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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1623

Chapter 1623 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Philpott, J. C.; Tyler, G. J., 1987: Interpersonal variation in farm workers' earnings: analysis of wages and employment enquiry data

Simmonds D.H., 1988: Interphase microtubule arrays in cultured mesophyll protoplasts of higher plants

Horton, P., 1987: Interplay between environmental and metabolic factors in the regulation of electron transport in higher plants

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Starr J.L., 1986: Interpolation method for solving the transport equation in soil columns with irreversible kinetics

Vlasov, B. E.; Danilov, S. A., 1986: Interpolation of tabular mensurational data

DeGloria, S. D.; Benson, A. S., 1987: Interpretability of advanced SPOT film products for forest and agricultural survey

Bragg, N. C.; Chambers, B. J., 1988: Interpretation and advisory applications of compost air-filled porosity (AFP) measurements

Campbell D.J., 1987: Interpretation and presentation of cone resistance data in tillage and traffic studies

Vegte, F. van der, 1985: Interpretation and public relations: a case study from the Netherlands

Schmidt, R.; Thamm, B.; Richter, A., 1987: Interpretation of aerial photographs for describing the composition of the soil mantle in ground moraine regions

Fenton T.E., 1987: Interpretation of alkylammonium characterization of soil clays

Yamaguchi, D. K., 1986: Interpretation of cross correlation between tree-ring series

Kwak, T. S.; Kim, Y. S.; Mackill, D. J., 1987: Interpretation of international rice blast nursery data for consecutive two-year periods by cluster analysis

Moyer T.P., 1986: Interpretation of serum aluminum values in dialysis patients

Stroganov, A. N., 1987: Interpretation of some relationships between genetic parameters in a Hayman-type diallel analysis

Kanowski P.J., 1988: Interpretation of the composition of coniferous resin

Walstra P. , 1987: Interpretation of the kinetics of the renneting reaction in milk

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Jones, S. M., 1986: Interpreting a hygiene report

Whatmore, S. J.; Munton, R.; Marsden, T. K.; Little, J., 1987: Interpreting a relational typology of farm businesses in Southern England

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622030

Jones, M. J., 1987: Interpreting data from on-farm fertilizer trials for use where soil-test values are not available

Preckel, P. V.; Featherstone, A. M.; Baker, T. G., 1987: Interpreting dual variables for optimization with nonmonetary objectives

Wilkes, J., 1987: Interpreting patterns of variation in tracheid morphology in Pinus species

Whitwell, K. E.; Dyson, S., 1987: Interpreting radiographs 8: equine cervical vertebrae

Rudgard, S. A., 1987: Interpreting the epidemiology of cocoa witches' broom for better disease management in Rondonia, Brazil

Benoit, G. R.; Lindstrom, M. J., 1987: Interpreting tillage-residue management effects

Rennie, F. E., 1980: Interpretive evaluation: an applied methodology for self-guided trails

Anonymous, 1986: Interpretive views. Opinions on evaluating interpretation in the National Park Service

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Haeri, M. H., 1988: Interregional competition in the wood products industry: an econometric spatial equilibrium approach

Tabuchi, T., 1988: Interregional income differentials and migration: their interrelationships

Faulkner, A.; Pollock, H. T., 1988: Interregulation of volatile and long-chain fatty acid metabolism in ovine hepatocytes

Beynen A.C., 1988: Interrelated effects of the type of dietary fat and carbohydrate on cholesterol metabolism in rats

Marin, I. V., 1986: Interrelation and inheritance of yield components in sunflower hybrids

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622046

Sadykov, S. S.; Sultanov, S., 1986: Interrelation between changes in heterostyly and economic characters in cotton

Babenko, V. I.; Boiko, S. N., 1986: Interrelation between day length and the state of growth regulators in the seedlings of winter wheat

Beridze, Z. A., 1986: Interrelation between ions in the soil and in the mandarin tree

Gyongyver, S. N., 1987: Interrelation between nutrient supply in cucumber and its susceptibility to mildew

Kobayashi, M.; Kadkao, S., 1986: Interrelation of Platygaster oryzae (Cameron) and P. foersteri (Gahan) (Hymenoptera, Platygastridae), parasitoids of the rice gall midge, Orseolia oryzae (Wood-Mason) in Thailand

Zhuchenko, A. A, Jr, 1986: Interrelation of crossing over frequency and the degree of quasilinkage

Fomina, I. K., 1986: Interrelation of economically useful and morphological characters in hybrid seedlings of apple in the lower Volga region

Lomakina, I. V., 1987: Interrelation of grain quality characters in spring wheat

Dukhovskii, P. V.; Rzhanova, E. I., 1986: Interrelation of quantitative characters during development in perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne L.)

