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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1659

Chapter 1659 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658046

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658085

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658108

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658117

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658137

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658141

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658146

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658157

Louisakis, A. D., 1987: Pore size contribution to the drying process of soil with low moisture content

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658180

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658182

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658183

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658194

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658237

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658240

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658294

Atanasov, N. D., 1987: Possibilities for protection of biocomponents and their reproduction in biocenosis of the glasshouses by integrated control

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Meyer, K.; Foroughi Wehr, B., 1987: Possibilities for the simplification of potato meristem culture

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658311

Binder, S., 1986: Possibilities for using a computer as a management tool in dairy herds

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Chemineau, P., 1987: Possibilities for using bucks to stimulate ovarian and oestrus cycles in anovulatory goats - a review

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Kravtsova, T. A., 1985: Possibilities for using immunochemical analysis in the study of breeding material of stone fruits

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Krumpen, D., 1985: Possibilities for visual differentiation of multiclonal varieties using the example of the Populus tremula clone 'Ahle'

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Stojar, B., 1988: Possibilities of adjusting the remuneration system during the restructuring of the economic mechanism

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Barnoczki Stoilova, E., 1986: Possibilities of controlling Fusarium infection on onions

Schmutz, M., 1986: Possibilities of controlling damage to fat

Kononov, N. S., 1987: Possibilities of converting farms to a self purchasing and self financing system

Skrodzki, M.; Brzozowski, J., 1987: Possibilities of cultivating winter wheat after field beans on heavy and very heavy soil in northeast Poland

Maaswinkel, R. H. M., 1987: Possibilities of curled endive are limited to the spring for the time being

Grinenko, L. A., 1987: Possibilities of determining nitrogen in plants from their colour

Harmat, L.; Szabo, T., 1986: Possibilities of developing apple production in Szabolcs-Szatmar

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1987: Possibilities of direct covering (DC) and soil covering for July celeriac

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Albrecht, P., 1986: Possibilities of effective utilization of whey

Muhrel, K.; Gleu, A., 1986: Possibilities of efficient use of renewable energy sources by means of heating accumulators in the greenhouse

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Lundeheim, N., 1987: Possibilities of improving the health of pigs by means of breeding. 2

Thafvelin, B., 1987: Possibilities of improving the health of pigs by means of breeding. 3

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658362

Kochish, I. I., 1986: Possibilities of increasing egg production

Paltik, J.; Kecskemetiova, K.; Paulen, J., 1987: Possibilities of increasing sugar beet seed quality by sorting and calibration

Torok, J., 1986: Possibilities of increasing the profitability of crop production in a selected cooperative district

Vybihal, V., 1988: Possibilities of increasing the profitability of wheat production through the choice of optimal growing technologies

Polak, M.; Jas, F., 1986: Possibilities of increasing the service life of mouldboards in practice

Boyadzhieva, D., 1987: Possibilities of increasing the yield of wheat by optimizing the wheat plant ear

Maertens, L.; Okerman, F., 1987: Possibilities of intensive reproduction cycles in rabbit farming

Gowda, M. K. M.; Krishnamurthy, K.; Venkateshaiah, B. V., 1985: Possibilities of intercropping of grasses in coconut plantations of Karnataka

Muller, A.; Wacker, H., 1985: Possibilities of local artificial groundwater recharge by means of pre-treated wastewater in the area of the Wolfsburg Wastewater Authority

Grunow, J.; Blank, W., 1987: Possibilities of maintaining the health of our fruit trees

Cesarz, W., 1987: Possibilities of making still better use of the Councils for Agriculture and the Food Industry

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Sloboda, B., 1984: Possibilities of mathematically predicting timber production in commercial forests

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Alexandru, F.; Opris, I.; Ionescu, V., 1986: Possibilities of optimizing fodder crop structures for sheep

