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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1609

Chapter 1609 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608002

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608003

Virmani S.S., 1988: Heterosis and isozyme divergence in indica rice

Cherkashchenko, I. I.; Gugshvili, D. S., 1986: Heterosis and its importance in rabbit breeding

Syiam, M. M.; Awad, H. Y.; El Gharbawi, M. A.; Atta, Y. T., 1982: Heterosis and potence ratio of the technological characters in some interspecific and intraspecific crosses of cotton

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608008

Bardier, N. G.; Budak, A. B., 1986: Heterosis and the inheritance of economically useful characters in first-generation hybrids of soyabean

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608010

Gordei, G. M., 1985: Heterosis effect in F1 hybrids of winter hexaploid triticales

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608013

Kir' yan, M. V., 1985: Heterosis for and inheritance of yield and winter hardiness in winter wheat varieties of diverse origin under Ukrainian conditions

Mehndiratta, P. D.; Chhina, B. S.; Phul, P. S., 1987: Heterosis for chlorophyll in pearlmillet

Bhuiyan, S. R.; Newaz, M. A.; Faridi, M. N. I., 1986: Heterosis for fruit yield, ascorbic acid and other plant characters in tomato

Bhuvanakumar, C. K., 1986: Heterosis for meat production in pigs - a review

Pedersen, J.; Christensen, L. G., 1986: Heterosis for milk production traits by crossing Red Danish, Finnish Ayrshire and Holstein-Friesian cattle

Patel, U. G.; Amarjit Singh; Kukadia, M. U., 1987: Heterosis for physiological and morphological traits and grain yield in pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides S & H)

Ekanayake, I. J.; Garrity, D. P.; Virmani, S. S., 1986: Heterosis for root pulling resistance in F1 rice hybrids

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608022

Balkov, I. Ya; Petrenko, V. P.; Korneeva, M. A., 1986: Heterosis for sugar content in sugarbeet

Masson, M. F.; Peloquin, S. J., 1987: Heterosis for tuber yields and total solids content in 4x X 2x FDR-CO crosses in potato

Singh, P. K.; Gautam, P. L., 1986: Heterosis for yield and yield components in durum wheat (Triticum durum Desf.)

Velichko, M. P.; Kasatkin, Yu A.; Ostapenko, A. I., 1986: Heterosis for yield in hybrids

Iloeje, M. U., 1985: Heterosis from crosses among zebu and South Devon beef cattle in south-eastern Nigeria. 1. Fertility and calf performance to weaning

An, C. T.; Sun, W. Q., 1986: Heterosis in F1s of Brassica napus L. and analysis of the correlations between male parent and progenies

Saimaneerat, A.; Srinives, P., 1986: Heterosis in F2 hybrids of soyabean

Sangwan, R. S.; Yadava, J. S., 1986: Heterosis in Upland cotton and its commercial utilization

Wells, R.; Meredith, W. R, Jr, 1986: Heterosis in Upland cotton. I. Growth and leaf area partitioning

Madalageri, B. B.; Bojappa, K. M., 1986: Heterosis in a diallel cross of onion

Polyakov, Ya K.; Polyudina, R. I., 1987: Heterosis in breeding red clover

Chaudhary A.H., 1987: Heterosis in chickpea

Tarakanov, P. S., 1986: Heterosis in cocksfoot breeding

Schulte Coerne, H.; Boie, D., 1986: Heterosis in crosses between European and American dairy breeds

Kinghorn, B. P.; Atkins, K. D., 1987: Heterosis in crosses between Merino strains and bloodlines and its exploitation

Shete M.M., 1987: Heterosis in crosses of seven genotypes of cowpea

Wessely, E. C.; Freyer, G.; Biemann, J.; Panicke, L.; Vetter, E.; Matthes, H. D., 1986: Heterosis in dairy cattle breeding

Aher, R. P.; Hapase, R. S.; Thete, R. Y., 1986: Heterosis in deshi cotton (Gossypium arboreum L.)

