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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1639

Chapter 1639 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chourey, P.S.; Lloyd, R.E.; Sharpe, D.Z.; Isola, N.R., 1986:
Molecular analysis of hypervariability in the mitochondrial genome of tissue cultured cells of maize and sorghum

Willison, K.; Dudley, K.; Potter, J.; Haffner, R.; Watson, C., 1986:
Molecular analysis of mouse spermatogenesis: isolation of the t-complex polypeptide-1 gene and related sequences

Gallarda, J.L., 1987:
Molecular analysis of rabbit immunoglobulin VH genes

Kishima, Y.; Mikami, T.; Kinoshita, T., 1986:
Molecular analysis of structural changes of chloroplast DNAs among Beta species

Rayburn, A.L.; Gill, B.S., 1987:
Molecular analysis of the D-genome of the Triticeae

Pircher, H.; Michalopoulos, E.E.; Iwamoto, A.; Ohashi, P.S.; Baenziger, J.; Hengartner, H.; Zinkernagel, R.M.; Mak, T.W., 1987:
Molecular analysis of the antigen of virus-specific cytotoxic T cells and identification of a new V alpha family

Lamont, S.J.; Warner, C.M.; Nordskog, A.W., 1987:
Molecular analysis of the chicken major histocompatibility complex gene and gene products

Kobori, J.A.; Strauss, E.; Minard, K.; Hood, L., 1986:
Molecular analysis of the hotspot of recombination in the murine major histocompatibility complex

Yoder, O.C.; Turgeon, B.G., 1985:
Molecular analysis of the plant-fungus interaction

Hassett, A.L.C.; Stranick, K.S.; Locker, J.; Kunz, H.W.; Gill, T.J.I.I., 1987:
Molecular analysis of the rat major histocompatibility complex

Ruiz, A.M.; López, I.V.; López, S.; Espejo, R.T.; Arias, C.F., 1988:
Molecular and antigenic characterization of porcine rotavirus YM, a possible new rotavirus serotype

Poovaiah, B.W.; Poovaiah, B.W., 1988:
Molecular and cellular aspects of calcium action in plants

Moor, R.M.; Gandolfi, F., 1987:
Molecular and cellular changes associated with maturation and early development of sheep eggs

Gaude, T.; Dumas, C., 1987:
Molecular and cellular events of self-incompatibility

Dziuba, J., 1986:
Molecular and colloidal aspects of the micellar structure of casein

Arp, D.J.; McCollum, L.C.; Seefeldt, L.C., 1985:
Molecular and immunological comparison of membrane-bound, H2-oxidizing hydrogenases of Bradyrhizobium japonicum, Alcaligenes eutrophus, Alcaligenes latus, and Azotobacter vinelandii

Brettell, R.I.S.; Pryor, A.J., 1986:
Molecular approaches to plant and pathogen genes

Park, W.D.; Hannapel, D.J.; Mignery, G.A.; Pikaard, C.S., 1985:
Molecular approaches to the study of the major tuber proteins

Stark, A.A., 1986:
Molecular aspects of aflatoxin B1 mutagenesis and carcinogenesis

Hirel, B.; Bouet, C.; Gadal, P., 1987:
Molecular aspects of differentiation in the nitrogen metabolism of roots and root nodules

Nester, E.; Stachel, S.; Douglas, C.; Gordon, M., 1985:
Molecular aspects of early events in crown gall tumor formation

Salamini, F., 1984:
Molecular aspects of plant genetics: the concept of gene transposition and its relevance in applied studies

Otsubo, H. (Ohtsubo, H), 1988:
Molecular aspects of plant transposable elements

Clarke, A.E.; Newbigin, E., 1993:
Molecular aspects of self-incompatibility in flowering plants

Bonetskaya, M.D.; Gafarov, R.S., 1987:
Molecular aspects of the evolution of sheep in Kirgizia

Altschuler, M., 1985:
Molecular aspects of the heat shock response in plants

Guerinot, M.L.; Chelm, B.K., 1987:
Molecular aspects of the physiology of symbiotic nitrogen fixation in legumes

Garwes, D.J., 1988:
Molecular aspects of vaccination with reference to TGE

Vedel, F., 1986 :
Molecular bases for the diversity of cytoplasmic genomes in higher plants

Selenska Traikova, S., 1987:
Molecular basis of Agrobacterium/plant interaction. II. Use of Agrobacterium for gene transfer in plants

Murai, K.; Tsunewaki, K., 1986:
Molecular basis of genetic diversity among cytoplasms of Triticum and Aegilops species. IV. CtDNA variation in Ae. triuncialis

Soprunov, F.F., 1987:
Molecular basis of parasitism

Waites, W.M.; Morris, V.J.; Belton, P.S., 1986:
Molecular basis of the resistance of bacterial spores

Mózsik, G.; Fiegler, M.; Morón, F.; Nagy, L.; Patty, I.; Tárnok, F., 1987:
Molecular biochemistry and pharmacology of peptic ulcer treatment. A review

Greene, B.M.; Unnasch, T.R., 1986:
Molecular biologic approaches to research in onchocerciasis. (Workshop report)

Whitten, M.J., 1986:
Molecular biology - its relevance to pure and applied entomology

Heneen, W.K., 1988:
Molecular biology and gene technology for purposes of plant breeding

Fulton, C.; Lai, EY.; Remillard, SP., 1986:
Molecular biology of cytoskeletal proteins in Naegleria

