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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1684

Chapter 1684 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Topinkova, E.; Neuwirtova, R.; Sebestik, V., 1987: Serum ferritin values in the elderly

Tremblay, G. F.; Matte, J. J.; Lemieux, L.; Brisson, G. J., 1986: Serum folates in gestating swine after folic acid addition to diet

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683004

Ferlazzo, A.; Omero, A.; Panzera, M.; Catarsini, O.; Zannelli, C., 1984: Serum free amino acids in lactating Comisana ewes

Hui, G. S. N.; Siddiqui, W. A., 1987: Serum from Pf195 protected Aotus monkeys inhibit Plasmodium falciparum growth in vitro

Ropstad E., 1987: Serum fructosamine levels in dairy cows related to metabolic status in early lactation

Meunier F., 1986: Serum fungistatic and fungicidal activity in volunteers receiving antifungal agents

Jo, N.; Garcia, O.; Jara, R.; Garmendia, F.; Nago, A.; Garcia, R.; Hidalgo, H.; Flores, L., 1987: Serum gastrin and gastric acid secretion at high altitude

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683010

Owyang C., 1988: Serum glucose concentration as a modulator of interdigestive gastric motility

Heck, L. J.; Erenberg, A., 1987: Serum glucose levels in term neonates during the first 48 hours of life

Uchiyama T., 1987: Serum haptoglobin levels in canine dirofilariasis

Srivastava, A. K.; Sabir, M., 1987: Serum histaminopexy in different species of animals

Kolhatkar, U. V.; Kapadia, A. C.; Vakil, H. B.; Ghogale, S.; Parker, J.; Merchant, S. M., 1987: Serum immunoglobulin levels in Indian children

Wernicki, A., 1984: Serum immunoglobulins in healthy calves, calves with diarrhoea and calves that had died from colibacillosis

Salim, M. S., 1986: Serum immunoglobulins of schoolchildren infected with S. haematobium

Brown, C. M.; Sonea, I.; Nachreiner, R. F.; Obradovich, J. E., 1987: Serum immunoreactive gastrin activity in horses: basal and postprandial values

El Shebini, S. M.; Hanna, L. M.; Topouzada, S. T.; Mikhail, T. H., 1987: Serum immunoreactive insulin (IRI) and its relationship to obesity, body fat distribution, blood pressure and fasting blood glucose in Egyptian women

Legido, A.; Escanero, J. F.; Elosegui, L. M.; Garagorri, J. M.; Fleta, J.; Abos, M. D.; Sarria, A., 1987: Serum insulin, copper and zinc during oral glucose tolerance test in prepuberal males with childhood nutritional obesity

Camas, H.; Erkal, N., 1984: Serum iron and iron-binding capacity of cattle in the region of Samsun

Shekhawat, V. S.; Bhatia, J. S.; Ghosal, A. K., 1987: Serum iron and total iron binding capacity in camel

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683032

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683035

Kuku, S. F.; Akinyanju, P. A.; Ojeifo, J. O., 1987: Serum levels of gonadotropins, prolactin, and progesterone in infertile female Africans

Agnes, F.; Tozzi, F., 1985: Serum levels of major and trace elements in dairy cows during pregnancy and lactation

Sharawy, S. M.; El Azab, M. A.; Labib, F. M.; Heshmat, H. A., 1987: Serum levels of thyroxin (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) in the normal cycling buffaloes and buffaloes with inactive ovaries before and after PMSG treatment

Vulcano, L. C.; Define, R. M.; Langona, A.; Curi, P. R., 1988: Serum levels of triiodothyronine and thyroxine in pregnant and nonpregnant Landrace and Large White sows

Prinksulaka P., 1987: Serum levels of zinc and copper in normal subjects

Wolfe B., 1987: Serum lipids after stroke

Skibova J., 1987: Serum lipids and apolipoproteins in families of postinfarction men

Flynn, Ma; Nolph, Gb; Osio, Y; Sun, Gy; Lanning, B; Krause, G; Dally, Jc, 1986: Serum lipids and eggs

Norbeck H.E., 1986: Serum lipids and lipoproteins during continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

Schmidt F.H., 1986: Serum lipids and sterol synthesis by hepatocytes from various strains of rats treated with hypolipidemics

Keltai, M.; Karadi, I.; Palik, I.; Romics, L., 1985: Serum lipoprotein lipids and the severity of coronary arteriographic changes in ischaemic heart disease

Osman, O. B.; El Tahtawy, M. Y.; Soliman, H. A., 1987: Serum lipoprotein-cholesterol in hypertensive patients

Shike M., 1987: Serum lipoproteins in home total parenteral nutrition patients

Bauer, J. E., 1987: Serum lipoproteins of rabbits fed semi-purified diets varying in protein and carbohydrate source

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683057

Giesecke, D.; Weise, M.; Seidel, D., 1986: Serum magnesium concentration in myocardial infarction

