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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1668

Chapter 1668 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rotereau, J. C., 1985: Quality payment for milk in France

Yamashita, R., 1987: Quality preservation and energy saving in grain drying

Luckett, D. J.; Thomson, N. J.; Reid, P. E., 1986: Quality requirements and cotton breeding in Australia

Bouwer, H.; Idelovitch, E., 1987: Quality requirements for irrigation with sewage water

Jacobsen, K., 1987: Quality requirements for raw milk and milk products

Sonderman, D. L., 1984: Quality responses of 29-year-old, even-aged central hardwoods after thinning

Muramatsu, N.; Yoneyama, T.; Oike, N.; Miyazaki, T.; Negishi, M., 1983: Quality retention of miso. II. Effect of packaging material on colour

Muramatsu, N.; Yoneyama, T.; Oike, T.; Miyazaki, T.; Negishi, M., 1984: Quality retention of miso. III. Use of oxygen-removing agents during miso maturation

Anonymous, 1988: Quality seed production

Vanangamudi, K.; Palanisamy, V.; Ponnusamy, A. S.; Karivaratharaju, T. V., 1987: Quality seed production of cotton

Verma, S. S.; Chowdhury, P. K.; Ram, C., 1987: Quality seed production of peanut

Suryanarayana, R., 1986: Quality seed production of rice

Montigaud, J. C., 1987: Quality standardization and the fruit and vegetable trade

Nakamura, T., 1986: Quality standards of royal jelly for medical use

Liu, Z. T.; Zheng, S. G.; Huang, H. M., 1986: Quality test of concentrated latexes from different clones

Dini, M., 1986: Quality wines: an analysis of production costs

Jones, P., 1988: Quality, capacity and productivity in service industries

Anonymous, 1987: Quality, community and commitment. Labour's approach to tourism. Report of a working party

Daun, J. K.; Cooke, L. A.; Clear, R. M., 1986: Quality, morphology and storability of canola and rapeseed harvested after overwintering in northern Alberta

Hufner, J., 1987: Quality-determining factors in making Cheddar cheese

Geldenhuys, R., 1986: Quality-improving methods for the cultivation of Hanepoot stalk raisins

Kato, F.; Mulder, D., 1988: Quality-selection group thinning of beech - evaluation after 20 years

Monleon de la Lluvia, A., 1986: Qualtitative study of the perception of the benefits of conservation tillage by farmers

Buch, T. G.; Shvydkaya, V. D., 1988: Quamoclit (Convolvulaceae) - a new adventitious genus in the flora of the USSR

Irvine D.M., 1987: Quantification and characterization of whey protein fractions separated by anion exchange chromatography

Sobecki, T. M.; Karathanasis, A. D., 1987: Quantification and compositional characterization of pedogenic calcite and domolite in calcic horizons of selected Aquolls

McNeill, G. P.; O' Donoghue, A.; Connolly, J. F., 1986: Quantification and identification of flavour components leading to lipolytic rancidity in stored butter

Sordillo, L. M.; Nickerson, S. C., 1988: Quantification and immunoglobulin classification of plasma cells in nonlactating bovine mammary tissue

Azam, F.; Mulvaney, R. L.; Stevenson, F. J., 1988: Quantification and potential availability of non-symbiotically fixed 15N in soil

Fusseder, A.; Wagner, B.; Beck, E., 1988: Quantification by ELISA of cytokinins in root-pressure exudates of Urtica dioica plants grown under different nitrogen levels

Diez, J. A., 1985: Quantification of K-selective clay minerals by electroultrafiltration

Malik, K. A.; Rakhshanda Bilal; Azam, F.; Sajjad, M. I., 1988: Quantification of N2-fixation and survival of inoculated diazotrophs associated with roots of Kallar grass

Pilet P E., 1987: Quantification of abscisic acid in a single maize root

Hammer, C.; Braum, E., 1988: Quantification of age pigments (lipofuscin)

Petrasovits, I., 1985: Quantification of agroecological potential

Lima, E.; Boddey, R. M.; Dobereiner, J., 1987: Quantification of biological nitrogen fixation associated with sugar cane using a 15N aided nitrogen balance

Gross, M. F.; Hardisky, M. A.; Klemas, V.; Wolf, P. L., 1987: Quantification of biomass of the marsh grass Spartina alterniflora Loisel using Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery

Christen, G. L., 1988: Quantification of butter fat in butter-margarine blends

Miller, L. A., 1987: Quantification of carbonyl compounds in oxidized low linolenate, high stearate and common soybean oils

Odasz, A. M., 1988: Quantification of character-species in vegetation at the tree limit, Brooks Range, Northern Alaska

Zelin, S.; Beauchemin, K.; Genner, D.; Buchanan Smith, J. G., 1986: Quantification of chewing activity in cows

Evans, L. S.; Tramontano, W. A.; Ciancaglini, E. F.; O' Neill, R. J., 1986: Quantification of four natural cytokinins from Glycine max and Pisum sativum

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667047

Pence D.B., 1987: Quantification of hematozoa in blood smears

Windhab, E., 1987: Quantification of ice cream consistency

Bourne F.J., 1987: Quantification of immunoglobulins in respiratory tract secretions of the horse

Mehra, R.; McEnroe, M.; Donnelly, W., 1988: Quantification of lactoferrin in bovine milk fractions

Doster, M. A.; Bostock, R. M., 1988: Quantification of lignin formation in almond bark in response to wounding and infection by Phytophthora species

Moawad, H.; Badr El Din, S. M. S.; Khalafallah, M., 1986: Quantification of nitrogen fixation by the peanut/Rhizobium symbiotic system in a virgin sandy soil

Bruggemann, E.; Niess, E.; Pfeffer, E., 1985: Quantification of nitrogen metabolism in growing rats. 3. Effects of compensatory growth on synthesis and breakdown of body protein and on energy retention

Jaffee, BA.; Gaspard, JT.; Ferris, H.; Muldoon, AE., 1988: Quantification of parasitism of the soil-borne nematode Criconemella xenoplax by the nematophagous fungus Hirsutella rhossiliensis

Olsson, G.; Ostlund Lindquist, A. M.; Bondjers, G.; Wiklund, O.; Olofsson, S. O., 1988: Quantification of plasma lipids and apolipoproteins in British Halflop rabbits. A comparison between normocholesterolemic rabbits, hypercholesterolemic rabbits (modified WHHL rabbits) and rabbits fed an atherogenic diet

Ferran, A.; Iperti, G.; Lapchin, L.; Rabasse, J. M.; Lyon, J. P., 1987: Quantification of predation of small-grain cereal aphids by coccinellids and syrphids

Nordbring Hertz B., 1987: Quantification of predatory and endoparasitic nematophagous fungi in soil

Akers R.M., 1987: Quantification of progesterone binding in mammary tissue of pregnant ewes

Nyeko, J. H. P.; Golder, T. K.; Otieno, L. H., 1985: Quantification of resistance to isometamidium chloride (Samorin) of strain of Trypanosoma congolense and some observations on the effect of the drug on infectivity to Glossina morsitans morsitans

Dvorak, P.; Dvorakova, D.; Tlaskalova Hogenova, H.; Simeckova, J.; Hruban, V.; Stanek, R., 1988: Quantification of serum IgM in pigs by monoclonal antibody: enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, dot immunobinding assay, and radial immunodiffusion

Schreier H., 1988: Quantification of soil patterns and field soil fertility using spectral reflection and digital processing of aerial photographs

Franco, E. P. C., 1983: Quantification of some parameters necessary for the calculation of monthly potential evapotranspiration

Ahlert R.C., 1987: Quantification of the degree of acclimation of a mixed culture to an industrial landfill leachate

Chambers, RJ.; Adams, THL., 1986: Quantification of the impact of hoverflies (Diptera: Syrphidae) on cereal aphids in winter wheat: an analysis of field populations

Adams, THL.; Chambers, RJ.; Dixon, AFG., 1987: Quantification of the impact of the hoverfly, Metasyrphus corollae on the cereal aphid, Sitobion avenae, in winter wheat: laboratory rates of kill

Pont Lezica R., 1987: Quantification of the kinetin effect on protein synthesis and degradation in senescing wheat leaves

Landau, B. R.; Wahren, J., 1988: Quantification of the pathways followed in hepatic glycogen formation from glucose

Azevedo, L. A. S. de; Kushalappa, A. C., 1986: Quantification of the resistance of Phaseolus vulgaris cultivars to Uromyces phaseoli var. typica

Terytze, K.; Mentscher, E., 1987: Quantification of the simultaneous effect of several factors in the productivity of cereal moths (Sitotroga cerealella Olivier; Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) for multiplication of Trichogramma (Hymenoptera: Trichogrammatidae)