Grierson, D., 1986:
Molecular biology of fruit ripening

Karn, J.; Dibb, N.J.; Miller, D.M.; Mitchell, E.J., 1987:
Molecular biology of muscle development - the myosin gene family of Caenorhabditis elegans

Anonymous, 1986:
Molecular biology of protozoa

Tillinghast, J.P., 1988:
Molecular biology of the T cell receptor

Kolattukudy, P.E.; Soliday, C.L.; Woloshuk, C.P.; Crawford, M., 1985:
Molecular biology of the early events in the fungal penetration into plants

Thomas, C.J.R.; King, G.J.; Reader, S.L., 1987:
Molecular characteristics of races of Pseudomonas syringae pv. pisi

Napoli, C.; Staskawicz, B., 1987:
Molecular characterization and nucleic acid sequence of an avirulence gene from race 6 of Pseudomonas syringae pv. glycinea

Donovan, W.P.; Dankocsik, C.; Gilbert, M.P., 1988:
Molecular characterization of a gene encoding a 72-kilodalton mosquito-toxic crystal protein from Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis

Dzierzak, E.A.; Janeway, C.A.; Richard, N.; Bothwell, A., 1986:
Molecular characterization of antibodies bearing Id-460. I. The structure of two highly homologous VH genes used to produce idiotype positive immunoglobulins

Joens, L.A.; Marquez, R.B., 1986:
Molecular characterization of proteins from porcine spirochetes

Smith, A.G., 1986:
Molecular characterization of the small mitochondrial DNAs of maize

Porter, S.G.; Yanofsky, M.F.; Nester, E.W., 1987:
Molecular characterization of the virD operon from Agrobacterium tumefaciens

Gilmore, R.D.Jr, 1988:
Molecular cloning and analysis of the infectious hematopoietic necrosis virus genome and development of a subunit vaccine

Bennett, C.F.; Balcarek, J.M.; Varrichio, A.; Crooke, S.T., 1988:
Molecular cloning and complete amino-acid sequence of form-1 phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C

Kang, Y.C., 1987:
Molecular cloning and expression of bovine kappa -casein in Escherichia coli

Colosi, P.; Talamantes, F.; Linzer, D.I., 1987:
Molecular cloning and expression of mouse placental lactogen I complementary deoxyribonucleic acid

Ishida, I.; Obinata, M.; Deguchi, T., 1987:
Molecular cloning and nucleotide sequence of cDNA encoding hydroxyindole O-methyltransferase of bovine pineal glands

Naggert, J.; Witkowski, A.; Mikkelsen, J.; Smith, S., 1988:
Molecular cloning and sequencing of a cDNA encoding the thioesterase domain of the rat fatty acid synthetase

Wu, R.; Peng, Z.; Kao, T.; Moon, E.; Cai, Y., 1986:
Molecular cloning and sequencing of rice genes

Waalwijk, C.; Dullemans, A.M.; van Workum, M.E.; Visser, B., 1985:
Molecular cloning and the nucleotide sequence of the Mr 28 000 crystal protein gene of Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis

Cantwell, B.A.; Sharp, P.M.; Gormley, E.; McConnell, D.J., 1988:
Molecular cloning of Bacillus beta -glucanases

Bernier, L.; Alvarez, F.; Norgard, E.M.; Raible, D.W.; Mentaberry, A.; Schembri, J.G.; Sabatini, D.D.; Colman, D.R., 1988:
Molecular cloning of a 2',3'-cyclic nucleotide 3'-phosphodiesterase in mRNAs with different 5' ends encode the same set of proteins in nervous and lymphoid tissues

Matsumoto, N.; Okada, M.; Takahashi, H.; Ming, Q.X.; Nakajima, Y.; Nakanishi, Y.; Komano, H.; Natori, S., 1986:
Molecular cloning of a cDNA and assignment of the C-terminal of sarcotoxin IA, a potent antibacterial protein of Sarcophaga peregrina

Kasahara, M.; Figueroa, F.; Klein, J., 1987:
Molecular cloning of a testis-specific gene from mouse chromosome 17

Rollo, F.; Marca, A. la; Amici, A., 1986:
Molecular cloning of ancient plant seed DNA

Ennis, P.D.; Jackson, A.P.; Parham, P., 1988:
Molecular cloning of bovine class I MHC cDNA

Matsumoto, K.; Moriuchi, T.; Koji, T.; Nakane, P.K., 1987:
Molecular cloning of cDNA coding for rat proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA)/cyclin

Wei, D.Y.; Andrews, G.K., 1988:
Molecular cloning of chicken metallothionein. Deduction of the complete amino acid sequence and analysis of expression using cloned cDNA

Rickles, R.J.; Darrow, A.L.; Strickland, S., 1988:
Molecular cloning of complementary DNA to mouse tissue plasminogen activator mRNA and its expression during F9 teratocarcinoma cell differentiation

Bender, C.L.; Cooksey, D.A., 1987:
Molecular cloning of copper resistance genes from Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato

Jones, D.T.; Reed, R.R., 1987:
Molecular cloning of five GTP-binding protein cDNA species from rat olfactory neuroepithelium

Morinaga, T.; Ikegami, M.; Miura, K., 1987:
Molecular cloning of full-length of bean golden mosaic virus DNA

Bennetzen, J.L.; Cresse, A.; Brown, W.E.; Lee, L., 1987:
Molecular cloning of maize genes by transposon tagging with Mutator

