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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1687

Chapter 1687 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kladivko E.J.; Keeney D.R., 1987:
Soil nitrogen mineralization as affected by water and temperature interactions

Stock W.D.; Lewis O.A.M.; Allsopp N., 1988:
Soil nitrogen mineralization in a coastal fynbos succession

Murakami, T., 1987:
Soil nitrogen source associated with the early stage of N20 evolution

Stein J.A.; Sageman A.R.; Fischer R.A.; Angus J.F., 1987:
Soil nitrogen supply of wheat in relation to method of cultivation

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Soil nitrogen turnover is altered by herbicide treatment in a North Carolina Piedmont forest soil

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Soil nitrogen, phosphorus and organic carbon in transplanted estuarine marshes

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Soil nitrogenase activity of the Nylsvley Nature Reserve

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Soil nutrient characteristics of forest plantations in the region of Manaus. 1. Growth of Eucalyptus deglupta in soils of different textures

Magalhaes, L.M.S.; Blum, W.E.H.; Fernandes, N.P., 1986:
Soil nutrient characteristics of forest plantations in the region of Manaus. 2. Growth of Carapa guianensis in soils of different textures

Kelly J.M.; Strickland R.C., 1987:
Soil nutrient leaching in response to simulated acid rain treatment

Zech, W.; Fleischmann, C.; Horn, R.; Wilke, B.M., 1986:
Soil of the Fichtelgebirge

Andreux, F.; Dupuis, T.; Guillet, B.; Jambu, P., 1984:
Soil organic compounds and organo - mineral interactions in soils

Smith, P.L.; Redente, E.F.; Hooper, E., 1987:
Soil organic matter

Jenkinson, D.S., 1988:
Soil organic matter and its dynamics

Hargital, L., 1985:
Soil organic matter and soil fertility

Gallardo J.F.; Saavedra J.; Martin Patino T.; Millan A., 1987:
Soil organic matter determination

Hayes, M.H.B., 1986:
Soil organic matter extraction, fractionation, structure and effects on soil structure

Weaver, P.L.; Birdsey, R.A.; Lugo, A.E., 1987:
Soil organic matter in secondary forests of Puerto Rico

Chen, Y.; Stevenson, F.J. , 1986:
Soil organic matter interactions with trace elements

Balesdent, J.W.gner, G.; Mariott, A., 1988:
Soil organic matter turnover in long-term field experiments as revealed by carbon-13 natural abundance

Vangnai, S.; Kheoruenromne, I.; Sukthumrong, A., 1986:
Soil organic matter, crop residue and green manure management

Panno, M.; Bazan, E.; Petronici, C., 1986:
Soil organic matter: acid composition of lipids in woodland soils

Schnitzer, M., 1984:
Soil organic matter; its role in the environment

Harrison, A.F., 1987:
Soil organic phosphorus. A review of world literature

Arruda, F.B.; Zullo, J.J.; Oliveira, J.B. de, 1987:
Soil parameters for calculating available water based on soil texture

Diprose, M.F.; Evans, G.H., 1988:
Soil partial sterilisation by dielectric heating

Kretzschmar A., 1987:
Soil partitioning effect of an earthworm burrow system

Gerhardson, B., 1986:
Soil pathosystems - a multidisciplinary subject

Gardner, F.P.; Selamat, A.; Mansell, R.S., 1987:
Soil penetrometer resistance and peanut responses to tractor-wheel compaction in sandy soil

Quirk, J.P., 1986:
Soil permeability in relation to sodicity and salinity

Turner, J.; Lambert, M.J., 1985:
Soil phosphorus forms and related tree growth in a long term Pinus radiata phosphate fertilizer trial

Sharpley A.N.; Tiessen H.; Cole C.V., 1987:
Soil phosphorus forms extracted by soil tests as a function of pedogenesis

Liu, Y.C.; Lee, Y.K., 1986:
Soil physical factors affecting pupal population of the oriental fruit fly, Dacus dorsalis Hendel

Guennnelon, R.; Calvet, R., 1988:
Soil physical properties and transport phenomena

Nuernberg, N.J.; Stammel, J.G.; Cabeda, M.S.V., 1986:
Soil physical properties as affected by different soil amendments and crop rotation systems on basaltic slopes of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Page Dumroese, D.S.; Jurgensen, M.F.; Graham, R.T.; Harvey, A.E., 1986:
Soil physical properties of raised planting beds in a northern Idaho forest

Matsumoto, S.; Inoue, Y., 1987:
Soil physicochemical properties and animal communities in different vegetation at Tsurumi Park, Osaka

Vogl, W., 1986:
Soil physics and hydrological description

Youngs, E.G., 1988:
Soil physics and hydrology

Voronin, A.D., 1987:
Soil physics: progress and problems

Walsh, R.P.D.; Howells, K.A., 1988:
Soil pipes and their role in runoff generation and chemical denudation in a humid tropical catchment in Dominica

Asami, T., 1988:
Soil pollution by metals from mining and smelting activities

Rang, M.C.; Kleijn, C.E.; Schouten, C.J., 1985:
Soil pollution in a fluviatile environment

Wijnen, E.J.E., 1985:
Soil pollution in the former industrialized areas of Rotterdam

Hrtanek, B., 1986:
Soil potassium forms in fertilized albo-gleyic luvisols

McCormack, D.E.; Stocking, M.A., 1986:
Soil potential ratings: I. An alternative form of land evaluation

Stocking, M.A.; McCormack, D.E., 1986:
Soil potential ratings: II. A test of the method in Zimbabwe

Nodvin, S.C.; Driscoll, C.T.; Likens, G.E., 1988:
Soil processes and sulfate loss at the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest

Mishra, P., 1984:
Soil productivity and crop potentials. A case study (District Alwar - Rajasthan)

