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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1677

Chapter 1677 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Posharnikov, F. V.; Ivanovskii, V. P., 1986: Results of tests of seed drills for line-seedspot sowing of forest seeds

Bobryshev, F. I.; Zubov, A. E.; Eiges, N. S.; Kostin, V. I., 1986: Results of tests on mutant forms of winter wheat in the Stavropol' area

Rudolph, V.; Makosz, E.; Szabo, A.; Ivanov, A. J.; Harant, M., 1986: Results of the Interfragaria 1 strawberry trial

Anonymous, 1987: Results of the 12th evaluation of finishing performance, carcasses and meat quality of pigs produced by selection and crossbreeding schemes

Hurle, K.; Kemmer, A.; Zwerger, P., 1988: Results of the 14th German conference on questions of weed biology and control, 1-2 March 1988 in Stuttgart-Hohenheim

Anonymous, 1988: Results of the 14th evaluation of finishing performance, carcasses and meat quality of terminal crossbred pigs produced by selection and crossbreeding schemes

Nilson, E. B., 1985: Results of the 1984 farm weed control needs assessment survey

Tittmann, G.; Gotze, S.; Bonitz, W., 1987: Results of the 2nd Random Sample Laying Test in the German Democratic Republic in 1985-86

Delon, R., 1988: Results of the CORESTA collective experiment on the pathogenicity of tobacco blue mould in 1987

Delon, R., 1985: Results of the Coresta collaborative experiment on the pathogenicity of tobacco blue mold in 1985

Heiss, E., 1986: Results of the German Agricultural Society's (DLG) testing of butter in 1986

Gupta, S. C., 1987: Results of the SADCC/ICRISAT trials and nurseries for the year 1985-86 and the proposed program for the rainy season 1986-87

Gohler, F.; Drews, M.; Brunko, W., 1986: Results of the application of hydroponic techniques in the GDR to reduce production costs

Tarkowski, J., 1986: Results of the black and white dairy cattle improvement in the South-Eastern Poland region

Baum, N.; Frank, C.; Bonitz, W.; Thierbach, K. H., 1986: Results of the breeding programme for 1981-85 and further breeding tasks for intensification of production

Manninen, J.; Pietainen, P.; Pirinen, U., 1987: Results of the breeding project at Juga

Ponchet, J., 1986: Results of the common research programme on cortical canker of Cupressus

Oschika, E.; Roschke, C., 1987: Results of the completion of the sheep production breeding programme in 1986

Gheorghe, M.; Brudea, V.; Banita, E.; Enica, D., 1985: Results of the control of the flax flea beetle (Aphtona euphorbiae Schrank) through chemical seed treatment

Hieke, F.; Muller Motzfeld, G.; Behne, L., 1986: Results of the expedition to Albania of the German Institute of Entomology in 1961. 99th contribution. Coleoptera: Carabidae

Schwark, H. J.; Schmalfuss, R.; Golze, M.; Planitzer, W., 1988: Results of the fattening of short-scrotum bulls, bulls and steers

Nikol' skii, B. V., 1986: Results of the first backcross of a Ribes nigrum X R. americanum hybrid to black currant cultivars

Marca, O. la, 1986: Results of the first five years of a study on experimental thinning of Douglas fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) stands

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676023

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676024

Twardowski, H.; Kopczewski, A., 1986: Results of the histopathological examination of leukotic cattle in the Gdansk and Elblag provinces

Sukhareva, N. B.; Klipko, V. P., 1984: Results of the hybridization of Virginian strawberry with garden strawberry

Hansmann, S.; Wolf, M., 1986: Results of the inclusion of male progeny in computer-based breeding value evaluation of sheep

Vstovskaya, T. N., 1985: Results of the introduction of North American species of woody plants into Siberia

Wrann H, J.; Barros R, D. (Barros Ramirez, D), 1980: Results of the introduction of tree species in Llanquihue province, Region X, Chile

Litvinenko, R. M.; Maksimov, A. P., 1986: Results of the introduction of woody plants in the western part of the South Coast of the Crimea

Jurasek, V., 1986: Results of the laboratory examinations of parasitoses in the animals of Mozambique V. Dogs and cats