Thuvasethakul, P.; Wajjwalku, W., 1987: Serum magnesium determined by use of methylthymol blue

Mostafa, M.; Salem, M.; Kenawe, B.; Helal, S.; El Shimi, N.; Gamal, M.; Awad, M., 1984: Serum magnesium in diabetes mellitus

Dave, Dm; Katz, Pr; Gutman, S., 1987: Serum magnesium levels in nursing home patients

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683063

Erickson G.A., 1987: Serum neutralizing antibody titers in dairy cattle administered an inactivated vesicular stomatitis virus vaccine

Yasumura, S.; Aloia, J. F.; Gundberg, C. M.; Yeh, J.; Vaswani, A. N.; Yuen, K.; Monte, A. F. lo; Ellis, K. J.; Cohn, S. H., 1987: Serum osteocalcin and total body calcium in normal pre- and postmenopausal women and postmenopausal osteoporotic patients

Lichtenstein, P.; Gormley, C.; Poser, J.; Tsang, R. C.; Specker, B., 1987: Serum osteocalcin concentrations in infancy: lower values in those fed cow milk formula versus breast feeding

Herd, R. P., 1986: Serum pepsinogen concentrations of ponies naturally infected with Trichostrongylus axei

Ghergariu, S.; Socaciu, C.; Pusscau, V.; Baba, A. I.; Danielescu, N.; Moldovan, N., 1986: Serum pepsinogen, carbonic anhydrase in erythrocytes and fundic gastric mucosa and serum histamine in pigs from weaning to market delivery

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683070

Vuoristo, M.; Tilvis, R.; Miettinen, T. A., 1988: Serum plant sterols and lathosterol related to cholesterol absorption in coeliac disease

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683072

Terho, E. O.; Tupi, K.; Vohlonen, I.; Husman, K., 1987: Serum precipitins against microbes in mouldy hay with respect to the geographical location of the farm and to the work of farmers

Roberts, F. D.; Halliday, J. W.; Cooksley, W. G. E.; Sandford, N.; Karawi, M.; Shahed, M.; Mohamed, A.; Powell, L. W., 1986: Serum procollagen-III-peptide in chronic hepatitis and schistosomiasis

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683075

King G.J., 1986: Serum progesterone concentrations associated with superovulation and premature corpus luteum failure in dairy goats

Dawuda, P. M.; Oyedipe, E. O.; Pathiraja, N.; Voh, A. A, Jr, 1988: Serum progesterone concentrations during the post-partum period of indigenous Nigerian zebu cows

Oliveira, C. A.; Pereira da Silva, J. A.; Vuono, L. de; Monteiro, R. A., 1988: Serum progesterone levels in Nelore cows after the breeding season

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683081

Verma U.L., 1987: Serum prolactin levels during contraction stress test done by the breast pump

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683083

Esimov, B. K.; Omarov, B. S., 1987: Serum protein and haematological changes in pigs with experimental sarcosporidiosis

Burya, V. V.; Slabitskii, Ya I., 1985: Serum protein and protein fractions in sows given lysine and sodium sulphate

Rajora, V. S.; Raina, A. K.; Sharma, R. D.; Bhupender Singh, 1986: Serum protein changes in buffalo calves experimentally infected with Trypanosoma evansi

Alemany M., 1987: Serum protein changes in cafeteria mice induced by starvation

Herd, R. P.; Kent, J. E., 1986: Serum protein changes in ponies on different parasite control programmes

Copland, R. S., 1986: Serum protein changes in young Merino sheep affected with cutaneous myiasis

Orwoll, Es; Weigel, Rm; Oviatt, Sk; Meier, De; Mcclung, Mr, 1987: Serum protein concentrations and bone mineral content in aging normal men

Manji, B. S., 1987: Serum protein denaturation and age gelation in sterilized milks

Bayoumi, M. T.; Assad, F.; Nassar, A. M.; Baky, S. M. A. el, 1986: Serum protein electrophoresis in different physiological stages in ewes

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683093

Ghani, S. A.; Rashad, R.; El Masry, N. K.; Awadalla, F.; Moustafa, A.; El Saharty, M., 1987: Serum protein patterns in chronic lymphatic filariasis

Betschart, B.; Rieder, H. P.; Gautschi, K.; Savigny, D. de; Degremont, A. A.; Tanner, M., 1987: Serum proteins and zinc as parameters to monitor the health of children in a rural Tanzanian community

Webb K.E.Jr, 1987: Serum proteins as carriers of amino acids to and from the hindlimbs of fed and fasted calves

Bailey A., 1986: Serum retinol and subsequent risk of cancer

Butruk E., 1987: Serum retinol level in patients with colorectal premalignant and malignant lesions

Thomassen Y., 1988: Serum selenium concentration associated with risk of cancer

Koskinen, T; Pyykko, K; Kudo, R; Jokela, H; Punnonen, R., 1987: Serum selenium, vitamin A, vitamin E and cholesterol concentrations in Finnish and Japanese postmenopausal women

