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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Carter, D.L.; Mortland, M.M.; Kemper, W.D., 1986:
Specific surface

Kapilevich, Z.A.; Pisentskiy, G.A.; Vysochenko, A.V., 1987:
Specific surface as a basic parameter for evaluating hydromelioration characteristics of mineral soils

Vanderplank, J.E., 1986:
Specific susceptibility and specific feeding in gene-for-gene systems

Anonymous, 1987:
Specification for dimensions and density of cotton bales

Anonymous, 1987:
Specification for performance and test of braking systems for wheeled earth-moving machinery

Anonymous, 1986:
Specification for raw and processed milk (first revision)

Sellar, C.; Chavas, J.P.; Stoll, J.R., 1986:
Specification of the logit model: the case of valuation of nonmarket goods

Souty, J.C., 1987:
Specifications and estimates for farm buildings

Morrison, J.E.Jr, 1986:
Specifications for controlled-traffic bed-forming machines: progress report

Talpay, B., 1985:
Specifications for honeys from main flows

Tikhomirov, A.A.; Zolotukhin, I.G.; Lisovskii, G.M.; Sid' ko, F.Y., 1987:
Specificity in response of plants of different species to spectral composition of photosyntetically-active radiation under artificial illumination

Nault, L.R.; Hunt, R.E.; Ammar, E.D., 1988:
Specificity in transmission of leafhopper-borne maize chlorotic dwarf virus

Martinez Conde, A.; Mayor, P.; Jarillo, P., 1986:
Specificity of accumulation of fatty acids in adipose tissue of mammals

Poiffait, A.; Adrian, J., 1988:
Specificity of casein. 2. Effect on micronutrient efficiency

Lebeda, A., 1986:
Specificity of interactions between wild Lactuca spp. and Bremia lactucae from Lactuca serriola

Oku, H.; Shiraishi, T.; Ouchi, S., 1986:
Specificity of local resistance induced in pea leaves by elicitor isolated from Mycosphaerella pinodes

Kruglov, N.D., 1986:
Specificity of lymnaeid snails (Pulmonata) to infection with trematode parthenitae and its analysis for systematic and parasitological purposes

Skinner, D.Z.; Stuteville, D.L., 1987:
Specificity of minor gene resistance of diploid alfalfa to Peronospora trifoliorum

Rogozhkina, N.M.; Lipnitskii, A.V., 1986:
Specificity of native antigens from pathogens of deep mycoses

Peltotalo, P.; Tuovinen, T., 1986:
Specificity of pheromone preparates for lepidopterous pests

Nakagaki M.; Ohba M.; Tanada Y., 1987:
Specificity of receptor sites on insect cells for the synergistic factor of an insect baculovirus

Toranzo A.E.; Baya A.M.; Roberson B.S.; Barja J.L.; Grimes D.J.; Hetrick F.M., 1987:
Specificity of slide agglutination test for detecting bacterial fish pathogens

Jabonska, J., 1986:
Specificity of some mite species of the superfamily Analgesoidea to bird hosts in the Warsaw Zoo

Kang, M.S.; Dean, J.L., 1987:
Specificity of the Bipolaris sacchari-Saccharum spp. interaction

Panchishkina, M.V.; Lukin, S.A.; Kozhevin, P.A.; Zvyagintsev, D.G., 1988:
Specificity of the immunofluorescent reaction for Azotobacter and Azospirillum

Afshar, A.; Wright, P.F.; Myers, D.J.; Bouffard, A.; Dulac, G.C., 1987:
Specificity of the indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection of pseudorabies virus antibodies in pigs exposed to bovine herpesvirus-1

Uglem, G.L.; Lewis, M.C., 1986:
Specificity of the surface aminopeptidase in Moniliformis moniliformis (Acanthocephala)

Ha, J.K.; Lindsay, R.C., 1988:
Specificity of various lipases for volatile branched-chain and n-chain fatty acids in milkfats

Berzin' , N.I.; Bauman, V.K.; Smirnova, G.Y., 1986 :
Specificity of zinc transport in intestinal epithelium as affected by vitamin A

Vanderplank, J.E., 1988:
Specificity, interaction and additivity in host-pathogen systems

Dzhishkariani, L.V.; Toloraya, N.M.; Khorava, T.I., 1987:
Specifics of pollen grain viability in plants in the Kolkhida area

Ermich, D.; Hofmann, B., 1986:
Specified threshold values for wheel pressure and soil moisture to protect the soil structure during cultivation of potatoes and sugarbeet

Kitching, I.J., 1987:
Spectacles and silver Ys: a synthesis of the systematics, cladistics and biology of the Plusiinae (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae)

Randall, L.E.; McKenzie, T.L., 1987:
Spectator verbal behavior in organized youth soccer: a descriptive analysis

Dunning, E.; Murphy, P.; Williams, J., 1986:
Spectator violence at football matches: towards a sociological explanation

Tang, S.Y.; Chen, L.C.; Xu, B., 1987:
Spectra and energy transfer of excitons in soyabean (Glycine soja) chloroplasts

Kubanek, J.; Cerny, J., 1986:
Spectra of glutenin subunits of wheat varieties - baking quality standards

Zotikova, A.P.; Anan' ev, G.M.; Allakhverdiev, S.I.; Ganago, I.B.; Simonova, E.I., 1987:
Spectral and functional properties of chloroplasts in light- and dark-grown seedlings

Prasad, D.; Sinha, V.N.; Prasad, N., 1985:
Spectral and insecticidal studies on N-acyl-N', N'-dibenzyl hydrazines

Baldy, C.; Baret, F.; Trigui, A., 1988:
Spectral characteristics of the Sfax olive grove (Tunisia)

Tibbits, T.W.; McSparron, D.A.; Krizek, D.T., 1986:
Spectral effects on the use of photon flux sensors for measurement for photosynthetic photon flux in controlled environments

Lapitan, R.L., 1986:
Spectral estimates of absorbed light and leaf area index: effects of canopy geometry and water stress

Singhal, R.M.; Soni, S., 1987:
Spectral properties and colloidal behaviour of the humic acids of the soils under oak (Quercus incana), deodar (Cedrus deodara) and chir (Pinus roxburghii) of Mussoorie Himalayas (U.P.)

