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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 1620

Chapter 1620 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Allen, R.D., 1987:
Ingredient analysis table: 1987 edition

Preston, R.L., 1987:
Ingredient table helps balance rations

Mena, D., 1987:
Ingredients and additives in salted sausages and other meat products

Prajapati, P.S.; Patel, A.A.; Gupta, S.K., 1987:
Ingredients for low-fat dairy spreads

Kagen, S.L., 1986:
Inhalant insect allergy

Klinckmann, G., 1987:
Inhalation treatment of cattle with diseases of the upper respiratory tract

Conte, J.E.J.; Hollander, H.; Golden, J.A., 1987:
Inhaled or reduced-dose pentamidine for Pneumocystis carinii: A pilot study

White, S.L.; Keammerer, W.R., 1985:
Inherent similarity of vegetation types as a standard for revegetation success

Coulman, B.E.; Oakes, B., 1987:
Inheritance and agronomic significance of growth type in red clover

Kornegay, J.L.; Temple, S.R., 1986:
Inheritance and combining ability of leafhopper defense mechanisms in common bean

Savkin, N.L., 1987:
Inheritance and correlation of earliness and seed shedding resistance in pea hybrids

Zozulya, A.L., 1984:
Inheritance and correlation of height of ear insertion in maize hybrids and parental forms

Roush, R.T.; Combs, R.L.; Randolph, T.C.; Macdonald, J.; Hawkins, J.A., 1986:
Inheritance and effective dominance of pyrethroid resistance in the horn fly (Diptera: Muscidae)

Ladogina, M.P.; Pomortsev, A.A.; Netsvetaev, V.P.; Ovchinnikov, A.N.; Biyashev, R.M.; Sozinov, A.A., 1988:
Inheritance and genetic control of the glutelin components in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Saakyan, G.A.; Khachatryan, Z.G.; Kazaryan, L.G.; Grigoryan, A.G., 1986:
Inheritance and heritability of some quantitative traits in winter bread wheat

Cunningham, J.G.; Farnbach, G.C., 1988:
Inheritance and idiopathic canine epilepsy

Muggli, N.E.; Hohenboken, W.D.; Cundiff, L.V.; Mattson, D.E., 1987:
Inheritance and interaction of immune traits in beef calves

Rennie, B.D.; Beversdorf, W.D.; Buzzell, R.I., 1987:
Inheritance and linkage analysis of two endopeptidase variants in soybeans

Furnier, G.R.; Knowles, P.; Aleksiuk, M.A.; Dancik, B.P., 1986:
Inheritance and linkage of allozymes in seed tissue of whitebark pine

Lee, J.M.; Ellstrand, N.C., 1987:
Inheritance and linkage of isozymes in the cherimoya

Manganaris, A.G.; Alston, F.H., 1988:
Inheritance and linkage relationships of glutamate oxaloacetate transaminase isoenzymes in apple : 2. The genes GOT-2 and GOT-4

Fanourakis, N.E.; Simon, P.W., 1987:
Inheritance and linkage studies of the fruit epidermal structure in cucumber

Griffin, J.D.; Palmer, R.G., 1987:
Inheritance and linkage studies with five isozyme loci in soybean

Pree, D.J., 1987:
Inheritance and management of cyhexatin and dicofol resistance in the European red mite (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Sobko, T.A.; Poperelya, F.A.; Rybalka, A.I.; Sozinov, A.A., 1986:
Inheritance and mapping of genes coding for synthesis of storage proteins on chromosome 1A of bread wheat

Migal' , N.D.; Borodina, E.I., 1988:
Inheritance and practical use of the intersexual form of male sterility in hemp

Hawker, H.; McEwan, J.C., 1987:
Inheritance and selection - dual purpose breeds. Screened high fleece weight Romney flocks

Hanson, P.M., 1988:
Inheritance and selection for resistance to Phialophora gregata in soybeans

Korotkov, V.A., 1987:
Inheritance and selective significance of gestation period in pigs

Beknazarov, N.B.; Katkova, R.O., 1986:
Inheritance and variation of the growth period in F2 hybrids of wheat

Zykova, S.I.; Leont' ev, S.I.; Seryukov, G.M., 1984:
Inheritance and variation of the productivity of the main ear in spring wheat hybrids on saline soils

Lubnin, A.N.; Gubarenko, P.G., 1985:
Inheritance characteristics of straw height in some short-strawed varieties of bread and durum wheat

Lester, R.N.; Thitai, G.N.W., 1986:
Inheritance in Solanum aethiopicum, the scarlet eggplant

Belova, V.M., 1984:
Inheritance in flax of resistance to bacterial disease

Perico, G.; Ceppi, D.; Gentinetta, E.; Motto, M.; Verderio, A., 1986:
Inheritance of stay green trait in maize (Zea mays)

Pukhal' skii, V.A.; Mogutova, O.B.; Rudenko, M.I.; Li, L.M., 1985:
Inheritance of 1000-grain weight and grain lysine content in barley hybrids obtained using high-lysine donors

Dechev, D., 1987:
Inheritance of 1000-grain weight in durum wheat

Randhawa, A.S.; Dhaliwal, H.S.; Sharma, S.K.; Multani, D.S., 1987:
Inheritance of 2,4-D tolerance in wheat

Rathor, H.R.; Wood, R.J., 1987:
Inheritance of DDT dehydrochlorination and of a mechanism restricting uptake of DDT in the mosquito Aedes aegypti

Havey, M.; Maxwell, D., 1987:
Inheritance of Phytophthora root rot resistance in two diploid alfalfa species

Lavrent' eva, L.I., 1984:
Inheritance of a pleiotropic complex in induced pea mutants

Merkle, O.; Webster, J.; Morgan, G., 1987:
Inheritance of a second source of greenbug resistance in barley

Wells, H.D.; Hanna, W.A., 1987:
Inheritance of a severe Bipolaris leafspot on pearl millet

Rai, K.N.; Rao, S.A. (Appa Rao, S); Rao, A.S., 1987:
Inheritance of a spikeletless character in pearl millet

Vandenberg, A.; Slinkard, A.E., 1987:
Inheritance of a xantha chlorophyll deficiency in lentil

Bhupinder Singh; Dhir, D.S.; Trehan, P.K., 1986:
Inheritance of abdominal fat and indirect effect of selection for growth rate on it in broilers

Berggren-Thomas, P.L.; Kaattari, S.; Hohenboken, W.D.; Shrestha, J.N.; Heaney, D.P., 1987:
Inheritance of active and acquired immunity traits in sheep

Hohenboken, W.D.; Muggli, N.E.; Berggren Thomas, P.L.; Norman, L.M., 1986:
Inheritance of active and passive humoral immunity in ruminants

Vlasenko, V.A., 1987:
Inheritance of agronomically useful characters following hybridization of current winter wheat varieties of different geographical origin

Maletskii, S.I.; Konovalov, A.A.; Agafonov, N.S., 1987:
Inheritance of alcohol dehydrogenase in sugarbeet. II. Selective fertilization and identification of genotypes for incompatibility genes by means of the marker locus Adh

Pitel, J.A.; Cheliak, W.M.; Barrett, J., 1987:
Inheritance of allozymes in a black spruce diallel cross

Magnavaca, R.; Gardner, C.O.; Clark, R.B., 1987:
Inheritance of aluminum tolerance in maize

Hraska, S.; Brindza, J., 1987:
Inheritance of amino acid content in the grain of winter wheat hybrids

Gowda, C.L.L.; Onkar Singh, 1986:
Inheritance of an upright pedicel mutant characteristic in chickpea

Stoeva, I., 1986:
Inheritance of and correlations between some important characters determining yield in wheat

Naskidashvili, P.P.; Abdulaev, A.M., 1986:
Inheritance of and variation in some qualitative characteristics in complex winter bread wheat hybrids

Dusbabek, F., 1987:
Inheritance of assembly pheromone responsiveness in Argas (Persicargas) persicus (Oken)

Turabekov, S.; Musaeva, S., 1984:
Inheritance of bract shape in cotton and its association with quantitative characters

Yamaleev, A.M.; Bakhtizin, N.R.; Isaev, R.F.; Asfandiyarova, R.R., 1986:
Inheritance of bunt resistance and trypsin inhibitor activity in some bread wheat varieties

Varenitsa, E.T.; Mozgovoi, A.F.; Saakyan, L.Y., 1986:
Inheritance of bunt resistance in winter wheat

Dawson, W.D.; Lake, C.E.; Schumpert, S.S., 1988:
Inheritance of burrow building in Peromyscus

Provorov, N.A.; Simarov, B.V., 1985:
Inheritance of capacity for symbiosis with Rhizobium meliloti in self-fertile progeny of Trigonella foenum-graecum L

Varewyck, H.; Lampo, P.; Bouquet, Y.; Zeveren, A. van, 1987:
Inheritance of carcass quality in broiler rabbits

Sadykhova, L., 1984:
Inheritance of characteristics in heterogeneous populations

Popova, I.; Sachanski, S., 1988:
Inheritance of characters determining yield in crosses of two subspecies of Pisum sativum

