Number and size of stomata in the oaks Quercus robur, Quercus cerris and Quercus frainetto and their dependence on ecological factors

Bacic, T.

Zbornik za Prirodne Nauke, Matica Srpska 62: 67-74


Accession: 001644728

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Leaves were collected mainly from a Quercetum frainetto-cerris site in NE Bosnia near Zupanja. The density of stomata per mmsuperscript 2 varied in the range 245-315 in Q. robur, 275-315 in Q. cerris and 345-405 in Q. frainetto, being lowest in old trees or seedlings and highest in young trees. In Q. robur, the density of stomata was highest on leaves at the ends of branches, and at the middle of the leaf, and lowest at the base of the branch and of the leaf. In Q. robur from a moister Quercetum roboris site in Slavonia, the density of stomata was the same as or slightly higher than at the first site and showed similar variations. The size of stomata varied inversely with stomatal density (but within relatively narrow limits).