Krumov P., 1986: Possibilities of periodic feeding of broilers reared on litter

Bihari, F.; Nagy, M., 1987: Possibilities of plant growth regulation on maize

Jager, E. J., 1988: Possibilities of predicting synanthropic expansion of plants

Bychkov, P. A.; Logvinenko, A. V., 1988: Possibilities of predicting the size of newborn infants by ultrasonic biometry in the third trimester of pregnancy

Urban, L., 1986: Possibilities of prediction in combinations of low-growing lines with preferred fruit forms of vegetable pepper

Dimeny, J., 1985: Possibilities of qualitative improvement in green bean cultivation

Karwath, H., 1986: Possibilities of quantifying economic effects when selecting cattle for stress tolerance

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Vanorle, L., 1986: Possibilities of reducing plant protection costs in large scale cultivation

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Neyroud, J. A., 1987: Possibilities of reducing the nitrate content of greenhouse lettuce by some cultural techniques

Kvasnovsky, T., 1987: Possibilities of reducing the specific pressure exerted on the ground by a pickup trailer

Horvath, S., 1986: Possibilities of reducing tuber damage

Velea, C.; Bud, I.; Muresan, G.; David, V.; Vomir, M., 1987: Possibilities of replacing whole milk in the diet of buffalo calves

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Krespi, L.; Rabasse, J. M.; Ibrahim, A. A., 1987: Possibilities of summer and winter survival of Aphidius uzbekistanicus Luz

Osipova, G. M., 1985: Possibilities of the polyploidy method in breeding Bromus inermis

Herman, M., 1986: Possibilities of the use of cereals in crop rotation and the risks of foot rots

Hasselt, P. R. van, 1986: Possibilities of using chlorophyll fluorescence as a rapid non-destructive screening method for cold tolerance

Tack, D.; Franz, W.; Bottcher, I., 1987: Possibilities of using computerized decision making aids in planning pig production on a territorial basis

Nagy, S., 1986: Possibilities of using cooling water from power stations in floor heating

Alexandrakis, V. Z., 1986: Possibilities of using entomophagous insects in the control of pests of olive

Krausslich, H., 1988: Possibilities of using gene transfer in livestock

Kriz, J., 1988: Possibilities of using herbicides and desiccants during hop vegetation

Petransky, I.; Soka, I.; Orgonik, P., 1987: Possibilities of using hydrostatic gearboxes of Czechoslovak manufacture in tractors

Zadina, J., 1987: Possibilities of using meiotic polyploidization for incorporating dihaploids in potato breeding

Rituma, I., 1985: Possibilities of using microbiological preparations for the control of the winter geometrid

Gorlach, A.; Hahn, R.; Schuh, W., 1985: Possibilities of using micromanipulation of cattle embryos under field conditions

Hertelendy, L.; Pinter, A., 1985: Possibilities of using microwave control techniques against granary pests

Perlin, C., 1986: Possibilities of using milk protein concentrates

Nikolov, S.; Panaiotov, P., 1985: Possibilities of using modified wood in building on livestock farms

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Burenin, V. I., 1986: Possibilities of using wild species to produce new source material of sugarbeet with a high sugar content

Kotvas, F., 1988: Possibilities of utilization of copper premix in cereal nutrition

Siler, F.; Bartos, L.; Fiedler, J.; Plesnik, J., 1987: Possibilities of utilization of endangered cattle breeds in production of milk, beef and veal, in conservation of the natural environment or in other non-economic spheres

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658426

Frydrych, J., 1986: Possibilities of vernalizing Brassica plants in the unheated greenhouse

Unger, P. W., 1987: Possibilities of zero tillage for small-scale farmers in the tropics

Tiberi, R.; Panconesi, A., 1985: Possibilities offered by the injection method for the control of Corythucha ciliata (Say) and Gnomonia platani (Kleb.) (preliminary note)

Meeteren, U. van; Berghoef, J.; Slootweg, G.; Zevenbergen, A. P., 1986: Possibilities to force miniature Gladiolus year round?

