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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1683

Chapter 1683 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Sholokhov, A. I., 1985: Semen production in pigs of a new bacon type, in relation to testis size

Kovalev, M., 1986: Semen production of beef-type bulls

Bekenev, V. A., 1986: Semen production of boars of different breeds in commercial conditions

Sholokhov, A. I.; Ivanova, O. V., 1986: Semen production of boars on a large complex

Hulet, R. M.; Brody, T. B., 1986: Semen quality and fat accumulation in prepuberal and postpuberal male turkeys as affected by restricted feeding

Dubiel, A.; Krolinski, J.; Karpiak, C., 1985: Semen quality in different breeds of rabbits in different seasons

Bhosrekar, M. R.; Purohit, J. R.; Thole, N. S.; Nisal, P. R.; Pande, A. B.; Mangurkar, B. R., 1988: Semen quality of 50% crossbred (Holstein-Friesian X Gir) bulls fed three different levels of digestible crude protein

Stoyanov, V. K., 1987: Semen quality of bulls in relation to iron content of the drinking water

Bhosrekar, M. R.; Joshi, A. G.; Sabne, K. S.; Nagendra, G.; Waghmare, B. S.; Purohit, J. R., 1986: Semen quality of crossbred bulls fed on three different levels of digestible crude protein

Zelenyak, N. K.; Borisyuk, O. L., 1988: Semen quality of intensively reared replacement bulls

Columbus, M. J.; Hooren, D. L. van, 1984: Semi-automatic curing of tobacco in bulk kilns

Khrustaleva, V. V.; Shcherbakov, V. K., 1987: Semi-cultivated type mutants from a Phytophthora-resistant sample of currant tomato

Amir Husin, M. S. (Amir Husni, M. S), 1983: Semi-detailed soil survey of Rantau Panjang Forest Reserve, Batu Arang, Selangor

Kossatz, G.; Lempfer, K., 1985: Semi-dry method for manufacture of gypsum board

Anonymous, 1987: Semi-dwarf rice varieties in the United States

Habtu, F. F.; Samsoe Petersen, L., 1987: Semi-field method for testing side effects of pesticides on adults of the parasitic wasp Encarsia formosa (Gahan) (Hym., Aphelinidae)

Grassotti, A.; Magnani, G., 1985: Semi-forcing of iris bulbs in small tunnels with different cladding materials

Garcia D, G.; Diaz R, S.; Saini O, J. P., 1986: Semi-intensive Suffolk sheep production in an arid area of Central Chile. (1st season)

Laurier, J. P.; Caillebotte, P.; Berard, T., 1984: Semi-mechanized harvesting of a coppice into full- and half-length stems in la Harth

Laurier, J. P.; Berard, T.; Najar, M.; Petit, H., 1984: Semi-mechanized thinning of spruce. Results from 8 years of experience

Terpo, A.; Egyed Balint, K., 1983: Semi-natural woody plants in the Hungarian flora

Parihar, S. B. S.; Misra, S. S., 1986: Semi-synthetic diets for Helicoverpa armigera Hubner

Oliver, M. A.; Webster, R., 1986: Semi-variograms for modelling the spatial pattern of landform and soil properties

Berardo, N., 1983: Semiautomatic determination of polyphenols in forage crops. Short research note

Avetisyan, G. B., 1986: Semicoarse-wooled sheep of Armenia

Arnold E., 1988: Semicontinuous diffusion fermentation of fodder beets for fuel ethanol and cubed protein feed production

Santana, S. O. de; Melo, A. A. O. de; Leao, A. C., 1986: Semidetailed soil survey of the municipality of Itajuipe

Lyfenko, S. F., 1987: Semidwarf varieties of winter wheat

Kikuchi, F., 1986: Semidwarfing genes of high yielding rice varieties in Japan

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682030

Mukhamedgaliev, F. M.; Kroiter, M. K.; Razoznaev, K. M.; Toishibekov, M. M.; Martynov, Yu F., 1988: Semifine-wooled sheep in Kazakhstan

Solar, R.; Kacik, F.; Melcer, I., 1987: Semimicro method for O-acetyl groups determination in wood by means of gas-liquid chromatography

Sigler, D. H.; Kiracofe, G. H., 1988: Seminal characteristics of two- and three-year-old Quarter Horse stallions

