ecdysteroids and other steroids

Kotsova, M.V., 1985:
Growth and maturity of the ocean flounder, Pleuronectes platessa, in the Barents sea

Pavlik, J., 1984:
Growth and meat production of Duroc and Belgian Landrace pigs used in the production of hybrid boars

Jouve, D.; Ouhayoun, J.; Maitre, I.; Latour, O.; Coulmin, J.P., 1987:
Growth and meat quality traits of a rabbit strain

Atwell, B.J., 1986:
Growth and metabolism of rice seedlings at low oxygen concentrations

Venkatesh, B.; Mukherji, AP.; Mukhopadhyay, PK.; Dehadrai, PV., 1986:
Growth and metabolism of the catfish Clarias batrachus (Linn.) fed with different experimental diets

Janes, H.W.; Chin, C.K.; Bachmansky, J., 1988:
Growth and metabolism of tomato roots grown in tissue cultures at various temperatures

Zernov, V.S.; Kazakov, V.S., 1986:
Growth and metabolism of young pigs given Pectofeotidine GZx

Rowan T.G.; Lawrence T.L.J., 1986:
Growth and metabolism studies in growing pigs given diets containing a low glucosinolate rapeseed meal

Francis, P.B., 1985:
Growth and microclimate of Essex soybeans as affected by rowspacing

Ojima, K.; Koike, H.; Urano, G.; Ohira, K., 1986:
Growth and mineral accumulation in two varieties of wheat differing in aluminium tolerance in Kawatabi andosol

Stratton M.L.; Barker A.V., 1987:
Growth and mineral composition of radish in response to nitrification inhibitors

Park, H.; Hur, S.N.; Kim, V.J., 1985:
Growth and minerals of wild soybean and their relations to soil chemical characteristics in natural habitat

Estrada Torres, A.; Valdes, M., 1986:
Growth and mycorrhizal formation of pine seedlings inoculated with Pisolithus tinctorius in nursery seedbeds or containers

Skrivan, M.; Tumova, E.; Mandak, K., 1986:
Growth and nitrogen balance in Muscovy ducklings fed on mixed feeds containing fish meal as a substitute

Skrivan, M.; Tumova, E., 1987:
Growth and nitrogen balance in broiler chickens fed on a diet containing various amounts of sulphur-containing amino acids

Wijesuriya, S.R.; Fox, J.E.D., 1985:
Growth and nutrient concentration of sandalwood seedlings grown in different potting mixtures

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Growth deformities

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Growth of Acacia mangium throughout Sabah

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Growth of Acacia species in coal mine interburden materials

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Growth of Ardennes horses from birth to 3 years of age at the Izvin stud

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Growth of Australian acacias in Tanzania

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Growth of Azolla in association with rice culture and its contribution to soil fertility

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Growth of Brown Swiss heifers under intensive management

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Growth of Candida utilis on single- and multicomponent-sugar substrates and on waste banana pulp liquors for single-cell protein production

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Growth of Cissus, Dracaena and Syngonium at different fertilizer, irrigation and soil temperatures

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Growth of German Black Pied Dairy cows in different environments

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Growth of Larix decidua and Norway spruce in stands on similar sites

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Growth of Leicoma and Schwerfurt meat-type hybrids and implications for effective pig fattening

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Growth of Leishmania donovani amastigotes in the continuous human macrophage cell line U937: studies of drug efficacy and metabolism

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Growth of Listeria monocytogenes in skim, whole and chocolate milk, and in whipping cream during incubation at 4, 8, 13, 21 and 35 degrees C

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Growth of Metarhizium anisopliae (Metsch.) Sorokin in natural liquid culture media

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Growth of Mycoplasma F38 in medium B (modified Hayflick) and Newings tryptose medium

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Growth of Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides on media containing various sugars and amino sugars: an ampoule microcalorimetric study

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Growth of Pinus nigra on blowing sands in southern Moravia

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Growth of Pinus pseudostrobus Lind. and Pinus maximinoi H.E. Moore after five years

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Growth of Polish larch at 30 years old in the area of Kostelec nad Cernymi Lesy

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Growth of Polyporus versicolor on lignite fractions

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Growth of Rambouillet lambs on the Zacatecas high plateau from birth to six months of age

