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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1674

Chapter 1674 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Brice Bruce, A. P., 1987: Report on the results obtained at 41 months of age from 'The Start' eucalyptum situated near Cramond in the Natal Midlands

Anonymous, 1986: Report on the rural health survey (1982/83), volume 2

Jurkovic, J., 1986: Report on the start of a health control scheme for stallions in Slovenia, Yugoslavia

Sosa Moss, C., 1985: Report on the status of Meloidogyne research in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean Countries

Wignell, A. O., 1988: Report on the status of the development of the FAO quality declared seed system

Piyadigama, D. H. N.; Fernando, S. R. A., 1983: Report on the study tour of the tea sector in Kenya with special reference to small holdings

Fang, S. Y.; Roques, A.; Sun, J. H., 1988: Report on the survey of cone and seed insects in conifer forest in Northeast China

Anonymous, 1986: Report on the work of the School 1985-86

Reuter, H.; Biewendt, H. G., 1987: Report on type testing of the HTST heater for milk (type K71); manufacturer Pasilac-Therm, Kolding, Denmark

Reuter, H.; Biewendt, H. G., 1987: Report on type testing of the plate heat exchanger type H 10 for HTST treatment of milk

Salive R, A., 1987: Report on weed management in rice crops in Colombia

Anonymous, 1985: Report on work carried out in 1985

Anonymous, 1987: Report on work carried out in 1986

Anonymous, 1986: Report to the Executive Director of the World Food Programme and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees by the joint WFP/UNHCR mission to Pakistan in July 1986 to assess the 1987 food aid requirements for refugees

Anonymous, 1986: Report to the Priorities Board, July 1986. Cattle research consultative committee

Anonymous, 1986: Report, 1981-1985

Anonymous, 1986: Report, 1985. Dairy Research Station

Anonymous, 1986: Report, April 1985-86

Anonymous, 1986: Report, Colloquium on fur bearers in 1986

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673019

Anonymous, 1988: Report, Rothamsted Experimental Station, UK

Morando, A.; Bosticardo, V.; Gerbi, E., 1987: Reports for two years on the effectiveness of biological, traditional and pyrethroid insecticides, used in the control of vine moths

Moses, D. L.; Shille, V. M., 1988: Reports of original studies

Banihashemi, Z., 1985: Reports on some new diseases in the southern provinces of Iran

Kamran, R., 1985: Reports on two new diseases caused by Verticillium dahliae in Fars Province

Anonymous, 1987: Reports: Symposium on Special Research Area 141: Production techniques in dairy farming

Overbagh, D. F. et al.; Stewart, J., 1986: Repositioning. What to do when it's time to shift gears; How new concepts can change the operation design; A checklist for evaluating your business

Taylor, S. P., 1986: Repositioning: recovery for vintage and distressed hotels

Wertz, S. K., 1985: Representation and expression in sport and art

Thieme, R. H.; Whittaker, A. D., 1986: Representation and reasoning issues in expert systems

Anonymous, 1987: Representation of interests through rural institutions

Sternkopf, W.; Andrack, R., 1985: Representative groups in socialist farms

Doroshenko, L. Yu; Abramyan, Dzh G., 1987: Representatives of Dematiaceae in the root sphere of tobacco seedlings

Roels, J. M.; Jonker, P. J., 1985: Representativity and accuracy of measurements of soil loss from runoff plots

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673035

Knisel, W. G.; Moffitt, D. C.; Dumper, T. A., 1985: Representing seasonally frozen soil with the CREAMS model

Rosenthal, D. H., 1985: Representing substitution effects in models of recreation demand

Moorhouse, H. F., 1986: Repressed nationalism and professional football: Scotland versus England

Bakke, A., 1987: Repression of Ips typographus infestation in stored logs by semiochemicals

Tomlinson, J. E.; Nakayama, R.; Holten, D., 1988: Repression of pentose phosphate pathway dehydrogenase synthesis and mRNA by dietary fat in rats

Matsumoto, H., 1988: Repression of proton extrusion from intact cucumber roots and the proton transport rate of microsomal membrane vesicles of the roots due to Ca2+ starvation

De-Boer, Jo; Van-Es, Ajh; Vogt, Je; Van-Raaij, Jma; Hautvast, Jgaj, 1987: Reproducibility of 24 h energy expenditure measurements using a human whole body indirect calorimeter

Bundgaard, A.; Boudet, L., 1986: Reproducibility of early asthmatic response to Cladosporium herbarum