Claus, R.; Hoang Vu, C.; Ellendorff, F.; Meyer, H. D.; Schopper, D.; Weiler, U., 1987: Seminal oestrogens in the boar: origin and functions in the sow

Reddy, B. B.; Murty, A. S. N.; Reddy, K. K.; Rao, A. V. N., 1988: Seminal prostaglandins in Murrah buffalo bulls during summer

Anonymous, 1986: Seminar and study tour on the preparation and implementation of forest management plans

Anonymous, 1986: Seminar on Import Management of Chemical Fertilizers (May 5-16, 1986, Helsinki, Finland)

Anonymous, 1985: Seminar on educational assistance to refugees in Central and West Africa, Dakar (Senegal), 19-23 November 1984

Anonymous, 1986: Seminar on educational/cultural policies and strategies for indigenous populations, Lima, Peru, 13-19 November 1985, Report

Anonymous, 1983: Seminar on machines and techniques for forest plant production

Anonymous, 1985: Seminar on occupational health and rehabilitation of forest workers

Anonymous, 1981: Seminar on occupational safety and health and applied ergonomics in highly mechanized logging operations

Anonymous, 1982: Seminar on reducing biomass losses in logging operations

Anonymous, 1986: Seminar on research on African women: what type of methodology? (December 5th-9th, 1983, Dakar)

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682047

Anonymous, 1983: Seminar on silvicultural, technological, economic and other problems connected with the mechanization of thinning operations

Anonymous, 1984: Seminar on techniques and machines for the rehabilitation of low-productivity forest

Anonymous, 1981: Seminar on the maintenance of forest machinery in large- and small-scale forest operations

Anonymous, 1982: Seminar on the management of forest worker training

Anonymous, 1984: Seminar on the milk industry, Athens, 16-20 January 1984

Anonymous, 1982: Seminar on the planning and techniques of transport and its relation to forest operational activities

Anonymous, 1985: Seminar on the technology and mechanization of logging operations in mountainous regions and related environmental problems

Anonymous, 1985: Seminar-workshop on the consequences of small farm mechanization on production, employment and income in the Philippines

Anonymous, 1984: Seminars on the dairy industry, Athens, 5-9 November 1984, Thessaloniki, 12-16 November, 1984

Pepper, V. A.; Nicholls, T.; Oliver, N. P., 1987: Seminatural rearing of Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) in Newfoundland

Villar, J. A.; Pereira, J. J.; Vautier, R.; Smitsaart, E., 1987: Seminovesiculitis. 1. Outbreak in young bulls. Preliminary report

Lampman, RL.; Metcalf, RL.; Anderson, JF., 1987: Semiochemical attractants of Diabrotica undecimpunctata howardi Barber, southern corn rootworm, and Diabrotica virgifera virgifera LeConte, the western corn rootworm (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

Guerin, P. M., 1987: Semiochemicals in insect-plant relations: their application as agents for masking crop colonization by pests

Borden, JH.; Pierce, AM.; Pierce, H. D.; Jr.; Chong, LJ.; Stock, AJ.; Oehlschlager, AC., 1987: Semiochemicals produced by western balsam bark beetle, Dryocoetes confusus Swaine (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Topolko, S.; Munk, M., 1986: Semiquantitative determination of citrinin in feedstuffs I. The investigations of citrinin spreading in the moulded corn

Haridasan, M.; Hill, P. G.; Russell, D., 1987: Semiquantitative estimates of Al and other cations in the leaf tissues of some Al-accumulating species using electron probe microanalysis

Fatmi, M.; Schaad, N. W., 1988: Semiselective agar medium for isolation of Clavibacter michiganense subsp. michiganense from tomato seed

Mulatinho, J. B. F., 1986: Senator Nilo Coelho Irrigation Project (ex-Massangano project)

Williams, D., 1986: Send in the clowns: or managing your marketing

Mangnuson, A.; Block, S. et al., 1985: Senegal agricultural policy analysis: agricultural policy analysis project

Fomum, Z. T.; Ayafor, J. F.; Wandji, J., 1987: Senegalensein, a novel prenylated flavanone from Erythrina senegalensis

Hall, M. A.; Alwan, T.; Miah, M. A. S.; Smith, A. R.; Taylor, J. E., 1986: Senescence

Mohanty, P., 1987: Senescence and heat stress induced alterations of photosynthetic electron transport