Salamini, F.; Motto, M.; Ponziani, G.; Maddaloni, M.; Soave, C.; Fonzo, N. di; Thompson, R.; Marotta, R., 1988:
Molecular cloning of o2-m5

Chemeris, A.V.; Vakhitov, V.A., 1987:
Molecular cloning of ribosomal RNA genes of the diploid wheat Triticum urartu Thum. ex Gandil

Gao, J.; Kong, F.R.; Li, J.G., 1987:
Molecular cloning of specific chloroplast DNA fragments of a male-sterile line of rape

Gope, M.L.; Keinänen, R.A.; Kristo, P.A.; Conneely, O.M.; Beattie, W.G.; Zarucki-Schulz, T.; O'Malley, B.W.; Kulomaa, M.S., 1987:
Molecular cloning of the chicken avidin cDNA

Erd, T.A.; Torp, A.A.; Kol' mer, M.I., 1987:
Molecular cloning of the chymosin gene and its expression

Shull, G.E.; Lingrel, J.B., 1986:
Molecular cloning of the rat stomach (H+ + K+)-ATPase

Magnusson, R.P.; Gestautas, J.; Taurog, A.; Rapoport, B., 1987:
Molecular cloning of the structural gene for porcine thyroid peroxidase

Weissman, A.M.; Baniyash, M.; Hou, D.; Samelson, L.E.; Burgess, W.H.; Klausner, R.D., 1988:
Molecular cloning of the zeta chain of the T cell antigen receptor

Shull, G.E.; Greeb, J., 1988:
Molecular cloning of two isoforms of the plasma membrane Ca2+-transporting ATPase from rat brain. Structural and functional domains exhibit similarity to Na+,K+- and other cation transport ATPases

Jahnsen, T.; Hedin, L.; Kidd, V.J.; Beattie, W.G.; Lohmann, S.M.; Walter, U.; Durica, J.; Schulz, T.Z.; Schiltz, E.; Browner, M., 1986:
Molecular cloning, cDNA structure, and regulation of the regulatory subunit of type II cAMP-dependent protein kinase from rat ovarian granulosa cells

Renard, A.; Brown Shimmer, S.; Schmetz, D.; Guiot, C.; Dagenais, L.; Pastoret, P.P.; Dina, D.; Martial, J., 1987:
Molecular cloning, sequencing and expression of BVDV RNA

Ando, K.; Natori, S., 1988:
Molecular cloning, sequencing, and characterization of cDNA for sarcotoxin IIA, an inducible antibacterial protein of Sarcophaga peregrina (flesh fly)

Skerritt, J.H., 1986:
Molecular comparison of alcohol-soluble wheat and buckwheat proteins

Bloom, M.E.; Kaaden, O.R.; Huggans, E.; Cohn, A.; Wolfinbarger, J.B., 1988:
Molecular comparisons of in vivo- and in vitro-derived strains of Aleutian disease of mink parvovirus

Wakabayashi, K., 1988:
Molecular design of cyclic imide herbicides using biorational approaches

Sergeev, V.A.; Bukrinskaya, A.G.; Rukhadze, G.G.; Kras' ko, A.G., 1987:
Molecular drift of porcine rotavirus during attenuation

Nichol, S.T., 1987:
Molecular epizootiology and evolution of vesicular stomatitis virus New Jersey

Field, L.M.; Devonshire, A.L.; Forde, B.G., 1988:
Molecular evidence that insecticide resistance in peach-potato aphids (Myzus persicae Sulz.) results from amplification of an esterase gene

Gillespie, J.H., 1987:
Molecular evolution and the neutral allele theory

Yokoyama, S.; Yokoyama, R., 1987:
Molecular evolution of mammalian class I alcohol dehydrogenase

Beintema, J.J.; Campagne, R.N., 1987:
Molecular evolution of rodent insulins

Cavalier Smith, T., 1987:
Molecular evolution: eukaryotes with no mitochondria

Watanabe, R.A.; Fryer, J.L.; Rohovec, J.S., 1988:
Molecular filtration for recovery of waterborne viruses of fish

Mourgue, M.; Lanza, J.P.; Lanet, J.; Steinmetz, M.D., 1987:
Molecular filtration of a dialysate from the aqueous extract of lime seeds. The effect of the fractions obtained on isolated rat intestine

Komarova, Y.M.; Doman, N.G.; Vaklinova, S.G., 1986:
Molecular forms and regulations of plant carbonic anhydrase by light

Houston, B.; Goddard, C., 1988:
Molecular forms of growth hormone in the chicken pituitary gland

Ausubel, F.M.; Cannon, F.C., 1981:
Molecular genetic analysis of Klebsiella pneumoniae nitrogen-fixation (nif) genes

Holloway, B.W.; Bowen, A.R.S.G., 1986:
Molecular genetic techniques for the study of bacterial wilt

Melzer, J.; Kleinhofs, A., 1987:
Molecular genetics of barley endosperm proteins

Mellor, A.L., 1986:
Molecular genetics of class I genes in the mammalian major histocompatibility complex

Ruvkun, G.B.; Long, S.R.; Meade, H.M.; Ausubel, F.M., 1981:
Molecular genetics of symbiotic nitrogen fixation

Georgiev, G.P., 1987:
Molecular genetics of the eukaryotic cell

Adelman, J.P.; Band, C.T.; Hayflick, J.S.; Douglass, J.; Seeburg, P.H.; Herbert, E., 1988:
Molecular genetics of the rat GnRH locus: a cohabited gene locus in a mammalian organism

Ertaev, E.E.; Turarbekov, M.Z., 1987:
Molecular hybridization of DNA for determining genetic similarity of sheep breeds

E.Shobery, M.A., 1988:
Molecular hysteresis of the potentiometric acid-base titration as a control method of cheese ripening: Domiati cheese

Moore, P.P.; Sink, K.C., 1987:
Molecular identification of parental contributions to tomato somatic hybrids

Spada, A.; Marotta, R.; Lupotto, E., 1987:
Molecular instability of controlling elements during in vitro culture of maize (Zea mays L.)