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Growth of Rhizobium leguminosarum biovar trifolii as affected by the herbicide Amitrol

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Growth of Scots pine on tukulan sites in Yakutia

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Growth of Scots pine plantations in the southern taiga subzone

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Growth of Scots pine plantations with perennial lupin

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Growth of Sisymbrium irio under reduced light intensity

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Growth of South Indian children during 6-12 years of age in relation to birthweight and gestational age

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Growth of Staphylococcus aureus in khoa

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Growth of Swietenia macrophylla and intercropped Leucaena leucocephala in the residual forest of Melaleuca leucadendron

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Growth of Zymomonas mobilis CP4 on mannitol

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Growth of a 5 year old beech plantation established with plants produced in polythene tunnels or an open nursery

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Growth of abdominal adipose tissue in different types of domestic fowl

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Growth of acacias on a logged-over forest in Sabah

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Growth of agricultural economy in Bangladesh

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Growth of an overmature beech coppice stand and a forest stand produced from beech coppice in the Tuscan Apennines. First report

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Growth of attenuated strains of canine parvovirus, mink enteritis virus, feline panleukopenia virus and canine distemper virus in various cell cultures

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Growth of blue grama (Bouteloua gracilis) in response to atmospheric CO2 enrichment

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Growth of calves and the development of rumen digestion during feeding of the calves with a soyabean replacer of milk feeds

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Growth of chickens and maintenance of laying by use of local feeds

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Growth of citrus rootstock (Carrizo citrange) seedlings during and after long-term CO2 enrichment

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Growth of citrus trees as affected by ethylene evolved from organic materials applied to the soil

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Growth of conifers with mycorrhizas formed with Tuber spp

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Growth of creeping bentgrass on a new medium for turfgrass growth: clinoptilolite zeolite-amended sand

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Growth of crop output in Punjab

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Growth of crossbred heavy draught breeds in Gorno Altai

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Growth of earthworms (Allolobophora caliginosa) in soil mixed with either barley, lucerne or meadow fescue at various stages of decomposition

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Growth of eucalypts: a mathematical model applied to Eucalyptus globulus

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Growth of eucalyptus in six species and provenance trials in the Department of Cauca: results after three years

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Growth of experimental Pinus nigra plantations established on badly eroded land

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Growth of fast- and slow-growing rhizobia on ethanol

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Growth of fertilizer consumption in two villages of Bangladesh 1977-84

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Growth of foliage plants in differentially compacted potting media

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Growth of fringe-lipped carp in cement cisterns

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Growth of giant wildrye under irrigation

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Growth of golden hamster and rat young reared by foster mothers of the reciprocal species

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Growth of heifers reared on pasture and their milk yield after the first calving

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Growth of Indigenous Rhizobium leguminosarum and Rhizobium meliloti in Soils Amended with Organic Nutrients

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Growth of individuals in plant populations

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Growth of inputs in Karnataka's agriculture. Position by 2001 A.D

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Growth of introduced larvae and fingerlings of sea bass (Lates calcarifer) in Tahiti

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Growth of jack pine forest on an acid brunisol treated with lime

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Growth of juvenile white sturgeon (Acipenser transmontanus) fed different purified diets

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Growth of lignocellulolytic microorganisms on activated sludge: potential application

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Growth of lymphocystis virus in a seabass (Lates calcarifer Bloch) cell line

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Growth of maize lines as affected by placement of liming materials for correction of soil acidity in pots

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Growth of meat ducklings in groups fed on concentrates and succulent feed

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Growth of mycorrhizal fungi cultured with bacteria

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Growth of native and introduced legumes on a moist, nitrogen-deficient site in western Oklahoma

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Growth of oil-oxidizing microorganisms of the genus Mycobacterium on multicomponent mixtures of substrates

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Growth of onion plants (Allium cepa L.) as affected by foliar spraying of indole acetic acid (IAA) combined with Zn or Mn nutrients

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Growth of palms and foliage plants in hydroculture

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Growth of pathogenic Candida isolates anaerobically and under elevated concentrations of CO2 in air

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Growth of piglets in boxes on the ground

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Growth of pigs on pasture supplemented with maize and a balanced feed