McConnell, S.G.; Quinn, M.L., 1988 :
Soil productivity of four land use systems in southeastern Montana

Nair, P.K.R., 1987:
Soil productivity under agroforestry

Comfort, S.D.; Motavalli, P.P.; Kelling, K.A.; Converse, J.C., 1987:
Soil profile N, P, and K changes from injected liquid dairy manure or broadcast fertilizer

Lamparski, F.; Kobel Lamparski, A., 1988:
Soil profile and soil transport as influenced by the anecique earthworm species Lumbricus badensis

Clarke, S.R.; Fisher, P.F.; Ragg, J.M., 1986:
Soil profile recorder: a program to enable the recording of soil profile descriptions in the field

Harrod, M.F., 1985:
Soil properties - their assessment and importance

Uribe, E.C.x, F., 1988:
Soil properties affecting the availability of potassium in highly weathered soils

Allen, J.C., 1986:
Soil properties and fast-growing tree species in Tanzania

Moroto, K.; Mashimo, Y.; Haruta, Y., 1987:
Soil properties and growth of Japanese red pine (Pinus densiflora) in the hilly and low-mountainous region of central Japan

Sinclair, J., 1987:
Soil properties and management in Botswana

Remy, J.C., 1984:
Soil properties and mineral nutrition

Dufey, J.E.; Marot, J.M., 1986:
Soil properties and the buffer capacity of soils

Platou, K.A.; Tueller, P.T.; Leonard, S.G.; Miles, R.L., 1986:
Soil properties associated with six common grasses of the Great Basin

Kutiel, P.; Naveh, Z., 1987:
Soil properties beneath Pinus halepensis and Quercus calliprinos trees on burned and unburned mixed forest on Mt. Carmel, Israel

Moore, T.; Hallmark, C., 1987:
Soil properties influencing corrosion of steel in Texas soils

Muller, L.; Heim, H.; Weirauch, M., 1987:
Soil properties of 20-year-old drain trenches on an alluvial clay site

Lag, J., 1987:
Soil properties of special interest in connection with health problems

Bauer A.; Cole C.V.; Black A.L., 1987:
Soil property comparisons in virgin grasslands between grazed and nongrazed management systems

Moen, J.E.T.; Cornet, J.P.; Evers, C.W.A., 1985:
Soil protection and remedial actions: criteria for decision making and standardization of requirements

Haberli, R., 1987:
Soil protection in Switzerland

Saunders, P.J.W., 1987:
Soil protection programmes and strategies in other Community member states: The UK approach to soil and landscape protection

Moen, J.E.T.; Brugman, W.J.K., 1987:
Soil protection programmes and strategies in other Community member states: examples from The Netherlands

Gomez, A.; Juste, C., 1987:
Soil protection programmes and strategies in other community member states: setting up of an observation network for soil quality in France

Kryazheva, L.P.; Chumakov, A.E.; Elbakyan, M.A., 1986:
Soil protection technology and the protection of wheat against injurious organisms

Kaule, G., 1987:
Soil protection-changes in soil characteristics and species dynamics: landscape and land use planning requirements

Stanko, S., 1986:
Soil quality and the economic output of peasant farms

Harrison, H.P., 1986:
Soil reacting forces for a bentleg plow

Westerman, R.L., 1987:
Soil reaction - acidity, alkalinity, and salinity

Solie, J.B.; Mulder, S.J.; Summers, J.D., 1987:
Soil reaction forces as affected by treader type and operation

Mokveld, F.H.C.; Huber, T.F.; Luijben, K.C.A.M., 1985:
Soil reclamation of contaminated soil with a bioreactor

Jong, E. de; Wang, C.; Rees, H.W., 1986:
Soil redistribution on three cultivated New Brunswick hillslopes calculated from 137Cs measurements, solum data and the USLE

Bartlett, R.J., 1986:
Soil redox behavior

Wey, J.; Siband, P.; Oliver, R.; Egoumenides, C.; Ganry, F., 1987:
Soil regeneration experiments in the groundnut growing region of north central Senegal

Eswaran, H., 1987:
Soil related constraints to agricultural development in Africa

Mutert, E.; Recke, H., 1983:
Soil reserves of the Earth

Kuldeep Singh; Khosla, S.N., 1986:
Soil residual studies of norflurazon (Zorial) herbicide

Valentine, K.W.G., 1986:
Soil resource surveys for forestry. Soil, terrain, and site mapping in boreal and temperate forests

Furley, P.A.; Ratter, J.A., 1988:
Soil resources and plant communities of the central Brazilian cerrado and their development

Okoji, M.A., 1988:
Soil resources of Cross River State, Nigeria

Atkinson G., 1986:
Soil resources of Lord Howe Island

Tulaphitak, T.; Pairintra, C.; Kyuma, K., 1984:
Soil respiration and carbon cycling under semi-deciduous seasonal forest in comparison with a swidden field in the Northeast, Thailand

Shen, S.M.; Brookes, P.C.; Jenkinson, D.S., 1987:
Soil respiration and the measurement of microbial biomass C by the fumigation technique in fresh and in air-dried soil

Oberbauer, S.F.; Oechel, W.C.; Riechers, G.H., 1986:
Soil respiration of Alaskan tundra at elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations

Romkens, M.J.M.; Wang, J.Y., 1987:
Soil roughness changes from rainfall

Chang C.; Sommerfedlt T.G.; Entz T., 1988:
Soil salinity and sand content variability determined by two statistical methods in an irrigated saline soil

Ortega Sastriques, F.; Pena, J.; Castillo, N., 1986:
Soil salinity in Cuba. Global economics aspects

Dravid, M.S.; Goswami, N.N., 1986:
Soil salinity-fertility-moisture interaction in relation to yield and nutrient uptake by wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) and maize (Zea mays L.)

