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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1675

Chapter 1675 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Maki, J.L.; Oliver, S.P., 1987:
Residues in milk following antimicrobial therapy during lactation

Grahl, R.; Batz, G.; Dedek, W.; Frommichen, C., 1986:
Residues of 14C-bromophos in radish, carrots, onions and soil following application of the soil-applied preparation Omexan (slow release formulation)

Crunkilton, R.L.; Smith, L.M.; Petty, J.D.; Kleopfer, R.D., 1987:
Residues of 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin in the Spring River, Missouri

Nounou, A.H.; E.H.rrawy, M.A.; E.S.ennawy, M.M.; Ali, F.R., 1986:
Residues of Cyolane in tissues and milk of goats in chronic toxicity

Dikshit, A.K.; Handa, S.K.; Verma, S., 1987:
Residues of Metasystox in and on cabbage and lablab bean

Anson Moye, H.; Malagodi, M.H.; Yoh, J.; Leibee, G.L.; Ku, C.C.; Wislocki, P.G., 1988:
Residues of avermectin B1a in rotational crops and soils following soil treatment with avermectin B1a

Pawar, C.S.; Yadav, T.D., 1985:
Residues of baythion and fenitrothion on wheat and green gram

Molinari, G.P.; Natali, P.; Re, A. del; Gorini, F., 1985:
Residues of captan on apples treated after harvest and cold storage

Jhala, R.C.; Shah, A.H.; Patel, Z.P., 1988:
Residues of carbaryl and lindane in pointed gourd (Trichosanthes dioica) and its soil

Rao, B.N.; Sultan, M.A.; Reddy, K.N., 1987:
Residues of chlorpyrifos on paddy

Ferreira J.R.; Falcao M.M.; Tainha A., 1987:
Residues of dimethoate and omethoate in peaches and apples following repeated applications of dimethoate

Ahmad, R.; Varma, S., 1984:
Residues of dimethoate and phosphamidon in brinjal fruits and determination of waiting period

Slanina, P.; Fagerlund, B., 1986:
Residues of drugs in foods: effects on health

Dikshit, A.K.; Misra, S.S., 1986:
Residues of endosulfan and carbaryl in potato tubers at harvest and after storage

Rao, V.R.S.; Sarkar, D.K.; Murthy, M.M.K.; Mayuravalli, V.V.L.; Reddy, G.P.V.; Subbaiah, K.R., 1986:
Residues of endosulfan in or on leaves and fruits of eggplant

Basile, M.; Lamberti, F., 1987:
Residues of fenamiphos in strawberries produced in screen houses

Hameed, S.F.; Kashyap, N.P.; Thakur, A.K., 1985:
Residues of fenitrothion on apple and peach and its toxicity to pest insects

Devi, D.A.; Mohandas, N.; Visalakshy, A., 1986:
Residues of fenthion, quinalphos and malathion in paddy grains following surface treatment of gunny bags

Sheets, T.J.; Roper, E.M.; Monaco, T.J., 1985:
Residues of fluazifop-butyl and fluazifop-P-butyl in cucumber

Sattigi, H.N.; Kulkarni, K.A.; Thontadarya, T.S., 1985:
Residues of insecticides used for the control of stored grain beetle pests on sorghum

Frank, R.; Braun, H.E.; Ripley, B.D., 1987:
Residues of insecticides, fungicides, and herbicides on Ontario-grown vegetables, 1980-1985

Bush P.B.; Taylor J.W.; Mcmahon C.K.; Neary D.G., 1987:
Residues of lindane and chlorpyrifos in firewood and woodsmoke

Dagorn, M.; Poul, M.; Guillot, P.; Sanders, P., 1988:
Residues of lindane in plasma and fat of sheep after dipping

Okada J.; Yamamoto S.; Yamamoto H.; Kondo S., 1988:
Residues of macrolide antibiotic sedecamycin and its major metabolites in swine blood and tissues

Dikshit, A.K.; Handa, S.K.; Verma, S., 1986:
Residues of methamidophos and effect of washing and cooking in cauliflower, cabbage and Indian colza

Senapati, H.K.; Mohanty, S.K.; Pattnaik, M.R.; Pal, A.K., 1988:
Residues of monocrotophos in rice

Masic, Z.; Rajic, I.; Knezevic, N., 1986:
Residues of ochratoxin A in meat and intestines of swine

Pepeljnjak, S.; Culjak, K., 1986:
Residues of ochratoxin A in organs of pigs in wider anephropathic area of SR Croatia

Falandysz, J.; Falandysz, J., 1986:
Residues of organochlorine pesticides in the adipose tissue of wild boars, roe deer, stags and elk

Kazanovskii, E.S., 1987:
Residues of organophosphorus insecticides in tissues of deer and their significance in meat inspection

Malisch, R., 1986:
Residues of pharmacologically active substances (veterinary drugs and feed additives) in foods of animal origin. I. Results, supply of reference substances and analysis problems

Rao, B.N.; Rao, P.; Reddy, K.N., 1986:
Residues of phorate 10G and carbofuran 3G in rice

Dikshit, A.K.; Handa, S.K., 1987:
Residues of phorate and endosulfan in soybean crop

Jain, P.C.; Atul Sharma; Bhatnagar, K.N., 1987:
Residues of phosphamidon and monocrotophos on coriander

Falandysz, J., 1986:
Residues of polychlorinated biphenyls in edible livers of fish

Awasthi, M.D., 1986:
Residues of pyrethroid treatments, alone or with foliar urea, on tomato

Senapati, H.K.; Mohanty, S.K.; Pal, A.K.; Pattnaik, M.R., 1988:
Residues of quinalphos in rice

Rondelli, E.; Molinari, G.P.; Natali, P.; Gorini, F.; Re, A. del, 1985:
Residues of some benzimidazole fungicides in apples treated after harvest, and cold stored

Geertsma, M.F.; Nouws, J.F.; Grondel, J.L.; Aerts, M.M.; Vree, T.B.; Kan, C.A., 1987:
Residues of sulphadimidine and its metabolites in eggs following oral sulphadimidine medication of hens

Awasthi, M.D., 1987:
Residues of synthetic pyrethroids on cabbage heads

Rudolph, M.; Steinhart, H., 1987:
Residues of the beta-blocker Carazolol in tissues of slaughter pigs

Frolisek, M.; Foltyn, J.; Matousek, M., 1986:
Residues of triazine and triazinone herbicides following application in lucerne

Molinari, G.P.; Natali, P.; Gorini, F.; Re, A. del, 1985:
Residues of vinclozolin on apples treated after harvest and cold stored

Entz, R.C.; Diachenko, G.W., 1988:
Residues of volatile halocarbons in margarines

Cox, R.L.; Wilson, W.T.; Moffett, J.O., 1986:
Residues on foliage, honey bees and bee products following e.c. applications of ethyl parathion to commercial sunflowers

Youngquist, J.A.; Myers, G.C.; Murmanis, L.L., 1987:
Resin distribution in hardboard: evaluated by internal bond strength and fluorescence microscopy

Vysotskii, A.A.; Akimov, Y.A.; Nechaev, Y.A.; Zolotareva, S.V., 1987:
Resin production and composition of galipot monoterpenes in Scots pine in relation to its resistance to Fomes root rot

Taylor M.L.; Hernandez A.; Elizondo N.; Casasola J.; Del Rocioe Reyes Montes M.; Acosta G., 1986:
Resistance abrogation to murine histoplasmosis induced by antibody