Jurasek, V., 1986: Results of the laboratory examinations of parasitoses in the animals of Mozambique. I. Introduction

Jurasek, V., 1986: Results of the laboratory examinations of parasitoses in the animals of Mozambique. II. Cattle

Jurasek, V., 1986: Results of the laboratory examinations of parasitoses in the animals of Mozambique. III. Goats

Jurasek, V., 1986: Results of the laboratory examinations of parasitoses in the animals of Mozambique. IV. Horses and donkeys

Jurasek, V., 1986: Results of the laboratory examinations of parasitoses in the animals of Mozambique. VI. Swine

Ivancsics, J.; Papp, M., 1985: Results of the latest blood-typing in a closed Yellow Hungarian breed serving as a gene reserve

Baltazar, R. S.; Blancou, J.; Artois, M.; Bailly, J.; Dardaine, A., 1987: Results of the oral administration to sheep of two vaccines containing a modified rabies virus (SAD B19) or a recombinant rabies vaccine virus (187XP)

Martinez Higuera, H., 1986: Results of the performance of tree species planted in enrichment rows in Bajo Calima, San Jose del Guaviare and Tumaco, Colombia

Wittig, G.; Weiher, O.; Neumann, W., 1985: Results of the rearing of crossbred calves

Baumung, A.; Breitenstein, K. G., 1987: Results of the research in order to increase the protein content in the milk by means of breeding

Liebig, G.; Schlipf, U.; Fremuth, W.; Ludwig, W., 1984: Results of the study on the incidence of the Varroa mite in Stuttgart-Hohenheim in 1983

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676043

Costacurta, A.; Catalano, V., 1988: Results of the use of certain agronomic methods to improve the morphological and commercial qualities of the very early table grape hybrid Conegliano 199

Andersson, L., 1986: Results of the use of the hybrid DNA technique in livestock and its practical application

Wijsmuller, J., 1986: Results of thinning trials in 1985

Fossum T.W., 1988: Results of thoracic duct ligation in dogs with chylothorax

Baratta, B.; Caruso, T.; Motisi, A., 1986: Results of three years of observations on the flowering biology of cultivar Nocellara del Belice

Asselin, C.; Page, J.; Morlat, R., 1987: Results of three years of study concerning the evidence for soil and climate effects on wine characteristics using sensorial analysis

Favier, J. F., 1986: Results of three years' weed control trials in sunflowers

Piliszczuk, K.; Jozefaciuk, A., 1987: Results of three-year investigations on the yields of cereal crops on erosion-protected fields at Linow

Weise, U., 1987: Results of transplant spacing experiments with various kinds of Norway spruce planting stock in Baden-Wurttemberg

Ulitcheva, I. I., 1987: Results of treating chlorophyll mutants of sunflower with N-nitroso-N-methylurea

Boshnakov, P. I., 1988: Results of treating some tomato varieties with the retardant chlorocholine chloride (CCC) and gibberellic acid (GA3)

Debrot, E. A.; Morales, F.; Anzola, D.; Perlasca, A.; Betancourt, L. A., 1982: Results of trials for virus control in peppers (Capsicum annuum L.) using resistant varieties

Monchiero, M.; Gullino, M. L., 1986: Results of trials in Piedmont on the control of grey mould

Bauckmann, M., 1986: Results of trials of Ribes X nidigrolaria selections under commercial conditions

Kosykh, S. A.; Shoferistov, E. P., 1986: Results of trials of apricot in the northern part of the Crimean steppe

Huber, W., 1987: Results of trials of winter swede rape varieties in the years 1982 to 1986

okic, A.; Lazovic, D.; Vojvodic, R., 1987: Results of trials of winter wheat varieties on the red-brown leached soil of Metohija

Zelenin, V. M.; Slobozhanina, O. A., 1986: Results of trials on beetroots with Foksamid, a complex fertilizer

Zhamba, A. I., 1987: Results of trials on storage of oranges in a gas medium

Ruggeri, A., 1987: Results of trials on the growth of watermelons (Citrullus lanatus Thunb.) in a cold greenhouse