Levenko, B.A.; Gostimskii, S.A.; Matorin, D.N., 1984:
Spectral properties in a light green pea mutant with a semidominant mutation

Laakso, M.L.; Porkka-Heiskanen, T.; Johansson, G.; Peder, M.; Nikanne, E., 1987:
Spectral properties of light affect plasma and pituitary gonadotropins in male rats

Ritari, A.; Saukkola, P., 1985:
Spectral reflectance as an indicator of ground vegetation and soil properties in northern Finland

Saxena, A.K.; Singh, N.B.; Chaturvedi, O.P., 1986:
Spectral reflectance characteristics of certain forage species

Martin, R.D.J.; Heilman, J.L., 1986:
Spectral reflectance patterns of flooded rice

Ivlev, I.S., 1985:
Spectral reflectivity of some Bulgarian soils

Hertel H.; Ventura D.F., 1985:
Spectral sensitivity of photoreceptors in the compound eye of stingless tropical bees

Carroll, JF.; Pickens, LG., 1987:
Spectral sensitivity to light of two species of ticks (Acarina: Ixodidae)

Singh, A., 1987:
Spectral separability of tropical forest cover classes

Klug, D.R.; Gore, B.L.; Giorgi, L.B.; Porter, G., 1987:
Spectral shifts in picosecond transient absorption spectra due to stimulated emission from chlorophyll in vitro and in protein complexes

Dusek, D.A.; Musick, J.T., 1986:
Spectral vegetation indices for estimating corn, sorghum, and wheat growth parameters

Schneider, A.; Lutz, H.U.; Marugg, R.; Gehr, P.; Seebeck, T., 1988:
Spectrin-like proteins in the paraflagellar rod structure of Trypanosoma brucei

Dougal, J.C.; Gans, P.; Gill, J.B., 1988:
Spectrochemistry of solutions. Part 20. The infrared, near infrared and visible spectra of liquid ammonia

Kofman, I.S.; Kofanov, V.I., 1987:
Spectrodensitometric thin-layer chromatography of diphenyl ether-group herbicides

Silva, S.; Zanetti, B.; Burzoni, E.; Dell' Agnola, G.; Nardi, S., 1981:
Spectrofluorimetric characteristics and complexing power of humic acids of different molecular weights

Salinas, F.; Munoz de la Pena, A.; Murillo, J.A.; Jimenez Sanchez, J.C., 1987:
Spectrofluorimetric determination of boron in plants with quinizarin-2-sulphonic acid

Airaudo, C.B., 1986:
Spectrofluorimetry: some recent applications in the field of drugs and foods

Blaser P.; Sposito G., 1987:
Spectrofluorometric investigation of trace metal complexation by an aqueous chestnut leaf litter extract

Polster, J.; Sonntag, M.; Vogel, H., 1987:
Spectrometric and electrometric analysis of the stability of phenolic herbicides and their influence on the Hill reaction

Sastry, C.S.P.; Vijaya, D., 1986:
Spectrophometric determination of fenitrothion and methyl parathion in formulations and its residues on vegetables and fruits

Sastry, B.S.E.; Venkata Rao, M.V.; Suryanarayana, M.V.; Sastry, C.S.P., 1986:
Spectrophotometric determination of antmalarials using quinones

Lau, O.W.; Luk, S.F.; Chan, W.M., 1988:
Spectrophotometric determination of aspartame in soft drinks with ninhydrin as reagent

Hao, J.; Zhao, R.M.; Chen, X.L.; Liu, M.Z.; Yu, S.M., 1986:
Spectrophotometric determination of calcium in milk, hair and urine

Karapetian, J.V.; Badalians, S.A., 1981:
Spectrophotometric determination of copper in milk

Riccio R.; Riviera E., 1988:
Spectrophotometric determination of hexoses and pentoses in plant extracts

Koh, T.; Ono, M.; Makino, I., 1988:
Spectrophotometric determination of iodide at the 10-6 mol l-1 level by solvent extraction with methylene blue

Barbieri, G.; Gavioli, E.; Dondi, C., 1988:
Spectrophotometric determination of monensin

Motomizu, S.; Oshima, M., 1987:
Spectrophotometric determination of phosphorus as orthophosphate based on solvent extraction of the ion associate of molybdophosphate with Malachite Green using flow injection

Prasad, U.V.; Divakar, T.E.; Hariprasad, K.; Sastry, C.S.P., 1986:
Spectrophotometric determination of some antioxidants in oils and fats

Agrawal, Y.K.; Bhatt, P.N., 1987:
Spectrophotometric determination of thiocyanate following complexation with mercury(II) and N-phenylbenzohydroxamic acid

Herrador, M.A.; Jimenez, A.M.; Navas, M.J.; Troncoso, A.M.; Asuero, A.G., 1986:
Spectrophotometric determination of toxic trace elements in milk: a review

Verma K.K.; Jain A.; Gasparic J., 1988:
Spectrophotometric determination of tryptophan by reaction with nitrous acid

Xing, C.Q.; Ying, Q.Z., 1986:
Spectrophotometric determinations of pH value, buffer capacity, and rate of lime need in acidic soil using chrysoidine as a chromogenic agent

Hernandez Mendez, J.; Alonso Mateos, A.; Almendral Parra, M.J.; Garcia de Maria, C., 1986 :
Spectrophotometric flow-injection determination of ascorbic acid by generation of triiodide

Visser S.; Rollema H.S.; Friedenthal M.K.; Van Alebeek G.J., 1988:
Spectrophotometric method for the determination of chymosin and pepsin in calf and adult bovine rennets

Munoz Gonzalvo, M.J.; Bregante Ucedo, M.A.; Aramayona Alonso, J.; Abadia Valle, A.R., 1988:
Spectrophotometry for the analysis of robenidine in plasma

Sasso, P. dal; Manera, C., 1985:
Spectroradiometry measurements of some glasshouse cladding materials

Guggenberger, G.; Kogel, I., 1987:
Spectroscopic and chromatographic characteristics of water-soluble soil organic matter