Younis, S. E. A.; Omara, M. K.; Saleh, F. M.; Saba, M. F., 1988: Heterosis in dry matter and grain yield/plant under drought in varietal crosses among maize populations

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608045

Melkonyan, M. V., 1986: Heterosis in grape

Gonzalez Julian, J.; Galan Estella, F., 1988: Heterosis in hybridization between the monoecious and dioecious subspecies of Ecballium elaterium (L.) Rich

Khatyleva, L. U. (Khotyleva, L. V); Shevardnadze, G. A.; Tarutsina, L. A. (Tarutina, L. A), 1985: Heterosis in hybrids from crosses of early-generation inbred lines from a population of multieared maize

Pandey, S. C.; Naik, G., 1986: Heterosis in interspecific hybrids of Brassica

Palanetskaya, L. M. (Polonetskaya, L. M); Prygun, U. S. (Prygun, V. S), 1986: Heterosis in intervarietal flax hybrids

Li, M. Y., 1985: Heterosis in intervarietal hybrids of Upland cotton and an analysis of yield components

Balan, G. I.; Mynbaev, T. T., 1987: Heterosis in maize hybrids and populations of induced origin

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608054

Suciu, Z.; Margea, R.; Bojan, E.; Oncu, M., 1986: Heterosis in onion

Moitra, P. K.; Singh, S. P., 1986: Heterosis in peas

Nikitchenko, I. N., 1987: Heterosis in pig breeding

Utz H.F., 1988: Heterosis in primary hexaploid triticale with heterozygous wheat or rye genome

Dakhore, S. R.; Narkhede, M. N.; Khorgade, P. W., 1987: Heterosis in relation to combining ability effects in linseed Linum usitatissimum Linn

Khorgade P.W., 1986: Heterosis in relation to combining ability effects in safflower

Singh, V. K.; Singh, H. G.; Chauhan, Y. S., 1986: Heterosis in sesame

Tyszka, Z. J.; Niznikowski, R., 1986: Heterosis in sheep milk production

Kananjia, A. S.; Pander, B. L., 1988: Heterosis in some economic traits in Beetal and Black Bengal crosses

Reddy, C. R.; Reddy, M. V., 1986: Heterosis in sugarcane (Saccharum spp. hybrid)

Nagai J., 1987: Heterosis in survival of transferred mouse embryos

Taranenko, L. K., 1986: Heterosis in the buckwheat selection

Butnaru, G., 1987: Heterosis in triticale

Palve, S. M.; Thete, R. Y.; Dumbre, A. D.; Hapase, R. S., 1986: Heterosis in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) from line X tester analysis

Poshiya, V. K.; Shukla, P. T., 1986: Heterosis studies in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench)

Baldev Singh; Gupta, V. P.; Gupta, P. K., 1986: Heterosis studies in radish (Raphanus sativus L.)

Dearborn, D. D.; Gregory, K. E.; Lunstra, D. D.; Cundiff, L. V.; Koch, R. M., 1987: Heterosis, breed maternal and breed direct effects in Red Poll and Hereford cattle

Kajjidoni, S. T., 1986: Heterosis, combining ability and gene action for earliness, yield and yield components in 2 X 10 crosses of Gossypium arboreum L. X G. herbaceum L. cotton

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608079

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608080

Petrovic, J., 1987: Heterosis, variability and correlations involving some economically important characters in wheat

Gallais, A., 1987: Heterosis: its prediction and utilisation in plant breeding

Porter R.D., 1986: Heterospecific transformation among cyanobacteria

Sycheva, L. V.; Zhidkova, N. I., 1985: Heterotic F1 variety-line carrot hybrids based on CMS lines

Pospisilova, D.; Palenik, V., 1987: Heterotic effect in crosses of pedigree grape

Depestre, T.; Espinosa, J., 1986: Heterotic effect in sweet pepper under Cuban conditions

Rathore, R. K. S.; Chauan, S. S., 1986: Heterotic studies in spring wheat

Okita, N.; Hanawa, T.; Yoshimoto, M.; Nakayama, R., 1987: Heterotopic parasitism of Setaria digitata in the heart of eight cattle

Killham, K., 1986: Heterotrophic nitrification

Dukharev, V. A.; Romanovskii, M. G.; Ryabokon, S. M., 1987: Heterozygosis and the seed production of Pinus sylvestris individuals

