Loss of species-specific sequences in somatic hybrids, obtained by fusion of Nicotiana tabacum CNX protoplasts with heavily X-irradiated N. paniculata protoplasts

Muller Gensert, E.; Schieder, O.

Genetic manipulation in plant breeding Proceedings international symposium organized by Eucarpia, September 8-13, 1985, Berlin West, Germany: 697-699


Accession: 001630263

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Protoplasts of N. tabacum CNX68 were fused with X-irradiated protoplasts of N. paniculata. 4 The total DNAs of the parents and the hybrids were analysed by Southern blots and hybridization to different species-specific sequences as probes. The amount and structure of the transferred sequences differed in the various hybrid cell lines. A considerable part of the N. paniculata genetic material was lost during irradiation, but part of its DNA was still transferred into the hybrid.