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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1625

Chapter 1625 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mishra R.K., 1986: Irrigation requirements of rice under shallow water table conditions

Muhammad Jamal; Mohammad Karim; Paigham Shah, 1987: Irrigation requirements of semi-dwarf wheat varieties in Peshawar valley

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Israeli, I.; Lambert, J., 1986: Irrigation scheduling of movable irrigation systems to maximize return

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LeBaron, A. D.; Hill, R. W.; Battikhi, A. M., 1985: Irrigation sector assessment: USAID/Haiti

Keller, J., 1985: Irrigation sector strategy review

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Cerda, A.; Caro, M.; Fernandez, F. G.; Guillen, M. G., 1985: Irrigation water quality in the production of Verna lemons

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624040

Doty, C. W.; Gibson, H. J., 1987: Irrigation water storage cost reduced by stream water level control

Doty, C. W.; Parsons, J. E.; Skaggs, R. W., 1987: Irrigation water supplied by stream water level control

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Carruthers, I. D., 1986: Irrigation, drainage, and food supplies

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Vaysse, P.; Reynier, P., 1987: Irrigation. Micro-sprinklers: Operating tests below 0 degrees C

Zolty, A., 1987: Irrigation: appropriate technologies

Anonymous, 1986: Irrigation: government spending to up production

Brisset, C., 1986: Irrigation: the absolute imperative

Brizzi, M., 1986: Irrigations in the Sahara region of Morocco: The Draa valley

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624057

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624058

Beijersbergen, J. C. M.; Mijnssen, G. W. A. V.; Bergman, B. H. H., 1987: Irritating materials produce an incurable malady

Bayer, W.; Niamir, M.; Waters Bayer, A., 1987: Is 'holistic resource management' the answer for African rangelands?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624061

Campo, C. P. del, 1986: Is Brazil sliding towards the extreme left? Notes on the land reform program in South America's largest and most populous country

Anonymous, 1988: Is China running out of grain?

Wermes, R., 1988: Is Club Med still French? (part 2). Club Med: the return to France?

Vermunt, J., 1987: Is DMSO useful in the treatment of fungal pneumonia?

Lang, K. J.; Karadzic, D., 1987: Is Dothistroma pini a danger to Pinus sylvestris?

Demeke, T., 1986: Is Ethiopia's Ensete ventricosum crop her greatest potential food?

Schmitt, G.; Gebauer, R. H., 1987: Is GFR agriculture really disadvantaged by its structure?

Fuzibet, J. G.; Marty, B.; Taillan, B.; Bertrand, F.; Pras, P.; Pesce, A.; LeFichoux, Y.; Dujarin, P., 1988: Is Leishmania infantum an opportunistic parasite in patients with anti-human immunodeficiency virus antibodies

Smith, H., 1983: Is Pfr the active form of phytochrome?

Dijkstra, J.; Beek, N. A. M. van; Lohuis, D.; Helden, M. van; Meijer, R., 1987: Is a helper factor necessary for infection of cowpea protoplasts with blackeye cowpea mosaic virus?

Floch, D. le, 1986: Is a maize monoculture possible? Constraints and limits to monocultures of maize for grain or silage in France

Foote, R. H.; Ellington, J. E., 1988: Is a superovulated oocyte normal ?

Anderson, K.; Watson, A. S., 1987: Is agricultural growth in developing countries in Australia's interest?

Verlinden, A., 1987: Is an American ever-bearing strawberry cultivar going to extend our range? Selva

Fagerstedt, K. V.; Crawford, R. M. M., 1987: Is anoxia tolerance related to flooding tolerance ?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624082

Bahna, S. L., 1986: Is breast the best?

Mock, C., 1987: Is butter spreadable enough?

Singh, H.; Frost, R. R., 1987: Is celery yellow net caused by parsnip yellow fleck virus ?

Hellgren, U.; Ardal, O. K.; Lebbad, M.; Rombo, L., 1987: Is chloroquine-resistant Plasmodium falciparum malaria emerging in Senegal or The Gambia ?

Bristow, C. M., 1988: Is diet choice a picnic for leaf-cutter ants?

Clothier, C., 1987: Is diet in diabetes important?

Wood, Fc Jr; Bierman, El, 1986: Is diet the cornerstone in management of diabetes?

Zupp J.L., 1988: Is embryonic mortality increased in normal female rats mated to subfertile males?

