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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1613

Chapter 1613 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Vavilov, N. I., 1986: Immunity of plants to infectious diseases

Yakimenko, N. A.; Pozdnyakova, N. N.; Bessonova, T. B., 1987: Immunity principles of breeding disease-resistant barley varieties

Sciesinski, K., 1988: Immunity stimulation in young polar foxes with the help of acupuncture

Bhaduri, C. R.; Janitschke, K.; Masihi, K. N., 1987: Immunity to Acanthamoeba culbertsoni: experimental studies with Acanthamoeba and control antigen preparations

Clare, R. A.; Strout, R. G.; Taylor, R. L, Jr, 1986: Immunity to Eimeria tenella: differential effects of B major histocompatibility genotype and immunizing dose

Zahner, H.; Wegerhof, P. H., 1986: Immunity to Litomosoides carinii in Mastomys natalensis

Katz, F. F., 1987: Immunity to Strongyloides

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612013

Miller, T. A., 1987: Immunity to hookworms

Anonymous, 1987: Immunity to malaria and naturally acquired antibodies to the circumsporozoite protein of Plasmodium falciparum

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612016

Dessaint, J. P.; Capron, M.; Ouma, J. H.; Butterworth, A. E., 1987: Immunity to schistosomes: progress toward vaccine

Anonymous, 1987: Immunity to schistosomiasis

Porter, P.; Barratt, M. E. J., 1987: Immunity, nutrition and performance in animal production

Mauel, J.; Behin, R., 1987: Immunity: clinical and experimental

Anonymous, 1986: Immunization against East Coast Fever. Report of a workshop on collection, handling and analysis of performance and productivity data, Nairobi, Kenya, 23-25 September 1985

Brown, C. G. D., 1985: Immunization against East Coast Fever: progress towards a vaccine

Heider, G.; Klaczinski, K., 1987: Immunization against avian leukosis

Saint Gerand, A. L.; Wiedemann, C., 1987: Immunization against canine parvovirus in contaminated kennels with the live vaccine Canimed P

Doel, T. R.; Gale, C.; Brooke, G.; DiMarchi, R., 1988: Immunization against foot-and-mouth disease with synthetic peptides representing the C-terminal region of VP1

Banerjee, D. P., 1986: Immunization against helminthic infections

Bouquet, J. F.; Devaux, B.; Wittmann, M.; Reynaud, G.; Moreau, Y., 1986: Immunization against infectious bronchitis with an inactivated oil adjuvant vaccine. Experimental and field results

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612031

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612032

Dolan, T. T., 1985: Immunization against theileriosis on Ol Pejuta Ranch, Laikipia, Kenya

Kosminkov, N. Y., 1986: Immunization as a prophylactic method against bovine cysticercosis

Ahluwalia, I. B.; Helgerson, S. D.; Dia, F. J., 1988: Immunization coverage of children in a semi-urban village panchayat in Nepal

Wikel, S. K.; Olsen, F. W, Jr; Richardson, L. K., 1987: Immunization induced resistance to Amblyomma americanum infestation: tick gut derived antigens

Collins, W. E.; Anders, R. F.; Pappaioanou, M.; Campbell, G. H.; Brown, G. V.; Kemp, D. J.; Coppel, R. L.; Skinner, J. C.; Andrysiak, P. M.; Favaloro, J. M.; Corcoran, L. M.; Broderson, J. R.; Mitchell, G. F.; Campbell, C. C., 1986: Immunization of Aotus monkeys with recombinant proteins of an erythrocyte surface antigen of Plasmodium falciparum

Murray, B. F.; Crosby, T. F.; Gordon, I., 1986: Immunization of March lambing ewes

Bonaduce, A.; Quesada, A.; Martone, F.; Vaccaro, A.; Begliomini, A.; Quarto, P.; D' Amore, L., 1985: Immunization of buffaloes on a farm in southern Italy with attenuated (strain 19) and inactivated (strain 45/20) brucellosis vaccines

Carcani, P.; Puka, F.; Dabulla, X.; Gjika, J., 1986: Immunization of calves against Salmonella dublin infection