Miele, S.; Campiglia, E.; Paolini, R., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Alto Lazio

Marzi, V.; Sarli, G., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Arco ionico-Metapontino

Bonari, E.; Mazzoncini, M.; Angelini, L., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Coastal Tuscany

Benati, R., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Emilia Romagna

Danuso, F.; Miceli, F., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Friuli

Laureti, D., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Marche

Pruneddu, G., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Sardinia

Poma, I.; D' Alessandro, F., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Sicilian hills

Lombardo, G. M.; Tuttobene, R., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Sicilian plains

Ciriciofolo, E.; Peccetti, G., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Umbria

Berti, A.; Mosca, G., 1988: Results of trials undertaken by the Soia Sub-Progetto of Maf in 1987. Veneto

Vymetal, V.; Rous, D., 1986: Results of trials with barley grown continuously for 12 years

Marfull Sune, J. M., 1986: Results of trials with conservation tillage for spring barley and winter cereals

Pezzi, F., 1985: Results of trials with different types of subsoilers with different adjustments

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676078

Mesa Garcia, J.; Vazquez Cobo, A.; Garcia Torres, L., 1986: Results of trials with zero tillage in wheat, sunflower and Vicia faba in Andalucia

Elliott, J., 1986: Results of two surveys to determina the prevalence of footrot in Tasmania, conducted in 1982 and 1983

Torre, G. della; Cappelli, C., 1985: Results of two year trials on root parasites of tobacco in Umbria

Torregrosa, A.; Gracia, C., 1988: Results of two years of cultivation experience with horticultural crops in Valencia

Bigelli, G.; Ronchi, A. G.; Polidori, E., 1987: Results of two years of trials comparing cauliflower cultivars in the Marche

Pereverzev, D. B.; Privalikhin, G. M.; Dunin, I. M., 1986: Results of using Holstein-Friesian bulls for improving Kholmogor cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676085

Venev, I., 1988: Results of using imported Swedish Large White boars. 1. Litter size and fertility of sows

Shcherbenev, G. Ya, 1987: Results of using induced mutagenesis in apple breeding

Sokolova, V. A., 1986: Results of using mutagens in raspberry breeding

Puchkov, Yu M.; Alfimov, V. A., 1987: Results of using mutants with a defective endosperm in breeding wheat for increased grain protein and lysine contents

Borodina, N. A., 1986: Results of using polyploidy in work with Hippophae rhamnoides

Katsaounis, N.; Zygoyiannis, D., 1986: Results of using the Cher Berrichon breed in Greece for commercial crossing with native breeds

Barth, T., 1986: Results of using the milk progesterone test

Mysina, A. S., 1985: Results of variety trials of fig in southern Uzbekistan

Saidaliev, U. S., 1985: Results of variety trials of pomegranate on the gravelly soils of Fergana province

Strazdinya, V. A., 1987: Results of winter wheat breeding at the Stende Experimental Breeding Station from 1981 to 1985

Koptik, I. K., 1987: Results of winter wheat breeding in Byelorussia

Nevinnykh, V. A.; Nimchenko, P. V.; Sukhoroda, T. I., 1986: Results of work in breeding southern hemp for lack of active cannabinoids

Kalinichenko, V. G.; Kalinichenko, L. N., 1985: Results of work in improving the onion variety Strigunovskii Mestnyi

Fishman, G. M.; Urushadze, U. D., 1987: Results of work on establishing quality standards for persimmon fruits

Abakumenko, A. V., 1986: Results of work on the production of winter bread wheat varieties resistant to rusts and powdery mildew

Podol' skaya, A. P., 1986: Results of work with genetic stocks of maize at the Vavilov Institute of Plant Industry (VIR)

Vogel, G., 1987: Results of yield trials with zucchini (Cucurbita pepo L. var. giromontiina) grown in the open

Heissner, A.; Drews, M.; Konarski, H., 1987: Results on leaf area development of greenhouse cucumbers

Chirita, N.; Henegar, R., 1985: Results on the chemical control of weeds in winter wheat in the Roman area

Dunsing, M.; Gericke, G.; Auerswald, H., 1988: Results on the residue dynamics of metalaxyl in cucumber