Haffer, K. N.; Sharpee, R. L.; Beckenhauer, W.; Koertje, W. D.; Fanton, R. W., 1987: Is feline leukemia virus responsible for neurologic conditions in cats?

Hugenroth, P.; Meyer, B., 1983: Is gypsum suitable as a calcium fertilizer?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624096

Hardie R.C., 1987: Is histamine a neurotransmitter in insect photoreceptors?

Greenhalgh, D. G.; Gamelli, R. L., 1987: Is impaired wound healing caused by infection or nutritional depletion?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624099

Ohmart, C. P., 1984: Is insect defoliation in eucalypt forests greater than that in other temperate forests?

Vries, S. E. de; Ferwerda, M. A.; Loonen, A.; Pijnacker, L. P.; Feenstra, W. J., 1987: Is interspecific somatic hybridization useful for gene localization in potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)?

Thrusfield, M., 1988: Is it hereditary ?: 2. Types and characteristic patterns of hereditary disease

Thrusfield, M., 1988: Is it hereditary?: 1. The cause of disease

Isermeyer, F., 1988: Is it more expensive to produce milk in the German Federal Republic than in other EC countries?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624105

Barre, J., 1988: Is it necessary to believe in Minitel? Part 1: instruments of passion

Turpin, G., 1986: Is it necessary to pay a resort tax?

Darne, G., 1988: Is it possible to distinguish between species of the genus Vitis by means of leaf anthocyanins?

Klein, J.; Mitchison, N. A.; Rodey, G. E.; Rood, J. J. van; Simonsen, M., 1985: Is it possible to formulate a unified concept for the biological function of the major histocompatibility complex (MHC)?

Hiernaux, P.; Diarra, L., 1986: Is it possible to improve the traditional grazing management in the flood plain of the Niger river in central Mali?

Wagner, H., 1987: Is it possible to make a living from 30 cows?

Adachi, T., 1986: Is it possible to overcome the low yield of buckwheat by means of biotechnology?

Middelburg, M. C. G., 1988: Is it possible to overcome the negative correlation between root yield and sugar content?

Valtonen, M.; Blomstedt, L.; Polonen, I., 1987: Is it possible to speed up the development of the winter coat?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624116

Neville, M. C.; Oliva Rasbach, J., 1987: Is maternal milk production limiting for infant growth during the first year of life in breast-fed infants?

Vandeputte Van Messom, G.; Roets, E.; Peeters, G., 1986: Is milk flow rate associated with a specific adrenoceptor pattern in the cow's teat?

Kutter, H., 1988: Is milk production still the backbone of the family farm?

Mills, Jl; Graubard, Bi, 1987: Is moderate drinking during pregnancy associated with an increased risk for malformations?

Anonymous, 1987: Is molten sulphur a flammable solid?

Durnin, Jvga; Mckillop, Fm; Grant, S; Fitzgerald, G., 1985: Is nutritional status endangered by virtually no extra intake during pregnancy?

Farmer, C.; Hagen, D. R., 1988: Is oestrogen concentration related to the performance of newborn piglets?

Ahrens, P., 1987: Is official testing of butter still relevant?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624125

Ketz, H. A., 1985: Is our diet better today than 200 years ago?

Shorland, Fb, 1988: Is our knowledge of human nutrition soundly based?

Fuller, B., 1986: Is primary school quality eroding in the Third World?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624131

Thirtle, C.; Bottomley, P., 1988: Is publicly funded agricultural research excessive?

Seemuller, E., 1986: Is rape a good preparatory culture for strawberries?

Palumbo, Sa, 1986: Is refrigeration enough to restrain foodborne pathogens?

Stamler, J.; Wentworth, D.; Neaton, J. D., 1986: Is relationship between serum cholesterol and risk of premature death from coronary heart disease continuous and graded? Findings in 356 222 primary screenees of the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial (MRFIT)

Turner, D. A.; Golder, T. K., 1987: Is resistance developing in tsetse flies? Susceptibility to two chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides in sprayed and unsprayed populations of Glossina pallidipes in Kenya

Lange, W.; Bock, T. S. M. de, 1988: Is resistance to beet cyst nematode colour-blind ?

Lai, Y. D.; Zoschke, M., 1988: Is rye self-compatible ?