Muzychin, S. I.; Sheshko, P. M., 1987: Immunization of calves with bivalent vaccine against parainfluenza and rhinotracheitis: changes in zinc, copper, protein and antibodies in nasal secretion and blood serum

McElwain, T. F., 1988: Immunization of cattle against Babesia bigemina with purified surface proteins

Young, A. S., 1985: Immunization of cattle against theileriosis in the Trans-Mara Division of Kenya. A comparison of trials under traditional Maasai management with trials on a ranch development

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612045

Johnson, C. A.; Kennedy, T. J.; Moeller, M. W., 1986: Immunization of chickens against coccidiosis by termination of infections with BAY Vi 9142

Polanco, R.; Redando, M.; Vrtisk, O. J.; Kapitancik, B., 1982: Immunization of horses between 7 and 10 months of age with an inactivated vaccine against eastern equine encephalomyelitis (EEE). I. HI antibody titres after treatment with 2-mercaptoethanol

Nowacki, J.; Lewandowska, S., 1987: Immunization of lambs against listeriosis with a live vaccine prepared from aerated broth culture

Hafeez, M. D.; Rao, B. V., 1984: Immunization of lambs and kids with gamma irradiated amphistome metacercariae of Cercariae indicae XXVI

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612056

Kosminkov, N. E.; Komarov, E. I.; Morozova, E. F.; Seryakov, N. I.; Ustyakov, A. V., 1986: Immunization of sheep against coenuriasis

Baldwin, C. A., 1987: Immunization studies against feline infectious peritonitis

Bennett, D. D.; Wright, S. E., 1987: Immunization with envelope glycoprotein of an avian RNA tumour virus protects against sarcoma virus tumor induction: role of subgroup

Harn, A., 1987: Immunization with schistosome membrane antigens

Murray, B. F.; Crosby, T. F.; Gordon, I., 1986: Immunization, mating management and reproduction

Malviya, H. C.; Varma, T. K.; Dwivedi, P., 1988: Immunizations of chicks at various ages with irradiated infective eggs of Ascaridia galli

Yablochnik, L. M.; Zharkov, I. I.; Shakarashvili, N. R.; Tsurkan, M. A.; Shekir, N. A.; Kitsin, I. K.; Kaluzhak, I. N., 1987: Immunizing calves against ringworm

Zhu, Y. P., 1987: Immunizing efficacy of vaccinating sheep twice with X-irradiated third stage larvae of Haemonchus contortus

Avramenko, R. S., 1986: Immuno-chemical investigation and the amino acid composition of Scots pine in relation to resin productivity

Ishibashi, T.; Takahara, H., 1986: Immuno-cytochemical and ultrastructural studies of prolactin (PRL) cells in Gifu native fowls

Kondo, K.; Akao, N.; Konishi, Y.; Yoshimura, H.; Hirose, H., 1987: Immuno-electron microscopic observation of excretory cell of Toxocara canis larva

Putten, L. J. A. van; Kiliaan, A. J., 1988: Immuno-electron-microscopic study of the prolactin cells in the pituitary gland of male Wistar rats during aging

Kirasova, M. A.; Khil' ko, S. N.; Karpova Roikhel, O. V.; Belousova, R. V.; Syurin, V. N., 1987: Immuno-electrophoretic analysis of antibody systems against hexones of bovine adenovirus strains AD BOS3 and AD BOS7

Rukhadze, G. G.; Aliper, T. I.; Sergeev, V. A., 1988: Immuno-enzyme assay applied to the immunological changes occurring in pigs inoculated with live porcine rotavirus vaccine

Goff, C. Le, 1986: Immuno-enzyme technique applied to the serological diagnosis of contagious bovine pleuropneumonia. Preliminary note

Mamatova, Z. B.; Iskandarov, M. I., 1987: Immuno-enzyme test for detecting Brucella antigen

Bjerkas, I.; Presthus, J., 1988: Immuno-histochemical and ultrastructural characteristics of a cyst-forming sporozoon associated with encephalomyelitis and myositis in dogs