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673048

Mcdonell W.N., 1988: Reproducibility of pulmonary mechanics measurements in dairy cattle

Deldar, A; Lewis, H; Bloom, J; Weiss, L., 1988: Reproducible cloning assays for in vitro growth of canine hematopoietic progenitor cells and their potential applications in investigative hematotoxicity

Twigg, GI., 1988: Reproduction

Crompton, D. W. T., 1985: Reproduction

Fletcher, T. J., 1986: Reproduction

Zhang, L. Q.; Song, S. H.; Fan, J. X.; Li, X. Z.; Liao, Y. C.; Chen, Y. L.; Li, Z. Q., 1986: Reproduction and application of Ontsina sp

Acosta C, A.; Alba, J. De, 1983: Reproduction and birth weight in Pelibuey sheep

Riha, J., 1987: Reproduction and conception in recipient cows after an unsuccessful embryo transfer

Buiting, G. A. J.; Merks, J. W. M., 1987: Reproduction and culling of Finnish Landrace X Dutch Landrace F1 and Dutch Yorkshire X Dutch Landrace F1 sows under commercial conditions

Hendry, LM.; Triantaphyllou, AC.; Hominick, WM., 1986: Reproduction and cytogenetics in Romanomermis culicivorax (Nematoda: Mermithidae)

Chernyaev, Z. A., 1985: Reproduction and development of longfin Baikal sculpin, Cottocomephorus inermis, of lake Baikal

Langor, DW.; Raske, AG., 1987: Reproduction and development of the eastern larch beetle, Dendroctonus simplex LeConte (Coleoptera: Scolytidae), in Newfoundland

Cuda, JP.; Burke, HR., 1986: Reproduction and development of the potato stalk borer, (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) with notes on field biology

Janssen, GM.; Joosse, ENG., 1987: Reproduction and growth in Collembola under laboratory conditions

Spann, J. W.; Heinz, G. H.; Hulse, C. S., 1986: Reproduction and health of mallards fed endrin

Camacho, J.; Bolanos, H.; Arroyo, R.; Ortiz, F., 1983: Reproduction and longevity in a herdbook Brahman herd

Furuta, K.; Takahashi, I.; Ando, S.; Inoue, M., 1985: Reproduction and mass trapping of Ips typographus japonicus Niijima (Coleoptera; Scolytidae) in wind damaged forest in Hokkaido

Koeniger, G., 1986: Reproduction and mating behavior

Danileichenko, V. V.; Pavlii, S. I.; Ruban, V. I., 1987: Reproduction and morphogenesis of phage E105 of Erwinia carotovora 268

Elvingsson, P., 1988: Reproduction and oestrous diagnosis in farmed foxes

Leon, E.; Acuna, O.; Ramirez, C., 1986: Reproduction and survival of Rhizobium in peat from the Medio Queso area, Los Chiles, Costa Rica

Shore, TL.; McLean, JA.; Zanuncio, JC., 1987: Reproduction and survival of the ambrosia beetle Trypodendron lineatum (Oliv.) (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) in Douglas-fir and western hemlock logs

Westgate, M. E.; Boyer, J. S., 1986: Reproduction at low silk and pollen water potentials in maize

Kaufman, DW.; Kaufman, GA., 1987: Reproduction by Peromyscus polionotus: number, size, and survival of offspring

Cone, WW.; Wright, LC.; Wildman, TE., 1986: Reproduction by overwintered Tetranychus urticae (Acari: Tetranychidae) on hops

Guglielmone, AA.; Moorhouse, DE., 1986: Reproduction in Amblyomma triguttatum triguttatum

Zimmerman, M.; Pyke, G. H., 1986: Reproduction in Polemonium: patterns and implications of floral nectar production and standing crops

Garrett, R. N., 1987: Reproduction in Queensland barramundi (Lates calcarifer)

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673081

Sihag, RC., 1986: Reproduction in alfalfa pollinating sub-tropical megachilid bees. 2. Reproductive isolating mechanisms

Sihag, RC., 1986: Reproduction in alfalfa pollinating sub-tropical megachilid bees. 3. Mating receptivity as influenced by eco-physiological factors

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673085

Berges, J. M., 1986: Reproduction in cattle in New Caledonia. Review of ten years' data from the Territory's breeding stations