Ahman, I., 1986:
Resistance against pod gallmidges

Konig, K.; Hassan, S.A., 1986:
Resistance and cross-resistance of the predacious mite Phytoseiulus persimilis (Athias-Henriot) to organophosphates

Dittrich, V., 1987:
Resistance and hormoligosis as driving forces behind pest outbreaks

Eeuwijk, F.A. van, 1988:
Resistance and poor risks

Skripnichenko, G.G., 1986:
Resistance and susceptibility of cows to mastitis

Heinrichs, E.A.; Domingo, I.T.; Castillo, E.H., 1987:
Resistance and yield responses of rice cultivars to the black bug Scotinophara coarctata (F.) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)

Seemuller, E., 1987:
Resistance behaviour and cultivation characteristics of various raspberry cultivars

Lind, V.; Foroughi Wehr, B.; Friedt, W.; Walther, H.; Zuchner, S.; Wenzel, G., 1986:
Resistance breeding - a contribution to integrated plant protection

Silva, L.A. da; Tihohod, D.; Dematte, M.E.S.P., 1987:
Resistance evaluation of Gladiolus cultivars to a population of Meloidogyne incognita race 3

Gray, S.M., 1987:
Resistance in Cucumis melo to watermelon mosaic virus 2: the effects on the epidemiology and pathogenesis of the virus

Shetty, K.D.; Reddy, D.D.R., 1985:
Resistance in Solanum species to root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita

Hanounik, S.B.; Halila, H.; Harrabi, M., 1986:
Resistance in Vicia faba to stem nematodes (Ditylenchus dipsaci)

Hibberd, A.M., 1986:
Resistance in a pepper plant introduction to bacterial spot and bacterial canker

Etzel, RW.; Meyer, JR., 1986:
Resistance in blueberries to feeding and oviposition by the sharpnosed leafhopper, Scaphytopius magdalensis Provancher (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)

Reddy, P.P.; Agarwal, P.K., 1987:
Resistance in citrus rootstocks to the citrus nematode Tylenchulus semipenetrans

Overman, J.L., 1986:
Resistance in corn (Zea mays) to the fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda: the impact of public research on commercial seed companies

Schalk, J.M.; Fery, R.L., 1986:
Resistance in cowpea to the southern green stink bug

Eckenrode, C.J.; Dickson, M.H.; Lin, J., 1986:
Resistance in crucifers to diamondback moth and other lepidopterous pests

Anonymous, 1985:
Resistance in nematodes to anthelmintic drugs

Kuhn, C.W.; Padgett, G.B.; Nutter, F.W.J., 1987:
Resistance in pepper to tobacco etch virus

Danielson, S.D.; Manglitz, G.R.; Sorensen, E.L., 1987:
Resistance in perennial glandular-haired Medicago species to feeding by adult alfalfa weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)

Singh, B.U.; Rana, B.S., 1986:
Resistance in sorghum to the shootfly, Atherigona soccata Rondani

Suteri, B.D., 1986:
Resistance in soybean cultivars to two strains of soybean mosaic virus

Talekar, N.S., 1987:
Resistance in sweetpotato to sweetpotato weevil

Proeseler, G.; Lehmann, C.O., 1986:
Resistance in the Gatersleben barley and wheat collection. 25. Testing barley for reaction to barley yellow mosaic virus

Abdeldaffie, E.Y.A.; Elhag, E.A.; Bashir, N.H.H., 1987:
Resistance in the cotton whitefly, Bemisia tabaci (Genn.), to insecticide recently introduced into Sudan Gezira

Brodie, B.B.; Plaisted, R.L., 1987:
Resistance in the potato cv. Highlat Russet to the golden nematode, Globodera rostochiensis

Gill, H.S.; Krishna Kumar; Kolar, J.S., 1986:
Resistance in weed biotypes to herbicides

Whittle, P.J.L.; Warcup, J.H.; Dube, A., 1986:
Resistance in wheat and barley to common root rot

Mccreight J.D., 1987:
Resistance in wild lettuce to lettuce infectious yellows virus

Singh P.; Dhaliwal H.S.; Multani D.S.; Gill K.S., 1987:
Resistance in wild wheats to powdery mildew and yellow rust of wheat

Kosyakova, G.P., 1987:
Resistance indices in calves with different blood group alleles

Castano Z.J.; Allen, D.J., 1985:
Resistance induced in beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) against rust (Uromyces phaseoli (Reben.) Wint.) with an avirulent isolate of U. phaseoli or Hemileia vastatrix Berk. & Br

Khoo, B.K.; Sutherland, D.J., 1985:
Resistance management by operational targeting of female Aedes sollicitans with ULV malathion

Daly, J.C.; McKenzie, J.A., 1986:
Resistance management strategies in Australia: the Heliothis and 'Wormkill' programmes

Nickerson, S.C., 1987:
Resistance mechanisms of the bovine udder: new implications for mastitis control at the teat end

Echavez Badel, R.; Rodriguez, J.L., 1986:
Resistance of 43 sugarcane clones to smut (Ustilago scitaminea Sydow)

Balakhnina, V.P.; Osipova, E.V.; Migusheva, E.F., 1986:
Resistance of Aegilops L. species with genome D to the oat cyst nematode

Mikhova, S., 1988:
Resistance of Aegilops species to Puccinia striiformis West f. sp. tritici in relation to ploidy and genome composition

Hastings, TS.; McKay, A., 1987:
Resistance of Aeromonas salmonicida to oxolinic acid

Koromyslova, M.I.; Falovskii, A.V., 1985:
Resistance of Alsike clover to clover rot

Ding, Y.; Xiong, J.J.; Huang, M.D., 1983:
Resistance of Amblyseius nicholsi Ehara et Lee (Acar.: Phytoseiidae) to some pyrethroids

Hildebrand, P.D.; Delbridge, R.W., 1986:
Resistance of Botrytis cinerea to Easout in lowbush blueberries

Khoury, W.M.; Saad, A.T., 1986:
Resistance of Botrytis cinerea to fungicides in Lebanon

Elad, Y.; Shabi, E.; Elisha, S.; Bibi, Y., 1987:
Resistance of Botrytis to benzamidazole and dicarboximide fungicides in Israeli vineyards and control of the disease under field conditions

Mithen, R.F.; Lewis, B.G.; Heaney, R.K.; Fenwick, G.R., 1987:
Resistance of Brassica species to Leptosphaeria maculans (stem canker) - the role of glucosinolates

Agarkova, Z.V., 1987:
Resistance of Bromus inermis to brown rust in relation to ploidy

Lindsey, D.L.; Iglesias Olivas, J., 1986:
Resistance of Capsicum sp. accessions to Verticillium dahliae

Solymosi, P.; Kostyal, Z.; Gimesi, A., 1987:
Resistance of Cirsium arvense (L.) Scop. to phenoxyacetic acid derivatives

Borgsteede, F.H., 1986:
Resistance of Cooperia curticei against fenbendazole

Inomoto, M.M.; Monteiro, A.R., 1987:
Resistance of Cosmos sulphureus and Gaillardia x grandiflora to Meloidogyne incognita,race I

Ayvazian, S.G.; Mallett, J.C., 1986:
Resistance of Helisoma trivolvis from the Dominican Republic to infection by the trematode Schistosoma mansoni

Velusamy, R.; Rajendran, R.; Babu, P.C.S., 1986:
Resistance of IR varieties to leafhoppers and planthoppers

Velusamy, R.; Rajendran, R.; Babu, P.C.S., 1987:
Resistance of IR varieties to leafhoppers and planthoppers