Romani, R. J., 1987: Senescence and homeostasis in postharvest research

Mohanasundaram K., 1987: Senescence and its role in soybean productivity

Wang, A. K.; Shao, C. B.; Luo, G. H.; Guo, J. Y.; Liang, H. G., 1988: Senescence and peroxidation of membrane lipid in mitochondria of soyabean hypocotyl

Grierson, D., 1987: Senescence in fruits

Misra, A. N.; Biswal, U. C., 1987: Senescence induced changes in chloroplast absorption spectra of attached and detached leaves, and of isolated chloroplasts in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)

Mayak, S., 1987: Senescence of cut flowers

Lipton, W. J., 1987: Senescence of leafy vegetables

Wardlaw I.F., 1987: Senescence of the flag leaf and grain yield following late foliar and root applications of phosphate on plants of differing phosphorus status

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682086

Wiercx, R., 1986: Senior citizen associations: bingo, coachtrip or pressure group

Hayashida, D. L., 1981: Senior citizens and national parks. An inventory of existing and potential interpretation and visitor services facilities and programs available for senior citizens

Iles, L., 1981: Senior citizens. A growing market for the national parks

Elamin, E. M., 1987: Sennar Research Substation. Entomology

Elamin, E. M., 1987: Sennar Research Substation. Entomology Section

Morel, F., 1986: Senoble, the mark of distributors

Rocha, M. T.; Delgado, L. M., 1986: Senotainia tricuspis in Portugal

Anonymous, 1987: Sensational birth of septuplets

Rossbauer, G., 1986: Sensible fertilizing is not possible without soil investigations

Hallberg, E.; Ahman, I., 1987: Sensillar types of the ovipositor of Dasineura brassicae: structure and relation to oviposition behaviour

Klein, U.; Kehl, M.; Hemberger, J.; Gunzel, A., 1987: Sensillum lymph proteins from insect olfactory hairs.

Klein, U., 1987: Sensillum-lymph proteins from antennal olfactory hairs of the moth Antheraea polyphemus (Saturniidae)

Stafford, J. V.; Young, S. C., 1986: Sensing soil failure mode for dynamic implement control

Forbush, T. D.; Cargill, B. F.; Brook, R. C., 1987: Sensing, monitoring and controlling potato storage environments - a progress report

Parija, S. C.; Mishra, S. R.; Rao, R. S., 1986: Sensitised chick cells in the indirect haemagglutination test for echinococcosis

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682103

Duchateau, N. L.; Verbruggen, A.; Hendricks, F.; Bievre, P. de, 1987: Sensitive determination of traces of boron in waters, fertilizers and geological and biological materials by isotope-dilution mass spectrometry

Zaitsu, K.; Nakayama, M.; Ohkura, Y., 1987: Sensitive flow-injection determination of L-lactate in human blood with immobilized enzyme columns and fluorimetric detection

Yamada, K.; Abe, S.; Katayama, K.; Sato, T., 1988: Sensitive high-performance chromatographic method for the determination of phosphatidic acid

Verhagen, H.; Thijssen, H. H. W.; Kleinjans, J. C. S., 1987: Sensitive high-performance liquid chromatographic method for the routine determination of butylated hydroxyanisole in plasma

Ballarini, G., 1987: Sensitive problems in feeding

Singh, H.; Pearce, K. N.; Creamer, L. K., 1988: Sensitive quantitative assay for milk coagulants in dairy products

Bhaskar, RN.; Govindan, R.; Devaiah, MC., 1987: Sensitiveness of some breeds of silkworm, Bombyx mori L. to kenchu virus disease based on extent of cocooning

Blacklow W.M., 1987: Sensitivities of spring wheat cultivars to chlorsulfuron measured as inhibitions of leaf elongation rates and there were genotype x environment interactions

Piedrahita, R. H., 1986: Sensitivity analysis for an aquaculture pond model

Schroll, R. E.; Schreiber, M. M., 1985: Sensitivity analysis of SETSIM (Setaria simulation)

Wessolek, G., 1983: Sensitivity analysis of a soil water simulation model

Chieng, S. T.; Uziak, J., 1987: Sensitivity analysis of design parameters used in drain spacing equations

Tung, F. L., 1987: Sensitivity analysis of farm income to changes in the economic environment

Schauberger, G., 1988: Sensitivity analysis of the effects of some parameters on the indoor climate of animal housing

