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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1616

Chapter 1616 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Iannone, N.; Parisi, R. A.; Dagberto, E., 1987: Incidence of the shoot borer Epinotia aporema Wals. in soyabeans

Nguyen Van, H.; Nguyen Ngoc, P.; Nguyen Trung, T., 1986: Incidence of the yellow stem borer YSB on deep water rice in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Satvinder Kaur; Aulakh, K. S., 1986: Incidence of two species of Drechslera in seeds of some cereals in Punjab

Phatak, A.; Touchberry, R. W., 1988: Incidence of undesirable post partum conditions in large California dairy herds

Muslih, N. J.; Zangana, I. K.; Arsalan, S. H., 1988: Incidence of various clinical diseases in sheep and goats in north Iraq (Mosul)

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615005

Cardoso, R. M. L., 1986: Incidence of vascular wilt of coffee (Coffea arabica) caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. coffeae in the State of Parana, Brazil

Martino, P. E.; Martino, J. J., 1986: Incidence of viral plasmacytosis in captive mink (Mustela vison). Clinical, pathological and serological aspects

Hoppe, W., 1985: Incidence of virus diseases of cereals in Europe and Poland

Camara, F. L. A.; Cupertino, F. P.; Filgueira, F. A. R., 1986: Incidence of viruses in consecutive plantings of potato cultivars in Goias

Alvisi, F., 1987: Incidence of wastage after the fruit and vegetable harvest: general considerations

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615012

Schmitz, H.; Grossmann, F., 1987: Incidence of yellow leaf blotch (Drechslera tritici-repentis) on winter wheat in dependence on crop rotation and under the influence of different spray programmes

Bargai, U., 1987: Incidence, aetiology and treatment of ovarian follicular cysts in a large dairy herd over a ten-year period

Saini, R. K., 1985: Incidence, biology and nature of damage by Nephopterix infusella Meyrick (=Phycita infusella Meyrick) on cotton in Haryana

Meulemans, G.; Carlier, M. C.; Gonze, M.; Petit, P.; Vandenbroeck, M., 1987: Incidence, characterisation and prophylaxis of nephropathogenic avian infectious bronchitis viruses

Rossanigo, C. E.; Avila, J. D.; Vasquez, R.; Sager, R. L., 1983: Incidence, distribution and identification of the intermediate host of bovine fascioliasis in San Luis Province

Doster, M. A.; Bostock, R. M., 1988: Incidence, distribution, and development of pruning wound cankers caused by Phytophthora syringae in almond orchards in California

Ackgoz, S.; Ctr, A., 1986: Incidence, epidemiology and identification of viruses on Phaseolus vulgaris L. in Erzincan plain in Turkey

Pandit, N. C.; Pradhan, S. K.; Chakravorty, S., 1986: Incidence, host susceptibility and natural population control of large black weevil Desmidophorus hebes a new pest of bast fibre crop

Ahmed, A. H.; Obeid, A. H.; Mills, P. R., 1985: Incidence, properties and characterisation of alfalfa mosaic virus (AMV) infecting lucerne in the Sudan

King, A. D, Jr, 1986: Incidence, properties and detection of heat resistant fungi

Ferguson, T. L.; Wilkinson, R. R., 1984: Incineration of pesticide wastes

Illius A.W., 1988: Incisor arcade structure and diet selection in ruminants

Gould, P. W.; Spence, J. A.; Aitchison, G. U., 1987: Incisor tooth loss in cows

Hazra, S. K.; Shome, A., 1987: Incited effectiveness of EMS in Hibiscus cannabinus L. by excised mature embryo treatment

Fatyga, J., 1987: Inclination and hypsometry as bases of estimation of present land utilization structure in the Sudety mountain region from the viewpoint of soil protection against water erosion

Hong K.C., 1988: Including feed intake in the estimation of breeding value of pigs

Fiedler, B.; Grunwald, P.; Saatfeld, B., 1987: Including the Cooperative Associations in the state decision making process

Pass D.A., 1987: Inclusion bodies and hepatopathies in psittacines

Schuh, J. C. L.; Sileo, L.; Siegfried, L. M.; Yuill, T. M., 1986: Inclusion body disease of cranes: comparison of pathologic findings in cranes with acquired versus experimentally induced disease