Tomar, S. S.; Tripathi, V. N., 1986: Quantification of threshold characters in Murrah buffaloes. II. Utero-vaginal and udder problems

Ubbink, J. B.; Schnell, A. M.; Rapley, C. H., 1988: Quantification of urinary xanthurenic acid excretion by anion-exchange solid-phase extraction and high-performance liquid chromatography

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667085

Poth, M.; Favre, J. S. la; Focht, D. D., 1986: Quantifications by direct 15N dilution of fixed N2 incorporation into soil by Cajanus cajan (pigeon pea)

Ruckebusch, Y.; Malbert, C. H.; Baha, F., 1987: Quantified electrocortical activity and loss of vigilance in dogs and sheep

Driesen, P. M., 1986: Quantified land evaluation (QLE) procedures, a new tool for land-use planning

Heslehurst, M. R., 1988: Quantifying initial quality and vigour of wheat seeds using regression analysis of conductivity and germination data from aged seeds

Cruz, R. T.; De Datta, S. K. (Datta, S. K. de); O' Toole, J. C., 1986: Quantifying lodging resistance in relation to plant characters in irrigated lowland rice

Clarkson, C. R.; Nielsen, V. C.; Pain, B. F.; Rees, Y. J., 1988: Quantifying odours from spreading pig slurry on land

Galal Al Din, A. Y., 1986: Quantifying phosphorus and nitrogen relationships with rice and wheat

Reich, P. B., 1987: Quantifying plant response to ozone: a unifying theory

Devlin, P. J., 1985 : Quantifying recreation: allocation of value to the collection and burning of firewood in Colorado

Roberts, E. H., 1986: Quantifying seed deterioration

Young, S. C.; Johnson, C. E.; Schafer, R. L., 1988: Quantifying soil physical condition for tillage control applications

Daniels, R. B.; Gilliam, J. W.; Cassel, D. K.; Nelson, L. A., 1987: Quantifying the effects of past soil erosion on present soil productivity

Aikman D.P., 1988: Quantifying the effects of predators on aphid populations

Baldock J.A., 1988: Quantifying the influence of cropping history on soil structure

Nikocevic, M., 1988: Quantifying tourist expenditure in the Opatija region

Leitao, J.; Saint Blanquat, G. de; Bailly, J. R.; Paillas, C., 1988: Quantitation of aflatoxins from various strains of Aspergillus in foodstuffs

Takahashi, J.; Konishi, E., 1986: Quantitation of antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii in swine sera by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

El Sherei, M. M.; El Feraly, F. S.; El Sohly, M. A.; Stanford, D. F., 1987: Quantitation of canellal, an antifungal sesquiterpene, in canella bark and biological fluids

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667111

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667112

Marth E.H., 1987: Quantitation of growth of mold on cheese

Hurk, J. V. van den, 1986: Quantitation of hemorrhagic enteritis virus antigen and antibody using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays

Calhoun M.C., 1987: Quantitation of hymenoxon and related sesquiterpene lactones

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667116

Leaver D.D., 1987: Quantitation of phosphorus excretion in sheep by compartmental analysis

Wettlaufer, S. H.; Weinstein, L. H., 1988: Quantitation of polyamines using thin-layer chromatography and image analysis

Mittal, K. R.; Higgins, R.; Lariviere, S., 1988: Quantitation of serotype-specific and cross-reacting group-specific antigens by coagglutination and immunodiffusion tests for differentiating Actinobacillus (Haemophilus) pleuropneumoniae strains belonging to cross-reacting serotypes 3, 6, and 8

Risner C.H., 1986: Quantitation of some tobacco anions by eluent suppressed anion exchange chromatography using conventional liquid chromatographic equipment

Peterson, R. B., 1987: Quantitation of the O2-dependent, CO2-reversible component of the postillumination CO2 exchange transient in tobacco and maize leaves

Russell R.M., 1988: Quantitation of the enterohepatic circulation of retinol in the rat

Wishart, G. J., 1985: Quantitation of the fertilising ability of fresh compared with frozen and thawed fowl spermatozoa

Landau B.R., 1987: Quantitation of the pathways of hepatic glycogen formation on ingesting a glucose load

Oliphant G., 1986: Quantitation of the rabbit sperm acrosome stabilizing factor utilizing a sensitive immunoradiometric assay