Braun, M. J.; Gonda, M. A., 1987: Is scrapie Prp 27-30 related to AIDS virus?

Schmidt, G.; Kannisto, P.; Owman, C.; Sjoberg, N. O., 1988: Is serotonin involved in the ovulatory process of the rat ovary perfused in vitro?

Boudet Garcia, A.; Diez Antonanzas, J., 1987: Is serum fructosamine an alternative to glycosylated haemoglobin?

Girling, J., 1986: Is small-holder cultivation viable? A question of political economy with reference to Thailand

Marjolet, M.; Vermeil, C., 1986: Is spotted fever found outside the Mediterranean area in France?

Buitelaar, K., 1988: Is stem vibration a sound alternative for truss vibration?

Bartoshuk, L. M., 1987: Is sweetness unitary? An evaluation of the evidence for multiple sweets

Niks, R. E., 1987: Is tall oatgrass an accessory host of the brown rust fungus (Puccinia recondita) of rye?

Glodek, P.; Brandt, H.; Meyer, J. N., 1987: Is the Angeln Saddleback pig a genetic resource for future animal production?

Bands, D. P., 1983: Is the Mountain Catchment Act working?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624149

Weiers, C. J., 1986: Is the agricultural-political market efficient?

Nuyten, H., 1987: Is the culture of main crops in buckets an Utopia?

Cooper, M., 1988: Is the customer satisfied?

Szoke, G., 1987: Is the development of agricultural world trade contradictory to the development of total world trade?

Provost, A., 1988: Is the domestic buffalo really susceptible to bovine pleuropneumonia?

Stinard, P. S.; Buckner, B., 1988: Is the dominant amylose-extender mutant Ae-5180, Mutator-induced?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624158

Bouet, G.; Balabanian, O., 1986: Is the forest an asset for the Limousin countryside?

Kawaoka, Y.; Chambers, T. M.; Sladen, W. L.; Webster, R. G., 1988: Is the gene pool of influenza viruses in shorebirds and gulls different from that in wild ducks?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624161

Jamet, J. P., 1987: Is the narrowing down of world markets going to last?

Narain, P.; Sharma, V. K., 1987: Is the new farm technology neutral to scale?

Damerval, C.; Hebert, Y.; Vienne, D. de, 1987: Is the polymorphism of protein amounts related to phenotypic viability ? A comparison of two-dimensional electrophoresis data with morphological traits in maize

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624165

Anonymous, 1986: Is the single-contact process still a viable option?

Roose, H., 1987: Is the skidgine the suppression tool of the future?

Buse, R. C., 1986: Is the structure of the demand for food changing? Implications for projections

Lechner, K., 1987: Is the system of export financing for milk products optimal?

Gloor, P.; Holzer Dolf, C., 1987: Is the tethering of dry and in-pig sows humane?

Lebedev, B. I., 1987: Is the trematode acetabulum a cercomer? (About one platyhelminth's classification)

Flint, P.; Mues, C., 1987: Is the wool broking industry efficient?

Murshid, K. A. S., 1985: Is there a 'structural' constraint to capacity utilisation of deep tubewells?

Lindvig, K., 1987: Is there a connection between salt intake and the risk of cerebral apoplexy and cancer of the stomach?

Steinaecker, H. C. F. von, 1988: Is there a future for Water and Soil Federations?

Miller, A. R.; Roberts, L. W., 1986: Is there a relationship between tracheary element formation and lignification in soybean (Glycine max var. Wayne) callus cultures?

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624177

Blonz, E. R., 1986: Is there an epidemic of chronic candidiasis in our midst?

Pacquet, A.; Meizels, M., 1986: Is there any economic justification for the differential development of agricultural prices in EC member countries?

Edelstein, M.; Nerson, H.; Paris, H. S.; Karchi, Z.; Burger, Y., 1987: Is there any importance in seed size for growth of spaghetti squash?

Anderson, L. E.; Marques, I. A.; Macioszek, J. A., 1987: Is there channeling of intermediates in the chloroplast?

Arntzen, F. K.; Dellaert, L. M. W., 1987: Is there pathotype-non-specific resistance to the potato cyst nematode?

Venkataiah, N.; Jayachandrama Naidu, K., 1986: Is there relationship between environmental factors and teaching success

Windhorst, H. W., 1987: Is there still a chance for the family farm in the field of meat, egg and poultry production?