Shcherbenev, G. Ya, 1985: Sensitivity and mutability of apple varieties following treatment with gamma radiation

Deak, T.; Nagel, V.; Fabri, I., 1986: Sensitivity and precision of methods for the enumeration of yeasts in wine

Devriese, L., 1988: Sensitivity and resistance to antibiotics of Staphylococcus intermedius strains from dogs in Belgium

Ely, M. L.; Courtney, C. H., 1987: Sensitivity and specificity of Filarochek heartworm antigen test and Dirotect heartworm antibody test for immunodiagnosis of canine dirofilariasis

Solwa Z., 1987: Sensitivity and specificity of a latex agglutination test for detection of cryptococcal antigen in meningitis

Manclark C.R., 1988: Sensitivity and specificity of clinical case definitions for pertussis

Hogan, J. S.; Smith, K. L.; Todhunter, D. A.; Schoenberger, P. S., 1988: Sensitivity and specificity of latex agglutination tests used to identify Streptococcus agalactiae and Staphyloccus aureus isolated from bulk tank milk

Montagna, C. O.; Mirizzi, O., 1987: Sensitivity in vitro of Mycoplasma capricolum to some antibiotics

Baldassi, L.; Fernandes Filho, M.; Moulin, A. A. P.; Hipolito, M.; Murakami, T. O., 1986: Sensitivity in vitro of the principal bacterial agents isolated from subclinical mastitis in the dairying area of Ribeirao Preto, Sao Paulo State

Kowalska, M., 1984: Sensitivity of Ascosphaera apis to chemotherapy in vitro

Wicks, T.; Lee, T. C.; Overton, J., 1987: Sensitivity of Australian isolates of Plasmopara viticola to acylanaline fungicides

Franzle, O., 1987: Sensitivity of European soils related to pollutants

Morgan, R. P. C., 1987: Sensitivity of European soils to ultimate physical degradation

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682139

Goyette, G.; Higgins, R.; Couture, Y., 1987: Sensitivity of Pasteurella multocida, P. haemolytica and Haemophilus somnus isolates to different antibacterial agents

Birchmore, R. J.; Vernie, P.; Russell, P. E.; Buschhaus, H., 1986: Sensitivity of Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides populations to prochloraz

Gallimore, K.; Knights, I. K.; Barnes, G., 1987: Sensitivity of Pseudocercosporella herpotrichoides to the fungicide prochloraz

Korudzhiiski, N.; Tsankova, S.; Karadzhov, S., 1986: Sensitivity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to some disinfectants

Hollomon, D. W.; Carter, G. A.; Kendall, S. J.; Hughes, G., 1987: Sensitivity of Rhynchosporium secalis to triazole fungicides

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682147

Nader Filho, A.; Rossi Junior, O. D.; Schocken Iturrino, R. P.; Amaral, L. A. do, 1986: Sensitivity of Staphylococcus aureus strains, isolated from cases of bovine mastitis, to antibiotics and chemotherapeutics

Ganiere, J. P.; Andre Fontaine, G.; Bourdon, A.; Quiniou, M. A.; Fourichon, C., 1988: Sensitivity of Streptococcus uberis to different antibiotics used in the treatment of bovine mastitis. 1. Determination of the minimal inhibitory concentration

Golikov, A. V.; Dukhanov, V. D., 1985: Sensitivity of Treponema hyodysenteriae to antibacterial preparations

Kumar, N.; Singh, V., 1986: Sensitivity of Vigna sinensis to SO2 pollution

Doke, N.; Shibata, T., 1987: Sensitivity of Xanthomonas campestris pv. citri and some other phytopathogenic bacteria to superoxide, ultraviolet light and methylviologen

Slavchev, G., 1987: Sensitivity of Yersinia species to antibiotics and disinfectants

Chew, T. A.; Ghaffar, R. A.; Salleh, Y., 1988: Sensitivity of a model of the Malaysian rice economy to price and quality parameters

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682157

Stetson, MH.; Sarafidis, E.; Rollag, MD., 1986: Sensitivity of adult male Djungarian hamsters (Phodopus sungorus sungorus) to melatonin injections throughout the day: effects on the reproductive system and the pineal

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682159

Frisina, T. A.; Benson, D. M., 1988: Sensitivity of binucleate Rhizoctonia spp. and R. solani to selected fungicides in vitro and on azalea under greenhouse conditions