Scharpf, R.F., 1987:
Resistance of Jeffrey pine to dwarf mistletoe

Plessis, H.J. du, 1987:
Resistance of Laetitia plum to Xanthomonas campestris pv. pruni

Sorensson, C.T.; Brewbaker, J.L., 1986:
Resistance of Leucaena species and hybrids

Bal, E.; Gilles, G.; Creemers, P.; Vandergeten Bollen, J., 1987:
Resistance of Phytophthora cactorum (Leb. et Cohn) Schroet. to some phenylamides in strawberry culture

Coulanges, P.;, J.; Deloron, P.; Ramanamirija, J.A., 1987:
Resistance of Plasmodium falciparum to 4-aminoquinolines -a review based on the Malgache example

Vodas, K.; Karadzhov, S., 1987:
Resistance of Salmonella abortusovis to some disinfectants

Zueva, O.I., 1986:
Resistance of Solanum stoloniferum Schlechtd. hybrids to Phytophthora

Fuxa, JR.; Mitchell, FL.; Richter, AR., 1988:
Resistance of Spodoptera frugiperda (Lep.: Noctuidae) to a nuclear polyhedrosis virus in the field and laboratory

Qasba, G.N.; Shah, A.M., 1987:
Resistance of Venturia inaequalis (Cke) Wint. to benzimidazole fungicides

Norton, D.C., 1988:
Resistance of Zea diploperennis and Zea perennis to lesion nematodes, Pratylenchus spp

Sin' ko, L.T.; Kucherova, T.P.; Vil' de, E.I., 1987:
Resistance of Ziziphus to unfavourable environmental factors in the eastern Crimea

Zuk, J.S.; Rucka, M., 1987:
Resistance of a gel layer during ultrafiltration of casein solution

Campbell, W.V.; Wynne, J.C.; Keerati Kasikorn, M.; Sirisingh, S.; Adalla, C.; Cadapan, E.P., 1987:
Resistance of an international collection of peanut genotypes to insects in North Carolina, Philippines and Thailand

Indenko, I.F.; Ostasheva, N.A.; Rasulov, A.R., 1987:
Resistance of apple varieties to diseases in the mountainous regions of the Caucasus

Dorozhkin, N.A.; Novitskaya, L.N., 1986:
Resistance of apple varieties to powdery mildew in Byelorussia

Masterova, L.A., 1987:
Resistance of barley varieties and breeding material to foot rot

Rochev, M.V.; Levitin, M.M., 1986:
Resistance of barley varieties to Bipolaris sorokiniana (Sacc.) Shoem. in the central Urals

Kotlyarova, L.A.; Kuramysov, A.A., 1986:
Resistance of breeding forms of rice to pests

Stamova, L.; Khristova, D., 1987:
Resistance of breeding material of tomato to various races of tomato mosaic virus (ToMV)

Sanhotra, M.; Dutta, S.M., 1986:
Resistance of buffalo milk xanthine oxidase to gastric digestion in vivo

Cheever, A.W.; Duvall, R.H.; Kuntz, R.E.; Huang, T.C.; Moore, J.A., 1988:
Resistance of capuchin monkeys to reinfection with Schistosoma haematobium

Ezulike, T.O.; Egwuatu, R.I., 1987:
Resistance of cassava cultivars to green spider mite (Mononychellus tanajoa) infestation

Yoshimura, M., 1985:
Resistance of cast-sticks for decay (final) field stake test

Shemanchuk, J.A., 1987:
Resistance of cattle breeds to black-fly attack

Sanchez, A.; Zancada, M.C., 1987:
Resistance of cereals to Spanish pathotypes of Heterodera avenae: an agronomic characteristic to consider

Dun, E.A., 1988:
Resistance of certain breeds of cattle to leukosis

Strider, D.L., 1986:
Resistance of chrysanthemum cultivars to fusarium wilt: an updated compilation

Giorbelidze, A.A., 1986:
Resistance of citrus crops to gummosis

Inoue, K.; Iguchi, I.; Hara, S.; Takeda, Y., 1985:
Resistance of citrus nucellar seedlings and seedlings of citrus crosses to scab (Elsinoe fawcettii Bitanc. & Jenkins)

Tuzcu, O.; Kaplankran, M.; Yesiloglu, T.; Cnar, A.; Erklc, A.; Celikel, K.; Cetiner, E., 1987:
Resistance of citrus to mal secco (Phoma tracheiphila Kanc. et Ghik) disease

Windham, G.L.; Williams, W.P., 1987:
Resistance of corn hybrids and inbreds to Meloidogyne spp

Ryabova, I.M.; Kas' yanenko, A.G., 1986:
Resistance of cotton forms to individual and mixed inoculation with physiological races 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the wilt pathogen

Sharipova, G.F., 1987:
Resistance of cotton to cotton aphid

Asyakin, B.P., 1985:
Resistance of cruciferous root vegetables to cabbage flies (Delia brassicae Bouche, D. floralis Fall.)

Udalova, V.B.; Prikhod' ko, V.F., 1985:
Resistance of cultivars and wild species of cucumber to root knot nematode

Havlickova, H., 1987:
Resistance of cultivated plants to pests

Tipping P.W.; Rodriguez J.G.; Poneleit C.G.; Legg D.E., 1988:
Resistance of dent corn inbred lines to oviposition by the maize weevil

Atlanov, A.V.; Pavlova, G.A., 1986:
Resistance of different forms of cotton from the collection of the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR) to spider mite

Abdullaeva, K.T.; Shifman, I.A., 1988:
Resistance of eggplant to Fusarium wilt

Sukhanberdina, E.K.; Bolgov, A.N.; Frolova, A.G., 1986:
Resistance of eggplant varieties to wilt

Malik, S.S., 1987:
Resistance of elite rice strains and varieties to bacterial blight BB

Duewel D., 1987:
Resistance of endoparasites to antiparasitic drugs

Akopyan, V.B.; Khutsishvili, G.I.; Gareginyan, T.N., 1987:
Resistance of erythrocytes to disintegration by ultrasound in relation to the health of the animal

van Wyk, J.A.; Malan, F.S., 1988:
Resistance of field strains of Haemonchus contortus to ivermectin, closantel, rafoxanide and the benzimidazoles in South Africa

Sandhu, G.S.; Dhaliwal, G.S.; Sidhu, B.S., 1986:
Resistance of forage sorghum to shootfly (Atherigona soccata Rond.)