Jacob, M.; Folk, G., 1986: Results regarding the occurrence of pathogens in Gerbera production and efficient plant protection measures

Mandersloot, H. J., 1987: Results with Apollo in Dutch apple growing

Muller, M., 1987: Results with CRV and CDA in apple growing

Homeyer, B., 1985: Results with Curaterr for protection against early-season attack by nematodes in maize

Tho, L. L.; Koay, E. S. C.; Thai, A. C.; Candlish, J. K., 1987: Results with a fructosamine kit for a group of diabetics in Southeast Asia

Andor, D.; Kallay, E.; Kollar, G., 1987: Results with mechanical harvesting methods of stone fruit in Hungary

Rodriguez, J.; Lacasta, C., 1986: Results with minimum cultivation on clay soils

Keppel, H., 1987: Results with slender spindle trees in different planting systems and various densities under Styrian conditions. 3. Observations and investigations with the apple cv. Jonagold

Scherm, B., 1987: Results with the ELISA used as a supplementary method to the agar gel immunodiffusion test in the diagnosis of enzootic bovine leukosis

Vega, A.; Lopez, E.; Rodriguez, J.; Bou, E., 1985: Results with the cultivar C.172-72 in the provinces of Camaguey and Ciego de Avila

Kaszap, L., 1987: Results, failures, and trends in the application of computers to agriculture

Hesseltine, C. W., 1986: Resume and future needs in the diagnosis of mycotoxicoses

Anonymous, 1986: Resume des Recherches, Station de Recherche, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Quebec

Munshi, V. G.; Sundaram, V., 1985: Resume of studies on effect of agricultural practices on cotton fibre quality

Anonymous, 1987: Resumenes Analiticos sobre Pastos Tropicales

Khaldi, G.; Lassoued, N., 1987: Resumption of ovarian and oestrous activity of Black Thibar ewes post partum: influence of nutritional level and duration of suckling

Anselmi, N., 1986: Resurgence of Cryptodiaporthe populea in Italy

Mukhopadhyay, A. K.; Chakravarty, A. K.; Kureel, V. R.; Shivraj, 1987: Resurgence of Phlebotomus argentipes & Ph. papatasi in parts of Bihar (India) after DDT spraying

Rajak, R. L.; Diwakar, M. C., 1987: Resurgence of cotton whitefly in India and its integrated management

Anonymous, 1987: Resurgence of sucking pests. Proceedings of national symposium

Kritsky, DC.; Kulo, S-D.; Boeger, WA., 1987: Resurrection of Characidotrema Paperna and Thurston, 1968 (Monogenea: Dactylogyridae) with description of two new species from Togo, Africa

Chen, B. Y.; Heneen, W. K.; Jonsson, R., 1988: Resynthesis of Brassica napus L. through interspecific hybridization between B. alboglabra Bailey and B. campestris L. with special emphasis on seed colour

Md Ali Akbar (Akbar, M. A), 1987: Resynthesis of Brassica napus for earliness and daylength insensitivity

Sundberg, E.; Glimelius, K., 1986: Resynthesis of Brassica napus via somatic hybridization: a model for production of interspecific hybrids within Brassiceae

McLaughlin, E. W.; Primo Mandujano, M., 1987: Retail merchandising techniques for fresh apples: impacts and implications

Anonymous, 1985: Retail pack for Hand cheese with a sauce made of vinegar, oil and finely chopped onion

Mortellaro, C. M.; Lazzari, G., 1988: Retained cartilage core in dogs

Little, R. D.; Watt, D. L.; Petry, T. A., 1986: Retained ownership - production and marketing alternatives for cow-calf producers

Davis, E. E.; McGrann, J. M.; Boleman, L. L.; Mies, W. L., 1987: Retained ownership strategies for cattlemen

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676138

Pan, R. C.; Liang, G. J., 1987: Retardation of heading in male sterile and restorer lines using paclobutrazol

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676140

Docke, F.; Rohde, W.; Chaoui, R.; Sturzebecher, J.; Dorner, G., 1987: Retardation of preovulatory desensitization to negative oestrogen feedback: mechanism of the effect of progesterone in 5-day cyclic rats