Abdul Halim, R.K., 1986:
Soil salinization and the use of halophytes for forage production in Iraq

Philipenko, H.M., 1987:
Soil sample taker and vehicle mounting arrangement

Bashan Y.; Wolowelsky J., 1987:
Soil samplers for quantifying microorganisms

Aichberger, K.; Eibelhuber, A.; Hofer, G., 1986:
Soil sampling for trace element analysis and its statistical evaluation

Boag, B.; Brown, D.J.F., 1985:
Soil sampling for virus-vector nematodes

Buys, A.J.; Claassen, F.A., 1987:
Soil sampling in South Africa: practices and problems

Sabbe, W.E.; Marx, D.B., 1987:
Soil sampling: spatial and temporal variability

Lejeune, J.L.; Mokadem, A.; Dautrebande Gaspar, S., 1988:
Soil saturation in relation to the pedological units of the soil map of Belgium

Anonymous, 1986:
Soil scarifier for mounting on cleaning saws

Kuntze, H.; Roeschmann, G.; Schwerdtjeger, G., 1988:
Soil science

Favrot, J.C.; Lesaffre, B., 1984:
Soil science and field drainage

Lauchli, A., 1987:
Soil science in the next twenty-five years: does biotechnology play a role?

Ninomiya, I.; Ogino, K., 1986:
Soil seed bank in a natural secondary fir-hemlock forest of Ehime University Forest in Komenono. The relation between community structure, germination process and slope topographic dynamics

Osman, A.R.; Fahim, M.M.; Sahab, A.F.; Abd E.K.der, M.M., 1986:
Soil solarization for the control of lupin wilt

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Soil solarization: a non-chemical approach for management of plant pathogens and pests

Rechcigl, J.E.; Reneau, R.B.J.; Zelazny, L.W., 1988:
Soil solution Al as a measure of Al toxicity to alfalfa in acid soils

Bergkvist, B., 1987:
Soil solution chemistry and metal budgets of spruce forest ecosystems in S. Sweden

Calvo de Anta, R.; Fernandez Marcos, M.L.; Veiga Vila, M.A., 1987:
Soil solution composition in natural environments of Galicia (Spain)

Chiou, C.T.; Shoup, T.D., 1985:
Soil sorption of organic vapors and effects of humidity on sorptive mechanism and capacity

Reichardt, K.; Vieira, S.R.; Libardi, P.L., 1986:
Soil spatial variability and field experimentation

Smith, D.L.; Worner, C.R.; Hummel, J.W., 1987:
Soil spectral reflectance relationship to organic matter content

Nearing, M.A.; West, L.T.; Brown, L.C., 1987:
Soil stabilization and consolidation with time after disturbance

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Soil stabilization with lime. Effect of quicklime on bentonite and kaolinite

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Soil stabilizers and their modes of action

Sharma, O.N.; Gupta, K.R.; Gupta, R.K., 1986:
Soil status of healthy and chlorotic citrus orchards of Jammu (J & K)

Jorgensen, I., 1986:
Soil sterilization with metham-sodium for carrot growing

Nearing, M.A.; West, L.T., 1988:
Soil strength indices as indicators of consolidation

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Soil strength, slope, and rainfall intensity effects on interrill erosion

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Soil strengths under conservation tillage

Nichols, T.A.; Bailey, A.C.; Johnson, C.E., 1985:
Soil stress state determination under wheel loads

Bailey, A.C.; Burt, E.C., 1986:
Soil stress states under various tire loadings

Anonymous, 1987:
Soil structure and aggregate stability

Gameda, S.; Raghavan, G.S.V.; McKyes, E.; Watson, A.; Mehuys, G.; Duval, J., 1988:
Soil structure and crop response under heavy axle load compaction

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Soil structure changes in the course of five years following deep ploughing

Tardieu, F.; Manichon, H., 1987:
Soil structure, rooting and water uptake of maize. II. - Growth and spatial distribution of the root system

Tardieu, F., 1987 :
Soil structure, rooting structure and water uptake of maize. III. - Availability of soil water reserves

Payne, D., 1988:
Soil structure, tilth and mechanical behaviour

Tie B.T.a; Omont, H., 1987:
Soil studies on rubber plots in the lower Ivory Coast

Szoka, G.; Muller, G., 1986:
Soil studies with the in situ microseismic method

Brady, K.C., 1988:
Soil suction and the critical state

Blake, J.W.bster, S.; Gessel, S., 1988:
Soil sulfate-sulfur and growth responses of nitrogen-fertilized Douglas-fir to sulfur

Mizuno, I.; Chamorro, E.; Lafaille, B.; Sanguesa, A.V.F. de; Moretti, M.C. de; Igne, D.E. de, 1986:
Soil sulfur. Management effects on soil sulfur

Ambler, B.; Stafford, J.V., 1988:
Soil surface characterisation by image analysis

Valentin, C., 1987:
Soil surface crusting-some agronomic implications

Lal, R., 1986:
Soil surface management for erosion control and water conservation

Lal, R., 1986:
Soil surface management in the tropics for intensive land use and high and sustained production

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Soil surface roughness as influenced by selected soil physical properties

Potter K.N.; Horton R.; Cruse R.M., 1987:
Soil surface roughness effects on radiation reflectance and soil heat flux

Corral, L.; Gil, J.; Paneque, G., 1987:
Soil survey and land evaluation in the Guadalquivir Valley: Marmolejo - Mengibar (Jaen) region. II. First geomorphological unit (meadows and terraces)

Gil, J.; Corral, L.; Paneque, G., 1987:
Soil survey and land evaluation in the Guadalquivir valley, Marmolejo - Mengibar (Jaen) zone. V. Soil capability