Narain, P.; Sharma, B. S., 1986: Heterozygosity and optimum level of exotic inheritance in crossbred cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608103

Matthews, TC.; Craig, G. B.; Jr., 1987: Heterozygosity in inbred strains of the tree-hole mosquito Aedes triseriatus

Grand Pernot, F. le, 1988: Heterozygosity of isolates of Phytophthora infestans; consequences for the appearance of physiologic races

Mejnartowicz, L., 1986: Heterozygosity of silver fir populations

Vihan, V. S., 1987: Hexachlorethane toxicity in goats

Leoni, V.; D' Innocenzo, C.; Marinelli, G.; Pupi, M.; Giuliani, A. R.; Fabiani, L.; Bernardinis, G. de, 1987: Hexachlorobenzene and the deposit of chlorinated pesticides in adipose tissue in the Abruzzo Region in 1985

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608111

Heaney, S. P.; Atger, J. C.; Roques, J. F., 1986: Hexaconazole: a novel fungicide for use against diseases on vines

Shephard, M. C.; Noon, R. A.; Worthington, P. A.; McLellan, W. D.; Lever, B. G., 1986: Hexaconazole: a novel triazole fungicide

Chatterjee, A.; Dhara, K. P.; Rej, R. N.; Ghosh, P. C., 1977: Hexacosylferulate, a phenolic constituent of Pinus roxburghii

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608115

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608116

Cressey, P. J.; MacGibbon, D. G.; Grama, A., 1987: Hexaploid wild emmer wheat derivatives grown under New Zealand conditions. 3. Influence of nitrogen fertilisation and stage of grain development on protein composition

Gonzalez, F. E., 1985: Hexazinone and sulfometuron methyl herbicides for pine forestry

Alm, A. A.; Whorton, J. M., 1985: Hexazinone application over red pine in Minnesota

Lavy, T. L.; Mattice, J. D.; Kochenderfer, J. N., 1986: Hexazinone dissipation in a forested watershed

Yarborough, D. E.; Ismail, A. A., 1985: Hexazinone on weeds and on lowbush blueberry growth and yield

Newcomer, K. P.; Zedaker, S. M.; Smith, D. W., 1986: Hexazinone spot treatment versus triclopyr basal spray for releasing loblolly pine

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608125

Veselova, T. P.; Doroshina, M. V.; Arkhipov, I. A., 1987: Hexichol C against fascioliasis in sheep

Kotel' nikov, G. A.; Shigina, N. G.; Veselova, T. P.; Doroshina, M. V.; Arkhipov, I. A.; Podgornyi, A. I., 1988: Hexichol S for bovine fascioliasis

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608128

Sharma, P.; Cordell, G. A., 1988: Heyneanine hydroxyindolenine, a new alkaloid from Ervatamia coronaria var. plena

Bieniek, K. W.; Kupper, H., 1988: Hi-Ceram: a new method for prosthetic reconstruction of dog's teeth

Khansen, T. (Hansen, T), 1986: Hibernation physiology of Polygraphus poligraphus larvae

Flanagan, M., 1987: Hickories in cultivation

McCarthy, B. C.; Wistendahl, W. A., 1988: Hickory (Carya spp.) distribution and replacement in a second-growth oak hickory forest of southeastern Ohio

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608138

Ferguson, D. H., 1987: Hidden agendas in consumer purchase decisions

Qureshi, B., 1986: Hidden corners of ethnic medical history

Grison, C., 1987: Hidden face of greening: solanine

Dimock, TE.; Mattoni, RHT., 1986: Hidden genetic variation in Agraulis vanillae incarnata (Nymphalidae)

Anonymous, 1986: Hidden market potential revealed

Beinart, W.; Bundy, C., 1987: Hidden struggles in rural South Africa. Politics & popular movements in the Transkei & Eastern Cape 1890-1930

Friedeberg, A. S., 1988: Hidden surpluses and phantom shortages. Talk delivered at the Annual General Meeting of FEDIMA, Ischia, Italy, 27 September 1988

Kalous, J.; Stradal, M., 1986: Hide scrap meal in mixed feeds for fattening broilers

