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Studies on nitrogen economy in transplant aman rice through weed control measures

Gaffer, M.A.

Bangladesh Journal of Scientific and Industrial Research 20(1-4): 159-162


Accession: 001693112

The effect of N on weeds and rice yields was studied at Mymensingh in the kharif season 1983. Fimbristylis littoralis dominated the weed flora (25.5%), followed by Marsilea minuta, Eleocharis obtusa, Murdania nudiflora, Scirpus mucronatus, Commelina benghalensis, Cyperus iria, C. difformis and Ludwigia octovalvis (9.42-6.10%). Increasing N rates from 25 to 100 kg/ha and decreasing the number of manual weeding operations progressively increased weed DM accumulation.

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