Schulz, A., 1987: Is there still a future for our traditional beekeeping?

Homel, R.; Burns, A., 1987: Is this a good place to grow up in? Neighbourhood quality and children's evaluations

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624189

Bouwkamp, F. T., 1987: Is tiamulin a dangerous drug?

Armstrong, F. H., 1987: Is timber the highest and best economic use of Vermont forest properties?

Stephens, G. M.; Dalton, H., 1987: Is toxin production by coryneform bacteria linked to their ability to utilize hydrocarbons?

Machler, F.; Lehnherr, B.; Nosberger, J., 1986: Is transfer of CO2 to C3-plants purely by diffusion?

Fabris, C.; Licata, D.; Stasiowska, B.; Lio, C.; Mostert, M., 1988: Is type of feeding related to fifth day fits of the newborns? Unexpected outcome of a case-control study

Pant, I.; Gopaldas, T., 1986: Is vitamin A deficiency a public health problem in underprivileged school boys (5-15 years)?

Friedman, Pj, 1987: Is wasting itself lethal? A case-control prospective study

Hansen, R., 1988: Is whey and permeate worth bothering with?

Canarelli, J. P.; Hary, L.; Canarelli, B.; Boves, N.; Ricard, Y.; Harichaux, P., 1988: Ischaemia in rat distal small intestine: effect of total parenteral nutrition

Thomas, Lh; Winter, Ja, 1987: Ischaemic heart disease and consumption of hydrogenated marine oils

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624200

Hartmann, W., 1987: Ishtara, an interesting rootstock for plums and prunes

Al Hariri, R., 1987: Islam's point of view on women's education in Saudi Arabia

Anonymous, 1986: Islamic world: trade in food and agricultural products

Hefner, R. W., 1987: Islamizing Java? Religion and politics in rural East Java

Bugotu, F., 1986: Island countries ask, Education for what?

Viljoen, G. J.; Bezuidenhout, J. D.; Oberem, P. T.; Vermeulen, N. M. J.; Visser, L.; Gothe, R.; Neitz, A. W. H., 1986: Islation of a neurotoxin from the salivary glands of female Rhipicephalus evertsi evertsi

Helmke, K.; Otten, A.; Maser, E.; Wolf, H.; Federlin, K., 1987: Islet cell antibodies, circulating immune complexes and antinuclear antibodies in diabetes mellitus

Sjerven, J., 1986: Ismailia Misr Poultry sets example for private sector initiative in Egypt

Speranza, G.; Martignoni, A.; Manitto, P., 1988: Iso-aloeresin A, a minor constituent of Cape aloe

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Pauwelyn, P. L. L.; Lenvain, J. S.; Sakala, W. K., 1988: Iso-erodent map of Zambia. Part 1: the calculation of erosivity indices from a rainfall data bank

Lenvain, J. S.; Sakala, W. K.; Pauwelyn, P. L. L., 1988: Iso-erodent map of Zambia. Part II: erosivity prediction and mapping

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Leveille, G. A.; Cloutier, P. F., 1987: Isocaloric diets: effects of dietary changes

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624219

Section 2, Chapter 1625 , Accession 001624220

Jackowski, J. A.; Smulski, S. J., 1988: Isocyanate adhesive as a binder for red maple flakeboard

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624232

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624272

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624273

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624331

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624356

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624358

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624366

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624413

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624429

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624453

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624465

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624485

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624492

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624518

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624542

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624543

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Ploaie, P. G.; Mitran, V., 1984: Isolation and identification of two infectious components (aster yellows mycoplasma and barley yellow dwarf virus) associated with barley yellow dwarf disease of winter barley

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624550

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624559

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624565

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624569

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624770

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624780

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624781

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624789

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624809

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624839

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624844

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Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624858

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Rodriguez, L. L.; Fernandez, S., 1987: Isolation of bovine herpesvirus 1 associated with cases of vulvovaginitis, conjunctivitis and rhinitis in dairy cattle herds in Costa Rica

Nakai S., 1987: Isolation of bovine immunoglobulins and lactoferrin from whey proteins by gel filtration techniques

Katsiaounis, T.; Mpourdzi Hatzopoulou, E.; Sarris, K.; Papadopoulos, O., 1988: Isolation of brucellae from milk of serologically tested cows