Mangan, J. L.; Harrison, F. A., 1985: Immuno-reactive fraction-1 (18S) leaf protein during wilting and ensiling of lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) and ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Belwal, L. M.; Kalanidhi, A. P.; Nagaiah, K.; Ramanna, B. C.; Srinivasan, V. A., 1987: Immuno-serological studies on a foot and mouth disease virus type A strain involved in breakdown of vaccine immunity

Yoshiwara, O.; Nakamura, T.; Kunbayashi, M.; Yanai, M., 1987: Immunoactivator with low molecular peptides as the active constituent, and method for preparing it

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612090

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612096

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612098

Kemp, H. A.; Morgan, M. R. A., 1986: Immunoassay of mycotoxins

Wang, T. L.; Griggs, P.; Cook, S., 1985: Immunoassays for plant growth regulators - a help or a hindrance?

Weiler, E. W.; Eberle, J.; Mertens, R., 1985: Immunoassays for the quantitation of plant growth regulators using monoclonal antibodies

Sukhova, N. O.; Medvedev, N. N.; Nabrodova, N. M.; Katalova, L. V.; Popov, R. G., 1988: Immunobiological and zootechnical indices of cattle reared at low temperature

Ata Kurbanov, E. A., 1986: Immunobiological aspects of increasing productivity in Karakul sheep

Muller, L. A.; Isola, E. L. D. de; Quintana, R. D.; Cappa, S. M. G., 1987: Immunobiological characterization of an atypical strain of Trypanosoma cruzi

Voloshanskaya, S. Ya; Slabitskii, Ya I., 1986: Immunobiological reactivity in pigs given lysine and sodium sulphate

Daugalieva, E. Kh, 1986: Immunobiological status of animals with Hasstilesia infection

Bancroft, G. J.; Askonas, B. A., 1985: Immunobiology of African trypanosomiais in laboratory rodents

Roelants, Ge; Pinder, M., 1984: Immunobiology of African trypanosomiasis

Dobson, C.; Yong, W. K., 1987: Immunobiology of Angiostrongylus cantonensis and other aberrant forms

Heath, D. D., 1986: Immunobiology of Echinococcus infections

Lloyd, S., 1987: Immunobiology of Toxocara canis and visceral larva migrans

Wakelin, D.; Lee, T. D. G., 1987: Immunobiology of Trichuris and Capillaria infections

Schultz, K. T.; Grieder, F. B., 1987: Immunobiology of bluetongue virus

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612116

Anonymous, 1984: Immunobiology of parasites and parasitic infections. (Contemporary topics in immunobiology. Volume 12)

Wortmann, F., 1987: Immunobiology of skin infections

Chooi, K. F.; Little, P. B., 1987: Immunoblastic lymphoma and cholangiocarcinoma in a cat

McAllister, P. E.; Schill, W. B., 1986: Immunoblot assay: a rapid and sensitive method for identification of salmonid fish viruses

Rogers, MV.; Davern, KM.; Smythe, JA.; Mitchell, GF., 1988: Immunoblotting analysis of the major integral membrane protein antigens of Schistosoma japonicum

Sollid L., 1987: Immunoblotting detection of lectins in gluten and white rice flour

Darcel, C. le Q., 1987: Immunoblotting with polyclonal and monoclonal antibody to avian myeloblastosis protein p27: studies of liver proteins in chickens with erythroblastosis

Dhadialla, T. S.; Odhiambo, T. R.; Wagner, G. G., 1986: Immunochemical ablation of accessory reproductive glands of the male desert locust

Bowtell, DDL.; Saint, RB.; Rickard, MD.; Mitchell, GF., 1986: Immunochemical analysis of Taenia taeniaeformis antigens expressed in Escherichia coli

Bhatia, A.; Delplace, P.; Fortier, B.; Dubremetz, JF.; Vernes, A., 1987: Immunochemical analysis of a major antigen of Plasmodium falciparum (P126) among ten geographic isolates

del Portillo, HA.; Schmidt, GW.; Damian, RT., 1987: Immunochemical analysis of baboon (Papio cynocephalus) IgG subclasses

Lysenko, A. P., 1987: Immunochemical analysis of chromatographic fractions of Mycobacterium bovis and M. tuberculosis

Demirevska Kepova, K. N.; Pencheva, N. S.; Bakardjieva, N. T. (Bak"rdzhieva, N. T); Georgiev, H. N. (Georgiev, Kh N); Gecheff, K. I. (Gechev, K. I), 1986: Immunochemical analysis of extracts from normal and mutant barley plants

Baszczynski, C. L., 1986: Immunochemical analysis of heat-shock protein synthesis in maize (Zea mays L.)