Bahia Filho, A. F. C.; Braga, J. M.; Ribeiro, A. C.; Novais, R. F., 1983: Sensitivity of chemical extractants to phosphorus buffering capacity

Vignolo E., 1988: Sensitivity of different cell lines for rabies virus isolation

Spinu, O.; Jebeleanu, L.; Gaboreanu, M.; Craciun, C., 1986: Sensitivity of different methods for detecting rotavirus particles in faeces of diarrhoeic calves

Fabellar, L. T.; Mochida, O., 1988: Sensitivity of different stages of Leptocorisa oratorius Fabricius to monocrotophos

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682169

Kostrzynski, S.; Kostrzynska, M., 1987: Sensitivity of human and animal Streptococcus agalactiae and Staphylococcus aureus strains to some beta-lactam antibiotics

Neviani, E.; Carminati, D.; Giraffa, G.; Carini, S.; Lanzanova, M., 1988: Sensitivity of lactic acid bacteria to lysozyme. I. Impedance measurements

Neviani, E.; Carminati, D.; Giraffa, G.; Carini, S., 1988: Sensitivity of lactic acid bacteria to lysozyme. II. Development of resistance by sensitive strains

Johnson, J. A., 1987: Sensitivity of larvae, pupae, and adults of the driedfruit beetle (Coleoptera: Nitidulidae) to gamma radiation

Nayar, S. K.; Agarwal, R. K.; Nagarajan, S., 1987: Sensitivity of leaf rust resistance genes to temperature in wheat

Evans, J.; O' Connor, G. E.; Seymour, A. R.; Carmichael, A., 1986: Sensitivity of lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.) root nodulation to iprodione (Rovral) fungicide

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682178

Ouweltjes, W.; Schaeffer, L. R.; Kennedy, B. W., 1987: Sensitivity of methods of variance component estimation to culling type of selection

Petkov, R., 1988: Sensitivity of microbiological methods for detecting sulphonamide residues in meat and eggs

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682181

Chalupova, L., 1988: Sensitivity of pea varieties to selected herbicides

Martin G.C., 1988: Sensitivity of peach seedling vegetative growth to paclobutrazol

Sterrett J.L., 1988: Sensitivity of plants to acidic fog

Zenin, I. V., 1985: Sensitivity of porcine strains of Campylobacter coli to antibacterial agents

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682187

Fedorova, L. L.; Kulikova, N. T., 1984: Sensitivity of potato varieties to prometryn

Smajstrla, A. G.; Zazueta, F. S.; Schmidt, G. M., 1987: Sensitivity of potential evapotranspiration to four climatic variables in Florida

Stefanov, M.; Kolev, K.; Stefanov, V., 1987: Sensitivity of poultry strains of Salmonella to bacteriophage O1

Stroganova, I. Ya; Akbaeva, L. M., 1987: Sensitivity of primary cell cultures to bovine respiratory syncytial virus

Myllyniemi H., 1987: Sensitivity of red clover rhizobia to soil acidity factors in pure culture and in symbiosis

Chemineau, P.; Terqui, M., 1986: Sensitivity of reproductive potential to environmental factors in sheep and goats

Gupta K.G., 1987: Sensitivity of rhizobia to different concentrations of carbamates at different temperatures of incubation

Akbar, M.; Senadhira, D., 1988: Sensitivity of rice seedlings to salinity

Dawson, J. O.; Gibson, A. H., 1987: Sensitivity of selected Frankia isolates from Casuarina, Allocasuarina and North American host plants to sodium chloride

Bristow, K. L.; Williams, J., 1987: Sensitivity of simulated infiltration to changes in soil hydraulic properties

Fresneda, J. A., 1985: Sensitivity of six culture media for the detection of Fusarium spp. in seeds

Trandafirescu, M.; Topor, E., 1986: Sensitivity of some apricot varieties to the attack of Stereum purpureum

Salem, A. A.; Elgibaly, S. M.; Hassan, M. S.; Hosein, H. I., 1987: Sensitivity of some diagnostic procedures for brucellosis in cattle

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682203

Parker, M. B.; Gaines, T. P.; Gascho, G. J., 1986: Sensitivity of soybean cultivars to soil chloride

Wanjura, D. F.; Hatfield, J. L., 1986: Sensitivity of spectral vegetative indices to crop biomass