Sobolev, A. D., 1986: Hide wastes in diets for young arctic foxes

Feoli, E.; Scimone, M., 1984: Hierarchical diversity: an application to broad-leaved woods of the Apennines

Greene, B. A.; Allred, D. R.; Morishige, D. T.; Staehelin, L. A., 1988: Hierarchical response of light harvesting chlorophyll-proteins in light-sensitive chlorophyll b-deficient mutant of maize

Szczerek, M., 1986: Hierarchy amongst finished pigs

Weimarck, G., 1986: Hierochloe hirta subsp. praetermissa subsp. nova (Poaceae), an Asiatic-E. European taxon extending to N. and C. Europe

Ostria, C., 1987: High Andes valley vegetation (Hichu Kkota, Eastern Cordillera, Bolivia). I. Generalities

Hansen, W. R.; Kiser, K., 1988: High Clark Draw rehabilitation. A story of success

Anonymous, 1988: High EEC butter prices blamed for 50% drop in UK consumption

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608157

Manzardo, A. E., 1984: High altitude animal husbandry and the Thakalis of Thak Khola: biology and trade in the Himalayas

Thomson, J.; Sembenelli, P., 1987: High altitude erosion control: some experience and trials in the alpine ski area

Weintraub, R.; Hams, G.; Meerkin, M.; Rosenberg, A. R., 1986: High aluminium content of infant milk formulas

Di, W. Z.; Jin, Z. F.; Zhou, B. M.; Pan, Q. K., 1987: High and stable yield characteristics of the cotton cultivar Yanmian 48

Giraldez, F.; Sepulveda, F. V., 1987: High apical membrane Cl- permeability in isolated Necturus small intestine

Schaefer, D. M., 1986: High calcium consumption and nutrient digestion in growing and finishing cattle

McDonald, M. W.; Shafey, T., 1987: High calcium intake in chickens

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608169

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608170

Derot, J. M., 1988: High clearance tractors. Modifications for greater versatility

Tibayrenc, M.; Ayala, F. J., 1987: High correlation between isozyme classification and kinetoplast DNA variability in Trypanosoma cruzi

Blau, J. R., 1986: High culture as mass culture

Mawuena, K., 1987: High degree of tolerance to trypanosomes in West African dwarf sheep and goats of the South Guinea regions of Togo. Comparison with trypanotolerant cattle

Thaysen, J., 1987: High density big bales - experiments with a new silage-making process

Fells, J. W., 1987: High density corrugated polyethylene pipe for erosion control

Muynck, B. De; Vandevelde, R.; Mougou, A.; Verlodt, H., 1986: High density cultivation, solar energy and double polyethylene sheltering to improve the tomato production in April in Tunisia

Rao, S. P., 1987: High density grain index among primary and secondary tillers of short- and long-duration rices

Keys A., 1988: High density lipoprotein cholesterol and longevity

Sznajderman, M.; Kancelarczyk, W. J.; Rymaszewski, Z.; Mamont, B., 1985: High density lipoprotein fractions in males with coronary heart disease and perivascular disease and normal plasma lipid level

Ax R.L., 1988: High density lipoproteins from bovine plasma and follicular fluid do not possess a high affinity for glycosaminoglycans

Avilan R, L.; Ciurana, J., 1982: High density planting systems for avocados

Taylor, B. H., 1985: High density planting systems for peaches

Avilan R, L., 1982: High density planting systems in orchards

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608188

Oberbauer, A. M.; Thonney, M. L.; Krook, L.; Hogue, D. E., unda: High dietary calcium and bone development in rapidly growing ewes

Bourre, J. M.; Bonneil, M.; Dumont, O.; Piciotti, M.; Nalbone, G.; Lafont, H., 1988: High dietary fish oil alters the brain polyunsaturated fatty acid composition

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608191

Janda, M.; French, R.; Ahlquist, P., 1987: High efficiency T7 polymerase synthesis of infectious RNA from cloned brome mosaic virus cDNA and effects of 5' extensions on transcript infectivity

Kotzabassis, C.; Anderson, A. W.; Domier, K. W., 1985: High efficiency tractor analysis-simulation software