Lane, J.A.; Bailey, J.A.; Terry, P.J.; Polniaszek, T.I.; Keon, J.P.R.; Nash, C.; O.C.nnell, R.J.; Dunn, R.M.; Heddan, P.; Hargreaves, J.A.; Sherriff, C.; Byrde, R.J.W.; Clark, J.S.; Hollomon, D.W.; Butters, J.A., 1987:
Molecular interactions between plants and pathogens

Pereira, A., 1986:
Molecular isolation, DNA sequence and organization of the transposable element enhancer of Zea mays L

Wysocki, L.J.; Manser, T.; Gridley, T.; Gefter, M.L., 1986:
Molecular limitations on variable-gene junctional diversity

Zimmerer, E.J.; Ogin, E.; Shreffler, D.C.; Passmore, H.C., 1987:
Molecular mapping of crossover sites within the I region of the mouse MHC. Analysis of ten recombinant chromosomes

Tanksley, S.D.; Bernatzky, R., 1987:
Molecular markers for the nuclear genome of tomato

Evgen' ev, M.B.; Sheinker, V.S.; Levin, A.V.; Braude Zolotareva, T.Y.; Titarenko, E.A.; Shuppe, N.G.; Karaev, K.K.; Ul' masov, K.A., 1987:
Molecular mechanisms of adaptation to hyperthermia in higher organisms. I. Synthesis of heat-shock proteins in cell cultures of different species of silkworms and in caterpillars

Komamine, A.; Nomura, K., 1985:
Molecular mechanisms of somatic embryogenesis

Anan' ev, E.V.; Chernyshev, A.I.; Golovkin, M.V., 1985:
Molecular organization of DNA sequences in the barley genome related to the activator element of maize

Carson, S.; Trowsdale, J., 1986:
Molecular organization of the class II genes of the human and mouse major histocompatibility complexes

Selstam, E.; Widell, A., 1987:
Molecular organization of the inner etioplast membranes

Kreitman, N., 1987:
Molecular population genetics

Dorain, P.B., 1986:
Molecular precursors to the formation of H2 and the reduction of O2 at a Ag cathode: a surface-enhanced Raman scattering experiment

Wu, M.X.; Zha, J.J.; Jiao, J.A.; Tang, X.Y.; Chou, Q.; Shi, J.N., 1988:
Molecular properties of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase from Portulaca oleracea leaves

Lamb, C.J.; Bell, J.N.; Cramer, C.C.; Dildine, S.L.; Grand, C.; Hedrick, S.A.; Ryder, T.B.; Showalter, A.M., 1986:
Molecular response of plants to infection

Klesov, A.A.; Rabinovich, M.L.; Nutsubidze, N.N.; Todorov, P.T.; Ermolova, O.V.; Chernoglazov, V.M.; Mel' nik, M.S.; Kude, E.; Dzhafarova, A.N.; Kornilova, I.G.; Kvesitadze, E.G., 1987:
Molecular screening of cellulases: catalytic activity, thermostability, product-induced inhibition, and adsorptivity

Raghavan, G.S.V.; Alikhani, Z., 1986:
Molecular sieves and sand for particulate medium drying of corn

Nakazawa, Y.; Kurosawa, M.; Wada, R.; Izumitani, M.; Ueda, T.; Fukada, Y.; Araki, K.; Kudo, T.; Oishi, H., 1986:
Molecular sieving permeation of cheese peptides during heating

Nugent, J.H.A., 1986:
Molecular sizes of photosynthetic membrane-protein complexes

Brown, J.H.; Lynch, D.V.; Thompson, J.E., 1987:
Molecular species specificity of phospholipid breakdown in microsomal membranes of senescing carnation flowers

Donis, R.O.; Dubovi, E.J., 1987:
Molecular specificity of the antibody responses of cattle naturally and experimentally infected with cytopathic and noncytopathic bovine viral diarrhea virus biotypes

Kelly, C., 1987:
Molecular studies of schistosome immunity

Anderson, A.J.; Habibzadegah-Tari, P.; Tepper, C.S., 1988:
Molecular Studies on the Role of a Root Surface Agglutinin in Adherence and Colonization by Pseudomonas putida

Micard, D.; Couderc, J.L.; Sobrier, M.L.; Giraud, G.; Dastugue, B., 1988:
Molecular study of the retrovirus-like transposable element 412, a 20-OH ecdysone responsive repetitive sequence in Drosophila cultured cells

Sattelle, D.B.; Yamamoto, D., 1988:
Molecular targets of pyrethroid insecticides

Baxa D.V.; Kawai K.; Kusuda R., 1987:
Molecular taxonomic classification of gliding bacteria isolated from diseased cultured flounder