Khukhunaishvili, R. G.; Lakerbai, A. O.; Eggi, E. E.; Goliadze, Sh K.; Konarev, V. G., 1988: Immunochemical analysis of the seed proteins in studying citrus genetic material

Dmitrieva, O. M., 1986: Immunochemical analysis of the seed proteins of wild tomato species

Balmasova, M. A., 1986: Immunochemical analysis of tuber proteins in wild potato species

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612140

Goldman, A. S.; Carlsson, B.; Pickering, L.; Keller, M.; Paape, M. J., 1985: Immunochemical assays

Ibrahim Granet, O.; Bievre, C. de; Jendoubi, M., 1988: Immunochemical characterisation of antigens and growth inhibition of Fonsecaea pedrosoi by species-specific IgG

Egwang, T. G.; Kazura, J. W., 1987: Immunochemical characterization and biosynthesis of major antigens of Iodo-bead surface-labelled Brugia malayi microfilariae

Roques, C.; Bessieres, M. H.; Seguela, J. P., 1986: Immunochemical characterization of the antigenic fractions of Toxoplasma gondii metabolic antigens

Desai, S.; Thissen, J.; Dodd, BA.; DuBrul, EF.; Komuniecki, R., 1987: Immunochemical characterization of the pyruvate dehydrogenase complex in adult Ascaris suum and its developing larvae

German, G. P.; Lavrova, N. V.; Sherer, L. A., 1983: Immunochemical determination of human lactoferrin

Chow W.S., 1987: Immunochemical investigation of thylakoid coupling factor protein during photosynthetic acclimation to irradiance

Cameo, M. S.; Echeverria, F. G.; Blaquier, J. A.; Burgos, M. H., 1986: Immunochemical localization of epididymal protein DE on rat spermtaozoa: its fate after induced acrosome reaction

Luthy, J.; Windemann, H., 1987: Immunochemical methods for analysis of foods

Chu, F. S., 1986: Immunochemical methods for diagnosis of mycotoxicoses

Twardowski T., 1988: Immunochemical properties of elongation factors 1 of plant origin

Tsuji, M; Matsumoto, M., 1988: Immunochemical relationship of three antigens purified from Pasteurella multocida strain P-1059

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612159

Dandeu, J. P.; Henocq, E.; Raffard, M.; Ishay, J.; David, B., 1985: Immunochemical study of the venom from the hornet Vespa orientalis (Hymenoptera: Vespinae)

Pop, M.; Spinu, M., 1987: Immunochemical, spectrophotometric method for diagnosis of canine distemper

Yamada, T.; Matsuda, M.; Samata, T.; Tsuchiya, R.; Kobayashi, K., 1988: Immunochemistry and physicochemistry on a feline monoclonal IgA and Bence Jones proteins

Skerritt, J. H., 1988: Immunochemistry of cereal grain storage proteins

Gjesing, B.; Ipsen, H. H., 1987: Immunochemistry of food antigens in IgE-mediated food allergy

Krylova, N. P., 1986: Immunochemoprophylaxis of coccidiosis in birds

Anan' eva, N. B.; Skutar, I. G.; Kirillov, A. I.; Krylova, N. P., 1987: Immunochemoprophylaxis of coccidiosis in chickens

Murray, H. W.; Berman, J. D.; Wright, S. D., 1988: Immunochemotherapy for intracellular Leishmania donovani infection: gamma interferon plus pentavalent antimony

Fairweather, I.; Maule, AG.; Mitchell, SH.; Johnston, CF.; Halton, DW., 1987: Immunocytochemical demonstration of 5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) in the nervous system of the liver fluke, Fasciola hepatica (Trematoda, Digenea)

Gustafsson, MKS., 1987: Immunocytochemical demonstration of neuropeptides and serotonin in the nervous system of adult Schistosoma mansoni