Kok, F. J.; Bruijn, A. M. de; Vermeeren, R.; Hofman, A.; Laar, A. van; Bruin, M. de; Hermus, R. J. J.; Valkenburg, H. A., 1987: Serum selenium, vitamin antioxidants, and cardiovascular mortality: a 9-year follow-up study in the Netherlands

Kinoshita, S.; Tojo, H.; Osada, N.; Oota, T.; Satou, Y.; Hirasawa, H.; Tanaka, K.; Koizumi, H.; Takada, T.; Aoki, S., 1987: Serum sialic acid and glycoprotein levels in bovine leukosis

Corbeil L.B., 1987: Serum susceptibility of bovine pasteurellas

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683108

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683109

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683110

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683111

Dahlstrom, Ka; Ament, Me; Medhin, Mg; Meurling, S., 1986: Serum trace elements in children receiving long-term parenteral nutrition

Okoye, Z. S. C.; Neal, G. E., 1987: Serum transaminases and glucose as sensitive indices for monitoring development of lesions induced by dietary aflatoxin B1

Urushizaki I., 1987: Serum transferrin receptor as a new index of erythropoiesis

Parmentier, Y.; Osifo, B. O. A.; Laditan, A. A. O.; Gerard, P.; Nicolas, J. P., 1986: Serum transport of vitamin B-12 in malnourished children

Pereira G.R., 1987: Serum transthyretin levels and protein intake as predictors of weight gain velocity in premature infants

Luba N.K., 1987: Serum triiodothyronine and thyroxine concentrations in weanling horses fed carbohydrate by direct gastric infusion

Klein, B.; Schmidt, B.; Zucker, H., 1987: Serum urea determinations in dairy herds for evaluating protein and energy supply

Zamani, V.; Ozsoylu, S.; Sakall, F.; Laleli, Y., 1986: Serum vitamin B12 concentrations in children

Thuillier Juteau, Y.; Jaudon, M. C.; Clavel, J. P.; Delattre, J.; Galli, A., 1987: Serum zinc and copper in hypercholesterolaemia

D' Ocon, C.; Alonso de Armino, V.; Frasquet, I., 1987: Serum zinc and copper values in a diabetic population

Canagaratna, M. C. P.; Vaz, S. M.; Silva, M. S. de; Fonseka, C.; Herath, C. A.; Ramachandran, S., 1985: Serum zinc in myocardial infarction

Gultekin, A., 1986: Serum zinc in schoolchildren 6 to 17 years old

Hoyer H., 1986: Serum zinc levels during oral glucocorticoid therapy

Skulchan, V.; Kritalugsana, S.; Ruangsomboon, O.; Pringsulaka, P., 1987: Serum zinc levels in Thai cancer patients

El Hawy, A. M.; Safwat, M.; El Nasr, S. S.; Abdel Rahman, M. M.; El Sayed, A. B. M.; Omran, A. A., 1988: Serum zinc, copper, magnesium and iron in cases of Ancylostoma anaemia in Egypt

Tiard, M., 1986: Service areas for motor caravans

Kaminski Morris, P., 1987: Service brokerage and recreation: one model

Tshering, D.; Tenzin, D. D.; Norbu, J.; Dey, J., 1986: Service centres and area development projects

Holz, W.; Eggers, H.; Otto, F., 1988: Service condition of agricultural tractors

Manirojana, P., 1986: Service delivery system of the agricultural sector in Thailand: alternatives and structural adjustments for development

Pickworth, J. R., 1988: Service delivery systems in the food service industry

Anonymous, 1986: Service industries: their importance in the economy

Novotny, F., 1987: Service life characteristics of mobile farm machinery

Karlov, L. I.; Burdukov, Yu V., 1987: Service life of tractors and agricultural machines

Das, G. C.; Das, D.; Aziz, A., 1987: Service period, conception rate and breeding efficiency of Jersey cows in Assam

Klapkova, H., 1988: Service workers' material incentives and the effect on farm results

Watt, R., 1987: Services for the disabled in heritage areas: a manager's perspective

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683152

Kraus, R., 1987: Serving ethnic minorities: a submerged issue?