Schaad, N.W., 1985:
Molecular taxonomy of seedborne bacterial pathogens

Anonymous, 1988:
Molecular transfer across parasite membranes

Pocock, D.H.; Howard, C.J.; Clarke, M.C.; Brownlie, J., 1987:
Molecular variation between BVD virus isolates

Schulz, T.F.; Kollaritsch, H.; Hengster, P.; Stemberger, H.; Scheiner, O.; Wiedemann, G.; Dierich, M.P., 1987:
Molecular weight analysis of Entamoeba histolytica antigens recognized by IgG and IgM antibodies in the sera of patients with amoebiasis

Seagar, M.J.; Jover, E.; Couraud, F., 1986:
Molecular weights of subunits of the Na+ channel and a Ca2+ -activated K+ channel in rat brain

Sozinov, I.A.; Khokhlov, A.P., 1987:
Molecular/genetic markers in studying the heterosis effect in winter wheat

Singh, A.K.; Singh, R.D.; Sarkar, P.A.; Ray, B.; Ghosh, A.K., 1986:
Molinate formulations for weed control in transplanted rice

Durette Desset, M.C.; Pesson, B., 1987:
Molineus patens (Dujardin, 1845) (Nematoda, Trichostrongyloidea) and the other species described under this name

Wittmer, G., 1987:
Molise, Puglia, Basilicata e Calabria

Anonymous, 1987:
Mollington introduces fromage frais

Hurnik, S., 1981:
Mollisol diapirism within the Bohemian massif and frozen earth degradation

Gillespie, M., 1988:
Molluscan culture technology

Lie, K.J.; Jeong, K.H.; Heyneman, D., 1987:
Molluscan host reactions to helminthic infection

Shoeb, H.A.; el-Emam, M.A.; Saad, A.M.; Mohamed, M.A., 1987:
Molluscicidal activity of Fagonia cretica and Atriplex leucoclada

Mendes, N.M.; Souza, C.P. de; Araujo, N.; Pereira, J.P.; Katz, N., 1986:
Molluscicidal activity of some natural products against Biomphalaria glabrata

Chen, S.; Snyder, J.K., 1987:
Molluscicidal saponins from Allium vineale

Bashir, A.K.; Sulaiman, S.M.; Sheikh, S.H.E.; Kheir, Y.M.E., 1987:
Molluscicidal, cercaricidal and miracidicidal activities of Acacia nilotica ssp. nilotica and adansonii

Prystupa, B.D.; Holliday, N.J.; Webster, G.R.B., 1987:
Molluscicide efficacy against the marsh slug, Deroceras laeve (Stylommatophora: Limacidae), on strawberries in Manitoba

Kechemir, N., 1986:
Molluscs connected with schistosomiasis in Algeria

Badie, A.; Rondelaud, D., 1987:
Molluscs, intermediate hosts of Dicrocoelium lanceolatum Rudolphi. A fifteen year study

Georgi, JR.; Georgi, ME.; Jiang, J.; Frongillo, M., 1987:
Molossinema wimsatti gen. et sp. n. (Nematoda: Onchocercinae) from the brain of Molossus ater (Chiroptera: Molossidae)

Pierzynski, G.M.; Jacobs, L.W., 1986:
Molybdenum accumulation by corn and soybeans from a molybdenum-rich sewage sludge

Gezenchova L., 1988:
Molybdenum deficiency in some agricultural plants

Riley, M.M., 1987:
Molybdenum deficiency in wheat in Western Australia

Haque, I., 1987:
Molybdenum in soils and plants and its potential importance to livestock nutrition, with special reference to sub-Saharan Africa

Sharma C.M.; Minhas R.S.; Masand S.S., 1988:
Molybdenum in surface soils and its vertical distribution in profiles of some acid soils

Kokorev, V.A.; Pompaev, P.M., 1986:
Molybdenum requirements of pregnant Large White sows

Pennington, J.A.; Jones, J.W., 1987:
Molybdenum, nickel, cobalt, vanadium, and strontium in total diets

Kiorpes, A.L.; Clayton, M.K., 1988:
Moment analysis of multibreath nitrogen washout in healthy female goats and calves

Boult, B.F., 1987:
Moment resisting joints

Otieno Rege, E.J., 1986:
Moment-type estimation of genetic parameters and their variances for calving date and production traits from Hereford data using multi-way models

Seekings, J., 1987:
Monaco. National report no. 145

Anonymous, 1988:
Monarda. Review of the assortment (1988)

Yamada, Y., 1986:
MoncerenReg. (pencycuron), a new fungicide

Buxton, D.; Donald, K.M.; Finlayson, J., 1987:
Monensin and the control of experimental ovine toxoplasmosis: a systemic effect

Lawrence, K., 1987:
Monensin in sheep for the control of coccidiosis - a review

Mollenhauer H.H.; Morre D.J.; Droleskey R.E., 1986:
Monensin inhibition of growth of ryegrass seedlings

Sanders, E.J.; Chokka, P., 1987:
Monensin inhibits secretion of extracellular matrix and the spreading of mesoderm cells in the early chick embryo

Burrin, D.G.; Stock, R.A.; Britton, R.A., 1988:
Monensin level during grain adaptation and finishing performance in cattle

Chalmers, G.A., 1988:
Monensin toxicity in dogs

Bourque, J.G.; Smart, M.; Wobeser, G., 1986:
Monensin toxicity in lambs

Schuh, G.E., 1987:
Monetary disturbances in a changed international economy: the case of Mexico's agriculture and Mexican-US trade