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Back, E.; Burkhart, W.; Moyer, M.; Privalle, L.; Rothstein, S., 1988: Isolation of cDNA clones coding for spinach nitrite reductase: complete sequence and nitrate induction

Housey, G. M.; O' Brian, C. A.; Johnson, M. D.; Kirschmeier, P.; Weinstein, I. B., 1987: Isolation of cDNA clones encoding protein kinase C: evidence for a protein kinase C-related gene family

Tokunaga, K.; Takeda, K.; Kamiyama, K.; Kageyama, H.; Takenaga, K.; Sakiyama, S., 1988: Isolation of cDNA clones for mouse cytoskeletal gamma actin mRNAs in mouse cells

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624883

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Green, K. J.; Goldman, R. D.; Chisholm, R. L., 1988: Isolation of cDNAs encoding desmosomal plaque proteins: evidence that bovine desmoplakins I and II are derived from two mRNAs and a single gene

Chauhan, R. S.; Kaushik, R. K., 1987: Isolation of camel pox virus in India

Tanaka, H. et al., 1986: Isolation of campylobacter from human patients with sporadic diarrhoea and from animals, and the serovars isolated

Macartney, L.; Cavanagh, H. M. A.; Spibey, N., 1988: Isolation of canine adenovirus-2 from the faeces of dogs with enteric disease and its unambiguous typing by restriction endonuclease mapping

Margelite, Yu; Kacherauskene, G., 1983: Isolation of carbohydrates in a mixture by spectrophotometry

Buttner, C.; Jacobi, V.; Koenig, R., 1987: Isolation of carnation Italian ringspot virus from a creek in a forested area South West of Bonn

Koenig, R.; An, D.; Lesemann, D. E.; Burgermeister, W., 1988: Isolation of carnation ringspot virus from a canal near a sewage plant: cDNA hybridization analysis, serology and cytopathology

Teratani, F.; Toda, Y.; Hirai, Y., 1987: Isolation of cellulolytic enzyme lignin from Japanese larch wood

Glatz, B. A.; Anderson, K. I., 1988: Isolation of characterization of mutants of Propionibacterium strains

Otaki, Y.; Nunoya, T.; Tajima, M.; Tamada, H.; Nomura, Y., 1987: Isolation of chicken anaemia agent and Marek's disease virus from chickens vaccinated with turkey herpesvirus and lesions induced in chicks by inoculating both agents

Terazawa, M.; Okuyama, H.; Miyake, M., 1984: Isolation of coniferin and syringin from the cambial tissue and inner-bark of some angiospermous woods

Clarke, M. C.; Brownlie, J.; Howard, C. J., 1987: Isolation of cytopathic and non-cytopathic bovine viral diarrhoea virus from tissues of infected animals

Ulubelen, A.; Guner, H., 1988: Isolation of dehydromoskachan C from Ruta chalepensis var. latifolia

Honda, G.; Sakakibara, F.; Yazaki, K.; Tabata, M., 1988: Isolation of deoxyshikonin, an antidermatophytic principle from Lithospermum erythrorhizon cell cultures

Lopez Abraham, A. M.; Baez Gomez, A. L.; Fernandez Andreu, L. C., 1986: Isolation of dermatophytes from children without clinical signs of dermatophytoses

Lopez Abraham, A. M.; Baez Gomez, A. L.; Fernandez Andreu, C., 1985: Isolation of dermatophytes from dogs without clinical lesions

Knudsen E.A., 1987: Isolation of dermatophytes from footwear with adhesive tape strips

Zhou, C.; Yang, H. Y., 1985: Isolation of embryo sacs by enzymatic maceration and its potential in haploid study

Southworth D., 1988: Isolation of exines from gymnosperm pollen

Patton, S.; Huston, G. E., 1985: Isolation of fat globules from human milk

Benno, Y.; Endo, K.; Mitsuoka, T., 1988: Isolation of fecal Clostridium perfringens from broiler chickens and their susceptibility to eight antimicrobial agents for growth promotion

Weiblen, R.; Raiser, A. G.; Rahal, S. C.; Canabarro, T. F., 1988: Isolation of feline calicivirus from cats in Brazil

Sahai, V. N.; Mandal, R. K.; Ram, R.; Chaudhary, R. C., 1986: Isolation of fertility restorers and maintainers for cytoplasmic genetic male sterile line