Xu, M.F., 1988:
Inheritance of characters in F1s of wheat crossed with mutants

Zubov, A.A., 1984:
Inheritance of characters in distant hybrids of Fragaria ananassa Duch. X F. ovalis Rydb

Syed, M.; Ronningen, K.; Nes, NN., 1987:
Inheritance of coat colour in ferrets

Garvey, E.J.; Lyrene, P.M., 1987:
Inheritance of compact growth habit in rabbiteye blueberry

Gland, A., 1985:
Inheritance of content and pattern of glucosinolates in combinations of resynthesized rapeseed X rapeseed cultivars

Luk' yanenko, A.N.; Luk' yanenko, E.K., 1986:
Inheritance of content of organic acids in the fruit of tomatoes

Hraska, S.; Brindza, J.; Fencik, R., 1986:
Inheritance of content of the main protein fractions in the grain of winter wheat

Varman, P.V.; Rathinaswamy, R.; Ramalingam, R.S.; Bhat, M.V., 1985:
Inheritance of crescent colour on standard petal in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Stoyanova, M.; Nikolov, S.; Molle, E., 1988:
Inheritance of crude protein content in some oriental tobacco varieties

Kramer, J.W.; Klaassen, J.K.; Baskin, D.G.; Prieur, D.J.; Rantanen, N.W.; Robinette, J.D.; Graber, W.R.; Rashti, L., 1988:
Inheritance of diabetes mellitus in Keeshond dogs

Waldia, R.S.; Singh, V.P., 1987:
Inheritance of dwarfing genes in pigeonpea

Boyadzhieva, D., 1987:
Inheritance of ear traits in hybrids of Triticum aestivum L

Maksudov, Z.; Engalychev, O., 1985:
Inheritance of earliness and boll size

Pulatov, M., 1986:
Inheritance of earliness in Gossypium barbadense hybrids

Epikhov, V.A.; Pronina, E.P., 1984:
Inheritance of earliness in first generation hybrids from complex crosses of garden pea

Nazar, S.G., 1983:
Inheritance of earliness in hybrid potato populations

Kostetskaya, E.I., 1984:
Inheritance of eating quality in the progeny of pears in relation to their initial forms

Timoshenko, I.I., 1985:
Inheritance of economically useful and biochemical characteristics in hybrid potato populations

Fomina, I.K., 1986:
Inheritance of economically useful characters in the hybrid progeny of some apple varieties

Zakharenko, Z.P., 1987:
Inheritance of economically useful traits in reciprocal crosses of spring and winter wheats

Rabotyagov, V.D.; Akimov, Y.A., 1986:
Inheritance of essential oil content and composition following interspecific hybridization in lavender

Kumar, C.R.; Nair, P.K.K., 1986:
Inheritance of exine ornamentation and pollen shape in the interspecific tetraploid hybrids of Gloriosa

Petrow, A.I., 1987:
Inheritance of external characteristics

Desale, S.C.; Bhapkar, D.G.; Thombre, M.V., 1986:
Inheritance of faint orange flower colour in groundnut

Graef, G.L.; Fehr, W.R.; Miller, L.A.; Hammond, E.G.; Cianzio, S.R., 1988:
Inheritance of fatty acid composition in a soybean mutant with low linolenic acid

Fang, G.; McVetty, P.B.E., 1987:
Inheritance of fertility restoration for the Polima CMS system in Brassica napus L

Huang, C.S.; Tseng, T.H.; Liu, C., 1986:
Inheritance of fertility restoration of cytoplasmic male sterility in indica rice

Ibragimov, P.S.; Beisekulov, M., 1985:
Inheritance of fibre length and outturn components in Gossypium barbadense varieties

Tvorogova, A.; Gavrilov, E., 1985:
Inheritance of fibre outturn in relation to parental pairs

Simongulyan, N.; Ibragimov, P., 1985:
Inheritance of fibre quality and outturn

Rakhim, M.A.; Dubinina, V.S.; Sattarov, B.K., 1985:
Inheritance of fibre quality in cotton varieties

Bhuiyan, M.S.A., 1986:
Inheritance of flower colour in Brassica juncea

Rawat, D.S., 1986:
Inheritance of flower colour in mustard

Baker, R.L.; Clarke, J.N.; Harvey, T.G.; Meyer, H.H., 1986:
Inheritance of foot and jaw abnormalities in sheep

Baker, R.L.; Clarke, J.N.; Harvey, T.G., 1987:
Inheritance of foot and jaw traits in sheep

Parkash Kumar (Kumar, P); Kamal Dhawan; Thakral, S.K.; Yadava, T.P., 1986:
Inheritance of free fatty acids in Indian mustard

Nikitina, E.D., 1987:
Inheritance of frost resistance in first generation hybrids of hexaploid triticale

Bulavka, N.V., 1986:
Inheritance of frost resistance in hybrids of winter bread wheat varieties

Surkova, L.I.; Maksimov, I.L.; Sokolova, K.D., 1984:
Inheritance of frost resistance in winter wheat mutants in various genotypic environments

Vinovets, A.D., 1986:
Inheritance of fruit colour in apple and pear hybrids

Finn, C.E.; Luby, J.J., 1986:
Inheritance of fruit development interval and fruit size in blueberry progenies

Matveev, V.A.; Kozlovskaya, Z.A., 1986:
Inheritance of fruit ripening date in the hybrid progeny of garden plum

Kenttamies, H., 1986:
Inheritance of fur characters in the silver fox

Il' ina, L.B., 1984:
Inheritance of genic male sterility in bread wheat

Johnson, J.C.; Nielsen, M.T.; Collins, G.B., 1988:
Inheritance of glandular trichomes in tobacco

Akhmedov, M.G.; Metakovskii, E.V., 1987:
Inheritance of gliadin component composition in hybrids from crossing the bread wheat varieties Bezostaya 1 and Chinese Spring

Tadano, T., 1986:
Inheritance of glucosephosphate isomerase in Aedes togoi

Ladogina, M.P.; Pomortsev, A.A., 1987:
Inheritance of glutelin components in spring barley

Il' in, V.A., 1984:
Inheritance of grain colour in proso millet

Khramtsova, N.V., 1984:
Inheritance of grain quality in hybrids between spring and winter wheats in the sorthern forest steppe of western Siberia

Afanas' ev, P.D., 1985:
Inheritance of grain shape and size in crosses of Triticum sphaerococcum Perciv. X T. aestivum L

Udachin, R.A.; Golovochenko, A.P., 1985:
Inheritance of grain weight per main ear in spring bread wheat in the central Povolzh'e

Godawat, S.L.; Gupta, S.C., 1985:
Inheritance of grain yield and its components in sesame

Zyong, Z.F.; Khatyleva, L.U. (Khotyleva, L.V.; Sauchanka, A.P. (Savchenko, A.P.; Khautsevich, V.M., 1985:
Inheritance of green matter in yellow lupin following intervarietal crossing

Legner, EF., 1987 :
Inheritance of gregarious and solitary oviposition in Muscidifurax raptorellus Kogan and Legner (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae)

Waldia, R.S.; Kharb, R.P.S.; Hooda, J.S., 1987:
Inheritance of growth and yield attributes in blackgram

Varan, P.V.; Rathnasamy, R.; Ramalingam, R.S.; Bhat, M.V., 1986:
Inheritance of growth habit in groundnut

Mikhailov, V.G., 1986:
Inheritance of growth period duration in soyabean

Mar' yushkin, V.F.; Mikhailov, V.G.; Polivoda, L.V., 1985:
Inheritance of hard seeds in soyabean

Li, L., 1987:
Inheritance of harvest index and its relationship to root yield and yield related traits in sweet potatoes

Mikhailov, V.G., 1986:
Inheritance of hilum coloration in soyabean

Sadykov, S.S.; Lyubetskaya, I.V.; Ismailova, R.A.; Zakirova, A.M.; Zakirova, T.K., 1987:
Inheritance of individual characters of wild species following the interspecific hybridization of cotton

Vindhiyavrman, P.; Rathinaswamy, R.; Ramalingam, R.S.; Bhat, N.V., 1986:
Inheritance of inflorescence type in groundnut

Tsumura, Y.; Tsuburaya, H.; Ohba, K., 1987:
Inheritance of isozyme variations of megagametophytes in Ginkgo biloba

Sampson, D.R.; Flynn, D.W., 1987:
Inheritance of kernel hardness in wheat clarified

Eubanks, M., 1987:
Inheritance of knob heterochromatin

Minina, I.V., 1984:
Inheritance of large fruit in raspberry

Bjarko, M.E.; Line, R.F., 1986:
Inheritance of latent period, infection type and area under the disease progress curve in two slow leaf rusting spring wheat cultivars

Keyes, K.A.; Honma, S., 1986:
Inheritance of lateral suppression and leaf number in broccoli (Brassica oleracea L. Italica Group)

Drazic, S., 1986:
Inheritance of leaf area in the F1 generation of tobacco and components of genetic variability

Semenova, T.V., 1986:
Inheritance of leaf number in sorghum

Anand, I.J.; Singh, J.P., 1985:
Inheritance of leaf pigments in Brassica carinata