Wilson, P. R., 1985: Reproduction in deer

Anonymous, 1987: Reproduction in farm animals

Tulloch, D. G., 1984: Reproduction in feral water buffalo

Persyn, M., 1987: Reproduction in gilts following treatment with Regumate to synchronize oestrus

Pritsch, G., 1984: Reproduction in honeybees

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673095

Palfii, F. Yu; Chukhrii, B. N.; Volyanik, O. G.; Vashchishina, A. G., 1985: Reproduction in replacement heifers fed on a diet containing urea

Anonymous, 1987: Reproduction in ruminants. Proceedings of a symposium held at Ithaca, New York, USA, July 1987

Abad Gavin, M.; Dominguez F. de Tejerina, J. C.; Fernandez Celadilla, L.; Anel Rodriguez, L.; Diez Monforte, M. del C., 1987: Reproduction in the cow. 1. Physiology

Yurdaydn, N., 1986: Reproduction in the horse

Ismail, S. T. T., 1988: Reproduction in the male dromedary (Camelus dromedarius)

Ellendorff, F.; Smidt, D., 1987: Reproduction in the sow - from theory to practice

Roisin, Y.; Pasteels, J. M., 1986: Reproduction in three species of Nasutitermes from New Guinea (Isoptera, Termitidae)

Anonymous, 1986: Reproduction in turkey hens

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673106

Boshoff, D. A., 1984: Reproduction of Karakul sheep

Olivera, J.; Ramirez Pulido, J.; Williams, S. L., 1986: Reproduction of Peromyscus (Neotomodon) alstoni (Mammalia:Muridae) in laboratory conditions

Koenning, S. R.; Schmitt, D. P., 1986: Reproduction of Pratylenchus brachyurus on soybean callus tissue: effects of culture age and observations on anhydrobiosis

Smolik, J. D.; Wicks, Z. W, II I., 1987: Reproduction of Pratylenchus hexincisus and P. scribneri in corn inbreds

de Ruijter, A., 1987: Reproduction of Varroa jacobsoni during successive brood cycles of the honeybee

Christiansen, I.; Lohi, O.; Cleeman Mitchell, T.; Clausen, T. N.; Therkildsen, N., 1987: Reproduction of blue foxes (Alopex lagopus) with different numbers of chromosomes

Muzychin, S. I., 1987: Reproduction of bovine parainfluenza-3 and rhinotracheitis viruses when co-cultivated in bovine embryonic kidney cells

Prokes, M.; Penaz, M.; Kouril, J., 1986: Reproduction of burbot (Lota lota). (A review)

Vorob' ev, N. N., 1984: Reproduction of ewes of different ages

Asher, G. W., 1985: Reproduction of farmed fallow deer (Dama dama L.)

Eisenback, J. D., 1987: Reproduction of northern root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne hapla) on marigolds

Kladovshchikov, V. F.; Verevkina, L. S., 1984: Reproduction of nutria and the quality of their skins when fed on pelleted feed without animal protein

Reinecke, AJ.; Viljoen, SA., 1988: Reproduction of the African earthworm, Eudrilus eugeniae (Oligochaeta) - cocoons

Drew, ML.; Samuel, WM., 1987: Reproduction of the winter tick, Dermacentor albipictus, under laboratory conditions

Zeide B., 1983: Reproduction of trees in a variable environment

Gabrilidis, G. T., 1987: Reproduction properties of three foreign pig breeds and their crosses in Greece

Downing J.C., 1988: Reproduction studies in rats treated with ornidazole

Hahn, R., 1986: Reproduction techniques

Krool, S.; Bauer, T., 1987: Reproduction, development, pheromone secretion in Heteromurus nitidus Templeton, 1835 (Collembola, Entomobryidae)

Paquay, R.; Bister, J. L., 1987: Reproduction, growth and carcass quality. Introduction and productivity factors

Matsumura, M.; Yoshida, T., 1988: Reproductive ability and the effect of biological conditioning of medium on survivorship and oviposition of Tribolium freemani Hinton (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)

Doronin, V. N.; Mirzoev, Sh M., 1986: Reproductive ability of Aberdeen-Angus cows in the hill region of northern Kazakhstan in relation to season

Ahmad, Z.; Iqbal, J.; Ahmad, M. D.; Mohiuddin, G., 1987: Reproductive ability of Nili-Ravi buffaloes in relation to intensity breeding

Ivanov, Yu P., 1987: Reproductive ability of cows on dairy complexes in Yakutia

Zagitov, Kh V., 1987: Reproductive ability of cows under different methods of management