Gil, J.; Corral, L.; Paneque, G., 1987:
Soil survey and land evaluation in the Marmolejo - Menjibar (Jaen) region of the Guadalquivir Valley. I. Soil - geomorphology relationships

Vink, A.P.A., .:
Soil survey and landscape ecological survey

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Soil survey data needs when studying modern land use problems

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Soil survey for land drainage reconstruction

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Soil survey in Indiana: past, present and future

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Soil survey of Urucuca municipality

Leao, A.C., 1986:
Soil survey of the municipality of Itabuna, Bahia

Masotta, H.T.; Berra, A.B.; Gaviola, S.; Moyano, A.R., 1986:
Soil survey of upland pastures. I. La Junta-Agua Nueva area, San Rafael and San Carlos departments, Mendoza province, Argentina

Anonymous, 1987:
Soil survey techniques

Nortcliff, S., 1988:
Soil survey, soil classification and land evaluation

Gallardo Covas, F., 1987:
Soil systemic insecticides to control the coffee leafminer, Leucoptera coffeella (Guerin-Meneville), in Puerto Rico

Tyler, E.J.; Converse, J.C.; Parker, D.E., 1986:
Soil systems for community wastewater disposal - treatment and absorption case histories

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Soil taxonomy and surveys: classification of areal sensitivity to pesticide contamination of groundwater

Ping, C.L., 1985:
Soil temperature monitoring network in Alaska

Ping, C.L., 1987:
Soil temperature profiles of two Alaskan soils

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Soil temperature regimes in Iraq: I-relationships between soil and air temperatures in the middle and southern regions

Evans, C.E., 1987:
Soil test calibration

Anonymous, 1987:
Soil test calibration in West Asia and North Africa

Pala, M.; Matar, A., 1987:
Soil test calibration with N and P for wheat under dryland conditions in Syria

Eckert, D.J., 1987:
Soil test interpretations: basic cation saturation ratios and sufficiency levels

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Soil test levels of potassium, yields, and seed size in soybean cultivars

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Soil test procedures: correlation

E.Fouly, M., 1984:
Soil testing and leaf analysis for optimizing fertilizers' use in field crops in Egypt

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Soil testing and plant analysis: guides to the fertilization of horticultural crops

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Soil testing as a guide to phosphate fertilization of five legumes in Syria

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Soil testing in Pakistan: present status and the task ahead

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Soil testing in plantation crops

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Soil testing interpretations: sufficiency vs. build-up and maintenance

Anonymous, 1987:
Soil testing: sampling, correlation, calibration, and interpretation

Goswami, N.N., 1986:
Soil tests as a guide to the fertiliser needs of irrigated rice

Dancer, W.S., 1985:
Soil tests for predicting plant available phosphorus in newly reclaimed alkaline minespoil

Mishra, B.K.; Bais, B.S., 1986:
Soil textural effect and epidemiological investigations on seedling blight of barley and root rot caused by Sclerotium rolfsii

Toderi, G.; Bonari, E., 1986:
Soil tillage crop management aspects. II. Tillage and crops

Gutmanski, I., 1986:
Soil tillage effect on sugarbeet yields on heavy alluvial soil

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Soil tillage in developing countries

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Soil tillage on orchards

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Soil tillage: crop management aspects. I. Interactions among tillage, soil climate and other crop management factors

Wood, R.K.; Burt, E.C., 1985:
Soil tire interface stress vectors at low travel reduction

Carlile, B.L., 1986:
Soil treatment systems for small communities

Murty, C.S.; Gopalachari, N.C., 1986:
Soil type and nitrogen form certainly influence the yield and quality of tobacco

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Soil types in the arid zones of the Canary Islands

Siderius, W., 1987:
Soil variability, experimental design, and data processing

Bucks, D.A.; Hunsaker, D.J.; Gardner, B.R.; Roth, R.L., 1987:
Soil variabilty effects on irrigation water management

Hunsaker, D.J.; Bucks, D.A.; Roth, R.L.; Gardner, B.R., 1987:
Soil variablity effects on irrigated wheat yields

Miles, J., 1987:
Soil variation caused by plants: a mechanism of floristic change in grassland?

Ruellan, A., 1986:
Soil vertical and lateral differentiation

Ritchie, J.T., 1986:
Soil water and plant productivity

Heer, W.F., 1986 :
Soil water availability for spring growth of winter wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) as influenced by planting date and tillage

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Soil water availability in the Patagonian arid steppe: gravel content effect

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Soil water availability under different tillage systems. Five years of experiments in the Guadalquivir Valley

Mallick, S.; Nagarajarao, Y., 1988:
Soil water balance for sunflower at various evaporative demands

Saxton, K.E.; Porter, M.A.; McMahon, T.A., 1986:
Soil water budgets for winter wheat by daily simulations

Grevers, M.C.; Kirkland, J.A.; Jong, E. de; Rennie, D.A., 1986:
Soil water conservation under zero- and conventional tillage systems on the Canadian prairies

Neyshabouri, M.R.; Hatfield, J.L., 1986:
Soil water deficit effects on semi-determinate and indeterminate soybean growth and yield

Schroeder S.A.; Halvorson G.A., 1988:
Soil water depletion under crops on reclaimed and undisturbed soils

Levin, I.; Assaf, R.; Bravdo, B., 1987:
Soil water distribution effect in drip irrigated apple orchard

Sharma M.L.; Barron R.J.; Williamson D.R., 1987:
Soil water dynamics of lateritic catchments as affected by forest clearing for pasture

Spiers, R.B.; Frost, C.A., 1987:
Soil water erosion on arable land in the United Kingdom

Bustamante, H., 1986:
Soil water potential

A.Omran, A.M., 1985:
Soil water potential and soil temperature effects on growth and nutrient uptake of Sudan grass seedlings (Sorghum vulgare var. Piper)