Dobrynin, V., 1987:
Monetary exchange relationships within the agroindustrial sector

Kim, A.M., 1988:
Monetary incentives for production in the agroindustrial sector

Beveridge, I., 1986:
Monilonema ochetocephala sp. n. (Nematoda, Strongyloidea) from macropodid marsupials in eastern Australia

Trimble, R.M., 1988:
Monitoring Pholetesor ornigis (Hymenoptera: Braconidae), a parasite of the spotted tentiform leafminer, Phyllonorycter blancardella (Lepidoptera: Gracillariidae): effect of sticky trap location on size and sex ratio of trap catches

Huyck, N.I.; McNamara, P.M., 1987:
Monitoring accountability of a clinical nutrition service

Meyer, D.J., 1987:
Monitoring air quality in swine facilities

Hayhoe H.N.; Bootsma A.; Dwyer L.M., 1987:
Monitoring and analysis of soil temperature regimes for soil climate classification

Ikeshoji, T.; Yap, HH., 1987:
Monitoring and chemosterilization of a mosquito population, Culex quinquefasciatus (Diptera: Culicidae) by sound traps

Metz, R.; Becker, K.; Podlesak, W., 1987:
Monitoring and control of soil fertility in areas using municipal waste products

Finstein, M.S.; Miller, F.E.; Strom, P.F., 1986 :
Monitoring and evaluating composting process performance

Felton, M.W.F., 1987:
Monitoring and evaluation and irrigation management. A case study of the Left Bank Outfall Drain Project, Pakistan

McLean, D., 1988:
Monitoring and evaluation in the management of agricultural research

Biswas, A.K., 1985:
Monitoring and evaluation of Bhima Command Area development project

McLean, D., 1987:
Monitoring and evaluation of NARS

Casley, D.J., 1987:
Monitoring and evaluation of agricultural development in Africa

Westermarck, H., 1985:
Monitoring and evaluation of programmes

Finch, S.; Collier, R.H., 1988:
Monitoring and forecasting attacks of cabbage root fly and carrot fly in vegetable crops

Disegna, L.; Loddo, A.; Giacon, D.; Zanatta, P., 1986:
Monitoring and improvement of the microbial flora in the production of soft cheeses

Shibata, E.; Okuda, K.; Ito, T., 1986:
Monitoring and sampling adult populations of the sugi bark borer, Semanotus japonicus Lacordaire (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae), by the sticky trap banding method in Japanese cedar stands

Rebhun, M.; Ronen, D.; Eren, J., 1987:
Monitoring and study program of an inter-regional wastewater reclamation system for agriculture

Bjordal, A.; Floen, S.; Fosseidengen, J.E.; Totland, B.; Ovredal, J.T.; Ferno, A.; Huse, I., 1986:
Monitoring biological and environmental parameters in aquaculture

Lundin, G., 1986:
Monitoring combine harvester losses

Yadav, R.C.; Gupta, U.S., 1987:
Monitoring corn canopy and root by precision planting: a challenge on planter design

Byers, J.R.; Struble, D.L., 1987:
Monitoring cutworm moths in southern Alberta with sex-attractant traps

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Monitoring environment during transportation of day-olds

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Monitoring for health

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Monitoring microbial activity on surfaces

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Monitoring microbial fouling in flowing systems using coupons

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Monitoring natural air corn drying - a demonstration project

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Monitoring noise levels in seven dairies

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Monitoring of Pseudomonas syringae pv. papulans on asymptomatic apple tissue

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Monitoring of congenic mouse strains by use of monoclonal antibodies

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Monitoring of follicular growth by echography during natural and stimulated cycles in the cow

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Monitoring of fresh milk for organochlorine pesticide residues in Karachi

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Monitoring of honeydew excretion in the field as a method of sampling Illinoia liriodendri (Homoptera: Aphididae) infesting Liriodendron tulipifera

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Monitoring of lepidopterous insect migrations using the migration trap

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Monitoring of nutrient losses. An example from a subcatchment in Maphutseng

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Monitoring of some chemical and physical parameters of milk from different regions of Italy

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Monitoring of the alpine grassland community on the Bogong High Plains, Victoria

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Monitoring of the green capsid bug Lygocoris pabulinus (L.) (Hemiptera: Miridae) in apple orchards

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Monitoring of the sensitivity of Botrytis cinerea populations to fungicides: a concrete example of modern technical assistance in the plant pathological sector

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Monitoring of winter wheat growth and development in clay soils in Buckinghamshire

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Monitoring patterns of distribution of Rhipicephalus appendiculatus and Theileria parva

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Monitoring peach twig borer by standardized trapping methods

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Monitoring population densities of the phytoseiid predator Amblyseius cucumeris and its prey after large scale introductions to control Thrips tabaci on sweet pepper

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Monitoring population levels of eight species of noctuids with sex-attractant traps in southern Alberta, 1978-1983: specificity of attractants and effect of target species abundance

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Monitoring populations of the carrot rust fly, Psila rosae, for supervised control

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Monitoring poultry house environment

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Monitoring processes involved in the epidemiology of tick-borne diseases

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Monitoring production hygiene when making soft cheese, using coliform bacteria: with particular reference to the presence of Listeria

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Monitoring programme for heavy metals in foods. 1. Scope, types of elements and foodstuffs and analytical quality control

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Monitoring shifts in user groups at recreation facilities

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Monitoring shipping temperatures

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Monitoring soil fertility

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Monitoring soil water content

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Monitoring system for forest decline

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Monitoring techniques for the carrot fly (Psila rosae F.)