Janes H.W., 1987: Interrelation of root and shoot temperatures on dry matter accumulation and root growth in tomato seedlings

Lebedev, A. V.; Chucha, V. S., 1984: Interrelation of some quantitative characters in apple

Rostova, N. S.; Sedlovskii, A. I. (Sedlovsky, A. I), 1986: Interrelation of yield components in different rice varieties in relation to growing conditions

Zhuzhukin, V. I., 1984: Interrelation of yield components of the main ear in spring wheat under irrigation

Carey, J. R., 1986: Interrelations and applications of mathematical demography to selected problems in fruit fly management

Leuchs, W., 1985: Interrelations between groundwater and aquifer sediments (Pleistocene) influenced by bacteria

Czok, Gy, 1987: Interrelations between staff, profit and earnings

Semenikhina, V. F., 1987: Interrelations between strains in starters for cultured dairy products

Godovanyi, A. A.; Moskal' chuk, N. I., 1987: Interrelations between the content of mobile phosphates in the soil, hop yield and effectiveness of nitrogen and phosphorus rates

Talipov, Sh M.; Turabekov, Sh, 1986: Interrelations in the inheritance of some qualitative characters in cotton

Beringer, H., 1986: Interrelations of plant growth substances, mineral nutrition and crop yield

Sharma, N. K.; Dhankhar, B. S.; Pandita, M. L., 1985: Interrelationship and path analysis studies for yield and susceptibility to shoot and fruit borer components in brinjal

Krishchenko, V. P.; Strelets, N. I.; Kosorukov, M. L., 1986: Interrelationship between glutamic acid and proline contents in vegetative parts and protein accumulation in grain of winter wheat

Silanikove, N.; Holzer, Z.; Cohen, D.; Benjamin, R.; Gutman, M.; Meltzer, A., 1987: Interrelationship between metabolism of tritiated water, 22sodium and dry matter intake by beef cattle consuming wheat straw and poultry litter in free choice

Mukhopadhyay, S.; Nath, PS.; Sarkar, TK.; Sarkar, S.; Mukhopadhyay, S., 1988: Interrelationship between rainfall and rice green leafhopper population in West Bengal

George, M.; Varghese, G., 1985: Interrelationship between rainfall, stemflow, throughfall and interception in Eucalyptus hybrid plantation

Kamar, G. A. R.; Kicka, M. A. M.; El Far, A. A.; El Nadi, M. M., 1985: Interrelationship between some biochemical constitutents of blood serum and economic egg characters in turkeys

Tschanz, A. T.; Wang, T. C., 1987: Interrelationship between soybean development, resistance, and Phakopsora pachyrhizi

Reddy, C. R.; Reddi, M. V., 1987: Interrelationship of cane yield with its components

Galkin, F. M.; Sorochinskaya, M. A., 1984: Interrelationship of characters in F1 linseed hybrids

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622085

Dwivedi, B. K.; Malhotra, S. K.; Misra, S. L.; Shukla, R. C., 1986: Interrelationship of population distribution of Tylenchus filiformis around root zones of Citrus sinensis with season and soil temperature in an Indian sub-humid region

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622087

Sinha, S. C.; Srivastava, A. N.; Singh, K. N., 1987: Interrelationship of some quantitative traits in pigeonpea

Zicarelli, L.; Avallone, L.; Ferrari, G.; Campanile, G.; Angelo, A. d' ; Pizzuti, G. P., 1987: Interrelationships among 25 chemical constituents of blood in rabbits and Mediterranean buffaloes

Bigras Poulin, M., 1986: Interrelationships among calving events, health problems, disposal, death and milk production in Ontario Holstein cows

Malajczuk, N.; Trappe, JM.; Molina, R., 1987: Interrelationships among some ectomycorrhizal trees, hypogeous fungi and small mammals: Western Australian and northwestern American parallels