Assifi, N. M., 1988: Serving rural communities through a population program

Viswanathan, S.; Dignam, J. D., 1988: Seryl-tRNA Synthetase from Bombyx mori, purification and properties

Choudhury A.K., 1984: Sesame and soybean as companion crops

Wysoki, M.; Melamed Madjar, V., 1986: Sesamia nonagrioides on persimmon in Israel

Jayaraj, T.; Ramakrishnan, V., 1986: Sesamum: seed recovery percent as influenced by application of pesticide spray

Sampet, C.; Pattaro, V., 1987: Sesbania grandiflora, Gliricidia maculata and Leucaena leucocephala as fodder crop

Ranvir Singh; Singh, B. P.; Kumar, B.; Chand, D., 1988: Sesbania rostrata: a promising source of bio-fertilizer

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683163

Grigoryuk, G. P.; Khan, V. A.; Kislitsyn, A. N.; Pentegova, V. A.; Bazyl' chik, V. V.; Fedorov, P. I., 1987: Sesquiterpene and diterpene hydrocarbons in resinous stumpwood extractives of Scots pine (Pinus silvestris)

Takaishi, Y.; Ujita, K.; Nakano, K.; Murakami, K.; Tomimatsu, T., 1987: Sesquiterpene esters from Tripterygium wilfordii Hook Fil. var. regelii, structures of triptofordins A-C-1

Adegawa, S.; Miyase, T.; Fukushima, S., 1986: Sesquiterpene glycosides from Youngia denticulata (Houtt.) Kitam

Kepner, R. E.; Ellison, B. O.; Muller, C. J., 1975: Sesquiterpene hydrocarbons in needles of Pseudotsuga menziesii

Bellido, I. S.; Medarde, M.; Caballero, E.; Feijoo, A. R.; Gordaliza, M., 1988: Sesquiterpene lactones from Leucanthemopsis pectinata

Ovezdurdyev, A.; Zakirov, S. Kh; Yusupov, M. I.; Kasymov, Sh Z.; Abdusamatov, A.; Malikov, V. M. , 1987: Sesquiterpene lactones of two Artemisia species

Elakovich, S. D., 1987: Sesquiterpenes as phytoalexins and allelopathic agents

Garcia G, E.; Mendoza, V.; Guzman B, J. A., 1988: Sesquiterpenes from Perezia longifolia

Matos, M. E. O.; Sousa, M. P. De; Matos, F. J. A.; Craveiro, A. A., 1988: Sesquiterpenes from Vanillosmopsis arborea

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683185

Piovetti, L.; Diara, A., 1977: Sesquiterpenes of Cupressus dupresiana

Willuhn, G.; Schneider, R., 1987: Sesquiterpenes, triterpenes and sterines from the flowers of Heterotheca inuloides (Mexican arnica)

Spring, O., 1986: Sesquiterpenlactones from Helianthus annuus

Oyarzun, M. L.; Garbarino, J. A., 1988: Sesquiterpenoids from Pilgerodendron uvifera

Mutungirehe, I. et al., 1988: Session 1: General aspects

Munyarugerero, G. et al., 1988: Session 2: Relations between site and growth of plantations

Munyonge, A. et al., 1988: Session 5: Socioeconomic aspects of plantations

Habiyambere, T. et al., 1988: Sessions 3 and 4: Management and silviculture of plantations

Ervin, D. E., 1988: Set aside programmes: using US experience to evaluate UK proposals

Anonymous, 1988: Set for revival

Lebrun, V., 1987: Set stocking?or paddock grazing?

Anonymous, 1988: Set to serve

Potter, C.; Gasson, R., 1987: Set-aside and land diversion: the view from the farm

Bowers, J., 1987: Set-aside and other stories

Burnham, P.; Green B.; Potter, C., 1986: Set-aside as an environmental and agricultural policy instrument

Burnham, C. P.; Green, B. H.; Potter, C. A. et al., 1988: Set-aside as an environmental and agricultural policy instrument. A summary report

Anonymous, 1988: Set-aside of farmland

Potter, C., 1987: Set-aside: friend or foe?

Bharadwaj, N.; Saxena, JK.; Ghatak, S.; Singh, C., 1986: Setaria cervi: immobilization and kinetic properties of lactate dehydrogenase

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683206

Kumar, S., 1987: Setaria cervi: metabolism IV. Ribonucleotide biosynthesis from 14C-labelled glucose in microfilariae

Oram, R. N., 1986: Setaria sphacelata (Schumach.) Moss var. sericea (Stapf) Clayton (setaria) cv. Solander (Reg. No. A-8a-5)

Belo Correia, A. L.; Costa, M. F., 1986: Setaria verticillata (L.) P. Beauv. and Setaria adhaerens (Forssk.) Chiov. - I

Anonymous, 1986: Setbacks in export of milk products

Burdick, B., 1985: Sethoxydim + 2,4-D tank mixes for burndowns in no-till soyabean production

Cramer, G. C., 1986: Sethoxydim for grass weed control in alfalfa

Wiley, D. C.; Oliver, G. R.; Lambert, C.; Pearson, J. O., 1987: Sethoxydim for use in alfalfa

Evans, J. R., 1986: Sethoxydim for weed control in centipedegrass

Butler, J. H. B., 1986: Sethoxydim herbicide in red fescue and bentgrass: levels and mechanisms of selectivity

Stewart, W., 1986: Sethoxydim post directed in corn

Buhner, T.; Gocht, H., 1987: Setting aside farmland - a way of solving problems associated with surpluses and the environment

