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Studies on major morphological traits, yield and yield components of barley. II. Variations of growth and developmental patterns, and grain yield by different locations and sowing dates

Ryu, Y.H.; Ha, Y.W.

Korean Journal of Crop Science 31(1): 97-103


Accession: 001693022

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Regional variations in important morphological traits and grain yield of barley Olbori were studied at Suwon, Daejeon and Jinju in 1982-84. Seven days at a daily av. temp. of 15 degrees C were required for seed emergence. Development of productive tillers needed 104-144 days after sowing at Daejeon and 135-142 days at Jinju depending on sowing date. Percentage of productive tillers ranged from 37 to 77% and was higher in the southern region.