Akmuradov, S.; Chapau, A.; Berdymuradov, R., 1986:
Inheritance of leaf shape and plant height

Meyer, K.; Brotherstone, S.; Hill, W.G.; Edwards, M.R., 1987:
Inheritance of linear type traits in dairy cattle and correlations with milk production

Diepenbrock, W., 1987:
Inheritance of linolenic acid esterified to galactosyl diacylglycerol and triacylglycerol from specific rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) mutants

Golubeva, A.P., 1985:
Inheritance of lodging resistance traits in winter rye hybrids

Dickson, M.H.; Petzoldt, R., 1987:
Inheritance of low temperature tolerance in beans at several growth stages

Uzakov, Yu; Akhmedov, M., 1985:
Inheritance of main stem height in hybrids

White, N.D.G.; Bell, R.J., 1988:
Inheritance of malathion resistance in a strain of Tribolium castaneum (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) and effects of resistance genotypes on fecundity and larval survival in malathion-treated wheat

Davydzenka, A.G. (Davydenko, O.G.; Vekshyn, S.R., 1984:
Inheritance of male sterility in two independently obtained wheat mutants

Deshpande, A.A.; Anand, N.; Pathak, C.S., 1986:
Inheritance of marcescent calyx and erecta growth habit in chilli pepper (Capsicum annuum L.)

Shattock, R.C., 1986:
Inheritance of metalaxyl resistance in the potato late-blight fungus

Bukharov, A.F., 1986:
Inheritance of morphological and biochemical characters following interspecific hybridization in tomato

Kurova, G.S., 1984:
Inheritance of morphological characters in a complex hybrid population involving Moskovskaya Karlikovaya

Giragulvattanaporn, W.; Srinives, P., 1986:
Inheritance of multiple leaflets in soyabean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)

Groenwold, R.; Reinink, K., 1988:
Inheritance of nitrate content in lettuce

Iruthayathas, E.E.; Vlassak, K.; Laeremans, R., 1985:
Inheritance of nodulation and N2 fixation in winged beans

Yadav, A.K.; Harvir Singh; Yadava, T.P., 1985:
Inheritance of non-waxy trait in Indian mustard and its reaction to the aphids

Hobbs, H.A.; Kuhn, C.W.; Papa, K.E.; Brantley, B.B., 1987:
Inheritance of nonnecrotic resistance to southern bean mosaic virus in cowpea

Gamolin, A.A.; Ala, A.Y.; Romanova, L.P., 1987:
Inheritance of oil and fatty acid content in the F1 of Glycine max X G. soja

Ayres, N.M., 1987:
Inheritance of organelles in somatic cell hybrids and cybrids of Nicotiana

Payne, G.T.; Blenk, R.G.; Brown, T.M., 1988:
Inheritance of permethrin resistance in the tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Kipnis, E.A.; Razumovich, A.N., 1986:
Inheritance of peroxidase activity in first-generation maize hybrids

Deren, C.W., 1987:
Inheritance of photoperiod-induced flowering and a glabrous-stem marker gene in Aeschynomene americana

Wilson, F.D., 1987:
Inheritance of pink filament in cotton

Mikhailov, V.G., 1987:
Inheritance of plant height and many-flowered inflorescence in soyabean

Ivanova, N.V., 1985:
Inheritance of plant height and yield in spring barley following diallel crossing

Kheiralla, K., 1984:
Inheritance of plant height in first generation winter wheat hybrids

Kudryavtseva, A.A., 1986:
Inheritance of plant height in hybrids of winter bread wheat

Umarov, D.T.; Semenova, L.V., 1986:
Inheritance of plant height in spring bread wheat hybrids under irrigation

Zolotova, T.M., 1984:
Inheritance of plant height in the F1 following hybridization of triticale differing in ploidy level

Dasgupta, T.; Das, P.K., 1987:
Inheritance of pod length and cluster number in blackgram

Andrushchenko, L.M.; Pavlichenok, E.I.; Andrushchenko, A.V.; Vershinina, V.A., 1984:
Inheritance of powdery mildew resistance in spring wheat forms

Shepel' , N.A.; Kolomiets, N.Y.; Vasilenko, P.N., 1988:
Inheritance of protein and lysine content in sorghum hybrids

Belousov, A.A., 1987:
Inheritance of protein and lysine content in the grain of different types of maize hybrid obtained from crosses of lines improved and unimproved in respect of grain quality

Singh, A.K.; Saini, S.S., 1985:
Inheritance of protein content in French bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

Mosina, S.B., 1985:
Inheritance of protein content of the caryopses in rice

Zderchuk, R.A., 1987:
Inheritance of protein polymorphism and performance in meat fowls

Elden, T.C.; Elgin, J.H.J.; Soper, J.F., 1986:
Inheritance of pubescence in selected clones from two alfalfa populations and relationship to potato leafhopper resistance

Samresh Dwivedi; Singh, D.P., 1986:
Inheritance of purple pigmentation and seed colour in greengram

Kostik, M.A., 1986:
Inheritance of qualitative characters in grape in breeding varieties resistant to biotic and abiotic environmental factors

Genov, M., 1987:
Inheritance of quantitative characters in maize and variation in genetic parameters. VIII. 1000-grain weight, yield and productivity in diploid and tetraploid hybrids differing in earliness

Moliver, M.G., 1987:
Inheritance of quantitative characters in the hybrid progeny of grape following the use of promising F1 hybrids as parents

Shelyganova, K.P., 1987:
Inheritance of quantitative characters in winter rye hybrids

Vakulenko, G.M.; Seryukov, G.M.; Matveev, A.V., 1984:
Inheritance of quantitative traits in hybrid populations of spring wheat on chernozem-solonetz soil complexes

Tawar, M.L.; Rao, S.K.; Sharma, S.M., 1986:
Inheritance of quantitative traits in soybean

Butnaru, H., 1986:
Inheritance of quantitative yield characters in tomatoes for processing

Biedermann, G.; Bickel, M., 1985:
Inheritance of racing performance of German Thoroughbred horses

Chauhan, J.S.; Vergara, B.S.; Virmani, S.S.; Lopez, F.S.S.; Chauhan, V.S., 1987:
Inheritance of regeneration ability in rice

Dickson, M.D.; Hunter, J.E., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance in cabbage seedlings to black rot

Ginkel, M. van, 1986:
Inheritance of resistance in wheat to Septoria tritici

Kasatkin, Y.A.; Ostapenko, A.I., 1986:
Inheritance of resistance of blister smut infection in maize hybrids under irrigated conditions

Rogash, A.R.; Karpunin, B.F., 1985:
Inheritance of resistance of flax to an anthracnose pathogen population

Levic, J., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance of the leaves of maize (Zea mays L.) to Kabatiella zeae Narita et Hiratsuka and identifying sources of resistance

Liu, Q.; Rimmer, S.R.; Scarth, R.; McVetty, P.B.E., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance to Albugo candida in Brassica napus

Godoy, I.J. de; Moraes, S.A., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance to Cercosporidium personatum and correlation with agronomic characters in intraspecific groundnut crosses

Smith, M.A., 1986:
Inheritance of resistance to Cochliobolus sativus infection and effects on forage quality components in tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea Schreb.)

Sviridov, A.A., 1986:
Inheritance of resistance to Fusarium in castor following interline crossing

Fang, M.R.; Hwang, J.K., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance to Fusarium wilt in yardlong bean (Vigna sesquipedalis (L.) Fruhw.)

Gimenes Fernandes, N.; Pena, A.M., 1986:
Inheritance of resistance to Peronosclerospora sorghi (Weston & Uppal) C.G. Shaw of sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench)

Beglaryan, S.A., 1986:
Inheritance of resistance to Plasmopara viticola in interspecific grape hybrids in relation to the choice of pairs being crossed

Walther, U., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance to Puccinia hordei Otth. in the spring barley variety Trumpf

Shang, H.S.; Dyck, P.L.; Samborski, D.J., 1986:
Inheritance of resistance to Puccinia recondita in a group of resistant accessions of common wheat

Marchetti, M.A.; Lai, X.H.; Bollich, C.N., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance to Pyricularia oryzae in rice cultivars grown in the United States

Gadzhiev, N.M., 1986:
Inheritance of resistance to Rhizoctonia in potato following interspecific hybridization

Robert, N.; Vear, F.; Tourvieille de Labrouhe, D., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary in sunflower. I. Study of reactions to two mycelial tests

Robert, N.; Vear, F.; Labrouhe, D.T. de (Tourvieille de Labrouhe, D), 1987:
Inheritance of resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum (Lib.) de Bary in sunflower. I. Study of reactions to two tests using mycelium

Cohen, S.; Cohen, Y., 1986:
Inheritance of resistance to Sphaerotheca fuliginea race 2 and Pseudoperonospora cubensis in muskmelon

Stoner, K.A.; Dickson, M.H.; Shelton, A.M., 1986:
Inheritance of resistance to Thrips tabaci in cabbage