Hites R.A., 1987: Quantitation of toxaphene in environmental samples using negative ion chemical ionization mass spectrometry

Reed A.N., 1988: Quantitation of triazole and pyrimidine plant growth retardants

Barbosa, A. J. A.; Toppa, N. H.; Cunha Melo, J. R.; Tafuri, W. A., 1985: Quantitative alterations in the neuroendocrine cells of chagasic megacolon

Djordje, R. M., 1986: Quantitative analyses of compacted soil profile under the tractor wheels

Norton D. A.; McGlone M. S.; Wigley T. M. L., 1986: Quantitative analyses of modern pollen-climate relationships in New Zealand indigenous forests

Sainz, R. D., 1986: Quantitative analyses of protein and energy relationships during lactation

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667137

Gaytan, F.; Aguilar, E., 1987: Quantitative analysis of Sertoli cells in neonatally oestrogen-treated rats

Guillou, H.; Miranda, G.; Pelissier, J. P., 1987: Quantitative analysis of caseins in cow milk by fast protein liquid chromatography

Muravenko, O. V.; Badaev, N. S.; Rudenko, M. I.; Onoprienko, V. S.; Pukhal' skii, V. A.; Zelenin, A. V., 1986: Quantitative analysis of chromosome polymorphism in barley

Gehrke, C. W.; Rexroad, P. R.; Schisla, R. M.; Absheer, J. S.; Zumwalt, R. W., 1987: Quantitative analysis of cystine, methionine, lysine, and nine other amino acids by a single oxidation-4 hour hydrolysis method

Quinsac, A.; Ribaillier, D., 1985: Quantitative analysis of glucosinolates in rapeseed seeds. Optimization of desulphation

Tendille C., 1987: Quantitative analysis of glyoxylic ureides in sap and plant extracts

Nappi, AJ.; Christensen, BM.; Tracy, JW., 1987: Quantitative analysis of hemolymph monophenol oxidase activity in immune reactive Aedes aegypti

Coulibaly, C. O. Z.; Liess, B.; Trautwein, G.; Schleuter, G., 1986: Quantitative analysis of immunoglobulins G1 and G2 in blood samples of cattle persistently infected with bovine virus diarrhoea virus

Moller, P.; Olsen, O.; Ploger, A.; Rasmussen, K. W.; Sorensen, H., 1985: Quantitative analysis of individual glucosinolates in double low oilseed rape by HPLC of intact glucosinolates

Zamorano Villarreal, H. E., 1986: Quantitative analysis of lactation curves up to the 5th calving in a commercial herd of Holstein-Friesian cows

McLean, M. P.; Miller, J. B., 1987: Quantitative analysis of oestrogen induced morphological changes in the rabbit corpus luteum

Zaminyan, S. S.; Dzhanpoladyan, L. O.; Avalyan, R. E., 1986: Quantitative analysis of phenotypic characters in wild barley and Aegilops growing in the Armenian SSR

Xu, K., 1987: Quantitative analysis of pig breeds in China. I. The type and geographical distribution of pig breeds

Pieters, L. A. C.; Vlietinck, A. J., 1987: Quantitative analysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloid mixtures from Senecio vulgaris L. by carbon-13 nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667156

Yamauchi F., 1986: Quantitative analysis of soybean proteins by densitometry on gel electrophoresis

Schoonen, W. G. E. J.; Lambert, J. G. D.; Oordt, P. G. W. J. van, 1988: Quantitative analysis of steroid glucuronides in the seminal vesicle fluid of feral spawning and feral and cultivated nonspawning African catfish, Clarias gariepinus

Casillas V, J. C.; Londono I, J.; Guerrero A, H., 1986: Quantitative analysis of the application of four biostimulants to radishes (Raphanus sativus L.)

Nagaoka, M.; Kobayashi, K.; Takahashi, K., 1985: Quantitative analysis of the effects of light, temperature and CO2 concentration on dry matter production in young tomato plants

Dreizen, S.; McCredie, K. B.; Bodey, G. P.; Keating, M. J., 1986: Quantitative analysis of the oral complications of antileukemia chemotherapy

Moller, P.; Ploger, A.; Sorensen, H., 1985: Quantitative analysis of total glucosinolate content in concentrated extracts from double low rapeseed by the Pd-glucosinolate complex method

Semchishina, S. D.; Avsadzhanova, R. A.; Nikolaevskii, V. G., 1985: Quantitative anatomical parameters of the leaf blade and petiole in some apple species in relation to their ecological features

