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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1654

Chapter 1654 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Arshad, J. H.; Salehuddin, A. M., 1988: Persistence of 14C-malathion residues in stored milled rice

Chatrath, M. S.; Raju, T. N., 1986: Persistence of 35S labelled thiram in soil

Beckwith, R. C.; Stelzer, M. J., 1987: Persistence of Bacillus thuringiensis in two formulations applied by helicopter against the western spruce budworm (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) in north central Oregon

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653004

Blus, LJ.; Henny, CJ.; Stafford, CJ.; Grove, RA., 1987: Persistence of DDT and metabolites in wildlife from Washington State orchards

Johnson, A.; Norton, D.; Yake, B., 1988: Persistence of DDT in the Yakima River drainage, Washington

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653007

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653008

Menkveld, J. W.; Dekker, J. H., 1988: Persistence of EPTC+ and butylate+ acclimatised soils

Twiddy, N.; Hopper, D. W.; Wray, C.; McLaren, I., 1988: Persistence of S. typhimurium in calf rearing premises

Motazedian, I.; Sharrow, S. H., 1987: Persistence of a Lolium perenne-Trifolium subterraneum pasture under differing defoliation treatments

Leela D., 1987: Persistence of alachlor and butachlor in different soils in pot culture

Dadheechi, L. N.; Gupta, H. C. L., 1986: Persistence of aldicarb residues in clay loam soil and its uptake in mustard crop

Gupta, A.; Vikram Singh, 1987: Persistence of aldicarb residues in groundnut grown in sandy loam soil

Agnihotri N.P., 1986: Persistence of aldicarb residues in soil as influenced by the cropping season

Jefferson, P. G.; Lawrence, T., 1988: Persistence of alfalfa cultivars in southwestern Saskatchewan

Oliver, S. P.; Maki, J. L., 1987: Persistence of antibiotic residues in mammary secretions during the nonlactating period following intramammary infusion at drying off

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653024

Kruglikov, B. A.; Shtefan, M. K.; Tarasenko, T. Ya; Mel' nik, R. I., 1987: Persistence of aphthovirus in earthworms

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653026

French, E. R., 1986: Persistence of bacterial wilt of potato in different regions of Peru

Patil, S. G.; Deshpande, P. B., 1988: Persistence of carbendazim in selected soils

Chiranjeevi, V.; Chatrath, M. S., 1985: Persistence of carbendazim in soil

Mathuresh Singh; Amerika Singh; Singh, U. S., 1987: Persistence of carbendazim in wheat when applied as seed treatment

Meher, H. C.; Agnihotri, N. P.; Sethi, C. L., 1985: Persistence of carbofuran in soil and pea crop and its bioefficacy against soil nematodes

Bailey A.W., 1987: Persistence of changes in selected soil chemical and physical properties after pipeline installation in solonetzic native rangeland

Inglis, D. A.; Cook, R. J., 1986: Persistence of chlamydospores of Fusarium culmorum in wheat field soils of Eastern Washington

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653035

Logan, TM.; Kocan, KM.; Edwards, W.; Hair, JA.; Claypool, PL.; Ewing, SA., 1987: Persistence of colonies of Anaplasma marginale in overwintering Dermacentor variabilis

Price, T. P.; Forney, D. R., 1985: Persistence of cynmethylin activity in soil

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653038

Johnson D.L., 1987: Persistence of deltamethrin and its isomers on pasture forage and litter

Northover, J., 1988: Persistence of dicarboximide-resistant Botrytis cinerea in Ontario vineyards

Moustafa, O. K.; El Sayed, M. M.; El Deeb, W. M., 1982: Persistence of diflubenzuron on cotton plants and its role in the larval span and pupation

Yadav, G. S.; Kathpal, T. S.; Singh, G.; Gupta, S. P.; Lakra, R. K., 1986: Persistence of dimethoate and oxy-demeton methyl in jujube fruits and leaves

Warner, J. E.; Wiese, A. F.; Winter, S. R., 1985: Persistence of dinitroaniline herbicides and their effects on a soybean to sugarbeet rotation

Srivastava K.P., 1987: Persistence of flucythrinate on cotton plant and translocation of its residues into seed