Newell, W.R.; Amerongen, H. van; Grondelle, R. van; Aalberts, J.W.; Drake, A.F.; Udvarhelyi, P.; Barber, J., 1988:
Spectroscopic characterisation of the reaction centre of photosystem II from higher plants

Velthuys, B.R., 1988:
Spectroscopic characterization of the acceptor state QA- and the donor state S2 of Photosystem II of spinach in the blue, red and near infrared

Lewandowski, W.; Gos, B., 1986:
Spectroscopic investigations on the corrosion of lignomer

Gos, B.; Lewandowski, W., 1987:
Spectroscopic studies on corrosion of wood modified with styrene (lignomer) or amine resin (lignamin)

Rudzik, L.; Allworden, N.H. von; Fedlheim, W., 1988:
Spectroscopic studies on milk fat

Yashiro, M.; Shinozaki, S., 1984:
Spectroscopic-taxonomical studies on wood by infrared spectroscopy. (1) Searching tree names by infrared spectroscopy

Hipkins, M.F.; Baker, N.R., 1986:

Tickoo, J.L., 1987:
Spectrum and frequency of induced macro mutations in mungbean

Oliver, L.R.; Monks, D.W.; Sims, B.D., 1985:
Spectrum for morningglory control by DPX-F6025

Sesan, T., 1987:
Spectrum of activity of the antagonistic and mycoparasitic fungus Trichoderma viride Pers. ex S.F. Gray

Befus, D., 1986:
Spectrum of cellular immune response, in host resistance

Srivastava, P.C.; Gangwar, M.S.; Talati, N.R., 1986:
Spectrum of soil properties as a function to predict specific surface area of soil

Russel, A.J.F., 1987:
Speculation on the origins of Scottish cashmere goats

Keeley, L.L.; Hayes, T.K., 1987:
Speculations of biotechnology applications for insect neuroendocrine research

Suggs, C.W.; Peel, H.B.J., 1985:
Speed control for hydraulically powered outboard wheel

Motaj, M., 1988 :
Speed control of a group of fans by series-parallel switching in the ventilation system of cattle houses

Parish, R.L.; Chaney, P.P., 1986:
Speed effects on drop-type spreader application rate

Dahiya, B.S.; Solanki, I.S.; Ram Kumar, 1986:
Speed of germination and its genetics in chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.)

Rotz, C.A.; Thomas, J.W.; Buxton, D.R., 1985:
Speeding up the field drying of alfalfa with chemicals

Kornas, J., 1988:
Speirochoric weeds of arable fields: from ecological specialization to extinction

Bahl, N.; Jauhri, K.S., 1987:
Spent compost as a carrier for bacterial inoculant production

Kaddous, F.G.A.; Morgans, A.S., 1986:
Spent mushroom compost and deep litter fowl manure as a soil ameliorant for vegetables

Devonald, V.G., 1987:
Spent mushroom compost, a possible growing medium ingredient?

Shyama, S.K.; Rahiman, M.A., 1987:
Sperm abnormalities in a natural population of Poecilocerus pictus (Fabr.)

Peralta L.M.; Trejo G.A.; Martinez T.A., 1987:
Sperm characters and testis size in goats with a damaged epididymis

Backus, VL.; Cade, WH., 1986:
Sperm competition in the field cricket Gryllus integer (Orthoptera: Gryllidae)

Swiderski, Z., 1986:
Sperm differentiation in cestodes

Nelson, V.E.; Aalseth, E.P.; Hawman, C.H.; Dawson, L.J.; Adams, G.D., 1987:
Sperm discharge and retention after artificial insemination of dairy cattle: A preliminary report

Marshall, WS., 1986:
Sperm duct epithelium of brook trout: Na+ transport and seminal plasma composition

Ballachey, B.E.; Hohenboken, W.D.; Evenson, D.P., 1986:
Sperm head morphology and nuclear chromatin structure evaluated by flow cytometry in a diallel cross in mice

Larsson, B.; Larsson, K., 1986:
Sperm localization in the oviducts of artificially inseminated dairy cattle

Woolhouse, J.K., 1987:
Sperm motility assayor

Wright, S.J.; Longo, F.J., 1988:
Sperm nuclear enlargement in fertilized hamster eggs is related to meiotic maturation of the maternal chromatin

Leprince, DJ.; Lewis, DJ., 1986:
Sperm presence and sugar feeding patterns in nulliparous and parous Tabanus quinquevittatus Wiedemann (Diptera: Tabanidae) in southwestern Quebec

Egbunike, G.N.; Togun, V.A.; Agiang, E.A., 1985:
Sperm production in ruminants in hot humid climates

Aitken, R.J., 1987:
Sperm separation techniques

Smith, P.H.; Barton Browne, L.; van Gerwen, A.C.M., 1988:
Sperm storage and utilisation and egg fertility in the sheep blowfly, Lucilia cuprina

Fléchon, J.E., 1985:
Sperm surface changes during the acrosome reaction as observed by freeze-fracture

Oliphant, G.; Reynolds, A.B.; Thomas, T.S., 1985:
Sperm surface components involved in the control of the acrosome reaction

Green, D.P.L., 1988:
Sperm thrusts and the problem of penetration

Boiteau, G., 1988:
Sperm utilization and post-copulatory female-guarding in the Colorado potato beetle, Leptinotarsa decemlineata

Bessonov, A.I.; Grozhevskaya, S.B.; Vikharev, V.Y.; Savkin, V.V., 1986:
Sperm yield and non-specific reactivity in boars given a diet containing iodine and cobalt

O'Rand, M.G., 1988:
Sperm-egg recognition and barriers to interspecies fertilization

Sathe, A.A.; Joshi, P.V., 1986:
Spermathecal histology of virgin and mated females of the mantid, Hierodula coarctata, West (Dictyoptera: Mantidae)

Sikra, O.; Linhart, O., 1987:
Spermatocrit value as an indicator of sperm concentration in some fish species

Kawakami, E.; Tsutsui, T.; Yamada, Y.; Ogasa, A.; Yamauchi, M., 1987:
Spermatogenesis and peripheral spermatic venous plasma androgen levels in the unilateral cryptorchid dogs

Sagi, A.; Milner, Y.; Cohen, D., 1988:
Spermatogenesis and sperm storage in the testes of the behaviorally distinctive male morphotypes of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (Decapoda, Palaemonidae)