Kostyuk, S.V., 1986:
Resistance of forms from the sunflower collection to broomrape

Nedov, N.P., 1983:
Resistance of grapevines to phylloxera and root rot and its practical use

Hlisc, T., 1987:
Resistance of hazel varieties Istrska Podolgovata, Rimska Debeloplodna and Halska Debeloplodna to rancidity

Horino, O., 1985:
Resistance of high yielding lines of rice and their parents to Xanthomonas campestris pv. oryzae from Japan (I)

Ozoe, Y.; Mochida, K.; Nakamura, T.; Wada, J.I., 1988:
Resistance of housefly bicyclophosphate binding sites to detergent extraction

Zueva, O.I., 1986:
Resistance of hybrids of Solanum chacoense Bitt. to strains of virus Y

Blotskaya, Z.V.; Shchaslenak, A.M. (Schaslenok, E.M., 1985:
Resistance of initial material of potato to virus diseases

Spetsov, P.; Mikhova, S., 1987:
Resistance of intergeneric F1 Triticum aestivum L. X Aegilops variabilis Eig. hybrids to yellow rust (Puccinia striiformis West)

Apel' , V.I., 1984:
Resistance of interspecific wheat hybrids to fungal diseases

Liu, Y.; Liu, W.Z.; Sun, T.J., 1987:
Resistance of local soybean varieties from North-Eastern China to race 1 and 3 of soybean cyst nematode

Hawthorne, B.T.; Triggs, C.M., 1986:
Resistance of lucerne cultivars to Verticillium albo-atrum

Rasulova, D.A.; Zeinalova, E.M., 1987:
Resistance of lucerne tissue culture to chloride salinity in relation in to the action of Ca and 2, 4-D

Zhmurko, L.I.; Korneichuk, N.S., 1985:
Resistance of lupin to stunting virus

Yakhtenfel' d, O.P.; Larkin, M.I., 1987:
Resistance of maize forms to common smut

Kovacs, G.J.; Kovacs, G.; Mesterhazy, A.; Korom, A., 1988:
Resistance of maize hybrids to Fusarium ear and stalk rots and their mechanical strength

Windham, G.L.; Williams, W.P., 1988:
Resistance of maize inbreds to Meloidogyne incognita and M. arenaria

Dushkina, L.I., 1985:
Resistance of maize lines and hybrids to head smut

Rabichuk, A., 1985:
Resistance of maize to aphids

Nikiforov, A.I.; Chuchina, T.V., 1987:
Resistance of mink to dermatomycoses

Qureshi F.; Kennedy M.W.; Gibson S.; Y.P.Z.; Miller H.R.P., 1987:
Resistance of nematode secretory products to cleavage by mast cell proteinases

Pfulker, H.; Buchwalder, R.; Hiepe, T., 1986:
Resistance of nematodes to anthelmintics

Daigo K.; Noguchi T.; Miwa A.; Kawai N.; Hashimoto K., 1988:
Resistance of nerves from certain toxic crabs to paralytic shellfish poison and tetrodotoxin

Vol' vach, P.V., 1986:
Resistance of new introduced peach cultivars to leaf curl

Watenpaugh, D.E.; Beitinger, T.L., 1986:
Resistance of nitrite-exposed channel catfish, Ictalurus punctatus, to hypoxia

Voevodin, V.M.; Gvozdeva, M.K.; Smerdova, T.E., 1986:
Resistance of particleboards to cyclic stresses

Filipowicz, A.J., 1987:
Resistance of pea (Pisum sativum L.) varieties to Fusarium and Ascochyta fungi

Balachkova, N.E.; Lakhanov, A.P.; Zaitsev, V.N., 1986:
Resistance of pea and French bean breeding material to unfavourable temperatures

Chaplygina, I.N.; Amelina, K.A., 1987:
Resistance of pea to diseases and pests and the search for means to increase it

Dzhigadlo, E.N., 1987:
Resistance of pear varieties, hybrids and progenies to leaf blight

Egorova, T.V.; Galimova, V.E.; Kovalenko, T.D., 1985:
Resistance of perennial triticales and their hybrids to certain fungal disease pathogens

Hartill, W.F.T., 1986:
Resistance of plant pathogens to fungicides in New Zealand

Anonymous, 1984:
Resistance of plants to the effects of subzero temperatures

Pospieszny, H.; Giebel, J., 1987:
Resistance of plants to viruses

Dellaert, L.M.W.; Hoekstra, R., 1987:
Resistance of potato cyst nematodes, Globodera spp., in wild and primitive Solanum species

Findejs, R.; Findejsova, M., 1986:
Resistance of potato to mechanical damage to the tubers in relation to starch content, culinary quality, tuber shape and duration of growth period

Horackova, V., 1986:
Resistance of potato varieties to Fusarium rot in relation to duration of growth period, starch content and culinary quality

Dorozhkin, N.A.; Bel' skaya, S.I.; Novikova, L.M., 1985:
Resistance of potato varieties to combined Fusarium-bacterial rot

Petukhov, A.V.; Cherkavskaya, V.M., 1984:
Resistance of potato varieties to diseases in the north of Amur province

Blahovec, J., 1985:
Resistance of potatoes and similar fleshy vegetable products to mechanical damage

Ivashchenko, A.I., 1984:
Resistance of potatoes and storage losses

Mikhal' chik, V.T.; Podobed, N.I., 1985:
Resistance of potatoes from the world collection to mechanical damage

Bonnet, A.; Blancard, D., 1987:
Resistance of radish (Raphanus sativus L.) to downy mildew, Peronospora parasitica

Aitzhanova, S.D.; Kazakov, I.V., 1985:
Resistance of raspberries to fungal diseases in Bryansk province

Ukwungwu, M.N., 1986:
Resistance of recommended and traditional varieties to gall midge GM

Ponte, J.J. da; Muniz, J.O.L.; Athayde, C.; Franco, A., 1986:
Resistance of red cashews to anthracnose

Litvinova, V.M.; Alekseeva, N.M.; Ravkin, A.S., 1986:
Resistance of red currant to the major disease and currant mite

Baturin, S.O.; Mikhailov, V.V.; Shpileva, I.V., 1987:
Resistance of representatives of the genus Fragaria to phenol

Kumar, C.A.; Chelliah, S., 1986:
Resistance of rice accessions to green leafhopper GLH Nephotettix virescens and rice tungro virus RTV

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Resistance of rice to stalk-eyed fly, Diopsis macrophthalma Dalman

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Resistance of rough rice to airflow and other studies in spouted bed dryers

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Resistance of selected Oryza sativa and O. brachyantha cultivars to the rice leaffolder LF

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Resistance of sesame (Sesamum indicum) varieties to gallfly (Asphondylia sesami) and capsule-borer (Antigastra catalaunalis)

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Resistance of sheep kept together of the breeds Kent (Romney Marsh), Lincoln, Cotswold and Leicester

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Resistance of sheep to pyrrolizidine alkaloids

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Resistance of some Botrytis cinerea Pers. populations to different fungicides

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Resistance of some Brassica napus and B. campestris strains to the mustard aphid

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Resistance of some Salmonella strains to particular antibacterial agents and aspects of their virulence

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Resistance of some apricot varieties and hybrids to Alternaria tenuissima

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Resistance of some barley varieties to the economically most important diseases

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Resistance of some common fungi to gamma irradiation

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Resistance of some foreign varieties to wilt of sugar cane

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Resistance of some introduced and local groundnut varieties of the Valencia group to Fusarium and Sclerotinia arachidis

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Resistance of some peach cultivars and variable pathogenicity of the sharka (plum pox) virus

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Resistance of some rice varieties to the root-knot nematode RKN Meloidogyne incognita

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Resistance of some wheat species to grain aphid

Aldoshin, A.V., 1984:
Resistance of sorghum to head smut

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Resistance of sour and sweet cherry to the pathogen causing leaf blight under conditions of the Steppe Department of the Nikita Botanic Garden

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Resistance of soyabean accessions in the VIR collection to fungal diseases of the leaves in the Amur River area

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Resistance of soyabean forms from the VIR collection to downy mildew

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Resistance of spring barley hybrids to powdery mildew

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Resistance of spring wheat breeding material to diseases and pests

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Resistance of spring wheat varieties to the cereal leaf beetle - Oulema melanopus L. (Coleoptera; Chrysomelidae)

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Resistance of sprouts of early potato cultivars to mechanical damage