Singh, B. N.; Sahu, S. P.; Pandey, S. S.; Chauhan, J. S., 1987: Possibility of a ratoon crop from photoperiod-insensitive summer rices in calcareous sodic soils of north Bihar, India

Frometa M, E., 1986: Possibility of accelerating the process of selection for quality improvement in early oranges

Chen, B. B.; Fang, M.; Hu, R. Q.; Chen, M. D., 1987: Possibility of alkalization of saline soils along the sea coast of Jiangsu Province. I. Possibility of alkalinization during natural desalinization

Meszaros, S., 1987: Possibility of an export oriented price policy as a tool of supply management

Polanski, A.; Zboinski, G., 1987: Possibility of application of the plastic flow theory for solution of spatial problems of kinetics of granular media as exemplified by a screw conveyor

Hussain, R. W.; Cheema, M. A., 1987: Possibility of application of thinning grades in terms of basal area in Euc. camaldulensis plantations

V"lchev, N., 1987: Possibility of banded herbicide application to medium-early tomatoes

Belev, N.; Mateva, V.; Milanov, M. L.; Arnaudov, Kh; Ignatov, G.; Angelov, A., 1986: Possibility of bovine leukosis being transmitted by semen from bulls of certain breeds

Nagy, F.; Foldesi, D.; Csorba, K., 1984: Possibility of chemical weed control for Digitalis lanata

Raynal, G.; Picard, J., 1985: Possibility of control of Urophlyctis alfalfae, the crown-wart agent of alfalfa, by the use of cultivars tolerant to soil wetness

Maity, S. K., 1986: Possibility of cultivation of barley on coastal saline soils of West Bengal after the harvest of kharif paddy

Pindel, Z.; Piskornik, M., 1987: Possibility of decorating the car body sheet rolling mill of the Lenin metallurgic works with selected species of potted plants. Part. I

Anifantakis, E. M.; Mathioudakis, I. G.; Giannacopoulou, K. V., 1988: Possibility of detecting antibiotics in ewe's milk and goat's milk by Delvotest, TTC-test and Intertest

Pandey, S. C.; Naik, G., 1986: Possibility of developing tropical cabbage

Bekei, A., 1987: Possibility of diagnosing subclinical mastitis by measuring the electric conductivity of colostrum

Litvinenko, N. A.; Kozlov, V. V., 1986: Possibility of different combinations of sensitivity to day length and vernalization requirement in a winter bread wheat genotype

Khalil, M. H.; Afifi, E. A.; Emara, M. E., 1987: Possibility of early direct and indirect selection for doe litter performance of Bauscat and Giza White rabbits

Kalmykov, A. N., 1985: Possibility of early estimation of milk yield of cows

Rotino, G. L.; Falavigna, A.; Fiume, F.; Nervo, G.; Restaino, F., 1987: Possibility of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) improvement through in vitro techniques

Kita, J.; Kowalski, B.; Bienkowski, J., 1987: Possibility of eradicating bovine leukosis by use of the gel precipitation test and isolation of infected animals

Lederer, J. A., 1987: Possibility of evaluating young bulls on the basis of the performance of their ancestors

Kobayashi, H.; Kamiya, N.; Ichikawa, H., 1986: Possibility of excretion of sodium o-phenylphenate (OPP-Na) into rat milk after oral administration. II

Belichenko, T. I., 1986: Possibility of feeding on wet maize grains preserved with ammonium carbonate salts

Brzostowicz, A.; Barcikowska, B., 1987: Possibility of frost resistance testing of Brassica napus with the help of delayed luminescence intensity

Emeklier, H. Y.; Kun, E., 1988: Possibility of growing grain and silage maize as irrigated second crops and determination of their feeding value in Central Anatolia

Stencl, J.; Skyrik, J., 1986: Possibility of improved utilisation of condensation heat in milk cooling units

Kotova, K. A., 1988: Possibility of including the new potato varieties Vesna, Nevskii and Prigozhii 2 in hybridization and their breeding value