Taylor, R. W., 1987: Setting control chart limits using unequal tolerance limits when controlling board dimensions in South African sawmills

Matthews, Le, 1986: Setting goals in nutrition care planning

Cigler, B. A., 1987: Setting smalltown research priorities: the service delivery dimension

Patskalev, A., 1986: Setting standards of capital investment in the agroindustrial sector

Kelly, G. P., 1987: Setting state policy on women's education in the Third World: perspectives from comparative research

Marcus, A. I., 1987: Setting the standard: fertilizers, state chemists, and early national commercial regulation, 1880-1887

Arlington, M., 1984: Setting up a dairy unit from scratch

Thorkelson, M., 1987: Setting up an adult ESL program in the Fiji Islands

Legris, B., 1987: Setting up and exit of farms by age of farmer manager between 1979-83

Blanc, M.; Perrier Cornet, P., 1987: Setting up and renewal of family farming

Daniel, C.; Bonnot, F., 1987: Setting up experiments in oil palm and coconut plantations. III. Statistical considerations

Tolkachev, L. N., 1986: Setting up stand density standards for oak plantations depending on the method of establishment

Ellinger, W., 1987: Setting up statistics on stocks of vegetables in the GFR

Krupper, H.; Uhlmann, S., 1987: Setting up work norms in crop and livestock production

Collins, J. L.; Painter, M., 1986: Settlement and deforestation in Central America: a discussion of the development issues

Pojmanska, T.; Uchmanski, J., 1987: Settlement and regulation of infrapopulation density of Leucochloridium paradoxum Carus, 1835 (Digenea, Leucochloriidae) in experimental chicks

Rahmato, D., 1988: Settlement and resettlement in Mettekel, Western Ethiopia

Lane, P. J., 1987: Settlement as history: a study of space and time among the Dogon of Mali

Dariichuk, Z. S., 1986: Settlement of weakened by rot Norway spruce trees in the Carpathian foothills

Anonymous, 1987: Settlement plans and the future of Nagymaros

Hogg, R., 1988: Settlement, pastoralism and the commons: the ideology and practice of irrigation development in northern Kenya

Sadan, E., 1985: Settlement, rehabilitation and reform, dilemmas in agricultural development projects in Latin America

Keren, R; Shainberg, I; Klein, E., 1988: Settling and flocculation value of sodium-montmorillonite particles in aqueous media

El Husseini, M. M.; Merdan, A. I.; Bakr, H. A., 1986: Settling of larvicidal material in Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis serotype H-14 formulations sprayed on water surface

Weetman, G. F., 1987: Seven important determinants of Canadian silviculture

Molnar, K.; Rohde, K., 1988: Seven new coccidian species from marine fishes in Australia

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683247

Fukai, T.; Nomura, T., 1988: Seven prenylated flavonol glycosides from two Epimedium species

Oppong, C.; Abu, K., 1987: Seven roles of women: impact of education, migration and employment on Ghanaian mothers

Park, K. T.; Han, S. S., 1986: Seven species of Gracillariidae and Lyonetiidae (Lepidoptera) new to Korea and a list of the known host plants for the families

Park, K. T.; Kawabe, A., 1986: Seven species of Olethreutini (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) new to Korea

Rashid, F.; Geraert, E.; Sharma, R. D., 1987: Seven species of Tylenchida from Brazil with description of a new species (Nematoda: Tylenchoidea)

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683253

Ambronn, G., 1987: Seven years of experience of treating mammary tumours in the dog with NeyTumorin 'N'

Simancas, R.; Corzo, P.; Coronel, C., 1987: Seven years of observations on grape varieties (Vitis vinifera) in Venezuela

Anonymous, 1987: Seventeenth Annual Congress. Ceske Budejovice, September 23-25, 1986. Abstracts of communications

Anonymous, 1988: Seventh Scientific Meeting of the Hellenic Society of Animal Production, Patras 26-27 November 1987

Anonymous, 1987: Seventh annual meeting of the American Society for the Immunology of Reproduction

Anonymous, 1988: Seventh international symposium on immunology of reproduction, Varna, Bulgaria, May 28-31, 1988. Abstracts

Hartwig, F., 1987: Seventy-five years of forestry in Chile

Rothenbuhler, W., 1987: Seventy-five years of the Swiss Pig Breed Societies, 1978-1986: Study Group of the Swiss Pig Breed Societies

Anonymous, 1987: Seventy-ninth annual report 1986-1987

Vries, S. C. de, 1987: Several aspects of Daucus carota somatic embryogenesis

Van Eijkelenburg F.P., 1987: Several cases of nitrite poisoning in broiler breeding hens

Izquierdo i Casas, J. I., 1986: Several characteristics of Abutilon theophrasti Medicus as an introduced weed in Lerida

Aseltine, M. S., 1987: Several factors can affect feed intake of dairy cows

Nino, M. C.; Munera, M. F., 1986: Several factors which affect dual-purpose farms in the Pie de Monte Llanero