Marinkovic, N.; Miladinovic, Z.; Aleksic, Z., 1986:
Inheritance of resistance to Verticillium wilt in Capsicum annuum L

Rava, C.A.; Zimmermann, M.J. de O.; Romeiro, R. da S., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance to Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli (Smith) Dye in Phaseolus vulgaris L

Drijfhout, E.; Blok, W.J., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance to Xanthomonas campestris pv. phaseoli in tepary bean (Phaseolus acutifolius)

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Inheritance of resistance to anthracnose stalk rot and leaf blight in a maize inbred derived from a temperate by tropical germplasm combination

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Inheritance of resistance to aphid in cowpea

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Inheritance of resistance to bacterial blight in rice

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Inheritance of resistance to bacterial wilt in egg plant

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Inheritance of resistance to black leg and storage rots in sugarbeet

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Inheritance of resistance to black stain of malting barley

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Inheritance of resistance to blast in some traditional and improved rice cultivars

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Inheritance of resistance to brown rust in some varieties of winter and spring wheat

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Inheritance of resistance to common smut in maize

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Inheritance of resistance to diseases and pests in monogerm sugarbeet

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Inheritance of resistance to four pathotypes of bacterial blight in rice cultivar BJI

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Inheritance of resistance to gall midge in some cultivars of rice

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Inheritance of resistance to gray leaf spot in maize

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Inheritance of resistance to leaf anthracnose (Colletotrichum graminicola) on maize

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Inheritance of resistance to melanosis in proso millet hybrids of the first generation

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Inheritance of resistance to planthoppers and leafhoppers in rice

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Inheritance of resistance to powdery mildew among the progeny of apple species and cultivars

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Inheritance of resistance to powdery mildew in interspecific grape hybrids

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Inheritance of resistance to powdery mildew race 1 and race 2 in muskmelons

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Inheritance of resistance to race 3 downy mildew in sunflower

Genchev, D., 1987:
Inheritance of resistance to races A and B1 of the pathogen causing anthracnose in French bean

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Inheritance of resistance to root-knot nematode in cowpea

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Inheritance of resistance to scab in the progeny of cultivated apple varieties

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Inheritance of resistance to shedding in pea

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Inheritance of resistance to sorghum shoot fly in grain sorghum

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Inheritance of resistance to stem and leaf rust in bread wheat

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Inheritance of resistance to the hydrolytic breakdown of oil in sunflower achenes

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Inheritance of resistance to three physiological races of Pyricularia oryzae in 6 indica donors

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Inheritance of resistance to viruses in cowpeas

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Inheritance of response of sunflower inbreds to a low calcium/magnesium ratio

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Inheritance of ripening uniformity and relationship to crop load in blueberry progenies

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Inheritance of rosette-raceme in guar

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Inheritance of salt resistance in rice hybrids of the first two generations

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Inheritance of scab resistance in the progeny of new immune apple forms

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Inheritance of seed coat colour in soyabean hybrids

Anand, I.J., 1987:
Inheritance of seed coat colour in yellow seed turnip rapes

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Inheritance of seed coat pigmentation in soyabean hybrids

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Inheritance of seed fatty acid composition in a cross between domesticated and wild annual sunflower

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Inheritance of seed size in soybean

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Inheritance of seed weight in brown sarson

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Inheritance of seedling-vigor and its association with mature plant traits in a maize population at two levels of inbreeding

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Inheritance of semidwarf and other useful mutant genes in rice

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Inheritance of sequential flowering pattern in the mutants of groundnut cultivar Robut 33-1

Dyutin, K.E.; Afanas' eva, E.A., 1987:
Inheritance of short stem in watermelon

Kapoor, A.S.; Joshi, L.M., 1986:
Inheritance of slow rusting Puccinia graminis tritici of wheat

Walbot, V., 1986:
Inheritance of somatic instability in mutator lines

Khapre, P.R.; Wanjari, K.B.; Deokar, A.B., 1986:
Inheritance of some colour characters in the interspecific cross Solanum melongena X S. indicum

Galka, A.T., 1987:
Inheritance of some economically useful traits in first generation hybrids of Cucurbita

Varivoda, O.P., 1985:
Inheritance of some fruit characters in melon

Lu, Z.G.; Gao, S.Z.; Guo, Z.H.; Wen, Z.L., 1986:
Inheritance of some fruit characters in the apricot cultivar Chuanzhihong under open pollination

Kunev, K.I.; Charlanov, D., 1987:
Inheritance of some morphological traits of eggs of New Hampshire and Stara Zagora Red fowls

Kerbabaeva, Z.A., 1987:
Inheritance of some qualitative traits in cotton

Atta, Y.T.; Awad, H.Y.; E.G.arbawy, M.A., 1982:
Inheritance of some quantitative characters in a cotton cross Ashmouny X (Giza 72 X Delecero)

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Inheritance of some quantitative characters including heterosis in rice by combining ability analysis

Sahu, B.K.; Patro, B.N.; Pattnayak, G.R., 1987:
Inheritance of some reproductive characters in halfbred local X Jersey first calves of eastern Orissa

Rozman, L., 1987:
Inheritance of some stem characters in maize (Zea mays L.)

Rao, R.; Mogno, M.R.; Grillo, S., 1986:
Inheritance of some storage protein polypeptides in pea (Pisum sativum) mutants

Devine, T.E., 1985:
Inheritance of soybean nodulation response with a fast-growing strain of Rhizobium

Reisen, P.M.; Quick, J.S., 1987:
Inheritance of spike nodding and its association with other agronomic traits in winter wheat

Pyzhenkov, V.I., 1986:
Inheritance of spine colour and type of fruit surface in cucumber

Khapre, P.K.; Deokar, A.B.; Wanjari, K.B., 1987:
Inheritance of spininess in Solanum melongena X Solanum indicum

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Inheritance of starch content in potato hybrids in western Siberia

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Inheritance of stem length and number of nodes on the main stem in soyabean in the F2 of Glycine max X G. soja

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Inheritance of susceptibility and resistance to reproductive disorders in cattle

Gowda, C.L.L.; Rao, B.V., 1986:
Inheritance of susceptibility to iron chlorosis in chickpea

Tajima, M., 1988:
Inheritance of the ability to form traumatic resin-canals in the inner bark of sugi, Cryptomeria japonica

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Inheritance of the amylose content of the grain of rice hybrids

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Inheritance of the anatomical and morphological traits in cotton which determine its resistance to sucking pests

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Inheritance of the componential composition of the essential oils in crosses of complex hybrids of Mentha L. species

Close, K.; Ludeman, L., 1987:
Inheritance of the culture induction response

Nurpeisov, I.A., 1986:
Inheritance of the frost resistance trait in winter wheat

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Inheritance of the limited lateral branching character in hybrid populations of Lupinus angustifolius

Simongulyan, S.; Shamarov, S., 1986:
Inheritance of the mixed type of branching

Kuo, Y.C.; Liu, C., 1987:
Inheritance of the physical properties of cooked milled rice

Li, S.F.; Chen, T.W., 1988:
Inheritance of the ratooning ability in rice varieties (O. sativa subsp. indica)

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Inheritance of the resistance of tomato fruits to static loads in a diallel cross scheme

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Inheritance of the stem growth habit character in pea

Sinitsyna, S.M.; Strizhova, F.M., 1984:
Inheritance of the trait 1000-grain weight in diallel crosses of bread wheat

Rekhmetulin, R.M., 1985:
Inheritance of the trait plant height in hybrids of winter triticale

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Inheritance of the twin spikelets character (duospiculum) following hybridization of winter wheat

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Inheritance of three glucosinolate components in cabbage (Brassica oleracea L. ssp. capitata L.)

Abifarin, A.O., 1986:
Inheritance of tolerance to iron toxicity in two rice cultivars

Stevens, M.A., 1986:
Inheritance of tomato fruit quality components

Zhou, Y.M.; Liu, H.L., 1987:
Inheritance of total glucosinolate content in Brassica napus L

Suguna, SG., 1987:
Inheritance of two new eye color mutants pinkish & rust in Culex quinquefasciatus

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Inheritance of useful breeding characters in proso millet hybrids

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Inheritance of vegetative plant traits in spring barley hybrids

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Inheritance of vertical fiber hide defect in cattle

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Inheritance of waxy and fractured starch endosperm of barley

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Inheritance of wheat and rye traits in F1 triticales obtained by embryo culture

Senoedov, V.P., 1986:
Inheritance of wilt resistance following intraspecific and interspecific hybridization in cotton

Bolbekov, M., 1986:
Inheritance of wilt resistance following intraspecific distant hybridization using the subspecies yucatanense

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Inheritance of wilt resistance in linseed

Honek, A., 1986:
Inheritance of wing form in Pyrrhocoris apterus

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Inheritance of winter hardiness in first generation hybrids from crosses between highly winter hardy tall and semidwarf varieties of winter wheat

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Inheritance of yellow pigment content in durum in a diallel cross system: 1. Evaluation methods and predictions

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Inheritance of yield and its components in chickpea, Cicer arietinum L

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Inheritance of yield components and predicting the effectiveness of selection in the second generation of spring durum wheat hybrids

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Inheritance of yield components in spring bread wheat hybrids

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Inheritance of yield components in the ear in winter wheat

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Inheritance of yield in sunflower lines following inbreeding

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Inheritance or setting-up in farming?