Cunha, R.J.P.; Carnonari, R., 1986:
Resistance of strawberry (Fragaria spp.) hybrids to leaf spot (Mycosphaerella fragariae (Tull) Lindau) and fruit rot caused by Botrytis

Fykse H., 1987:
Resistance of strawberry to photosynthetic inhibitors as a basis for ranking of cultivars

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Resistance of strawberry varieties to high temperature sterilization

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Resistance of strongylids to anthelmintics

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Resistance of sugarbeet to beet flea beetles

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Resistance of sugarcane to bacterial red stripe, a new bacterial disease from Pakistan

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Resistance of sugarcane varieties to rust in Cuba

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Resistance of the Japanese elm to the gall aphid, Tetraneura nigriabdominalis Sasaki

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Resistance of the cotton aphid to insecticides

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Resistance of the flower buds of peach to low winter temperatures

Korotkov, N.I., 1986:
Resistance of the flowers of the raspberry variety Novost' Kuz'mina to short-term chilling

Chzhao, A.E.; Chkhaidze, L.V., 1986:
Resistance of the fruits of new pear varieties to the fungus Penicillium expansum Link - the causal agent of soft rot during storage

Sodczyk, K.; Semerda, M.; Ledwon, K., 1986:
Resistance of the grains of barley varieties to damage during mechanical harvesting

Polos, A., 1986:
Resistance of the horse weed (Conyza canadensis) to herbicides

Meyer, J.A.; Georghiou, G.P., 1987:
Resistance of the little house fly to insecticides on poultry facilities

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Resistance of the neck plasma membrane between the mother and the bud of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida albicans to amphotericin B-induced deformation

Khokhryakova, T.M.; Drizhachenko, A.I., 1985:
Resistance of the principal herbage crops to diseases

Besedina, V.A., 1985:
Resistance of the tomato gene pool to tobacco mosaic virus in the field and a system for producing virus-free seed

Abdullaev, K.M., 1987:
Resistance of the triticale gene pool to the wheat bunt pathogen

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Resistance of the tubers of hybrid potato populations to mechanical injury

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Resistance of thermoplastic polyurethanes to micro-organisms

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Resistance of varieties and wild species of cucumber to Meloidogyne incognita

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Resistance of varieties of French bean, Phaseolus vulgaris L., to some diseases in Sao Paulo state

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Resistance of vectors and reservoirs of disease to pesticides. Tenth report of the WHO Expert Committee on Vector Biology and Control

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Resistance of vegetables to pests and the possibilities of breeding for resistance

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Resistance of watermelon varieties to Fusarium wilt

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Resistance of wheat to brown rust

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Resistance of wheat to insects

Semenova, G.N., 1986:
Resistance of wheat to powdery mildew in western Siberia

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Resistance of wheat varieties and lines of foreign origin to the yellow rust pathogen Puccinia striiformis West

Erezhepov, S., 1984:
Resistance of wheat varieties to bunt

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Resistance of wild and cultivated Phaseolus vulgaris L. to the common weevil Acanthoscelides obtectus (Say) in the field and laboratory

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Resistance of winter wheat varieties to root rots and their effect on grain protein content

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Resistance of woody plants to industrial air pollution

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Resistance of yeast to polyene antibiotics. V. Genetic and biochemical analysis of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Candida guilliermondii mutants resistant to nystatin, levorin, and amphotericin B

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Resistance response of the host plant to infection by anthracnose

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Resistance solves disease problem

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Resistance sources in barley to Puccinia hordei

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Resistance status of red flour beetle (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) infesting stored peanuts in the southeastern United States

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Resistance to Alternaria spp. in oil crops

McGaughey, W.H.; Beeman, R.W., 1988:
Resistance to Bacillus thuringiensis in colonies of Indianmeal moth and almond moth (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)

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Resistance to British races of Puccinia striiformis in the differential wheat cultivars Heines Kolben and Heines Peko

Hoff, R.J., 1984:
Resistance to Cronartium ribicola in Pinus monticola: higher survival of infected trees

Mesterhazy, A., 1986:
Resistance to Fusarium ear rot in winter wheat

Mesterhazy, A., 1986:
Resistance to Fusarium infection of the ear in winter wheat

Ammati, M., 1986:
Resistance to Meloidogyne in Lycopersicon, its stability at high soil temperature and use of tissue culture techniques to transfer the resistance to tomato

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Resistance to Onchocerca lienalis microfilariae in mice conferred by egg antigens of homologous and heterologous Onchocerca species

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Resistance to Philippine downy mildew in maize

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Resistance to Phytophthora capsici in Capsicum and the multiple disease resistance program in Capsicum at EMBRAPA

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Resistance to Phytophthora in mutant lines of currant tomato and in their original forms

Kim, B.S., 1986:
Resistance to Phytophthora root rot in introduced peppers (Capsicum spp.)

Costacurta, A.; Cancellier, S.; Corino, L.; Borgo, M., 1986:
Resistance to Plasmopara viticola in crosses of Vitis vinifera with hybrids

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Resistance to Pseudomonas solanacearum in genus Lycopersicon

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Resistance to Puccinia polysora in Zea mays L.: identification, genetic transmission (linkages) and induced molecular responses

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Resistance to airflow of grain sorghum

Patil B.G.; Ward G.T., 1988:
Resistance to airflow of oilseed rape

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Resistance to anthelmintics and the implications for animal production

Bauer, C., 1988:
Resistance to anthelmintics in nematodes of cattle, sheep and goats

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Resistance to antibiotics and use of antibiotics for urinary tract infections in 11 general practices in Maastricht

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Resistance to anticoccidial drugs in poultry farms in France from 1975 to 1984

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Resistance to bacterial blight BB in rice germplasm material

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Resistance to benomyl in the camellia strain of Glomerella cingulata

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Resistance to benzimidazole and dicarboximide fungicides in Botrytis cinerea and Didymella bryoniae in cucumbers in the Netherlands

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Resistance to breakage in mechanically harvested maize

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Resistance to buckeye rot (Phytophthora parasitica Dastur) in 4 varieties of tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum M.)

Leijerstam, B., 1986:
Resistance to bunt, Tilletia caries

Jones, D.R., 1987:
Resistance to carboxamide fungicides in Ustilago nuda

Borisenko, N.K.; Burdun, A.M., 1985:
Resistance to cereal leaf beetle in pubescent wheat forms

Bornovalov, N.P., 1985:
Resistance to change in the evaluation of selected animals under changing levels of performance of the herd

Kerridge, D.; Nicholas, R.O.; Wayman, F.J., 1987:
Resistance to clinically important antimycotic drugs in Candida spp

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Resistance to common smut in two and three-line and backcross hybrids and their parental components

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Resistance to cucumber mosaic virus (CMV) and a linkage with small fruit size

Petrovic, M.; Miric, M., 1981:
Resistance to decay fungi of the wood of munika (Pinus heldreichii), silver fir and Norway spruce in comparison with Scots pine

Smirnov, P.N., 1987:
Resistance to disease of calves infected with bovine leukosis virus and calves born of leukotic cows

Sapin, P., 1985:
Resistance to diseases and insects

Khel' man, L.V.; Andrushchenko, V.N., 1985:
Resistance to diseases in cytoplasmically male sterile hybrids of sugarbeet

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Resistance to drought of Clematis species of different ecological-geographical origin

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Resistance to eelworm (Heterodera schachtii Schm.) of sugarbeet (Beta vulgaris L.) X B. procumbens Moq. hybrids

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Resistance to ergosterol biosynthesis inhibitors in Nectria haematococca var. cucurbitae

