Rainfall interception by Pinus wallichiana plantation in temperature region of Himachal Pradesh, India

Singh, R.P.; Gupta, M.K.

Indian Forester 113(8): 559-566


ISSN/ISBN: 0019-4816
Accession: 001667911

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The study was made in a 20-yr-old plantation at Shillaroo, of av. d.b.h. 17.56 cm (range 8.7-37.8 cm) and av. ht. 14.78 m. Some 21 trees were selected in a 0.021-ha 'interception plot'. These were in 3 diam. classes (<15 cm, 6 trees; 15-25 cm, 12 trees; 25-35 cm, 3 trees) and were fitted at b.h. with metal collars which emptied into tins via a spout and rubber tube. Throughfall was collected in similar empty tins. Water was collected from June 1982 to May 1984, and amounts were measured after each storm. Rainfall was measured by a rain gauge installed at a nearby open site, and interception loss calculated by difference. For the whole period, total rainfall was 1327.2 mm of which 36.27 mm was stemflow (2.73%), 1011.82 mm throughfall (76.23%) and 279.11 (21.02%) was interception loss. The min. interception loss (10.08%) was recorded in Aug. 1983 which had the max. rainfall (198 mm); the highest loss (75%) was in March 1984 which had the lowest rainfall (4 mm). Linear regressions were developed between rainfall and stemflow, throughfall and interception loss. Corrections to the graphs showing the linear regressions are given in Indian Forester 113 (12) 826-828.