Fustos, Z., 1986: Possibility of increasing earliness in onion by developing F1 hybrids

Grozhevskii, S. B.; Valitova, E. V., 1985: Possibility of increasing non-specific immunity and productivity in cows by using iodine, cobalt and copper

Hraska, S.; Zeleke, H., 1988: Possibility of increasing the crude protein content of the grain in maize by genetic methods

Prasad, D.; Premchand ; Srivastava, G. P.; Pashupalak, S. N., 1985: Possibility of integrated control of podborer Heliothis armigera (Hubner) in pigeon pea

Strotmann, K.; Petersen, B., 1987: Possibility of integrating urinary oestrogen measurement as a pregnancy test for sows in a herd monitoring programme

Simunovic, M., 1987: Possibility of isoprotein substitution of forage peas for soyabean meal in diets of fattening chickens

Gaberscik, A.; Martincic, A.; Kajfez Bogataj, L.; Kreft, I., 1986: Possibility of laboratory determination of resistance of buckwheat plants to freezing

Pasqualini, E.; Malavolta, C., 1985: Possibility of natural limitation of Panonychus ulmi (Koch) (Acarina, Tetranychidae) on apple in Emilia-Romagna

Filippova, T. V., 1985: Possibility of prolonged storage of maize pollen at a temperature of -196 degrees C

Kita, J.; Anusz, K.; Kowalski, B.; Bienkowski, J., 1988: Possibility of rapidly eradicating bovine leukosis from a herd by use of the agar gel immunodiffusion test and the ELISA

Rios Vasques M.I., 1986: Possibility of reducing the luteolytic dose of cloprostenol in cyclic dairy cows

Fic, J., 1985: Possibility of repeated utilization of exhaust gases of the drying agent in the agricultural drier of the SB-1.5 type

Suljoti, L., 1986: Possibility of replacing fish meal with partially decorticated soyabean and sunflower seed cake in the diet of laying hens kept in batteries

Oldenbroek, J. K.; Laurijsen, H. A. J.; Meijering, A.; Rooy, J. de, 1986: Possibility of selecting Black Pied cattle for veal production characters

Oldenbroek, J. K.; Dijkstra, J.; Korver, S.; Laurijsen, H. A. J.; Meijering, A.; Rooy, J. de, 1986: Possibility of selection for veal production characters in red pied cattle (dual-purpose test)

Kostina, M. N.; Odinets, A. A.; Artyukhina, I. N.; Mel' nikova, N. G.; Boreiko, T. A., 1987: Possibility of the combined use of the chemosterilant dimatif and the development inhibitor Dimilin for the control of flies in animal housing

Gabaldon, A., 1985: Possibility of the eradication of schistosomiasis in Venezuela

Anonymous, 1986: Possibility of using Capsolane by pre-sowing incorporation

Vranesic, N., 1987: Possibility of using L-sorbose liquor in the nutrition of broilers

Tajima, K.; Ezura, Y.; Kimura, T., 1987: Possibility of using a thermolabile antigen to detect Vibrio anguillarum

Vaitkus, V.; Val' dma, L.; Kallas, P.; Matieshka, S.; Pirso, Yu, 1982: Possibility of using centrifugal atomizers for fat dispersion

Vodickova, M., 1987: Possibility of using enzymically hydrolysed starches as stabilizers in ice cream manufacture

Doucet, I.; Doucet, M., 1987: Possibility of using haploids in breeding flax

Korukcu, A.; Evsahibioglu, A. N., 1987: Possibility of using leaf area index values to estimate evapotranspiration rates for sugarbeet

Lutsishina, E. G.; Bebyakin, V. M., 1986: Possibility of using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in selecting high-quality wheat caryopses in the breeding process

Sechnyak, L. K.; Bondar' , G. P.; Sulima, Yu G., 1986: Possibility of using segregation for marker characters in barley breeding

Shang, Y. N.; Li, Q. D.; Hu, B. M., 1986: Possibility of using the long-staple cotton line 1120 as high-yielding germplasm