Perez de Suarez, E.; Perez Schael, I.; Perozo Ruggeri, G.; Davila, D. de; Romer, H.; Tapia, F. J., 1987: Immunocytochemical detection of Entamoeba histolytica

Rey, M. E. C., 1987: Immunocytochemical investigation of the causal agent of cassava mosaic disease in southern Africa

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612178

Spanel Borowski, K., 1987: Immunocytochemical localization of albumin in ovarian follicles of fertile rats

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612180

Nilsson, M.; Ekholm, R.; Fayet, G.; Maroux, S.; Ericson, L. E., 1987: Immunocytochemical localization of aminopeptidase N on the cell surface of isolated porcine thyroid follicles

Inoue, K.; Creveling, C. R., 1986: Immunocytochemical localization of catechol-O-methyltransferase in the oviduct and in macrophages in corpora lutea of rat

Negro Vilar A., 1987: Immunocytochemical localization of inhibin in rat and human reproductive tissues

Tuohimaa P., 1987: Immunocytochemical localization of progesterone receptor in the chick ovary

Kawarai, Y.; Tamatani, R., 1986: Immunocytochemical localization of prolactin (PRL) in the human anterior pituitary

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612191

Avanzini, F.; Bignetti, E.; Bordi, C.; Carfagna, G.; Cavaggioni, A.; Ferrari, G.; Sorbi, R. T.; Tirindelli, R., 1987: Immunocytochemical localization of pyrazine-binding protein in bovine nasal mucosa

Flickinger, C. J.; Herr, J. C.; Klotz, K. L., 1988: Immunocytochemical localization of the major glycoprotein of epididymal fluid from the cauda in the epithelium of the mouse epididymis

Peleteiro, M. C.; Richards, R. H., 1988: Immunocytochemical studies on immunoglobulin-containing cells in the epidermis of rainbow trout Salmo gairdneri Richardson: influence of batch vaccination

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612196

Takahashi H., 1987: Immunocytochemical studies on the cytodifferentiation of the adenohypophysis of the domestic fowl

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612198

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612199

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612200

Spicer S.S., 1988: Immunocytochemistry of ion transport mediators in the genital tract of female rodents

Hawkins, K. L.; Summers, B. A.; Kuhajda, F. P.; Smith, C. A., 1987: Immunocytochemistry of normal pancreatic islets and spontaneous islet cell tumors in dogs

Bridges A.W., 1988: Immunocytochemistry of ovine sporozoan encephalitis and encephalomyelitis

Chong S.N., 1987: Immunocytological confirmation of a diagnosis of canine distemper using cells in urine

Brinegar, A. C.; Fox, J. E., 1987: Immunocytological localization of a wheat embryo cytokinin binding protein and its homology with proteins in other cereals

Hollingsworth, J. W.; Otte, R. G.; Ross, G. R.; Fryberger, M. F.; Strause, L. G.; Saltman, P., 1987: Immunodeficiency and lymphocyte ecto-5'-nucleotidase activity in the elderly: a comparison of the effect of a trace mineral supplement (1 USRDA) with high zinc (6.7 X USRDA)

Konopel' ko, P. Ya; Klimenkov, K. P., 1986: Immunodeficiency in calves with bronchopneumonia and its correction by immunomodulatory therapy

Kaveri, S. V.; Fremy, J. M.; Lapeyre, C.; Strosberg, A. D., 1987: Immunodetection and immunopurification of aflatoxins using a high affinity monoclonal antibody to aflatoxin B1

Ramzy, R. M. R.; Hillyer, G. V., 1987: Immunodiagnosis of Schistosoma haematobium, S. mansoni or mixed infections in hamster

Jouve, M.; Pique, G.; Coulanges, P., 1985: Immunodiagnosis of Schistosoma mansoni schistosomiasis by the ELISA, in Madagascar

Monzon, C. M., 1987: Immunodiagnosis of South American equine trypanosomiasis with the indirect immunofluorescence test

Harinath, B. C., 1984: Immunodiagnosis of bancroftian filariasis - problems and progress