Billard, R., 1986:
Spermatogenesis and spermatology of some teleost fish species

Swiderski, Z.; Tsinonis, N., 1986:
Spermatogenesis in Schistosoma mattheei

Onuora, G.I., 1987:
Spermatogenic activities of the left and right testes of hemicastrated and intact cockerels

Kawakami, E.; Tsutsui, T.; Yamada, Y.; Ogasa, A.; Yamauchi, M., 1988:
Spermatogenic function in cryptorchid dogs after orchiopexy

Pant, G.; Panwar, M.S.; Rawat, M.S.; Negi, D.S., 1988:
Spermicidal glycosides from Hedera nepalensis K. Koch (inflorescence)

Rawat, M.S.; Negi, D.S.; Pant, G.; Panwar, M.S., 1988:
Spermicidal potential and chemical analysis of Ophiopogon intermedius (rhizomes)

Dufour, C.; Dandrifosse, G.; Forget, P.; Vermesse, F.; Romain, N.; Lepoint, P., 1988:
Spermine and spermidine induce intestinal maturation in the rat

LaChance, LE.; Olstad, G., 1988:
Spermiogenesis of Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): an ultrastructure study of eupyrene sperm in sterile backcross males

LaChance, LE.; Olstad, G., 1988:
Spermiogenesis of eupyrene sperm in prepupae, pupae, and adults of Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): an ultrastructural study

Pitkin, BR., 1986:
Sphaeroceridae (Diptera) caught in light traps at Rothamsted Experimental Station, Herts., 1980-83

Odening, K., 1987:
Sphaerostoma renicola (Myxosporidia), the agent of protozoal swim-bladder inflammation in young carp

Ialongo, M.T., 1985:
Sphaerotheca fuliginea on Gerbera

Karlin, E.F.; Andrus, R.E., 1986:
Sphagnum vegetation of the low shrub bogs of northern New Jersey and adjacent New York

Gayubo, S.F., 1986:
Sphecidological fauna of the Zamora district. I. Sphecinae, Pemphredoninae, Astatinae and Larrinae (Hymenoptera: Sphecidae)

Nishiyama, Y., 1987:
Sphere drying model and grain flow model as a tool for grain dryer design

Nishiyama, Y., 1987:
Sphere drying model for dryer design

Perry, K.M.; Currey, W.L., 1985:
Sphere of influence of sicklepod (Cassia obtusifolia) in conventionally grown Florida soybeans

Bar Zakay, I.; Peleg, B.A.; Chen, C., 1987:
Spherical mealybug infesting citrus in Israel

Marek, J.; Hraska, S.; Bezo, M.; Repka, J., 1986:
Spherosomes in the aleurone layer of wheat

Lin, CS., 1987:
Sphingid moths and their larval food plants in Taiwan

D.Abrera, B., 1986:
Sphingidae Mundi: hawk moths of the world

Baker, H.J.; Wood, P.A.; Wenger, D.A.; Walkley, S.U.; Inui, K.; Kudoh, T.; Rattazzi, M.C.; Riddle, B.L., 1987:
Sphingomyelin lipidosis in a cat

Szepesy, K., 1987:
Spice capsicum: promising cultivars for the future

Inczefi, L., 1985:
Spice plants and spice production in Hungary

Zuhari, S.M.M., 1987:
Spices: the problem of premature harvesting

King, L.E.Jr, 1987:
Spider bites

Seiler, GJ.; Zolnerowich, G.; Horner, NV.; Rogers, CE., 1987:
Spider fauna of selected wild sunflower species sites in the southwest United States

Dong, C.X., 1988:
Spider fauna of the Peony gardens in Caozhou

Rook, J.S., 1987:
Spider lamb syndrome

Wilson, LT.; Pickett, CH.; Leigh, TF.; Garey, JR., 1987:
Spider mite (Acari: Tetranychidae) infestation foci: cotton yield reduction

Croft, B.A.; Hoyt, S.C.; Westigard, P.H., 1987:
Spider mite management on pome fruits, revisited: organotin and acaricide resistance management

Thomas, D.L.; Cobb, A.R.; Waldron, D.F., 1988:
Spider syndrome - a genetic defect found in American Suffolk sheep

Maretic, Z., 1987:
Spider venoms and their effect

Jedlickova, J., 1988:
Spiders (Araneae) of the Jursky sur Nature Reserve (Czechoslovakia)

Sunderland, K.D., 1987:
Spiders and cereal aphids in Europe

Bhardwaj, D.; Pawar, A.D., 1987:
Spiders in Madhya Pradesh, India

Rao, V.N.; Israel, P.; Behera, K.S., 1986:
Spiders in rice fields and their egg parasitoids

Mansour, F., 1987:
Spiders in sprayed and unsprayed cotton fields in Israel, their interactions with cotton pests and their importance as predators of the Egyptian cotton leaf worm, Spodoptera littoralis

Mansour, F.; Wysoki, M.; Whitcomb, W.H., 1985:
Spiders inhabiting avocado orchards and their role as natural enemies of Boarmia selenaria Schiff. (Lepidoptera: Geometridae) larvae in Israel

Jennings, DT.; Pase, H.A.; III., 1986:
Spiders preying on Dendroctonus frontalis (Coleoptera: Scolytidae)

Anonymous, 1987:
Spiders, be gone

Reddy, P.P.; Rao, K.S.; Kulkarni, N., 1987:
Spikelet sterility in winter rice

Perkins, H.H., 1988:
Spin finishes for cotton

Arthur, J.R.; McPhail, D.B.; Goodman, B.A., 1988:
Spin trapping of free radicals in homogenates of heart from selenium and vitamin E deficient rats

Briat, J.F.; Dalmon, J., 1986:
Spinacea oleracea chloroplast DNA sequence homology with ARS and ARC elements within the inverted repeat, upstream of the rDNA operon

Acton, C.E., 1987:
Spinal cord compression in young dogs due to cartilagenous exostosis

de Vries-Chalmers Hoynk van Papendrecht, H.R.; Vos, J.H.; van Nes, J.J., 1988:
Spinal cord ependymoma in two young dogs

