Some results of the use of Australian rams on Soviet Mutton-Wool ewes

Koretskii, P.S.; Batchaev, S.U.S.; Karadogin, A.K.; Gochiayev, K.N.

Razvedenie Ovets i Koz Sherstovedenie: 8-12


Accession: 001687867

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For 103 Soviet Mutton-Wool (SMW; formerly Mountain Corriedale) and 139 Australian Corriedale X SMW ewes, birth weight averaged 3.92 and 3.82 kg resp., and body weight 33.0 and 32.2 kg at 8 months of age and 44.7 and 43.8 kg at 18 months. The consumption of FU/kg gain averaged 7.02 and 8.03 in the 2 types.