Sawicki J., 1986: Several galactosyltransferase activities are associated with mouse chromosome 17

Shahini, T.; Spaho, V., 1986: Several gastropods which serve as primary intermediate hosts of Dicrocoelium lanceolatum

Denis, D., 1986: Several judicial aspects of the mark of the country of origin and of the wine union

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683274

Gomes, S. T., 1986: Several methodological questions on the cost of milk production

Jacobs, Fa; Zhang, M; Fortin, Mg; Verma, Dps, 1987: Several nodulins of soybean share structural domains but differ in their subcellular locations

Sandke, G.; Handschack, M.; Hanke, V., 1986: Several years of chemical fruit thinning with Golden Delicious on M.9 rootstocks. I. Effect on alternate bearing

Nohl Weiler, C.; Hindersmann, U., 1986: Several years of experience with the herbicide Racer in potatoes

Magherini, R.; Grasselli, A., 1986: Several years of trials with different types of pruning with the espalier system

Reichenbacher, D.; Kalinina, I.; Wiedemann, W.; Hamann, U.; Richter, J., 1987: Several years' results concerning the detection of three potato viruses with ELISA

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683282

Felder, C. C.; Robillard, J. E.; Roy, S, I I. I.; Jose, P. A., 1987: Severe chloride deficiency in the neonate: the canine puppy as an aninal model

Raheja, M. M., 1988: Severe corrosion in carbamate condenser in urea plant

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683285

Fatunmbi, O. O.; Bankole, A., 1984: Severe disseminated aspergillosis in a captive Abyssinian tawny eagle (Aquila rapax raptor)

Finger, S.; Almli, C. R.; Green, L.; Wolf, C.; Morgane, P. J., 1986: Severe early malnutrition and DRL performance in the rat

Lauer B.A., 1988: Severe facial injuries to infants due to unprovoked attacks by pet ferrets

Isaacs, R. D.; Ellis Pegler, R. B., 1986: Severe falciparum malaria

Philpott, J.; Keystone, J. S., 1987: Severe falciparum malaria

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683291

Carpenter, T. O.; Pettifor, J. M.; Russell, R. M.; Pitha, J.; Mobarhan, S.; Ossip, M. S.; Wainer, S.; Anast, C. S., 1987: Severe hypervitaminosis A in siblings: evidence of variable tolerance to retinol intake

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683293

Given, B. D.; Mostrum, M. S.; Tully, R.; Ditkowsky, N.; Rubenstein, A. H., 1988: Severe hypoglycemia attributable to surreptitious injection of insulin in a mare

Al Mahdy, H.; Fisher, D. J., 1988: Severe hypokalaemia

Willard, M. D.; Zerbe, C. A.; Schall, W. D.; Johnson, C.; Crow, S. E.; Jones, R., 1987: Severe hypophosphatemia associated with diabetes mellitus in six dogs and one cat

King, A. L.; Sica, D. A.; Miller, G.; Pierpaoli, S., 1987: Severe hypophosphatemia in a general hospital population

Arshad, M.; Braun, S. R.; Sunderrajan, E. V., 1987: Severe hypoxemia in farmer's lung disease with normal findings on chest roentgenogram

Narendra Singh; Kishan Singh, 1986: Severe incidence of brown leaf spot, a minor disease of sugarcane

Hiruki, C.; Miczynski, K. A., 1987: Severe isolate of alfalfa mosaic virus and its impact on alfalfa cultivars grown in Alberta

Schuerman, L.; Seynhaeve, V.; Bachschmidt, I.; Tchotch, V.; Ouattara, S. A.; De The, G., 1988: Severe malnutrition and pediatric AIDS: a diagnostic problem in rural Africa

Aaby, P., 1988: Severe measles: a new perspective

Polzenhagen A., 1986: Severe nephrosis by application of pesticides in a mice breeding unit

Ekue, J. M. K.; Phiri, D. E. D.; Mukunyandela, M.; Sheth, U. K.; Wernsdorfer, W. H., 1988: Severe orthostatic hypotension during treatment of falciparum malaria

Ontanu, G.; Pirvu, G.; Bianu, G.; Lupescu, C.; Dinescu, M., 1987: Severe outbreak of parakeratosis in young pigs

Ruocco, L.; Baldi, A.; Cecconi, N.; Marini, A.; Azzara, A.; Ambrogi, F.; Grassi, B., 1986: Severe pancytopenia due to copper deficiency. Case report

Wilson J.F., 1987: Severe reduction in food intake by pregnant rats resembles a learned food aversion

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683311

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683312

Jackson, A. A., 1986: Severe undernutrition in Jamaica. Kwashiorkor and marasmus: the disease of the weanling

Faro, S.; Pastorek, J. G, I I. I.; Collins, J.; Spencer, R.; Greer, D. L.; Phillips, L. E., 1987: Severe uterine hemorrhage from blastomycosis of the endometrium. A case report