Jackson L.C., 1988: Possible adaptation to serum thiocyanate overload associated with chronic sublethal dietary cyanide ingestion

Fleming, A. F., 1988: Possible aetiological factors in leukaemias in Africa

Benoit, F.; Ceustermans, N., 1986: Possible aids to the optimalization of NFT-tomatoes

Mululuma, A. C. T., 1986: Possible alternate sites for Baikiaea plurijuga regeneration

Kolbl, S.; Schuller, W., 1987: Possible alternatives for the routine diagnosis of feline leukosis virus. Preliminary results in the examination of lacrimal secretions by ELISA

Sokhi, S. S.; Jhooty, J. S., 1986: Possible annual recurrence of groundnut rust in Punjab

Sparacino, A. C.; Ferro, R.; Mannino, M. R.; Marro, M.; Baiocchi, A., 1986: Possible answers to the good management of vineyard soils

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658493

Shephard R.J., 1988: Possible anthropometric alternatives to skinfold measurements

Dovzhenko, L. I.; Melkonova, Y. F. (Melkonova, E. F); Kuzmina, A. V. (Kuz`mina, A. V), 1986: Possible application of cytogenetic analysis in the selection of tetraploid buckwheat

Schwabe, W. W., 1986: Possible application of growth regulators in tomato production

Wolf, R., 1983: Possible applications of Roundup in the tending of young forest stands

Loszner, G., 1987: Possible applications of growth regulators in storing tropical and subtropical plant products - literature review

Anon, 1985: Possible applications of rice and rice products

Gowers, S., 1986: Possible applications of self-incompatibility in the production of Brassica napus cultivars

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658501

Nys Y., 1987: Possible causes of subfertility in hens following insemination near the time of oviposition

Sybenga J., 1986: Possible causes of variation in trivalent orientation frequencies in pearl millet and rye

Takeuchi, K.; Sakai, T., 1986: Possible combination of three control measures for varroasis

Body, B. A.; Schwartzman, J. D.; Brown, H.; Groschel, D. H. M., 1987: Possible confusion of Aspergillus fumigatus and Pneumocystis carinii

Ebner, L., 1988: Possible developments in the technology of weed control

Ashetov, I. K.; Novik, T. S., 1986: Possible effect of the compound BK-168 on rat embryos during antenatal development

Brem, G., 1987: Possible effects of embryo splitting in herd ET programmes

Schenkel, H.; Kluber, J., 1987: Possible effects of increased intake of aluminium in livestock

Becher, H. H., 1985: Possible effects of rapid soil water movement on solute movement in soils with macropores

Johnson, K. S.; Taylor, D. W.; Cordingley, J. S., 1987: Possible eggshell protein gene from Schistosoma mansoni

Zlatnik, E. Yu, 1986: Possible enrichment of infant milk formulas with immunoglobulins against Escherichia coli and Proteus

Cantoni, C.; Bersani, C., 1988: Possible enteropathogenicity of Enterococcus faecium

Tyrnov, V. S., 1986: Possible evolutionary and genetic consequences of haploidy in plants

Bchir, A.; Jaiem, A.; Jemmali, M.; Rousset, J. J.; Gaudebout, C.; Larouze, B., 1987: Possible existence of an urban cycle of Echinoccous granulosus in central Tunisia

Borkovec, V.; Prochazka, S., 1985: Possible explanation of IAA-stimulated transport of 14C-ABA in long pea (Pisum sativum L.) epicotyl segments

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658522

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Uilenberg, G., 1985: Possible impact of other tick-borne diseases following East Coast Fever immunization

Connat, J-L.; Diehl, PA.; Thompson, MJ., 1986: Possible inactivation of ingested ecdysteroids by conjugation with long-chain fatty acids in the female tick Ornithodoros moubata (Acarina: Argasidae)

Tsurumi, K.; Ohba, K.; Murai, M., 1988: Possible incomplete dominant inheritance of male strobili color in sugi (Cryptomeria japonica D. Don)