Campbell, G.S., 1988:
Soil water potential measurement: an overview

Boulier, J.F.; Vauclin, M., 1987:
Soil water regime described by a bidimensional steady - state flow in a cultivated and trickle - irrigated soil. I. Theory

Boulier, J.F.; Vauclin, M., 1987:
Soil water regime described by a bidimensional steady-state flow in a cultivated and trickle-irrigated soil. II. Comparison between theory and field measurements

Budagovskii, A.I., 1985:
Soil water resources and available water supply of the vegetation cover

Rasmussen, L.; Jorgensen, P.; Kruse, S., 1986:
Soil water samplers in ion balance studies on acidic forest soils

Alharthi, A.; Lange, J., 1987:
Soil water saturation: dielectric determination

Ahmed M.; Misra R.D., 1986:
Soil water status and root distribution in relation to water use of wheat as influenced by irrigation under shallow water table conditions

Daniells J.W.; Watson B.J.; O'farrell P.J.; Mulder J.C., 1987:
Soil water stress at bunch emergence increases maturity bronzing of banana fruit

Isberie, C., 1987:
Soil water: general principles, means of measurement

Stoker, R., 1982:
Soil wetting and moisture extraction on a Lismore stony silt loam

Hassan, M.M., 1987:
Soil working depths for tree planting in relation to soil textures

Morrison, J., 1988:
Soil yields 72 new varieties of a natural pest control

Makeschin, F., 1983:
Soil zoological results of an amelioration experiment with white alder on a pine site from which the litter layer had first been removed

Heida, H., 1985:
Soil, sediment and water contamination as a result of chemical waste incineration

Tavora, M.R.P.; Silva, J.C.R.; Hernandez, F.F.F.; Saunders, L.C.U.; Moreira, E.G.S., 1985:
Soil, water and nutrient losses in a dystrophic Red-Yellow Latosol from Ubajara, State of Ceara, Brazil

Pratley, J.E., 1987:
Soil, water and weed management - the key to farm productivity in southern Australia

Ilangovan, M.; Kulandaivelu, R.; Panchanathan, R.M., 1987:
Soil- and climate-based irrigation schedules for rice

Wiedensaul, T.C.; McClenahen, J.R., 1986:
Soil-air pollutant interactions

Bize, J.; Fougeirol, D.; Riou, V.; Nivault, N., 1988:
Soil-aquifer treatment and reuse of sewage effluent: a new approach to sanitation

Morel Seytoux, H.J., 1988:
Soil-aquifer-stream interactions-a reductionist attempt toward physical-stochastic integration

Demkin, V.A.; Lukashov, A.V., 1985:
Soil-archaeological investigations in the Trans-Volga region

Tapio, E.; Bremer, K., 1986:
Soil-borne viruses in Finland

Thomsen, A., 1986:
Soil-borne viruses in flower bulbs

Hiruki, C.; Teakle, D.S., 1987:
Soil-borne viruses of plants

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Soil-borne viruses of woody plants in Denmark

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Somatostatin infusion enhances hepatic glucose production during hyperglucagonemia

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Somatostatin is targeted to the regulatory secretory pathway of gonadotrophs in transgenic mice expressing a metallothionein-somatostatin gene

Brouhard B.H.; Lagrone L.F.; Richards G.E.; Travis L.B., 1987:
Somatostatin limits rise in glomerular filtration rate after a protein meal

Webb, S.M.; Peinado, M.A., 1987:
Somatostatin: its possible relation to pineal function

Anonymous, 1988:
Somatotropic hormone. Physiological and applicative aspects

Apostolou, A., 1988:
Somatotropin safety--a short regulatory overview

Beaver, R.A., 1986:
Some Diptera and their parasitoids bred from dead snails in Zambia

Nagaraj, G.; Reddy, P.S., 1986:
Some Indian groundnut varieties and their quality

Rueda, L.M., 1985:
Some Philippine blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) I. Subfamily Calliphorinae

Rueda, L.M., 1985:
Some Philippine blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae) II. Subfamilies Chrysomyinae, Rhiniinae and Ameniinae

Araki, J.; Machida, M., 1987:
Some acanthocephalans from marine fishes of northern Japan, with descriptions of two new species, Acanthocephaloides ichiharai and A. claviformis

Bruce, D.M., 1987:
Some advances in simulation and control of dryers

Howell, R.A.; Leach, G.N.; Nutter, D.E.; Steltenkamp, M.S., 1984:
Some age-associated trends of planted slash pine as related to kraft pulping

Orev, Y., 1988:
Some agricultural considerations in the planning of runoff farming

Aletor, V.A., 1986:
Some agro-industrial by-products and wastes in livestock feeding: a review of prospects and problems

Suppiah, R.; Yoshing, M., 1986:
Some agroclimatological aspects of rice production in Sri Lanka

Magnifico, V., 1987:
Some agronomic aspects of globe artichoke growing

Acosta, L.; Lerch, G.; Sklizkov, V., 1985:
Some agrotechnical aspects of introducing Orthosiphon stamineus into cultivation in Cuba

Naudts, M.; Mottar, J., 1987:
Some analytical and technological aspects of preserved milk

Naudts, M.; Mottar, J., 1987:
Some analytical and technological aspects of treated milk

Driessche, P. van den, 1986:
Some analytical models for biotechnical methods of pest control

Mogen K.L.; Nelson D.C., 1986:
Some anatomical and physiological potato tuber characteristics and their relationship to hollow heart

Kasir, W.A.; A.H.ialy, A.S.M., 1987:
Some anatomical properties of Casuarina equisetifolia Forst. grown in three different regions in Iraq

Houghton, E.; Dumasia, M.C.; Teale, P., 1988:
Some applications of chromatography to steroid analysis in the horse