Turner, S.; Kaufman, L., 1986: Immunodiagnosis of blastomycosis

Pathak, K. M. L.; Kumar, D.; Gaur, S. N. S., 1986: Immunodiagnosis of fascioliasis by counter-immuno-electrophoresis in sheep

Sen P.C., 1986: Immunodiagnosis of filariasis

Nascimento, E.; Tavares, C. A.; Lopes, J. D., 1987: Immunodiagnosis of human cystericercosis (Taenia solium) with antigens purified by monoclonal antibodies

Espino, A. M.; Dumenigo, B. E.; Fernandez, R.; Finlay, C. M., 1987: Immunodiagnosis of human fascioliasis by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using excretory-secretory products

Mimori, T.; Tada, I.; Kawabata, M. et al., 1987: Immunodiagnosis of human gnathostomiasis in Ecuador by skin test and ELISA using Gnathostoma doloresi antigen

Sirisinha, S., 1986: Immunodiagnosis of human liver fluke infections

Plancarte, A.; Espinoza, B.; Flisser, A., 1987: Immunodiagnosis of human neurocysticercosis by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Rickard, M. D.; Lightowlers, M. W., 1986: Immunodiagnosis of hydatid disease

Bray, R. S., 1985: Immunodiagnosis of leishmaniasis

Gottstein, B.; Deplazes, P.; Arnold, P.; Mehlitz, D.; Reiter, I.; Eckert, J., 1988: Immunodiagnosis of leishmaniasis in dogs with ELISA and mini-Western blot

Davidson, M. G.; Nasisse, M. P.; Roberts, S. M., 1987: Immunodiagnosis of leptospiral uveitis in two horses

Walls, KW.; Schantz, PM., 1986: Immunodiagnosis of parasitic diseases. Volume 1: helminthic diseases

Sabatier, P.; Delattre, M.; Le Bras, J.; Vicens, R.; Coulanges, P., 1985: Immunodiagnosis of schistosomiasis by the indirect ELISA

Wambayi E., 1986: Immunodiagnosis of schistosomiasis haematobia using eggs collected from human urine as antigen

Wagle, N. M.; Deshpande, C. K.; Bhave, G. G., 1984: Immunodiagnosis of toxoplasmosis by indirect fluorescent antibody test

Eddy, E. M.; Vernon, R. B.; Muller, C. H.; Hahnel, A. C.; Fenderson, B. A., 1985: Immunodissection of sperm surface modifications during epididymal maturation

Entzeroth, R.; Dubremetz, JF.; Hodick, D.; Ferreira, E., 1986: Immunoelectron microscopic demonstration of the exocytosis of dense granule contents into the secondary parasitophorous vacuole of Sarcocystis muris (Protozoa, Apicomplexa)

White, V. J.; Sojka, M. G., 1986: Immunoelectrophoresis in quality control of veterinary clostridial products

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612240

Kirasova, M. A.; Khil' ko, S. N.; Karpovaroikhel, O. V.; Belousova, R. V.; Syurin, V. N., 1987: Immunoelectrophoretic analysis in antibody systems against hexones of bovine adenoviruses AD BOS3 and AD BOS7

Dzhalilov, F. S., 1987: Immunoenzyme diagnosis of cabbage seed infection by the pathogen of vascular bacteriosis

Natsvlishvili, N. M.; Nasr El Chamekh; Bobkova, A. F.; Atabekov, I. G., 1987: Immunoenzyme diagnosis of potato viruses X and Y using F(ab)2 fragments of immunoglobulins

Howard, C. J.; Brownlie, J.; Clarke, M. C., 1987: Immunoenzyme techniques for bovine viral diarrhoea virus

Dahler, D., 1985: Immunoenzyme-histochemical detection of Aleutian disease virus with monoclonal antibodies and the immunoperoxidase technique

Jellison J., 1986: Immunoenzymic localization of plant virus on aphid stylets

Sjoberg H.E., 1988: Immunoextracted calcitonin in human gastric secretion

Baxter Jones, C.; Wilding, G. P.; Grant, M., 1986: Immunofluorescence as a potential diagnostic method for turkey rhinotracheitis

Adair, B. M., 1986: Immunofluorescence in the serological diagnosis of parainfluenza type 3 and respiratory syncytial virus infection in calves