Denisevich, V. L.; Volokhovich, A. K., 1988: Reproductive ability of crossbred pigs

Sladkov, D. M.; Shkuratova, S. E.; Molochkov, V. I., 1985: Reproductive ability of imported Ayrshire cattle during acclimatization in Krasnodar region

Bernatskii, V. G., 1984: Reproductive ability of mink in the year following treatment with HCG

Balash, M. F.; Sadykova, T. V., 1986: Reproductive ability of silver foxes

Karagodin, G. N., 1987: Reproductive ability of sows of various breeds fed by-products at rearing farms

Kling, D. B., 1986: Reproductive activity and reproductive success in Sarotherodon leucostictus after parental exposure to Lebaycid

Pavlynchenko, S. V.; Kadinc, N. I., 1984: Reproductive activity and some behavioural responses of sables in autumn and winter and during lactation

Steklenev, E. P., 1987: Reproductive activity of North American bison (Bison bison L.) in the southern Ukraine, and prospects for the utilisation of the species

Valencia, J.; Gonzalez, J. L.; Diaz, J., 1986: Reproductive activity of criollo goats in Mexico assessed by post mortem examination of the genital tract

Ignatov, S. M., 1984: Reproductive activity of ewes in relation to the method of insemination

Alekseev, M.; Leonova, M.; Matveeva, L., 1988: Reproductive activity of mares during racing season

Fagan, J. G.; Roche, J. F., 1988: Reproductive activity of post partum dairy cows

Romboli, I.; Giulotti, L.; Avanzi, C. F., 1987: Reproductive activity of some varieties of Muscovy duck in successive egg laying cycles

Gohari, H.; Hawlitzky, N., 1986: Reproductive activity of the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis Hbn. (Lep. Pyralidae) at low constant temperatures

Wagner, L. K., 1986: Reproductive allocation in two weedy Poa species of disturbed habitats

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673151

Carroll, A. G.; Campbell, R. S. F., 1987: Reproductive and leptospiral studies in beef cattle in central Queensland

Pyne, A. K.; Misra, S. K.; Maitra, D. N.; Dattagupta, R.; Majumder, S. C., 1988: Reproductive and productive performance of Jersey X Hariana halfbreds in humid tropical conditions of West Bengal

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Reddi, N. M.; Rajan, A., 1986: Reproductive behaviour and semen characteristics in experimental hypothyroidism in goats

Radulovich, R. A., 1985: Reproductive behaviour and water relations of cotton

Singh, B., 1986: Reproductive behaviour of Nali sheep and its crosses with Corriedale and Russian Merino

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673164

Grover, P., 1987: Reproductive behaviour of cecidomyiids (Cecidomyiidae)

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Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673176

Johri, B. M., 1987: Reproductive biology of mistletoes (Loranthaceae and Viscaceae)

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Turgeon, J. J.; Nelson, N.; Kettela, E. G., 1987: Reproductive biology of the spruce budmoth, Zeiraphera canadensis Mut. & Free. (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Olethreutinae), in New Brunswick

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Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673193

Asher, G. W., 1987: Reproductive cycles of farmed fallow deer

Gerber, GH., 1987: Reproductive cycles of the red turnip beetle, Entomoscelis americana Brown (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Conton, L., 1985: Reproductive decision-making in the Upper Ramu District, Papua New Guinea: cognitive aspects of adaptive problem-solving

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Elsey K.D., 1988: Reproductive diapause in the spotted cucumber beetle

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673201

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673202

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673203

Bhosrekar, M. R.; Mamgurkar, B. R.; Patil, S. G.; Purghit, J. R.; Humblot, P.; Thibier, M., 1986: Reproductive efficiency and feasibility of oestrus control prior to artificial insemination in crossbred bovine females in India

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Dowsett, K. F., 1987: Reproductive evaluation of the stallion

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673219

Keller, L. S. F.; Griffith, J. W.; Lang, C. M., 1987: Reproductive failure associated with cystic rete ovarii in guinea pigs

Reijnders, P. J. H., 1986: Reproductive failure in common seals feeding on fish from polluted coastal waters

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Owens J.N., 1988: Reproductive growth and development in seven provenances of lodgepole pine

Warmund M.R., 1988: Reproductive growth regulation of apples with mefluidide

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673232

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673233

Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673234

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Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673243

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Section 2, Chapter 1674, Accession 001673267

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