Investigation of the genetic variability of Corsican pine, Pinus nigra subsp. laricio var. corsicana. Prospects for improvement of the species

Portefaix, C.

Exploration de la variabilite genetique du pin laricio de Corse Perspectives pour l' amelioration de l' espece: 165


Accession: 001623056

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The work up to 1984 of the P. nigra var. corsicana improvement programme established in France in 1971 is reviewed. The aim of the programme is to develop 2 improved varieties for medium and low alt. regions by selection within 2 populations, one composed of phenotypically selected trees from 4 natural Corsican provenances, the other of trees from plantations in central France. A study was made of the genetic data and methodologies used in early selection of seed trees for the seed orchards established in the Lot department. A study was also made of the genetic variation in 5 natural provenances in Corsica.