Wanjura, D. F.; Hatfield, J. L., 1987: Sensitivity of spectral vegetative indices to crop biomass

Wilson, M. F.; Henderson Sellers, A.; Dickinson, R. E.; Kennedy, P. J., 1987: Sensitivity of the Biosphere-Atmosphere Transfer Scheme (BATS) to the inclusion of variable soil characteristics

Pannall P.R., 1987: Sensitivity of the direct oxalate oxidase assay of urinary oxalate improved

Roversi, A.; Ughini, V.; Valli, R.; Nasi, F.; Pandini, F.; Libe, A.; Galliano, A., 1987: Sensitivity of the flower buds of 74 peach cultivars to winter frosts

Felber, F., 1987: Sensitivity of the four cytodemes of Anthoxanthum odoratum L. s. lat. (Poaceae) to Puccinia sardonensis Gaumann (Uredinales)

Kneale, P. E., 1987: Sensitivity of the groundwater mound model for predicting mire topography

Bulfield, G.; Isaacson, J. H.; O' Mara, H., 1988: Sensitivity of the oviduct to oestrogens in broiler and layer chickens: differential response in the induction of ovalbumin gene expression

Shehata, N. F., 1984: Sensitivity of the prepupal and pupal stages of Ceratitis capitata (Wied.) to refrigeration

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682215

Mazepa, V. G., 1986: Sensitivity of tree and shrub species to different concentrations of SO2

Gracia Aguila, F. J., 1988: Sensitivity of trickle irrigation emitters and tubes to physical clogging

Dias, R.; Navarro, S., 1987: Sensitivity of two Carpophilus species to low pressure

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682219

Bhatt, G. M.; Sheedi, S. M., 1986: Sensitivity of wheat coleoptile to variation in temperature

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682221

Valdicelli, L.; Neviani, E.; Emaldi, G. C., 1986: Sensitivity of whey proteins to heat treatment

Holzer H., 1988: Sensitivity of yeast glycolytic enzymes to chloroquine

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682224

Nauriyal D.C., 1988: Sensitivity testing and drug trials in clinical mastitis in cows and buffaloes

Burnens, A.; Schar, G.; Wust, J., 1988: Sensitivity testing of mycobacteria, fungi, anaerobes and other fastidious bacteria

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682227

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682228

Junttila, J.; Schildt, R.; Hintikka, E. L., 1987: Sensitivity to antimicrobial drugs of Staphylococcus strains isolated in canine pyoderma

Demakopoulou, M. G.; Georgopoulos, S. G., 1987: Sensitivity to antimitotic compounds in Cercospora beticola isolates from Greece

Gullino, M. L.; Lento, G.; Garibaldi, A., 1986: Sensitivity to benomyl of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. dianthi isolated in Italy over 17 years

Heaney, S. P.; Hutt, R. T.; Miles, V. G., 1986: Sensitivity to fungicides of barley powdery mildew populations in England and Scotland: status and implications for fungicide use

Knyazeva, L. N., 1988: Sensitivity to heat of neuraminidase from human and avian strains of influenzavirus

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682235

Fiaccadori, R.; Gielink, A. J.; Dekker, J., 1987: Sensitivity to inhibitors of sterol biosynthesis in isolates of Venturia inaequalis from Italian and Dutch orchards

Ottosen, C. O., 1987: Sensitivity to mutations as the cause of heterogeneous growth in clones of Nephrolepis exaltata 'Boston'

Bouchard, C.; Tremblay, A.; Despres, J. P.; Poehlman, E. T.; Theriault, G.; Nadeau, A.; Lupien, P.; Moorjani, S.; Dussault, J., 1988: Sensitivity to overfeeding: the Quebec experiment with identical twins

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682239

Birchmore, R. J.; Buckley, E. S.; Browning, S.; Russell, P. E., 1987: Sensitivity to prochloraz and carbendazim of New Zealand isolates of Pseudocercosporella spp

Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682241

Navarro, S.; Donahaye, E., 1987: Sensitization of two Carpophilus spp. exposed to methyl bromide alone, in a mixture with CO2, and at reduced pressure

Terho, E. O.; Vohlonen, I.; Husman, K.; Rautalahti, M.; Tukiainen, H.; Viander, M., 1987: Sensitization to storage mites and other work-related and common allergens among Finnish dairy farmers

Strnad, M.; Kaminek, M., 1985: Sensitized bean first internode bioassay for auxins and brassinosteroids