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624915

Walker, P. L.; Prociv, P.; Gardiner, W. G.; Moorhouse, D. E., 1986: Isolation of free-living amoebae from air samples and an air-conditioner filter in Brisbane

Chatterjee, A. A. K.; Sinha, M. P., 1985: Isolation of fungi from the slime flux of some commercially important trees

Zhu, Q.; Bai, Y. Y.; Tang, T.; Loo, S. W., 1986: Isolation of gene 4 from T-DNA of Ti plasmid and its expression in higher plants

Tanaka, I., 1988: Isolation of generative cells and their protoplasts from pollen of Lilium longiflorum

Okwute, S. K.; Ndukwe, G. I.; Watanabe, K.; Ohno, N., 1986: Isolation of griffonilide from the stem bark of Bauhinia thonningii

Hirahara, T.; Yasuhara, H.; Kodama, K.; Nakai, M.; Sasaki, N., 1987: Isolation of hemagglutinating encephalomyelitis virus from respiratory tract of pigs of Japan

Dutta P.K., 1986: Isolation of high geraniol bearing genotypes in palmarosa

Miwa, Y.; Piao, F. Z.; Goto, H.; Noro, S., 1987: Isolation of human (H3N2) influenza virus and prevalence of the virus-antibody in swine

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624934

Evidente, A.; Surico, G., 1986: Isolation of indole-3-aldehyde from Pseudomonas syringae pv. savastanoi

Lawhorn D.B., 1987: Isolation of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus from a latently infected feral pig

Choudhury P.N.R., 1986: Isolation of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis virus from semen and aborted materials of dairy cattle

Barr, D. A.; Reece, R. L.; O' Rourke, D.; Button, C.; Faragher, J. T., 1988: Isolation of infectious bronchitis virus from a flock of racing pigeons

Castric, J.; Baudin-Laurencin, F.; Coustans, M. F.; Auffret, M., 1987: Isolation of infectious pancreatic necrosis virus, Ab serotype, from an epizootic in farmed turbot, Scophthalmus maximus

Willer, J.; Haas, L.; Kaaden, O. R., 1987: Isolation of infectious proviral bovine leukaemia virus DNA from productively infected cells

Otsuki, K.; Takemoto, O.; Fujimoto, R.; Yamazaki, K.; Kubota, N.; Hosaki, H.; Mitani, T.; Tsubokura, M., 1987: Isolation of influenza A viruses from migratory waterfowl in San-in district, western Japan in the winter of 1983-1984

Otsuki, K.; Kariya, H.; Matsuo, K.; Sugiyama, S.; Hoshina, K.; Yoshikane, T.; Matsumoto, A.; Tsubokura, M., 1987: Isolation of influenza A viruses from migratory waterfowls in San-In district of Japan in the winter of 1984-1985

Otsuki, K.; Takemoto, O.; Fujimoto, R.; Kawaoka, Y.; Tsubokura, M., 1987: Isolation of influenza A viruses from migratory waterfowls in San-in District, Western Japan in winters of 1980-82

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624946

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Wanyangu, SW.; Waitkins, SA.; Palmer, MF., 1986: Isolation of leptospires from a one week dead coypu (Myocastor coypus Molina)

Robinson Y., 1987: Isolation of leptospires from nephritic kidneys of beef cattle at slaughter

Reddy, G. V.; Rao, A. S.; Reddy, B. D.; Sarma, B. J. R., 1987: Isolation of leptospires from porcine population in Andhra Pradesh

Shishkov, V. P.; Belik, V. M.; Stepanenko, V. S., 1987: Isolation of leukosis virus from certain bovine body fluids and tissues

Chuang, Y. T., 1987: Isolation of lignin adsorbing bacteria and its application for pulp wastewater treatment

Sierra P.N., 1986: Isolation of ligninolytic fungi

Mukherjee K.D., 1986: Isolation of lipase from germinating oilseeds for biotechnological processes

Borho, K.; Fromm, D.; Schier, E. J.; Schneehage, H. H.; Widmann, A., 1986: Isolation of liquid urea from the off-gas of the synthesis of melamine

Pilet, P. E.; Henry, H.; Jolles, C., 1985: Isolation of maize protoplasts from the root cap and apex

Arvind Shukla; Tripathi, H. S.; Pandya, B. P., 1987: Isolation of material resistant to Botrytis gray mold from chickpea germplasm

