Influence of sources of nitrogen on the yield, protein and non-protein nitrogen status of flue-cured tobacco at different stages of plant growth

Sreeramamurty, C.; Gopalachari, N.C.

Tobacco Research 11(1): 39-45


Accession: 001618321

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In trials in 1972-74 with tobacco cv. Kanakaprabha grown on 2 soil types and given PK and N in 4 forms, FW and DW yields and protein N content were higher and non-protein N content was lower in plants grown on heavy soil than in those grown on light soil. FW decreased and DW increased somewhat after 90 days of growth, and protein and non-protein N content decreased progressively with age. FW and DW yield did not differ significantly between forms of applied N, but protein and non-protein N contents were highest with calcium ammonium nitrate and urea, resp.