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Position, problems and development trends in the use of computerized systems for fodder management; The use of computerized information and control systems in fodder management (IKS-Fu-Koo) - a fundamental condition for standardized and rational collection and disemmination of information on fodder management; Experience in the Neustadt/Orla agroindustrial association (AIV) of using complex fodder planning software for the personal computer

Hasert, G. et al.; Schmidt, H.; Chudy, A. et al.

Tierzucht 42(8): 368-370; 371-373; 376-379


Accession: 001658231

Hasert, et al. give a general review of research carried out in the GDR on national, regional, local and farm level planning and control of the production, management and utilization of feedingstuffs. Schmidt gives a detailed account of the system developed for use at the level of the district cooperative association (KOV) showing how data are collected and disseminated to member collective and state farms.

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