Scott, P. C.; Condron, R. J.; Reece, R. L., 1986: Inclusion body hepatitis associated with adenovirus-like particles in a cockatiel (Psittaciformes; Nymphicus hollandicus)

Itakura C., 1988: Inclusion body hepatitis due to adenovirus in pigeons

Jack, S. W.; Reed, W. M.; Bryan, T. A., 1987: Inclusion body hepatitis in bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus)

Trenchi, H.; Cruz, J. C.; Rivas, A.; Caceres, R. P.; Paz, M. F., 1981: Inclusion body hepatitis in broiler chicks from Cochabamba, Bolivia. Preliminary report

Morales G, G. A.; Bustos M, F.; Martinez C, H., 1984: Inclusion body hepatitis in chickens: a disease of recent appearance in Colombia

Cada, F., 1984: Inclusion body rhinitis (cytomegalovirus infection) of piglets in post-mortem material examined at the State Veterinary Institute, Plzen, in 1972-1982

Lon Wo, E.; Perez, F.; Gonzalez, J. L., 1987: Inclusion of 5% of zeolite (clinoptilolite) in diets for fattening chickens under commercial conditions

Rage, A., 1985: Inclusion of air in milk

Chairatanayuth, P., 1986: Inclusion of amaranth crop residue in diets for cattle

Vestergaard, T., 1987: Inclusion of meat quality criteria in the aggregate genotype to prevent deterioration of meat quality in the Danish pig breeding programme

Dalal, R. C.; Sahrawat, K. L.; Myers, R. J. K., 1984: Inclusion of nitrate and nitrite in the Kjeldahl nitrogen determination of soils and plant materials using sodium thiosulphate

Weller J.I., 1988: Inclusion of partial lactations in the genetic analysis of yield traits by differential weighting of records

Shiau, S. Y.; Chuang, J. L.; Sun, C. L., 1987: Inclusion of soybean meal in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus x O. aureus) diets at two protein levels

Angelova, L.; Ilieva, I., 1986: Inclusion of sugar as a source of energy in mixed feeds for fattening pigs

Khalaf, S. S.; Brown, W. H.; Whiting, F. M.; Swingle, R. S., 1987: Inclusion of wheat straw in complete mixed diets for lactating dairy cows

Heape, R., 1987: Inclusive towns - an untapped market

Singh, A. K.; Sharma, J. S., 1988: Income and employment increasing possibilities under different farming systems on small farms in Mid-Western region of Uttar Pradesh

Gebauer, R. H., 1987: Income and housekeeping structures of farming households in North Rhine-Westphalia

Kennedy, E. T.; Cogill, B., 1987: Income and nutritional effects of the commercialization of agriculture in southwestern Kenya

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615052

Sealza, I. S., 1985: Income changes and the Antique Upland Development Program

Puurunen, M., 1988: Income comparison between farmers and other groups of the population

Klank, L., 1987: Income disparities among farm households and agricultural policy in Poland

Poppe, K. J.; Zachariasse, V., 1987: Income disparities among farm households and agricultural policy. Case: the Netherlands

Anonymous, 1987: Income disparities among farm households and agricultural policy. Proceedings of the 14th Symposium of the European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE) September 3-5, 1986, Rennes, France

Hill, B., 1987: Income disparities in UK agriculture: information and inference

Sampath, R. K., 1984: Income distribution impacts of irrigation water distribution policy

Niessler, R., 1987: Income distribution in Austrian agriculture (empirical findings, theories and strategies concerning income policy)

Shand, R. T., 1987: Income distribution in a dynamic rural sector: some evidence from Malaysia

Hoggart, K., 1987: Income distributions, labour market sectors and the Goldschmidt hypothesis: the nonmetropolitan United States in 1970 and 1980

Franklin, D. L.; Harrell, M. W.; Leonard, J. B., 1987: Income effects of donated commodities in rural Panama

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615064

Chester, A.; Rees, H., 1987: Income elasticities of demand for food in Great Britain

Kaz' mina, I. B., 1987: Income formation of supply and service enterprises within the agroindustrial sector

Hammershaimb, J., 1988: Income from horticulture - with forecasts for 1988 and 1989

Moughtin, C.; Shalaby, T.; Oussadou, A., 1988: Income generating activities for women in rural settlements: a case study in West Nubariya, Egypt

Olukosi, J. O., 1986: Income generation and distribution: a case study of Ipetu and Odo-Ore villages in Omu-Aran Area of Kwara State