Stiptsov, V.; Zakharieva, M., 1986: Quantitative and assortment characteristics of the wood from tending fellings in young beech/hornbeam stands

Tsymbal, A. M.; Konarzhevskii, K. E.; Tertyshnik, V. I.; Korchan, N. I.; Serbinenko, T. N.; Stanislav, V. I.; Chernaya, L. D., 1985: Quantitative and functional properties of T and B lymphocytes from calves with neonatal diarrhoea and respiratory disease

Fourie, LJ.; Horak, IG.; Visser, E., 1987: Quantitative and qualitative aspects of the parasite burdens of rock dassies (Procavia capensis Pallas, 1766) in the Mountain Zebra National Park

Harnett, W.; Meghji, M.; Worms, MJ.; Parkhouse, RME., 1986: Quantitative and qualitative changes in production of excretions/secretions by Litomosoides carinii during development in the jird (Meriones unguiculatus)

Zhvinene, N. A., 1986: Quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the essential oil of Mentha longifolia grown in the Lithuanian SSR

Zardiashvili, T. G.; Maisaya, I. I.; Gorgidze, A. D.; Khachidze, O. T., 1984: Quantitative and qualitative composition of the protein of some foxtail millet forms

Nedelnik, J., 1988: Quantitative and qualitative determination of micromycetes on red clover seed

Shapiro, M.; Robertson, JL.; Bell, RA., 1986: Quantitative and qualitative differences in gypsy moth (Lepidoptera: Lymantriidae) nucleopolyhedrosis virus produced in different-aged larvae

Szappanos, A., 1984: Quantitative and qualitative examination of sessile oak acorn yield

Nolard Tintigner, N.; Beguin, H.; Vunckx, K., 1986: Quantitative and qualitative measurements of moulds in the environment

Vargas, O. L.; Vilela, M. A. P.; Santos, E. C. dos, 1986: Quantitative and qualitative parameters of a standard method for electronic counting of somatic cells in raw and pasteurized milk

Gueguen, J.; Barbot, J., 1988: Quantitative and qualitative variability of pea (Pisum sativum L.) protein composition

Owen, M. D., 1983: Quantitative and temporal changes in honey bee venom - a review

Pershin, A. F., 1987: Quantitative approach in studying the genetics of plant disease resistance. II. Proportion lattice method

Pershin, A. F., 1987: Quantitative approach to studying the genetics of disease resistance in plants. I. Quantitative description of the disease resistance of plants for hybrid analysis

Pershin, A. F.; Medvedeva, N. I.; Medvedev, A. V., 1988: Quantitative approach to studying the genetics of disease resistance in plants. III. Inheritance of powdery mildew resistance in cucumber

Pershin, A. F.; Medvedeva, N. I.; Medvedev, A. V., 1988: Quantitative approach to studying the genetics of disease resistance. IV. Interaction of the genetic systems for resistance to powdery and downy mildews in cucumber

Lysenko, A. J.; Beljaev, A. E., 1987: Quantitative approaches to epidemiology

Voort, F. R. van de; Mills, B. L.; Paquette, G. A.; Grunfeld, E., 1986: Quantitative aqueous ammonium ion analysis by transmission infrared spectroscopy

Schonitzer, K., 1986: Quantitative aspects of antenna grooming in bees (Apoidea: Hymenoptera)

Reutimann, P., 1987: Quantitative aspects of the feeding activity of some oribatid mites (Oribatida, Acari) in an alpine meadow ecosystem

Karasek, M., 1986: Quantitative aspects of the ultrastructure of the mammalian pinealocyte

Ho, Sc; Ye, W; Schindler, M; Wang, Jl, 1988: Quantitative assay for binding of Bradyrhizobium japonicum to cultured soybean cells

Scott Park, F. M., 1988: Quantitative assessment of cardiac function in dogs using the apexcardiogram

Levitt D.G., 1987: Quantitative assessment of luminal stirring in the perfused small intestine of the rat

Woodrow, I. E.; Mott, K. A., 1988: Quantitative assessment of the degree to which ribulosebisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase determines the steady-state rate of photosynthesis during sun-shade acclimation in Helianthus annuus L

Robinson, K.; Foster, G., 1987: Quantitative assessment of tuber contamination by pectolytic Erwinia and its possible use in the prediction and control of blackleg