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Inheritance pattern of some oligogenic rye traits in the hexaploid wheat background

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Inheritance studies and correlations between quantitative characters in Vigna sesquipedalis

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Inheritance studies in grain sorghum

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Inheritance studies in pigeonpea. III. E.B.3 X multifoliate

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Inherited disorders in dogs - a cause for common concern

Li, C.H.; Ramasharma, K., 1987:

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Inhibin - its nature, site of production and function

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Inhibin activity in goat rete testis fluid and epididymal plasma

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Inhibin and ovarian function

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Inhibin beta in central neural pathways involved in the control of oxytocin secretion

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Inhibin production by primary Sertoli cell-enriched cultures: regulation by follicle-stimulating hormone, androgens, and epidermal growth factor

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Inhibin secretion by the sheep ovary during the luteal and follicular phases of the oestrous cycle and following stimulation with FSH

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Inhibin-mediated feedback control of follicle-stimulating hormone secretion in the female rat

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Inhibiting action of gibberellic acid, 2,4-D and coumarin on the process of root formation in leaf and stem cuttings of bean

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Inhibiting bioslimes on surfaces of polyethylene tubing

Richter, K.; Adam, G.; Vorbrodt, H.M., 1987:
Inhibiting effect of 22S,23S-homobrassinolide on the moult of the cockroach Periplaneta americana (L.) (Orthopt., Blattidae)

Hoson, T., 1987:
Inhibiting effect of auxin on glucosamine incorporation into cell walls of rice coleoptiles

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Inhibiting effect of leucinostatin A on growth and electrogenic H+ extrusion in the absence and in the presence of fusicoccin in maize root segments

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Inhibiting effects of peroxidase activity on dry matter accumulation in developing kernels of bread wheat

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Inhibiting the growth of micromycetes on optical glass protected by halogen-containing organosilicon coatings

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Inhibition and stimulation of nitrification by potassium ethyl xanthate

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Inhibition by aloenin and barbaloin of histamine release from rat peritoneal mast cells

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Inhibition by ethylene of polyamine biosynthetic enzymes enhanced lysine decarboxylase activity and cadaverine accumulation in pea seedlings

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Inhibition by trichothecene mycotoxins of replication of herpes simplex virus type 2

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Inhibition by various insecticides of the production of aflatoxins

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Inhibition coefficient (K) determination in activated sludge

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Inhibition effect of avirulent Pseudomonas solanacearum on the multiplication of virulent isolate in tobacco plant

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Inhibition of Botrytis fabae in the phyllosphere of Vicia faba leaves

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Inhibition of CCl4-stimulated aflatoxin production of Aspergillus parasiticus by mercaptoethylamine and mercaptoethyldimethylamine

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Inhibition of Ca2+-ATPase by benthiocarb in rat: an in vitro study

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Inhibition of Cl- channel activation in Chara corallina membrane by lanthanum ion

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Inhibition of Delta 8-> Delta 7-sterol isomerase and of cycloeucalenol-obtusifoliol isomerase by N-benzyl-8-aza-4 alpha ,10-dimethyl-trans-decal-3 beta -ol, an analogue of a carbocationic high energy intermediate

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Inhibition of FSH augmented adenylate cyclase activity in porcine granulosa cells by ovarian protein

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Inhibition of Leishmania donovani growth by streptomycin and tobramycin

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Inhibition of Na+-Pi cotransporter in small gut brush border by phosphonocarboxylic acids

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Inhibition of na/h antiport activity in sugar beet tonoplast by analogs of amiloride

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Inhibition of Plasmodium gametocyte infectivity by the serum of the parasitized host. Elaboration of an experimental model

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Inhibition of Pleurotus ostreatus growth and fructification by a diffusible toxin from Trichoderma hamatum

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Inhibition of Salmonella by extract of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis). 2. Effect of ethanol and aqueous extracts

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Inhibition of T-2 toxin production on high-moisture corn kernels by modified atmospheres

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Inhibition of Acetyl-CoA Carboxylase Activity by Haloxyfop and Tralkoxydim

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Inhibition of acetylcholinesterase from developing lepidopterous larvae by dichlorvos and carbaryl

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Inhibition of adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate phosphodiesterase by lignan glucosides of Eucommia bark

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Inhibition of Adenosine Triphosphatase Activity from a Plasma Membrane Fraction of Acer pseudoplatanus Cells by Carbanilate Derivatives

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Inhibition of aflatoxin production on some agricultural commodities through aqueous plant extracts

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Inhibition of aldosterone production by ketoconazole in vitro

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Inhibition of ammonium oxidation by nitrapyrin in soil and liquid culture

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Inhibition of attachment of Streptococcus pneumoniae and Haemophilus influenzae by human milk

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Inhibition of bacterial adhesion and toxin binding by glycoconjugate and oligosaccharide receptor analogues in human milk

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Inhibition of bacterial growth by extracts from beef wood tissues and its relation to bacterial wilt resistance

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Inhibition of binding of ovine placental lactogen to growth hormone and prolactin receptors by monoclonal antibodies

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Inhibition of blood mononuclear cell blastogenesis by bovine mammary secretions

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Inhibition of browning and ethylene production in shredded cabbage by isothiocyanates

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Inhibition of canine spermatogonial mitosis with follicle regulatory protein

Milner, J.A., 1986:
Inhibition of chemical carcinogenesis and tumorigenesis by selenium

Moore, R.F., 1988:
Inhibition of chemical communication between male and female bollworms (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) by sublethal amounts of permethrin

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Inhibition of chemically induced mammary and colon tumor promotion by caloric restriction in rats fed increased dietary fat

Kritchevsky, D., 1987:
Inhibition of cholesterol synthesis

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Inhibition of coronary atherosclerosis by propranolol in behaviorally predisposed monkeys fed an atherogenic diet

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Inhibition of crop seedling growth by hydrophobic root exudates of the weed Bidens pilosa

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Inhibition of ethylene synthesis and action in ripening tomato fruit by ethanol vapors

Astrup, H.N., 1987:
Inhibition of fat synthesis by hydrogenated fat

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Inhibition of follicle-stimulating hormone-induced ovulation by indomethacin in the perfused rat ovary

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Inhibition of fungal growth by fuels derived from coal

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Inhibition of glucose-6-phosphatase and adenosine-triphosphatase activity in rats treated with toxic Spanish rapeseed oil or synthetic anilides

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Inhibition of growth by abscisic acid and drought resistance of wheat seedlings

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Inhibition of growth of Plasmodium falciparum by the peroxidase-H2O2-halogen antimicrobial system

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Inhibition of hepatic deiodination of thyroxine is caused by selenium deficiency in rats

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Inhibition of hypertension and salt intake by oral taurine treatment in hypertensive rats

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Inhibition of immediate and Arthus responses to schistosome egg antigens by T cells from Schistosoma japonicum-infected mice

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Inhibition of inositol phosphate production is a late, Ca2+-dependent effect of D2 dopaminergic receptor activation in rat lactotroph cells

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Inhibition of invertases in ratoon stunting disease of sugarcane

Streeter, J., 1988:
Inhibition of legume nodule formation and N2 fixation by nitrate

Berman, J.D., 1988:
Inhibition of leishmanial protein kinase by antileishmanial drugs

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Inhibition of lipid oxidation by serum and albumin

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Inhibition of liver lipogenesis by dietary polyunsaturated fat in severely diabetic rats

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Inhibition of malaria parasite invasion of human erythrocytes by a lymphocyte membrane polypeptide

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Inhibition of micromycetes in semi-synthetic lubricant-coolant 'Avtokat'

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Inhibition of mitochondrial electron transport system by averufin, a biosynthetic precursor of aflatoxin B1

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Inhibition of mitochondrial electron transport system by flavoglaucin from Eurotium (Aspergillus) chevalieri. II. The interaction with complex III

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Inhibition of monoamine oxidase activity by some organophosphate pesticides

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Inhibition of monoamine oxidase as the cause of synergism of chlordimeform on deltamethrin

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Inhibition of moulting in the permanent nymphs of Schistocerca gregaria (Forsk.) as a result of gamma irradiation

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Inhibition of mycelial growth of Gibberella zeae (Fusarium graminearum) by means of treatments with garlic extract and captafol

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Inhibition of nitrate and nitrite reductase in wheat by Sandoz 9785

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Inhibition of nitrification by nitrapyrin

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Inhibition of nitrification by nitrapyrin. Its effect on yield and protein content of maize

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Inhibition of nitrification in soils

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Inhibition of osteoblastic function in the osteoporosis of copper deficiency in dogs

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Inhibition of ovulation in the mare by active immunization against LHRH

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Inhibition of ovulation, steroidogenesis and collagenolytic activity in rabbits by sulpiride-induced hyperprolactinaemia