Hurwitch Macdonald, J., 1986: Income generation by rural women: creating an integrated system to support self-managed labour intensive production projects

Arun Kumar, K. S.; Chandran, A.; Achoth, L.; Ramanna, R., 1987: Income inequality in rural India 1965-1983

Thompson, S. J.; Witzke, H. von, 1987: Income inequality within agriculture: relevant dimensions and methods of analysis

Islam, I.; Khan, H., 1985: Income inequality, poverty and socioeconomic development in Indonesia: an empirical investigation

Gaiha, R., 1988: Income mobility in rural India

Bittante, G.; Spanghero, M., 1988: Income over feed cost as a selection index of performance tested Charolais and Limousin young bulls

Bach, P., 1987: Income protection through a market niche in the animal production sector

Alam, S.; Alam, M. F., 1986: Income surpluses and investment patterns of selected farm families in Bangladesh

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615078

Giriappa, S., 1984: Income, saving and investment pattern in rural India

Gupta, V. K.; Balishter, 1986: Income, savings and investment in agriculture

Drewes, E., 1985: Income-earning activities for women from fishing communities in Sri Lanka

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615082

Ennew, C. T.; Jennings, A. N.; Rayner, A. J.; Reed, G. V., 1988: Incomes from the potato crop: the impact of support policy

Jeannic, F. le, 1988: Incomes in sheep farming 1979-85, according to the European Farm Accounting Network

Thiesenhusen, W. C., 1987: Incomes on some agrarian reform asentamientos in Panama

Barr, A. R., 1985: Incompatibility

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615087

Parkhi, R. D.; Khalatkar, A. S., 1986: Incompatibility in Ipomoea purpurea (Roth.)

Stalker H.T., 1987: Incompatibility mechanisms in interspecific peanut hybrids

Li, W. D.; Zhu, T., 1986: Incompatible barriers to the distant hybridization between Populus euphratica Oliv. and P. simonii Carr

Heikkenen, H. J.; Scheckler, S. E.; Egan, P. J. J, Jr; Williams, C. B, Jr, 1986: Incomplete abscission of needle clusters and resin release from artificially water-stressed loblolly pine (Pinus taeda): a component for plant-animal interactions

Orsini P.G., 1988: Incomplete longitudinal fracture of the proximal palmar cortex of the third metacarpal bone in horses

Lloyd, K. C. K.; Koblik, P.; Ragle, C.; Wheat, J. D.; Lakritz, J., 1988: Incomplete palmar fracture of the proximal extremity of the third metacarpal bone in horses: ten cases (1981-1986)

Elen, O.; Skinnes, H., 1987: Incomplete resistance to mildew in some wheat varieties and lines

Misdorp, W., 1987: Incomplete surgery, local immunostimulation, and recurrence of some tumour types in dogs and cats

Cumlivski, B., 1988: Inconstancy of reproduction ability of the Finnish breed sheep kept in large concentrations

Fanfani, R.; Masotti, L., 1987: Incorporated and limited companies in Italian agriculture

Cole, C. A, Jr; Turner, J. R., 1986: Incorporating boron in fluid fertilizers

Dattilo, J., 1984: Incorporating choice into therapeutic recreation programming for individuals with severe handicaps

Hann, D. W.; Walters, D. K.; Scrivani, J. A., 1987: Incorporating crown ratio into prediction equations for Douglas-fir stem volume

Ayanda, J. O., 1988: Incorporating environmental impact assessment in the Nigerian planning process: need and procedure

Rybka, P.; Wolf, J., 1986: Incorporating feed intake and conversion in the breeding strategy for dual-purpose cattle

Huber R.T., 1988: Incorporating fruit set estimates with thrips management to create a decision support system for apples

Arthur, T., 1988: Incorporating herbicides on reduced tillage

Wiese, A. F.; Chenault, E. W., 1986: Incorporating herbicides on sandy soil for dryland cotton

Ostlie, K. R.; Pedigo, L. P., 1987: Incorporating pest survivorship into economic thresholds

Probert M.E., 1987: Incorporating the effects of plant density into fertilizer response models

Olson, K. D.; George, M.; Menke, J.; Murphy, A.; Horne, J. van; Lohr, L., 1987: Incorporating weather variation into California rangeland stocking rate decisions