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683316

Spiegelman B.M., 1987: Severely impaired adipsin expression in genetic and acquired obesity

Naylor, J. M., 1987: Severity and nature of acidosis in diarrheic calves over and under one week of age

Suhag, L. S.; Duhan, J. C., 1985: Severity of powdery mildew disease on radish seed crop in Haryana

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Grice, W. J., 1985: Shoot growth on Indian hybrid seedling tea in all stages of a three year cycle

Huck M.G., 1987: Shoot growth rate of soybean as affected by drought stress

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683759

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Steffen, A.; Eriksson, T.; Schieder, O., 1986: Shoot redifferentiation of Agrobacterium transformed-protoplasts and plant tissue - with conventional methods not achievable

Takayanagi K., 1987: Shoot regeneration capacity destined at an early stage of protoplast culture in cabbage

Smith, W. K.; Carter, G. A., 1988: Shoot structural effects on needle temperatures and photosynthesis in conifers

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Bryant, J. A., 1987: Shooting genes into plant cells

Anonymous, 1987: Shooting the pianists

Melendez, N., 1986: Shopping centres and leisure time: new uses of urban spaces

Orr, J., 1987: Shops, supermarkets and the doorstep

Guzman, V. L., 1986: Short Guzmaine, Tall Guzmaine and Floriglade, three cos lettuce cultivars resistant to lettuce mosaic virus

Brannian, JD.; Griffin, F.; Papkoff, H.; Terranova, PF., 1988: Short and long phases of progesterone secretion during the oestrous cycle of the African elephant (Loxodonta africana)

Guzman M., 1987: Short and long term effects of ethanol on glycerolipid synthesis from palmitate in fasted rat hepatocytes

Anonymous, 1987: Short break holidays

Middleton, V. T. C.; O' Brien, K., 1987: Short break holidays in the UK. Packaging the fastest growing sector of the UK holiday market

Schachtschabel, P.; Koster, W., 1985: Short communication. Relationship between the phosphate content of the soil and the optimal phosphate application in long-term field trials

Wong, G., 1984: Short communication: Multiplication and initial field establishment of abaca plants obtained through shoot-tip culture on peat

Sattelmacher, B., 1987: Short communication: methods for measuring root volume and for studying root morphology

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683784

The British Thoracic Society Research Committee, 1988: Short course chemotherapy for lymph node tuberculosis: final report at 5 years

Anonymous, 1988: Short course chemotherapy trial involving the use of INH and thiacetazone in the continuation phase

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683787

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Widjaja, E. A.; Jessup, T. C., 1986: Short description of indigenous rice from East Kalimantan, Indonesia

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Damiano, C.; Curir, P.; Cosmi, T., 1985: Short note on the effect of sugar on the growth in vitro of Eucalyptus gunnii

Kushalappa, K. A., 1987: Short note on trenching in teak plantation

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683804

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Anonymous, 1988: Short reports. EC regulations on the transfer of reference quantities with the transfer of farms or parts of farms. Position at 1st March 1988; Review of EC provisions under the Milk Guarantee Quantity Regulations including regulations extending the Milk Marketing Regulations; Non-marketing producers illegally ignored in milk quotas

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Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683825

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Smit, H.; Burger, K., 1988: Short-term and long-term outlook for the rubber market in the presence of a bufferstock

Schramm, G. P.; Seibert, I., 1987: Short-term and long-term storage of duck (Cairina moschata) semen

Yahner, RH., 1987: Short-term avifaunal turnover in small even-aged forest habitats

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683846

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Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683857

Goddard, M; Young, G; Marcus, R., 1986: Short-term effects of calcium carbonate, lactate, and gluconate on the calcium-parathyroid axis in normal elderly men and women

Blanc, M., 1986: Short-term effects of insecticides and acaricides on the beneficial fauna of orchards: results of investigations and comments on the methodology

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683865

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683866

Day, K.; Kaushik, N. K., 1987: Short-term exposure of zooplankton to the synthetic pyrethroid, fenvalerate, and its effect on rates of filtration and assimilation of the alga, Chlamydomonas reinhardii

Shirnina, L. V., 1987: Short-term forecasting of the appearance of oak powdery mildew

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683874

Al Hasani, S., 1985: Short-term in vitro insemination of rabbit oocytes collected in vivo, and autologous transfer

Keilty, TJ.; White, DS.; Landrum, PF., 1988: Short-term lethality and sediment avoidance assays with endrin-contaminated sediment and two oligochaetes from Lake Michigan

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Balnave, D., 1987: Short-term manipulation of egg weight

Evtushenko, A. I., 1986: Short-term mycelial dynamics of soil fungi in oak forest

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683882

Szito, A., 1985: Short-term prediction of damage caused by larvae of the rice mosquito (Cricotopus bicinctus Meigen) and the rice fly (Hydrellia griseola Falen)

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683885

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Gaulliard, J. M., 1986: Short-term toxicity trials carried out with bifenthrin on honeybees under tunnels

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Chambers, R., 1985: Shortcut methods of gathering social information for rural development projects

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Hu, S. C.; Burns, P. Y., 1987: Shortleaf pine. A bibliography 1896-1984

Poats, S. et al., 1987: Should FSR/E move towards gender inclusion of inter- and intra-households issues, and non-farm income generating activities?