Lu, J.; Combs, G.F.J., .:
Inhibition of pancreatic exocrine function by high levels of dietary zinc

Watkins, C.B.; Frenkel, C., 1987:
Inhibition of pear fruit ripening by mannose

Srivastava, A.K.; Walter, R.D., 1987:
Inhibition of phosphatidylglycerolphosphate synthetase (EC2.7.8.5) from Onchocerca volvulus, Ascaris suum, and rat liver suramin

Schuster, G., 1987:
Inhibition of plant viruses by membrane lipid analogues with particular regard to alkane monosulphonates

Gupta, S.; Srivastava, D.K.; Shukla, O.P., 1986:
Inhibition of polyamine metabolism induces amoebic encystation

Matsumoto, H.; Yamaya, T., 1986:
Inhibition of potassium uptake and regulation of membrane-associated Mg2+-ATPase activity of pea roots by aluminium

Johnson, P.A.; Green, C.; Lee, H.T.; Bahr, J.M., 1988:
Inhibition of progesterone secretion from granulosa cells by estradiol and androgens in the domestic hen

Ross, P.C.; Burkman, A.M., 1988:
Inhibition of prolactin release from anterior pituitary lactotrophs in culture by sulfur-containing analogs of dopamine

Uchida, M.; Izawa, Y.; Sugimoto, T., 1987:
Inhibition of prostaglandin biosynthesis and oviposition by an insect growth regulator, buprofezin, in Nilaparvata lugens Stal

Preedy, V.R.; Garlick, P.J., 1988:
Inhibition of protein synthesis by glucagon in different rat muscles and protein fractions in vivo and in the perfused rat hemicorpus

Borkovec, A.B., 1985:
Inhibition of reproduction in insect control

Owen, J.H.; Hetherington, A.M.; Wellburn, A.R., 1987:
Inhibition of respiration in protoplasts from meristematic tissues by abscisic acid in the presence of calcium ions

Gupta, P.P.; Parashar, R.D., 1986:
Inhibition of respiratory enzyme activities by stable bleaching powder in Xanthomonas campestris pv. malvacearum and Erwinia carotovora ssp. carotovora

Cannon, S.; Wang, P.; Roy, H., 1987:
Inhibition of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase assembly by antibody to a binding protein

Doweyko, A.M.; Regis, R.R., 1985:
Inhibition of ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase by phosphato and phosphono substrate isosteres

Damania, A.B., 1986:
Inhibition of seed germination in lettuce at high temperature

Cho, C.; Ishii, R.; Hyeon, S.B.; Suziki, A., 1987:
Inhibition of serine:glyoxylate aminotransferase and mitochondrial glycine oxidation in the photorespiratory glycolate pathway by vinylglycine

Chen T H.; Shiao M S.; Hsieh W L., 1987:
Inhibition of somatic embryogenesis in cultured carrot cells by mevinolin

Konecny, S., 1986:
Inhibition of some pathogenic and potentially pathogenic bacteria in cultured milk products

Chitwood, D.J., 1987:
Inhibition of steroid or hormone metabolism or action in nematodes

Heckmann, M.O.; Drevon, J.J., 1988:
Inhibition of symbiotic nitrogen fixation by nitrate

Iwasaki, K.; Sato, M., 1986:
Inhibition of taste nerve responses to sugars and amino acids by cupric and zinc ions in mice

Alexandre, C.; Balthazart, J., 1987 :
Inhibition of testosterone metabolism in the brain and cloacal gland of the quail by specific inhibitors and antihormones

Yeung, C.H., 1987:
Inhibition of the ATP-induced reactivation of demembranated hamster spermatozoa by the action of free ATP4- and MgATP2-

Focke, M.; Lichtenthaler, H.K., 1987:
Inhibition of the acetyl-CoA carboxylase of barley chloroplasts by cycloxydim and sethoxydim

Baron, R.W., 1987:
Inhibition of the bovine inflammatory response by warble grub infestations

Patil, B.D.; Premachandran, M.N.; Gupta, S.K.; Choubey, R.N., 1985:
Inhibition of the brachytic dwarfing gene in Pennisetum americanum X P. purpureum crosses

Baker, C.J.; Atkinson, M.M.; Roy, M.A.; Collmer, A., 1986:
Inhibition of the hypersensitive response to tobacco by pectate lyase

Pugh, G.J.F.; Garg, A.P.; Smith, S.N., 1986:
Inhibition of the keratinophilic fungus Chrysosporium keratinophilum

Shcherbakov, M.A., 1986:
Inhibition of the microorganism growth in lubricant-coolants used in rolling mills

Fayez, M.; E.B.dry, A.A.; Ahmed, H.H., 1987:
Inhibition of the xylazine-induced hyperglycemia by the alpha 2 receptor antagonist, yohimbine

Pandey, B.P.; Jitendra Mohan, 1986:
Inhibition of turnip mosaic virus by plant extracts

Chowdhury, A.K.; Saha, N.K., 1985:
Inhibition of urd bean leaf crinkle virus by different plant extracts

Ribeiro, L.P., 1987:
Inhibition of xanthine dehydrogenase activity from Triatoma infestans by hydroxylamine

Tsai, Y.L.; Schlasner, S.M.; Tuovinen, O.H., 1986:
Inhibitor Evaluation with Immobilized Nitrobacter agilis Cells

Brinker, A.M.; Creasy, L.L., 1988:
Inhibitors as a possible basis for grape replant problem

Nikaido, T.; Ohmoto, T.; Sankawa, U., 1987:
Inhibitors of adenosine 3',5'-cyclic monophosphate phosphodiesterase in Daphne genkwa Sieb. et Zucc

Patel, P.K.; Bendall, D.S.; Ridley, S.M., 1987:
Inhibitors of ferredoxin-catalysed cyclic photophosphorylation in chloroplasts

Levitskii, A.P.; Pogorletskaya, V.B., 1985:
Inhibitors of grey mould proteinase in the morphological parts of sunflower at ripening

Brännström, M.; Woessner, J.F.; Koos, R.D.; Sear, C.H.; LeMaire, W.J., 1988:
Inhibitors of mammalian tissue collagenase and metalloproteinases suppress ovulation in the perfused rat ovary

Takahashi, K.; Takahashi, N.; Konishi, T., 1987:
Inhibitors of the haemolysin activity of Treponema hyodysenteriae in swine and human sera

Yamaleev, A.M.; Isaev, R.F.; Melen' ev, A.I., 1986:
Inhibitors of wheat proteases in pathogenesis caused by bunt

Boicheva, S.; Chomakov, K., 1988:
Inhibitory action of Streptococcus thermophilus on enteropathogenic Escherichia coli

Mori, T.; Irahara, M.; Saito, H.; Ohno, Y.; Hosoi, E., 1985:
Inhibitory action of somatostatin on meiotic maturation of cultured porcine follicular ova

Kigawa, T.; Ogawa, T.; Miyamura, K.; Iino, Y., 1986:
Inhibitory activity of a low molecular weight substance extracted from porcine small follicular fluid on estradiol and progesterone secretions by rat granulosa cells in vitro and by rat ovaries in vivo

Charlety, P.; Foucaud, C.; Guiguen, F., 1987:
Inhibitory activity of the serum of infected goats on the formation of syncytia due to caprine arthritis encephalitis virus

Patel, H.R.; Thakar, N.A.; Patel, C.C., 1985:
Inhibitory effect of Clerodendron enermi on root-knot of okra

Sun, W.H.; Yu, Z.W.; Yu, S.W., 1988:
Inhibitory effect of Eichhornia crassifpes (Mart.) Solms on algae

Taylor, M.J.; Clark, C.L., 1988:
Inhibitory effect of analogues of cyclic nucleotides and cholera toxin on relaxin release from cultured porcine luteal cells

Yuthavong, Y.; Butthep, P.; Bunyaratvej, A.; Fucharoen, S., 1987:
Inhibitory effect of beta o-thalassaemia/haemoglobin E erythrocytes on Plasmodium falciparum growth in vitro

Miskowiak, B.; Limanowski, A., 1986:
Inhibitory effect of corticotropin releasing hormone on the reproductive system of the male rat

Suneja, S.; Bansal, R.K.; Singh, D.P., 1984:
Inhibitory effect of culture filtrates of some rhizosphere fungi on root knot nematode Meloidogyne javanica

Morita, T.; Nozawa, Y., 1986:
Inhibitory effect of ergosterol biosynthesis by imidazole-containing antifungal agents with reference to the number of C1 atoms in the molecule

Spangelo, A., 1985:
Inhibitory effect of free fatty acids on lactic acid bacteria

Pandey, K.N.; Gupta, R.C., 1986:
Inhibitory effect of fungal metabolites on germination and sprouting of cucurbit seeds

Imanishi, J.; Ike, H.; Yamada, A., 1987:
Inhibitory effect of interferons and tumour necrosis factor on syncytium formation by bovine leukosis virus

Kumari, C.K.; Nusrath, M., 1987:
Inhibitory effect of light on aflatoxin B1 formation in copra

