Study of feeding strategies for dairy livestock. II. Comparison between feeding according to a fixed production level and standard feeding during the grazing period of cows at the early lactation stage

Andries, J.I.; Brabander, D.L.D.; Boucque, C.V.; Buysse, F.X.

Revue de l' Agriculture 40(2): 305-315


ISSN/ISBN: 0776-2143
Accession: 001695172

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In a 13-week-long feeding trial, one set of cows was fed concentrates fixed according to production levels and the other received concentrates according to requirements. Cows were grazed using continuous stocking. Milk production capacity was set at 20 kg/day until mid-June; thereafter expected production capacities were reduced by 0.5 kg/week, reaching 11-13 kg/day in Oct. A daily supplement of 15 kg maize silage/cow was fed during the autumn. Allocation of concentrates according to fixed production levels had no negative effect on av. milk production, but caused a shift in the shape of the milk production curve towards lower production in the 1st and higher production in the 2nd part of the experiment. Differences in milk protein and milk fat contents between the 2 treatments were negligible.