Dereuddre, J.; Fabre, J.; Bassaglia, C., 1988:
Resistance to freezing in liquid nitrogen of carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus L. var Eolo) apical and axillary shoot tips excised from different aged in vitro plantlets

Gullino, M.L., 1987:
Resistance to fungicides

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Resistance to fungicides in potato growing

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Resistance to fungicides. II. Resistance to fungicides of different groups with particular reference to the Italian situation

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Resistance to gastro-intestinal strongyles: feasibility of a breeding programme

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Resistance to glucantime in infantile visceral leishmaniasis associated with acute myelogenous leukaemia

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Resistance to heat and its relationship to milk yield in Angeln cattle

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Resistance to infection by Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici in wheat

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Resistance to infection in intensively reared young cattle in relation to previous rearing conditions

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Resistance to insect pest damage in four cotton varieties in Ludhiana

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Resistance to insecticides in a Thailand strain of Heliothis armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

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Resistance to insulin in the muscles of Zucker rats from the development of obesity

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Resistance to leaf rust in hexaploid wheat: Lr32, a third gene derived from Triticum tauschii

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Resistance to leaf scald in plum

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Resistance to lodging and the yield of spring barley as affected by synthetic growth regulators

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Resistance to low temperature in microgametophytes of some wild species of the genus Lycopersicon Tourn

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Resistance to malathion in insect pests of stored grain in Argentina

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Resistance to metalaxyl in the Pseudoperonospora cubensis population causing downy mildew of cucumber in South Florida

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Resistance to mildew in the genus Ribes

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Resistance to natural and controlled exposures to Eimeria tenella: genetic variation and alloantigen systems

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Resistance to neck rot in Allium

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Resistance to northern leaf blight

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Resistance to overland flow on desert hillslopes

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Resistance to penicillins, enzyme characteristics and biochemical properties of Staphylococcus aureus from cows with mastitis

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Resistance to plant viruses

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Resistance to potato cyst nematode as a result of somaclonal variation

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Resistance to potato cyst nematode in wild and primitive Solanaceae

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Resistance to potato leaf roll virus and potato virus Y in somatic hybrids between dihaploid Solanum tuberosum and S. brevidens

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Resistance to potato leafroll luteovirus in four accessions of Solanum brevidens Phil

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Resistance to potato virus X in isolated protoplasts

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Resistance to powdery mildew in cowpea germplasm

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Resistance to powdery mildew in wild species of barley

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Resistance to radiation and homeostatic features in triticale

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Resistance to reinfection after treatment of urinary schistosomiasis

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Resistance to rice blast disease of some land rice varieties

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Resistance to rice whorl maggot RWM and leaffolder LF in the north-central plateau of Orissa, India

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Resistance to rill erosion: observations on the efficiency of rill erosion on a tilled clay soil under simulated rain and run-on water

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Resistance to rusts and powdery mildew in Triticum monococcum L. and T. dicoccum Schubler cultivated in Italy

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Resistance to some diseases in high-lysine maize lines with mealy and modified endosperm types

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Resistance to stem rots in maize in Moldavia

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Resistance to stem rust in Avena fatua L

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Resistance to storage diseases in breeding stocks

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Resistance to the European corn borer, Ostrinia nubilalis (Hubner), in maize, Zea mays L., as affected by soil silica, plant silica, structural carbohydrates, and lignin

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Resistance to the development of Heterodera avenae Woll. in different Triticum species

Dellaert, L.M.W., 1987:
Resistance to the potato cyst nematodes Globodera spp. in wild Solanum species

Zatyko, L.; Martinovich, V., 1986:
Resistance to the red spider mite (Tetranychus urticae Koch) in the Feherozon Synthetic pepper variety

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Resistance to three species of root-knot nematode in soybean

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Resistance to thrips of traditional rice cultivars

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Resistance to tobacco mosaic in tomato. Studies on cross protection and interaction between viruses

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Resistance to triadimenol and imazalil in the barley net blotch pathogen Pyrenophora teres

Zajac, A.M., 1986:
Resistance to trichostrongylid nematode infection in 3 sheep breeds

Lecoq, H.; Clauzel, J.M.; Jacquemond, M.; Pitrat, M.; Quiot, J.B., 1986:
Resistance to watermelon mosaic virus 1 strain of papaya ringspot virus acquisition by Myzus persicae in melon

Bernshtein, D.B.; Liskin, I.V.; Khal' kov, V.P.; Krylova, I.A., 1988:
Resistance to wear of plough shares with sections reinforced with hard metals

Bernshtein, D.B.; Lozovskii, V.G.; Ruzmetov, B.N.; Khal' kov, V.P.; Prager, A.I., 1986:
Resistance to wear of rolled shares with variable blade profile

Kushwaha, K.S.; Singh, R., 1986:
Resistance to whitebacked planthopper WBPH at flowering stage

Tripathi, R.S.; Pandya, R., 1987:
Resistance to whitebacked planthopper WBPH in Rajasthan

Kema, C.H.J.; Zeven, A.C.; Stubbs, R.W., 1986:
Resistance to yellow rust (Puccinia striiformis Westend.) in Triticum aestivum ssp. spelta

Ballor, D.L.; Katch, V.L.; Becque, M.D.; Marks, C.R., 1988:
Resistance weight training during caloric restriction enhances lean body weight maintenance

Scott, J.C., 1987:
Resistance without protest and without organization: peasant opposition to the Islamic zakat and the Christian tithe

Anonymous, 1987:
Resistance work in general

Bhattacharyya, M.K.; Ward, E.W.B., 1986:
Resistance, susceptibility and accumulation of glyceollins I-III in soybean-organs inoculated with Phytophthora megasperma f.sp. glycinea

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Resistance-testing techniques on sugi for Cryptomeria bark-borers by inoculations Mei, C.; Sankale, M.; Pene, P., 1987:
Resistant giardiases

Homeida, M.; Ismail, A.A.; E.T.m, I.; Mahmoud, B.; Ali, H.M., 1988:
Resistant malaria and the Sudan floods

Kinac, E.; Dalkran, H., 1987:
Resistant source indication against Ascochyta blight of chickpea in Central Anatolian region

Alekseeva, S.A., 1983:
Resistant varieties for areas with high scab and powdery mildew pathogenicity

Cox D.J.; Hosford R.M.Jr, 1987:
Resistant winter wheats compared at differing growth stages and leaf positions for tan spot severity

Kuhn, C.W.; Benner, C.P.; Hobbs, H.A., 1986:
Resistence responses in cowpea to southern bean mosaic virus based on virus accumulation and symptomatology

Anonymous, 1987:
Resolution evaluating the XIIIth GDR Farmers' Congress of July 11th 1987

Scott, P.R., 1988:
Resolution of multiple cutaneous mastocytomas in a Friesian stirk following treatment with levamisole

Bhushan, R.; Reddy, G.P., 1987:
Resolution of phenylthiohydantoine amino acids on impregnated silica gel layers

Fukuhara, T.; Isoyama, M.; Shimada, A.; Itoh, M.; Yuasa, S., 1987:
Resolution of six polar DL-amino acids by chromatography on native cellulose

Anonymous, 1987:
Resolution of the XIIIth Farmers' Congress of the GDR

Ashizawa, K.; Wishart, G.J., 1987:
Resolution of the sperm motility-stimulating principle of fowl seminal plasma into Ca2+ and an unidentified low molecular weight factor

Brinegar, A.C.; Fox, J.E., 1985:
Resolution of the subunit composition of a cytokinin-binding protein from wheat embryos

