Studies on weed vegetation in sugarcane fields in the Ryukyu Islands and ecology and physiology of injurious weed species

Ishimine, Y.

Science Bulletin of the College of Agriculture, University of the Ryukyus, Okinawa 34: 95-185


Accession: 001694989

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A detailed account is presented of the weed community and flora of sugarcane crops in the Ryukyus Islands, Japan. Bidens pilosa var. radiata and Paspalum urvillei were by far the most damaging weed species out of a total of 233 weed species identified. A study of seed germination and growth requirements of these 2 weeds indicated that for the control of P. urvillei and B. pilosa special consideration should be given to soil moisture and shading, resp. P. urvillei was more competitive towards sugarcane than B. pilosa, which was reflected in reductions in leaf area, leaf DW, specific leaf area and yield components of the crop.