Hagege, D.; Hagege, I., 1985: Isolation of mesophyll protoplasts from Vicia faba. Effect of different factors of the growth medium on the number of protoplasts obtained

Bailey, A. E.; Asplund, R. O., 1986: Isolation of methyl gallate as the antitumor principle of Acer saccharinum

Manonmani, AM.; Hoti, SL.; Balaraman, K., 1987: Isolation of mosquito pathogenic Bacillus thuringiensis strains from mosquito breeding habitats in Tamil Nadu

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624968

Ball, H. J.; Logan, E. F.; Orr, W., 1987: Isolation of mycoplasmas from bovine semen in Northern Ireland

Sood, N.; Gupta, P. G.; Kumar, N., 1986: Isolation of mycoplasmas from pneumonic lungs of buffaloes

Valente, C.; Costantini, C.; Cardaras, P.; Farina, S. di P., 1987: Isolation of mycoplasmas from the genital tract of horses

Walia, K. K.; Swarup, G., 1985: Isolation of nematophagous and parasitic fungi from soil and other sources in India

Alcantara, V. S. B.; Azevedo, J. L. de, 1981: Isolation of nematophagous fungi

Shieh, W. Y.; Simidu, U.; Maruyama, Y., 1987: Isolation of nitrogen-fixing Vibrio species from the roots of eelgrass (Zostera marina)

Kiss, G. B.; Vincze, E.; Vegh, Z., 1987: Isolation of nodule specific c-DNA clones from Medicago sativa

Casida L.E.Jr, 1986: Isolation of nonobligate bacterial predators of bacteria from soil

Kanoe, M.; Hirabayashi, T.; Anzai, T.; Imagawa, H.; Tanaka, Y., 1988: Isolation of obligate anaerobic and some other bacteria from equine purulent lesions

Ravid, U.; Putievsky, E.; Bassat, M.; Ikan, R.; Weinstein, V., 1986: Isolation of optically pure (-)-linalyl acetate from clary sage, Salvia dominica L., lavender and lavandin

Kurogi, H. et al., 1986: Isolation of orbivirus from the midge Culicoides oxystoma in Kagoshima, Japan in 1984

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624981

Mikami, T.; Kawamura, M.; Kondo, T.; Murai, T.; Horiuchi, M.; Kodama, H.; Izawa, H.; Kida, H., 1987: Isolation of ortho- and paramyxoviruses from migrating feral ducks in Japan

Jackson, R. A.; Townsend, K. G.; Pyke, C.; Lance, D. M., 1987: Isolation of oxfendazole resistant Cooperia oncophora in cattle

Leary, J. V.; Nelson, N.; Tisserat, B.; Allingham, E. A., 1986: Isolation of pathogenic Bacillus circulans from callus cultures and healthy offshoots of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)

Alka Gogate; Lina Deodhar, 1984: Isolation of pathogenic and non-pathogenic amoebae from soils, sewage sludge and fresh water in Bombay

Plagemann, O., 1988: Isolation of pathogens from cervical swabs and aborted fetuses of mares

Niedz, R. P.; Stephens, C. T.; Murakishi, H. H., 1987: Isolation of pepper (Capsicum annuum) protoplasts

Orr, M., 1987: Isolation of pestivirus in goat abortions

Hieke B., 1985: Isolation of photochemically active chloroplasts from sugarcane mesophyll

Karikas, G. A.; Euerby, M. R.; Waigh, R. D., 1987: Isolation of piceoside from Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Ahne, W.; Thomsen, I., 1986: Isolation of pike fry rhabdovirus from Pseudorasbora parva (Temminck & Schlegel)

Nose, A.; Nagafuchi, A.; Takeichi, M., 1988: Isolation of placental cadherin cDNA: identification of a novel gene family of cell-cell adhesion molecules

Schibeci, A., 1985: Isolation of plasma membrane from ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum) endosperm protoplasts

Blowers, D. P.; Hetherington, A.; Trewavas, A., 1985: Isolation of plasma-membrane-bound calcium/calmodulin-regulated protein kinase from pea using Western blotting

Section 2, Chapter 1625, Accession 001624997

Santiago, N.; Hillyer, GV., 1986: Isolation of potential serodiagnostic Fasciola hepatica antigens by electroelution from polyacrylamide gels

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