Brun, T.; Lopez, C., 1986:
Some applications of regionalized variables theory to soil sampling problems

Nuhfer, E.B.; Anderson, R.Y.; Dean, W.E., 1985:
Some applications of time-marking sediment traps and their implications for monitoring of sediment discharge from disturbed areas

Zhuchenko, A.A.; Kravchenko, A.N., 1986:
Some approaches to and prospects for gametic and zygotic selection in plants

Rabotyagov, V.D.; Kuznetsov, V.N., 1986:
Some approaches to the methodology of selecting for yield in lavender

Tesi, R.; Tognoni, F., 1986:
Some aspects and problems of flower-growing in Italy

Terpstra, C., 1988:
Some aspects of African horse sickness

Toth, E.T.; Ghiorghita, G.I.; Onisei, T., 1986:
Some aspects of Atropa belladonna L. in vitro culture callus inducing and organogenesis

Dhindsa, K.S., 1985:
Some aspects of Green Revolution - a case study

Sarma, S.R., 1986:
Some aspects of abnormal leaf fall of Hevea caused by Phytophthora palmivora in S. India

Zubov, A.A., 1987:
Some aspects of accelerating the breeding process in small fruits

Sarap, K., 1987:
Some aspects of agricultural development in Soviet Union: 1965-1975

Zielinska, E., 1986:
Some aspects of allelopathy

Roy, A.K.; Archana Sharma; Geeta Talukder, 1988:
Some aspects of aluminum toxicity in plants

Remesar, X.; Lopez Tejero, D.; Pastor Anglada, M., 1987:
Some aspects of amino acid metabolism in the rat fetus

Pires Ferreira, M.L.; Nunes Petisca, J.L., 1986:
Some aspects of amyloidosis in animals

Prahladachar, M., 1987:
Some aspects of asset structure in rural Karnataka, 1971/82

Guerreiro, J.P., 1984:
Some aspects of biological control in plant protection

Pajni, H.R., 1987:
Some aspects of biosystematics of Bruchidae (Coleoptera)

Guida, A.N.; Burdun, A.M., 1987:
Some aspects of breeding bread wheat for combined resistance to Lema melanopus and Cephus pygmaeus

Piskovatskaya, R.G.; Kireeva, O.V., 1986:
Some aspects of breeding white clover for heterosis

Tupitsyn, N.V., 1986:
Some aspects of breeding winter wheat for frost resistance

Abdelkarim, A., 1988:
Some aspects of commoditisation and transformation in rural Sudan

Yadeta, G., 1987:
Some aspects of cooperatives vis-a-vis the state in Ethiopia

Hoogmoed, W.B., 1987:
Some aspects of crust formation on soils in semi-arid regions

Dambaeva, Z.B., 1987:
Some aspects of cultivation techniques for peas/oats mixture under irrigated conditions

Mann, S.S.; Singh, B., 1988:
Some aspects of developmental physiology of 'Patharnakh' pear

Rondon, A.; Guevara, Y., 1984:
Some aspects of die-back disease in avocado (Persea americana Mill.)

Valigura, V.I., 1985:
Some aspects of digestion in sheep fed on a diet containing different amounts of fibre

Leibholz, J., 1986:
Some aspects of digestion in the pig from birth to 56 days of age

Danek, V., 1986:
Some aspects of draught pwoer of tractors on slopes

Ahmed, A. el H. (E.Houri Ahmed, A), 1986:
Some aspects of dry land afforestation in the Sudan with special reference to Acacia tortilis (Forsk.) Hayne, A. senegal Willd. and Prosopis chilensis (Molina) Stuntz

Tartwijk, J.M.F.M. van; Cronin, G.M.; Hel, W. van der; Verstegen, M.W.A., 1987:
Some aspects of energy metabolism of tethered sows in relation to adaptation

Fensterbank, R., 1987:
Some aspects of experimental bovine brucellosis

Groza, I.; Ciurel, V.; Dragos, F., 1986:
Some aspects of feeding behaviour in pigs

Nedelciuc, C.; Nedelciuc, M.; Ionescu, S., 1987:
Some aspects of fertilizer application in irrigated soyabean crops on a chernozem on the Oltenia Plateau

Rusu, M.; Metes, N.; Muntean, V.; Iancu, I.; Doncea, V.; Dicu, P.; Suchov, M.; Tomotas, I., 1985:
Some aspects of fertilizer applications on winter wheat

Zoborsky, I.; Bodo, M., 1988:
Some aspects of flax processing in the textile industry

Kumar, S.; Kohli, K., 1986:
Some aspects of fluid flow in wood. III. Gas permeability studies in softwoods

Garibaldi, A.; Gullino, M.L., 1987:
Some aspects of fungus diseases of flower bulbs

Schramlova, J.; Blazek, K., 1986:
Some aspects of histochemical investigations of the parasite and tissue reaction in bovine cysticercosis

Verma, P.C.; Kalra, D.S.; Bhargava, D.N., 1985:
Some aspects of histochemical studies in experimentally produced mycotic mastitis

Bembridge, T.J., 1987:
Some aspects of household diet and family income problems in Transkei

Teisson, C., 1987:
Some aspects of in vitro multiplication of bananas and plantains

Rahman, P.M.M., 1988:
Some aspects of income distribution in rural Bangladesh

Prendi, M., 1985:
Some aspects of increasing body weight of Jersey cows

vaz Nunes, M., 1986:
Some aspects of induction and termination of diapause in a Greek strain of the mite Tetranychus cinnabarinus (Boisduval) Boudreaux, 1956 (Acari: Tetranychidae)

Vlug, H.J., 1985:
Some aspects of insect pests in grassland

Gaynard, T.J.; Armstrong, W., 1987:
Some aspects of internal plant aeration in amphibious habitats