Anonymous, 1987:
Resolutions of the managing committee of the Austrian Dairy Foundation, dated 12 and 14 October 1987, under Section 59 of the Milk Marketing Act 1985

Albrecht, R., 1987:
Resolving differences in yield and performance in crop and livestock production

Pederson, G.; Boehlje, M.; Doye, D.; Jolly, R., 1987:
Resolving financial stress in agriculture by altering loan terms: impacts on farmers and lenders

Rustagi K.P.; Bare B.B., 1987:
Resolving multiple goal conflicts with interactive goal programming

Elkins, A.D., 1987:
Resolving respiratory distress created by a nasopharyngeal polyp

Hawke, B., 1987:
Resolving the world agricultural crisis: an Australian proposal

Womac, A.R.; Tompkins, F.D.; Drumm, E.C., 1987:
Resonant column testing of agricultural soils

Potter, C.S.; Ragsdale, H.L.; Berish, C.W., 1987:
Resorption of foliar nutrients in a regenerating southern Appalachian forest

Bires, J.; Kral' , L.; Bucko, M.; Vrzgula, L.; Benuska, N., 1987:
Resorption studies with metallic zinc given parenterally to calves

Sternquist, B.; Davis, B.D., 1986:
Resort area retailers: attributes and reactions to the 1980 economy

Feeney, T., 1988:
Resort development. International trends

Anonymous, 1987:
Resort management

Mohamed, A.H., 1985:
Resource allocation and enterprise combination in a risky environment: case study of the Gezira Scheme, Sudan

Sharma, P.K.; Singh, C.B., 1986:
Resource allocation and productivity in dairy enterprise with different species of dairy animals

Lechowicz, M.J., 1987:
Resource allocation by plants under air pollution stress: implications for plant-pest-pathogen interactions

Asamenew, G.; Mwangi, W.M., 1985:
Resource allocation for small scale farmers of the star grass zone in Embu district, Kenya: a linear programming approach

Reese, P.J.; Boerma, H.; Hussey, R., 1988:
Resource allocation in experiments measuring soybean tolerance to soybean cyst nematode

Anonymous, 1986:
Resource and crop management program

Prieto Guijarro, A., 1987:
Resource availability and productive efficiency

Cossins, N., 1986:
Resource conservation and productivity improvement under communal land tenure

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Resources for continuing education

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Resources for increasing the nutritive value of feeds

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Resources, improving the economy

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Respiration metabolism of mitochondria in soybean root nodules

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Respiration properties of nonfat dry milk of varying heat treatment and moisture content

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Respiration rates of Chiloplacus sp. and other Arctic nematodes at low and high temperatures

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Respiratory airflow patterns in ponies at rest and during exercise

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Respiratory allergies in horses and nutritional factors

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Respiratory disease of swine

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Respiratory diseases of farm animals

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Respiratory measurements from the airflow perturbation device

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Respiratory metabolism and transport during seed germination: responses to biotic and abiotic stress

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Respiratory metabolism in isolated orchid petal cells

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Respiratory Properties of Mitochondria from Rice Seedlings Germinated under Water and Their Changes during Air Adaptation

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Respiratory releases of carbon dioxide by aerial parts and roots of field-grown alfalfa and soybeans

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Respiratory response of citrus fruit to ethylene treatment

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Respiratory symptoms and preventive aspects in farmers chronically exposed to moldy hay

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Respiratory utilization of 13C-labelled photosynthate in nodulated root systems of soybean plants

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Responder feeding and animal weight control in gilt rearing

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Responder feeding of sows

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Responding to disaster - extreme weather and agriculture in the United Kingdom

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Responding to the contraceptive needs of rural people: a report to Oxfam on Kenya in 1984

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Response capacity of the leaves of monogenic lines of the wheat variety Marquis differing in resistance to the pathogen causing stem rust

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Response curves of Jerseys in early lactation to increasing dietary whole cottonseed

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Response functions revisited

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Response in liveweight and carcase gain to type of anabolic agent and repeat implantation of steers and heifers on feedlot

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Response in yearling steers to Synovex-S, Synovex-S plus Synovex-H and Synovex-S plus Finaplix

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Response models and minimal designs for mixtures of n of m items useful for intercropping and other investigations

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Response of 'Balady' orange to macro- and microelement fertilization in Egypt

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Response of 3 chickpea genotypes to 4 plant densities

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Response of 32 bermudagrass clones to reduced light intensity

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Response of A632 type maize inbred lines in hybrid combination to leaf freckles and wilt caused by Clavibacter michiganense susp. nebraskense

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Response of Acacia karoo trees to intensity of defoliation at different phenophases in a South African savanna

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Response of Barbari goats to supplemental feeding of Leucaena leuccephala (Subabul)

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Response of Bengal gram to agronomic inputs under late sown conditions

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Response of Bengal gram to soil moisture regimes at sowing and fertilizers

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Response of Bermudagrass biotypes to selected herbicides

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Response of Bromus catharticus to organic fertilizer on boulbene soils in the southwest

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Response of Callitris intratropica R.T. Baker & H.G. Smith to fire protection, Murgenella, northern Australia

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Response of Centrosema pubescens Benth. to inoculation with vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus and rock-phosphate solubilizing microorganisms in rock-phosphate amended growing media

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Response of F1, all-male hybrids following different methods of infection with Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. asparagi

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Response of Florunner peanut to water stress levels induced through irrigation timing by canopy temperature

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Response of Galleria mellonella (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) and Tenebrio molitor (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae) to Spiroplasma citri inoculation

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Response of German cockroaches to a dispersant and other substances secreted by crowded adults and nymphs (Blattodea: Blattellidae)

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Response of Hordeum distichon cv. Igri (2-row) and H. hexastichon cv. Plaisant (6-row) winter barley to foliar applications of chlormequat

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Response of Japanese mint to nitrogen, irrigation and straw mulching on a sandy-loam soil of Punjab

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Response of Lee 74 soybean to irrigation in Arkansas

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Response of Lotus rhizobia to acidity and aluminium in liquid culture and in soil

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Response of Magsanaya upland rice in an acidic upland area to lime and fertilizer

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Response of Mahsuri variety of rice to different levels of plant spacings and nitrogen fertilization

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Response of Medicago sativa and maize to mineral fertilizers and sewage water using underflow irrigation

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Response of Mexican, West Indian and Guatemalan avocados to soils with different calcium carbonate contents

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Response of NPK levels and spacing on the yield of maize (Zea mays) under rainfed agro-climatic condition of Nagaland

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Response of Nicotiana tabacum varieties in interspecific hybridization

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Response of Old World bluestem (WW 5.7) and Ermelo weeping lovegrass to fertilization, irrigation, and defoliation

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Response of Orius similis Zheng to the density of Aphis gossypii Glover

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Response of Oryctes rhinoceros larvae to infection by Oryctes baculovirus

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Response of Pensacola bahiagrass (Paspalum notatum Flugge) to fertilizer nitrogen on an Entisol and a Spodosol in north Florida

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Response of Pensacola bahiagrass on a Florida Spodosol to nitrogen sources and times of application

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Response of Phaseolus vulgaris to inoculation with Rhizobium phaseoli under two tillage systems in the Dominican Republic

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Response of Pinus and Quercus species to simulated sea water sprays with or without surfactants

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Response of Pinus sylvestris L. to fires in Transbaikal region

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Response of Plagithmysus bilineatus Sharp (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae) to healthy and stressed ohia trees