Ochi, H.; Kuboyama, M.; Shino, K.; Katsukura, Y., 1986: Retardation of senescence by extended intake of Streptococcus lactis cell preparation

Higgins T.J.V., 1987: Retardation of soybean leaf senescence and associated effects on seed composition

Griffiths, I. B.; Hunt, B. W.; Lister, S. A.; Lamont, M. H., 1987: Retarded growth rate and delayed onset of egg production associated with spirochaete infection in pullets

Zhao, Y. J.; Luo, W. H.; Wang, Y. Q.; Xu, R. J., 1987: Retarding effects of epibrassinolide on maturation and senescence of hypocotyl segments of mung bean seedlings

Yahel, H.; Sandler, D., 1986: Retarding the flowering of Narcissus tazetta cv. 'Ziva'

Liu, S. L.; Weber, J. B., 1985: Retention and mobility of AC 252,214, chlorsulfuron, prometryn, and SD 95481 in soils

Cameron, K. C.; Haynes, R. J., 1986: Retention and movement of nitrogen in soils

Bayley, S. E.; Behr, R. S.; Kelly, C. A., 1986: Retention and release of S from a freshwater wetland

Kishor, P. B. K.; Reddy, G., 1986: Retention and revival of regenerating ability by osmotic adjustment in long-term cultures of four varieties of rice

Evans, L. J., 1987: Retention of boron by agricultural soils from Ontario

King, L. D., 1988: Retention of cadmium by several soils of the southeastern United States

Dolgova, M. S.; Ptashkin, A. A., 1986: Retention of calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in sheep as influenced by exogenous calcitonin

Shepovalova, N. N., 1986: Retention of dietary nutrients in cows fed on diets enriched with fat

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676158

Reichlmayr Lais, A. M.; Kirchgessner, M., 1986: Retention of iron in progeny of lead-depleted rats

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676160

Dolgova, M. S., 1986: Retention of major elements in lactating cows on a diet containing thermally treated sunflower oilmeal

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676162

King, L. D., 1988: Retention of metals by several soils of the southeastern United States

Gonzalez Pradas, E.; Lopez Gonzalez, J. de D.; Rey Bueno, F. del; Valenzuela Calahorro, C., 1983: Retention of parathion by homoionic bentonites. I. Kinetics

Kaske, M., 1987: Retention of particles of different density and size in the reticulorumen of sheep

Thompson, W. J.; Ryan, J. J.; Gough, R. H., 1987: Retention of penicillin G in Mozzarella cheese manufactured by a direct acidication procedure

Baez, J.; Fernandez Falcon, M.; Eleizalde, B., 1987: Retention of phosphorus in soils of the Canary Islands as a function of concentration and contact time. I. Equilibrium time of 2 hours

Gentile, G.; Calamosca, M.; Trenti, F., 1987: Retention of radionuclides in cattle exposed to fallout from Chernobyl: the course and usefulness of a model for its prediction

Silva, J. R. C.; Paiva, J. B., 1985: Retention of sediments by contour strings of stones on a Lithosol slope

Singer L., 1988: Retention of skeletal fluoride during bone turnover in rats

Giani, L.; Finke, M., 1987: Retention of some radioactive isotopes (set free by the reactor accident at Chernobyl) in typical north German soils

Schulte Karring, H.; Schroder, D., 1983: Retention of subsoiling effects over twenty years in loess-containing grey loam pseudogleys

Kolychev, N. M., 1987: Retention of virulence of mycobacteria in the environment

Sandstrom, B; Cederblad, A; Kivisto, B; Stenquist, B; Andersson, H., 1986: Retention of zinc and calcium from the human colon

Almond, L., 1987: Rethinking athletics

Catterson, T. M.; Gulick, F. A.; Resch, T., 1987: Rethinking forestry strategy in Africa: experience drawn from USAID activities

Gatchell, C. J., 1987: Rethinking the design of the furniture rough mill

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676182

Neumann, W., 1988: Retinal detachment in the dog

Randall, CJ.; Bygrave, AC.; McLachlan, I.; Bicknell, SR., 1986: Retinal detachment in the pheasant (Phasianus colchicus)