Srivastava K.P., 1986: Persistence of fluvalinate on cotton plant and translocation of its residues into seed

Kapil, S.; Ahuja, K. L.; Prasad, S., 1986: Persistence of foot and mouth disease virus type Asia 1 in secretions of vaccinated and unvaccinated calves following experimental infection

Siddaramaiah, A. L.; Desai, S. A.; Hegde, R. K., 1987: Persistence of fungicides in groundnut foliage

Stehr Green, P. A.; Burse, V. W.; Wohlleb, J. C., 1988: Persistence of heptachlor in serum of people consuming contaminated dairy products

Zemanek, J., 1984: Persistence of herbicide residues in the soil and their phytotoxicity to cereals

Kavolyunaite, I. A.; Melamed, B. V., 1985: Persistence of herbicides

Sadowski, J., 1987: Persistence of herbicides in the soil

Kuc J., 1987: Persistence of induced systemic resistance to blue mold in tobacco plants derived via tissue culture

Verma, S., 1983: Persistence of insecticides on Bengal gram

Bryan W.B., 1987: Persistence of legumes in hill land pasture following sod seeding

Miliadis, G. E.; Siskos, P. A.; Vasilikiotis, G. S., 1987: Persistence of linuron in soil of Marathon area as determined by a HPLC method

Bolland, M. D. A.; Grimm, M., 1986: Persistence of lucerne on the Esperance sandplain, Western Australia

Knezevic, N.; Rogan, D.; Matovic, V.; Kozlina, B., 1987: Persistence of maternal antibodies in the yolk and serum of chicks from parents vaccinated and infected with infectious bursal disease virus

Shaw, D. R.; Peeper, T. F.; Westerman, R. L., 1985: Persistence of metribuzin and SMY 1500 in soil

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653066

Mishra, P. N.; Saxena, H. P., 1986: Persistence of monocrotophos in chickpea, Cicer arietinum Linn. Var. BG 209

Pejsak, Z.; Wojcik, J.; Pliszka, A., 1986: Persistence of parvovirus antibodies of maternal origin in swine reared under various conditions

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653070

Venkatramesh, M.; Agnihothrudu, V.; Mithyantha, M. S.; Tripathi, S. C., 1987: Persistence of phorate in different soils with and without amendments and its degradation by a Pseudomonas sp

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653072

Niccoli, A.; Pelagatti, O., 1986: Persistence of products based on Bacillus thuringiensis Berl. used in the control of some species of Lepidoptera

Pal, A. K.; Senapati, H. K.; Panda, N., 1987: Persistence of quinalphos in rice

Hawthorne V.M., 1988: Persistence of relative fatness at different body sites

Lin, M. Y.; Chung, Y. F.; Sung, H. T., 1986: Persistence of reovirus infection in chickens in Taiwan

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653077

Mcgilliard M.L., 1988: Persistence of residues in milk following antibiotic treatment of dairy cattle

Cabras, P.; Cabitza, F.; Meloni, M.; Pirisi, F. M., 1985: Persistence of residues of antiparasitic chemicals on tomatoes grown in the glasshouse

Rai, S.; Agnihotri, N. P.; Jain, H. K., 1986: Persistence of residues of synthetic pyrethroids on cauliflower and their residual toxicity against aphids

Takagi, M., 1986: Persistence of scales of Unaspis yanonensis Kuwana on citrus leaves after emergence of the parasitoid, Aphytis yanonensis DeBach et Rosen

Umemura, T.; Fujimoto, R.; Goryo, M.; Itakura, C., 1988: Persistence of secondary spongiosa in three calves

Bolland, M. D. A., 1987: Persistence of seed and a laboratory assessment of seed softening of five subterranean clover cultivars

Pitman, W. D.; Kretschmer, A. E, Jr; Chambliss, C. G.; Leiva, M., 1985: Persistence of selected tropical legumes in peninsular Florida (USA) and the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica

Agnihotri, N. P.; Jain, H. K.; Gajbhiye, V. T., 1986: Persistence of some synthetic pyrethroids in soil, water and sediment - Part 1

Walsh, J. B., 1987: Persistence of tandem arrays: implications for satellite and simple-sequence DNAs