Granger D.N., 1987: Quantitative assessment of villous motility

Nriagu, J. O.; Pacyna, J. M., 1988: Quantitative assessment of worldwide contamination of air, water and soils by trace metals

Mourre, C.; Hugues, M.; Lazdunski, M., 1986: Quantitative autoradiographic mapping in rat brain of the receptor of apamin, a polypeptide toxin specific for one class of Ca2+ -dependent K+ channels

Janicki, P. K.; Horvath, E.; Seibold, G.; Habermann, E., 1984: Quantitative autoradiography of apamin binding sites in the central nervous system

Selbitz, H. J.; Meyer, H.; Steinbach, G., 1988: Quantitative bacteriological studies on experimentally infected laboratory animals. 4. Influence of activated and inactivated immunomodulators on experimental Listeria monocytogenes infection

Prentice, I. C., 1981: Quantitative birch (Betula L.) pollen separation by analysis of size frequency data

Brown, S. A.; Barsanti, J. A., 1988: Quantitative buffy coat analysis for hematologic measurements of canine, feline, and equine blood samples and for detection of microfilaremia in dogs

Solecka, M.; Goaszewska, A., 1985: Quantitative changes in anthocyanins during fading of roses

Dutta L., 1984: Quantitative changes in carbohydrate and phenolic contents in rice sheaths as influenced by sheath blight infection and nitrogen fertilization

Groda, B.; Marecek, J., 1988: Quantitative changes in fruit during long-term storage

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667210

Pondev, K.; Kovachev, V., 1988: Quantitative changes in the fertility, yield and quality indices of the grapevine cultivar Pamid as affected by the irrigation regime

Raja, S.; Thakur, S. S.; Rao, B. K.; Kaur, A., 1986: Quantitative changes in the glycogen content during growth and development of Chilo partellus (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

Szabo I., 1986: Quantitative changes in the reducing sugar contents of four grasses in the vegetative and reproductive phases of development

Zakhidov, S. T.; Boronchuk, G. V.; Nauk, V. A.; Brodskii, V. Ya, 1985: Quantitative changes of histones of mammalian spermatozoa associated with the in vitro formation of structures characteristic of the male pronucleus

Glahn Luft, B.; Seibold, G., 1988: Quantitative characteristics of chromosome translocation in sheep

Novotna, I., 1986: Quantitative characteristics of hybrid and non-hybrid plants from the mixed pollination of garden pansy (Viola wittrockiana Gams) and wild species (V. tricolor L. and V. arvensis Murr)

Zhu, S. Q.; Yang, Y. Q., 1985: Quantitative classification of Fagus lucida forest in Guizhou Province

Mayer, M. S.; Mankin, R. W.; Grant, A. J., 1987: Quantitative comparison of behavioral and neurophysiological responses of insect to odorants: inferences about central nervous system processes

Schwartzman, J. D., 1987: Quantitative comparison of infection of neural cell and fibroblast monolayers by two strains of Toxoplasma gondii (42587)

Naiki, T., 1986: Quantitative comparison of nuclear DNA content among formae speciales of Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium solani

Yanagimachi R., 1988: Quantitative comparison of the passage of homologous and heterologous spermatozoa through the uterotubal junction of the golden hamster

Ala, V. S., 1985: Quantitative content of protein in soyabean mutants

Arkhipov, I. A., 1986: Quantitative criteria in experimental Dipetalonema viteae infection of Mongolian jirds and development of a laboratory model for screening filaricidal preparations

McConchie, C. A.; Russell, S. D.; Dumas, C.; Tuohy, M.; Knox, R. B., 1987: Quantitative cytology of the sperm cells of Brassica campestris and B. oleracea

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667227

Faeth S.H., 1985: Quantitative defense theory and patterns of feeding by oak insects

Latin, R. X., 1986: Quantitative description of Fusarium wilt resistance in muskmelon

Koch, W.; Kross, W., 1986: Quantitative determination of aflatoxins in samples of cheese supplied to the armed forces

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667232

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667233

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667234

Rakhimova, D. A.; Shakirov, T. T., 1987: Quantitative determination of alkaloids in the aerial parts of Heliotropium dasycarpum

Ming, D. W.; Dixon, J. B., 1987: Quantitative determination of clinoptilolite in soils by a cation-exchange capacity method

Khazhakyan, Kh K.; Egibyan, K. V., 1988: Quantitative determination of indican in leaves of Indigofera tinctoria L. and I. articulata Gouan. grown hydroponically