Du, C.; Ferré, J.P.; Ruckebusch, Y., 1987:
Spinal cord influences on the colonic myoelectrical activity of fed and fasted rats

Reddy D.R.; Murthy J.M.K.; Mohan S.R., 1987:
Spinal cord studies in fluorotic dogs

Langdon, J.S., 1987:
Spinal curvatures and an encephalotropic myxosporean, Triangula percae sp. nov. (Myxozoa: Ortholineidae), enzootic in redfin perch, Perca fluviatilis L., in Australia

Shell, L.G.; Carrig, C.B.; Sponenberg, D.P.; Jortner, B.S., 1988:
Spinal dysraphism, hemivertebra, and stenosis of the spinal canal in a Rottweiler puppy

Shell, L.G.; Jortner, B.S.; Leib, M.S., 1987:
Spinal muscular atrophy in two Rottweiler littermates

Baumgartner, W.; Peixoto, P.F. de V., 1988:
Spinal nephroblastoma (neuroepithelioma) in the dog

Valco, T.D.; Fachini, R.M., 1987:
Spindle picking short-season cotton planted in narrow rows

Anand, R.J.; Rao, P.N., 1985:
Spininematoides gatesi gen.n, sp.n. (Nematoda: Drilonematidae) from Hyderabad (A.P.)

Visser, J., 1983:
Spinning of food proteins

Byers, J.R.; Richards, K.W., 1986:
Spiny elm caterpillars, Nymphalis antiopa (Nymphalidae: Lepidoptera), feeding on sainfoin, Onobrychis viciaefolia (Leguminosae)

Chernov, A.A.; Rashkovich, L.N., 1987:
Spiral crystal growth with nonlinear dependence of step growth rate on supersaturation; the 110 faces of KH2PO4 crystals in aqueous solution

Blomqvist, H., 1987:
Spiral-grained timber. - Scaling problems. - Properties of the sawn wood

Pathak, S.C.; Saikia, J.; Barman, A.K., 1986:
Spirocerca lupi, a casual agent of esophageal obstruction in dog-a case report

E.S.rgany, M.; Morsy, A.; Ramadan, N.; Yassien, S.; Mehris, M., 1987:
Spirochaetosis in young Fayoumi chicks

Hung, S.H.Y.; Chen, T.A.; Whitcomb, R.F.; Tully, J.G.; Chen, Y.X., 1987:
Spiroplasma culicola sp. nov. from the salt marsh mosquito Aedes sollicitans

Saillard, C.; Vignault, J.C.; Bove, J.M.; Raie, A.; Tully, J.G.; Williamson, D.L.; Fos, A.; Garnier, M.; Gadeau, A.; Carle, P.; Whitcomb, R.F., 1987:
Spiroplasma phoeniceum sp. nov., a new plant-pathogenic species from Syria

Abalain Colloc, M.L.; Rosen, L.; Tully, J.G.; Bove, J.M.; Chastel, C.; Williamson, D.L., 1988:
Spiroplasma taiwanense sp. nov. from Culex tritaeniorhynchus mosquitoes collected in Taiwan

Clark, T.B.; Peterson, B.V.; Whitcomb, R.F.; Henegar, R.B.; Hackett, K.J.; Tully, J.G., 1984:
Spiroplasmas in the Tabanidae

Hackett, K.J., 1988:
Spiroplasmas tempted by laboratory soup

Hewitt, G.B., 1986:
Spittlebug density in Brachiaria pastures in central Brazil

Peiris, A.N.; Mueller, R.A.; Smith, G.A.; Struve, M.F.; Kissebah, A.H., 1986:
Splanchnic insulin metabolism in obesity. Influence of body fat distribution

Torri, D.; Sfalanga, M.; Sette M. del, 1987:
Splash detachment: runoff depth and soil cohesion

Kolb, E.; Grodrian, A.; Dittrich, H.; Nestler, K., 1987:
Splayleg in piglets: content of dry matter, Ca, Mg, Na, K and total P in various tissues

Hosgood, G., 1987:
Splenectomy in the dog: a retrospective study of 31 cases

Nagel, M.L.; Tellhelm, B.; Haasper, A., 1988:
Splenic emphysema and torsion in a dog

Schulman, A., 1987:
Splenic mastocytosis in a cat

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Spores get in your eyes

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Spreadable honey

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Spreadsheets for engineering analysis (application to tractor loaders)

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Spring barley

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Stability in seasonal labour absorption under dryland farming

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Stability issues in policy analysis

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Stability of cytoplasmic male sterile line of cotton

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Stability of duration of the DNA synthesis phase and mitosis in the cell cycle of plants

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Stability of performance of okra as influenced by planting date

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Stability of the genetic parameters of traits related to the height of the wheat plant

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Stability, elasticity, and resilience of terrestrial ecosystems with respect to matter balance

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Stabilization and storage of rice germ

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Stabilization of mobile sands with an asphalt emulsion paste

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Stabilization of proteases and invertase in soils

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Stabilization of surfaces with soft asphalt type AUG based on laboratory studies

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Stabilization of the dimensions and shape of Scots pine wood

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Stabilization of the karyotypes of AABBDR wheat-rye hybrids

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Stabilization of wood from building constructions

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Stabilization process of sewage sludge compost in soil

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Stabilization system for the purification and utilization of dairy effluents

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Stabilizing Pakistan's supply of wheat: issues in the optimization of storage and trade policies; Comments

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Stabilizing coal mine tailings by direct revegetation

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Stabilizing gulley slopes with protective stands

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Stabilizing mechanisms involving the conversion of CaO in clay aggregate materials

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Stabilizing moments of the steered wheels of a wheeled vehicle

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Stabilizing sexual selection and density-dependent correlates of copulatory success in the ambush bug, Phymata wolffii (Hemiptera: Reduviidae)

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Stabilizing the movement of rowcrop cultivators on slopes

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Stable ammonium polyphosphate liquid fertilizer from merchant grade phosphoric acid

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Stable amplified DNA in drug-resistant Leishmania exists as extrachromosomal circles

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Stable and healthy food supply for the population on the basis of our own raw materials

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Stable and rising cereals production - a growth and efficiency factor

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Stable demographic limit cycles in laboratory populations of Tribolium castaneum