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Growth of pines inoculated with pine wood nematode (Bursaphelenchus xylophilus), especially on the growth for three years after inoculation

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Growth of plants and root-associated microorganisms in nutrient media of different compositions

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Growth of polecats housed in groups of different sizes and with different sex ratios

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Growth of poplar in rows

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Growth of poplar in rows. Part 3

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Growth of premature infants fed formulas with 10%, 30%, or 50% medium-chain triglycerides

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Growth of prophyll and proline accumulation due to salt stress in three barley cultivars

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Growth of psychrotrophic bacteria in raw and UHT-treated goats' milk

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Growth of psychrotrophic bacteria in solids fortified skim milk

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Growth of rice production in Andhra Pradesh: trends and determinants

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Growth of rillscale on bentonite mine spoil as influenced by amendments

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Growth of sea buckthorn varieties in the Byelorussian SSR

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Growth of seedlings in a polythene greenhouse in relation to sowing times

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Growth of six ornamental plants and soluble salts of the growing media

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Growth of species of the genera Pinus and Eucalyptus in the dry coastal plain of Region VI, Chile

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Growth of starter cultures in heat processed ultrafiltered skim milk

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Growth of sugar maple and American beech according to social classes in the stand

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Growth of sugarcane and its use of nutrients in Zimbabwe

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Growth of teak seedlings in nursery

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Growth of the Arboretum Las Gaviotas after four years

Ladrach, W.E., 1987:
Growth of the Guachicona Arboretum eight years after the 1977 plantings and three years after the 1977, 1980 and 1981 plantings

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Growth of the breast-fed infant

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Growth of the fetal sheep small intestine

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Growth of the mould Aspergillus flavus and the production of aflatoxins in maize and wheat stored in warm environments of different relative humidities

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Growth of the mycophagous nematode Aphelenchoides hamatus on nematophagous fungi

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Growth of three mosquitoes on two larval diets measured by protein accumulation

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Growth of timothy and red clover in relation to weather and time of autumn cutting. 1. Yield and initial relative growth rate subsequent spring

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Growth of tree species in shelterbelts with diagonal group planting

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Growth of tropical grasses under different temperatures; pearl millet X Napier grass interspecific hybrids

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Growth of tropical pines in Tamil Nadu in relation to soil properties

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Growth of turkeys of different breeds during finishing. 1. Growth of the body and its parts

Kresan, J., 1987:
Growth of turkeys of different breeds during finishing. 2. Growth of muscles, fat tissue, bones and skin

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Growth of weeds and barley in mixed stands - unit production ratio and competitive ability

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Growth of western hemlock stands after precommercial thinning

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Growth of wheat and barley seedlings at different matric and osmotic potentials

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Growth of white clover (Trifolium repens L.) exposed to low concentrations of SO2 and NO2 at different levels of sulphate and nitrate nutrients

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Growth of young Scots pine stands damaged by elk and results of the use of repellents in forest protection

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Growth of young Terminalia superba plants in controlled conditions

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Growth of young rats exposed to an electric field for several generations

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Growth of zoysiagrass from vegetative plugs in response to fertilizers

Anonymous, 1985:
Growth on cheese market

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Growth parameter and yield component response of field corn to simulated acid rain

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Growth pattern and seasonal changes in chemical composition in leaves, shoots and berries of Campbell Early grapes (V. labruscana B.)

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Growth pattern and tuber yield in potatoes under contrasting climatic conditions between two years

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Growth pattern of Corcyra cephalonica pupa and effect of diflubenzuron on pupal weight

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Growth pattern of crossbred females of Gir X Friesian and Gir X Jersey breeds

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Growth pattern of developing fruits of apricot

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Growth pattern of fertilizer consumption in Gujarat

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Growth pattern of the above-ground internodes of a fertile tiller in wheat

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Growth pattern, heterosis and correlation in sunflower

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Growth patterns in different beef cattle genotypes and their relationships to performance

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Growth patterns of club-mosses in Scots pine stands of the lichen type in Lithuania

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Growth patterns of main woody species composing beech-oak secondary forests in a heavy snowfall region

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Growth patterns of major food crops under different plans in Himachal Pradesh

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Growth performance and carcass composition of turkey hens fed corn gluten feed

