Section 2
Chapter 1,681

Seed spacing and sowing time with winter onions

Vanparijs, L.

Boer en de Tuinder 93(35): 22


Accession: 001680966

In several years' trials with the Avanti on a light sandy soil, the effects were compared of sowing at 8, 6 or 4 kg/ha; the sowing date was 24 Aug., and the bulbs were harvested unripe between 5 and 22 June and ripe between 14 and 30 June. The closest spacing resulted in the greatest plant stand density and the highest returns at both harvests. In trials with Senshyu Yellow sown at 6 kg/ha, the sowing dates compared were 24 Aug., 12 to 17 Aug. and 31 Aug. to 5 Sep.

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