Louden, J., 1988: Incorporating women into monitoring and evaluation in farming systems research and extension

Salas Noh, L. F.; Castellanos Ruelas, A. F., 1986: Incorporation into the diet of growing and finishing pigs of leucaena leaf meal treated with pressure and heat for two different times

Naidu, M. M.; Krishnan, R. V., 1987: Incorporation of 'thippi' (tapioca by-product) in the rations of sheep

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615116

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615117

Lagodyuk, P. Z.; Ratych, I. B., 1985: Incorporation of 35S from various sulphur-containing compounds into tissue proteins in hens

Hein, W. H. de; Panigatti, J. L., 1986: Incorporation of B to A horizon and nitrification in an argialboll

Ridler, B. J.; Stachurski, L. J.; Brooks, I. M., 1988: Incorporation of Matua prairie grass into grazing systems

Nabeta, K.; Oda, T.; Sugisawa, H., 1986: Incorporation of R,S--mevalonate into sesquiterpenes by callus of Perilla sp

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615122

Gibson, J. P.; Smith, C., 1987: Incorporation of biotechnologies into animal breeding strategies

Shcherbatenko, V., 1987: Incorporation of bran in flour

Yang, T. B.; Gu, F. L.; Shi, S. S.; Gu, Z. Y., 1988: Incorporation of brown planthopper BPH resistance genes from indica into japonica rice

Blake, G.; Kaigate, B.; Fourcy, A.; Boutin, C., 1987: Incorporation of cadmium by water hyacinth

Kapur, J.; Sood, M. L., 1986: Incorporation of carbon from 14C-labelled precursors into major chemical fractions of Haemonchus contortus in vitro

Caceres O, S. R.; Morales, F. J., 1985: Incorporation of dominant and recessive genes for resistance to strains of common bean mosaic virus in 2 commercial French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) varieties

Pryazchinskaya, V. G.; Belyaeva, T. V., 1986: Incorporation of environmental concerns into optimization model of land and water resources use in an agricultural region: a case study of the northern Caucasus region in the USSR

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615131

Greder, R. R., 1987: Incorporation of exotic germplasm into adapted maize synthetics to improve grain yield and multiple leaf blight resistance

Kurihara, Y.; Suzuki, T.; Moriyama, K., 1987: Incorporation of heavy metals by the mud snail, Cipangopaludina chinensis malleata Reeve, in submerged paddy soil treated with composted sewage sludge

Karasawa, Y.; Koh, K., 1987: Incorporation of intraportal ammonia-N into blood and tissue nitrogenous compounds in chickens fed low and high protein diets

Roy, H.; Chaudhari, P.; Cannon, S., 1988: Incorporation of large subunits into ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase in chloroplast extracts

Perez, O.; Redonet, J. L.; Perez, S., 1986: Incorporation of manure and mineral fertilizer in the soil for growing dark tobacco cv. Criollo

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615137

Lal, G. S.; Bharaj, G. S.; Dabholkar, A. R., 1985: Incorporation of resistance to the spotted stem borer (Chilo partellus Swinhoe)

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615140

St Pierre, N. R.; Harvey, W. R., 1986: Incorporation of uncertainty in composition of feeds into least-cost ration models. 1. Single-change constrained programming

Misra, SK.; Mehdi, H.; Rastogi, AK.; Garg, NK., 1987: Increase in activity and biosynthesis of phospholipase A of Entamoeba histolytica by cholesterol passage

Geeta, G. S.; Raghavendra, S.; Reddy, T. K. R., 1986: Increase in biogas production from bovine excreta by addition of various inert materials

Sakajo, S.; Nakamura, K.; Asahi, T., 1987: Increase in catalase mRNA in wounded sweet potato tuberous root tissue

Dwarte D.M., 1987: Increase in cholesterol in the apical plasma membrane of uterine epithelial cells during early pregnancy in the rat

Chulavatnatol M., 1986: Increase in fluid viscosity during epididymal transit and the immobilization of rat epididymal spermatozoa

Singh, R. P.; Srivastava, H. S., 1986: Increase in glutamate synthase (NADH) activity in maize seedlings in response to nitrate and ammonium nitrogen

Taran, M. G., 1988: Increase in grain yield of winter wheat in relation to cultivar and conditions of nitrogen nutrition

Hoogendoorn, D., 1986: Increase in height in the Netherlands and the appeal of tennis