Ali, M.H.; Salehin, M.S., 1986:
Some aspects of jute growers' cooperatives in Mymensingh district

Layminarayan, H., 1987:
Some aspects of labour market in India

Adeishvili, N.I.; Kontridze, A.N.; Takidze, M.I., 1987:
Some aspects of leaf vitality in diploid and tetraploid forms of the lemon Gruzinskii

Caro, W.; Magofke S.J.C.; Garcia, X.; Garcia, G.; Carvajal, S.; Gecele, P.; Jadrijevic, D.; Bruna, G., 1984:
Some aspects of marketing Angora rabbit wool

Come, D.; Corbineau, F.; Lecat, S., 1988:
Some aspects of metabolic regulation of cereal seed germination and dormancy

Aitov, S.N.; Nechipurenko, L.I.; Betsukov, K.K.; Shaikhaev, G.O.; Koval' skii, S.D., 1985:
Some aspects of metabolism in early-weaned lambs given different levels of energy in their diet

Sarker, R.P., 1985:
Some aspects of meteorological factors associated with incidence of pests and diseases

Fraikin, G.Ya, 1987:
Some aspects of modern ultraviolet photobiology

Samarappuli, L.; Yogaratnam, N., 1984:
Some aspects of moisture and soil conservation in rubber plantations

Hera, C.; Popescu, A.; Burlacu, G.; Petre, M.; Idriceanu, A.; Stanciu, A.; Bologa, M.; Timirgaziu, E., 1985:
Some aspects of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrition in French beans

Kandylis, K., 1986:
Some aspects of non-protein nitrogen utilization by the ruminant. A report

Minieri, L.; Barbieri, V.; Nizza, A., 1985:
Some aspects of nutrition in the trotting horse during training activity in Campania

Kabat, P., 1987:
Some aspects of organizing the maintenance of drainage systems in Czechoslovakia

Hahnert, R., 1987:
Some aspects of ownership and cooperation law in socialist agriculture

Marx, M.; Nica, E.; Voiculescu, C.; Dumitriu, E.; Dima, A.M., 1986:
Some aspects of parasitoses detected by faecal examination in a hospital unit at Oltenia

Rauta, C.; Carstea, S.; Mihailescu, A.; Lalcatusu, R., 1985:
Some aspects of pedogeochemical and biogeochemical research in Romania

Ciurdarescu, G., 1984:
Some aspects of pollinating insects of lucerne and abiotic factors affecting their activity

Dozortsev, L.A., 1985:
Some aspects of pomology in apple

Guma, X.P.; Neocomos, M.J., 1986:
Some aspects of poverty among Swazi rural homesteads

Yusubov, A.M.; Mazepin, M.G.; Mosina, N.R.; Vashchenko, T.G., 1985:
Some aspects of producing material resistant to bolting

Santos, J.B.F. dos; Silva, H.M., 1983:
Some aspects of reproductive efficiency in Mangalarga horses

Koppler, J.; Katzer, F.; Marx, H.J., 1986:
Some aspects of reproductive performance in cows

Cabulea, I., 1987:
Some aspects of research directions in maize breeding

Done, S.H., 1988:
Some aspects of respiratory defence, with special reference to immunity

Wensing, T.; Dijk, S. van; Mouwen, J.M.V.M.; Breukink, H.J., 1986:
Some aspects of roughage supply in veal calf fattening

Panasyuk, B., 1987:
Some aspects of rural development under conditions of industrialization

Tag El, S.S. din, 1986:
Some aspects of sand stabilization in Egypt

Gurmit Singh; Hari Singh; Dillon, T.S., 1985:
Some aspects of seed extraction in tomato

Gray, D., 1987:
Some aspects of seed quality in relation to root-weight uniformity in carrot

Kim, I.G., 1985:
Some aspects of selecting crossbred sheep

Francis, P.A., 1988:
Some aspects of sheep and goat management in southeast Nigeria

Sain, K.; Mitra, A., 1986:
Some aspects of sick jute industry of West Bengal and its rehabilitation

Steding, R., 1986:
Some aspects of social development in agriculture since the Xth party congress of the Socialist Unity Party

Combeau, A.; Chaume, R., 1986:
Some aspects of soil/vegetation interactions in remote sensing

Basuchaudhuri, P.; Munda, G.C.; Patel, C.S., 1986 :
Some aspects of source-sink relations in soybean

Adamowicz, M.; Kos, C., 1987:
Some aspects of specialization and integration of agriculture and forestry in solving the food problem in Poland

Dutrecq, A.; Mbuthia, G., 1986:
Some aspects of strains of Granulodiplodia spp., Lasiodiplodia spp., Macrophoma spp. and Phyllosticta spp. isolated from Euphorbia tiraculli in Kenya

Stanescu, Z.; Badiu, A.F., 1986:
Some aspects of sugarbeet seed production in Romania

Van Zyl, J.G.; Steyn, D.F.; Van Niekerk, W.A.; Coertze, R.J.; Groeneveld, H.T., 1987:
Some aspects of superovulation and fertilisation of Dorper sheep

Islam, M.N., 1986:
Some aspects of the Murang Tribe of Chittagong Hill Tracts

Cavelier, A.; Mugniery, D.; Mansour, A., 1987:
Some aspects of the biological action of benomyl on Globodera rostochiensis Woll. and G. pallida Stone

Czaplinska, S.; Przybysz, M., 1985:
Some aspects of the biology of Kabatiella zeae Narita & Hirastuka, causal agent of maize leaf eyespot

Dadaev, S., 1987:
Some aspects of the biology of Parabronema skrjabini Rassowska, 1924, a parasite of ruminants in Uzbekistan