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Stable fly biology and control in Northwest Florida

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Stable integration and expression of a bacterial gene in the mosquito Anopheles gambiae

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Stable isotopes in ecosystem studies

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Stable movement of wheeled machines having a system of automatic steering

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Stable sulfur isotopes

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Stable variant-specific transcripts of the variant cell surface glycoprotein gene 1.8 expression site in Trypanosoma brucei

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Stachybotryotoxicosis in a horse herd

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Stachybotryotoxicosis in pigs

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Stackable and turnable cheese moulds

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Stackable cardboard packages, palletized in units or in groups, especially for the transport of whole cheeses

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Staff management problems, and possibilities for improving on-farm staff motivation

Anonymous, 1987:
Staff training

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Staff training and development for park, recreation and leisure service organizations

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Staffing agricultural organizations

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Stage and strain specific expression of the tandemly repeated 90 kDa surface antigen gene family in Trypanosoma cruzi

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Stage and trends in development of automatic equipment for agricultural machinery

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Stage of sorghum in the field susceptible to fungal invasion and mycotoxin formation

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Stage specific immunogens of Hymenolepis nana in praziquantel treated mice

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Stage-by-stage monitoring of addition of water to milk

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Stage-dependent effects of inhibiting ribonucleic acids and protein synthesis on meiotic maturation of bovine oocytes in vitro

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Stage-specific homocytotropic antibody response of Mastomys natalensis to Dipetalonema viteae infection

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Stage-specific increase in cell surface galactosyltransferase activity during spermatogenesis in mice bearing t alleles

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Stage-specific Population Development and Fecundity of Paratrichodorus minor

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Stage-specific proteins during the ontogeny of Dysdercus koenigii (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae)

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Staged combustion of biomass produced level calorific value gas

Poirier, L.A., 1987:
Stages in carcinogenesis: alteration by diet

Fedoryaka, V.P.; Smirnov, E.D., 1986:
Stages in the creation of the Moldavian type of Black Pied cattle

Fitt B.D.L.; White R.P., 1988:
Stages in the progress of eyespot epidemics in winter wheat crops

Lysenko, A.Ya, 1986:
Stages in the study of mammalian malarial parasites, their evolution, phylogeny, taxonomy and geography

Barlow, C.; Jayasuriya, S.K., 1986:
Stages of development in smallholder tree crop agriculture

Keller, C.P., 1987:
Stages of peripheral tourism development - Canada's Northwest Territories

Fehr, W.R.; Caviness, C.E., 1984:
Stages of soyabean development

Vanparys, L., 1987:
Staggering of crops and varietal choice in cauliflower

Leib, M.S., 1987:
Stagnant loop syndrome in the dog and cat

Krishna, G.V.R.; Upender, M.; Bhargavi, G., 1985:
Staining and characterization of esterases of osmoregulatory system in Avitellina centripunctata (Cestoda)

Daykin, M.E.; Hussey, R.S., 1985:
Staining and histopathological techniques in nematology

Feucht, W.; Schmid, P.P.S.; Christ, E., 1987:
Staining for flavanols of the nuclei in the phellem of elder (Sambucus nigra L.)

Bell, P.F.; Chaney, R.L.; Angle, J.S., 1988:
Staining localization of ferric reduction on roots

Bush, J.B.; Markus, M.B., 1987:
Staining of Isospora belli oocysts

Zuloaga, G.; Venzano, A.; Smitsaart, T.; Polero, B., 1987:
Staining of antigen-antibody reaction bands in double gel diffusion tests for the diagnosis of infectious bursal disease

Collignon, P., 1987:
Staining of atypical oocysts from patients with cryptosporidiosis

Markus, M.B.; Bush, J.B., 1987:
Staining of coccidial oocysts

Rapparini, G., 1986:
Stalemate in post-emergence weed control in sugarbeet

Holley R.N.; Goodman M.M., 1988:
Stalk quality and stalk rot resistance of tropical hybrid maize derivatives

Nesticky, M.; Huska, J., 1986:
Stalk strength in maize with brown mid-ribs

Heberlein, T.A., 1987:
Stalking the predator: a profile of the American hunter

Holtzman, J.S., 1987:
Stall feeding of cattle in the Mandara Mountains of northern Cameroon

Skovborg, E.B., 1985:
Stall feeding with grass crops

Nikolaenkov, A.I.; Skrebets, L.V., 1986:
Stall soiling in group housing of pigs

Silvestri G.R.; Jimenez, B.E. de; Chacon, J.C.; Gomez, D., 1985:
Stall tests of the efficacy of flumethrin pour-on against a strain of Boophilus microplus resistant to organophosphates

Anonymous, 1987:
Stalsby/Wilson's who's who in fertilizer supply NPK & S

Zarsky, V.; Tupy, J., 1985:
Stamen morphology and induction of pollen embryogenesis in tobacco

Greene, W.D.; Lanford, B.L.; Mykytka, E.F., 1987:
Stand and operating effects on feller-buncher productivity in second thinnings of southern pine

Holmsen, S.D., 1988:
Stand cleaning with Husqvarna 165 RX clearing saws in northern Alberta

Andersson, B., 1987:
Stand components in winter wheat. Effect of nitrogen fertilizer and sowing rate

Igarashi, T., 1987:
Stand composition in a highway site in the Tamokomai Experiment Forest

Park, K.H., 1986:
Stand composition of the broad-leaved forests in Korea by use of aerial photographs

Lebkov, V.F., 1986:
Stand composition of the semi-deciduous evergreen broadleaved forests of Juventud Island (Republic of Cuba)

Siren, M., 1986:
Stand damage in logging of unlimbed trees and tree parts

Stoffella, P.; Maynard, D., 1988:
Stand deficiencies and replanting effects on tomato fruit yields and size

Sonderman, D.L., 1985:
Stand density - a factor affecting stem quality of young hardwoods

Anonymous, 1987:
Stand density trials Quimperle - 1986

Peterken, G.F.; Stace, H., 1987:
Stand development in the Black Wood of Rannoch

Andersson, B., 1986:
Stand development in winter wheat with different sowing dates

Hyink, D.M.; Zedaker, S.M., 1987:
Stand dynamics and the evaluation of forest decline