Curtis, R., 1988: Retinal diseases in the dog and cat: an overview and update

Wikstrom, B., 1986: Retinal dysplasia (RD)

Pages, J. P.; Trouillet, J. L., 1986: Retinal lesions in canine babesiosis: ten cases

Peruccio, C.; Pancani, I., 1986: Retinal pigment epithelial dystrophy of the dog. So-called central progressive retinal atrophy (CPRA)

Pepe, I. M.; Schwemer, J.; Paulsen R.; Cugnoli, C., 1984: Retinal-binding protein in the honeybee retina

Callari, D.; Garra, M. L.; Billitteri, A., 1986: Retinoic acid action on D3 hypervitaminosis

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676194

Wrezel, P. W.; Miller, M. S., 1988: Retinol fluorescent assay for denaturation of beta -lactoglobulin

Armstrong, J.; Midwinter, E.; Wynne Harley, D., 1987: Retired leisure: four ventures in post-work activity

Anonymous, 1988: Retired people & holidays. The market for holidays amongst retired people

Anonymous, 1988: Retired people are mobile

Datzer, R., 1988: Retired people in the GFR: a market which is growing and growing

Swiderski, J., 1987: Retirement on individual peasant farms

Jacobs, C., 1988: Retirement: changing habits

Verma, S., 1988: Retractive lugged cage wheels for wetland tractors

Hesse, R.; Fiebig, W., 1987: Retreatment of recyclable sleepers using creosote

North P.F., 1987: Retrieval of data stored in a neutron moisture meter using a portable microcomputer

LeBlanc, J. R., 1986: Retrofit ammonia plants to save energy and up capacity

Trivers, D., 1986: Retrofit of a hog finishing barn to natural ventilation

Brown, A. M.; Hollingworth, L. A.; Vasani, J. S., 1986: Retrofitting pipe reactors in conventional granulation plants

Upadhyaya, S. K.; Gautz, L. D.; Garrett, R. E., 1987: Retrofitting vegetable planters to seed gel encapsulated propagules

Upadhyaya, S. K.; Gautz, L. D.; Garrett, R. E., 1986: Retrofitting vegetable planters to seed gel encapsulated propagules

Debruyne, R., 1987: Retrograde ejaculation in bulls

Hsu W.H., 1987: Retrograde flow of spermatozoa into the urinary bladder of rams

Heywood, L. H.; Wood, A. K. W., 1988: Retrograde oesophageal contractions in the dog

Newman R.C., 1986: Retrograde ureteral catheterization in female dogs

Hirschmann, G. S.; Cespedes, C., 1986: Retrorsin from a Paraguayan herbal tea

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676218

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676219

Saborowski, J.; Hapla, F., 1985: Retrospective discussion on experimental planning for wood quality studies

Reinacher, M.; Frese, K., 1987: Retrospective morphological and immunohistological studies into glomerulonephritis in the dog

Thiel, P. H. van, 1985: Retrospective reflections of a medical parasitologist: experiment and auto-experiment

Maurer, W.; Peters, J., 1985: Retrospective studies of environmental impacts on spruce forests using chemical analysis of growth rings from stem discs

Blais, D.; Coppens, P.; Galand, L.; Marcoux, M.; Vrins, A.; Lavoie, J. P., 1986: Retrospective study of cases of colic in horses referred to the Saint-Hyacinthe veterinary faculty hospital from May 1980 to August 1984

Detilleux, J. C.; Freeman, A. E.; Miller, L. D., 1988: Retrospective study of the enzootic bovine leucosis relationship with two genetic levels in a closed Holstein herd

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676229

Martineau, G. P.; Denicourt, M.; Charette, R.; Lambert, J.; Desilets, A.; Sauvageau, R.; Cousineau, G., 1988: Retrospective survey of atrophic rhinitis and enzootic pneumonia at the central testing station in Quebec. 1. Prevalence and importance of the herd of origin

Goff, S. P., 1986: Retroviral integration and insertional mutagenesis

Sang, H., 1986: Retroviral vectors for the production of transgenic animals

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676233

Abkowitz, J. L.; Holly, R. D.; Grant, C. K., 1987: Retrovirus-induced feline pure red cell aplasia