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615153

Kunchev, I.; Vasilev, I., 1986: Increase in material stimuli to encourage the end results from piece work

Marschner H., 1988: Increase in membrane permeability and exudation in roots of zinc deficient plants

Purdy, J.; Dodd, C. E. R.; Fowler, D. R.; Waites, W. M., 1988: Increase in microbial contamination of defeathering machinery in a poultry processing plant after changes in the method of processing

Shukla, U. S.; Bhansali, R. R., 1985: Increase in mitochondria, respiration and oxidative enzymes in grassy shoot diseased sugarcane plants

Popov, V. P., 1986: Increase in natural immunity in racehorses given biologically active compounds

Gibbens, R. P.; Beck, R. F., 1987: Increase in number of dominant plants and dominance-classes on a grassland in the northern Chihuahuan Desert

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615161

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615162

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615163

Platts Mills T.A.E., 1986: Increase in skin mast cells following chronic house dust mite exposure

Snitinskii, V. V., 1987: Increase in survival of piglets and characteristic metabolism of substances during the early neonatal period

Shcherbatenko, I. S.; Oleshchenko, L. T.; Kovalenko, A. G., 1987: Increase in the optical density of the inoculum as a criterion for the optimization of inoculation conditions of isolated plant protoplasts with potato virus X

Ignat' ev, N. N.; Pokrovskii, N. P.; Shuvaev, V. A., 1984: Increase in the oxygen uptake rate by the soil-plant system as influenced by a symbiont-2 preparation

Otto, K., 1987: Increase in the physiological dead space as an indicator of abnormal gas exchange in anaesthetized horses

Shnaider, T. M., 1987: Increase in the recombination frequency in chromosomes at meiosis in wheat-rye hybrids

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615170

Anonymous, 1988: Increase in world pineapple production forecast

Ovsishcher, B. R.; Boev, V. A.; Osipov, V. N., 1984: Increase in yield of red fescue and reed canary grass under the action of fertilizers

Hendriks, L., 1986: Increase in yields of roses by CO2 fertilizing. Light influences the effect of CO2

Hare R.C., 1987: Increase longleaf pine seed yields by inhibiting conelet abortion

Smykov, V. K., 1986: Increase of apricot adaptability

Seyffart, G.; Ensminger, A.; Scholz, R., 1987: Increase of body mass during long-term bicarbonate hemodialysis

Lacy M.L., 1988: Increase of disease resistance in celery cultivars by regeneration of whole plants from cell suspension cultures

Oubrecht, J., 1986: Increase of effectiveness of tractor-plough attachments

Dudits, D., 1988: Increase of genetic variability by asymmetric cell hybridization and isolated chromosome transfer

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615183

Leite Salvado, A.; Santos Silva, J., 1987: Increase of meat production by increasing prolificacy - comparative study of some parameters on growth and carcasses of crossbred lambs Merino Precoce X Merino Portuguese and Merino Precoce X F1 (Romanov X Merino Portuguese)

Rao Ch V., 1988: Increase of nuclear bodies in bovine luteal cells after treatment with human chorionic gonadotropin

Camon Urgel J., 1988: Increase of pregnancy rate in dairy cattle after preovulatory follicle palpation and deep cornual insemination

Philipon, P.; Terqui, M., 1985: Increase of prolificacy in sheep immunized against androstenedione

Severnev, M. M.; Podlekarev, N. N., 1987: Increase of service life of machines operating in corrosive environments

Reversat, G., 1987: Increase of the chemical oxygen demand during the growth in Heterodera sacchari

Kabrt, J., 1986: Increase of the oxidized form of vitamin C in the body: the cause or consequence of impaired metabolism?