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Monitoring the atmospheric deposition of metals by use of bog vegetation and peat profiles

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Monitoring the citrus thrips and psylla using fluorescent sticky traps - a practical guide

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Monitoring the coarse aerosols used for non-residual sprays in tsetse control

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Monitoring the course of farrowing by determination of the acid-base equilibrium of newborn piglets

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Monitoring the duration of veneer gluing on the basis of a physical model of the glue hardening process

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Monitoring the effectiveness of oestrus synchronization in heifers from blood biochemistry

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Monitoring the effects of a product based on fructose, proteins and guar flour on hepatic and renal function and lipid metabolism

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Monitoring the effects of postpartum diseases on milk production in dairy cattle

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Monitoring the efficiency of homogenised milks

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Monitoring the fallout

Cubero, A.J.; Gil, J.; Aguera, J.; Illanes, R., 1988:
Monitoring the field performance of a tractor

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Monitoring the heat treatment of pasteurized milk as a basis for commercial grading

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Monitoring the impact of rain fed agriculture and grazing on desertification in the central Sudan

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Monitoring the international code of conduct on the distribution and use of pesticides in North America: a field survey of pesticide-related working conditions in four locations in the US and Canada

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Monitoring the linear dimensions of rice grains

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Monitoring the long-term effects of management practices on site productivity in South African forestry

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Monitoring the populations of Lymantria dispar in Kazakhstan

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Monitoring the prices of farm products and production costs

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Monitoring the progression of renal failure in a horse with polycystic kidney disease: use of the reciprocal of serum creatinine concentration and sodium sulfanilate clearance half-time

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Monitoring the reproduction of cows by direct radioimmunoassay of progesterone in serum and milk

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Monitoring the response of vegetation to use by large herbivores: an assessment of some techniques

E.Baz, F., 1986:
Monitoring the sand-moving desert winds

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Monitoring the seasonal occurrence and distribution of pink bollworm (Pectinophora gossypiella Saunders) with gossyplure traps for control strategy

Ellis, R.H., 1987:
Monitoring the viability of seed accessions

Bouchard D.C., 1987:
Monitoring transport of selected pesticides and phenols in soil columns by high performance liquid chromatography

Skarpe, C., 1987:
Monitoring vegetation change and rangeland degradation

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Monkeys infected with Ascaris suum (a new in vivo model of airway disease): protective effect of nedocromil sodium and sodium cromoglycate against bronchial antigen challenge

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Mono and double-cropped wheat and soybeans under rain-fed and irrigated conditions

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Mono- and double-cropped wheat and grain sorghum under rainfed and irrigated conditions

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Monocercomonas (Alimonas) ganapatii n.sp. from Hemidactylus prashadi

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Monocercomonas maculatus n.sp. (Protozoa: Trichomonadida) in anuran amphibians from the Canary Islands

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Monocetyl phosphate treatment of Auburn and Caldwell wheat seeds

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Monoclonal antibodies against Escherichia coli heat-stable toxin (STa) and their use in a diagnostic ST ganglioside GM1-enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

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Monoclonal antibodies against cellobiohydrolase from Trichoderma reesei

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Monoclonal antibodies against intraerythrocytic merozoites (piroplasms) of Theileria sergenti

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Monoclonal antibodies against plant viruses - procedure and some applications

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Monoclonal antibodies and structured vaccines for control of fertility in dogs and other animal species

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Monoclonal antibodies directed against the flagellar antigens of Listeria species and their potential in EIA-based methods

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Monoclonal antibodies for characterizing H3N2 influenza viruses that persist in pigs in China

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Monoclonal antibodies in parasitology

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Monoclonal antibodies in phytopathogenic prokaryote research

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Monoclonal antibodies in the study of parasites and host-parasite relationships

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Monoclonal antibodies to Chlamydia psittaci: characteristics and antigenic analysis

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Monoclonal antibodies to bovine leucocytes define heterogenicity of target cells for in vitro parasitosis by Theileria parva

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Monoclonal antibodies to intracellular campylobacter-like organisms of the porcine proliferative enteropathies

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Monoclonal antibodies to parasite antigens: a rapid immunization protocol requiring small numbers of parasites

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Monoclonal antibodies to surface and cytoskeletal components of the spermatozoid of Pteridium aquilinum

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Monoclonal antibodies to the light harvesting chlorophyll-protein complex

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Monoclonal antibodies to the lipopolysaccharide of Erwinia carotovora subsp. atroseptica serogroup 1

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Monoclonal antibodies which identify a genus-specific Listeria antigen

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Monoclonal antibodies which react with bovine T-lymphocyte antigens and induce blastogenesis: tissue distribution and functional characteristics of the target antigens

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Monoclonal antibodies with specificity to O4 and O12 antigens of Salmonella spp

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Monoclonal antibodies: their role in detecting & quantifying mycotoxins

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Monoclonal antibody analyses of cytopathic and noncytopathic viruses from fatal bovine viral diarrhea virus infections

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Monoclonal antibody defined stage specific and stage independent antigens of Eimeria tenella

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Monoclonal antibody does not protect mice from paraquat toxicity

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Monoclonal antibody enhancement of the effects of human growth hormone on growth and body composition in mice

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Monoclonal antibody passive hemagglutination and capture enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays for direct detection and quantitation of F41 and K99 fimbrial antigens in enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