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Growth performance and carcass quality of lambs given silage

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Growth performance and concentrations of thyroid hormones and growth hormone in plasma of broilers at high temperatures

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Growth performance and crossbreeding system efficiency for four breeds of swine

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Growth performance and health of lambs fattened semi-intensively using monensin

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Growth performance and nutrients utilization in mutton synthetic lambs

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Growth performance of Assam local and crossbred kids under different feeding regimes

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Growth performance of native and crossbred weaner lambs

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Growth performance of silver oak (Grevillea robusta A. Cunn.) in mid hills

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Growth performance of two species of Trigonella, T. foenum-graecum L. and T. corniculata L. in relation to different moisture regimes

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Growth performance of young pigs given enzyme preparations

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Growth period as a breeding objective in wheat at the Turda Agricultural Research Station

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Growth period duration and reaction to vernalization in Triticum monococcum L

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Growth period duration in winter wheat varieties and breeding lines, and its association with yield

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Growth period in wild lucerne species

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Growth period, moisture content in the grain and yield in many-eared inbred lines of maize

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Growth phases of true chamomile in relation to the dynamics of dry matter formation, content of nutrients and their uptake by the plant dry matter

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Growth plasticity and branchiness of trees in young stands of Scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)

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Growth potential of young olive with high chloride irrigation water

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Growth pouch method for studying the influence of Ca, Al and pH on crop growth in nutrient solutions

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Growth prediction equations for unthinned, short rotation E. grandis coppice stands using data obtained from Working Plan surveys

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Growth prediction of Eucalyptus grandis using a pocket calculator

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Growth processes in potato and their relationship with yield

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Growth promotants for deer

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Growth promoting ability of chakka

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Growth promoting agents in cattle and lamb fattening

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Growth promoting effect of zinc bacitracin and virginiamycin administered simultaneously with ionophoric coccidiostats in broilers

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Growth promoting effects of nitrovin and olaquindox in continuous vs. shuttle programs in broiler diets

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Growth promoting quality of staple cereals in representative Karnataka diets

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Growth promotion by oral administration of enkephalinase inhibitors (thiorphan and acetorphan) in rats and mice

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Growth promotion of apple seedlings and rootstocks by specific strains of bacteria

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Growth rate analysis of weed interference with soybeans

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Growth rate and carcase composition of Border Leicester X Scottish Blackface, East Friesland X Blackface and East Friesland X North Country Cheviot lambs

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Growth rate and carcase weights of lambs from East Coast hill country

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Growth rate and development of body measurements in Warmblood foals

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Growth rate and meat quality of young bulls fattened on maize silage and briquettes for grain fodder crops

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Growth rate and milk composition: a critical appraisal

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Growth rate and morbidity in piglets from gilt and sow litters

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Growth rate and physiological characteristics of sheep fetuses and their relations to the maternal nutritional state during late pregnancy

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Growth rate and utilization of milk feed in Granada kids: artificial lactation and early weaning

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Growth rate of bacteria initially present in cow's and buffalo's milk

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Growth rate of four forest tree species in the alang-alang (Imperata cylindrica) area of Jampang Tengah, Sukabumi

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Growth rate of selected Acacia species in north and southeast Queensland, Australia

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Growth rate of tree species

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Growth rate of water hyacinth and biocontrol efficacy of Cercospora rodmanii

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Growth rate, organic matter production and chemical composition of barley seedlings as affected by NPK fertilizer

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Growth Rates and Carbohydrate Fluxes within the Elongation Zone of Tall Fescue Leaf Blades

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Growth rates of follicles in the ovary of the cow

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Growth rates, establishment techniques, and propagation of some central Australian acacias

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Growth reaction of pecan root cuttings

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Growth reactions of different provenances of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) after SO2 fumigation during the winter

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Growth regulating activity of penicillin in higher plants

Weaver, J.B.; Bhardwaj, H.L., 1985:
Growth regulating effect of chlordimeform in cotton

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Growth regulating properties of leaf extract of Ipomea aquatica in upland cotton

Sahay, R.K.; Pundarikakshudu, R., 1987:
Growth regulating properties of synthetic pyrethroids

Asare Boamah, N.K., 1986:
Growth regulating properties of triadimefon in bean

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