Percentage of panicle-bearing tillers, effective tillering stage and the yield of rice

Zhang, M.B.; Luo, M.Q.; Wu, Q.Y.; Xie, Y.Z.; Feng, S.H.

Guangdong Agricultural Science 6: 1-4


Accession: 001652200

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In field investigations in 1981-86 in Guangdong on tillering, panicle formation and the role of various kinds of panicles in the yield components of rice, a high positive correlation was shown between the percentage of panicle-bearing tillers and rice yield. A 1% increase of panicle-bearing tillers resulted in grain yield increases of 4.24 kg [/mu] for the 1st crop rice and 4.8 kg for the 2nd crop. The effective tillering stage for rice with intermediate maturity averaged 25.77 +or- 3.44 days for the 1st crop and 22.86 +or- 4.88 days for the 2nd crop. [1 mu = 0.067 ha].