Hogetsu, T.; Oshima, Y., 1986: Immunofluorescence microscopy of microtubule arrangement in root cells of Pisum sativum L. var Alaska

Protsenko, M. A.; Ladyzhenskaya, E. P., 1987: Immunofluorescence of a preparation of cytoplasmic membrane of potato tuber cells under the action of extracellular metabolites of Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) D By

Kaneene J.B., 1988: Immunofluorescence of bovine virus diarrhea viral antigen in white blood cells from experimentally infected immunocompetent calves

Shihab, K. I.; Ali, N. A.; Habeeb, Q. D.; Shameer, S., 1983: Immunofluorescent and parasitological survey for assessment of malaria eradication activities in Abbassieh Nahia, Najaf Province, Iraq

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Trugo, N. M. F.; Turvey, A., 1987: Immunofluorescent localization of vitamin B12-binding protein from sow's milk in the ileal mucosa of piglets

Prudnikov, V. S., 1987: Immunogenesis in ducklings immunized against salmonellosis

Rutyna, T., 1986: Immunogenetic analysis of Polish Black-and-White Lowland bulls at central rearing stations

Rizzi, R.; Casati, M. Z.; Cristofalo, C., 1985: Immunogenetic analysis of a population of Chamois Coloured goats

Inomata, T.; Kunz, H. W.; Gill, T. J, II I., 1986: Immunogenetic analysis of rat strains with recombinations in different regions of the MHC

Issyk, V. V.; Kusmuldanov, K. S.; Sarsekeeva, G. Zh, 1987: Immunogenetic and cytogenetic data on 60XX/XY mosaicism in Ala-Tau bulls

Sota, E.; Zur, F.; Duniec, M., 1985: Immunogenetic and cytogenetic investigation of sheep from twin and multiple pregnancies

Heyner, S., 1986: Immunogenetic approaches to the analysis of mammalian development

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Baranov, O. K., 1987: Immunogenetic systems in mink: evolutionary problems

Vagonis, E. I.; Vinikas, A. A., 1985: Immunogenetics in animal breeding

Section 2, Chapter 1613, Accession 001612278

Fomicheva, I. I.; Baranov, O. K., 1987: Immunogenetics of immunoglobulins in American mink. 6. Deviation of C gamma -allotypes H2, H3 and H4 from Mendelian segregation

Buse, J. B., 1987: Immunogenetics of type I diabetes mellitus in the BB rat and the NOD mouse

Katitch, R. V.; Katrinka, M.; Militch, N., 1988: Immunogenic and practical value of a combined vaccine against anaerobic infections of sheep

Leland, S. E, Jr; Sofield, W. L.; Minocha, H. C., 1988: Immunogenic effects of culture-derived exoantigens of Cooperia punctata on calves before and after challenge exposure with infective larvae

Fahey K.J., 1987: Immunogenic glycoproteins of infectious laryngotracheitis herpesvirus

Knezevic, N.; Kosanovic, P.; Maljkovic, M., 1987: Immunogenic properties of the MLV HEP Flury rabies virus grown on the TC-CEF (RABICEL-P vaccine) for sheep

Hebert J., 1988: Immunogenicity and allergenicity of whey protein hydrolysates

Romakhov, V. A.; Klochkov, A. A.; Al' bertyan, M. P.; Kas' yanov, A. N.; Mel' nichenko, V. I.; Shumilov, K. V., 1985: Immunogenicity for guinea pigs of Brucella abortus strain 104-M

Menna, L. F.; Fioretti, A.; Papparella, V.; Sperati Ruffoni, L.; Maiolino, R., 1987: Immunogenicity for turkeys of an inactivated haemorrhagic enteritis vaccine

Maurer, P. H.; Lai, C. H.; Zeiger, A. R.; Turchin, H., 1986: Immunogenicity in mice of the sequential polypeptides (Ala-Tyr-Glu-Gly)n, (Ala-Glu-Tyr-Gly)n, (Glu-Ala-Tyr-Gly)n and (Glu-Tyr-Ala-Gly)n and their linkage with the major histocompatibility complex

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