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676235

Jaenisch, R.; Breindl, M.; Harbers, K.; Jahner, D.; Lohler, J., 1985: Retroviruses and insertional mutagenesis

Section 2, Chapter 1677, Accession 001676238

Anonymous, 1986: Return migration and regional economic problems

Pottinger, R. L., 1987: Return migration and rural industrial employment: a Navajo case study

Anonymous, 1987: Return of Proceedings under the Animal Health Act 1981 for the year 1986

Griffin, G. F.; Saxon, E. C.; Allan, G. E., 1986: Return of fire management to Uluru

Barrow, N. J., 1987: Return of nutrients by animals

Haan, C. T.; Schulze, R. E., 1987: Return period flow prediction with uncertain parameters

Fourcassie, V., 1986: Return to the nest and orientation mechanisms in workers of the red wood ant on the foraging area of a polycalic colony

Chew, T. A.; Ghaffar, R. A., 1987: Returns from maintaining product quality in the Malaysian rice processing system

Dahiya, D. R.; Rao, P., 1985: Returns from weed management in pigeonpea

Hall, S. C.; Oltenacu, P. A.; Milligan, R. A., 1987: Returns to dairy producers under different seasonal production patterns

Badjeck, A., 1983: Returns to primary education in developing countries: Cameroon as an example

Ray, S., 1987: Returns to rural labour in Asia

Leslie, A. J., 1986: Returns to the state as a forest grower

Glasser, W., 1986: Reusable container for beverages

Nilgen, E., 1984: Reusable drink-dispensing container

Wietbrauk, H., 1986: Reusable packaging for liquid milk in the German Federal Republic

Oron, G.; DeMalach, J., 1987: Reuse of domestic wastewater for irrigation in arid zones: a case study

Dajani, M. H., 1988: Reuse of treated wastes for irrigation purposes

Bartone, C. R., 1986: Reuse of wastewater at the San Juan de Miraflores stabilization ponds: public health, environmental and socioeconomic implications

Engel G., 1988: Reuse of wastewater for industrial cooling systems

Fahmy, S. H., 1988: Reuse of wastewater for irrigation in Egypt

Ciuchini, F.; Fischetti, R.; Pistoia, C., 1986: Rev 1 vaccination of sheep by the conjunctival route. I. Occurrence and dynamics of the serological response

Absatirov, G. G.; Abutalipov, A. A.; Amanzholov, B. A., 1987: Revaccinating sheep with Brucella melitensis Rev. 1 vaccine

Watanabe, K., 1986: Revaluation of meiotic chromosome configurations in polyploids. II. Driscoll-Kimber type model and electron microscope data

Masumoto, K.; Yagi, M., 1988: Revaluation of the internal standard method coupled with the standard addition method applied to soil samples by means of photon activity

Chowdhury, N., 1986: Revaluation of women's work in Bangladesh

Rice, F. J.; Siegmund, S. C.; Hull, R. L., 1988: Revamp increases sulfur-recovery capacity at Corpus Christi's Champlin Refining Co

Hansen, O., 1988: Revamp of ammonia plants

Anonymous, 1987: Revamping ammonia converters. A review of technology and experience

Kakadia, B. D.; Dave, H. C., 1987: Revamping of reformers for improved efficiency

Zardi, U.; Pagani, G., 1987: Revamping/retrofitting options for existing ammonia plants to improve energy efficiency

Vollrath, T., 1987: Revealed competitive advantage for wheat

Otsuka, K.; Hayami, Y., 1986: Revealed preference in Japan's rice policy

Ali, R., 1986: Revegetating barren land: the Auroville experience

Simpson, B., 1988: Revegetation and erosion control of subsoils in the UK

Etra, J., 1987: Revegetation and erosion control on harsh sites in Lake Tahoe Basin

Jones J.H., 1987: Revegetation and minesoil development of coal refuse amended with sewage sludge and limestone

Klokk, T.; Ronning, O. I., 1987: Revegetation experiments at Ny-Alesund, Spitsbergen, Svalbard

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