Veblen, T.T., 1985:
Stand dynamics in Chilean Nothofagus forests

Odell, G.B., 1987:
Stand establishment of direct-seeded tomatoes under heat stress

Smith, G.R.; Smith, K.L., 1986:
Stand loss and damage of sod-seeded annual clovers by dicamba and picloram residue

Fujimori, T.; Matsuda, M.; Kiyono, Y., 1987:
Stand structure and snow damage in relation to stand age - sugi plantations in Fukui Prefecture in the 1981 heavy-snowfall

Frivold, L.H., 1982:
Stand structure and yield of mixed stands of birch and spruce in South East Norway

Aiba, Y.; Haibara, K.; Tamaki, S.; Arai, M.; Aizawa, T., 1983:
Stand structure of a former coppice forest in North Kanto Region

Cameron, R.A.D., 1980:
Stand structure, species composition and succession in some Shropshire woods

Takikawa, S.; Kudo, H.; Ujiie, M., 1987:
Stand structures of coniferous forests on serpentinite zone in Teshio Experiment Forest

Redei, K., 1986:
Stand tending in robinia stands in Hungary

Wolfschoon Pombo, A.F.; Lourenco Neto, J.P. de M.; Haidenwurcel, J.R.; Costa, D.L.S.; Sobral, M.L., 1986:
Standard Minas cheese: physico-chemical and microbiological aspects of the first 48 hours of manufacture

Chapa, J., 1987:
Standard and large (single-seeded) chestnuts, varieties on the official list

Gatchell, C. (J); Hansen, B.G., 1986:
Standard blanks: a good value-added opportunity. The economics of System 6

Fuzatto, M.G.; Gridi Papp, I.L.; Sabino, N.P.; Kondo, J.I.; Chiavegato, E.J., 1985:
Standard classes of cotton fibre maturity determined by the fibrograph method

Anonymous, 1986:
Standard definitions of terms relating to wood

Zhang, K.X.; Ohno, K.; Kadono, H., 1986:
Standard electrocardiographic values of normal Shepherd dogs

Buchi, G.; Costellani, L., 1987:
Standard gross returns as a means of analysing land

Bedrica, L.; Radakovic, N., 1986:
Standard haemogram in ketotic dairy cows

Stephenson, R.A.; Cull, B.W., 1986:
Standard leaf nutrient levels for bearing macadamia trees in south east Queensland

Anonymous, 1986:
Standard methods for establishing structural grades and related allowable properties for visually graded lumber

Savchenko, L.F.; Zhuk, O.M.; Tikhonova, N.A., 1987:
Standard methods for evaluating the resistance of rice varieties to diseases

Whitton, J.S.; Churchman, G.J., 1987:
Standard methods for mineral analysis of soil survey samples for characterisation and classification in NZ Soil Bureau

Breitenbach, F. von, 1984:
Standard names of trees in southern Africa (Part III)

Hodzic, A., 1988:
Standard of living of the village population

Anonymous, 1987:
Standard practice for sampling cotton fibres for testing

Anonymous, 1986:
Standard practice for standardizing cotton fibre test results by use of calibration cotton standards

Darioli, R.; Maille, M.; Jacotot, B., 1987:
Standard serum values of esterified fatty acids in healthy women

Anonymous, 1987:
Standard test method for moisture in cotton by oven-drying

Anonymous, 1986:
Standard test methods for measurement of cotton fibres by high volume instruments (HVI) (Motion Control Fibre Information System)

Grewal, G.S., 1986:
Standardisation of cross cut saws

Sushama, P.K.; Jose, A.I.; Pillai, V.S., 1984:
Standardisation of period of sampling for foliar diagnosis in pepper in relation to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium

Keshavachandran, R.; Nair, P.C.S., 1985:
Standardisation of vegetative propagation in cocoa

Zellen, G.K.; Thorsen, J., 1986:
Standardization and application of the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for infectious bronchitis

Archambault D.; Morin G.; Elazhary Y.; Joncas J.H.; Roy R.S., 1988:
Standardization and kinetics of in vitro bovine blood lymphocyte stimulation with bovine rotavirus

Barasona, J.; Aguera, J.; Gil, J.; Jalon, J., 1988:
Standardization criteria for tree shakers

Sharma, R.N., 1988:
Standardization efforts in agricultural engineering

Ford, A.W.; Rawle, F.C.; Lind, P.; Spieksma, F.T.; Løwenstein, H.; Platts-Mills, T.A., 1985:
Standardization of Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus: assessment of potency and allergen content in ten coded extracts

Bershadskaya, E.D.; Fish, N.G.; Shev' ev, P.P.; Ogarkov, V.I., 1986:
Standardization of Lactobacillus-induced hemagglutination test

Chander N.; Bindal M.P., 1987:
Standardization of a method for the isolation of free fatty acids from ghee

E.H.def, S.; Phillipon, C.; Mouthon, G., 1987:
Standardization of a test for alkaline phosphatase activity in chicken carcasses, and the effect of cold storage of carcasses

Tomar, A.; Garg, S.K.; Singh, G.K.; Chandra, R., 1988:
Standardization of counter-current immunoelectrophoresis for rapid diagnosis of fowl pox

Pearson, J.E.; Gipson, C.A., 1988:
Standardization of equine infectious anemia immunodiffusion and CELISA tests and their application to control of the disease in the United States

Bush, R.K.; Yunginger, J.W., 1987:
Standardization of fungal allergens

Kinoshita, T., 1986:
Standardization of gene symbols and linkage maps in rice

Pokhriyal, T.C.; Raturi, A.S.; Nautiyal, H.O.; Joshi, S.R., 1988:
Standardization of in-vivo nitrate reductase activity in Albizia lebbeck, Acacia nilotica and Dalbergia sissoo

Clayton, G.M.; Price, D.J., 1987:
Standardization of infection and response to white spot, Ichthyophthirius multifiliis, in fish

Rajput, M.S.; Chadha, K.L.; Thakur, R.S., 1985:
Standardization of leaf sample size for nutrient analysis in mango

Dickson, D.W.; McSorley, R., 1987:
Standardization of nematicide application rates