Artemenko, Y.G., 1987:
Some aspects of the biology of the agent of hydatidosis

Rinallo, C., 1979 :
Some aspects of the biology of the development of Alnus cordata

Kirichek, V.S.; Nikitin, A.S.; Frolova, A.A.; Yarotskii, L.S., 1986:
Some aspects of the biology of the northern strain of Taenia saginata

Matshkevski, V.K., 1985:
Some aspects of the biology of the trematode, Proctoeces maculatus, in connection with the development of mussel farms on the Black Sea

Gonyan, G.G., 1986:
Some aspects of the breeding and seed production of smooth brome grass

Yousef, A.A.; E.N.zahi, S.M.; Ali, N., 1986:
Some aspects of the calcination and quenching of Sebaiya East phosphate

Evans, L.J., 1988:
Some aspects of the chemistry of aluminium in podzolic soils

Kershaw, S.J.; Hardwick, J.F., 1985:
Some aspects of the commercial contractual analysis of palm kernels

Vakula, V.S.; Vlasov, V.G., 1986:
Some aspects of the commercial cultivation of spray carnations

Roche, A.F., 1987:
Some aspects of the criterion methods for the measurement of body composition

Manea, V., 1985:
Some aspects of the cultivation of Agropyron cristatum grown for seed in the Birlad area

Jankovsky, M.; Hubacek, J.; Pavlik, I., 1985:
Some aspects of the determination of sugars in plant material by gas chromatography

Foury, C., 1987:
Some aspects of the development of globe artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.) grown from seed; special analysis of flowering under natural conditions

Horak, S., 1988:
Some aspects of the development of youth tourism in Croatia until the year 2000

Noble, J.C.; Happey Wood, C.M., 1987:
Some aspects of the ecology of algal communities in rice fields and rice irrigation systems of southern New South Wales

Lourenco de Oliveira, R.; Heyden, R.; Silva, T.F. da, 1986:
Some aspects of the ecology of mosquitoes (Diptera, Culicidae) in a lowland area (Granjas Calabria), in Jacarepagua, Rio de Janeiro. V. Breeding places

Pachucki, T.; Gornowicz, M., 1987:
Some aspects of the economic efficiency of concentrating butter production

Taylor, S.M., 1987:
Some aspects of the economics of control of gastro-intestinal parasites in cattle

Egwuatu, R.I.; Ant, A.C., 1986:
Some aspects of the effects of temperature, rearing density, and food sources on the biology of Nezara viridula L. (Hemiptera); (Pentatomidae)

Celli, G.; Molle, G. dalle, 1985:
Some aspects of the entomological fauna of Romagna in relation to pesticide pollution. 2. Fruit orchards (Preliminary note)

Celli, G.; Molle, G.D., 1984:
Some aspects of the entomological fauna of Romagna in relation to pesticide pollution. 2. Fruit orchards (preliminary note)

Braunius, W.W., 1987:
Some aspects of the epidemiology and control of coccidiosis in broilers

Ronohardjo, P.; Wilson, A.J.; Partoutomo, S.; Hirst, R.G., 1986:
Some aspects of the epidemiology and economics of important diseases of large ruminants in Indonesia

Fauquet, C.; Fargette, D.; Thouvenel, J.C., 1988:
Some aspects of the epidemiology of African cassava mosaic virus in Ivory Coast

Begg A.P.; Johnston K.G.; Hutchins D.R.; Edwards D.J., 1988:
Some aspects of the epidemiology of equine salmonellosis

Cornelissen, B.P.M.; Perez, E., 1987:
Some aspects of the epidemiology of vesicular stomatitis in Costa Rica

Rattink, H., 1986:
Some aspects of the etiology and epidemiology of Fusarium wilt on cyclamen

Bondar, P.F., 1986:
Some aspects of the evaluation and forecasting of aerial contamination of plants by radioactive substances and chemicals

Webber, A.C., 1981:
Some aspects of the floral biology of Annona sericea

Konecka Betley, K.; Czepinska Kaminska, D., 1987:
Some aspects of the genesis of shallow red soils of Yugoslavia

Krupnov, V.A., 1987:
Some aspects of the genetics of drought resistance in wheat

Petrov, O.E., 1986:
Some aspects of the genetics of mammalian malarial parasites and their evolution within the host parasite system

Orozco J.C., 1980:
Some aspects of the health of Colombian forests

Tomaz, I.L.; Rego, M.C.N.F.; Fernandes, P.A., 1987:
Some aspects of the health of grapevine in the region of the Vinhos Verdes

Geyt, J.P.C. van; Claes, K.; Senanayake, A.H.S.; Jacobs, M., 1986:
Some aspects of the in vitro culture of the beet (Beta vulgaris L.)

Fernando, N.A., 1987:
Some aspects of the informal rural credit market in Sri Lanka

Vranceanu, A.V.; Pirvu, N.; Stoenescu, F.M.; Pacureanu, M., 1986:
Some aspects of the interaction Helianthus annuus L./Orobanche cumana Wallr. and its implications in sunflower breeding

Turchetti, T., 1986:
Some aspects of the main fungus diseases of chestnut

Boonsue, B., 1987:
Some aspects of the maize seed industry development in Tropical Asia

Gyulai, F.; Cibula, M., 1985:
Some aspects of the metabolism of rumen protozoa

Bertrand, B., 1987:
Some aspects of the micropropagation of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.)

Zvyagin, B.B.; Kuybysheva, I.P.; Sokolova, T.A.; Urusevskaya, I.S., 1986:
Some aspects of the mineralogy, genesis and identification of gray forest soils

Ferguson, RR.; Appleton, CC., 1988:
Some aspects of the morphology, population structure and larval biology of Cephalochlamys namaquensis (Cestoda: Diphyllidea), a parasite of the clawed toad, Xenopus laevis

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