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Response of Plasmodium falciparum to chloroquine in hospital patients at Muheza, Tanzania

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Response of Plasmodium falciparum to quinine in hospital conditions in a region of chloroquine resistance (Bujumbura, Burundi)

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Response of Schefflera to variations in irrigation procedure

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Response of Sesamum varieties to Antigastra catalaunalis Duponchel

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Response of Siratro to vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: I. selection of effective vesicular-arbuscular fungi in amended soil

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Response of Siratro to vesicular-arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: II. efficacy of select vesicular-arbuscular fungi at different phosphorus levels

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Response of Sitanion hystrix (Nutt.) J.G. to prescibed burning

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Response of Sorghum halepense to infection with loose kernel smut

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Response of Tainan selection No. 2 asparagus seedlings to three Glomus endomycorrhizal fungi

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Response of Trifolium repens in a mixed grass sward in lower Normandy. II. Physiological studies in a pure sward

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Response of UK milk producers to the imposition of production quotas

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Response of Upper Amazon Hybrid bulk cocoa to N, P and K fertilizers on latosol

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Response of Vigna radiata to SO2 and NO2 pollution

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Response of Zeiraphera canadensis (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Olethreutinae) to candidate sex attractants and factors affecting trap catches

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Response of Zn to some crops grown in loamy sand soils of Haryana

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Response of a brush-tailed possum population to intensive trapping

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Response of a cattle dung methane fermentation to nickel

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Response of a grassland community of the Salado river depression and especially of Ambrosia tenuifolia to application of selective herbicides

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Response of a kauri stand to fertilizer addition and thinning

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Response of a laboratory strain of the face fly to seasonal changes in manure quality

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Response of a mixed cover crop (Calopogonium mucunoides + Centrosema pubescens + Pueraria phaseoloides) to liming. I. Glasshouse experiment

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Response of a poor-site western redcedar stand to precommercial thinning and fertilization

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Response of a red fescue-Kentucky bluegrass turf to three consecutive annual applications of amidochlor, mefluidide, and ethephon

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Response of a sweet potato variety to levels of nitrogen and potassium applied at planting

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Response of a wheat based crop sequence to phosphorus and manganese application

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Response of a wheat collection to infection by Tilletia spp

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Response of adult channel catfish to waterborne exposures of channel catfish virus

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Response of advanced breeders' material to shootfly incidence

Kitten, W.F.; Bridge, R.R.; Laster, M.L., 1987:
Response of advanced breeding lines of cotton to early season tarnished plant bug injury

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Response of alfalfa and birdsfoot trefoil to shoot removal and root anoxia

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Response of alfalfa grown on acid soil to different chemical amendments

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Response of an early seral dominant alpine grass and a late seral dominant alpine forb to N and P availability

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Response of an endomycorrhizal fungus in Allium porrum L. to different concentrations of the systemic fungicides, metalaxyl (RidomilReg.) and fosetyl-Al (AlietteReg.)

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Response of an insect herbivore to host plants grown in carbon dioxide enriched atmospheres

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Response of apple trees to soil applications of phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium

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Response of azalea (Rhododendron obtusum) cultivars to sethoxydim and fluazifop-P

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Response of azalea cultivars to Fusilade 2000

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Response of azolla to some herbicides

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Response of banana to drip irrigation, water amounts and fertilization regimes

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Response of barley cultivars to row spacing under dryland conditions

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Response of barley seedlings to nitrogen and phosphorus rates on soils with various fertility levels

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Response of barley to excess water application

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Response of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) cultivars to parasitism by Meloidogyne javanica and M. incognita (Nematoda: Heteroderidae)

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Response of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) to a partially acidulated rock phosphate. I. Greenhouse studies using a red-yellow latosol

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Response of bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) to a partially acidulated rock phosphate. II. Greenhouse studies using a dark red latosol

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Response of bean calli to filtrate from Pseudomonas syringae pv. phaseolicola and correlation with whole plant disease reaction

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Response of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) cv. ICA-Pijao to nitrogen fertilizer in the presence of indigenous soil Rhizobium strains

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Response of foliage plants to fertilizer application rates and associated leachate conductivity

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Response of foliage plants to minimum temperatures and fertilizer levels

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Response of gerbera to irrigation with warm water in the winter

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Response of gerbera to root zone heating in soil and gravel substrates

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Response of groundnut to fungicide sprays at different levels of phosphorus fertilizer

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Response of growing turkeys to dietary fat

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Response of heat stressed broilers to variation in the frequency of potassium chloride supplementation

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Response of high yielding varieties of sorghum under varying levels of fertility and plant density

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Response of high-producing cows given daily injections of recombinant bovine somatotropin from D 30-296 of lactation

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Response of hybrid maize (Ganga Safed-2) to various levels of irrigation and potash

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Response of immature ears of different spring wheat varieties in vitro

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Response of in situ soil to dynamic penetration

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Response of inbred lines of Capsicum to root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne spp.)

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Response of indigenous maize germplasms to heavy natural infestation of shoot fly species, Atherigona soccata Rondani and A. naqvii Steyskal, in spring season

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Response of indigenous rice cultures against sheath rot under artificial inoculation

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Response of individual plant units to grazing herbivores in three management systems

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Response of input and output of water and chloride to clearing for agriculture

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Response of irrigated maize to nitrogen management

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Response of irrigated wheat to N, P and K fertilizers in the Nigerian savanna

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Response of isolated rat jejunum to angiotensin peptides

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Response of jute crop to potassic fertilization under soil moisture stress

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Response of jute to micronutrients under alluvial tract of north eastern Uttar Pradesh

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Response of laying hens to choline when fed practical diets devoid of supplemental sulfur amino acids

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Response of laying hens to mash and pellet diet portions containing various nutrient combinations

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Response of leaf ontogeny and photosynthetic activity to reproductive growth in cotton

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Response of leaffolder LF Cnaphalocrocis medinalis G. to extracts of resistant Oryza sativa and O. brachyantha

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Response of lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.) to nitrogen and phosphorus fertilization under changing rainfall conditions

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Response of lentil Lens culinaris to phosphate, molybdenum and Rhizobium applications on yield and yield components at dryland conditions

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Response of lentil cultivars to spacing and seeding rate

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Response of lentil to NPK application in the wet temperate zone of AP

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Response of lentil to VA mycorrhizal inoculation and plant available P levels of unsterile soils

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Response of lentil to seeding rates and fertility levels under semi-arid conditions

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Response of lettuce (Lactuca sativa) plants to various treatments with lignite

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Response of linseed to nitrogen, phosphorus and sulphur application in sandy loam soil

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Response of loblolly pine to release from bermudagrass competition

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Response of loblolly pine to sewage sludge application: water relations

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Response of lucerne genotypes to different fertility levels under irrigated conditions

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Response of maize cultivars to sowing in the winter

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Response of maize to applied potassium in some salt affected soils of Haryana

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Response of maize to ploughing depth and listing

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Response of maize to three short-term periods of waterlogging at high and low nitrogen levels on undisturbed and repacked soil

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Response of major economic crops (rice, wheat and mustard) to balanced fertilizer application in Bangladesh

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Response of male brown bullhead catfish, Ictalurus nebulosus Lesueur, to gonadotropin-releasing hormone and gonadotropin

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Response of muscle protein turnover to insulin after acute exercise and training

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Response of new lucerne varieties to the methods of stand establishment and utilization

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Response of nitrogen in TS-72 (Kalyania) cultivar of Brassica campestris

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