Navarro, N., 1986: Possible influence of season on the rates of placental retention and post partum endometritis in cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658529

Rajagopal, R.; Madsen, A.; Saxe, H., 1985: Possible interaction between ABA and phenolic acids in regulating transpiration, photosynthesis and respiration

Ishida, Y.; Taniguchi, H.; Baba, S., 1988: Possible involvement of 1 alpha ,25-dihydroxyvitamine D3 in proliferation and differentiation of 3T3-L1 cells

Holz, G.; Knox Davies, P. S., 1986: Possible involvement of apoplast sugar in endopectin-trans-eliminase synthesis and onion bulb rot caused by Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. cepae

Takeda J., 1986: Possible involvement of calmodulin and the cytoskeleton in electrofusion of plant protoplasts

Banks, R. B.; Cooke, R. T.; Tabor, D. G.; DiProfio, R. A., 1986: Possible involvement of molybdenum hydroxylases in pyridinium herbicide biotransformation

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658537

Sivan, A.; Chet, I., 1986: Possible mechanisms for control of Fusarium spp. by Trichoderma harzianum

Combes, C.; Mone, H., 1987: Possible mechanisms of the decoy effect in Schistosoma mansoni transmission

Beynen, A. C.; Katan, M. B., 1985: Possible mechanisms underlying hyper- and hypo-responsiveness to dietary cholesterol in man

Vaitkyavichene, G. B.; Skirkyavichyus, A. V., 1982: Possible mode of communication of information on the queen's presence in a honeybee colony

Faluyi, JO., 1988: Possible models for autocidal control based on the meiotic dynamics of Zonocerus variegatus L. (Orthoptera: Pyrgomorphidae)

Eberhard, WG., 1986: Possible mutualism between females of the subsocial membracid Polyglypta dispar (Homoptera)

Brenner, S.; Horwitz, C., 1988: Possible nutrient mediators in psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. 1. Prevalence, etiology, symptomatology, histological and biochemical features

Brenner, S.; Horwitz, C., 1988: Possible nutrient mediators in psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis. 2. Nutrient mediators: essential fatty acids; vitamins A, E and D; vitamins B1, B2, B6, niacin and biotin; vitamin C; selenium; zinc; iron

Goodman M., 1987: Possible origin of a calmodulin gene that lacks intervening sequences

Taylor, P. M.; Rest, R. J.; Duckham, T. N.; Wood, E. J. P., 1988: Possible potentiated sulphonamide and detomidine interactions

Yakovleva, L. V., 1985: Possible rapid identification of woody plant genotypes when selecting for winter hardiness and drought resistance

Hommes, M.; Pestemer, W., 1985: Possible reasons for decreasing activity of soil insecticides for the control of the cabbage root fly (Delia radicum syn. D. brassicae) on radish in the German Federal Republic

Essen, F. van, 1987: Possible recycling of Bacillus sphaericus in a storm water retention area in southwest Florida

Batra, S.; Bengtsson, B.; Popper, L. D., 1987: Possible reflection of intracellular calcium binding in the divergent pattern of relaxation in rat and rabbit uterus

Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658560

Zareba, R., 1984: Possible reintroduction of yew into forests and its management in reserve areas

Murashige T., 1987: Possible rejuvenation of adult avocado by graftage onto juvenile rootstocks in vitro

Lawson G.H.K., 1987: Possible relationship of proliferative enteritis in pigs and hamsters

Sutton, S.; Lum, B. L.; Torti, F. M., 1986: Possible risk of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis with marijuana use during during chemotherapy for small cell lung cancer

Firer, M. A.; Hosking, C. S.; Hill, D. J., 1988: Possible role for rotavirus in the development of cows' milk enteropathy in infants

Rekoslavskaya, N. I., 1986: Possible role of N-malonyl-D-tryptophan as an auxin precursor

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Section 2, Chapter 1659, Accession 001658999

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