Smith, A. E., 1986: Persistence of the herbicides chlorsulfuron and metsulfuron methyl in prairie soils under laboratory conditions

Evelyn, T. P. T.; Prosperi Porta, L.; Ketcheson, J. E., 1986: Persistence of the kidney-disease bacterium, Renibacterium salmoninarum, in coho salmon, Oncorhynchus kisutch (Walbaum), eggs treated during and after water-hardening with povidone-iodine

Dexter, A. G.; Reynolds, D. A., 1985: Persistence of thiocarbamate conditioning

El Sadr, W.; Sidhu, G., 1986: Persistence of trophozoites after successful treatment of Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia

Pitman, W. D.; Chambliss, C. G.; Kretschmer, A. E, Jr, 1988: Persistence of tropical legumes on peninsular Florida flatwoods (Spodosols) at two stocking rates

Dutta, D. N.; Barooah, A. K.; Deka, K. C., 1986: Persistence of two carbamate insecticides in/on vegetables

Ishchenko, G. D., 1987: Persistence of vaccine strains of Pasteurella multocida in ducks

Awasthi, M. D., 1986: Persistence pattern and safely evaluation of synthetic pyrethroids on grapes

Dikshit A.K., 1986: Persistence pattern and waiting periods for some insecticides on pea crop

Prasad N.N., 1985: Persistence pattern of disyston in soil and rice plants

Smith, A. E., 1987: Persistence studies with the herbicide fluazifop-butyl in Saskatchewan soils under laboratory and field conditions

Lee, C. H.; Oloffs, P. C.; Szeto, S. Y., 1985: Persistence, degradation, and movement of triclopyr and its ethylene glycol butyl ether ester in a forest soil

Hinz, E., 1985: Persistence, expansion and regression of food-borne parasitic infections

Merrell, B. G., 1987: Persistency and contribution to herbage yield of white clover varieties under sheep grazing

Otsuki, K.; Hosoyamada, F.; Kawano, M., 1987: Persistency and seasonal productivity of pastures established by the no-tillage method combining tropical grasses with temperate ones

Timms, L. L.; Muyengwa, Z.; Olaf, G., 1987: Persistency of barrier teat dips and other products on dry cows

Niggli, U.; Lehmann, J.; Dietl, W., 1986: Persistency of various grass-Trifolium repens mixtures in the foothills of the Swiss Alps

Rao, V. S., 1987: Persistent Ranikhet disease in a commercial broiler farm-a report

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653114

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653115

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653116

Leuenberger, C.; Giger, W.; Coney, R.; Graydon, J. W.; Molnar Kubica, E., 1985: Persistent chemicals in pulp mill effluents. Occurrence and behaviour in an activated sludge treatment plant

Coleman, P. S.; Gitter, H. T.; Talano, J. V., 1986: Persistent fever in an immunocompromised host

Torssander, J.; Wasserman, J.; Morfeldt Mansson, L.; Petrini, B.; Stedingk, L. V. von, 1985: Persistent generalized lymphadenopathy: immunological and mycological investigations

Adekile, A. D.; Adeodu, O. O.; Jeje, A. A.; Odesanmi, W. O., 1988: Persistent gross splenomegaly in Nigerian patients with sickle cell anaemia: relationship to malaria

Jarrett, W. F. H.; O' Neil, B. W.; Lindholm, I., 1987: Persistent hepatitis and chronic fibrosis induced by canine acidophil cell hepatitis virus

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653125

Lin L.P., 1987: Persistent infection of pseudorabies virus influenced the efficacy of hog cholera immunization

Schunemann, B., 1986: Persistent infectious bursal disease virus infection in the chick embryo

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653130

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653131

Cook, B. G.; Jones, R. M., 1987: Persistent new legumes for intensive grazing. I. Shaw creeping vigna

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653134

Beckett, F. W.; MacDiarmid, S. C., 1987: Persistent serological titres following reduced dose Brucella abortus strain 19 vaccination

Sorensen B.H., 1988: Persistent symptoms after intake of hallucinogenic mushrooms

Hughes, W. T., 1987: Persistent thrush in young infants

Wilwam, S.; Sundararajan, R., 1986: Persistent toxicity of certain insecticides to Spodoptera litura (Fab.) in relation to residues