Sell, M. von; Schubert, H., 1988: Sensitizing Primula species. Measurements of allergen, patch testing and potential cross-reactions

Cox, S., 1987: Sensor development for farm automation in the UK

Hori, T.; Itoh, K. (Japan), 1987: Sensor for measurement by electrical heating

Phillips, P. A.; Leclerc, J. M., 1986: Sensor for monitoring sow drinking

Datta, A. K., 1987: Sensor needs and their development for on-line control of food processing operations

Ross, C. C.; Daley, W. D. R., 1988: Sensor performance in monitoring and control systems for animal housing

Butare, I.; Biemont, J. C., 1987: Sensorial stimuli intervening in the inhibition of oogenesis after cohabitation of two adults of Acanthoscelides obtectus (Say) (Col. Bruchidae)

Laurs, J. J.; Stanghellini, C.; Gieling, T.; Bosma, A. H.; Rossing, W., 1985: Sensoring of physical properties at biological objects for agricultural engineering purposes. A general review of some major efforts of IMAG

Moncaster, M. E., 1988: Sensors

Krause, R.; Peters, H., 1986: Sensors and actuators for speed controlled application by slurry tankers

Parchomchuk, P., 1986: Sensors and controls for irrigation

Giacometti, G.; Santoro, G., 1986: Sensors and instrumentation for field trials on tractors and agricultural machinery

Bruns, H., 1986: Sensors for agricultural applications

Anonymous, 1987: Sensors for agriculture and food processing: a review of research and development in AFRS

Lill R.E., 1987: Sensory analysis of stored asparagus

Fjelkner Modig, S.; Persson, J.; Tornberg, E., 1986: Sensory and biophysical properties of pork

Raynes, R.; Ernstrom, C. A.; Hicks, C. L., 1988: Sensory and curd characteristics of cottage cheese manufactured from 16% total solid retentate

Heaton E.K., 1987: Sensory and objective measures of quality of early harvested and traditionally harvested pecans

Sten' ko, R. P., 1987: Sensory apparatus of 2 species of Microphallus cercariae (Trematoda, Microphallidae)

Sten' ko, R. P., 1987: Sensory apparatus of two species of microphallid cercariae from the Gulf of Kandalaksha, White Sea

Mela, Dj, 1988: Sensory assessment of fat content in fluid dairy products

Ramaswamy, S. B.; Ma, Wai Keung; Baker, G. T., 1987: Sensory cues and receptors for oviposition by Heliothis virescens

Renwick, J.A.A.; Radke, C. D., 1988: Sensory cues in host selection for oviposition by the cabbage butterfly, Pieris rapae

Klein, U.; Bock, C.; Kafka, W. A.; Moore, T. E., 1987: Sensory equipment of the 17-year cicada: structural survey and physiological evidence for olfaction.

Pal, D.; Gupta, S. K., 1985: Sensory evaluation of Indian milk products

Isoda, R.; Akari, I.; Furukawa, K., 1986: Sensory evaluation of Saijo persimmon fruits

Anonymous, 1985: Sensory evaluation of butter

Blazek, J.; Kucera, J., 1986: Sensory evaluation of cold stored Conference pears

Ranganadham, M.; Gupta, S. K., 1987: Sensory evaluation of dahi and yoghurt

Anonymous, 1986: Sensory evaluation of dairy products

Schoffling, H.; Volkers, P., 1987: Sensory evaluation of new grape varieties (Vitis vinifera) in the Mosel-Saar-Ruwer production region

Yau, N. J. N.; McDaniel, M. R.; Bodyfelt, F. W., 1988: Sensory evaluation of sweetened flavored carbonated milk beverages

Koch U.T., 1987: Sensory feedback during active movements of stick insects

Mattes, Rd, 1987: Sensory influences on food intake and utilization in humans

Verschueren, K.; Kranendijk, J. S. M., 1985: Sensory perception in soil pollution studies

Tuorila H., 1986: Sensory profiles of milks with varying fat contents

Lefier, D.; Grappin, R.; Grosclaude, G.; Curtat, G., 1987: Sensory properties and nutritional quality of low-sodium Gruyere cheese

Zhang, D.; Mahoney, A. W., 1988: Sensory quality of iron fortified Cheddar cheese

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Section 2, Chapter 1683, Accession 001682959

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