Gilbert, A., 1987: Should a path be paved to the top of a mountain? Access to heritage/parks areas

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683907

Shankar, K., 1986: Should agricultural prices be raised

Begon, M.; Parker, G. A., 1986: Should egg size and clutch size decrease with age?

Saxena, B. C.; Singh, H. P.; Balbir Singh, 1986: Should farmers continue to use dung cakes as fuel?

Anonymous, 1987 : Should free-trade quotas for important agricultural products be the short-term objective?

Salle, B.; Putet, G.; Senterre, J.; Rigo, J., 1987: Should infants of low birthweight always be fed on pooled breast milk?

Rainard, P., 1987: Should mammary infections with Corynebacterium bovis and coagulase-negative staphylococci be eliminated?

Dubuisson, G., 1986: Should nitrogen be applied to rape in the autumn?

Cochran, P. H., 1984: Should ponderosa pine be planted on lodgepole pine sites?

Anonymous, 1988: Should second homes incur higher infrastructural costs? Possibilities and limitations

Klapwijk, D., 1987: Should tomato plants have supplementary lighting until planted out?

Fozzer, F., 1986: Should we plant the common walnut or the black walnut?

Nemeth, E., 1987: Showing by example is the most persuasive argument

Armitage, A. M., 1987: Showy anemones lend a spectrum of color to gardens

Anonymous, 1987: Shrink packaging. A big winner at Mayfield Farms Dairy

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Antosova, M., 1988: Shuttle migration and the formation of the socialist way of life in the countryside

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Anonymous, 1979: Siberian stone-pine seeds

Nikifirova, O. D., 1985: Siberian vetch species related to Vicia japonica A. Gray

Hahn, P. D.; Stuart, A. M., 1987: Sibling interactions in two species of termites: a test of the haplodiploid analogy (Isoptera: Kalotermitidae; Rhinotermitidae)

Buschang P.H., 1986: Sibling similarities in the strength and motor performance of undernourished school children

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Crowder, S. H.; Gillham, S. H.; Peeples, K. A., 1986: Sicklepod control - a program approach

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683948

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Lhuede, E. P., 1985: Side and end grain withdrawal loads for single nails in Australian timber species

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Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683956

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Kruger, A., 1987: Sieg Heil to the most glorious era of German sport: continuity and change in the modern German sports movement

Longhurst, R.; Kamara, S.; Mensurah, J., 1988: Sierra Leone: food aid and the currency float

Malamah Thomas, D. H., 1988: Sierra Leone: theatre for development. How an experiment in community theatre led to changes in the outlook of both village people and development workers

Martin G.C., 1987: Sieve tube development in strawberry receptacles in relation to fruit set and initial growth

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Aufort, J. M.; Nabos, B.; Vallart, H., 1984: Sifer 725 felling shears

Anonymous, 1986: Sightseeing in 1985

Anonymous, 1987: Sightseeing in 1986

Promsattha, R.; Tempesta, M. S.; Fomum, Z. T.; Ayafor, J. F.; Mbafor, J. T., 1986: Sigmoidin D: a new prenylated flavanone from Erythrina sigmoidea

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Hall, F. G.; Badhwar, G. D., 1987: Signature-extendable technology: global space-based crop recognition

Schneider, F.; Stockl, J. P., 1987: Significance and accounting of adjuvants and added ingredients in dairies

Rivoal, R.; Person Dedryver, F.; Doussinault, G.; Morlet, G., 1986: Significance and application of cereal resistance to nematodes

Navalesi R., 1986: Significance and clinical usefulness of low density lipoprotein electrophoretic mobility for the evaluation of nonenzymatic glycosylation

Zuiches, J. J.; Davis, E. Y.; Hefferan, C., 1986: Significance and development

Ramashrit Singh; Sarup, P., 1986: Significance and optimal quantity of ascorbic acid in artifical diets for the mass rearing of maize stalk borer, Chilo partellus (Swinhoe) (Lepidoptera: Crambidae)

Brosius, J. P., 1988: Significance and social being in Ifugao agricultural production

Becker, H.; Terplan, G., 1987: Significance and taxonomy of Enterobacteriaceae in milk and milk products

Hoffman, P. S.; Blankenship, L. C., 1986: Significance of Campylobacter in foods

Neumann, H. H., 1986: Significance of Campylobacter jejuni for milk hygiene

Section 2, Chapter 1684, Accession 001683998

Tilak, S. T.; Rao, K. S. R., 1987: Significance of air monitoring of ergot of bajra at two places in Marathwada

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