Sharma, S. P.; Saini, M. L.; Goel, S. C., 1986: Persistent toxicity of synthetic pyrethroids to neonate larvae of gram pod borer, Heliothis armigera Hubner (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Salam, M. A.; Mathew, T. B.; Sasidhar, V. K.; Das, N. M., 1986: Persistent toxicity of three modified formulations of carbofuran to brown planthopper BPH in India

Oehmke, J. F., 1986: Persistent underinvestment in public agricultural research

Donaldson, A. I., 1987: Persistent viral infections

Greene, H. L.; Phillips, B. L.; Franck, L.; Fillmore, C. M.; Said, H. M.; Murrell, J. E.; Moore, M. E. C. M.; Briggs, R., 1987: Persistently low blood retinol levels during and after parenteral feeding of very low birth weight infants: examination of losses into intravenous administration sets and a method of prevention by addition to a lipid emulsion

Anonymous, 1987: Persisting Mycobacterium leprae among THELEP trial patients in Bamako and Chingleput

Kalocsay, F., 1987: Personal and business incentives on large scale farms

Ingle, P. O.; Dharmadhikari, N., 1987: Personal and socio-economic status of agricultural women labour

Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653152

Ayers, P. D.; Varma, K. V., 1987: Personal computer aided design (PCAD) of electro-hydraulic control systems

Botterill, T. D.; Crompton, J. L., 1987: Personal constructions of holiday snapshots

Pellizzer, G. P.; Manfrin, V.; Vaglia, A.; Ielasi, G., 1986: Personal observations on imported malaria

Sevart, J. B., 1987: Personal protective devices on agricultural equipment

Pitts, R. E.; Woodside, A. G., 1986: Personal values and travel decisions

Seddon, D., 1988: Personal view

Howard, J. H.; Cummingham, D. A.; Rechnitzer, P. A., 1987: Personality and fitness decline in middle-aged men

Schubert, J.; Vanfraechem Raway, R., 1986: Personality characteristics of tennis players

Anonymous, 1985: Personnel and on-going projects in ministries of agriculture in the Caribbean

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Kelliher, C.; Johnson, K., 1987: Personnel management in hotels - some empirical observations

Taneja, V. K.; Bhat, P. N., 1987: Perspective 1990 - technological break-throughs in the field of breeding and milk production

Vermeulen, G. D.; Arts, W. B. M.; Klooster, J. J., 1988: Perspective of reducing soil compaction by using a low ground pressure farming system; selection of wheel equipment

Mittal, S. P., 1986: Perspective of the new peasant movement in India

Shafi, M., 1985: Perspective on agricultural development in tribal areas with special reference to Chhotanagpur plateau

Elias, A.; Mogyoros, L., 1987: Perspective on sheepmeat marketing and production

Rocha, G. L., 1986: Perspectives and problems of fertilizer application to pastures in Brazil

Idema, E. D., 1986: Perspectives for parsnips

Sahrawat, K. L.; Keeney, D. R., 1985: Perspectives for research on development of nitrification inhibitors

Dorji, D. C.; Stutley, P.; Tshering, U.; Chavda, R., 1986: Perspectives for rural development

Veer, J. de, 1987: Perspectives for the CAP

Agrawal, G. R., 1984: Perspectives for the development of Nepalese Himalayan resources

Malausa, J. C.; Drescher, J.; Franco, E., 1987: Perspectives for the use of a predaceous bug Macrolophus caliginosus Wagner (Heteroptera, Miridae) on glasshouse crops

Anyanwu, C. N., 1985: Perspectives in Nigerian community education

Shafi, M., 1986: Perspectives in agricultural geography with special reference to India

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Anonymous, 1987: Perspectives in mycological research (Volume-I)

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Cerny, K.; Beran, V., 1988: Perspectives of design and construction of dairies - II

Seckar, P.; Polak, M., 1986: Perspectives of nitridation of working parts in farm machines

Borghi, B.; Perenzin, M., 1986: Perspectives of producing and growing F1 bread wheat hybrids

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Jefferies, R. L.; Pitman, M. G., 1986: Perspectives of the biology of halophytes in natural habitats in relation to forage production

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Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653214

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Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653226

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Section 2, Chapter 1654, Accession 001653256

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