Macfarlane, B.J.; Bezwoda, W.R.; Bothwell, T.H.; Baynes, R.D.; Bothwell, J.E.; MacPhail, A.P.; Lamparelli, R.D.; Mayet, F., 1988:
Inhibitory effect of nuts on iron absorption

Pitzel, L.; Probst, I.; Jarry, H.; Wuttke, W., 1988:
Inhibitory effect of oxytocin and vasopressin on steroid release by cultured porcine luteal cells

Pinto de T.A.; Alvarez, A.M.; Carreno, I.I., 1987:
Inhibitory effect of parathion - citroliv oil mixture on the effectiveness of urea in reducing the primary inoculum of Venturia inaequalis (Cke.) Wint

Srivastava, S.L.; Suman Bisht, 1986:
Inhibitory effect of some phylloplane fungi on powdery mildew disease development

Jansson, J.O.; Frohman, L.A., 1987:
Inhibitory effect of the ovaries on neonatal androgen imprinting of growth hormone secretion in female rats

Gentry, P.A.; Ross, M.L.; Bondy, G.S., 1987:
Inhibitory effect of trichothecene mycotoxins on bovine platelets stimulated by platelet activating factor

Nadasy, M.; Saringer, G., 1985:
Inhibitory effect of various pressed plant saps on feeding by Sitona humeralis Steph

Beynen, A.C.; Visser, J.J.; Schouten, J.A., 1987:
Inhibitory effect on lithogenesis by ingestion of a Curcuma mixture (Temoe lawak SingerReg.)

Jiao, J.A.; Shi, J.N., 1987:
Inhibitory effects of Ca2+ on PEP carboxylase

Taniya, L.I.; Yusufova, M.A.; L.T.hi Muoi; Kefeli, V.I., 1986:
Inhibitory effects of GA, 2,4-D and coumarin on root formation in leaf and stem cuttings of Phaseolus vulgaris

Chatterjee, D., 1988:
Inhibitory effects of aflatoxin B1 on amylase of maize seed

Haraguchi, H.; Tanaka, T.; Taniguchi, M.; Oi, S.; Hashimoto, K., 1987:
Inhibitory effects of citrinin on mitochondrial function

Rasmussen, M.A.; Hespell, R.B.; White, B.A.; Bothast, R.J., 1988:
Inhibitory Effects of Methylcellulose on Cellulose Degradation by Ruminococcus flavefaciens

Karashima, T.; Schally, A.V., 1987:
Inhibitory effects of somatostatin analogs on prolactin secretion in rats pretreated with estrogen or haloperidol

Lathia, D.; Braasch, A.; Theissen, U., 1988:
Inhibitory effects of vitamin C and E on in-vitro formation of N-nitrosamine under physiological conditions

Samoilova, E.M.; Artem' eva, Z.S., 1987:
Inhomogeneity of horizons in Pre-Caucasian chernozems

Osseni, B.; N.G.essan, A., 1987:
Initial approach to the study of intercropping capsicums with pineapples: agronomic and bioclimatic aspects

Pandey, M.P.; Oli, K.P.; Green, T., 1986:
Initial approaches to FSR at Pakhribas Agricultural Centre

Vierstra, R.D.; Langan, S.M.; Schaller, G.E.; Colbert, J.T.; Haas, A.L., 1985:
Initial characterization of the ubiquitin-dependent proteolytic pathway in higher plants

Moura, A.R.B. de; Medeiros, J.F. de, 1987:
Initial determination of rainfall erosivity (Factor R) during 1985 in Mossoro, Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil

Valtanen, J.; Kuusela, J.; Marjakangas, A.; Huurinainen, S., 1986:
Initial development of Scots pine and Siberian larch (Larix sibirica) paper-pot seedlings planted at various times

Piggot, G.J.; Baars, J.A.; Waller, J.E.; Farrell, C.A., 1986:
Initial development of the 'potential growth rate' concept for estimating pasture growth on farms across Northland

Petrovic, S., 1988:
Initial experience with the synthetic prostaglandin Reprodin in inducing and synchronizing oestrus in cows

Knakal, J.; Svobodnik, J.; Hess, L., 1988:
Initial experiences with the use of carfentanil at Prague Zoo

Rapparini, G.; Pizzi, M.; Bartolini, D., 1987:
Initial experiments on the control of Bromus sterilis in hard wheat

Friedrich, R.; Muller, W.A., 1988:
Initial experiments with a rabbit model of ocular toxoplasmosis

Uresti, G.J.; Cornish, G.A., 1986:
Initial investigation into soil conservation in Veracruz, Mexico

Presson, B.L., 1986:
Initial investigation into the level and substance of breed dependent resistance of sheep to prevalent gastrointestinal nematode parasites

Steele, P.H.; Wengert, E.M., 1987:
Initial look at opportunities for optimizing lumber volume using BOF decisions for hardwood sawing

Zubov, A.E., 1985:
Initial material and prospects in work on producing pea varieties for irrigated conditions

Khamidov, A.A.; Mukimov, T.K., 1986:
Initial material for Russian thistle breeding

Sagatov, A.G., 1986:
Initial material for Russian wildrye breeding

Kochetkov, V.M.; Pas' ko, N.I., 1986:
Initial material for breeding apple for improved technological quality of the fruit

Eremina, A.V., 1985:
Initial material for breeding barley for yield and grain quality in the northern Zaural'e

Yudaeva, V.E., 1986:
Initial material for breeding beetroot in the Nonchernozem zone of the RSFSR

Chapurin, V.F., 1986:
Initial material for breeding birdsfoot trefoil

Il' ina, G.V.; Shpagina, O.N., 1986:
Initial material for breeding carrot for earliness and yield in the north west of the RSFSR

Vintsunas, T.S., 1986:
Initial material for breeding carrot for resistance to fungal diseases

Ionkova, S.V., 1986:
Initial material for breeding cocksfoot in the Nonchernozem zone of the RSFSR

Sil' chenko, V.M.; Zherebtsova, V.G.; Vlasov, M.I.; Levchenko, I.V.; Girenko, M.M.; Borodnik, A.S.; Chislova, L.S., 1984:
Initial material for breeding coriander and improving its quality

Zavadskaya, N.N., 1985:
Initial material for breeding cucumbers in protected cultivation

Nefedova, L.G., 1986:
Initial material for breeding culinary root crops in the Byelorussian SSR

Yudina, E.V., 1986:
Initial material for breeding early varieties of rice

Varadinov, S.G., 1986:
Initial material for breeding foxtail millet

Kostitsyn, V.V.; Polozova, N.L.; Drizhachenko, A.I., 1986:
Initial material for breeding grasses

Sukhorukov, A.F.; Kiselev, V.A., 1985:
Initial material for breeding intensive-type winter wheat varieties

Orlova, K.B.; Kirnosova, T.I., 1986:
Initial material for breeding leek under irrigation in the lower Volga area

Shevchenko, A.M.; Gritsai, N.P., 1986:
Initial material for breeding non-shatering peas with wrinkled seeds

Shevchenko, A.M.; Ivanova, Z.F., 1985:
Initial material for breeding non-shedding, multipod pea varieties

Podtikhov, S.S., 1986:
Initial material for breeding onion varieties in western Kazakhstan

Kalinina, N.V.; Veselkova, K.I.; Vavilova, E.I.; Bushueva, T.A., 1985:
Initial material for breeding pea for earliness and quality

Pika, M.A. (Pika, N.A.; Tarasenko, V.A., 1986:
Initial material for breeding potato

Frolov, S.I., 1985:
Initial material for breeding potato varieties in the Far East

Khrolikova, A.K.; Duganova, E.A.; Denesyuk, A.D., 1987:
Initial material for breeding quince for economically useful characters

Malinovskii, B.N.; Smilovenko, L.A., 1986:
Initial material for breeding sorghum varieties with a high sugar content

Sichkar' , V.I.; Lugovoi, A.P., 1986:
Initial material for breeding soyabean for high protein content of the seeds

Teleutsa, A.S.; Korsakov, N.I.; Gavrilyuk, I.P.; Chmeleva, Z.R., 1986:
Initial material for breeding soyabean for improved seed protein quality

Nettevich, E.D.; Davydova, N.V., 1986:
Initial material for breeding spring barley for resistance to powdery mildew

Chigantsev, N.P., 1986:
Initial material for breeding spring barley varieties of the intensive type with an improved protein content

Shcherbakova, A.I., 1985:
Initial material for breeding spring durum wheat under irrigated conditions

Sagalbekov, U.M., 1985:
Initial material for breeding sweet clover varieties with different harvest periods

Tikhomirova, I.A., 1985:
Initial material for breeding timothy varieties for multicut use

Kosarikhina, R.M.; Kovalenko, T.D., 1986:
Initial material for breeding triticale and rye for resistance to fungal diseases

Savina, Z.N., 1983 :
Initial material for breeding universal-type potato in the central Urals

Kudryavtseva, Z.V.; Gadzhiomarov, A.A., 1985:
Initial material for breeding wheat of the intensive type for the southern regions of the USSR

Strazdinya, V.A., 1986:
Initial material for breeding winter bread wheat in the Latvian SSR