Miller J.D., 1987: Interrelationships among stabilities of important agronomic traits in sugarcane

Gallagher, Lw; Belhadri, M; Zahour, A., 1987: Interrelationships among three major loci controlling heading date of spring barley when grown under short daylengths

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622096

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622097

Chahal, P. P. K.; Chahal, V. P. S., 1987: Interrelationships between different strains of Rhizobium, root-knot nematodes and moong (Vigna radiata)

Woods, D. L.; Rakow, G., 1987: Interrelationships between erucic acid level and oil content in Brassica juncea

Novellie, P., 1987: Interrelationships between fire, grazing and grass cover at the Bontebok National Park

Kennedy, B. W.; Quinton, M., 1987: Interrelationships between health environment and genetic and phenotypic performance for growth rate and backfat

Tanskii, V. I., 1986: Interrelationships between insects and plants in biogeo- and agrocoenoses

Simpson, A. M.; White, I. G., 1987: Interrelationships between motility, c-AMP, respiration and calcium uptake of ram and boar sperm

Shesteperov, A. A., 1985: Interrelationships between plants and plant nematodes

Rogalski, M., 1985: Interrelationships between some qualitative features of plants and palatability of pasture sward for Thoroughbred horses

Novoa, C., 1986: Interrelationships between source and level of progesterone and number of fetuses at different stages during pregnancy in sheep

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622111

Baghdady, N. H., 1987: Interrelationships between the soil characteristics and the total available contents of micropollutants (Cr, Ni, Cd, Pb and Hg)

Majeed, M. A.; Khan, I. R.; Toor, M. A.; Ahmad, A., 1986: Interrelationships between thirteen parameters of blood in apparently healthy buffalo-calves (Pakistan)

Shahabuddin, Q., 1987: Interrelationships in the public foodgrain distribution system in Bangladesh - an econometric analysis

Godini, A.; Palma, L. de; Petruzzella, A., 1987: Interrelationships of almond pollen germination at low temperatures, blooming time and biological behaviour of cultivars

Garner S.C., 1987: Interrelationships of bone ash and whole bone properties in the lactating and parous rat

Lloyd, T; Buchanan, Jr; Bitzer, S; Waldman, Cj; Myers, C; Ford, Bg, 1987: Interrelationships of diet, athletic activity, menstrual status, and bone density in collegiate women

Rosa, I. V.; Ammerman, C. B.; Henry, P. R., 1986: Interrelationships of dietary copper, zinc and iron on performance and tissue mineral concentration in sheep

Yitayew M., 1987: Interrelationships of performance parameters for irrigation borders

Baharuddin M.K., 1987: Interrill erodibility of highly weathered soils

Olariu, V., 1986: Interrupting vegetative growth of seed potatoes

Hilliger, H. G.; Hinz, K. H.; Lippegaus, K., 1987: Interruption of the water supply to turkey poults by slime formation within the supply system

Deunff, Y. le; Rachidian, Z., 1988: Interruption of water delivery at physiological maturity is essential for seed development, germination and seedling growth in pea (Pisum sativum L.)

Scherer, A., 1986: Intersectorial efficiency between agriculture and industry in six CMEA countries: introducing a simple equilibrium model

Columbus, M. J.; Van Hooren, D. L., 1986: Interseeding legumes into corn

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622133

Anonymous, 1986: Intersol 85. Proceedings of the 9th biennial congress of the International Solar Energy Society held in Montreal, Canada, 23-29 June, 1985

Roiter, Ya S., 1987: Interspecies hybrids in poultry production

Dahle, J.; Liess, B.; Frey, H. R., 1987: Interspecies transmission of pestivirus: experimental infection of swine with bovine diarrhoea virus and of cattle with swine fever virus

Dahle, J.; Liess, B.; Frey, H. R., 1987: Interspecies transmission of pestiviruses: experimental infections with bovine viral diarrhea virus in pigs and hog cholera virus in cattle

Oftedal, O. T., 1988: Interspecies variation in milk compostion among horses, zebras and asses (Perissodactyla: Equidae)

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McGregor, J. T, Jr; Smith, R. J, Jr; Talbert, R. E., 1986: Interspecific and intraspecific interference of broadleaf signalgrass in rice