Anonymous, 1987: High efficient utilization of energy concerning to bio-resource. Reports of special project research of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture, Japan

Persson, C., 1986: High erucic oil from white mustard (Sinapis alba L.) for technical use

Downer, J. V.; Kutches, A. J.; Cummings, K. R.; Chalupa, W., 1987: High fat rations for lactating cows supplemented with the calcium salts of long chain fatty acids

Anonymous, 1988: High feedstock costs boost imports

Chase, A. R.; Poole, R. T., 1987: High fertilizer rates reduce severity of Xanthomonas leaf spot of Scheffleras

Kaul, L.; Brown, M. R.; Wilson, M. E.; Ulep, D. E.; Nidiry, J. N., 1987: High fibre diet in the treatment of obesity

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608201

Wiedmann, R., 1987: High financial losses without growth-promoting substances. A practical trial at specialized piglet-rearing units

Ridge, D. R., 1986: High flotation - high cost?

Lefebvre, M. S. M. (Australia), 1985: High flux membrane

Sato, M., 1986: High frequency exclusion of pCOR1 plasmid from Pseudomonas syringae pv. atropurpurea in plants

Huang, Y. F.; Lin, J. S., 1986: High frequency heating for particleboard manufacture. (1) - The dielectrical properties of particle-mat in the high frequency field

Numata, T.; Sato, M.; Sakai, F., 1987: High frequency loss of pCOR1 plasmid from Pseudomonas syringae pv. atropurpurea by co-cultivation with tobacco cells

Harbers, K.; Soriano, P.; Muller, U.; Jaenisch, R., 1986: High frequency of unequal recombination in pseudoautosomal region shown by proviral insertion in transgenic mouse

Shimamoto K., 1987: High frequency plant regeneration from rice protoplasts by novel nurse culture methods

Anonymous, 1988: High fructose corn syrup comes of age

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608213

Sung, Y. Y.; Wang, K. C.; Shu, K. T.; Cheng, C. K.; Chieng, D. M., 1988: High grade beef production from exotic and crossbred cattle in Taiwan

Kali J., 1986: High grain content maize silage in fattening diets of young male cattle

Papenhagen, A., 1986: High humidity has a marginal effect on plants

Okitolonda, W.; Delacollette, C.; Malengreau, M.; Henquin, J. C., 1987: High incidence of hypoglycaemia in African patients treated with intravenous quinine for severe malaria

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608220

Fernandez Santos, B.; Gomez Gutierrez, J. M.; Moreiro Clemente, M. S., 1986: High interpopulation variability in the piornal serrano mountain shrublands (formations of Cytisus balansae Ball)

Brandicourt, O.; Druilhe, P.; Brasseur, P.; Turk, P.; Diquet, B.; Datry, A.; Danis, M.; Gentilini, M., 1986: High level of chloroquine resistance in seven Plasmodium falciparum malaria cases from the Congo and Gabon

Underwood, P.; Margetts, B., 1987: High levels of childhood rickets in rural North Yemen

Miller K.P., 1987: High levels of copper alone or in combination with antibacterials in weanling pig diets

Ming, Z. M.; Yu, L.; Tang, J., 1986: High levels of copper for suckling pigs

Whitney, E. D., 1987: High levels of resistance to powdery mildew in Beta maritima

Nakamura, T.; Owen, F. G., 1987: High levels of soyhulls in pelleted concentrate rations

Hilton, J. W.; Atkinson, J. L., 1988: High lipid and high protein dog foods

Zhou, M. Q.; Zeng, B. M.; Li, H. Y., 1987: High lysine maize for growing-fattening pigs

Aoyama, A.; Sager, S.; Nagayoshi, S.; Hoshino, M.; Tomita, T.; Kondo, K., 1986: High mammary tumor virus expression in milk in a low mammary tumor mouse strain and high incidence of mammary tumor in hybrids produced by crossing with another low mamary tumor mouse strain

Verma, L. R.; Nelson, B. D.; Montgomery, C. R., 1985: High moisture ryegrass preservation with ammonia

Vallega, V.; Waines, J. G., 1987: High molecular weight glutenin subunit composition of 167 accessions of Triticum turgidum var. dicoccum from the USDA Small Grains Collection

