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Serological studies on goats and dogs in New Zealand for Toxoplasma antibodies with the indirect immunofluorescence test (IFAT) and the latex agglutination test (LAT)

Opel, U.

Serologische Untersuchungen auf Toxoplasma Antikorper mit dem Indirekten Immunfluoreszenztest IFAT und dem Latexagglutinationstest LAT bei Ziegen und Hunden in Neuseeland: 100


Accession: 001682780

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A comparison was made between the LAT and the IFAT when serum samples from 185 goats were examined for T. gondii antibodies. The results with the two tests were qualitatively and quantitatively 98 and 96% in agreement respectively, when the first 2 dilution steps were ignored. For a survey of the infection rate in 298 goats in the North Island, and in view of the good correlation between the IFAT and the LAT, the latter (known as the Toxoreagent-Biken-Test) was chosen for exclusive use because of its greater simplicity. 25% of the serum samples examined showed specific antibody titres of 1:64 or more. Any titres of 1:32 or below were considered to be non-specific.

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