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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1649

Chapter 1649 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Madhusudanan, K. N.; Nandakumar, S., 1985: Ontogeny of the pineapple shoot apex

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648001

Bayliss Smith, T., 1987: Ontong Java atoll: population, economy and society, 1970-1986

Andre, J.; Achten, G., 1987: Onychomycosis

Roberts, D. T.; Tuyp, E., 1985: Onychomycosis

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648006

Kehuan, L.; Boland, M. P., 1986: Oocyte age and in vitro fertilization in pigs

Gulyas, B. J., 1986: Oocyte fusion

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648009

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648010

Christides J.P., 1988: Oocyte size and intrafollicular position in polyovular follicles in rabbits

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Dugosz, M., 1986: Oogenesis and the annual cycle of gonad development in selected species of fishes from different thermal conditions

Kihara, S., 1987: Oogenesis, spermatogenesis, fertilization and microfilarial production in canine heartworms

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Schober, B.; Rullich, G., 1986: Oospore formation by Phytophthora infestans (Mont.) de Bary

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Ansani, C. V.; Matsuoka, K., 1987: Oospore production by Phytophthora capsici in liquid medium

Kumarasinghe, NC.; Edirisinghe, JP., 1987: Oothecal parasites of Periplaneta americana: parasitization and development in relation to host age

Sase, T., 1986: Opal phytolith analysis of volcanic ash soils from recent Towada ashes

Reimer, L. W., 1987: Opecoelidae (Trematoda) in marine fishes of Mozambique

Stevens, T., 1988: Open air museums. Taking the lid off interpretation

Ilbery, B.; Cooke, R.; Glyptis, S.; Eaves, M.; Sidaway, R.; Shields, A., 1988: Open all hours. How the countryside is becoming a leisure centre

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648035

Chapman, D. C., 1986: Open channel flood control

Lane, A.; Morris, D.; Thompson, S. D., 1988: Open learning down on the farm

Groome, J. St J., 1988: Open learning in UK agricultural education and training and its relevance to the Asia Pacific region

Levesque, B.; Ford, R.; Wright, J. R., 1987: Open space

Kumar, N., 1986: Open space and free time: pleasure for the people of Banares

Brooks, H. L., 1987: Open space preservation in the 31-county New York urban region from 1960 to the 21st century - a midpoint review

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648043

Root, J., 1986: Open the box

Schmidt Morand, D.; Fontaine, D., 1986: Open tibio-tarsal fracture-dislocations in dogs and cats: repair with an external fixation device

Jones, R. B., 1987: Open-field behaviour in domestic chicks (Gallus domesticus): the influence of the experimenter

Bunger, U.; Kaphengst, P.; Steinhardt, M., 1988: Open-field responses of individually housed calves in relation to degree of iron deficiency

Jakob, P., 1988: Open-front, deep-litter pig fattening units

Jakob, P., 1987: Open-fronted stalls for fattening pigs

Kawamura, N.; Namikawa, K.; Ura, M.; Nagai, T., 1984: Open/close control of side vents in greenhouse by oil hydraulic pressure converted from wind energy

Verhenne, E., 1986: Opening of a cheese museum at Wijnendaele

Schodel, S., 1987: Opening up productivity reserves in field vegetable production

Amyot E., 1987: Operant control of the thermal environment and learning time of young chicks and piglets

Amyot E., 1987: Operant heat demand of piglets housed on four different floors

Brandsma C., 1987: Operant supplementary heating in groups of growing pigs in relation to air velocity

Frank, N. W.; Miller, G. A.; Reed, D. A., 1987: Operating and testing a combined SO2 and NOx removal facility

Kogan, N. P.; Ibatulin, M. T.; Shved, A. I.; Mel' nikov, I. A., 1988: Operating characteristics of a skidding tractor with mechanical and hydraulic power transmission

Baldock, F. C., 1987: Operating characteristics of diagnostic tests, interpretation of results and criteria for selecting a test

