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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 1690

Chapter 1690 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Carter, D. L.; Mortland, M. M.; Kemper, W. D., 1986: Specific surface

Kapilevich, Zh A.; Pisentskiy, G. A.; Vysochenko, A. V., 1987: Specific surface as a basic parameter for evaluating hydromelioration characteristics of mineral soils

Vanderplank, J. E., 1986: Specific susceptibility and specific feeding in gene-for-gene systems

Anonymous, 1987: Specification for dimensions and density of cotton bales

Anonymous, 1987: Specification for performance and test of braking systems for wheeled earth-moving machinery

Anonymous, 1986: Specification for raw and processed milk (first revision)

Sellar, C.; Chavas, J. P.; Stoll, J. R., 1986: Specification of the logit model: the case of valuation of nonmarket goods

Souty, J. C., 1987: Specifications and estimates for farm buildings

Morrison, J. E, Jr, 1986: Specifications for controlled-traffic bed-forming machines: progress report

Talpay, B., 1985: Specifications for honeys from main flows

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Martinez Conde, A.; Mayor, P.; Jarillo, P., 1986: Specificity of accumulation of fatty acids in adipose tissue of mammals

Poiffait, A.; Adrian, J., 1988: Specificity of casein. 2. Effect on micronutrient efficiency

Lebeda, A., 1986: Specificity of interactions between wild Lactuca spp. and Bremia lactucae from Lactuca serriola

Oku, H.; Shiraishi, T.; Ouchi, S., 1986: Specificity of local resistance induced in pea leaves by elicitor isolated from Mycosphaerella pinodes

Kruglov, N. D., 1986: Specificity of lymnaeid snails (Pulmonata) to infection with trematode parthenitae and its analysis for systematic and parasitological purposes

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Tanada Y., 1987: Specificity of receptor sites on insect cells for the synergistic factor of an insect baculovirus

Hetrick F.M., 1987: Specificity of slide agglutination test for detecting bacterial fish pathogens

Jabonska, J., 1986: Specificity of some mite species of the superfamily Analgesoidea to bird hosts in the Warsaw Zoo

Kang, M. S.; Dean, J. L., 1987: Specificity of the Bipolaris sacchari-Saccharum spp. interaction

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Ha, J. K.; Lindsay, R. C., 1988: Specificity of various lipases for volatile branched-chain and n-chain fatty acids in milkfats

Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689042

Vanderplank, J. E., 1988: Specificity, interaction and additivity in host-pathogen systems

Dzhishkariani, L. V.; Toloraya, N. M.; Khorava, T. I., 1987: Specifics of pollen grain viability in plants in the Kolkhida area

Ermich, D.; Hofmann, B., 1986: Specified threshold values for wheel pressure and soil moisture to protect the soil structure during cultivation of potatoes and sugarbeet

West, A. W., 1988: Speciment preparation, stain type, and extraction and observation procedures as factors in the estimation of soil mycelial lengths and volumes by light microscopy

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689048

Dunning, E.; Murphy, P.; Williams, J., 1986: Spectator violence at football matches: towards a sociological explanation

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689072

Schneider, A.; Lutz, HU.; Marugg, R.; Gehr, P.; Seebeck, T., 1988: Spectrin-like proteins in the paraflagellar rod structure of Trypanosoma brucei

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689075

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689085

Hao, J.; Zhao, R. M.; Chen, X. L.; Liu, M. Z.; Yu, S. M., 1986: Spectrophotometric determination of calcium in milk, hair and urine

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Barbieri, G.; Gavioli, E.; Dondi, C., 1988: Spectrophotometric determination of monensin

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689095

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Sasso, P. dal; Manera, C., 1985: Spectroradiometry measurements of some glasshouse cladding materials

Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689104

Newell, W. R.; Amerongen, H. van; Grondelle, R. van; Aalberts, J. W.; Drake, A. F.; Udvarhelyi, P.; Barber, J., 1988: Spectroscopic characterisation of the reaction centre of photosystem II from higher plants

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Suggs, C. W.; Peel, H. B., 1986: Speed control for hydraulically powered outboard wheel

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689154

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689162

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689173

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689198

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689200

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Section 2, Chapter 1690, Accession 001689203

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