Bahuguna, V.K.; Pyare Lal; Dhawan, V.K., 1987:
Standardization of nursery techniques (seed sowing methods and watering schedules) of Eucalyptus FRI-4 under north Indian moist tropical climatic conditions

Maithani, G.P.; Bahuguna, V.K.; Pyare Lal, 1987:
Standardization of nursery techniques of Dendrocalamus strictus, Nees syn. Bambusa stricta, Roxb. under north Indian moist tropical climatic conditions

Sahai, V.N.; Chaudhary, R.C., 1985:
Standardization of parameters for seed production techniques in hybrid rice

Lee, W.K.; Lee, D.H.; Park, E.K.; Lee, Y.D.; Jo, J.M., 1982:
Standardization of preservative treatment of sawn timber

Bhattacharjee, S.K.; Balakrishna, M., 1986:
Standardization of propagation of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis Linn. from stem cuttings

Kinoshita, T., 1984:
Standardization of rice gene symbols and linkage

Metel'skaia, G.N.; Novikov, I.V.; Plitman, S.I.; Lastochkina, K.O.; Khvastunov, R.M., 1987:
Standardization of silicon in drinking water

Gimeno, S.R., 1986 :
Standardization of the E.L.I.S.A. technique in experimental coccidioidomycosis

Krolak, M.; Baszczyk, B., 1987:
Standardization of the complement (CF) fixation test in brucellosis. II. Antigen. III. Haemolytic system. IV. Incubation conditions

Rehalia, A.S.; Nijjar, G.S., 1986:
Standardization of the foliar-sampling techniques in sub-tropical peach (Prunus persica Batsch) cv. Flordasun

Ling, S.F.; Fang, T.T., 1985:
Standardization of the inspection of natural fruit juices. (7). Analysis of the juice component distribution patterns for passion fruit (Passiflora edulis) grown in Taiwan

Bongiolo Neto, A.; Reifschneider, F.J.B.; Takatsu, A., 1987:
Standardization of the method of evaluating resistance of Capsicum spp. to Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria (Doidge) Dye and the virulence of isolates of the bacterium

Wittmann, G.; Bauer, K.; Commichau, C.; Frost, J.W.; Glende, W.; Hentschke, J.; Koch, K.; Liebke, H.; Schawel, R.; Wernery, U., 1987:
Standardization of the neutralization test for diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease

Anonymous, 1988:
Standardization of the pH of milk using Actilac

Haberle, S., 1984:
Standardization of two-dimensional equalization functions by means of the parameters 'degree of rectification' and 'rectification constant'

Leis, J.; Baltimore, D.; Bishop, J.M.; Coffin, J.; Fleissner, E.; Goff, S.P.; Oroszlan, S.; Robinson, H.; Skalka, A.M.; Temin, H.M., 1988:
Standardized and simplified nomenclature for proteins common to all retroviruses

Ford, A.W.; Platts-Mills, T.A., 1987:
Standardized extracts, dust mite, and other arthropods (inhalants)

Hoffman, D.R.; Golden, D.B., 1987:
Standardized extracts. Stinging and biting insects

Staats, J., 1985:
Standardized Nomenclature for Inbred Strains of Mice: eighth listing

Gunasekaran, S.; Paulsen, M.R., 1986:
Standardizing corn breakage susceptibility testing

Rangaswamy, A.; Rangasamy, S.R.S., 1988:
Standardizing hybrid rice A line seed production

Krisanov, A.F., 1988:
Standardizing of major elements during feeding of cattle on silage

Berkutova, N.S., 1986:
Standardizing the evaluation of grain hardness in bread wheat varieties

Anonymous, 1986:

Miller, W.M.; Gaffney, J.J.; Peleg, K., 1986:
Standards activity in handling/packing/transporting fresh citrus

Philipsson J., 1987:
Standards and procedures for international genetic evaluations of dairy cattle

Orlov, N.A.; Pashova, M.S., 1987:
Standards and quality of farm products

Dzhailoev, T.A. , 1988:
Standards for Furadan in reservoir water and food products

Tulakina, N.V.; Novikov, Y.V.; Plitman, S.I.; Kochetkova, T.A.; Lastochkina, K.O.; Khvastunov, R.M., 1987:
Standards for arsenic in drinking water of different hardness

Pavlov, L.V.; Toman, S.I.; Gorchakova, N.O., 1988:
Standards for beetroot and carrot stecklings for machine planting

Weidman, W.H., 1985:
Standards for blood pressure

Ageev, V.; Kazakov, V., 1987:
Standards for calcium in hens according to the phase of egg laying

Kalugin, N.V.; Kusova, T.M.; Rozanova, L.S., 1984:
Standards for energy requirements of beef heifers

Janssen, J., 1986:
Standards for evaluation of climatic conditions in cabs

Boxberger, J., 1987:
Standards for liquid feeding systems

Kennedy, J.A., 1986:
Standards for logging roads

Anonymous, 1986:
Standards for purchase of raw and fresh milk from farms

Krisanov, A.F.; Ruzankin, V.I.; Vdovin, A.A., 1987:
Standards for sodium during the fattening of cattle

Dvalishvili, V.G.; Stepanova, G.N., 1986:
Standards for sulphur-containing amino acids for ewes

Gnennyi, A.P.; Malyshevskaya, Z.K.; Bernat, I.A.; Makhova, T.A., 1985:
Standards for the consumption of larch lumber in the manufacture of builders' joinery

Anonymous, 1986:
Standards for withholding registration of agricultural chemicals (VII)

Anonymous, 1987:
Standards for withholding registration of agricultural chemicals (VIII)

Gerasimov, B.L.; Kusova, T.M.; Anokhina, A.V.; Tkachuk, Z.M., 1984:
Standards of carbohydrate requirements of beef heifers

Georgiev, K. (Georgiev, H); Vladimirov, B.; Danailov, Z.; Popova, D., 1986:
Standart 69 - a determinate tomato variety for early field production

Anonymous, 1987:
Standing arrangements for the free distribution of food

Tamai, S.; Nakasuga, T.; Tabuchi, R.; Ogino, K., 1986:
Standing biomass of mangrove forests in southern Thailand

Maguire, R., 1986:
Standing tall: balanced development in Haiti

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