Vallega, V.; Waines, J. G., 1987: High molecular weight glutenin subunit variation in Triticum turgidum var. dicoccum

Faisal, M.; Popp, W.; Refai, M., 1987: High mortality among Nile tilapias (Oreochromis niloticus) caused by Providencia rettgeri

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608238

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608239

Mizutani, H.; Hasegawa, H.; Wada, E., 1986: High nitrogen isotope ratio for soils of seabird rookeries

Votoupal, B., 1987: High nutrient application rates and the table quality of the early potato cultivar 'Cira'

Johnson, W., 1986: High nutrient content fertilizers

Regnault Roger, C.; Hadidane, R.; Biard, J. F.; Boukef, K., 1987: High performance liquid and thin-layer chromatographic determination of phenolic acids in palm (Phoenix dactilifera) products

Makapugay, H. C.; Nanayakkara, N. P. D.; Soejarto, D. D.; Kinghorn, A. D., 1985: High performance liquid chromatographic analysis of the major sweet principle of Lo Han Kuo fruits

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608247

Dua, V. K.; Brohult, J.; Ericsson, O.; Sharma, V. P., 1986: High performance liquid chromatographic determination of chloroquine in finger tip blood dried on filter paper: sample handling problems

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608250

Chen, C. C.; Kuo, M. C.; Ho, C. T., 1986: High performance liquid chromatographic determination of pungent gingerol compounds of ginger (Zingiber officinale Roscoe)

Sundaram K.M.S., 1988: High performance liquid chromatographic determination of three tracer dyes used in forestry spray formulations

Ting, K. C.; Kho, P. K., 1986: High performance liquid chromatographic method for the determination of aldicarb sulfoxide in watermelon

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608256

Newburg, D. S.; Daniel, P. F.; O' Neil, N. E.; McCluer, R. H., 1986: High performance liquid chromatography of oligosaccharides from human milk and colostrum

Blundell, G.; Brydon, W. G., 1987: High performance liquid chromatography of plasma aminoacids using orthophthalaldehyde derivatisation

Oberg, C. J.; Khayat, F. A.; Richardson, G. H., 1987: High performance liquid chromatography profiles of casein degradation by proteinase positive and proteinase negative strains of Streptococcus cremoris

Hebrero, E.; Santos Buelga, C.; Rivas Gonzalo, J. C., 1988: High performance liquid chromatography-diode array spectroscopy identication of anthocyanins of Vitis vinifera variety Tempranillo

Katayama, A.; Hirai, M.; Shoda, M.; Kubota, H., 1986: High performance size exclusion chromatography of water extract from sewage sludge-soil mixture

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608262

Riant, P.; Urien, S.; Albengres, E.; Duche, J. C.; Tillement, J. P., 1986: High plasma protein binding as a parameter in the selection of betablockers for lactating women

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608264

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608265

Gough, K. G.; Wibberley, B. L., 1986: High pressure ammonia oxidation. An experimental plant for evaluating platinum catalyst systems for the nitric acid industry

Quirin, K. W.; Gerard, D.; Kraus, J., 1987: High pressure extraction with carbon dioxide - a mild method for production of high grade fatty oils

Gunasekaran, S.; Farkas, D. F., 1987: High pressure hydration of corn

Durand P., 1987: High pressure liquid chromatography determination of histamine in fish

Chen, M. S., 1987: High pressure process for sulfur recovery from a hydrogen sulfide containing gas stream

Srivastava, V. K.; Saxena, A. K.; Ramani, M. P. S., 1987: High pressure steam distillation process for the recovery and purification of phosphorus

Anand, P.; Das, S. R., 1986: High prevalence of amoebiasis in women protective home of Lucknow

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608275

Wu, H. B.; Wang, P. Y., 1986: High producing laying strains of Ma ducks in Shaoxin

Martin, F. M., 1985: High production of irrigated perennial pasture

Zhao, Q. J.; Zheng, J. C.; Chao, J. X.; Yuan, C. Y., 1987: High productivity and economic efficiency from a population of one plant per hill for single crop rice

Singh, R.; Shrivastava, S. K.; Dubey, S. N.; Chandrawanshi, B. R., 1986: High productivity varietal combinations in a rice-wheat rotation in Chhattisgarh, India

Giesen, H.; Timm, H. H.; Ehlermann, B., 1988: High prolificacy in sows. Practical assessment of hyperprolific lines

Morisse, J. P., 1987: High prolificacy: a risk factor?