Boos, G.V.; Dzhokhadze, T.I., 1985:
Initial material for cole crop breeding

Zenyuk, V.I., 1984:
Initial material for foxtail millet breeding

Loginov, Y.P.; Fedorova, M.N.; Shirokov, A.I., 1986:
Initial material for oat breeding in the northern Zaural'e

Kiriyenko, I.M.; Pika, M.A. (Pika, N.A., 1986:
Initial material for potato breeding from world plant resources

Kolyukaev, Y.B., 1985:
Initial material for producing lucerne varieties with increased seed yields

Kiselev, E.P.; Annenkov, B.G.; Kel' chin, V.I., 1987:
Initial material for producing potato varieties in the Amur area

Vlasova, V.S., 1984:
Initial material for selecting rose rootstocks

Frolov, Y.M., 1986:
Initial material for selection of Symphytum for immunity from powdery mildew

Kosov, Y.A.; Sovenko, V.I., 1985:
Initial material for spring barley breeding in the Ukrainian forest steppe

Kharisova, G.V., 1985:
Initial material for spring wheat breeding in the northern Zaural'e

Ustinov, V.I., 1985:
Initial material for wheatgrass breeding in the arid steppe of the area beyond the Volga River

Nettevich, E.D.; Marchenkova, L.A.; Makarychev, A.V., 1984:
Initial material in breeding barley for resistance to loose smut

Mozgovoi, A.F.; Saakyan, L.Y., 1984:
Initial material in breeding winter wheat for bunt resistance

Sagatov, A.G., 1984:
Initial material of Russian wildrye and a method of selecting it for seed shedding and brittleness of the ear

Makarov, K.A., 1984:
Initial material of cocksfoot in producing intensive-type varieties

Plekhanova, T.F.; Kornienko, A.S.; Zhaldak, N.A.; Kolesnik, L.I.; Stoletnyaya, P.A., 1986:
Initial material of culinary root crops for the forest steppe of the Ukrainian SSR

Shmaraev, G.E., 1986:
Initial material of maize for breeding for resistance to pests

Serova, N.I., 1986:
Initial material of meadow fescue for breeding for earliness

Soldatov, V.N.; Loginov, Y.P.; Fedorova, M.N., 1985:
Initial material of oats for breeding intensive type varieties for the north of the region beyond the central Urals

Krivchenko, V.I.; Bakalova, V.V., 1986:
Initial material of pea resistant to Fusarium root rot

Chebotaeva, S.A., 1986:
Initial material of red clover for breeding in North Ossetia

Ryabova, I.V., 1986:
Initial material of red clover for producing varieties of the intensive type in the north west of the RSFSR

Breaux, E.J., 1987:
Initial metabolism of acetochlor in tolerant and susceptible seedlings

Barrett, D.R., 1987:
Initial observations on flowering and fruiting in Santalum spicatum (R.Br.) A.DC, the Western Australian sandalwood

Brice Bruce, A.P., 1985:
Initial report on the establishment of a eucalyptum on the farm 'The Start' owned by Hans Merensky Forestry Holdings situated near Cramond in the Natal Midlands

Zakra, A.N.; Pomier, M.; Taffin, G. de, 1986:
Initial results of an intercropping experiment of coconut with food crops in the Middle Cote d'Ivoire

Reyntam, L.Y.; Pogorelova, T.A., 1987:
Initial soil formation on red-brown calcareous moraine under herbaceous vegetation

Maithani, G.P.; Sharma, D.C., 1987:
Initial spacing in eucalypt planting

Jokela, J.; Pellinen, J.; Salkinoja Salonen, M., 1987:
Initial steps in a pathway for bacterial degradation of two tetrameric lignin model compounds

Popova, I.V.; Zekalashvili, A.U.; Konstantinova, A.F.; Zhananov, B.K., 1985:
Initial strawberry forms for breeding for resistance to fruit rots

Birch, A.N.E., 1987:
Initial studies of swede resistance to turnip root fly in Scotland

Gidley-Baird, A.A.; White, B.M.; Hau, J.; Poulsen, O.M., 1986:
Initiation and control of ovulation in the mouse luteal phases. Effects of oestrogen, progesterone and prolactin

Suprasanna, P.; Rao, K.V.; Reddy, G.M., 1987:
Initiation and maintenance of suspension cultures

Mercy, S.T.; Zapata, F.J., 1987:
Initiation of androgenesis in rice (Oryza sativa L. var. Taipei 309)

Richard Mercier, N.; Porcheron, P.; Poulhe, R., 1986:
Initiation of gametogenesis and ecdysteroids in larvae of the Colorado beetle Leptinotarsa decemlineata Say (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)

Kamath, P.S.; Phillips, S.F., 1988:
Initiation of motility in canine ileum by short chain fatty acids and inhibition by pharmacological agents

Fagouri, M.; Gray, A., 1986:
Initiation of range management activities in Morocco - a look back

Zatyko, J.M.; Kiss, G.; Radics, Z.; Simon, I., 1988:
Initiation of strawberry runner formation in vitro

Pizzolato, T.D.; Robinson Beers, K., 1987:
Initiation of the vascular system in the fertile floret of Anthoxanthum odoratum (Gramineae)

Anonymous, 1986:
Initiatives for farm equipment programmes in Botswana: improving coordination. Papers and proceedings of a national workshop on farm tools and equipment technology, basic needs and employment, Gaborone, Botswana 3-5 December 1985

Smith, E.J.G., 1987:
Initiatives on alternative land use

Sankoh, F.A R.; Boila, R.J., 1987:
Injectable copper and zinc for grazing yearling steers

Wood, R.; Bennett, I.C.; Blanken, P.A., 1987:
Injectable formulations of phosetyl-Al developed for root rot control in avocado trees in South Africa

Warner, N.L.; Godwin, R.J.; Hall, J.E., 1987:
Injecting organic wastes into grassland

Johansson, T., 1985:
Injection - a study of new methods, herbicides and doses

Cochran, D.L.; Threadgill, E.D., 1986:
Injection devices for chemigation: characteristics and comparisons

Larsen, K.E., 1986:
Injection of cattle slurry to barley, beet, grass and maize

Lu, N.; Edwards, J.H., 1985:
Injection of chemical amendments into compacted subsoils. I. Sorghum

E.A.ab, M.A.; Labib, F.M.; Sharawy, S.M.; E.A.ab, E.A., 1987:
Injection of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) immediately following artificial insemination to improve reproductive efficacy of repeat breeder cows

Bartlet, J.P., 1988:
Injection of pregnant heifers with thyrotropin releasing hormone increases birth weight and stimulates postnatal weight gain of the calves

Eisenhauer, D.E.; Bockstadter, T.L., 1986:
Injection pump flow considerations for center pivot corner watering systems

Green, D.S.; Green, M.J.; Hillyer, M.H.; Morgan, K.L., 1987:
Injection site reactions and antibody responses in sheep and goats after the use of multivalent clostridial vaccines

Hall, R., 1988:
Injection techniques

McNaughton, N., 1988:
Injections for more milk: growth hormone in the dairy industry

Hann, M.J.; Warner, N.L.; Godwin, R.J., 1987:
Injector design for minimum grass sward damage

Berkel, N. van, 1987:
Injurious effects of low ethylene concentrations on Chrysanthemum morifolium Ramat

Kozarzevskaja, E.; Vlainic, A., 1981:
Injuriousness and distribution of scale insects (Homoptera: Coccoidea) in cultural biotopes in Belgrade

Zharokova, R.G.; Kidrishev, T.K., 1984:
Injuriousness of Acroptilon repens

Ballanger, Y., 1987:
Injuriousness of the colza stem weevil

Belov, G.D.; Dainenko, G.I., 1985:
Injuriousness of weeds

Ghidin, G.M.; Vasvary, L.; Eichlin, T.D.; Solomon, J.D., 1987:
Injury and biology of the clearwing borer Synanthedon kathyae on holly

Shelton, A.M.; North, R.C., 1987:
Injury and control of onion thrips (Thysanoptera: Thripidae) on edible podded peas

Heagle, A.S.; Heck, W.W.; Lesser, V.M.; Rawlings, J.O.; Mowry, F.L., 1986:
Injury and yield response of cotton to chronic doses of ozone and sulfur dioxide

Heagle, A.S.; Flagler, R.B.; Patterson, R.P.; Lesser, V.M.; Shafer, S.R.; Heck, W.W., 1987:
Injury and yield response of soybean to chronic doses of ozone and soil moisture deficit

Temple, P.J.; Kupper, R.S.; Lennox, R.W.; Rohr, K., 1988:
Injury and yield responses of differentially irrigated cotton to ozone

Hutchins, S.; Higley, L.; Pedigo, L., 1988:
Injury equivalency as a basis for developing multiple-species economic injury levels

Naumov, V.D.; Tarasov, V.M.; Naumova, L.M., 1984:
Injury to apple orchards by rosette disease as a function of the level of ordinary zinc and phosphorus in chernozems

Reichard, M.; Bolay, A., 1986:
Ink disease of chestnut in the canton of Geneva