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Monoclonal antibody production against a piglet diarrhoea agent (enterotoxigenic E. coli) by the cell fusion-hybridoma cell technique

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Monoclonal-antibody-mediated enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of reticuloendotheliosis viruses

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Monocyclic parameters of bean rust caused by Uromyces phaseoli var. typica on Phaseolus vulgaris varieties

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Monocyte chemoattractants in pigeon aortic atherosclerosis

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Monocyte functions in experimental amoebiasis

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Monocyte procoagulant activity induced by concanavalin A is decreased in a population of chronic chagasic patients

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Monolepta beetle

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Monounsaturated fatty acids, plasma cholesterol, and coronary heart disease

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Mont-Blanc cream desserts

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More agricultural imports from developing countries; possibilities and limitations

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More and better pigs

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More clarity in weed control in beet

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More competition in the exhibition industry

Anonymous, 1988:
More do less

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More economics, less politics

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More effective methods in the fractionation of wheat grain proteins

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More effective possibilities in the control of tomato corky root (Pyrenochaeta lycopersici)

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More expensive combining in weed-rich stands

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More favourable prospects for prices seem guaranteed

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More good things for the US market

Anonymous, 1986:
More grain, less enthusiasm

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More information through computerized activities transformed into rising production and efficiency

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More inputs to promoting agricultural development

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More intensive training by correspondence for rural personnel

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More milk. Just what we needed?

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More news about crops (from internal IBPGR reports)

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More of a nuisance

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More professional: hotels in the conference business; Business travellers - what do they expect from hotels?

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More quality fruit, better sorting, packaging and presentation!

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More reliable herbicide performance: improvement through formulation

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More roots give more growth!

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More rootstocks wanted (2). Pears

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More rootstocks wanted. (I) Apple

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More than mountains

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More than one billion guilders. The economic significance of the professional arts in Amsterdam

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More tracheal mites found in California

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More weight for useful solids (milk fat + protein) under the quota system

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Morphogenesis in callus clones obtained from protoplasts of lucerne

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Morphogenesis of the Acanthocephala

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Morphogenesis of the inflorescence and seed production in Festuca rubra

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Morphological analysis of changes in the endometrium during the oestrous cycle of gilts

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Morphological analysis of changes in the oviducts during the oestrous cycle of gilts

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Morphological analysis of chlordecone (kepone) action in different mouse organs: choroid plexus in adult males and vaginal epitheluim in suckling neonates

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Morphological analysis of the porosity of the Bg horizons of two pseudogleyed sols lessives. Contribution to the diagnosis of their water relations

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Morphological and anatomical characterization of the mycorrhiza Lactarius deterrimus-Picea abies in vitro

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Morphological and anatomical features of the leaves in east Asian species of Cerasus (Rosaceae)

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Morphological and anatomical investigations on the needles of Pinus sylvestris, P. mugo and their natural hybrids in the Rila Mountains

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Morphological and biochemical characteristics of Hippophae rhamnoides forms growing in Uzbekistan

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Morphological and biochemical evaluation of fresh and cold shocked canine semen

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Morphological and biochemical evaluation of fresh and cold-shocked dog semen

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Morphological and biochemical values of blood in young pigs fed on Meprin B

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Morphological and biological characteristics of a homostylous dwarf mutant of buckwheat

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Morphological and biological characteristics of radiation mutants of tea and their economic evaluation

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Morphological and biological differences between Diphyllobothrium sp. ind. and Diphyllobothrium ditremum (Creplin, 1825)

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Morphological and biological features of hexaploids with the wild diploid species Gossypium harknessii Brand. and G. armourianum Kearney

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Morphological and biological features of old and new pea varieties in relation to their seed yields

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Morphological and biological features of the reproductive organs of lupin species

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Morphological and biological impact of certain insect growth regulators on larvae and pupae of the Egyptian cotton leafworm Spodoptera littoralis (Boisd)

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Morphological and biometric diagnostics of yield formation in winter wheat

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Morphological and certain quantitative traits in F1BC5 hybrids, produced by crossing Triticum timopheevii Zhuk. and sterile analogues with durum and bread wheats

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Morphological and chemical organization of the oat kernel

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Morphological and chemical properties of north Moroccan forest soils. II. Soils under Cedrus atlantica

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Morphological and genetic indices of high yield in plants and using them in breeding and seed production work

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Morphological and physiological indices of the yield production process in winter wheat plants

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Morphological changes in haemocytes of the host, Pseudaletia separata, parasitized by Microplitis mediator or Apanteles kariyai

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Morphological changes in hypofunctional ovaries of heifers

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Morphological changes in leech Retzius neurons after target contact during embryogenesis

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Morphological changes in the acrosome of bull spermatozoa during various seasons of the year

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Morphological changes in the central immunoreactive organs of ducks after oral immunization against salmonellosis

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Morphological changes in wheat seedlings (Triticum aestivum L.) following root anaerobiosis and partial pruning of the root system

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Morphological changes with age in the synovial membrane of the elbow joint capsule of bulls, and the effect of the different amounts of exercise

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Morphological characteristic of ovaries in sows subjected to oestrus synchronization using medroxyprogesterone

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Morphological characteristics of pollen grains of the species of genus Quercus

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Morphological characteristics of the dispersal units and of the seedlings of three weed species of the genus Sida L. (Malvaceae)

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Morphological characteristics of the leaf in mulberry

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