Ribaudo, F., 1987: Operating cost of farm machines

Young, G., 1988: Operating costs of pasteurising milk

Knudsen, A.; Braun, H., 1986: Operating economy of membrane filtration plants

Mattos, G. W. P. de, 1986: Operating experience of an activated sludge effluent disposal system

Kawamura, N.; Namikawa, K.; Fujiura, T.; Shigeta, K., 1984: Operating performance of draft and position control system

Chancellor, W. J.; Johnston, W. E., 1986: Operating with energy shortages

Ghosh, T. K., 1986: Operation Barga and land reforms - an Indian experiment

Hall, C., 1987: Operation Cat Drop

Jain, H. P., 1987: Operation Flood a step towards White Revolution in India

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Shekhawat, P. S., 1986: Operation Flood in Rajasthan: replication and institutional issues in a regional context

Anonymous, 1986: Operation Flood. The intelligent use of food aid

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Dorsten, F. van, 1986: Operation Flood: the EEC connection

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Stern, P. H., 1988: Operation and maintenance of small irrigation schemes

Robbins, M. H.; Ehalt, C. G., 1985: Operation and maintenance of the UOSA water reclamation plant

Visch, J., 1988: Operation and management of the Waiboerhoeve farm

Kara, J.; Adamovsky, R., 1986: Operation characteristics of air-filled solar collectors

Goyal, A.; Rehmat, A.; Sandstrom, W. A., 1986: Operation of a high-pressure ash-agglomerating coal gasifier

Floyd, J. R. S.; Hawkes, F. R., 1986: Operation of a laboratory-scale tubular digester on piggery waste

Albrecht, J.; Kehr, K.; Franz, J., 1987: Operation of a large-scale pilot plant for the generation and utilization of biogas from pig slurry

Carroll T.A., 1986: Operation of air drive rotating biological contactors

Ferret, R.; Lalande, M.; Leuliet, J. C.; Cerf, O.; Stoutz, P. de, 1987: Operation of an instrument adapted to regulation of sterilizing efficiency of an electric UHT sterilizer

Replogle, J. A., 1986: Operation of hydraulically controlled automatic gates

Fehlauer, M.; Albert, M.; Saal, M.; Lickert, I., 1988: Operation of mixers for making crumbly, moist feed mixes in pig production

Crim, M. C.; Buggs, E. D., 1985: Operation of the TVA Ammonia from Coal Project plant

Araujo, E. H. de; Melo, G. S.; Oliveiro Junior, I. de, 1986: Operation of the anaerobic digestor on bench scale for the production of methane gas from cheese whey

Morel, F., 1984: Operation serum at the Saint Hubert dairy factory

Zall, R. R., 1984: Operational and maintenance problems in dairy effluent treatment plants

Olson, J. F., 1987: Operational considerations: private and public sector activity and recreation programs

Duranton, J. F., 1986: Operational ecology and weed science in hot regions

Ohri, I. J.; Maheshwari, A. K., 1987: Operational experience of naphtha reforming at IFFCO, Phulpur

Schmutzler, W., 1985: Operational experience with spindle moulders

Yau, C. H., 1985: Operational experiences at Shek Wu Hui pilot sewage treatment plant

Prion, I., 1987: Operational feasibility analysis of public services in developing countries

Desai, G. R.; Reddy, M. R., 1988: Operational impact of agricultural extension management under T & V system (the case of Karnataka)

Philipson, W. R.; Teng, W. L., 1988: Operational interpretation of AVHRR vegetation indices for world crop information

Navon, D.; Weintraub, A., 1986: Operational model of supply for wildland enterprises

Pestalozzi, M., 1987: Operational monitoring of roughage production

Mehta, K. K.; Mondal, R. C., 1988: Operational research on reclamation of alkali soils

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McGechan, M. B., 1988: Operational research studies of forage conservation systems

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Yang, P. Y.; Moengangongo, T. H., 1987: Operational stability of a horizontally baffled-anaerobic reactor for diluted swine wastewater in the tropics

Anonymous, 1978: Operational standards for interpretation and extension

Anonymous, 1986: Operational teacher training objectives and raising achievement levels. A monograph