Pastor, M. J.; Escribano, J. M., 1988: Increase of the sensitivity of the ELISA-VP73 technique for the detection of specific antibodies to African swine fever

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615194

Vest, L., 1986: Increased Aspergillus affects egg contamination, hatchability

Maeglin, R. R.; Boone, R. S., 1986: Increased STUD grade yield of plantation southern pine by Saw-Dry-Rip

Don, J.; Koiller, M.; Yeheskel, O.; Avtalion, R. R.; Nussbaum, K. E., 1987: Increased Tilapia embryo viability using ultraviolet irradiation in a closed recirculating Zuger-bottle system

Smith, J. I.; Smart, N. J.; Misawa, M.; Kurz, W. G. W.; Tallevi, S. G.; DiCosmo, F., 1987: Increased accumulation of indole alkaloids by some cell lines of Catharanthus roseus in response to addition of vanadyl sulphate

Bartyzel M., 1987: Increased activity of blood lysozyme in the greater wax moth larvae affected perorally by bacterial invaders with chitinase added

Williamson R.C.N., 1987: Increased activity of digestive enzymes in ileal enterocytes adapting to proximal small bowel resection

Froslie, A., 1986: Increased addition of selenium to standardized mineral mixtures and salt licks

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615205

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615206

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615207

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615208

Protopopova, E. N.; Pavlov, I. N., 1987: Increased attention to amenity planting in the streets of the KATEK cities

Khuspe, S. S.; Gupta, P. K.; Kulkarni, D. K.; Urmil Mehta,; Mascarenhas, A. F., 1987: Increased biomass production by tissue culture of Eucalyptus

Bedlan, G., 1987: Increased blight of tomatoes caused by weather conditions

Kuroki, G.; Conn, E. E., 1988: Increased chorismate mutase levels as a response to wounding Solanum tuberosum L. tubers

Micieta, K., 1987: Increased chromosome aberration frequency in Vicia faba L. as a result of combined treatment with some herbicides under field conditions

Appleton, G. V. N.; Bristol, J. B.; Williamson, R. C. N., 1986: Increased dietary calcium and small bowel resection have opposite effects on colonic cell turnover

Shofer, F.; Glickman, L.; Sonnenschein, E.; Goldschmidt, M., 1987: Increased dietary protein improves the survival of pet dogs with spontaneous mammary carcinoma

Turell, M. J.; Mather, T. N.; Spielman, A.; Bailey, C. L., 1987: Increased dissemination of dengue 2 virus in Aedes aegypti associated with concurrent ingestion of microfilariae of Brugia malayi

Popov, N.; Cherkashin, A., 1987: Increased effectiveness of drying

Abramov, N. D., 1988: Increased effectiveness of wind and solar water pumping stations in pastures

Klimov, S. V.; Rybakova, M. I., 1986: Increased effects of drought and frost on barley and wheat plants owing to the presence of Al3+ in acidic soil

Chu C J., 1988: Increased efficacy of phosphonoformate and phosphonoacetate inhibition of herpes simplex virus type 2 replication by encapsulation in liposomes

Hermann, R.; Ziechmann, W., 1988: Increased elimination of environmental chemicals by humic substances ater reversible dehumification

Shaikh, N. A., 1987: Increased emphases on marketing of liquid milk

Mankevich, I. I.; Kanashkova, K. F., 1987: Increased energy in diets for cows

Sable Amplis, R.; Berry Lorstch, E.; Sicart, R., 1988: Increased excretion of primary bile acids in hamsters fed a fruit-enriched diet

Pollitt, R. J.; Fowler, B.; Sardharwalla, I. B.; Edwards, M. A.; Gray, R. G. F., 1987: Increased excretion of propan-1,3-diol and 3-hydroxypropionic acid apparently caused by abnormal bacterial metabolism in the gut

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615232

Mitropoulos, K. A.; Esnouf, M. P.; Meade, T. W., 1987: Increased factor VII coagulant activity in the rabbit following diet-induced hypercholesterolaemia. Evidence for increased conversion of VII to alpha VIIa and higher flux within the coagulation pathway

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615234

Duhrkopf, R. E., 1987: Increased female mortality as a barrier to hybridization between members of the Aedes scutellaris complex of mosquitoes

Bhan, M. K.; Khoshoo, V.; Bhatnagar, S.; Bhandari, N.; Ghai, O. P., 1988: Increased food intake in children treated with puffed rice based ORS

Banya, G. S., 1987: Increased food production on the small farms, experience from Eastern IADP

Kok, E. M., 1987: Increased food production through low-cost technology-production and marketing of seed for the small-scale farming sector

Conde R.D., 1986: Increased formation and keeping of ribosomes during dietary recovery of mouse kidney

Ganesh Prasad, 1987: Increased frequency and wider spectrum of mutation induced by presoaking and combined mutagen treatments in barley

Micieta, K., 1988: Increased frequency of sister chromatid exchanges in Vicia faba L. under the influence of a combination of the herbicides Topogard, Dual and Ladob