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667241

Calleja Portillo, E.; Barrio Diez Caballero, R.; Arranz Garcia, A.; Arranz Valentin, J. F., 1987: Quantitative determination of metribuzin by differential pulse polarography

Shukla V.K.S., 1987: Quantitative determination of oligosaccharides in defatted soybean products by high speed liquid chromatography

Derkos Mikulic, V.; Vazic Babic, V., 1986: Quantitative determination of precipitin titres to Aspergillus fumigatus by counterimmunoelectrophoresis

Novokhatskii, N. K., 1987: Quantitative determination of pyroxidine in beverages

Willems, M., 1988: Quantitative determination of secoiridoid glucosides from the fruits of Ligustrum vulgare by means of HPLC

Khramov V.A., 1987: Quantitative determination of synthetic methionine in feed mixtures

Kiseleva, T. L.; Samylina, I. A., 1987: Quantitative determination of total flavonoids in hawthorn fruits

Wratten N., 1987: Quantitative determination of total glucosinolates in rapeseed and meal digests

Walker, K.; Fritz, D.; Weichmann, J., 1987: Quantitative determination of transpiration of stored radishes. 1. Influence of N and K nutrition of plants, physiological age of roots as well as air velocity in the store

Walker, K.; Fritz, D.; Weichmann, J., 1987: Quantitative determination of transpiration of stored radishes. 2. Correlations and model calculations

Kaune, R.; Harmeyer, J., 1986: Quantitative determination of vitamin D3 and its metabolites in plasma

Sawamura, M.; Kuriyama, T., 1988: Quantitative determination of volatile consituents in the pummelo (Citrus grandis Osbeck forma Tosa-buntan)

Rokke, L., 1987: Quantitative determination of water in butter oil

Brumme, R.; Beese, F., 1983: Quantitative determination of water uptake by roots by means of the chloride method

Coign, M. J.; Tipton, A.; Hegwood, C. P, Jr; Heitz, J. R., 1986: Quantitative determinations of acids and sugars in developing Magnolia grape tissues

Pitt, M. D.; Schwab, F. E., 1988: Quantitative determinations of scrub biomass and production: a problem analysis

Varde, V. S., 1984: Quantitative dimensions of rural banking

Sukhatme, P. V., 1986: Quantitative dimensions of the nutrition problem

Lang, K. J.; Messerer, M., 1987: Quantitative distribution of monoterpenes in different parts of a 19-year-old Larix decidua tree

Campbell, D. G.; Daly, D. C.; Prance, G. T.; Maciel, U. N., 1986: Quantitative ecological inventory of terra firme and varzea tropical forest on the Rio Xingu, Brazilian Amazon

Laxmi Pangtey; Rawat, V. R. S.; Suri, R. K.; Banerjee, S. P., 1987: Quantitative ecology of woody species in the forests of Machhlad sub-watershed of Pauri Garhwal (Uttar Pradesh)

Browder, L. E.; Eversmeyer, M. G., 1986: Quantitative effects of parasite : host : environment specificity in Puccinia recondita : Triticum

Diepenbrock, W.; Leon, J., 1988: Quantitative effects of volunteer plants on glucosinolate contents in double-low rapeseed (Brassica napus L.): a theoretical approach

Thal, W. M., 1986: Quantitative epidemiology of alfalfa leafspot diseases

Skalaban, V. D., 1984: Quantitative estimate of land productivity according to indices of heat and water supply to agricultural crops

Panikov, N. S.; Gorbenko, A. Yu; Zvyagintsev, D. G., 1985: Quantitative estimate of the influence of mesofauna on the rate of decomposition of litterfall

Tucker, H. A., 1987: Quantitative estimates of mammary growth during various physiological states: a review

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667276

Breuil, C.; Seifert, K. A.; Yamada, J.; Rossignol, L.; Saddler, J. N., 1988: Quantitative estimation of fungal colonization of wood using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay

Teichmann, A., 1986: Quantitative estimation of helminth ova in municipal waste water

Pillai, A. G. R.; Awadhiya, R. P.; Vegad, J. L., 1988: Quantitative estimation of increased vascular permeability in acute inflammatory reaction in the chicken skin

Niewola, Z.; Hayward, C.; Symington, B. A.; Robson, R. T., 1985: Quantitative estimation of paraquat by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay using a monoclonal antibody

Section 2, Chapter 1668, Accession 001667282

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