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622146

Macpherson C.N.L., 1987: Interspecific characterization of several taeniid cestodes by isoenzyme analysis using isoelectric focusing in agarose

Medgyesy, P.; Fejes, E.; Maliga, P., 1986: Interspecific chloroplast recombination in a Nicotiana somatic hybrid

Kfir, R.; Hamburg, H. van, 1988: Interspecific competition between Telenomus ullyetti (Hymenoptera: Scelionidae) and Trichogrammatoidea lutea (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae) parasitizing eggs of the cotton bollworm Heliothis armiger in the laboratory

Devi, R.; Prasad, R. S., 1984: Interspecific competition between rat fleas, Xenopsylla cheopis (Rothschild) and X. astia (Rothschild)

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Loi, G., 1984: Interspecific cross between Tipula (Tipula) orientalis Lack. and Tipula (Tipula) oleracea L. (Diptera Tipulidae) obtained under controlled conditions, and its possible identity with Tipula (Tipula) hungarica Lack

Ozawa, A.; Takafuji, A., 1987: Interspecific crosses between Tetranychus urticae Koch and Tetranychus kanzawai Kishida

Reinink, K.; Vries, I. de; Groenwold, R., 1988: Interspecific crosses in lettuce, within section Lactuca

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Wietsema, W. A.; Vries, J. N. de, 1988: Interspecific crosses provide onion with much-needed genetic variation

Nemoto, T.; Kuwahara, Y.; Suzuki, T., 1987: Interspecific difference in Venturia kairomones in larval feces of four stored phycitid moths

Gallagher, J. L.; Donovan, L. A.; Grant, D. M.; Decker, D. M., 1987: Interspecific differences in dead plant buffering capacity alter the impact of acid rain on decomoposition rates in tidal marshes

Furukawa, A., 1987: Interspecific differences in resistance of photosynthesis to air pollutants

Ando, T.; Masaoka, Y.; Matsumoto, K., 1985: Interspecific differences in sodium nutrition among tropical grasses

Inagaki N., 1987: Interspecific differences of the capacities of waterlogging and drought tolerances among summer cereals

Holland, C., 1987: Interspecific effects between Moniliformis (Acanthocephala), Hymenolepis (Cestoda) and Nippostrongylus (Nematoda) in the laboratory rat

Kirkpatrick, K. J.; Wilson, H. D., 1988: Interspecific gene flow in Cucurbita: C. texana vs. C. pepo

Shear, T. H.; Hook, D. D., 1988: Interspecific genetic variation of loblolly pine tolerance to soil waterlogging

Yamaguchi, S.; Kunitake, T.; Hisatomi, S., 1987: Interspecific hybrid between Camellia japonica cv. Chochidori and C. chrysantha produced by embryo culture

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622172

Pandey, K. K.; Grant, J. E.; Williams, E. G., 1987: Interspecific hybridisation between Trifolium repens and T. uniflorum

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622216

Rumbaugh, M. D.; Pendery, B. M., 1986: Interspecific relations and the breeding of pasture plants for semiarid regions

Hwang, H. J.; Yeam, D. Y.; Kim, K. S., 1988: Interspecific relationships based on morphological characters and seed protein patterns in several Rhododendron species

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Weber, JL., 1988: Interspersed repetitive DNA from Plasmodium falciparum

Small, A. M., 1988: Interstate trade in market milk

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622228

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622229

Giraldez R., 1987: Interstitial chiasmata and centromere orientation in heterozygotes for a translocation in rye

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622250

Stassart, J. M.; Bogemans, J., 1987: Intervarietal ionic composition changes in barley under salt stress

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622253

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622262

Garrett, P.; Uquillas, J. E.; Campbell, C., 1987: Interview guide for the regional analysis of farming systems

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622264

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622266

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622268

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622270

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622276

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622279

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622280

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622281

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622285

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622286

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622287

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622288

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622290

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622291

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622294

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622296

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622298

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622299

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622300

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622301

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622303

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622305

Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622307

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622668

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622712

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622826

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Section 2, Chapter 1623, Accession 001622861

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Li, K. Z.; Yu, Y. Z.; Shun, A., 1987: Investigation of outbreak bases of Dendrolimus superans Butler

Laber G., 1988: Investigation of pharmacokinetic parameters of tiamulin after intramuscular and subcutaneous administration in normal dogs

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