Goddard J., 1987: Operational testing of electrocutor traps for fly control in dining facilities

Anonymous, 1986: Operationalizing local-level planning. Country studies from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand

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Reis, R. P.; Vieira, G., 1986: Operations research in farm management

Doe, P. E.; Schaefner, R. D.; Ralph, K., 1986: Operations research solution to timber drying kiln loading schedules

Brezgunov, V. N.; Shvets, N. V.; Alekseev, A. N.; Svetogorov, D. E.; Shchepkina, A. N.; Karabanova, L. N., 1986: Operative estimation of the quality of entomopathogenic preparations of cultures of Bacillus thuringiensis by means of an electrooptic method

Rahnefeld G.W., 1988: Operator and machine effects on ultrasonic measurements of beef cows

Duncan, J. R., 1987: Operator behavior: responses to interruptions of a machine function

Steinmetz J.R., 1987: Operator exposure from closed system loading and application of alachlor herbicide

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Huss, H.; Mayrhofer, H.; Wetschnig, W., 1987: Ophiocladium hordei Cav. (fungi imperfecti), a parasitic fungus of barley new to Austria

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Hered, R. W.; Spaulding, A. G.; Sanitato, J. J.; Wander, A. H., 1988: Ophthalmia nodosa caused by tarantula hairs

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Anonymous, 1985: Ophthalmological manifestations of parasites

Anonymous, 1988: Ophthalmology

Noble R.G., 1986: Opiate antagonists and copulatory behavior of male hamsters

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648138

Liebmann, C.; Szucs, M.; Neubert, K.; Hartrodt, B.; Arold, H.; Barth, A., 1987: Opiate receptor binding affinities of some D-amino acid substituted beta -casomorphin analogs

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648141

Bembridge, T. J., 1986: Opinion leadership in Transkei

Wateren, J. J. van der, 1987: Opinion leadership in agricultural development

Sinha, H. S. P.; Khanan, J. P.; Prasad, N., 1988: Opinion leadership system: polymorphic and homophily in Nepal villages

Gergely, R., 1988: Opinions on the tourist profession in Hungary

Meulenberg, M. T. G.; Ouden, I. den; Janissen, J. E. H. M., 1988: Opinions, attitudes and purchasing intentions of consumers with regard to milk produced using bovine somatotropin (BST)

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648149

Kavaliers, M.; Guglick, MA.; Hirst, M., 1987: Opioid involvement in the control of feeding in an insect, the American cockroach

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Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648156

Atkinson, R. L., 1987: Opioid regulation of food intake and body weight in humans

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Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648160

Levine, A. S.; Atkinson, R. L., 1987: Opioids in the regulation of food intake and energy expenditure

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Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648163

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Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648169

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Heede, B. H., 1987: Opportunities and limits of erosion control in stream and gully systems

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Anonymous, 1985: Opportunities are lost in presentation

Greathead, D. J., 1986: Opportunities for biological control of insect pests in tropical Africa

Wilson, J. T.; Ward, C. H., 1985: Opportunities for bioreclamation of aquifers contaminated with petroleum hydrocarbons

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McClelland, T. H., 1986: Opportunities for improving hill and upland sheep enterprises

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Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648198

Elliott, M. C.; Hosford, D. J.; Smith, J. I.; Lawrence, D. K., 1986: Opportunities for regulation of sugar beet storage root growth

Nene, Y. L., 1986: Opportunities for research on diseases of pulse crops

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Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648241

Garcia Melus, M. C.; Gonzalez, S., 1984: Optimal conditions for the determination of asparaginase activity in soil

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Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648281

Beus, M. W.; Busch, J. R.; Brockway, C. E., 1986: Optimal operating rules for parallel pumping plants

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648283

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648284

Wiesenborn, W. D.; Trumble, J. T., 1988: Optimal oviposition by the corn earworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on whorl-stage sweet corn

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Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648288

Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648289

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Section 2, Chapter 1649, Accession 001648310

Musgrave, D. R.; Fletcher, L. R., 1986: Optimisation and characterisation of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of the Acremonium loliae endophyte in Lolium perenne

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