Some aspects of the entomological fauna of Romagna in relation to pesticide pollution. 2. Fruit orchards (preliminary note)

Celli, G.; Molle, G.D.

Bollettino dell' Istituto di Entomologia "Guido Grandi" della Universita di Bologna 39(3): 37-47


Accession: 001686975

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A study was made in orchards in 2 areas of Forli province, Italy, differing in human population density and in the amounts of pesticides used. The population density of insect pollinators (honeybees, wild bees and Syrphidae) was consistently lower in the area where there is more intensive farming and industrial pollution. In the other area, there are more suitable nesting sites and insect populations are higher. The bees identified included 3 Andrena species, 3 Osmia species, 3 Anthophora species and 2 Bombus species. It is suggested that wild bees and syrphid flies could be useful biological indicators of the degree of chemical contamination in a given locality.P. Walker.