Baker R., 1987: Increased growth response of plants induced by rhizobacteria antagonistic to soilborne pathogenic fungi

Girard J., 1986: Increased insulin sensitivity and responsiveness during lactation in rats

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615251

Rattray, B.; Rose, AM., 1988: Increased intragenic recombination and non-disjunction in the Rec-1 strain of Caenorhabditis elegans

Turaihi, K.; Baron, D. N.; Dandona, P., 1987: Increased leucocyte Na-K ATPase in obesity: reversal following weight loss

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615257

Heimburge, H.; Eberth, G.; Richter, G., 1988: Increased loads and higher efficiency during straw transport

Mair, T. S.; Stokes, C. R.; Bourne, F. J., 1988: Increased local lgA production in chronic obstruction pulmonary disease

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615262

Et Al, 1987: Increased lymphocyte transport by lipid absorption in rat mesenteric lymphatics

Finzariu, D.; Patras, J.; Pinzariu, J., 1986: Increased maize yields using continuous improvement in cultivation techniques

Sitte D., 1988: Increased mortality in mice infected with rabies virus and subsequently vaccinated against rabies

Sable Amplis, R.; Sicart, R.; Reynier, B., 1986: Increased net apparent retention of magnesium in hamsters fed a fruit-enriched diet

Robin, J. P.; Cherel, Y.; Girard, H.; Chaban, C.; Maho, Y. le, 1988: Increased nitrogen assimilation rate and hyperphagia associated with refeeding after prolonged feed deprivation in domestic geese

Rosen, K., 1986: Increased nitrogen leaching under piles of slash - a consequence of modern logging systems

Urbasch, I., 1987: Increased occurrence of Harzia acremonioides (Harz) Cost. on tomato plants

Thornhill, JA.; Jones, JT.; Kusel, JR., 1986: Increased oviposition and growth in immature Biomphalaria glabrata after exposure to Schistosoma mansoni

Folch Pera, J., 1986: Increased ovulation rate and lambing rate in Aragon ewes by means of immunization against androstenedione

Ritar, A. J.; Adams, N. R., 1988: Increased ovulation rate, but not FSH or LH concentrations, in ewes supplemented with lupin grain

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615278

Betti, L.; Tanzi, M.; Canova, A., 1986: Increased pathogenicity of TMV pepper strains after repeated passages in resistant Capsicum accessions

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615280

Weiss, R. C.; Vaughn, D. M.; Cox, N. R., 1988: Increased plasma levels of leukotriene B4 and prostaglandin E2 in cats experimentally inoculated with feline infectious peritonitis virus

Eide I., 1986: Increased plasma noradrenaline during severe sodium restriction does not stimulate platelet release in essential hypertension

Ikogbo, B. N., 1987: Increased production through low-cost food crops technology at IITA

Kozhaliev, B. K., 1986: Increased productivity of cows fed on pasture grass supplemented with major and trace elements

Blackburn G.L., 1987: Increased protein catabolism without hypermetabolism after human orthotopic liver transplantation

Yamashita K., 1986: Increased rate of purine biosynthesis in rat liver after bilateral adrenalectomy

Farrar J.F., 1986: Increased rates of photosynthesis in localized regions of a barley leaf infected with brown rust

Tilles, DA.; Nordlander, G.; Nordenhem, H.; Eidmann, HH.; Wassgren, A-B.; Bergstrom, G., 1986: Increased release of host volatiles from feeding scars: a major cause of field aggregation in the pine weevil Hylobius abietis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Parsons, J. E.; Busch, R. A.; Thorgaard, G. H.; Scheerer, P. D., 1986: Increased resistance of triploid rainbow trout X coho salmon hybrids to infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus

Warner J.O., 1988: Increased resting energy expenditure in cystic fibrosis

Bogardus, C.; Taskinen, M. R.; Zawadzki, J.; Lillioja, S.; Mott, D.; Howard, B. V., 1986: Increased resting metabolic rates in obese subjects with non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus and the effect of sulfonylurea therapy

Sommer, A; Tarwotjo, I; Katz, J., 1987: Increased risk of xerophthalmia following diarrhea and respiratory disease

Smith, M., 1987: Increased role for US farm export programs

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Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615323

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Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615910

Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615911

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Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615988

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Section 2, Chapter 1616, Accession 001615996

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