Helmchen U., 1987: High protein intake stimulates glomerular prostaglandin formation in remnant kidneys

Wiesner, H. U., 1986: High pyruvate content in milk with low bacterial counts - problem factors

Telle, H.; Sonntag, S., 1987: High quality of raw milk as a basis for high-quality dairy products

Ryder, M. L., 1986: High quality textile fibres from goats. World production reviewed

Tombleson, J. D., 1986: High quality timber from shelterbelts?

Jaenisch R., 1987: High rate of recombination and double crossovers in the mouse pseudoautosomal region during male meiosis

Bakker, J. C., 1987: High relative humidity with cucumber: Apart from advantages also great disadvantages

Sudjak S, M., 1987: High resistance to whitebacked planthopper WBPH in Indonesia

Yamada, M.; Wada, M.; Watanabe, T.; Nagatani, T.; Rufner, R.; Kimura, T., 1987: High resolution cryo-scanning electron microscopy of Processed cheese, gels and protein particles

Parks, N. F.; Petersen, G. W.; Baumer, G. M., 1987: High resolution remote sensing of spatially and spectrally complex coal surface mines of central Pennsylvania: a comparison between simulated SPOT MSS and Landsat-5 Thematic Mapper

Guilford, W. J.; Schneider, D. M.; Labovitz, J.; Opella, S. J., 1988: High resolution solid state 13C NMR spectroscopy of sporopollenins from different plant taxa

Goldbourt, U., 1987: High risk versus public health strageties in primary prevention of coronary heart disease

Kerner, J. A, Jr; Poole, R. L.; Sunshine, P.; Stevenson, D. K., 1987: High serum vitamin E levels in premature infants receiving MVI-PediatricReg.

Clausen, E. C.; Gaddy, J. L., 1987: High solids digestion of MSW to methane by anaerobic digestion

Pohler, W.; Clauss, E., 1987: High somatic stability but serious meiotic irregularities in triploid Hordeum X Secale hybrids (3x = HSS)

Hao, Q. K.; Wei, J. M.; Chang, K. A., 1985: High speed carbo-nitriding in surface treatment

Bissonnette, N; Lalande, R., 1988: High survivability of cheese whey-grown Rhizobium meliloti cells upon exposure to physical stress

Christersson, L., 1986: High technology biomass production by Salix clones on a sandy soil in southern Sweden

Hudson, P. R. W., 1987: High technology options for sheep shearing: II - automated mechanical shearing

Hudson, P. R. W., 1986: High technology options for sheep shearing: improved shearing devices

Rozsa, A. N.; Hillis, W. E., 1987: High temperature and chemical effects on wood stability. Part 4. Testing for the stability of dried pine wood

Mares, P., 1988: High temperature capillary gas liquid chromatography of triacylglycerols and other intact lipids

Whealy, C. A.; Nell, T. A.; Barrett, J. E.; Larson, R. A., 1987: High temperature effects on growth and floral development of chrysanthemum

Section 2, Chapter 1609, Accession 001608312

Lipsky, S. R.; Duffy, M. L., 1986: High temperature gas chromatography: the development of new aluminum clad flexible fused silica glass capillary columns coated with thermostable nonpolar phases. II

Ramarathnam, N.; Osawa, T.; Namiki, M.; Kawakishi, S., 1987: High temperature storage effects on longevity of rice seeds

Loy J.B., 1987: High temperature stress affects pollen viability in bottle gourd

Norris, P. R.; Parrott, L., 1986: High temperature, mineral concentrate dissolution with Sulfolobus

Palomba, P., 1987: High temperatures and utilization of vitamin-protein mixtures

Sears, W. J., 1987: High tensile wire fencing design, construction and use

Guo, X. Y.; Zhao, X. Y.; Zhao, Y. H.; Zhao, S. Q., 1986: High tillering and big seedlings in hybrid rice

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